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Free 2D Intro Template #14
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    》BLACK GAMER《 3 days ago


  • Mark Kevin Dumlao
    Mark Kevin Dumlao 5 days ago

    I did subscribe to your channel and yet theres still no download link given.


    How to unlock download, can u tell me

  • No Copyright Intro NCI

    I can make better intro for anyone But subscribe My channnel and comment in my any video your channel name

  • Shirunaiバカ
    Shirunaiバカ Month ago

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  • Jullean Vlogs
    Jullean Vlogs Month ago

    thank yooou, this is a big help!

  • priyank shahi
    priyank shahi Month ago

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  • BO SS
    BO SS Month ago


  • ElmoPelaa
    ElmoPelaa Month ago


  • Design Junkie
    Design Junkie Month ago

    Check my free backgrounds too tvclip.biz/video/yWuzlTTnYGs/video.html

  • Design Junkie
    Design Junkie Month ago

    Check my free backgrounds too tvclip.biz/video/yWuzlTTnYGs/video.html

  • Team Vital
    Team Vital Month ago

    hey could you make my team one as we don’t own a pc?

  • YT Ducky Gamer
    YT Ducky Gamer 2 months ago

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  • Dylan Massie
    Dylan Massie 2 months ago

    download isnt compatible with after effects?

    JR NEWS 2 months ago

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  • SA Uzzol
    SA Uzzol 2 months ago

    thank you

  • TĐL Channel
    TĐL Channel 2 months ago

    i love you ♥

  • mirko alvarez
    mirko alvarez 3 months ago

    hi, i need the intro 23 and the page fell, helppp pleasee is for a school job :(((

  • _ Helheim
    _ Helheim 3 months ago

    plis create intro my plis create outro my

  • yanelí Llanqui
    yanelí Llanqui 3 months ago

    I really do not know how to change the text of the video you could help me please

    • yanelí Llanqui
      yanelí Llanqui 3 months ago

      or you could also do an intro of the number six porfa with the name of the channel (3,2,1 yanelí) or obviously without the parenthesis I would appreciate it very much if you did I liked your videos very much

    ARAB GAMES 3 months ago

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  • Farooq Ahmed
    Farooq Ahmed 3 months ago

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  • Sagar Uprety
    Sagar Uprety 3 months ago

    Nice hai!! Nice 😂👏

  • Minh Hiếu Trương Lê

    Thank you!

  • Ultimaty Sumlaxe
    Ultimaty Sumlaxe 3 months ago

    thanks bro

  • Rizsyaa Poetry
    Rizsyaa Poetry 3 months ago

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  • Cường Đoàn
    Cường Đoàn 3 months ago

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    PROCRAFT DRYWALL 3 months ago


  • wanjun Ha
    wanjun Ha 3 months ago

    4. SVG error , Not Found

  • anahi malaga
    anahi malaga 4 months ago

    How to edit with After Effects?

  • Bright Star Tamil
    Bright Star Tamil 4 months ago

    how we can give credit ? what do you mean here ?

  • Dicky Neo Games
    Dicky Neo Games 4 months ago

    24 the best

  • Blake zhorikovich
    Blake zhorikovich 4 months ago


  • NikHil Sakharkar
    NikHil Sakharkar 4 months ago

    Edit kaise kre isko?

  • Rushikesh Mane
    Rushikesh Mane 4 months ago

    😍 thx bro 🙏 i am subscribed your channel for more updates

  • Langweilig HD
    Langweilig HD 4 months ago

    In like tutorails ;D 0:11

  • ThundrSkull
    ThundrSkull 5 months ago

    can you give me a topic to edit the intro on

  • Scrawny
    Scrawny 5 months ago

    Thank you so much you’ve helped me with my editing your a legend thank you so much I appreciate your work so much

  • Monica Lazova
    Monica Lazova 5 months ago

    thanks for this AMAZING VIDEO!!!

  • sailorgrecoable
    sailorgrecoable 5 months ago

    Thanks, it's amazing! Can I use for commercial use?

  • Rokster
    Rokster 5 months ago

    Very good and informative video waiting for the next ones are worth it Sacrificing time for entertainment

  • Tech Gaming
    Tech Gaming 5 months ago


  • Rana Sajid
    Rana Sajid 5 months ago

    thanks bro

  • TDT Luật K21
    TDT Luật K21 6 months ago

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  • Edwin Carrasquillo
    Edwin Carrasquillo 6 months ago

    I hope you still use this channel cuz I was wondering if you could help me out I’d appreciate it homie much love❤️ earned a sub

  • KisRew Official
    KisRew Official 6 months ago

    How to edit

  • MrVerpester
    MrVerpester 6 months ago

    I don't have adblock and it says disable adblock..

  • Alessandro Evangelista

    where I can download it?

  • Amine Fait des vidéos

    Thanks for this 0:11 « TUTORAIL » it was very good

  • offimpulse dawada
    offimpulse dawada 7 months ago

    are you retrded? im subscribed but cant download. same shit on your other video. why you so bad?

  • Srinex
    Srinex 7 months ago

    what is your intro song?

  • Iciicelz
    Iciicelz 7 months ago

    How do i downloaddd

  • Crucifix
    Crucifix 7 months ago


  • geovani oliveira
    geovani oliveira 7 months ago


  • herman ssb
    herman ssb 7 months ago

    Woooow super video....👍👍👌

  • MTS Publisher
    MTS Publisher 7 months ago

    can i upload this outro on my channel, i drop your channel link & instagram link in my description. ??

  • YouTuber's FX
    YouTuber's FX 7 months ago

    hey CE Designs can i use your intro ,i will give you proper credit

  • Đấng Player
    Đấng Player 7 months ago

    you can creat my one intro ??

  • Kường Việt
    Kường Việt 8 months ago

    Can I have Vegas file of this video? Thank you

  • Keiron Elliott
    Keiron Elliott 8 months ago

    I put the 'cool' in 'shcool' because I am a cool

  • Keiron Elliott
    Keiron Elliott 8 months ago

    now this is epic

  • Factslife
    Factslife 8 months ago


  • iSxper-
    iSxper- 8 months ago

    Can someone do a man of steel one for me?? In kryptonite green like my TVclip banner??

  • Alex Verigood
    Alex Verigood 8 months ago

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  • Aileen Chavez Eresmas
    Aileen Chavez Eresmas 8 months ago

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  • ANIME with Da Man RC
    ANIME with Da Man RC 8 months ago

    Subscribed nice vid!!! thanks

  • Rea Lyric Videos
    Rea Lyric Videos 8 months ago

    this is so fake i cant even edit this from Sony Vegas 14

  • Muhammad Hashir
    Muhammad Hashir 8 months ago

    Template download link please

  • Muhammad Hashir
    Muhammad Hashir 8 months ago

    Not working download

  • All CWB
    All CWB 8 months ago

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  • Fantastic Youssef
    Fantastic Youssef 8 months ago

    are you the right owner who made this intro ?

  • Ishan Karki
    Ishan Karki 8 months ago

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    • Ishan Karki
      Ishan Karki 8 months ago

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    • Ishan Karki
      Ishan Karki 8 months ago

      @CE Designs haha 😂

    • CE Designs
      CE Designs 8 months ago

      a pagle rulayega kya

  • Táo Media
    Táo Media 8 months ago

    A good video I'm Vietnamese

  • Isabela Caricari
    Isabela Caricari 9 months ago

    I'm having problems with the download, after I downloaded apper a message in after effects: "2 files are missing, since the last time you saved the file". Help please

  • jay brayans
    jay brayans 9 months ago

    hello sir...i have subscribed to your channel but i still cant download it

    • jay brayans
      jay brayans 9 months ago

      thanks i have downloaded it... i think my ad block was the one causing the problem

  • Uus Salman
    Uus Salman 9 months ago

    Sir, template Please, This is not a template, I only see footage in afters affects..

  • Orian Walker
    Orian Walker 9 months ago

    Thx bro☺ Can i use your outro if I type your channel's name in the credit section

  • murthy kumar
    murthy kumar 9 months ago

    If I use this intro on youtube .it will be consider as copyright or not..? I mean it's free or not to use.. reply me

  • Trap&Mix
    Trap&Mix 9 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/2hJVGrlpTRY/video.html Use my outro

  • Bui Minh Triet
    Bui Minh Triet 9 months ago

    what song is it ? it's good

    XAXA VIEW 9 months ago


  • Rahul Sarraf
    Rahul Sarraf 10 months ago

    bhai aapka outro use karenge to copyright nahi n aayega

  • soul ヴ EVIL
    soul ヴ EVIL 10 months ago

    Where r u from BTW best ....best

    ZEREF DRAGNEEL 10 months ago

    Subscribe to PEWDIEPIE

  • Ayush kumar gupta
    Ayush kumar gupta 10 months ago

    It was awesome. Really your intro's are best.......👍👍👍👍

  • Robot Memory
    Robot Memory 10 months ago


  • Tech-N- Malayalam
    Tech-N- Malayalam 10 months ago

    Super intro Bro Can I use this

  • Aftab Ahmed
    Aftab Ahmed 10 months ago


  • SHAH
    SHAH 10 months ago

    *Wow so cool*

  • Amir Asyraf
    Amir Asyraf 10 months ago

    download here drive.google.com/file/d/0B-ah7so4MU8TdDVTY0s1aGRBTU0/view

  • •Josue TM•
    •Josue TM• 10 months ago

    The outros are really Impressive, but the only issue is I don't have photoshop. I usually use the website pixlr.com/editor to build my outros, it's kinda like photoshop.

  • very intro
    very intro 10 months ago

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  • Gaming With Stephan
    Gaming With Stephan 10 months ago

    It just directs me to a earning cash site. Is this a scam for trying to get money and subscribers?

  • Hi Hello
    Hi Hello 10 months ago

    Nice intro! But how to edit it?

    • bisma mutiara
      bisma mutiara 6 months ago

      yes, hahahah, he give to download, but cant edit it, its so funny

  • Adonay Alas
    Adonay Alas 10 months ago

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  • BearXY
    BearXY 10 months ago

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  • BearXY
    BearXY 10 months ago

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  • Zane
    Zane 10 months ago

    skip the bs: drive.google.com/file/d/0B-ah7so4MU8TT0ZVZV9NVGg4SDQ/view

  • AuliaAlam
    AuliaAlam 11 months ago

    Thank you bro😊