Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers
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  • David Martinez
    David Martinez 3 hours ago

    Does Seth Meyers know he is speaking to a God?????? The God of Warshtache and Tiny Box Tim?

  • tompraeger
    tompraeger 3 hours ago

    Vindman sounds like Venkman and know I want to watch the first Ghostbusters again.

  • I’m so Shady
    I’m so Shady 3 hours ago

    Tipsy Rihanna is my life!!

  • Johannes Dolch
    Johannes Dolch 3 hours ago

    The weird thing here is that we have the perception that People like Seth Meyers made it because they have all the trimmings of the old time Entertainers/Stars and TVcliprs are small because they just sit in front of their small camera by themselves but the truth is Markiplier has more subs than the tonight show, the late show and jimmy kimmel have viewers combined. NBC, CBS and ABC wish they had 25 million viewers.

  • Samuel Yeo
    Samuel Yeo 3 hours ago

    He claimed that he was too busy to watch the live impeachment probe ! How on earth would he deny not knowing Lt.Col.Vindman,when he works as a national security officer at the White House ?Typical character of an overgrown toddler acting as the president !

  • Matt Mills
    Matt Mills 3 hours ago

    You idiots commenting on do realize that Myers is a comedian. There is absolutely no evidence being presented by the witnesses in Shiffs hearings. Only hearsay and opinions.This will end badly for the Democrats.

  • Bostrom Abroad
    Bostrom Abroad 3 hours ago

    THIS IS PROPAGANDA!!!! Read the fucking transcript

  • Enzzo
    Enzzo 3 hours ago

    So many salty democrat keyboard warriors 😝🤪

  • Greoge Westmann
    Greoge Westmann 3 hours ago

    That video has been doctored, when trump is swaying back and forth and Seth is making fun of him, watch the man to the left, The video is looped. Just like when the weather man pretends he's in a huge storm. Hy seth, the jokes are not funny when you doctor the video.

  • Wes Elder
    Wes Elder 3 hours ago

    That’s why he’s called numb nuts🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Matthew Charman
    Matthew Charman 3 hours ago

    Nunes just got owned (well, they all did but that moment was glorious)

    FRE ALVA STILL GINA 3 hours ago

    This season of Trump As President is so spicyyyy

  • HSE
    HSE 3 hours ago

    that senator's "thoughts"(6:10), are what republicans were thinking AND enacting throughout Obama's presidency!

  • James Dilts
    James Dilts 3 hours ago

    Trump will win in a Land slide because of morons like you

  • Chance Richardson
    Chance Richardson 3 hours ago

    Mark: "I had a tumor" So that's why he's so humoured

  • ronniet71
    ronniet71 3 hours ago


  • michael preston
    michael preston 3 hours ago

    Impeach the Pumpkin !

  • Billbo Swaggins
    Billbo Swaggins 3 hours ago

    A good interview with a utuber. Wtf

  • David Gilbert
    David Gilbert 3 hours ago

    It is outlandish that the Republicans say that the impeachment hearings are damaging the country, but at the same time they have no criticisms of the actions of Donald Trump and his administration. The damage that they refer to is 100% because of Donald Trump.

  • Gulley Bruce
    Gulley Bruce 3 hours ago

    Ok his run to the hospital tells it all. Now get a person on drugs and you tell me the don't act the same way they lie unnecessarily cannot stand still eat a lot of fast food and never sleep and surround themselves with criminals

  • james gerris
    james gerris 3 hours ago

    omg this guy is so awful does any1 find this funny for real? i hope nbc moves on when trump wins again next year cause horrible acts like this are drivin more toward republican side. so dull witted wow

  • Blaze Flamestrike
    Blaze Flamestrike 3 hours ago

    Markiplier is awesome, best TVclipr out there in my opinion

  • Jenn Smith
    Jenn Smith 3 hours ago

    i ran what i called adopt a noob in tf2 for awhile.would ask them their fav class and them deck them out for it,after checking their backpack first of course

  • july89
    july89 3 hours ago

    Henry cavill my goodnes

  • Mondo Shredder
    Mondo Shredder 3 hours ago

    Why is "Congressman" Nunes still an elected official? All he has done during his terms in office is advance his own political career over the backs of others and by kissing selected rectums. He has not done squat for the actual people who voted for him. So good people of South Central California, would you please select else next year? I honestly don't party that person is a member of, just someone who cares more about you than her-or himself. I would even extend that same plea to the rest of the nation - drain that stopped up swamp yourselves.

  • Megan Donovan
    Megan Donovan 3 hours ago

    Mueller part 2! Nice..... SMH... When will you idiots learn? LOL.... Russia Russia Russia... Awesome! Some of us remember that Trump was innocent and still is. So sad that some of you can be fooled again and be ok with it. Oh but you are Democrats after all. SMH.... #TRUMP2020 #WALKAWAY By the way, how much has Trump fucked up when he is still a billionaire who is now the PRESIDENT whom does not collect a pay check from us. Oh yeah, no one listening to this buffoon wants to hear actual facts. Yes, Trump is such a bad guy! Give me a break! Are you afraid to know that Trump is actually doing well for the people and this country. So how stupid will you feel when there is no impeachment in the end Seth? Sorry you are lied to so horribly and for so long, you can thank the corrupt left and its media. Nice. Seth, you and many others like you, will be proven to be the fools. We shall see again!

  • Senpai XD
    Senpai XD 3 hours ago

    Why is your name Markiplier? Mark:Oh its so stupid

    L BROWN 3 hours ago


  • Groovelessons
    Groovelessons 3 hours ago

    Trump has a totally different mindset to his job. No clue how things work, no clue how to behave, no clue what’s good or bad, NO CLUE damnit 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • rowellster
    rowellster 3 hours ago

    "Boo hoo, the nasty Dems are owning us with these public hearings we demanded". The GOP needs (in Mick Mulvaney's own words) to GET OVER IT!!

  • MrSinthan
    MrSinthan 3 hours ago

    So, lets talk prison rape. How much can we document? Like, it will be ethically complicated to let the rape continue, of Trump, if we're documenting it at the same time. But, I think it's very important that the American public gets to actually SEE it.

  • Bobby Diaz
    Bobby Diaz 3 hours ago

    Such IDIOTS, the Republicans have no defense, trying to gasp at invisible straws and invisible defenses... The 0NLY DISGRACE, and DANGER and EMBARRASSMENT and INCOMPETENT and a TOTAL MORON is You, JABBA trump... when you and Pence are #IMPEACHED. #REMOVED. The USA will almost be saved, all Republicans WILL BE VOTED OUT... VOTE BLUE. BLUE WAVING COMING.

    CRYxBABY 3 hours ago

    Realize how weak our country will look if we impeach our president makes us look like we dont know what we are doing

  • jiv32
    jiv32 3 hours ago

    Soon... trump: "sondland? I don't know any sondland? Never heard of him!"

  • AlMoSiCe210
    AlMoSiCe210 3 hours ago

    I related so HARD to JLaw's experience with the crush... 😄😄😄😮

  • Herb Wandrei
    Herb Wandrei 3 hours ago

    I didn't like this guy when he was on the Americans I really don't think he's much of an actor not to mention he is a strange looking dude

  • KyleCorbeau
    KyleCorbeau 3 hours ago

    0:47 Saw that picture on twitter and genuinely thought that was the Penguin from Batman. 😲

  • Tis'ur"Master'"
    Tis'ur"Master'" 3 hours ago

    Seth looks like bloomberg

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 3 hours ago

    My Favorite TVclipr.....

  • Tis'ur"Master'"
    Tis'ur"Master'" 3 hours ago

    So many fucking old people!

  • sonyahannah
    sonyahannah 3 hours ago

    "If you're listening, "*resident: it is NOT Nancy Pelosi who is incompetent; it is YOU. It is not Nancy Pelosi who is keeping things from getting done; it is YOU. It is not Nancy Pelosi who is "bad for the country"; it is YOU.

  • fromTracywithlove
    fromTracywithlove 3 hours ago


  • Andre Slay
    Andre Slay 3 hours ago

    "I still haven't told my mum" "We're not editing it out" :makes title of video markiplier lies to his mum about being in school

  • ho2cultcha
    ho2cultcha 3 hours ago

    Would someone, anyone PLEASE lock that rancid ball of butter up for good?!

    • Lu
      Lu 3 hours ago

      LOL! Best description of tRump.

  • Atheus Maximus
    Atheus Maximus 3 hours ago

    Trump wants citizens to do something for him? He is the president, its his job to do things for the people, that's why he's in power.

    • TheLastHylianTitan
      TheLastHylianTitan 3 hours ago

      Atheus Maximus ^^^ isn’t it wild that he’s almost through his presidency and yet still hasn’t figured that out?

  • chad 777
    chad 777 3 hours ago

    If the Republicans ever find out who that whistle blower is, that man or woman is gonna come up missing

  • PrincessofErised
    PrincessofErised 3 hours ago

    Now Trump is attacking his own staff. It is cannibalism at the WH.

  • opera fan
    opera fan 3 hours ago

    Trump is a shame for America

  • RNJudas
    RNJudas 3 hours ago

  • Ryan McPherson
    Ryan McPherson 3 hours ago

    Hahaha pathetic.... Trump 2020. Dems are lying fucks. Can't wait for the meltdown wen he's re-elect Ed 😂😂😊

  • Ene Obande
    Ene Obande 3 hours ago

    That exchange with stephen miller, hilarious🤣

  • Maido Melker
    Maido Melker 3 hours ago

    Wtf are you talking about?! I'm not a Trump voter, but are you talking about the Ambassador that spoke to a guy whom had met a guy telling him about a guy whom heard from a guy how one other guy had overheard the President saying something like ......?! Are you seriously thinking that's "strong evidence" for an impeachment? 🙄

  • L S
    L S 3 hours ago


  • Quiet Time Gaming
    Quiet Time Gaming 3 hours ago

    It’s funny that he says Pelosi is grossly focused on impeachment. Does no one remember when the Dems were REALLY pushing to begin impeachment inquiries MONTHS AGO, and Pelosi wouldn’t even consider it?

  • Strategic Viewpoint
    Strategic Viewpoint 3 hours ago

    Never knew US late night television was so delusional........

  • Dickey Mckay
    Dickey Mckay 3 hours ago

    "It's a little pipe dream she's got"..... it must be one of those Buddhist collective dreams shared by OVER 50% of the pop. Let me guess, Vinman in that case is a tulpa. // Not in this video but I also love when ranking GOP members keep citing that the American people aren't falling for this. You sure about that? Last time I checked, most are.

  • 3DFX _
    3DFX _ 3 hours ago

    So if Nancy wins the arm wrestling, then she will get the White House? And trump gets the handcuffs? Lock him up?

  • Christien du Preez
    Christien du Preez 3 hours ago

    Oh goodness, another few thoughts. Your supposed to be lily white Ambassador was in Ukraine during the time of the Biden crimes. Do you know what she said why she never did anything? Her words "I was instructed by the Obama administration as to what to say about the investigation of Hunter Biden. I hear this idiots laugh at the lame jokes of the poor old joker, and i think, have they no pride, no brains? Yes dears listening to that in trhe face of what is really happening, is really interesting. Is the audience filled with idiots? Is that the best CNN could do for an aideience? Strange that nobody, yes NOBODY knows about any evidence, and tha transcript shows the truth. Why are you people so ignorant? You seem more ignorant than our masses, who are still very uneducated. laughing at this lame joker? OH MY SOUL!!!!

  • Must Love Dogs
    Must Love Dogs 3 hours ago

    It’s now November 2019, just 1 year away from the next election, and Democrats have done ZERO to try to win back voters in the battleground states. Their top presidential candidates are pushing medicare for all, which will cost us $52 trillion (!!!), allowing greater numbers of unskilled people from Central & South America into the country, giving free healthcare for illegals, and allowing unlimited abortion right up to the day before the baby’s due date. Exactly how does this help middle-class workers in Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania??

  • Steven Bass
    Steven Bass 3 hours ago

    You must have seen a different version than everyone else.

  • 3DFX _
    3DFX _ 3 hours ago

    Fox news should say "no, don't watch the impeachment hearing. Instead, watch the late night show from Seth. Much more informative, and funny. "

  • Eric Urquhart
    Eric Urquhart 3 hours ago

    Late night with who?

  • Dorien Wolfs-Takens
    Dorien Wolfs-Takens 3 hours ago

    This is were they wined for. And now it’s not in the Republicans favor public hearings should be turned back? What an idiots those people are.

  • Cj Love
    Cj Love 3 hours ago

    Markimoo 😍😍😍

  • Eric Pratt
    Eric Pratt 3 hours ago

    Seeing Trump swaying side to side reminds me of my uncle after he's taken painkillers and opioids. Trump is definitely on something.

  • Pierre Nuclideson
    Pierre Nuclideson 3 hours ago

    Those confirmation hearings were way too cringe to watch, oh dear lord

  • Gee Wiz
    Gee Wiz 3 hours ago

    “Is extra on The Walking Dead?... I don’t.... I don’t know”... 😂 👏 👏 👏

  • xl
    xl 3 hours ago

    I have always wondered if the people shouting during the closer look into at 0:10 are in the audience or if this just added in post.. Like .. they're really excited that it's a closer look.. I would.

  • cullermann2
    cullermann2 3 hours ago

    its really funny to watch how the republicans dont know how to handle Vindman, since hes a veteran and purple hearth recipient that means they cant attack him or theyll anger their follower base . its also pretty pathetic how much they try to make him look like a spy

  • geishasecrets
    geishasecrets 3 hours ago

    Trump is a cringe worthy president. He took the translator’s notes after speaking one on one with his master Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin is laughing at the USA. They see how we’ve turned on each other. Masterful work using our politics to divide us.

  • Mugdorna
    Mugdorna 3 hours ago

    This process has “exposed things that didn’t need to be exposed” What an odd phrase from Ron Johnson.

  • 3DFX _
    3DFX _ 3 hours ago

    That's how he talks. Remember that he had to explain to people what a canine is . He said " that's a dog". The special forces used a dog.

  • DR Groce
    DR Groce 3 hours ago

    Draft dodger Trump is a filthy swine!

  • LittleGidget1
    LittleGidget1 3 hours ago

    I know everyone love her, but I find her annoying.

  • Gui Srtr
    Gui Srtr 3 hours ago

    you should address Donald Trump Jr tweet which he says Vindman is nothing but a bureaucrat.

  • Paul N
    Paul N 3 hours ago

    haha! who is the real embarrassment to our country here !

  • Ben Lutz
    Ben Lutz 3 hours ago

    Gotta give it to Republicans- they can start one sentence and finish it with a whole other sentence and they will believe both halves. "These closed door secret hearings are just shady underhanded conspiracies which should be held in public where we can all see that there's just a big nothing-burger here that should just be handled in secret rooms in the basement so no one ever finds out what we've been up to."

  • minitanksandchairs
    minitanksandchairs 4 hours ago

    I've watched all the testamonies so far and I've had to now mute most republicans, especially Nunes and Jordan as they just talk bollocks and repeat the same contemptuous BS over and over again. Nunes was dribbling on about ratings last night, so I muted him. Way to get your point across Devin, make people ignore you 😂

  • Maureen Tate
    Maureen Tate 4 hours ago

    The public has a right to know about the crooks that are running our Country! The Republicans have ruined their party and that’s on them!

  • HerHealthySelf
    HerHealthySelf 4 hours ago

    “Damn you, baby arms!” I’m dyin 😆🤣

  • Joseph Barton
    Joseph Barton 4 hours ago

    I’m a straight man but Jesus is mark handsome

  • MagicSantos
    MagicSantos 4 hours ago

    Phase1: physical test Phase2: asylum for life! Phase3: FUN FOR EVERYONE! 👌👍😉😄😄😄

  • Lynda Sutherland
    Lynda Sutherland 4 hours ago

    Also, fabulous work Seth - you utterly nailed Stephen Miller's persona. And isn't Trump a bitchy-bloke...

  • Tara Barnes
    Tara Barnes 4 hours ago

    That fool Trump said Vindman wears his yes.

  • d d
    d d 4 hours ago

    There's a lot of sexual tension between these two

  • LordKellthe1st
    LordKellthe1st 4 hours ago

    Dems: ask serious questions Reps: troll witnesses and dems Pres: intimidates live on twitter I don't even have to listen to detail to know who the guilty here...... just insane

  • SeanTheMan1
    SeanTheMan1 4 hours ago

    Seth’s crowd is always silent. It’s like there’s 10 people in the audience

  • CAP198462
    CAP198462 4 hours ago

    Trump: Ohh, vindman. I thought you said venkmann I liked ghostbusters.

  • Joseph Kurien
    Joseph Kurien 4 hours ago

    Was Nunes the waiter, looking like he may not get a tip for being improper... These are not Republicans - GOP - any more... they have become TRUMPLICANS...

  • Paul N
    Paul N 4 hours ago

    "i'm coming for you nuggets"

  • Martyn Page
    Martyn Page 4 hours ago

    I think everyone knows who is the real "embarrassment" for the American people and I think his name is something like Trumpkins....

  • Walter D. Petrovic
    Walter D. Petrovic 4 hours ago

    Can't get USMC approved???? How about those 800 Bills not even being looked at by Moscow Mitch, that have been passed by the current House?

  • Lynda Sutherland
    Lynda Sutherland 4 hours ago

    That swaying, while waiting for a picture was freaky! We need a psychologist to tell us what the heck that means...

  • zbluntman eso
    zbluntman eso 4 hours ago

    No sir you trump are a disgrace to our nation #impeach

  • E-man R.
    E-man R. 4 hours ago

    I really wish that Witnesses testifying would just verbally shoot down the republicans' when they use the inquiry to start getting theatrical.

  • Liz Roberts
    Liz Roberts 4 hours ago

    Why does he talk to his own supporters like they're children, well look behind him they are see the girl behind him yawning in boredom 😂😂

  • Jine Butterfingers-
    Jine Butterfingers- 4 hours ago

    Mark lied to his mom and also Seth Myers too..

  • scanGfu
    scanGfu 4 hours ago

    It was a perfect visit

  • Tara Barnes
    Tara Barnes 4 hours ago

    Put some respeck on his name😂😂. Yes sir.

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern 4 hours ago