The Story Behind
The Story Behind
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  • Mary Ford
    Mary Ford 6 minutes ago

    Pricilla is you didn’t fuck your trainer and cared for Elvis maybe he would be alive today

  • Mary Ford
    Mary Ford 8 minutes ago

    Nobody dies from not having a bowel movement

    XxXSHAD0WXWOLFXxX XxX 19 minutes ago

    I just fully lost faith in humanity I-

  • sniper venom vlogz
    sniper venom vlogz 24 minutes ago

    When one siz died doctors could have separated them so she can survive, doctors are so stupid sometimes bt they were old so flu overcame everything!

    XxXSHAD0WXWOLFXxX XxX 25 minutes ago

    Bruh I asked my teacher about that and even she couldn't answer that

  • Carolin Klein
    Carolin Klein 26 minutes ago

    This man’s incompetence almost killed a baby. Threatened the lives of hundreds of people while attempting to fly an airplane, lied to the people closest to him and receives almost exclusively praise in the comments. I think we should think about the values we praise as a society.

  • work hard
    work hard 32 minutes ago

    he grew slowly but surely

  • Sharmella Krishnasamy
    Sharmella Krishnasamy 40 minutes ago

    Because he was doing the job of sacrificing some children's life (certain community) for the sake of the whole nation in the name of Father of the Nation. Real parents will not do such stupidity. He wants sacrifice his whole life for the sake of the nation that is his choice. What right does he have to do the same thing to others just because he is called or seen as the Father of the Nation?? That was the perception which evoked a certain community's anger and led to his assassination.

  • Darpan Subba
    Darpan Subba Hour ago

    Not that she was always a bad person

  • Hamza Ahmad
    Hamza Ahmad Hour ago

    Einstein Is best of the world forever

    EYECAMERA Hour ago

    This happens when beauty become too reckless........

  • Push Mak B
    Push Mak B Hour ago

    Opium??? Smh

  • P C
    P C Hour ago

    Because he knew how evil the white invaders were to the lands native people. Native Americans are lovely people treated like dirt and it’s still going on!

  • Sarah grace
    Sarah grace 2 hours ago

    I didn't even know this was physically possible.

  • WigGroupFighting YesOrYes?

    I'm here watching this because my brother portrayed this but I didn't know what his gonna portrayed then I asked him at night what his character in the lipsync and he shows me a picture and then I'm shocked that he is protraying as a twins then I asked him why he doesn't has a twin in their lipsync because he said that he hates it but I didn't know that his protraying as a conjoined twins that makes harder when he dance and their lipsync is actually some songs in the greatest showman but I didn't know that the movie is actually base on a true story and the story is nice btw Sorry for my english😊😊😊 And he shows me a picture a twins but I didn't saw that they conjoined and reason why I didn't know it they are conjoined

  • Matthew 521 Lol
    Matthew 521 Lol 2 hours ago


  • kwonGD lil'sis
    kwonGD lil'sis 2 hours ago

    Harvey such a disrespectful monster

  • Tifa Lockart
    Tifa Lockart 2 hours ago

    She died on my birthday :((

  • Sidonamo
    Sidonamo 3 hours ago

    Today is my birthday please at least subscribe me by pressing the image don't forget If you subscribed me I will subscribe back

  • Nestor Gorospe
    Nestor Gorospe 3 hours ago

    *The Story Behind where are you its been 3 months :(*

  • Eugenios Alexander
    Eugenios Alexander 3 hours ago


  • PeRo Rico
    PeRo Rico 3 hours ago

    Question for pp

  • PeRo Rico
    PeRo Rico 3 hours ago


  • PeRo Rico
    PeRo Rico 3 hours ago


  • John Calvin
    John Calvin 4 hours ago

    Burtram in RDR2 is based on this guy

  • rici sal
    rici sal 5 hours ago

    In comments... some whores and some limp dick, judge Marilyn a whore.

  • Carethik Karthi
    Carethik Karthi 5 hours ago

    Jean only

  • Jerry Roo
    Jerry Roo 5 hours ago

    That Polish armed force insignia with a bear actually makes their Polish army looked a lot more people friendly kindness and environmental and natural friendly. I am not permitted to use that bear insignia if not I will use it

  • zane Alpha
    zane Alpha 6 hours ago

    It is love Winston love the Greatest thing on earth An the king was forbidden to love who he wanted to love.. The church the royals represent are heathens for love is truly devine an they are not worthy of devinity.. Heil to the true king

  • rici sal
    rici sal 7 hours ago

    Everyone knows everything abouth the life of Marilyn Monroe... but none of they knew her. How many useless words. R.I.P. Norma Jeane

  • Tanyahachi 07
    Tanyahachi 07 7 hours ago

    wow what a life

    ARIG PRASOMTHONG 7 hours ago

    The amazing!

  • DeathDeath666
    DeathDeath666 8 hours ago

    Thanks to religion, this girl died. And people still do die this day just because of all religion, if there was a god i would like to get my hands on him, if there was a devil i would like to be 5 minutes with him. Basicly this girl died because of religion and not understanding how the brain works and the diseases she had.

  • Dabuku yay
    Dabuku yay 8 hours ago

    They were psychopaths,killers and ppl love them and hype them up . Great :)

  • AdiL oSaFi
    AdiL oSaFi 8 hours ago

    so the myth that short people live longer isn't a myth ??

  • lotus evra35
    lotus evra35 9 hours ago

    Such a nice history between the Queen and Abdul..Queen Victoria is a generous person...

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 9 hours ago

    If subash Chandra Bose had taken the place of gandhi today India would be a single country, no Pakistan or Bangladesh, one united India and that is the real independence.

  • Vesilics
    Vesilics 9 hours ago

    john lenon is anti christ thats why he deserve to die... champma Good job you kill evil person

  • Harish Godiyal
    Harish Godiyal 9 hours ago

    So barbie was the first to land on moon

  • Joaquin Sarcilla
    Joaquin Sarcilla 10 hours ago

    Rip people who used earphones/head set 0:38

  • Largest Classifieds
    Largest Classifieds 10 hours ago

    Very glad to see a happy ending with a dignified career to serve others

  • Elizabeth Testa
    Elizabeth Testa 10 hours ago

    They were all sick should have been confined in a mental institution. He should have been exterminated Took too long

  • Ava Streeter
    Ava Streeter 11 hours ago

    So this is the disappearance of Earhart and Noonan

  • Kiran
    Kiran 11 hours ago


  • Gisela W. Channell
    Gisela W. Channell 11 hours ago

    Cannot pen this?

  • briarroses
    briarroses 11 hours ago

    the witch was my favorite actor in the movie. they burned her face. made her die bc of that makeup on her. AND TIN MAN DIED OF CANCER FROM THE MAKEUP ALSO 5:06 why does it also look like dorothy was trying to kiss scarecrow

  • tea edits
    tea edits 12 hours ago

    but don’t u have to start ur period to even be able to get pregnant?

  • Mary Booth
    Mary Booth 13 hours ago

    Its doesnt matter how he exit..What matters is The World Love Him..for his voice and kindness..May You Be Singing with The my Fathers Kingdom🌹Amen

    EZ BANGZ 13 hours ago

    He still wanted to kill me in rdr2

  • Cartola 71
    Cartola 71 14 hours ago

    Poor guy

  • Patrick Guillory
    Patrick Guillory 14 hours ago

    He must have had a yard of pipe........ The ladies would have enjoyed all that pipe.

  • Alaskan Tundra Wolf
    Alaskan Tundra Wolf 14 hours ago


  • Trevor Thompson
    Trevor Thompson 14 hours ago

    How sad loved and adored by the world yet she could never find the one only horrible old men and Joe DiMaggio what bullshit sending roses to her grave every week he used to beat her in her short life she made millions smile we thank you Marilyn

  • Ron R
    Ron R 14 hours ago

    Yes, people were assholes before our contemporary times because of the lack of information and awareness. No, we cannot fix the past and no one alive today is to blame for the transgressions committed by those before in those. We can control our present and our now and help others less fortunate today, but what won’t help is to constantly cast blame on contemporary people for something that was completely out of their control. Take not of this you Cultural Marxists and Leftists because your constant illogical castigations are coming to an end and a day of reckoning is coming.

  • Deniz Adagulu
    Deniz Adagulu 15 hours ago

    ---oh shit I killed a human. ---ok love not a big deal you are disabled you can do whatever you want.

  • M7DASplatoon
    M7DASplatoon 15 hours ago

    M7DA Crew's reaction Ian: My youngest brother is asexual but at the same time likes older girls but I like older girls. Leon: I'm straight but I support the LGBT Benjamin: I'm gay since I spend more time with my sister(well I use to) Ray: I'm straight but like Leon GO LGBT Patty: My friend is gay so I support LGBT Lena: Like my bro but with more spirit Joon: How I can say no since my cousin is bisexual and friends gay. Roy: I'm a king in the Octarian Empire but I also need my king next to me my dear Benji

  • j g
    j g 15 hours ago

    Don't forget to mention he was freemason so his bogus theories made it straight to mainstream and is why we believe in the bullshit made up scudoscience go walk right side up on the bottom of our ball earth....with no common sense applied......gravity it's magic..........baaaa sheep baaaaa......

  • María Lis Duarte
    María Lis Duarte 15 hours ago

    Que triste !!!!!!!

  • Rayven bird
    Rayven bird 15 hours ago

    I learned this yesterday i was shocked

  • Lay Austin TV
    Lay Austin TV 15 hours ago

    Soooo Mowgli didn’t hang out with a bear?

  • Roberto Hernandez
    Roberto Hernandez 16 hours ago

    Mcdonalds food is crap.

  • Ava Biblical
    Ava Biblical 16 hours ago

    Joker and Harley : no one is better than us Bonnie and Clyde : hold our beer

  • Violeta Diaz
    Violeta Diaz 16 hours ago

    Or she was unlucky? She was in three maritime disasters? That doesn’t happen to a lot of people...

  • Bloomy Rosies
    Bloomy Rosies 16 hours ago

    5:23 I bet you would do the same who wants someone to find out something that isn’t very amazing to know

    XxXSHAD0WXWOLFXxX XxX 17 hours ago


  • diana adrian
    diana adrian 17 hours ago

    here is my story:i fell from 100 feet but i did not die coz i know what to do when there is a plane crash

  • Johnathan Argow
    Johnathan Argow 18 hours ago

    Really pushing that sadness with over done edits in your face. We get it! Idk what annoys me more. The video or the easily persuaded droned minded people in the comments

  • A Taste Of Dick Brown
    A Taste Of Dick Brown 18 hours ago

    Why they dress him in a....dress? Ohh... nevermind. Guess they didn't have baggy shorts then.

  • Steven Prowse
    Steven Prowse 18 hours ago

    Just four trivial factual errors, which are made by most people: 1 Over 1,000 women were initially selected and the regiment comprised of 200 women, not 100. 2 It wasn’t 32 pilots that died, it was 30 pilots/navigators. 3 They were only limited to two bombs if they were the 100kg bombs. They could carry up to 6 bombs if they used a combination of the 25kg and 32kg bombs also used by them. 4 On approach they didn’t turn off their engine, they set the throttle to idle, like putting a car into neutral.

  • Linnie Hawkeye
    Linnie Hawkeye 18 hours ago

    Who came here because of BLACKPINK LISA’s Rap part??? “Ima fall in love baby You gon finna catch me huh Give yall this baby Call me pretty and nasty Coz we gonna get it my love We can bet it on black We gon double the stack on em woah I’ll be the BONNIE and you’ll be my CLYDE WE RIDE OR DIE Xs and Os” Song: As if it’s your last

  • Gerald City
    Gerald City 19 hours ago

    It's a shame how people can have a run through Hollywood and still live in poverty.

  • J M
    J M 19 hours ago

    Two suited men visited her just before she was found dead. Her intestines were purple, indicative of poisoning by suppository. The housekeeper and psychologist waited hours before calling anyone.

  • Pennywise Fan Girl
    Pennywise Fan Girl 19 hours ago

    In school which I still am in in the past I learned Hitler was a terrible person but think about it he was taught how he was taught by his parents and grew up knowing the knowledge that his parents told him so basically he’s a person like all of us and we should not hate him he just did what he thought was right who knows what’s right... We grow up going on in our life knowing what our parents taught us and so did he. he was a person too....

  • Pennywise Fan Girl
    Pennywise Fan Girl 20 hours ago

    Why do I feel bad...

  • Old Control Line Pilot

    Thanks for producing this generally wonderful and informative history on Scotty. One major correction should be recognized,. You acknowledged his wartime history in Canada’s service but it needs to be noted that Canada does not have lootenants in our rank structure. It as pronounced in the English pronunciation of “leftenant” as it is said throughout the British Commonwealth.

  • celticmist14
    celticmist14 20 hours ago

    MANY WOMEN that is.

  • Ana Korkidas
    Ana Korkidas 20 hours ago

    All the countries could do the same shit. So why do u blame germans today 4 this? Its unfair. Deutsche Griechin und stolz

  • Ana Korkidas
    Ana Korkidas 20 hours ago

    I am german and proud. Not 4 whag happend then... hell no it was horrible and i hate this people back then. But im proud about who i am now. A german with a kind soul. And i hate racism and nazis. It matters what you are know and what kind of person you wanna be one day. And not what was back then.

  • Sir Thomas
    Sir Thomas 20 hours ago

    "We must show the world that not everyone was like him". Henning von Tresckow

  • Tango6nf
    Tango6nf 20 hours ago

    The achievements of the Canadians on D Day and many other campaigns have never really been appreciated or received the publicity they deserved and been overshadowed. Our Canadian Cousins were formidable, brave and committed and they fully deserve to be regarded as some of the best fighting men of WW2. We in the UK say thank you and respect those gallant and committed men like Mr Doohan without who that awful war could not have been won.

    • Philip Berthiaume
      Philip Berthiaume 17 hours ago

      Most of my great uncles fought in WW2 with the Canadian forces, one lost a leg, another was a tank driver and could never sleep under an open window for the rest of his life. They all fought in Italy and Holland. Another was bombed by American bombers by accident on the second day of D-Day. My grandfather flew a Spitfire for the RCAF and we had a distant cousin die in a Landcaster bomber in England after a mission into Germany. As I knew them, they were hard drinkers and enjoyed life a lot. All were married and had large familes. They all laughed hard and brutally teased each other during family events. This happened mostly in the 1970's when I was very young. I remember them as heroes and honourable.

  • Star Leez
    Star Leez 21 hour ago

    Is this channel apart of Bright Side? Look in the channels section.

  • Kpop X Anime High
    Kpop X Anime High 21 hour ago

    Idk if I should be sad about it or not

  • Olis Becky
    Olis Becky 21 hour ago

    no one is thinking about may be his mother breastfed him very well. breast milk helps the brain develop

  • Yaroslav Shubin
    Yaroslav Shubin 21 hour ago


  • arnav Gargey
    arnav Gargey 22 hours ago

    Thx for the spoilers dude

  • Donald Massaro
    Donald Massaro 22 hours ago

    This is very sad story but who knows the real truth I'm sure she was not a very happy person and that's what is so sad

  • bounty hunter reaper
    bounty hunter reaper 22 hours ago

    Isnt that the dude in red dead redmptionn 2

  • My Age Is Fake
    My Age Is Fake 22 hours ago

    "hedwig" even more proof of the inspiration behind Harry Potter

  • My Age Is Fake
    My Age Is Fake 22 hours ago

    I saw this on my normal account, clicked it cause why not and saw it was age restricted I was so curious about what it was that I made a fake account to watch it

  • bree redbone
    bree redbone 22 hours ago

    am I the only one who thinks none of this is creepy its more funny than anything the image of the mom holding her babies head through the fabric is funny.

  • maran maximus
    maran maximus 23 hours ago

    story behind:our intention is not to insist rival among u peoples

  • maran maximus
    maran maximus 23 hours ago

    frank sintara have their roots from italy and mafia mobs have their roots from same my view is its not like illegal tie its merely to maintain relationship with his home mates poor fbi

  • I'm addicted to Mentos

    A friend of mine told me that his grandma shook Hitler's hand when she was a little girl. (I'm German btw) My grandpas family hid Jews in some rooms of their house to protect them.

  • John Kellenberger
    John Kellenberger 23 hours ago

    she didn't commit suicide she was murdered by the people on the ambulance or Robert Kennedy or both. years ago on CBS 48 hours they had something about that ambulance who picked her up and it said that they've done something to her and one of those people in the ambulance was going to say something but he changed his mind probably because they told him if he'd say anything about what really happened he would next. plus while back it was said Robert Kennedy was seen leaving her home not too long before she was found dead what's that tell you. plus they say when Martin Luther King was shot in 68 the Kennedys had something to do with that. it wouldn't surprise me one bit if they did.


    Simple he married her cuz she knew too much Made her kill herself cuz she knew too much What about the kids? Where are they now?

  • Name
    Name Day ago


  • WindWipper
    WindWipper Day ago

    Marlon Brando once said he believed she was murdered.

  • La Flame
    La Flame Day ago

    1:21 is this me?????

  • Salimah Abd Rahman

    Salute the Prince.

  • wazup mga kakubal

    That's why Don't underestimate . The name Of Jesus. .