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Hickey Horror Story
Views 3.8MMonth ago
My First Period Disaster
Views 1.5M2 months ago
My Best Friend Turned On Me
Views 1.2M3 months ago
Left Home Alone In A Tornado
Views 3.7M3 months ago
My Dad Was A War Hero
Views 1.5M3 months ago
My Mom Had To Go Get Help
Views 1.6M3 months ago
The Scariest Day Of My Life
Views 1.5M5 months ago
AP Exam Test Nightmare
Views 1.8M5 months ago
Worst Prom Date Ever
Views 3.8M6 months ago
Living with ADHD
Views 4.8MYear ago


  • Commodore TV
    Commodore TV 3 minutes ago

    0:08 Retinitis PIGmentosa! Like a pig! *oink!*

  • Daniela Pascual
    Daniela Pascual 7 minutes ago

    Love you onyx kids❤

  • its_ Jiniieoof
    its_ Jiniieoof 9 minutes ago

    Tehe I have long nails and yep The teacher see was stress abt it ;-; 🥴

  • Brooke Fox
    Brooke Fox 11 minutes ago

    Me in 5th grade: **Steals friends pads to make it look like I have my period** Me in six grade taking a staar test: **Bleeds** “I think I just pissed my self”

  • Betsy Jimenez
    Betsy Jimenez 12 minutes ago

    She sounds like the girl on dr Phil

  • Erbold Amarsaikhan
    Erbold Amarsaikhan 20 minutes ago

    I wish you”d be my brother that happens to me once

  • THE XX SWAG XX dhindsa
    THE XX SWAG XX dhindsa 23 minutes ago


  • Aleasha Albouari
    Aleasha Albouari 25 minutes ago

    Pls 5k pls

  • Charles Cunningham
    Charles Cunningham 25 minutes ago

    When I was 16 I dare my friends to throw a pizza box that we just eat in to sume one house and then we leave .The next day a stranger come up to my dad house and said "This thing belong to you sir" and he knew it was me.The stranger know where my house locations because it said on the pizza box. We use the delivery that why.

  • lee joanne
    lee joanne 26 minutes ago

    Who ring the phone?

  • Rebecca Cho
    Rebecca Cho 26 minutes ago

    She could have just deleted the message she sent before it was too late ♡ 🤣

  • crissy cakes
    crissy cakes 33 minutes ago


  • lemony lifehacker
    lemony lifehacker 42 minutes ago

    Women are minorities

  • BNHA_is_life Sksksksksk
    BNHA_is_life Sksksksksk 43 minutes ago

    He he my mom caught it early so Its hopefully gone after one night

  • Manny Ruiz
    Manny Ruiz 44 minutes ago

    I think she got fired 150 times 🤣🤣

  • Carmen Torres
    Carmen Torres 46 minutes ago

    You gay?!

  • Sarah Babar
    Sarah Babar 51 minute ago

    My name is Sarah

  • Zoey Ordaz
    Zoey Ordaz 52 minutes ago

    Ichen and burning ichen and burning Stankey fishy stancky fishy I got stds they make my cuchi ich

  • Carmen Torres
    Carmen Torres 54 minutes ago

    I dont like that i love cooking

  • Ashten Randall1235
    Ashten Randall1235 54 minutes ago

    I have a Australian Shepherd and he’s a puppy

  • Magical Record
    Magical Record 56 minutes ago

    I eyes are very LIGHT pink..and my skin is white and so is my hair...

  • Kaeda Mailos
    Kaeda Mailos 57 minutes ago

    Teachers: if someone is bullying you,tell a teacher teachers: *not caring* Random Girl: *goes to school with a shirt that shows her shoulders* Teachers: GO TO THE PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE RIGHT NOW!!!

  • Cold press sugarcane juice !

    I really like your voice

  • Video Game Craiziness

    Storybooth: Original, creative stories told by real people. Other channels: I married my cousin who is actually my divorced mom Edit: W h a t h a v e I d o n e t o t h e c o m m e n t s e c t i o n

  • Sonia Lee
    Sonia Lee Hour ago

    If someone plays truth or dare if the person always picks dare the game wouldn’t been called dare

  • sushi
    sushi Hour ago

    I've had two real lockdowns. One time there was a guy who stole a car near our school. He didn't come into the school, but I guess they thought it would just be good to be safe. The other time, I'm not sure. I was young and I kinda believed the rumors about a guy with a knife outside the school. I'm sure it wasn't true, though I'm curious as to what it was.

  • aw man
    aw man Hour ago

    Hotel trivago

  • aw man
    aw man Hour ago


  • aw man
    aw man Hour ago

    2:30 hol up they sweared

  • Guillermo Brambila


  • Black Lipstick
    Black Lipstick Hour ago

    Dang Storybooth...that ‘em

  • Hussein Dirie
    Hussein Dirie Hour ago


  • Jordan Plange
    Jordan Plange Hour ago

    If I had a penny for everytime she said like I'd be rich this is how much money I have 👇

  • Ally Zandy
    Ally Zandy Hour ago

    Y’all are so mean smh 💀

  • David
    David Hour ago

    Wait she’s kidding right?😱😱

  • Ryan Blanche
    Ryan Blanche Hour ago

    16 years for a (non-violent?) drug offense? A little harsh much?

  • Aamir Robinson
    Aamir Robinson Hour ago

    If I was in her shoes I would smack him and call the teacher to move him and jump him later if I was a girl or if I was her boyfriend I would beat him up then he won’t be talking like *oH YeaH like I’m scared of you booooooooooy you got lots of mouth

  • Heidi Marie
    Heidi Marie Hour ago

    I did the same thing on the first day of middle school! 😭 I walked into he room witch is in wendsday😟

  • markDk lolMarkDK

    me tooo i am asian

  • markDk lolMarkDK

    who am i answer:your a human

  • Tniya Jackson
    Tniya Jackson Hour ago


  • Lukez Yt
    Lukez Yt Hour ago

    Breath in wait HELP WEEZ oh never mind

  • Matthew Maifrini

    Her mom: it’s gonna be alright (hugs her) My mom: 🤦🏽‍♀️ bitch ima beat yo nude sending, lil dumbass looking, disappointment to family looking ass (gets wooden spoon)

  • Commodore TV
    Commodore TV Hour ago

    And the worse thing is.. This was made by PARKER BROTHERS!! The same people that made Monopoly, Scrabble and even Boggle! Why would they make such a cursed board game?

  • Mr I eyes
    Mr I eyes Hour ago

    Is sleepaway camp a horror movie

  • Michael Roter
    Michael Roter Hour ago

    I can realate with some parts

  • Sharice Roulette

    Stupid people man

  • Student Kealle Yap

    My trypophobia is kicking in

  • nicole love
    nicole love Hour ago

    I feel bad

  • Michael Roter
    Michael Roter Hour ago

    I have adhd to but I can’t realate with you

  • Ewuby
    Ewuby Hour ago

    Wow, why am I in this video

  • Craig C
    Craig C 2 hours ago

    Really,why the name deanna?

  • XxSavage PotatoXx
    XxSavage PotatoXx 2 hours ago


  • Rainbow Meh
    Rainbow Meh 2 hours ago

    My friend has ance and we’re in 5th grade I never knew that until now after other of my friends told me

  • star star shining bright

    Im great at math but Ela. It scares me.

  • dragon memeZ
    dragon memeZ 2 hours ago

    What is with teachers saying "theres no evidence of bullying" When you guys keep saying there are cameras in the halls it's either bullshit or its bullshit

  • Dumb channel crazy stuff happend even werid stuff

    This is a lie i.swear p 6th4

  • Rat Dog
    Rat Dog 2 hours ago

    So, I'm flat as hell, and this dude came up to me once and asked me if I was wearing a binder, because I'm so flat and most girls around my age have something visible happening there. So. That was big fun :D

  • random dump
    random dump 2 hours ago

  • Bella Lynn
    Bella Lynn 2 hours ago

    poor bbyyy

  • x.multifandoms. x
    x.multifandoms. x 2 hours ago

    This is a reason why i always wear black other then that i wear black because this person from tv you may be able to figure it out

  • Supreme Boi
    Supreme Boi 2 hours ago

    Yall bitches just be ugh

  • Wayne Gean
    Wayne Gean 2 hours ago


  • Summer Toracki
    Summer Toracki 2 hours ago

    Oououuouor Jimp intooo da trarsh carn 😂

    JAYJAY SQUAD 2 hours ago

    Are you will???

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 2 hours ago

    My dog Polo died when I was 3

  • Steven’s chaaaps Fun

    Who am I who am I what are you even saying

  • Alberto Flores54
    Alberto Flores54 2 hours ago

    Parents do that my parents did too but no need to be a pussy about it

  • Cika Pichuss
    Cika Pichuss 2 hours ago

    I stutter too and dont worry we are Here for u

  • Big chinned Brat
    Big chinned Brat 2 hours ago

    Lol if you are really really that sick of being fat lose weight duh

  • valeria fernandez
    valeria fernandez 2 hours ago

    Lmao whats so bad ab a hickey its just a bruise

  • Alexander the kittydog loves Kittydog

    Soon Animals will abuse us...

  • Blue&Red Nebula
    Blue&Red Nebula 2 hours ago

    I am Christian and I absolutely despise racism, especially against different religions, like really I wanna be friends with all religions.

  • Sara Lynch
    Sara Lynch 2 hours ago

    Um my dog daisy she was sick to and my dad got back and told the news that she died after I got home from school I cried for an hour😭😭😭😭😭

  • Aythra
    Aythra 2 hours ago

    I did this on the first day of school for 1st period and no one payed attention to me. The teacher just told me where my class was and I went there.

  • Zechariah Aaron Oliva


  • John is epic
    John is epic 3 hours ago

    0:12 bruh that's a ps2 controller.

  • George lopez
    George lopez 3 hours ago

    Did u go to south country?

  • Itz Kay Kay
    Itz Kay Kay 3 hours ago

    Her accent nope

  • Sanne Zagar
    Sanne Zagar 3 hours ago


  • Dixo_draw!
    Dixo_draw! 3 hours ago

    Parent of the year 😑😑

  • Marisol Corral
    Marisol Corral 3 hours ago

    Yea show them hows the boss

  • Isaac Poley
    Isaac Poley 3 hours ago

    I was the same on the 1day of school

  • Cristel Zeledon
    Cristel Zeledon 3 hours ago

    I get bullied for being too skinny in school

  • Jesus Ross
    Jesus Ross 3 hours ago

    No it is not i am one to

  • TML Family
    TML Family 3 hours ago

    Boi... IM WHITE ND I WANNA BE BLACK ( No offense to white people you are still beautiful

  • Mackinzie Bollinger
    Mackinzie Bollinger 3 hours ago

    Why is their merch plug more intense than a Safora lip stick commercial...

  • Jelena Trkulja
    Jelena Trkulja 3 hours ago

    This world is a bad place

  • Miesha Chowdhury
    Miesha Chowdhury 3 hours ago

    But people who are not feeling in sex or actract to boys or girls they are asexual

  • XxBunniesxX
    XxBunniesxX 3 hours ago


  • Anna Blyth
    Anna Blyth 3 hours ago

    This is a perfect example of someone begging for attention

  • BoxOfTissues seussiTfOxoB

    But does she wear men’s size 13 Nike’s?

  • Leah Hulse
    Leah Hulse 3 hours ago

    Omg I cried I’m so happy that I watched this video 😭😭😭😀😀♥️♥️

  • Jill. TheGachatuber
    Jill. TheGachatuber 3 hours ago

    You have very nice friends シ

  • omar g
    omar g 3 hours ago

    Nobody is perfect

  • Nicholas Roberts
    Nicholas Roberts 3 hours ago

    How can a tornado have a mouth that's stupid this video is funny the girl has me in tears the moter cycle though

  • Hayden Jace
    Hayden Jace 3 hours ago


  • TML1996
    TML1996 3 hours ago

    Kid gets bullied Teacher's Response: Just Stop. Kid Swears to someone else In Class Teacher AND principal: YOU'RE SUSPENDED FOR A WEEK

  • Caleb Blogs
    Caleb Blogs 3 hours ago

    Moral of the story: never betray someone innocent or karma will get u back

  • MartinMR. Gacha
    MartinMR. Gacha 3 hours ago

    People make fun of me cuz I'm gay In really inappropriate ways ☹