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  • TheOriginalRevolt
    TheOriginalRevolt 7 days ago

    Your channel is outstanding!!! Can you please do an analysis of The Exorcist tv show? I am obsessed with it and it's now in its second season it has evolved quite a bit. Love from Japan (from a Canadian :)!!

  • A G
    A G 8 days ago

    do a tim burton film!!!

  • Yaragirl
    Yaragirl 12 days ago

    Would you do a revision to the Game of Thrones: Secrets Behind the Symbolism now that season 7 has aired and we know a little more about the symbols. Thanks.

  • O Harlow
    O Harlow 14 days ago

    Would you look at Black Sails by any chance? love all your videos!

  • Grace Stenberg
    Grace Stenberg 20 days ago

    Loved your shining analysis, but could you please do Caddyshack and the meaning of being an underdog?

  • Ilargizuri
    Ilargizuri 28 days ago

    Great Channel my All Time favourites are the Game of Thrones Videos and the Symbol and Meaning-Playlist. Could you make more Star Wars-Videos, please? The Video for Akira Kurosawa in Connection with Rogue One was awesome.

  • Enmanuel Domínguez

    waw xD. Fanboy presente pidiendo matrimonio xD

  • Donald Violette
    Donald Violette Month ago

    What about this?
    I believe, as far as Evil Morty goes....that there was once a Rick and Morty, a happy family version where Our Rick didn't even travel day, Evil Rick comes to that world, to find a happy Morty and kidnapped him, possibly killing the rest of the family except for Our Rick. The Evil Rick transferred his mind into Happy Morty...becoming Evil Morty. That's why he's so smart and trying to kill all the Rick's, still don't know the for sure reason why but that makes sense. And with Happy Morty's mind in Evil Rick.....he became Doofus Rick. That's why Doofus Rick and Jerry have such a connection, because Morty misses his Father who was an actual real Father in that universe. Probably because Rick was happy and so was everyone else. The only universe where Rick didn't travel, until he found out it was possible. So his lie in the simulation, could've easily been partly true. I mean think about it....why would Evil Morty need so many Morty's to surround his base? Because he's truly a Rick in Morty Disguise

  • Matthew Murdock
    Matthew Murdock Month ago

    You should do some American Horror Story videos, or just Ryan Murphy's (FEUD, AHS, AmericanCrimeStory...)

  • They Call Me Shay

    I love your channel. Would you ever consider doing a video on the themes of series 10 of Doctor Who, especially seen in the two part finale?

  • themoviedude0123
    themoviedude0123 Month ago

    will you guys do a video on Carrie

  • mateo sanchez fitzgerald

    Best channel on YouTube? Yes.

  • the forthwright
    the forthwright 2 months ago

    Could you make a playlist that is all your 'classic' films? Some Like It Hot, Bonnie and Clyde etc.? If not, keep on being awesome.

  • the forthwright
    the forthwright 2 months ago

    I love this channel! :)

  • Sound Lab
    Sound Lab 2 months ago

    Your channel is mind blowing ! i loved it and subscribed you.Please subscribe me back and do a favor.Thank you.

  • Sei
    Sei 3 months ago

    Can you do analysis of swedish tv show Bron / Broen?

  • SippinonMickeys
    SippinonMickeys 3 months ago

    Do Primer so many people are confused and it's a great movie people should see.

  • Grace Stenberg
    Grace Stenberg 4 months ago

    Could you also try to do Caddyshack and the Underdog Hero?

    E&B GAMING 4 months ago

    I love you

  • The1andOnly
    The1andOnly 5 months ago

    Plz do a Tokyo Ghoul analysis

  • Sherissa Mason
    Sherissa Mason 5 months ago

    Could you please explain the movie Pi?

  • Grace Stenberg
    Grace Stenberg 5 months ago

    Could you also do Carrie?

  • karla cordova acosta
    karla cordova acosta 5 months ago

    Please, do a video about Interstellar <3

  • Clara Fei-Fei
    Clara Fei-Fei 5 months ago

    Finally a channel that picks up what I have been seeing in cinema <3

  • lLanrryk #
    lLanrryk # 6 months ago

    Please, do some video talking about Mr. Robot

  • Latakia
    Latakia 6 months ago

    Please turn off the auto-play on your main channel page. It is irritating to have to hear the beginning of it and click stop each time I return to select another video to watch.

  • Juan Manuel Planas Rivera

    Subbed because of your Donnie Darko analysis. Keep 'em coming!

  • Daniel Pace
    Daniel Pace 7 months ago

    Fantastic stuff.

  • Grace Stenberg
    Grace Stenberg 7 months ago

    could you do whatever happened to baby jane?

  • Xiao Guo
    Xiao Guo 8 months ago

    your channel is amazing!

  • Eric Millikan
    Eric Millikan 11 months ago

    What's the secret to your art work guys?

  • johnkenobi
    johnkenobi 11 months ago

    Nice length of clips - keep expanding please!

  • Unusual Mind
    Unusual Mind 11 months ago

    Great Channel

    • ScreenPrism
      ScreenPrism 11 months ago

      +Unusual Mind Thank you! Please help spread the word.

  • CZsWorld
    CZsWorld Year ago

    Nice work, I love short form horror stuff! I don't want to be annoying, but since you like horror, would you consider subscribing to my channel? I post horror short films, web-series episodes and horror comedy every month. I think you'd enjoy our little community of horror fans.