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4th math fractions asmr
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Ootd -bits of red
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Cleaning milk frother
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4th math place value
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Watercolor canopy asmr
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  • Micah Thorner
    Micah Thorner 4 hours ago

    Hello! Love the video and I’m excited to see more. I’m very interested in your tea cup that you use in this session. Can you provide a link if it’s available to buy?

  • lilith moore
    lilith moore 5 hours ago

    Salt lake city and utah in general is pretty damn lame. Lived here my whole life and wouldn't mind leaving this state behind. Unless you are part of the lds cult theres nothing worth seeing. Go somewhere fun and less boring like las vegas or wendover. Most days a pack of cigarettes is the same as a lap or two around liberty park.

  • Jennie Anderson
    Jennie Anderson 7 hours ago

    Hello Haiying, Thank you for another wonderful video , So beautiful and soothing. ✨ I hope you and your friends have a most enjoyable and memorable time! Enjoy the leaves 🍁 🍂 , Happiness and Love to All ❤️

  • Sunny D
    Sunny D 7 hours ago

    Hi, just wanted to see if you had heard back from Andy before it got any later. If he was still planning on meeting on Sunday. I'll check tomorrow to see if he has replied to you. 😴💤 Good Night!

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 6 hours ago

      @Sunny D Sunday 2pm Eva's bakery, 155 S Main St Salt Lake City, Utah. See you there.

    • Sunny D
      Sunny D 7 hours ago

      yanghaiying sounds good, I'll keep in touch.

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 7 hours ago

      I have not. But I am so looking forward to meeting all/any of you. Sunday I sure will be available.

  • Xander Prime
    Xander Prime 10 hours ago

    I had something in my mind tonight and this video was exactly was what I needed to hear, thank you.

  • Thomas S
    Thomas S 12 hours ago

    Haiying, welcome to my beautiful city! You picked a wonderful time of year to visit. I hope you enjoy your time here. If you get the chance, check out the Gilgal Sculpture Garden. It is a city park very close to downtown and is one of the little, tucked away oddities in SLC.

    • Thomas S
      Thomas S 12 hours ago

      yanghaiying Absolutely. All of these are within about a 5-10 minute car ride in Downtown SLC and, for the most part, are quiet and relaxing. Cafes: Oasis Cafe(make sure to visit Golden Braid Books while you’re there) Gourmandise The Rose Establishment The Little America Cafe Les Madelines Shops: Ken Sanders Rare Books Tabula Rasa Cabin Fever Dancing Cranes Sights: Red Butte Gardens Memory Grove Park Ensign Peak(if you’re up for a 20ish minute hike) The Natural History Museum 9th & 9th(more of an area) Enjoy!

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 12 hours ago

      Thomas S Thank you. I shall go. Please list other fun places so I know where to go.

  • Andy Nelson
    Andy Nelson 16 hours ago

    @yanghaiying I live in Salt Lake City and want to meet you!!

    • Sunny D
      Sunny D 13 hours ago

      yanghaiying I can meet Sunday. Anytime will be good

    • Sunny D
      Sunny D 13 hours ago

      Andy Nelson Sunday would be much better for me too.

    • Andy Nelson
      Andy Nelson 13 hours ago

      yanghaiying perfect! I will message you tonight with a meetup plan

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 14 hours ago

      No worries. Let’s plan Sunday. Give a time and place. I look forward.

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 14 hours ago


  • Janet C.
    Janet C. 17 hours ago

    That's beautiful Haiying . " The water is dancing " :)

  • Dayna R
    Dayna R Day ago

    Hi Haiying. It’s fun to see you in Utah. I live about 45 min North from Salt Lake. What brings you here?

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 19 hours ago

      Dayna R I come to attend a conference. Nice to be heard. Exploring as much as I can.

  • hnic505
    hnic505 Day ago

    omg you new hair style looks cool

  • Dave Dogge
    Dave Dogge Day ago

    clean, modern and grandiose

  • Jeannie Brown
    Jeannie Brown Day ago

    Omg!!! You cracked me up so bad!!! Or maybe so good! That woman hanging from the spaghetti/silks made me think the same thing. We all love your talking - your tone, your softness, your eloquence, your wisdom, your humor, and though it may not be 100% perfect, it’s perfect as it is. Trust me.

  • Ryan Fullmer
    Ryan Fullmer Day ago

    Welcome to Utah! What will you visit next? The state Capitol? Temple square?

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 19 hours ago

      Ryan Fullmer They are sure on the list.

  • Marie
    Marie Day ago

    Great look and music!

  • Sunny D
    Sunny D Day ago

    Hi! I live in Utah about forty min. South of SLC. So fun, I would have loved to meet you! My husband is From China. There is a nice large Chinese Grocery store in SLC. And some yummy Chinese restaurants too.

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 19 hours ago

      Sunny D I will look around for them.

  • Jennie Anderson

    Hello Haiying,It’s nice to be enjoying another beautiful tour, The leaves are really lovely in Salt Lake City 🍁 Hope you had a nice trip Dear Friend ❤️

    • Jennie Anderson
      Jennie Anderson 12 hours ago

      yanghaiying Hello Haiying, I understand that you have much to keep you busy in your life! Your have many things that I had,job ,family, and just your own business to do. I do not want to burden you with more questions, you have opened the world to me when I lost my ability to walk and to just go to a little store. I have seen streets at night in little towns with people eating at cafes, the beauty of little festivals , went on quite walks at sunset,and so much more because of your deep kindness ✨ I am failing faster in health and was at peace until a family member and I have had a strong misunderstanding! I did not mean to over burden you Haiying, just needed your idea on how you might deal with this problem. Thank you for everything you do for all of us in this Group that appreciates you very much! Whatever happens to me, you have been most kind and I do love you too Dear Friend ❤️🕊

    • Jennie Anderson
      Jennie Anderson 13 hours ago

      ChubbiSarah Hello ChubbiSarah, I look for you also, because you are so kind ✨ I thank you for caring,it means very much now that my health is failing faster .😞 I’m going to try my hardest to make this Autumn season through Christmas the best I can! My FAVORITE time of year! I hope you have peaceful season too 🕊 Keep in touch Kind Friend ❤️🍂

    • ChubbiSarah
      ChubbiSarah 13 hours ago

      Hi Jennie! Hope you’re doing well, always think of you when I see Haiying has a video and look for you in the comments ❤️

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 19 hours ago

      Jennie Anderson how are you now. I didn’t reply you with travel and work. I will blablabla about it.

  • Bunnie Bee
    Bunnie Bee Day ago

    I love your tourist videos with the original sounds! Makes me feel like I'm there.❤ I miss your visits to cafes.

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 19 hours ago

      Bunnie Bee I will do a few Salt Lake City cafes. Have a good day.

  • Kirsten Phillips

    I live in Florida so I miss the leaves changing colors! Beautiful. Thank you for sharing

  • Kirsten Phillips

    You are such a beautiful soul!

  • Kirsten Phillips

    Beautiful sweet lady. I have watched you for so many years! You are even more beautiful now ;)

  • Melissa Stanton

    Perfect! I love your tourist videos. I just had a baby, and this helped so much with my mood. Thank you 💚

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 19 hours ago

      Melissa Stanton hahah, I should be their god grandma.

    • Bonnie Willoughby
      Bonnie Willoughby Day ago

      Melissa Stanton I watched Haiying with both my babies too! They’re now 8 and 4! ❤️

  • Ben Paredes
    Ben Paredes Day ago

    Can we see your pencil collection?

  • chriasele
    chriasele Day ago

    I'm amazed how you can find a joy in every, even the littlest activity, and every thing you're doing with happiness I wish there were more people with such a positive attitude

  • donkeyfacekilla1

    Love your wisdom Haiying. Long time viewer of your channel. Do you have any advice for dealing with a difficult relationship with your parents?

  • Noureen Ashraf
    Noureen Ashraf 2 days ago

    Very imformative lacture dear, I am. Very impressed

  • Brantley Deady
    Brantley Deady 2 days ago

    This is so boring I love it

  • Rebecca Gavin
    Rebecca Gavin 2 days ago


  • MARS
    MARS 2 days ago


  • Councilman Les Wynan

    I Stand with Hong Kong!

  • MaximumDiver
    MaximumDiver 2 days ago

    It's so good to see and hear you reading French magazines again! Merci beaucoup! :D

  • Toto Griin
    Toto Griin 3 days ago

    Thank you for this little journey.

  • Napoleon Bonaparte
    Napoleon Bonaparte 3 days ago

    What's the latest time you drink tea?

  • spleengrrrl
    spleengrrrl 3 days ago

    You might as well be speaking Chinese in this video because that's about as much as I understand lol

  • MoonSpirited
    MoonSpirited 3 days ago

    Hi. I've been relaxing to your videos every since I first saw your "emperor's new road" video! I usually don't bother with the quotient rule, since a/b = a*(b^-1), and then I can just use the power rule. I really like that you're math videos.

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 2 days ago

      That’s a great way of solving it. I did my proofing. Please let me know if I am right. Thank you.

  • Jackylaine Calva
    Jackylaine Calva 3 days ago

    Oh my god I'm actually learning this right now in my calculus class! Thanks so much~♥

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 3 days ago

      This is actually a homework assignment. Are you senior?

  • Decaf-Math ASMR
    Decaf-Math ASMR 3 days ago

    Haiying, good to see you pursuing calculus now. Yay! I hope you are enjoying it and doing well :))

  • Bogdan
    Bogdan 3 days ago

    if I had a teacher like you maybe I would be good at math, but I had very bad teachers in school, very bad maybe one day I will learn

    • Paula Johnson
      Paula Johnson 3 days ago

      yanghaiying Good. However, I prefer your art, tea and Googoo videos.

    • Paula Johnson
      Paula Johnson 3 days ago

      Bogdan She said she's an art teacher. Ordinary schools are full of incompetent teachers. You admit to having them. She would never be hired by top-tier prep schools as a math teacher. She strikes me as a math hobbyist, not even a good math tutor.

    • Decaf-Math ASMR
      Decaf-Math ASMR 3 days ago

      @yanghaiying 加油!! ❤

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 3 days ago

      Thank you Paula, your comments on my math video ignite my interest in pursuing deeper. I can visibly see how much I improved. I am very proud of my progress. All this owes to your honest critiques. I am sincerely grateful.

    • Bogdan
      Bogdan 3 days ago

      @Paula Johnson I am pretty sure she is a teacher though, so you are wrong.

  • I I
    I I 3 days ago

    I hate math but I love listening to you teach me math.

    • I I
      I I 3 days ago

      yanghaiying I look forward to it, as math and I typically do not see eye-to-eye.

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 3 days ago

      Next video, I will do a calculus for the math detesters.

  • Minuteman Productions

    I took a trip to beijing and xi'an last week and now I want to learn chinese calligraphy. It's so cool!

  • Karly zz
    Karly zz 4 days ago

    I love ur style 🥰🥰🥰💖💖💖

  • Sarah-Anne Carney
    Sarah-Anne Carney 4 days ago

    I love your blablablas, I suffer severe depression and anxiety. Ive been a subscriber for 8 years and you bring me a little bit of peace and comfort each day. Thank you for all you do.

  • Princess Rose
    Princess Rose 4 days ago

    She so cute❤️

  • Shakku Sali
    Shakku Sali 4 days ago

    Pls tell me the name of that colors

  • hnic505
    hnic505 5 days ago

    glad to see the channel still going after all these years. blessings to you ma'am.

  • Myric
    Myric 5 days ago

    I have no idea what the fuck just happened

  • Mrs T
    Mrs T 5 days ago

    I'm curious... I don't like powders on my face as I have a lot of "peach fuzz" and it just accentuates the hair on my face. The fuzz came with menopause... The hair on my face is longer and thicker than it was when I was young. I don't think you have that problem. Or if you do, how do you control it??

    • Mrs T
      Mrs T 5 days ago

      @yanghaiying let's just look at it as we were pretty and we are pretty! Changes aren't limiting. They define ;) and accentuate!

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 5 days ago

      @Mrs T The older I get, the prettier I am. In another way to say: the younger, the uglier I was, hahaha. So we should alway look on the bright side of life.

    • Mrs T
      Mrs T 5 days ago

      yanghaiying you are so lucky!! And so pretty! Inside and out!!

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 5 days ago

      I do not think I have that problem.

  • Maritza Perrault
    Maritza Perrault 5 days ago

    You have such beautiful arms!!

  • Healthywon1
    Healthywon1 5 days ago

    Your hair looks beautiful! Your hairstylist did and excellent job! :)

  • Maritza Perrault
    Maritza Perrault 5 days ago

    You should do a video around the campus at Our Lady of Peace church and shrine! It’s in Santa Clara

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 5 days ago

      Oh my, I was just there this morning and amazed by how beautiful the campus was. I thought about a walk around video and here you are. Thank you. Coming soon.

  • Cindy Blue
    Cindy Blue 5 days ago

    Love your classy haircut!!!

  • Will Mack
    Will Mack 5 days ago

    The cat needs to be put out. That endless meowing was annoying.

  • Samm4Albino
    Samm4Albino 5 days ago

    Your hair is fabulous ☺️

  • brajon70
    brajon70 5 days ago


  • Lynne N
    Lynne N 5 days ago

    Haiying, when you put lipstick on your palms and wipe your cheeks with it, it is very cute and ASMR for me

    • mirpandas
      mirpandas 4 days ago

      Its my favorite part of her makeup videos!

    • MooJoo5555
      MooJoo5555 5 days ago

      its very cute

  • discod
    discod 5 days ago

    Do you ever apply eyeshadows with brushes? It really helps to blend the shades smoothly, and I think as an artist, you would enjoy finding new brushes 🙂

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 5 days ago

      I was thinking about it today and I tried. It was a good suggestion. Thank you.

  • Fortune
    Fortune 5 days ago

    I have a rather strange curious question. Is your formal name Yang Haiying? Or does Yang represent the form of 'Miss' or perhaps 'Lady'? I hope I make sense. Thank you for brightening up my somewhat dismal day :) Be well!

    • Twinklez Jones
      Twinklez Jones 5 days ago

      Pretty name for a pretty lady :)

    • Fortune
      Fortune 5 days ago

      @yanghaiying I see okay thank you!

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 5 days ago

      Fortune Yang is my last name.

  • Rob D
    Rob D 5 days ago

    Firsssst.. Red heart, thumps up, like.

  • Hao HUANG
    Hao HUANG 5 days ago

    this is very easy for me

  • Hans Saad
    Hans Saad 6 days ago

    You doing quizlet videos or videos filming the computer with clicking and typing noises are the best type of videos. Thank you for this, it is heaven for my ears and soul.

  • Jennie Anderson
    Jennie Anderson 7 days ago

    Hello Haiying, I Surely enjoy this cup of tea and magazine in the late hours of the night ✨ That’s when pain comes and hits the hardest! Always in the wee hours of the morning... We think we are all alone in the world when it is dark, but not so. Many others are suffering too,might be heartache, nerves, many things can keep us awake! But Your special time has been a comfort for many, I know they have found help from you 💫 Do you plan any more quiet walks near sunset? I need to hear you talk on mending a broken relationship with a family member. I truly need help Haiying, and hope you will offer a few suggestions . Just the simplest words can rip a loving family apart... Any help is always appreciated! Thank you for your help, I love you Dear Friend 🌹❤️

    • M Taqatqa
      M Taqatqa 3 days ago

      Jennie Anderson God willing your heart will be filled with joy and love soon.

    • Jennie Anderson
      Jennie Anderson 3 days ago

      M Taqatqa I sincerely appreciate your kindness ... Soo much Pain in my Heart right now ..

    • M Taqatqa
      M Taqatqa 4 days ago

      Yes, as Anne said, you’re not alone dear friend. ❤️ Sending love.

    • Jennie Anderson
      Jennie Anderson 4 days ago

      .Annie , you're a very kind person who cares when someone needs help! Right now , my heart is breaking over words spoken in hurt, and I don't know what I should do? So Confused 😰

    • Jennie Anderson
      Jennie Anderson 7 days ago

      Annie Marie Bless you dear Friend, Thank You So much for your kind encouragement✨ 🕊

  • Indus.7
    Indus.7 7 days ago

    I love it when you speak in French, your accent is so sweet!

  • first name
    first name 7 days ago

    I love it when you speak Mandarin

  • RandomOwl
    RandomOwl 7 days ago

    I think a few Scots might have something to say about all that tartan being labelled as 'British' or god forbid 'English'. 😉

    • Alex Otto
      Alex Otto 7 days ago

      RandomOwl absolutely 😂 not an English thing by any means.

  • Randi Craven
    Randi Craven 7 days ago

    Just started watching your videos. I love them. 🌷

    • Alex Otto
      Alex Otto 7 days ago

      Randi Craven I've been watching for about 7-8 years. You'll grow to love this woman so much! She's amazing and relaxing.

  • Katie Maki
    Katie Maki 7 days ago

    No idea what you put in there. Didnt say anything.. not helpful.

  • abri
    abri 7 days ago

    Hello haiying! Lovely video, it put me straight to sleep❤

  • pellthepinda
    pellthepinda 8 days ago

    Hello Haiying, Last week you uploaded an OOTD video "bits of red" At the end of this video there is a song playing Can I have the title of that music please? Thank you very much in advance!!!

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 5 days ago

      Sorry, I forgot to answer this one. The music is from iMovie soundtrack library, "Image Enchancementalist" by Mark Motherbaugh

  • snovakattack1
    snovakattack1 8 days ago

    How did you know I have a test tomorrow?? You always make the video I need at the right moment ♥️

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 8 days ago

      You know what you know. You don't know what you don't. That's fair. Give your effort to everyday. Give your test to heaven. Now you can sleep. Sound.

  • סשה דוד
    סשה דוד 8 days ago

    INCREDIBLE video !

  • סשה דוד
    סשה דוד 8 days ago

    You can developed the third one by: 9*root2/root2 x root2 = 9/root 2

  • Linda Williams
    Linda Williams 8 days ago

    GooGoo's Ootd is always black, white, and grey. How fitting.

  • Kaleestraza
    Kaleestraza 8 days ago

    Hello Haiying, I have a cooking question! I have been learning to make fried rice at home, but one ingredient still confuses me. When I get my favorite fried rice at a restaurant, there are always these small, stringy white vegetables in it. They taste like onions, and look a bit like roots- thicker at one end and tapered at the other. Do you know what these might be? Thanks :)

    • Kaleestraza
      Kaleestraza 8 days ago

      That looks right! Thank you very much :)

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 8 days ago

      Could that be been sprout?

  • Prince Jordan - YCG

    Beautiful setting!

  • William
    William 9 days ago

    Hi haiying, maybe one time you could do video talk about the political situation of China and Hong Kong, or maybe this too controversial for Video

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 9 days ago

      Thank you for your interest. I do not talk about politics on my channel. Thank you for your kind understanding.

  • Crystal Salton
    Crystal Salton 9 days ago

    How do you make them tender?

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 9 days ago

      I feel the mushroom is tender enough by itself.

  • G. C.
    G. C. 9 days ago


  • Anthony Ceballos
    Anthony Ceballos 9 days ago

    Hahaha if you're a singer you dress up in not many clothes to save the planet lolzz

  • Cherry Sparkles [ASMR]

    I always find myself coming back to this one, and your magazine videos in general, they are so relaxing and calming, you help a lot of people Haiying, thank you ❤❤❤

  • Kate’s Outlet
    Kate’s Outlet 9 days ago

    I don’t know how I stumbled upon this video but I am so glad I did

  • Clint Beck
    Clint Beck 9 days ago

    Are you hungry for something new? Stop in and try one of Mrs. Haiying's Heartfelt Burgers today!

    • Clint Beck
      Clint Beck 12 hours ago

      @yanghaiying I can't believe I didn't see this for a whole week! I am so flattered my good natured humor inspired you! Many of your videos are so relaxing for me. I will be on the look out for the burger video!

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 9 days ago

      Haiying's heartfelt Burger, that is a video worthy title. I shall make such a burger and record it.

  • Hellen W
    Hellen W 9 days ago

    I love your videos...they are very helpful with every day life,amazing!Although,I couldn't find one about being shy/shyness,do you have any or would you consider creating on for this issue?Thanks.

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 9 days ago

      I may have done some blablabla about it, since it hits home of my own character. If you like, elaborate a bit more so I can know where to start. Thank you.

  • Paige Tyler
    Paige Tyler 10 days ago

    One of my favorite videos of yours :^) thank you for this

  • bcchhrhf ankoos
    bcchhrhf ankoos 10 days ago

    What is name of the pen

    • yanghaiying
      yanghaiying 10 days ago

      This is called parallel pen. amzn.to/2VlX5E9

  • Ian Ghersi
    Ian Ghersi 10 days ago

    Beautiful video, i always learn a lot from your reflections, tank you for sharing with us!

  • Amber Malone
    Amber Malone 10 days ago

    Haiying=the soothing voice of reason.

  • Cindy Blue
    Cindy Blue 10 days ago

    You are so wise Haiying. I fear I may have at times put unnecessary stress on my children when it came to test taking. Like you say, the outcome of one particular test doesn’t determine the outcome of your entire life. Much to the contrary. Future endeavors are discovered along a path that could, in the end have nothing to do with a one time test event. Thank you for this video- you are right on!

  • J Meee
    J Meee 10 days ago

    You have such a bright spirit. I love you toooo! 🥰 You inspire me to dress better. My style is kinda boring. Thanks for all the lovely videos, and hope this week is great for you!

  • N D
    N D 10 days ago

    Proud Buddhist here

  • Robertoni7
    Robertoni7 10 days ago

    Really, page turning is not ASMR? It’s quite relaxing to me. To each his own I guess. Ms. Haiying , this is a lovely video as usual.

  • Julie Sexton
    Julie Sexton 11 days ago

    Very wise. I wish I had had this advice when I was finishing high school.

  • JHR Reviews
    JHR Reviews 11 days ago

    I'd love to see a video of you saying French words and their english translation :) This video helped me quite a bit, thank you.

  • Kori Slater
    Kori Slater 11 days ago

    So pretty!

  • MooJoo5555
    MooJoo5555 11 days ago

    your hair is beautiful do you understand how beautiful you are? its true. I love it.

  • Attissa
    Attissa 11 days ago

    I’ve been watching you since before you had the visiting cat. I can’t say enough about what your videos are for me. Thank you. Almost 8 years of following you. 🇨🇦💕

  • Donald
    Donald 11 days ago


  • Clara
    Clara 11 days ago

    Omg you did such a good job with the movie scene dance part it’s amazing