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  • thtupid
    thtupid 2 hours ago

    Hello Jerry. I dunno if you read the discussion but if you do...would you be able to test out the scratch resistance of car coatings? Some advertise as "ceramic" and 9H and all that...what do you think of them?

  • Lund Peterson
    Lund Peterson 11 hours ago

    Sad to see Bump Stock tech removed, I'll assume the comments didn't go well.

  • Abhishek Solanki

    Please Do Teardown Of Razer phone i wanna know the quality of the phone, Thanks!

  • Sergiu Axenti
    Sergiu Axenti Day ago

    hi, try a windows 10 test on samsung notes 8

  • Ahmadh Saajidh

    Hi Jerry..
    The sim ejector (pin) was poked into the MIC hole of A5 2017.. will this damage the waterproof feature?
    Please help me.

  • Yingchuan Hu
    Yingchuan Hu Day ago

    Hi Jerry, will you do a Huawei P10 test and screen replacement video? :P

    JUSTIN LOUIS 3 days ago

    can u test the motorola moto x4

  • Haidar Bin Hamid
    Haidar Bin Hamid 3 days ago

    Who do you suggest I use to replace the glass on my S8? The lcd is fine only the glass is cracked

  • Generic Horse
    Generic Horse 3 days ago

    what camera is better galaxy s8 or pixel 2

  • Ashan Wickramaratne

    Please do a durability test on Pixel 2 XL

  • John Brennan
    John Brennan 4 days ago

    Pixel 2 XL?

  • Waterfall Model
    Waterfall Model 4 days ago

    Great videos. Love the tests. One suggestion would be to add screen uniformity, color grading, burn in of LED screens etc. instead of literal screen burn tests. That would give more insight has we see more and more of LED displays.

  • Review The Cheapest

    Your channel is pure gold.

  • marko micic
    marko micic 6 days ago

    make a durability test on lenovo vibe c pls

  • Electric Nick
    Electric Nick 7 days ago

    Test the Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge. I'm curious how much my expensive paperweight can take. It's not a bad phone, but it's definitely no galaxy S8. I haven't had any issues out of it, I've even dropped it a few times. But I'm wondering how much it can take

  • Rakesh Bro
    Rakesh Bro 7 days ago

    Huawei Mate 10 lite aka 2i and Xiaomi MI A1 test please. Thx!

  • Xnerdz
    Xnerdz 7 days ago

    I think you will be chocked to learn that the very ethical and always innovative company Apple has been caught in an offshore tax heaven scandal (the paradise papers) as the single biggest tax-dodging corporation of the list.

  • Atakan Yüksel
    Atakan Yüksel 8 days ago

    Hey Jerry, I know this is not your usual way for videos but since liquid glass protectors are becoming more and more popular it will be awesome if you can test them. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
    one you can review:

  • josh Dunlop
    josh Dunlop 8 days ago

    Can you please test the honor 7x

  • Yohanes Candrajaya
    Yohanes Candrajaya 9 days ago

    Razer phone please!!!! :D

  • Benson Lin
    Benson Lin 10 days ago

    Do "hTC U11+" plz

  • Александр Бертрам

    Congratulation! HTC will make a semi-transparent model specially designed by you.

  • Александр Бертрам

    Jerry please make a test HUAWEI 10 Pro, he should be a worthy competitor with S8 and V30.
    IPhone X makes as always: very average Hardwar corrected optimal softvare. It was all predictable. They are so optimizes costs. Naive people the truth is getting less and less expected.

  • T0xicN0va
    T0xicN0va 10 days ago

    This screen protector claims to have a hardness of 9. I think this would be a great test!

  • Josh Hartman
    Josh Hartman 11 days ago

    Please test the Whoosh! Diamond Defense, claims 15x more scratch resistance on device screens as a liquid coating, claims you can ignore the need of a proper screen protector

  • kabin yang
    kabin yang 12 days ago

    can you test some screen protectors
    like the higher end ones

  • Matthew Ranieri
    Matthew Ranieri 12 days ago

    Hi, any chance the Huawei mate 10 pro is in your sights?

  • Andy G
    Andy G 12 days ago

    will u test the huawei mate 10? as you tested the mate 9 last year

  • Peter
    Peter 12 days ago

    You should consider doing a hardness test on all the surfaces of phones. Specifically, I'm curious whether the stainless bezels on the iPhone X are more or less scratch prone than those on other Apple phones, and other phones in general. I think it would be an interesting dimension to evaluate, because bezels take a beating, and their level of hardness indicates how well they'll resist it.

  • Liam mannion
    Liam mannion 14 days ago

    test new razer phone

  • dave bean
    dave bean 14 days ago

    RAZER phone, HTC life, Blackberry Motion ... So many phones so little time!   Thanks

  • harikant yadav
    harikant yadav 15 days ago

    jerry please test the zenfone 4 dual selfie

  • Bigot Detector
    Bigot Detector 16 days ago

    test the razer phone!

  • Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee 16 days ago

    Can you test the Razor phone?

  • awi wahyu
    awi wahyu 16 days ago

    razer phone please

  • Void of Space and Time

    durability test and teardown razer phone

    • Aaron Stanley
      Aaron Stanley 16 days ago

      i agree i want to know if they really couldn't fit a headphone jack in

  • SheepHunterPwn
    SheepHunterPwn 16 days ago

    Razer Phone review when?

  • Dean Jen
    Dean Jen 16 days ago
    This is one of the HTC U11+model with semi-visible back. Guess you don't need to actually open the phone and manually make a transparent back cover...:)

  • Ashwin George
    Ashwin George 16 days ago

    Can you please do a tear down of the new Razer smartphone?

  • ankit dey
    ankit dey 16 days ago

    please Jerry uncle make a video on redmi 4x screen replacement please please

  • J D-Man
    J D-Man 17 days ago

    You should do a video about the new Razer phone, it apparently has a good build quality, and they were talking about their advanced inner- cooling system, plus its technically the successor to the Nextbit Robin, since Razer bought Nextbit.

  • Szilamér Bódi
    Szilamér Bódi 17 days ago

    I didn't saw htc one m8 on your chanel but after 2 years of normal use, meant no scraches on phone no bend, no abuse, used in silicon case my screen popped out from its body, If anyone wants to buy used HTC one m8 don't do it !

  • Calancea Robert
    Calancea Robert 18 days ago

    Hey mate. THis channel stole your video.

  • Torbjörn Lindström

    Hi Zack! Could you please incorporate a cold test in your reviews. For us using smartphones as a professional photo and video tool in scandinavia the winter months are a tough challenge. When we invest in new phones durability in cold is an important factor but it´s hard to find good information of how well/bad phones work in subzero temperatures.

  • sucu deva
    sucu deva 20 days ago

    Would be interesting to see if you can test the Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact since most ppl look for a 1 handed smartphone these days , not all the phablets out there :)) Thanks.

  • Deepak Raj
    Deepak Raj 21 day ago

    Hi Zack. I'm a huge fan of ur channel. just a request...
    Lets find whats under the hood of this...beast

    BIKASH NAYAK 23 days ago

    zack sir can you do videos for kyocera mobiles

  • Fabian B
    Fabian B 25 days ago

    Liquid screen protectors! I would like to see if they really do work or are just a scam, you could do a before and after comparison scratch test on a device or even half of the screen protected half left unprotected.

  • Paul Bethard
    Paul Bethard 25 days ago

    This is some cool stuff!

  • Leon Fox
    Leon Fox 26 days ago

    Will you be doing a durability test on the Pixel 2 XL? I am curious if the manufacture difference from the standard Pixel 2 and the XL has any effect on the quality of the materials especially when it comes to the bend test.

  • alex beachy
    alex beachy 26 days ago

    Are you going to do a durability test on the Cat s60?

  • jpayne120983
    jpayne120983 26 days ago

    how much would you charge me to make my note 8 clear

  • Tomas Prusaczyk
    Tomas Prusaczyk 26 days ago

    Nokia 8 teardown please!!

  • HK Latif
    HK Latif 26 days ago

    hello Sir How Are You I Have One Question Why You Not Test Huawei P10

  • OV_ YT_
    OV_ YT_ 27 days ago

    congrts for gold ")

  • rjmq06
    rjmq06 29 days ago

    Hello +jerryRigEverything can you pls make a video about cameras, like gopro, sony rx0 or any mirrorless camera
    thank you and more power

  • Sean Jacobs
    Sean Jacobs 29 days ago

    Because of your videos I found out that I really like taking apart and fixing phones.

  • AndreiLAPTEȘ
    AndreiLAPTEȘ 29 days ago

    @JerryRigEverything can we speak on gmail please?

  • Oren Cohen
    Oren Cohen 29 days ago

    if you had to choose between the nokia 8 and pixel xl (2016 model) which one would you buy for your personal use?

  • Richard Adams
    Richard Adams Month ago

    Hey Zack, please can you do a CAT S41 'Durability Test' especially the water res & drop test . Claims to be one of the most durable phones but would like to see more proof (than what adverts say).

  • BurntFaceMan
    BurntFaceMan Month ago

    Hi Will you be doing the Pixel 2 soon? =) I really like seeing your breakdowns before i purchase a phn

  • Emmett Rynne
    Emmett Rynne Month ago

    hey zach, i would appreciate if you would test the google pixel2 and 2xl

  • Raul Ruiz
    Raul Ruiz Month ago

    You have work this month: Google Pixel 2, Xiaomi Mi MIX2 and iphone 8

  • Duarte Filipe Pereira Neves

    just look at bluboo s1, I´'m not asking to do a complete durability and teardown, but just look, I just want you Zack to look at Bluboo S1

  • aljosa mlinaric
    aljosa mlinaric Month ago

    Test Nokia 5

  • niv mor
    niv mor Month ago

    what do u think about this Liquid Glass Screen Protection/thanks/link

  • Pierre-Olivier N Richard

    Caterpillar CAT S60 Rugged Thermal Imaging do you know

  • Ian T. Worthing
    Ian T. Worthing Month ago

    Jerry, What color Pixel 2 XL should I get? Will one hold up better than the other?

  • Viren Y
    Viren Y Month ago

    Can you please test DOOGEE S60

  • Yia Yang
    Yia Yang Month ago

    Please test Google Pixel 2

  • Keith Tan
    Keith Tan Month ago

    Hey Zack, recently Spigen released a new type of screen protector which is called Nano Liquid, and just like what the name, it is no conventional glass but using a type of liquid to protect the screen. Can you do the scratch test for it please?

  • Mayank Malik
    Mayank Malik Month ago

    please make a video on mi mix 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just see the specs of that phone it will blow your mind!!!!!!! please!!!

  • HartMon
    HartMon Month ago

    Can you pls do durabilty test for A3 2017 or A5 2017 they are the same thing

  • Vikram bhat
    Vikram bhat Month ago

    pls do the teardown of Xiaomi Mijia Smart the link

  • Lokesh Mk
    Lokesh Mk Month ago

    PLEASE TEST Mi A1. Usually Mi Phones are not having gorilla glass but Mi A1 phone has.!!! But about GORILLA GLASS Xiaomi is not mentioned in their WEBSITE. All other youtuber mentioned it is a Gorilla Glass phone . Your are only the true tester!!

  • Dragon Gamer
    Dragon Gamer Month ago

    Maybe check out some liquid screen protectors. They claim they can turn GG5 (6-7) into REAL SAPPHIRE (8-9).

  • Pramod Tegginamani

    Love your teardown videos BTW!
    could you do a teardown of Nokia 8 and iPhone 8..

  • Emeth0
    Emeth0 Month ago

    Hi Z, will you consider to do durability, tear down for smart watches (Garmin, Suunto, Fitbit, Apple, etc...)?

  • Bob Martin
    Bob Martin Month ago

    Motorola Nexus 6 Durability test? It's the missing test of Nexus series. Can you?

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez Month ago

    Test a dumb phone

  • Vamshi Raghava
    Vamshi Raghava Month ago

    Xperia xz1 Please!

  • Sascha Rothhämel  Hey Jerry, maybe you could check this out. It's liquid Display Foil for our Phones. It's Water resistant and should be as hard as Sapphire. It would be nice if you Show us if it is as good as this Company promise.

  • Himansu Gain
    Himansu Gain Month ago

    nokia 8

  • Felix Alcantara
    Felix Alcantara Month ago

    Hi, Can you please text Wow fix it liquid titanium screen protector. It looks legit. Thanks.

  • Mario Fersterer
    Mario Fersterer Month ago

    Please test the Elephone S8

    UN KNOWN Month ago

    Hi jerry, why don't you replace the white front of a silver or gold iPhone 8 with the black front of a gray one to see how does it look like? I think it's gotta be great!

  • Trí Huỳnh
    Trí Huỳnh Month ago

    could you please test the Nokia 8

  • harikant yadav
    harikant yadav Month ago

    can you please test asus dual selfie phone

  • Muhammad Ibrahim
    Muhammad Ibrahim Month ago

    jerry please test the blackberry dtek 60 and blackberry aurora

  • reka ilman nugraha

    can you please test an review xiaomi mi mix 2? i need your review :D

  • 777Armoredangel
    777Armoredangel Month ago

    I'd love to see a teardown on the Nokia 8 when you get the chance. Thanks for your awesome videos! I especially love the teardowns and the durability tests.

  • Hwa Liang Lee
    Hwa Liang Lee Month ago

    Jerry can you do Nokia 8 Teardown and Durability Test

  • Tomer
    Tomer Month ago

    i wonder how would a tempered glass screen protector do in your scratch test, both 1 dollar unbranded and more expensive ones which all claim to have hardness of over 9

  • Riju Moreira
    Riju Moreira Month ago

    could you tear down the lenovo k8 note?

  • Marat Nugmanov
    Marat Nugmanov Month ago

    How about Xiaomi Mi A1? It is first Xiaomi phone on stock android, part of Android One program. Technically it's a Mi 5X but for the first time without MIUI.

  • ahmad syria
    ahmad syria Month ago

    could iphone 8 or 8+ be assembled in iphone 7 or 7+ shell ?? I know you can do it.

  • Avishek Chatterjee

    Jerry accidentally my OnePlus 3 felt down and the glass got shatterered! When i called the service centre they said its 125 dollars which is a big amount for me. Is there any chance that their a way just to change the glass or if you have a screen then can you give me please!

  • BADHAN 1119
    BADHAN 1119 Month ago

    please test Oppo R5..its getting crazy....

  • Adam Konopelski
    Adam Konopelski Month ago

    Hey, maybe you will test 3mk FlexibleGlass. They say that is harder to scratch than normal plastic screen and is shater proof.

  • Matteo Render
    Matteo Render Month ago

    Please do some more LG G6 videos

  • Explorare Nota Seniorious

    Will you test SONY XPERIA XZ1?

  • Scott Boylan
    Scott Boylan Month ago

    Can you test the Garmin D2 Charlie?

  • daniel holena
    daniel holena Month ago

    I'm looking at,  and thinking about purchasing an Umi S2 phone...  I love your informative articles and am wondering if you ever did a tear down of one of their phones and if they are what they advertise???

  • Pongsak Goh
    Pongsak Goh Month ago

    Hi Jerry, I have done adding some subtitles to your iPhone 8 drop test video
    by the way, nice background music during slow motion and that english caption during that XD

  • Nathan Kleinschmidt

    JerryRigEverything, You should test the new Bose "Soundwear"

  • Matthew G
    Matthew G Month ago

    Could you please test thw huawei P10 lite?

  • a m
    a m Month ago

    Xiaomi Mi A1!!! You have to check if it's truly best buy of the year!!!!!!

  • Erik Brandt
    Erik Brandt Month ago

    Can you test out Qmadix Liquid Glass Screen Protector? It's suppose to protect your screen better than regular screen protectors.. but I don't think so..

  • Redhead Knight
    Redhead Knight Month ago

    Can you test the LeEco (Le TV) le pro 3 or le max 2 please? :D

  • Flecan Gabriel
    Flecan Gabriel Month ago

    Can you test the Oukitel K10000 Pro ? the phone with a 10.000 mAh battery. I am extremly curious how it does in the tests (there is the K10000 (old version) and K10000 Pro (new version))

  • DynamiteROCKER
    DynamiteROCKER 2 months ago

    Would you be able to repair my phone and tell me the details of cost S8 Pus got water Damage

  • PopoyTime
    PopoyTime 2 months ago

    Hey Zack, can you check out this newly found Note 8 Light Leak ?

  • Walid Mafuj
    Walid Mafuj 2 months ago

    mi 5x !!

  • TheWoolyninja4
    TheWoolyninja4 2 months ago

    S8 Active?

  • Raza M
    Raza M 2 months ago

    Hey jerry, do you have any future plans to test the new Nokia 8 ?

  • Ahmed Hkimi
    Ahmed Hkimi 2 months ago

    hey I like your videos and I just subscribed and i really want to see you testing the Smartphone ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser b4 i buy it and thanks . :)

  • Osama Mohamed
    Osama Mohamed 2 months ago

    please dude do durability test for nokia 8 and tell us what you think about it

  • Christian Paolo Mora
    Christian Paolo Mora 2 months ago

    hey jerry, would you do a durability test for LG V30?

  • Er. Mohan Singh
    Er. Mohan Singh 2 months ago

    Apple Iphone 10 postmortem ?

  • Richard Wall
    Richard Wall 2 months ago

    HI, I was watching you're screen removal tips and it mentions a video for replacing the digitizer only but I cant seem to find the link. Do you have one?

  • Tsaiga Ryuji
    Tsaiga Ryuji 2 months ago

    do a test on a coated device plssssssssssss.

  • Anthony Slusser
    Anthony Slusser 2 months ago

    Hi JerryRig guy, have you ever run a durability test on a Kyocera Brigadier? I really appreciated your testing of the Galaxy S8 before I bought one and if you'd want to tear down my old work horse I'd love to see that! I've always assumed it was an indestructible phone, not to present a challenge or anything... :)

  • murali krishna
    murali krishna 2 months ago

    do XIAOMI mi mix 2 ceramic unibody phone

  • Justin Kersey
    Justin Kersey 2 months ago

    Congrats on 1ml subs! i'm number 1,210,680! (cool because i was born in 80) Have you either done or plan to do a Nokia 5 video?I would love to see what makes it tick. I just got one a few days ago and I love it! Nokia's making a big comeback. I watched the Nokia 6 video and although absolutely cool the 5 is probably completely different inside. (maybe!)

  • Hornet
    Hornet 2 months ago

    I would love to see the durability test of the new Xiaomi Mi A1!
    Thanks and keep the good work.

  • naman joshi
    naman joshi 2 months ago

    hey can you do an experiment like "3.55mm Stereo audio splitter Cable adapter to make a huge chain and connect lot of headphones to check how much signal power a phone can produce" create a chain like connect continuously splitter cable every splitter cable have two 3.5mm jack in 1st jack connect a headphone and in 2nd jack connect another splitter cable so on make a chain to check how many headphones are work till the end.....hope so you understand what i meant to.... Thanks :)

  • Manju Reddy
    Manju Reddy 2 months ago

    Can u pls test the iPhone 5c

  • Thiago Cavalcante
    Thiago Cavalcante 2 months ago

    Jerry, I really need your help. I just left my mi6 fall and the front glass is broken. There is a lack of information of how to replace. Can you help me? I'm really upset :(

  • Steve
    Steve 2 months ago

    I'd like to see a test on the Jitterbug!

  • Eepu Prajapati
    Eepu Prajapati 2 months ago

    please test Maze Alpha

  • Ana Maria Neparidze
    Ana Maria Neparidze 2 months ago

    PLEASE do a test of some liquid glass screen protectors man! Are they even real???

  • Matt K
    Matt K 2 months ago

    Your durability tests rock! Any chance you could add water to the mix? Water ratings are just as important these day!

  • Fun Time
    Fun Time 2 months ago

    jerryrigeverything what do u think about this

  • Fun Time
    Fun Time 2 months ago

    jerryrigeverything what do u think about this

  • Vijaychander Jodu
    Vijaychander Jodu 2 months ago

    hi...please test Ulefone,Umidigi and Vernee also...

  • Sorin Bacalu
    Sorin Bacalu 2 months ago

    leeco have better build quallity

  • Sorin Bacalu
    Sorin Bacalu 2 months ago

    what about leeco le pro 3 will u try it

  • Akhil Mathew
    Akhil Mathew 2 months ago

    lenovo k8 plus, 200$ smartphone with all the essentials..want to see how durable it is.

  • xRuhRohx
    xRuhRohx 2 months ago

    Is there an LG V30 test in the near future?

  • Karthik G
    Karthik G 2 months ago

    Time to test the most evolutionary / revolutionary Android One phone that will be rolling globally - Xiaomi Mi A1 :)
    You're welcome ;)

  • Anil Prasad
    Anil Prasad 2 months ago

    hey please test the durability for Xiaomi MI A1, which is launched by android one

  • Κωνσταντίνος Γκορέζης

    Please tell me if you can make a clear I STICK PICO 25 !!!

  • Gericho San Pablo
    Gericho San Pablo 2 months ago

    do samsung galaxy note 8

  • Jeliasko Tashev
    Jeliasko Tashev 2 months ago

    Please, test this phone. Let`s see if it`s good enough for the money. :)

  • Efixdent Ikrom
    Efixdent Ikrom 2 months ago

    Please test Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon 3gb/32gb

  • jayccees feliz
    jayccees feliz 2 months ago

    I appreciate you testing all these xperia phones cause i hate plastic made phones. really helps with my buying decisions. sony is about to release another iteration of xperia and it has a unibody that im excited about butt unibody doesn't necessarily mean durability. Can you test Xperia xz1?

  • Poong Chinmun
    Poong Chinmun 2 months ago

    Please test lenovo zuk z2 phone

  • Jonathan Cacho
    Jonathan Cacho 2 months ago

    Hi Jerry, do you happen to know if there is protective film/sticker on the fingerprint reader of the Black version of LG G6. The reason is ask is because I'm seeing some micro scratches on my fingerprint reader. The Black LG G6 has a Glossy finish unlike the other colors which are matted. I'm also seeing some scratches on the rare camera, they said that there is a coating on top of the Gorilla glass 4 which I really doubt unless it came from a person who actually dismantle a black LG G6.Regards!

  • Kartik Gada
    Kartik Gada 2 months ago

    Hi! Will we see Nokia 5 drop test and tear down too?

  • Kawish Behzad
    Kawish Behzad 2 months ago

    are you gonna do durability test for note 8 ?

  • Shadman Islam Rafi
    Shadman Islam Rafi 2 months ago

    Please test the essential phone 😬

  • Neeraj Parchand
    Neeraj Parchand 2 months ago

    Bro, where's essential phone

  • Nick Taranto
    Nick Taranto 2 months ago

    When will your Essential PH-1 video be up? I'm getting the phone, but I can't decide if I want a case or a skin. Please do a drop test as well, thanks!

  • Saurav Kumar
    Saurav Kumar 2 months ago

    please, please perform moto g5s plus test. your test are the best
    i will be thankful

  • mood sly
    mood sly 2 months ago

    Hello, why did you stop making Huawei phones durability tests? I really want to see those

  • Mario Fersterer
    Mario Fersterer 2 months ago

    Please Test the Meizu 7 Pro

  • ccfat2009
    ccfat2009 2 months ago

    Which phone are you using right now?

  • Artur Noflik
    Artur Noflik 2 months ago

    руки мой, перед тем как видео снимаешь!) пиндос)

  • Okeeno Stedford
    Okeeno Stedford 2 months ago

    You could try the Vertu Ti Android Phone

  • Doge
    Doge 2 months ago

    Can you test Honor 9 ?

  • Yong Yong
    Yong Yong 2 months ago

    Mi max 2 maybe?

  • Joshua boone-wallis
    Joshua boone-wallis 2 months ago

    your iPhone 6+ tutorial full screen replacement was great thank you however i took one step that was not in your screen replacement video.I disconnected the battery ribbons first before anything. Other than that great video and thank you for providing it to the public !!

  • Jyoti Chakraborty
    Jyoti Chakraborty 2 months ago

    add water test with every test. both not water resistance and water resistance phone

    • Nick Taranto
      Nick Taranto 2 months ago

      This would be great! Just dropping it in a bowl of water or something, though.

  • Duarte Filipe Pereira Neves

    Please make a durability test to huawei y 5 II and also after the bend test I think that you should try twist the phones

  • Duarte Filipe Pereira Neves

    try huawei y5 ii

  • Pablo Salazar
    Pablo Salazar 2 months ago

    Please make a test to Essential Phone!!!!!!

  • luisbvs
    luisbvs 2 months ago

    Hey Zack, are you doing the essential phone? That should be really cool...

  • Zack Amin
    Zack Amin 2 months ago

    Hi Zach, are you going to do a durability test for the Essential Phone PH-1 soon? Just asking since it's already out there, and the makers boasts about the titanium frame of the phone which have higher rigidity than most aircraft grade aluminium alloy.

  • Shirkyy
    Shirkyy 2 months ago

    Can you test the doogee mix ? It's a fake Xiaomi Mi Mix, same shape, borderless, but sound cheap as fuck, i really want to get your judgment on this phone since you have pretty liked the Xiaomi one with is céramique body (They are about 200-300$ between each other so i wanted to know how and why ?) Ty buddy have fun :)

  • Baqloul Hakim
    Baqloul Hakim 2 months ago

    test huawei p10

  • Tom Pham
    Tom Pham 2 months ago

    Essential Phone...time to see how tough Titanium + Ceramic really is!

  • lalatendu nayak
    lalatendu nayak 2 months ago

    HELLO JERRY. Can you please test HUAWEI HONOR 8 LITE . Thank you in advance.

  • Salah Eljabri
    Salah Eljabri 2 months ago

    Can You m. Jerry test essentiel PH 1 phone

  • hakim kartti
    hakim kartti 2 months ago

    Hi my friend i like your honesty in your videos I m an HTC fun i bought the htc 10 6 weeks ago but i dropped in i water it s broke down i m a student and i full time worker at the same time. what phone do you advice me to get next : the s8 or ,the u 11 or lg 6 plz i have sprint network .I need ur advice thx for ur time my friend Jerry .

  • rabea sebai
    rabea sebai 2 months ago

    please put Nokia 8 phone in boiling water

  • rabea sebai
    rabea sebai 2 months ago

    please test nokia 8

  • YochyGameCasting
    YochyGameCasting 2 months ago

    ZTE Nubia Z17 smartphone Flagship test pls :D thank you

  • lion master
    lion master 3 months ago

    hy how to replace screen of j3 2016 if the touch is working plz anyone help

  • Mohammed Al-Sayed
    Mohammed Al-Sayed 3 months ago

    essential !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    VISHWADEEP PANDEY 3 months ago

    I am viewer from India. It's a request to you to test the 2016 Asus Zenfone 3(3/4GB Ram, 32/64GB Rom). Thank you in advance.

  • Dengru25
    Dengru25 3 months ago

    can you test samsung galaxy note 8?

  • Luka Sundic
    Luka Sundic 3 months ago

    Can you test Essential Phone? It's seems to be really good phone. Great screen to body ratio, titanium body and gorilla glass 5 with ceramic back. But no headphone jack. :) Tnx.

  • IT PRO
    IT PRO 3 months ago

    Hello !
    I would like to thank -you for doing those videos! Amazing job!!
    Would it be possible to test the ESSENTIAL PHONE?
    It would be fun to see how it will stand against your blade&picks

    Greetings from ROMANIA!

    with respect,

  • Wyatt Spiegel
    Wyatt Spiegel 3 months ago

    Are you going to test the Essential Phone now that its out?

  • Christian Lopes
    Christian Lopes 3 months ago

    Cool, I was unsubscribed from your channel out of thin air, nice going youtube.

  • yash pratap singh
    yash pratap singh 3 months ago

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  • Hamayoun Ahmad
    Hamayoun Ahmad 3 months ago

    Waiting for Mi Redmi note 4...

  • ioann1s
    ioann1s 3 months ago

    Please test Nokia 8 when you get it, they claim it's really solid construction with quality materials. Let's see if that holds true... ;)

  • Amir Pardas
    Amir Pardas 3 months ago

    hi jerry please test nokia 8 as soon as you can

  • Gforge Smith
    Gforge Smith 3 months ago

    Hi ZACK, How do you prevent static electricity when opening a phone. Or shouldn´t I be worried about it?

  • Muhammad Kashif
    Muhammad Kashif 3 months ago

    please test A5 2017 and C5 pro

  • M Farsimadan
    M Farsimadan 3 months ago

    Hi. I really like to know about the durability status of Mi Max 2, because it has a 6.44-inch LCD and lots of interesting stuff with a low price. It'd be a help to know your opinion about it.

  • Krishna Mohan
    Krishna Mohan 3 months ago

    HONOR 8 Pro please

  • Gábor Náray
    Gábor Náray 3 months ago

    Hi Jerry! I am trying to dig up information about whether the bending phones could be protected by a tough case. Unfortunately I haven't found any decent test, even with the iPhone 6+. I would be mostly interrested about the HTC U11, but any previously failed phone could be a good reference on this matter.

  • Joseph Sebastian
    Joseph Sebastian 3 months ago

    Loved your Nokia 6 Duarbility Test and Breakdown. Please do the same Nokia 5 also.

  • Walter Cookie
    Walter Cookie 3 months ago

    The Doogee mix would be intresting. Very cool budget phone

  • Tuan Hieu Tran
    Tuan Hieu Tran 3 months ago

    Hi Zack, how about testing this phone? It is called Doogee Mix and I just found out about this phone from Unbox Therapy guy...
    Here is Amazon link to this phone:

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    tamil selvan 3 months ago

    Please test Lenovo k8 note

  • Movies Enterprise
    Movies Enterprise 3 months ago

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