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Dogs In Therapy
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Cats In Therapy
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If you are in a shell...
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Thanksgiving Etiquette
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Sad Dog Diary
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Sad Cat Diary
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Anus Writes A Letter
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Critique of "Monkey Farter"
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What's on Your HappyList?
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Find The Others
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The Human Test (Volume 2)
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Don't Yuck My Yum (ashow)
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How To Fight As a Couple
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Be Brave
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Hard F#$@ng Work
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Kindness Dammit
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True Facts About Sloths
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Dealing with Rejection
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228 Bees
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Hack To Power, Brian
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Notes on Friendship
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The Final Debate Finally
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VP Debateness
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2601 People Wrote This Song
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Self Soothing
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The Tongue Show
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On Leaving
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  • The-Trustees
    The-Trustees 2 hours ago

    One of the many reasons I don't swim in the ocean is the amount of sperm and eggs and excrement all these creatures leave behind. Give me a chlorinated pool EVERY time. :)

  • joh rathbun
    joh rathbun 2 hours ago

    Poor dog has cherry eyes. :(

  • GodzillaFan 2001
    GodzillaFan 2001 2 hours ago

    We need Planet Earth but with ZeFrank as the narrator

  • Ari The Floof
    Ari The Floof 3 hours ago

    id call her a cute spiddder

  • Larry Scott
    Larry Scott 3 hours ago

    That was fantastic

  • CandyCandy
    CandyCandy 3 hours ago

    Laughing already "this is Margaret"..."

  • Gam Er
    Gam Er 3 hours ago

    His heart is bigger than his head

  • Gothic Dusk
    Gothic Dusk 4 hours ago

    U N I C O R N C R O T C H xDxDxDxDxDxDxDxDxDxDXD

  • Destany loves toys And games

    The The Frick what is tell you on drugs did you give him crack or marijuana the heck

  • Tier G.
    Tier G. 4 hours ago

    Oh my goodness, this is so funny, but like, informational too XD

  • Afnaan Islam
    Afnaan Islam 4 hours ago

    what if a child watches this

  • Dee Lucky#7's
    Dee Lucky#7's 4 hours ago

    That is why dinobis *Never* *Laughs* Was the double zoom in necessary? 😨

  • Crystal Chan gacha
    Crystal Chan gacha 5 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this looks satisfiying

  • aria I hate me
    aria I hate me 5 hours ago

    N o w T e d d y I s. On . D r u g s

  • Magicwand
    Magicwand 6 hours ago

    people like you make people like us have to register to make films for kids or not.

  • Mr. Mitsquared
    Mr. Mitsquared 6 hours ago

    I always kill this insects, now i know what are they.

  • David Brent
    David Brent 6 hours ago

    This is kinda lovely

  • Papyrus
    Papyrus 6 hours ago

    Oh god i remember watching this when I was 7

  • Pixel Productions
    Pixel Productions 6 hours ago

    4:57 Best part of the video.

  • gary proffitt
    gary proffitt 7 hours ago

    Mullet haired ( Gifted micro-creatures )

  • mister clean
    mister clean 7 hours ago

    Bro I always wondered what those damn crabs were, I found one in a shell when I was a kid. It wasn't much bigger than the grains of sand, but I could clearly see the smallest fully formed crab I've ever seen.

  • Cruz S
    Cruz S 8 hours ago

    WTF did i just whach

  • Dimond Wallace
    Dimond Wallace 8 hours ago

    Comedy + Science = Education This was a great video. I like the way that education is being delivered by a great bit of comedy. Please keep making videos like this!

  • Cyberization
    Cyberization 9 hours ago

    Such inspirational designs!

  • セイージ
    セイージ 10 hours ago


  • Marshmallow Kiti
    Marshmallow Kiti 10 hours ago

    this is creepy yet oddly satisfying...

  • Shane Dawsonisdad
    Shane Dawsonisdad 10 hours ago

    2:01 Felt that

  • {Ana senpai 583}
    {Ana senpai 583} 11 hours ago

    Credo que nojento

  • Samuel Melendez Barton

    :)So cool!!

  • ericaferrelli
    ericaferrelli 11 hours ago


  • EEWWW!눈ˋˇ!!༼•̫͡•༽ ‘

    “ holy crap WHAT THE FFFFU- “

  • creegirl9
    creegirl9 12 hours ago

    thanks... now I don't want to ever walk on wet sand anymore

  • Matt
    Matt 12 hours ago

    How does the tarsier do...!?

  • Kool Kylene
    Kool Kylene 13 hours ago

    “MoRe SpRiNkLeS PlEaSe” (•~•)

  • Hope Papernacky
    Hope Papernacky 13 hours ago


  • Hope Papernacky
    Hope Papernacky 13 hours ago

    They’re adorable! Aawwww! Poor things, in the dark, underground, in a collapsible tunnel :(

  • Lahly Bird
    Lahly Bird 13 hours ago

    The names are oh so creative

  • ChattyCat
    ChattyCat 13 hours ago

    Melanie: I’m the queen of weird things and teddy bears Zefrank: hold my teddy sprinkles

  • Student Random
    Student Random 14 hours ago

    I fu**ing love you

  • Daichi Oogami
    Daichi Oogami 14 hours ago

    So the strongest creature in the world is a beetle

  • Erren Dipnarine
    Erren Dipnarine 15 hours ago

    I love the way u say babies

  • Andizu1
    Andizu1 16 hours ago

    Jesus christ, was not expecting to see actual organs in Teddy. I think I need therapy.

  • Snow Off White
    Snow Off White 16 hours ago

    They're cute though

  • BionicWings
    BionicWings 16 hours ago


  • NYpsycho
    NYpsycho 17 hours ago

    are these the little things jumpin around when I cut hay

  • Jimmy Jr. Marcella
    Jimmy Jr. Marcella 17 hours ago

    Talk about balance between foul mouthing and giving information. Hats off bruh 🤣

  • mobas are my cocaine
    mobas are my cocaine 18 hours ago

    My chem teacher legit asked us to make a journal and base it on topics from several TVcliprs, one of which is zefrank lmao

  • Blue Prod.
    Blue Prod. 18 hours ago


  • Thyza kun
    Thyza kun 19 hours ago


  • Beshoy Nagib
    Beshoy Nagib 19 hours ago

    Maybe the female mantis ate his face because he did cums outside ?

  • Adarna Casoy
    Adarna Casoy 19 hours ago

    Ever wonder if those organs are real? And where did it came from?

  • Zachary Clayton
    Zachary Clayton 19 hours ago

    I have been enlightened

  • mahyudin30
    mahyudin30 19 hours ago

    ok dude you scaring all of childrens

  • Maria Teresa Garcia
    Maria Teresa Garcia 20 hours ago

    I feel that to takkashy

  • KMG
    KMG 20 hours ago


  • Seeker-Purr
    Seeker-Purr 21 hour ago

    That was so darn adorable and uplifting

  • Myke Laurence Martinez

    0:23 david is doing his own good job 😂😂😂😂 poop

  • [Nazo Tube]
    [Nazo Tube] 22 hours ago

    I remember watching this when I was young and enjoying it

  • SierraCola
    SierraCola 22 hours ago

    I like that they sway side to side like a praying mantis

  • Crazy Cupcakes
    Crazy Cupcakes 23 hours ago

    Wait.....is that actual *FLESH?!* Pease say no,,,,

  • Israel Ramthianghlima
    Israel Ramthianghlima 23 hours ago

    The seahorse is neither a sea nor a horse, it's animal.

  • batchout
    batchout 23 hours ago

    Update link for Jesse Schell's talk longnow.org/seminars/02010/jul/27/visions-gamepocalypse/

  • Vesper
    Vesper 23 hours ago

    I never knew until now that this is the kind of content I need in my life. Seriously. This needs to be a series.

  • David Choi
    David Choi Day ago

    WHy dO YoU HatE DaviD So mUch?!

  • manic mechanic


  • James Nichols
    James Nichols Day ago

    I thought "I'll watch these for the first time while doing evening sit ups/pushups .." Way too funny for that.

  • Destian Light
    Destian Light Day ago

    In today's world some ladies live on man secretions.

  • Tanya Harris
    Tanya Harris Day ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I was hoping maybe you might do one on the desert rain frog!! tvclip.biz/video/cBkWhkAZ9ds/video.html

  • Duritan Frostwolf

    I wish you made more videos more often. Your hilarious and educational. Your the beezknees bradda

  • ObeseCats
    ObeseCats Day ago

    *G O N A D S*

  • emma vaughn
    emma vaughn Day ago

    I sent this to my best friend who loves ducks without watching past him talking about duck beaks

  • BecauseGodToldMe So

    this is a pill bug if it was injected with ten steroid shot and was given a gym membership

  • fuzzyzombielove

    "You stole my blue lighter"

  • Vix HQ
    Vix HQ Day ago


  • Rebekah Haager

    I love this video so much now I kinda want to rethink my life. What do you want to be when you grow up/get older? I want to be a police office one Day hopefully I will accomplish that

  • Thomas Furgalack

    Omg. This is so funny I almost choked on my food.

  • meatgraffiti
    meatgraffiti Day ago

    secret life of pets 3 is looking great

  • meatgraffiti
    meatgraffiti Day ago

    ah, so this is what i’ve been touching

  • ashura129
    ashura129 Day ago

    They look like pikmin enemies

  • JenamDrag0n
    JenamDrag0n Day ago

    This video is funny and adorable anyway, but I keep coming back here for Mildrid showing off her new dress, how hard it was to write her novel, and the other cottonball-looking Mildrid.

  • Lucian Andries

    We have naked cats, so why not naked rats? Do we have naked dogs? :|

  • Mr Patricksson

    I thought it’s baby enchiladas then I realise that’s a dish not an animal species

  • Jhone D
    Jhone D Day ago


  • ellamarie maigue

    This is satisfying

  • Lucian Andries

    What the actual F??????

  • Lucian Andries

    That's some ugly mother fucker!

  • Jhone D
    Jhone D Day ago

    Blowing smoke up the ass was a strange medical treatment 1800's. Not kidding.

  • Lucian Andries

    LoL! Pretty accurate! :)))))

  • Oggatha Christie

    Mildred uses her Cloud like a Boss.

  • Robert Chavez
    Robert Chavez Day ago


  • Naman Kataria
    Naman Kataria Day ago

    That was an indian coin. 2.10

  • GalaxysGodlyGamer

    I found a white Planthopper

  • Elena Haskins
    Elena Haskins Day ago

    Too sad that Dr. Andreas Kay died. His work was/is delightful..

  • Scampi
    Scampi Day ago

    Fucking psycho

  • Jhone D
    Jhone D Day ago

    I WANT THE LITTLE CLOUD PLEASE.....and in all seriousness this was hilarious, and absolutely exquisite.

  • Jhone D
    Jhone D Day ago

    As someone from Glendale originally I just got a really strange delight here.

  • Leonardo Crocetta

    02:15 ...yet!

  • azurecielo52479

    I never tire of this perspective. While profound, it makes me wonder how many licorice jellybeans there are in there and I want to munch like Pac-woman

  • Darkness19Z
    Darkness19Z Day ago

    1:58 that could be taken out of context.