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    LmHinojosa X 24 days ago

    Que desastre

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    RATHEESH VARMA 2 months ago

    Good Work Bro....

  • Arham Kidwai
    Arham Kidwai 2 months ago

    Is it Jeddah airport?

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    Alex Chan 3 months ago

    Hey SUJITH, my company came across your video "BOEING 777-3 EMIRATES AIRCRAFT MARSHALLING" and we'd love to offer you an opportunity to work together, do you have email?

  • Jennifer Harris
    Jennifer Harris 3 months ago

    What a bunch of inept, bumbling ground crew. No chock signal, no brake signal. Standing around like they don''t know what their job is. Please advise which airport this was, so that I will know to never fly into there.

  • Jeffery Williams
    Jeffery Williams 4 months ago

    Holy shit dude your name is longer than the alphabet

    JAY KEY 4 months ago

    No ear defenders!!! 😖

  • Stefin J
    Stefin J 4 months ago

    the technician is not at all showing any safe procedures.. imagine during towing if the shear bolt breaks and the push back operator apply brake.. his life will be in danger

  • Boussad Saadi
    Boussad Saadi 4 months ago

    Trdgc in

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  • latham area
    latham area 6 months ago

    you would think there would be an international recognized baton for all airports..

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    ijaaz khokhar 6 months ago

  • Mohammed salman
    Mohammed salman 6 months ago

    how to get this jobs .pleasesir sollunga...

  • Vasmad1
    Vasmad1 8 months ago

    the title of the video must be "tow track shaking "hahahahah

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  • Despicable Me
    Despicable Me 8 months ago

    Most unsmart marshalling I have ever seen.

  • Ayu Ay Ay
    Ayu Ay Ay 10 months ago

    Emirates ❤

    LUIGI BENEDETTI 11 months ago

    It's a good video nice sound motor aircraft

  • Mir Chirag Ali Razvi
    Mir Chirag Ali Razvi 11 months ago

    Kuwait Air ways best air ways in world

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    Nirwan Ponsel 11 months ago

    Kenapa kok nggak ada sambungan internet saat ini

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    Nice bro plan👌👌👌👌💐💐

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    very nice good video

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    Very nice

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    Best jobs

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  • mohdnaserhussain naser

    At 2:50 that guy wearing Kuwait airways sign!!!!

  • Aiden Blanckenberg

    This is the weirdest marshelling I've ever seen

  • Karim Larbi
    Karim Larbi Year ago

    you work for dnata?

  • A Sidabutar
    A Sidabutar Year ago

    HOLLY SHIT using table tennis bats this guy can control the pilot's mind

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    Rakesh Js Year ago

    Where are you from in kerala. Nice work

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  • Arjun Das
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    sujith plzz contact me.9830845249

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  • Andrés Morales Castillo

    Mal hecho el parqueo ingresa sin puntas de ala y las señales del marshaling son muy pobres y sin fuerza, se retira sin dar aviso al piloto de calzos y conexion planta electronica, un atentado contra la seguridad del personal y del avion

  • shabaz p walker
    shabaz p walker Year ago

    The pilot can see vdgs acoording to that he can come on ramp why to do this

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    oystersfearme Year ago

    Good job

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    Ti10 Year ago

    777has cam .... why need this

  • Kathy Miller
    Kathy Miller Year ago

    Wonder how many goats that holds???

  • Jordan Anderson
    Jordan Anderson Year ago

    oh so thats were my table tennis rackets went

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  • haneef haneef
    haneef haneef Year ago

    Sir i completed IATA ramp handling and i want to become a marsheller what is the way to get the training in saudia

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    Madan Adhikary Year ago

    I like

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  • Kapow Gaming
    Kapow Gaming Year ago

    This guy is pretty lazy

    • Kapow Gaming
      Kapow Gaming Year ago

      He’s hardly doing any of the signals properly

    S.ARAFATH Ali Year ago

    very super

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  • Rizwan Shahid
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  • Lahcen Samir
    Lahcen Samir Year ago

    Hi man , i'm Samir from Morocco.....and i have like this work too....can i give me your facebook account....i wanna talk to you.....this is my facebook.....Lahcen Samir...or write me on Whatsapp....+212604693825...thank you , Good luck....

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    • ابــو حـــمـــد
      ابــو حـــمـــد 2 months ago

      Does this job require a certificate or not and what is the specialty in the certificate and how many hours spent in work How many hours per day and vacation per week

    • He Heh
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      Vivek Raghav is

  • santhana krishnan

    Is that guy holding two table tennis bats

    • Budi Kemuliaan
      Budi Kemuliaan 9 months ago

      5000 baru 500 lama

    • Budi Kemuliaan
      Budi Kemuliaan 9 months ago

      Papus yang bisa di cek kembali, kalau kita sudah bisa dikeluarkan dari semua ini adalah sesuatu. tapi kalau tidak mau ketinggalan dan juga bisnis di seluruh wilayah 91 91 yang bisa di cek kembali, kalau kitabnya yang bisa di cek kembali ke jalan yang lurus dan juga bisnis di seluruh wilayah kabupaten dan saya 9av

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    • santhana krishnan
      santhana krishnan Year ago

      SUJITH SUKUMARAN NAIR thanks for the info

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      santhana krishnan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Random Life
    Random Life Year ago

    Why the ground team entering while beacon lights are still on. 😳

    • JAY KEY
      JAY KEY 4 months ago

      There ears!!! How can they even get away with that,Gatwick would sack me if I was caught doing that. So many hazards in one video.

    • Onee Chan
      Onee Chan 10 months ago

      Because they want to die

    • Somir Barbhuirya
      Somir Barbhuirya Year ago

      Somir. Barbhuiya

    • Md Haqel
      Md Haqel Year ago

      Fazal Razeq 8


    Se cometieron varias fallas y nadie se las hizo ver y teniendo al sierra serca ,no entiendo

  • Sourajyoti Saha
    Sourajyoti Saha Year ago

    Pls learn to make video first then upload it to youtube!!!


      Sourajyoti Saha if you don't want se don't open video any one interested to se this they're open and seeing mind it

  • handsome intelegent

    This guy is to much exagerated doing this..haha bu the way, is that a wands? It seems like a table tennis rocket..hehe

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  • Carlos André André

    Uhhhhhuuuuuuuuuu incrible veeeeerrrrryyyyyyy goooooooooooddddddd all yuor

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    sydmmr1985 Year ago

    What a beauty

  • Ryan Marchon
    Ryan Marchon 2 years ago

    Sir, I want to become an aircraft marshaller. What are the requirements and do I have to go for training? Could also tell me where did you do your training ?

    • Chandrashekhar Patel
      Chandrashekhar Patel 6 months ago

      I cold be terribly wrong but ... if you have two functioning arms and hands, just show up at an airport with two table tennis racquets.

    • Kanvatinti Somanna
      Kanvatinti Somanna 11 months ago

      Nuvva ala dhuranga

    • Kapil Jamwal
      Kapil Jamwal Year ago

      Ryan Marchon

    • Brandon from Kentucky
      Brandon from Kentucky Year ago

      Ryan Marchon pay sucks did it for 8 years with Delta,Mesaba and Skywest. Flight benefits are good though depending on the airline.

    • Ravers 'R' Us
      Ravers 'R' Us Year ago

      Ryan Marchon the only training is learning the signals, I work as a ramp agent, marshalling is part of the job. There's no specific class or anything

    TANMAY PALKAR 2 years ago

    Well, now-a-days you have to have the electric baton, right?

    • REEM Al khlaif
      REEM Al khlaif Year ago


    • Kapow Gaming
      Kapow Gaming Year ago

      You have reflected batons in the daytime and you have electric batons at night

  • wndwst idn
    wndwst idn 2 years ago

    The pilot might using its external camera or??

  • hirantha
    hirantha 2 years ago

    no activate parking break sign and chocks inserted sign..

    • حليمه قدير
      حليمه قدير 3 months ago

      @gomphrena -beautiful flower- قلعه غ5تععحفف5لل

    • Monir Hosain
      Monir Hosain 6 months ago

      hiranthaashan adikari v

    • gomphrena -beautiful flower-
      gomphrena -beautiful flower- Year ago

      SUJITH SUKUMARAN NAIR • looks like a really interesting job! The Captain cannot park his plane without the Marshallers!

    • hirantha
      hirantha 2 years ago

      SUJITH SUKUMARAN NAIR ohhh nice bro gud luck thanku 😊

      SUJITH SUKUMARAN NAIR 2 years ago

      hiranthaashan adikari i am only do this marshalling .chocks & parking break signals given Kuwait engineer they are contracts with emirates airlines

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    Noraponさん cool 2 years ago

    Where in Saudi is this?

  • khalid BaarziQ
    khalid BaarziQ 2 years ago

    Nice mu brother

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    suhailbeeran pk 3 years ago

    uthooth saudia b 747