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  • t jackson
    t jackson 3 months ago

    plays of the night suck!

  • samuel attias
    samuel attias 4 months ago

    SPORTSNET The Canadian Sports on Rogers!

  • Crossing Shoots
    Crossing Shoots 5 months ago

    You guys are great.

  • Reckless Hockey
    Reckless Hockey 5 months ago

    Check out our sticks! We're a new Hockey company bringing innovative, reasonably priced sticks to the market with an unheard of warranty! and

  • FrankieandJim
    FrankieandJim 5 months ago

    Cool video. Thx for sharing. I just discovered an up & coming musician similar to this that's worth checking out... Mikey Wax... Search his song "Helium". Really catchy.

  • Rg Carmichael
    Rg Carmichael 6 months ago

    as thousands are dropping cable each month when will Sportsnet join those that would like the service on line at a reasonable monthly fee. I purchased MLB this year after dropping cable.Nice to watch the jays from the other teams feed. Now we are Buck free thankfully

  • Luke McElroy
    Luke McElroy 7 months ago

    R.I.P. CP

  • A Varachhia
    A Varachhia 9 months ago

    why change to Sprtsnet

    • Musicrecords10
      Musicrecords10 9 months ago

      They want to attract the American Audience

  • ProKneeHockey
    ProKneeHockey 9 months ago

    Mini Hockey Games Here

  • abrant73
    abrant73 10 months ago

    please put the video of sid not being able to pop that confetti popper thing. That was hilarious

  • deets987
    deets987 11 months ago

    will you please change that damn thumbnail on the methot injury. im not intersted in watching gruesome finger injuries cus it hurts to look at, but i cant help that the awful image is in my recommended videos on literally every video i watch. please dont force me to keep seeing it.

  • Snapchat Hack
    Snapchat Hack 11 months ago

    Canadian sports are fun to watch.

  • piper2381
    piper2381 4 years ago

    Girls of SportsNet Calendar.... make it happen!

  • robert earley
    robert earley 4 years ago

    hey sid the only thing worse then ice dance is batmonton

  • robert earley
    robert earley 4 years ago

    best rant ever sid just watched it and seen the dance keep it up

  • mike sheen
    mike sheen 4 years ago

    I have watched figure skating for years and am quite an expert. I have never seen Virtue/Moir skate better !! even earlier this year when they skated well but not great they won A competition with a score of 75 in the short !! and now only to get 76 ..??????? A complete joke! And that the world regulating body decides to dismiss the allegation of collusion before the games started? Forget the fact that the Americans were flat and skated nervously. I think it's time that the judges are held accountable! What's this anonymity nonsense!! Years ago every mark was given by each judge and their nationality declared . That that is not happening now is ridiculous. It's time to petition the international body to expose the marks of each judge by country!! The irony of Patrick Chan , for the first time in a long time, the judges could not have rigged the winner and the door was wide open with Tanyu scoring possibly 20 points less than his best and Chan does not deliver! Needing to vent! Thanks , Mike S

  • Justin Mercer
    Justin Mercer 4 years ago

    Horrible thing you did today, shutdown your message board, been a member since 2003 and now this, I was totally pleased with it until last year until the maintenance pages and errors and then came the BuddyPress. This could have been easily avoided by upgrading to a better forum software like VBulletin or similar while keeping hits to your site. Must say I'm deeply disappointed by this. The ones I feel for is the mod squad and LARIDER. Do whats right Sportsnet and bring back the forums in their proper manner.

  • Larry Bennett
    Larry Bennett 5 years ago

    What are you doing to make your body last longer?

  • RohilAniruth
    RohilAniruth 5 years ago

    PLEASE READ: Yo SPORTSNETCANADA, I don't ever do this but this video is really really important to me and I really need you to see this, I dont want you to feel like I am just using you for views and I do actually want to keep in future contact with which is why I am taking the time to write this message but I need you to just hear what I have to say in this video, please I am really trying to do something a lot different from other TVcliprs here so please just take this chance and hear what I have to say in the video. I thank you so so much, it means a lot if you take the time to read this message and view the video and know that I am always here to support your channel :) <3 The video is the one that is featured on my channel :) :)

  • 5674trackrunner
    5674trackrunner 5 years ago

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