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Balloon artBalloon art
Balloon art
21 day ago
Nature: DolphinsNature: Dolphins
Nature: Dolphins
28 days ago
Wild catsWild cats
Wild cats
3 months ago
Nature: EaglesNature: Eagles
Nature: Eagles
3 months ago
A history lessonA history lesson
A history lesson
4 months ago
"Tag - you're it!""Tag - you're it!"
"Tag - you're it!"
4 months ago
Nature: AlewivesNature: Alewives
Nature: Alewives
4 months ago

Comments • 83

  • Angel Caban
    Angel Caban 8 months ago

    Wow thats awesome

  • Angel Caban
    Angel Caban 8 months ago

    Thanks so much for sharing, really enjoyed it

  • TheNewVocal
    TheNewVocal 8 months ago

    Greetings from Republic of Singapore =) Wishing you a wonderful day!

  • eXplorer
    eXplorer 9 months ago

    Amazing videos! I love watching nature, discover and decompress...

  • Hy Mayerson
    Hy Mayerson 11 months ago

    I saw the piece on Martin Guitars, and thought you might like this fable ( see youtube discussion) by a guitar & soprano :

  • Ralph Garrett
    Ralph Garrett Year ago

    I speak greater over you in Jesus Christ name!!

  • MrShark
    MrShark Year ago

    FAKE NEWS just like CNN

  • jjc22342
    jjc22342 Year ago

    I agree with the writer that Jane Pauly is a poor choice for what used to be a gem of a show. Keep crap out of what used to be a great show. Come-on, what's with the Hillary thing--nobody cares that she is a loser and still blaming everbody else for her fatal flaws. We need an old curmudgeron like the ones we used to know. They entertained us Pauly gaulls us.

  • Alan Marston
    Alan Marston Year ago

    I personally love the complete show. Faster and easier to enjoy. MORE PLEASE!!!

  • FrankieandJim
    FrankieandJim Year ago

    Nice video. Thanks for sharing. I just discovered an up & coming musician similar to this that's worth checking out... Mikey Wax... TVclip his song "Helium". Really catchy.

  • Joe Bosley III
    Joe Bosley III Year ago

    I am very interested in seeing the clip of the final wrap-up of the show on July 30, 2017. The host was talking about the "meanness" in media and how we all often jump to conclusions.

  • Michael McCurley

    Stop using "snowflake"? Sure thing libtards, just as soon as you stop calling anyone who disagrees with you a "racist"...

  • stark1987
    stark1987 Year ago


  • Fred Bloggs
    Fred Bloggs Year ago

    I generally enjoy CBS Sunday Morning; I think the segments are well-produced and interesting. However I was dismayed to see your segment on June 18, The Great Divide by Ted Koppel, which suckered people into thinking it may be objective, but turned out to be completely liberal biased, as Ted is, with a pointless denouement that proved only that Stephen Colbert's live audiences are predominantly liberal and he was pandering to them.

  • Vesper Martini
    Vesper Martini Year ago

    Why are comments being disabled from the videos? It wasn't like this before.

    • Michael McCurley
      Michael McCurley Year ago

      CBS can't handle response to their lies from angry conservatives...

  • Jon Knutson
    Jon Knutson Year ago

    Please give some younger talent the chance to start a career. Jane Pauley has had her chance now she should step aside and let a Millennial have an opportunity. Not interested in watching Grandma on the news

  • krookyj
    krookyj Year ago

    And now, back to _Bart's People._

  • Paolo Landayan
    Paolo Landayan Year ago

    Disabling comments does make sense.

  • D Holtman
    D Holtman Year ago

    Why are you guys scared of comments on your videos?

  • Michael Loyd
    Michael Loyd Year ago

    Jane P. is laughable. Such a liberal, self absorbed main stream puppet. Her interview with C. Rice was unbelievable. Not ONE real question; not one. Jane is such a coward. This use to be a great show when Charles had the "class" to anchor it. If America doesn't see how shallow Jane is; then we are doomed for sure. I will never watch Sunday Morning again. Never.

  • Patricia Tursi
    Patricia Tursi Year ago

    Once again, the news referred to the "Sarin" gas attack from Assad. While there is no definitive proof that the attack was Sarin (people working in the zone of attack wore no protective clothing) and that Assad was involved, the unity of the One World Order has judged without proof. Indeed, 24 former intelligence officers say that there is no proof. This isn't news, then, it is another witch hunt. Without proof, the news should reflect the lack of evidence.

  • Disney Rhyme Games - Children's Videos

    Hi, Fun channel! Looking forward to seeing more videos from you :)

  • Marie Aussie
    Marie Aussie Year ago

    I knew it wouldn't take long for you to muck up a really great show when Charles Kuralt left. I liked the happiness of the show and educatoinal stints and taking us to places we never could go on our own, but, mostly it was a happy show with a 60 second commentary by your staff. Your show this morning on cancer should have been a totally different program on 60 minutes or something. A show that would have benefited more people in your prime time hours. You ruined my Sunday morning, devoting the entire hour to cancer. I walked away depressed and negative about CBS this morning. Never again, when Kuralt left, so did the happy part of the program. My one day off work where I try to get away from the negatives in life, regroup to start again Monday, you have ruined. Never again. Your journalism has all gone down the tubes to a cesspool.

  • indemniman 162
    indemniman 162 Year ago

    I see 'CBS Sunday Morning' had to get political in their segment on Super Bowl parties and international trade. The segment was making a political statement, but it was done with some class and not as an attack.

  • Arbre31
    Arbre31 Year ago

    Hello. I hope someone can answer my question. Is there a reason why full episodes of Sunday Morning are not posted on the website like 60 Minutes? I cannot always watch on Sunday mornings and if the episodes were posted for a week (or even a day) I could keep up, and I would really appreciate the effort. Thank you.

  • Evolvingmom
    Evolvingmom Year ago

    Please provide the contact information in order for us to contribute to the high school student who is honoring and videotaping our WWII veterans.

  • Jody Miller
    Jody Miller Year ago

    I was disappointed to see the word "receive" incorrectly spelled 'recieve' during your segment on "gishwhes" on the December 4 episode. One would think that a news organization would, at the very least, use a spell-checker. Is no one taught "i before e except after c'? Perhaps sometime you will do a show on the "Artic"!

  • Andrea T
    Andrea T Year ago

    2 weeks worth missing..whats up with that.

  • susan douglas
    susan douglas Year ago

    I want to see the interview with the pollster, and his interaction with voters. It was a very good documentation of where we are as a country. Who is the pollster? I'm not finding it on the 11/6/16 list of subjects that were on the show.

  • Richard Giannantonio

    No Calendar his week? Seems like we are missing a few videos 11/06 episode.

    • Marie Aussie
      Marie Aussie Year ago

      When Charles Kuralt left, so did the beauty of the show.

  • John Tuffy
    John Tuffy 2 years ago

    vids blocked in canada? why?

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 2 years ago


    • Marie Aussie
      Marie Aussie Year ago

      Today was my last day of watching this program. They try to milk the cow for all she is worth, but the way Kuralt did the show, they will never again replace. Like trying to replace Johnny Carson.

  • jjc22342
    jjc22342 2 years ago

    Why can't this site just stay about Sunday morning and not a lot of other crap. Your including shit about Trump and Hill and it takes away from the pleasantness of SM. I am not pleased with Pauly as the new moderater--there is just something about her I do not like. It is almost better to have football than her. They should have found another curmudgeon to host this show. Their voices were so much more into what they were doing. Pauly is self promoting. She has never really fit in because she is the wrong person.

    • Marie Aussie
      Marie Aussie Year ago

      Today was my last day of watching this program. They try to milk the cash cow for all she is worth, but the way Kuralt did the show, they will never again replace. Like trying to replace Johnny Carson.

  • Dave Kitsune
    Dave Kitsune 2 years ago

    please do fox village

  • prim rose
    prim rose 2 years ago

    What about a show on Kendall jones and her 1,000,000 she thinks followers (most I'm sure are there to view her atrocities) and her gloating and smiling over her trophy hunting kills and posting her conquests on social media for everyone to view or Melissa Bachman and Rebecca Francis.

  • Scott Söderström
    Scott Söderström 2 years ago

    Please post the America's Dream Homes Video with John Blackstone..... The segment on the CBS site doesn't play........

  • Worlasi Fendi
    Worlasi Fendi 2 years ago

    subscribe to my channel guys

  • Ross W. Master
    Ross W. Master 2 years ago

    why are your youtube videos geoblocked from your Australian mates ? Take your navy away from the Far East while you're at it ...

  • Mark Bender
    Mark Bender 2 years ago

    I would like to post the commentary about the Iraq war, 13 years later, on FB, but can't find the video.

    • Stink Fistula
      Stink Fistula 2 years ago

      +Mark Bender no kidding , they need some kind of search app , I'm looking for a Steve Winwood profile

  • mb
    mb 2 years ago

    Please post the piece about the CBS news broadcasting building on west 57th--great piece on 3/19/16 and we want to wath again!!

  • Pamela Greene
    Pamela Greene 2 years ago

    Please upload the entire show. I work in a nursing home, and would love to play the residents this show in the afternoon when they are all gathered together.

  • sandra loubet
    sandra loubet 2 years ago

    I wish they would address the anomalies in all the shootings that have taken place. A good news team presents all the evidence. The evidence that they were hoaxes overwhelms what they say happened. Their presentation came off as very biased because it was. We need a show for just this, it is so important to get this information out to the public.

  • Lovin Santa Barbara
    Lovin Santa Barbara 2 years ago

    On yesterday's show, Charles Osgood mentioned at the end of his opening monologue that Spotlight won the SAG award on Saturday night for best picture, and he also mentioned a male actor who won (can't remember now who he mentioned and I can't seem to find the show to watch it again). Why didn't he mention the actress who won the corresponding female award? If he was going to mention one, he should have mentioned both, or not say it at all. I found this very discriminating and I usually love this show.

  • Frank Hill
    Frank Hill 2 years ago

    There was a segment on Sunday morning some time ago where this man set on a mission to feed the homeless, and while doing so, he was not allowed to distribute sandwhiches and food to the homeless people of the downtown region of this particular city. I cant remember the date or time of when this episode aired, but I want to start something like that in my city. Can someone give me some feedback on when that episode aired

  • David Broida
    David Broida 2 years ago

    How can I access today's piece about violins?

  • Commercial MarketPlace

    I enjoy viewing the videos posted on CBS Sunday Morning

  • Red Tide
    Red Tide 3 years ago

    Why would you restrict your videos to just US viewers? Fucking americans...

  • steve d
    steve d 3 years ago

    Why are you blocking your video for Canada ?

  • magicgurl7
    magicgurl7 3 years ago

    your videos are not available in canada??? wtf eh? :)

  • Richard Tucker
    Richard Tucker 3 years ago

    Why have you quit posting clips from the show?

  • No Hippie BBQ & Cooking

    Great story about the Catholic church

  • Drake Preston
    Drake Preston 3 years ago

    can someone share the story of the guy playing piano all around the world, please? I am trying to inspire my lil girl. Thanks it played this morning

  • Ecoeurope
    Ecoeurope 3 years ago

    Dziękuję za film The bamboo home of Bali. Piękny FIlm. Jaro

  • Tyrone Bitoy
    Tyrone Bitoy 3 years ago

    I seem your piece on the Navajo Indians this past Sunday who don't have any running water in their homes, It really broke my heart to see this happening in this great counrty we live in today. I have started a Fund Raising at where people can make a donation to try to bring water to the Navajo Indians that live on that Reservation. My goal is to raise $600,000.00 to be able to afford to drill deep enough in the ground to reach clean drinking water that's not polluted with Uranium Ore. All it takes is everyone give whatever they can, that's my mission until it's completed, thank you very much for the piece and making me aware of the forgotten race of people right in the heart of our country, Tyrone M. Bitoy.

  • Mel S
    Mel S 3 years ago

    Please post the video about the Tony songwriter

  • Linda T
    Linda T 3 years ago

    does anyone know the name of the painting they showed during the broadcast right before the ben vareen story? and teh artist? it had vibrant colors of the sun with shadowy mountains in the distance. if anyone knows could you please contact me

  • Sherry Wells
    Sherry Wells 3 years ago

    I'd like to see the one about the library cats from today...?

  • Orin Howell
    Orin Howell 3 years ago

    What is the title of the music on the story "Paperweights" - CBS Sunday Morning two weeks ago?

  • Anthony Aragon
    Anthony Aragon 3 years ago

    What is the name of the body artist that CBS Sundaymorning aired 5/3/2015

  • hmbird
    hmbird 3 years ago

    What a disgrace, Passover as an After Thought!!

  • Saved by grace
    Saved by grace 3 years ago

    Where is the video of what Donald Trump had to say about the possible republican front runners you aired Jan 25 2015?

  • BlackHatGuy64
    BlackHatGuy64 3 years ago

    PLEASE Put the Hail and Farewell 2014 on here I missed it and would really like to see it Why can't I find it anywhere online!!!!!?

  • mangoes and bananas
    mangoes and bananas 3 years ago

    This is my feel-good show, I learn so many things after watching an episode. It inspires my youtube channel MANGOES AND BANANAS.

  • Scott Barron
    Scott Barron 3 years ago

    Was really disappointed when I just went to go watch a video you posted about the gentleman carving the cave and could not!! Why, says you never made it available in Canada.....WTF when is Canada and the US going to drop this crap about broadcast rights.... That does not apply here on, so why not make it available for all to watch if it is such a great thing. This is the last time I watch ANYTHING ON CBS, what a shame....suck good programming. Have a good one, and I will pass the info along.

  • Jackie Reilly
    Jackie Reilly 3 years ago

    What is the music that plays during the week ahead?

  • Quip Boy
    Quip Boy 4 years ago

    Please publish the Hiram story along with Lauren's... both schools deserve credit. And I am a MSJ grad.

  • qato72
    qato72 4 years ago

    i enjoy watching the bush's interview, but I am very disappointed that on your homesite of cbs sunday morning you have oprah on the right side claiming "she's been lying to America"[video] imgage that was a spam/bogus, possible malware link!!!!:(:(:( shame on you cbs!!!!(the web tech) that is shallow muchmore cheaply disgrating to do such onna prominent company as "cbs" classless no more I venture toward un-professional!

  • D Berry
    D Berry 4 years ago

    Please make full episodes available here or at We can't watch any other way!

  • Jacqueline LaBerge Leiker

    Please upload the story on Walter Isaacson from today on CBS Sunday Morning.

  • Elite Sportz Equipment

    Great Channel.

  • mjdmtlakes
    mjdmtlakes 4 years ago

    Yes, please upload the full show. We would like to share the mention of "Customer Service Week" in the calendar portion of today's broadcast.

  • FlemMOBA
    FlemMOBA 4 years ago

    I honestly have to say, I have enjoyed watching the variety of issues, recognitions, and overall material that Sunday Morning has to offer its viewers. The segment with Luke Burbank on gamers and time wasting not focusing on the game of live was 90% tactfully distasteful and 10% accurate about the game of life. There are thing that I don't get, however I respect it. The game of life is a tough one and its filled with its on set of mechanics that people need to adjust to at times. The bashing and grossly misrepresentation of games and those who enjoy them is just sad. Apparently their are people who don't get that people want to have a release from playing the game of life. I wonder if those people get how after a hard day or week of work, is it a waste of time for someone to enjoy a football game. It seems that millions enjoy the NFL, NBA, NHL, and other sports. I guess the question is, What's wrong with a person, in their own home, enjoying watching someone else take part in a game they enjoy? At the end of the day its a person leisure time, to enjoy the game/sports venue they enjoy. I look at Twitch all the time, enjoy interacting with the community, have met many down to earth people as well as executives and professionals, who love video games. So what is the problem? You have to adjust to the challenges in the games as you do in life. If anything it stirs the creative side in a person's life to strive to be better and make adjustments for their own future. In Summary, I am a gamer, that lives in the real world. I have responsibilities, as well as enjoy my off time. I don't think I can live my life and yours too. Thank you.

    • Marie Aussie
      Marie Aussie Year ago

      No need to worry any more. Since Kuralt departed the show, it has lost its charisma.

  • mm3854
    mm3854 4 years ago

    The CBS Sunday Morning broadcast of 28 September by Michelle Miller on the resurgence of swing dancing was great to watch. CBS, please post the whole five minute broadcast so the swing dancers that missed the show can see it and the fabulous Frankie Manning swing dancing with the then 17 year old Norma Miller. Thanks.

  • vonmoose1
    vonmoose1 4 years ago

    Hi from Canada, can you allow Marquis Govan interview to be aired in Canada, please. thanks

  • mmacmunn
    mmacmunn 4 years ago

    You SHOULD upload the ENTIRE show on here on the CBS website. I feel like I've lost something if I miss the broadcast on Sunday this morning. :(

  • Reggie Baker
    Reggie Baker 4 years ago

    The video of the old fella with Alzheimers, the uploader has not made it available in your country - Canada _ really??

  • zoomfx777
    zoomfx777 4 years ago

    Sunday Morning is why I'm so excited getting up at 6:30am to get inspired! By far the best news/magazine program on TV...Thank you CBS!

  • saylavee
    saylavee 4 years ago

    Please share the Life, Animated video. I would like to share it. I was very touched by this story.

  • Denise Rose
    Denise Rose 4 years ago

    PLEASE post the Matthew McConaughey interview! I want to show it to my son and he missed the show this morning.

  • Andreas Weyermann
    Andreas Weyermann 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for creating the channel! I love your show!

  • Appleseed Humanity, Inc.

    I agree with Fast Car - you could either upload the show on Mondays or offer a Podcast. It's on at 7am here in CA. Who gets up that early on Sundays?!? :)

    • Andreas Weyermann
      Andreas Weyermann 4 years ago

      I do! But, I am watching it online now, as we cancelled our TV. I also agree with Fast Car!

  • Mike2020able
    Mike2020able 5 years ago

    The Truth Will Not Be Televised !

  • Fast Car Central
    Fast Car Central 5 years ago

    you should put the whole show on here every week