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  • Cyrus Igono
    Cyrus Igono 5 days ago

    hope everything is going good!

  • Edson Oliveira
    Edson Oliveira 6 days ago

    Netflix, if you are thinking in produce a Saint Seiya anime, please start from the last episode after Seiya fight to Apollo.
    If not, sorry but I'll not watch this.

  • Manrisa Kirisame
    Manrisa Kirisame 14 days ago

    Big Mouth Makes my dick hard!

  • Ockert Smuts
    Ockert Smuts 14 days ago

    Seriously Netflix, I would consider it more moraly just to just pirate your shit from here on out, than to keep paying you to create more morally corrupt pedophilic bullshit.

  • Kelsgirl125
    Kelsgirl125 15 days ago

    Your new "coming of age" cartoon Big Mouth is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourselves for creating such a horrible show. It's pure pornography which depicts children. It's horrible, disgusting and you should remove it immediately!

  • Bill Randolph
    Bill Randolph 17 days ago

    Dear GODS at Netflix. As a loyal Netflix lover may I beg that you always use Metallica songs in every future trailer you make for all of your original content? That would just make you even more fucking awesome than you already are. Oh and as a side note please don't make us wait 2 years for a new season of the greatest show on earth known as DareDevil. ;)

  • Nathan kelly
    Nathan kelly 21 day ago


  • Black Hairline Productions

  • furleys ascot
    furleys ascot 24 days ago

    Who knew netflix had so many idiotic subscribers?

  • DarkKnightSkill -Daily Destiny PvP Videos

    I'm enraged that netflix is taking away Last Man Standing this month. Can anyone tell me how to write, email, or anything to tell them how us Last Man Standing fans feel about this? I mean they already took away batman stuff :(

  • Corey Passingham
    Corey Passingham Month ago

    As a very frustrated Netflix Canada member, the recent price change determines that I'm immediately cancelling my account and never looking back... Don't think that most of us aren't aware of the much more abundant content available to US customers, at the "same"(US customers pay less when paying attention to the conversion rate).
    And your reasoning is so that you can bring us more content, ha, it already takes about a month to role out with a single new show or movie.
    Also, you reason that due to recent economical development and the effects of inflation it is necessary to
    raise the price; whixh, is absolutely contradictory because this is a perfect example of what inflation is. We Canadians especially love to pay many times the amount of what things are worth, significantly more that the US inflation rate.
    So thanks for the load of bs, but I'm quite aware of how well Netflix is doing and the approximate costs of keeping the online services running, which is marginal.
    But I know am pissed and intend to make a dent, as I'm immediately cancelling my services seriously never to return as there are now better and cheaper options available. Finally, this post is going to make it's way to every reputable social media portal, blog and forum in multiples discerning a time sequence(3 most busiest times of day for social media). As well as page of titling "Netflix Sucks my Money" just to make sure more people see it
    Thanks and bye-bye

  • MaryBroadcastBand

    great channel, have a look at my channel too, if you like to listen to pop songs, thx! cheers mary

  • Nitrexx
    Nitrexx Month ago

    Why you not let marvel stay!

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    Please go to the Netflix home page by clicking the button below.

    Netflix Home me sale esto y no puedo hacer nada ayuda porfavor

  • aquaconstruc quito

    no puedo ingresar a mi cuenta me sale esto que puedo hacer

  • aquaconstruc quito

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  • Emily Kearns
    Emily Kearns Month ago

    When will *Grimoire of Zero* be on Netflix in English?

  • Heri Lagares
    Heri Lagares Month ago

    pueden hacer una pelicula de five night at feddy´s

  • KLTV
    KLTV Month ago

    hey netflix...u should do a series on elon musk's life...that will be interesting to watch

  • Shawn Bechard
    Shawn Bechard Month ago

    Netflix discriminates against other nationalities, by charging them more money for less content.

  • DigiVixen
    DigiVixen Month ago

    Any word on a Season 2 promo for Miraculous Ladybug? Or season 3.5/4 of Voltron?

  • Exodiafinder687
    Exodiafinder687 Month ago

    I saw your messages that you guys accidentally put the wrong release date for My Little Pony Season 7 Episodes 1-13. I also saw that you guys will be releasing them later in fall. Do you know what month you will be releasing them in? September? October? November?

  • Panda_
    Panda_ Month ago

    Death Note

  • T DeMinico
    T DeMinico Month ago

    hello and i just watched a video were it said oyu and nintendo were going to make a zelda tv show WHY HAVNT YOU MADE IT? please make it it be awesome

  • Brian Kearney
    Brian Kearney Month ago

    I'm a member Amazon Prime, joined up years ago for the shopping. I look at the music which streams free. But for a video, you will charge 2.99 on for a current program on popular series even if it's from PBS.
    When it was just Netflix DVD you would get any movie in 48 hours. Now a popular one like Allied I requested June 6th I've been on a short waiting list, then longer waiting list, then short then long......they bounce you around. But cut the cord streaming $7.99 not a bad deal and releases are faster. (They won't put the same program on both DVD Streaming)
    I don't know about the racism said here. But it has always been in the Country. I like the show NetFlix "LongMire." I realistic portrayal of Wyoming where a Cheyenne reservation distrustful to Law enforcement but you cannot blame them. The Europeans arrived welcomed as is a friend just asked to share the land hunting fishing and in peace. But every bit was taken as opportunities came up like gold, black soil or a railroad.

  • not mariolevi
    not mariolevi Month ago

    hey. are you still gonna host godzilla

  • David Master500
    David Master500 Month ago

    The one show that I hate is not an Netflix Original Series is that TV show 24. Seriously about this 24 TV show that wasn't originally aired on Netflix but in FOX is the worst show I've ever seen. Even the plot of this show is bad depending on many humans make many mistakes to get them a lot of trouble. My mom used to watch that show when she has nothing to watch. I hope that the Netflix people could cancel/get rid of this stupid 24 TV show and maybe put in 24:Legacy because it's way better than that 24 TV show.

  • Shante Fox
    Shante Fox 2 months ago

    Hey y'all what are you doing

  • wilmbear
    wilmbear 2 months ago

    I'm about to cancel my membership when I first joined you were a leader I. Streaming movies for the lgbt community but now you have one of the worst selections of any streaming service (Amazon has 3 times the movies) you create one of the most inventive and inclusive series in history with people of all races walks of life and sexual identities which had a great following but you still cancelled after two season. I do applaud you for trying to address the issue of racism, even if you are heavy handed about it. We are never going to solve the racism problem until we recognize that racist come in all shapes and size yes and races. To be a racist is to simply hate someone based on their race, and anyone of any race can be guilty of that.

  • AxCxVevo F
    AxCxVevo F 2 months ago

    Your little corporation ain't shit. Fuck you, guys.

  • madaraoluv2
    madaraoluv2 2 months ago

    U announced the date for season 4 on your site. Give up the Bojack season 4 trailer!

  • Akeem Hakmal
    Akeem Hakmal 2 months ago

    Cancel Sense8, the best show ever... for crap shows? Worst mistake ever, along with not promoting Sense8 when it came out. Someone buy out Netflix, cancel every show and just work on Sense8, this is b.s. canceling membership especially today after Netflix is taking Sense8 OFF of Netflix ("expires 8/16"), Downloading Sense8 (BitTorrent) so I can keep watching it.

  • Loviekinz
    Loviekinz 2 months ago

    So wait, Canadian Netflix wants to jack up the price to $10.99 even for current subscribers like myself who've NEVER unsubbed. No grandfathering us in? So you go raciest and tons of people unsub, and now you wanna screw over the Canadians too huh? Bad enough we get less then HALF the content of America, now you wanna charge us more too huh? You suck -_-

  • madaraoluv2
    madaraoluv2 2 months ago

    Upload the Bojack Horseman season 4 trailer before the anticipation kills me

  • Melvin Booker
    Melvin Booker 2 months ago


  • MJ's World YEAH
    MJ's World YEAH 2 months ago


  • Bill Karnes
    Bill Karnes 2 months ago

    Am I missing something? I've read 20-30 posts and all I am finding is racism. What the hell is going on?

  • Fraystone :3
    Fraystone :3 2 months ago

    i wonna see stanger things 2

  • Brenden Hurst89
    Brenden Hurst89 2 months ago

    can you put up on

  • Brenden Hurst89
    Brenden Hurst89 2 months ago

    s2 of troll hunters???

  • cbrown2578
    cbrown2578 2 months ago

    Stop buying up Bollywood movies. How many fucking Indians in America are subscribed to Netflix.

  • Canaan Managan
    Canaan Managan 2 months ago

    Can you please put Teen Titans(the original), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(the one in the 1980s and the one that was made in 2003), My Life as a Teenage Robot, Dragon ball Z(the entire series every kind of the Dragon ball Z shows plz), Home Alone(The entire Movie series from 1-4 plz), Astro Boy (the original and the 2003 version) Powerpuff Girls (the original and the Movie) Sonic X,AND PLZ COME OUT WITH SEASON TWO OF ONE PUNCH MAN IM TIRED OF WATCHING THE SAME EPISODE ALL THE TIME >:V

  • Aakash Vaish
    Aakash Vaish 2 months ago

    I ❤️ Netflix !!!!! I always find the best shows on it.....

  • Rafael novo
    Rafael novo 2 months ago

    I hope you get out at Netflix the season 3 Super Girl or better for 3 and season 2 at Netflix

  • MaxSGems
    MaxSGems 2 months ago


  • Murde gi
    Murde gi 2 months ago

    when will you make witcher tv series im waiting i subscirbed

  • Mood
    Mood 2 months ago

    Fix your servers guys, I have high speed internet and only Netflix videos look blurry, like 360p shit, come on!

  • Ray Murray
    Ray Murray 2 months ago

    why can't I view youtube videos on my television now as I used too?

  • Amelia Gaiser
    Amelia Gaiser 3 months ago

    anyone else so exited for 13 reasons why season 2??? I AM SO EXITED

  • Autumn Morris
    Autumn Morris 3 months ago

    hello random person scrolling through the comments :)

  • Leger DinoGolf
    Leger DinoGolf 3 months ago
    Needs to happen!

  • ninja cat
    ninja cat 3 months ago

    netflix creators if you see this anwser my question pls
    will there be a season 5 of dawn of the croods (i know season four came out a few days ago) maybe it could take place after the movie

  • Trophgaming 04
    Trophgaming 04 3 months ago

    To: Netflix

    For getting rid of seasons 1-6 of Futurama you can


    ALSO don't forget American dad, and so many other AMAZING shows!

  • Riad Kamel
    Riad Kamel 3 months ago

    is there a problem i cant access my account in UAE through my browser only the app barley works

  • Alejandro Clasher HD
    Alejandro Clasher HD 3 months ago

    Im waiting for Bojack Horseman 4 season

  • Leger DinoGolf
    Leger DinoGolf 3 months ago

    Are you guys gonna partner with Funimation to dub Godzilla: Monster Planet?

  • Rafael Ortiz
    Rafael Ortiz 3 months ago

    those who are complaining about "dear white people" forget the 300 years that blacks suffered in slavery. plus, blacks have no power in America, zero power, you hear that white privilege. also, white supremacy is all over America, not all whites are bad, but there is a lot of white supremacy in America.

  • naughts'an Kcrosses
    naughts'an Kcrosses 3 months ago

    G'day there Nutfuxs,,,,,,, for streaming Castlevania you get a thumbs up and a fist too if it fits, ,,, hahahahah,,,,,, shame it's only four episodes though......

  • Kenneth Pedersen
    Kenneth Pedersen 3 months ago

    Please get some more horror and sci-fi movies in the library. Netflix has so much kids stuff it should be called Nannyflix.

  • Rafael Ortiz
    Rafael Ortiz 3 months ago

    Ye Americans are so sensitive. Where is the freedom of expression? Anyhow, Netflix do a ghost rider rated r series with Robbie Reyes, then do a thunderbolts series with Blade, Ghost Rider, Elektra and Punisher. authorized by the US Government to execute criminals. under General Ross Thunderbolt. Bring in more superhero shows. and the 90 xmen cartoons.

  • Queenbee Beatrice
    Queenbee Beatrice 3 months ago

    what I want is to be able to watch the same shows no matter where I am!!!!!! This Canada/US shows are nuts as soon as I crossed over to Canada the shows changed and that mean I was no longer able to continue watching my show!!!! Y'all need to fix this and give the same streaming....

  • Amanda B
    Amanda B 3 months ago

    Now that you have announced Sense8 will return for a 2-hour finale, any chance of incorporationg Robin Schulz' OK soundtrack featuring James Blunt? AND when can we expect to see the return of The OA?

  • fudgetone
    fudgetone 3 months ago

    Your attempts at Cultural Marxism are failing, Netflix. This idiot crapumentary "Nobody Speak" about Hulk Hogan and Peter Thiel is probably just about the last nail in your coffin. You're actually implying that the case had to do with a censorship campaign of Trump's design somehow?? How much coke are your writers doing?? Nevermind, don't answer that. Instead, maybe you can explain this boycott and loss of subscribers to your shareholders somehow before a competitor comes in and stomps the life out of your shitty company. Maybe ...

  • jcσ666 _
    jcσ666 _ 3 months ago

    Where's BoJack Horseman ? Coming soon?

  • Anna Grace Travis
    Anna Grace Travis 3 months ago

    Bring back The X-Files
    That will be all

  • Luuke   ᴮᴿ
    Luuke ᴮᴿ 3 months ago

    Where's the Nanatsu season 2 in Taizai?

    • Luuke   ᴮᴿ
      Luuke ᴮᴿ 3 months ago

      It's taking forever to post season 2

  • theefriend
    theefriend 3 months ago

    don't hate me, but I would really appreciate it if you could let me know what's the news with the Seven Deadly Sins show?
    Is it still in production?

  • Nikenik2001
    Nikenik2001 3 months ago

    Can you please add "real" subtitles to your trailers? My girlfriend is deaf and if I ask here if she wants to se "Okja" and send her the trailer the autogenerated subtitles doesn't fully work and you miss a lot. =/

  • CaramelPopcorn
    CaramelPopcorn 3 months ago

    I Fucking hate this bsing stop putting ads m8 your only getting people angrier hell it ticked me off because in a 16 minute video ,only 6 minutes in i fucking saw the same ad 8 times so fuck off netflix

  • MB
    MB 3 months ago

    You should un-cancel Sense8 Netflix!

  • Lamar
    Lamar 3 months ago

    put prison break season 5 on and weeds

  • Raini Kewakundo
    Raini Kewakundo 4 months ago

    Good morning. I have a question. Why isn't the Netflix version of the Van Helsing Trailer not on the youtube channel? Is it because of the song that plays over it? Or is it because of the female star who is also of Cherokee descent? That's right, I played the Race card.

  • Julie Maldonovic
    Julie Maldonovic 4 months ago


  • madaraoluv2
    madaraoluv2 4 months ago

    I heard 13 Reasons Why caused a real life death

  • Kathleen Kafka
    Kathleen Kafka 4 months ago

    I have an active account but just changed to Spectrum. I cannot figure out how to get to my Netflix account

  • #dabbingdinos
    #dabbingdinos 4 months ago


  • NutellaBucketMinigun studios

    Dear Netflix can you please discontinue and ban Santa clarita diet, because the show is about cannibalism and cannibalism is highly illegal please take it off!

    • Lamar
      Lamar 3 months ago

      just dont watch it

  • Aaron Slade
    Aaron Slade 4 months ago

    bring back Sense8!!!!!

  • LisaMarieWW Angel
    LisaMarieWW Angel 4 months ago

    Bad move by you Netflix >>> Bring back Sense8 !!! Why Should we
    start a new series when you will stop it without closure on a whim? Bad
    Move Netflix. #RenewSense8

  • Patricia Santos
    Patricia Santos 4 months ago


  • Julia Reazin
    Julia Reazin 4 months ago

    I don't see an issue with the show, "Dear white people". It's freedom of Speech. America is great because we have so many different people, cultures, and opinions. I knew just from the title, the movie was going lean on the racist side. So I went into it, knowing that. I grew up in California, and I grew up around many cultures. I accept people for who they are, so I know she isn't talking about me. And I'm day glow white. So take this movie how you want it, if you hate it so much that it makes you cancel your subscription, maybe you are a racist and can't admit it. Believe it or not, there are plenty of movies out there that are racist towards other groups, and I don't see a huge up roar about them. I'm keeping my subscription.

  • NarutoSenpai
    NarutoSenpai 4 months ago

    Any shows you have on Netflix, I can watch for free ya' know? Can't wait to watch the live action Death Note! But if this show is not based off the original (Example: Dragon Ball Evolution), you can have your imaginary money back. No offense, Americans ruined alot of good anime shows by making dub and live action. Netflix I believe you're the 1% that can make it right.

  • KatersAnn14
    KatersAnn14 4 months ago

    I'm very much hoping you reconsider your decision to cancel the diverse, original show #Sense8.... on the first day of pride month... without a proper send off. Kindly: it feels like a jerk of a move, Netflix.

    We know you want to be better than those other networks out there-- you are here for the fans, right?

    Be part of the good in the world, and please #RenewSense8 for one more season. The world needs that kind of show now, more than ever!


  • Απόστολος Κοκκαλης

    What the fuck did you do at House of Cards ????? Are you people crazy at netflix ???I demand Francis J. Underwood in the position of president , a strong one president . Why you give power to claire ? the protagonist of the House of cards is Frank , and he will remain the President for me and the rest of the fans . Fuck your feminism netflix FUCK

  • Debbie Ann
    Debbie Ann 4 months ago

    they got rid of king of the hill now they got rid of bobs burger you know i could go on but i,m
    tooo mad whatz wrong with you netflix!!!!!

  • J B
    J B 4 months ago

    fuck sense8. bring back hemlock grove Netflix that was the best original show you had.

  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman 4 months ago

    Bring Sense8 back!

  • Jorge Cadenasso
    Jorge Cadenasso 4 months ago

    I don't have enough words to communicate what a frustration has been the cancellation of Sense8. Honestly it was the best material I've ever seen, regardless of what critiques can say. It had deep questions, deep feelings and a rollercoaster of emotions during many of the episodes ( even more in the 2nd season ). It showed the very core and essence of human life. Millions of people struggling with the very same inner battles on a daily basis... alone, each in their own corner of the planet. Should I take this path ?...what should I do now ? ....what is the purpose of all of this ? That's why Sense8 is more than just another TV show. It is powerful, it invites to believe and hope in many things on this global stage. COMPREHENSION... regardless of who you are and where you come from....."I see you" .....MUTUAL UNDERTANDING and to share the feeling that drives us to walk towards a better future on this worldwide village that is our planet these days. Netflix, at the very least, and in respect to the followers, give us a proper explanation, becouse you just killed one of the most wonderful proyects to be seen in the last decade.

  • madaraoluv2
    madaraoluv2 4 months ago

    All I'm going to say is cable TV sucks way worse than Netflix. At leest Netflix's shows have heart, continuity, people who care about what's getting put on there.

    Really, would you rather your kids keep watching Teen Titans Go, or more Spongebob? At least Netflix is fresh

  • madaraoluv2
    madaraoluv2 4 months ago

    Please post Bojack Horseman season 4 trailer soon

  • Vildeddyr
    Vildeddyr 4 months ago

    I dont have enough words to comunicate what a frustracion has been the Sense8 cancellation announcment. Honestly it was the best material I´ve ever seen, regardless of what critiques can say. It was deep questions, deep feelings and a rollercoaster of emotions during many of the episodes ( even more in the 2d season ). It was the very core and esence of human live. Millions of people struggling with the very same innerbattles on daily bases... alone. Should I take this path ?...what should I do now ? ....what is the purpose of all this ?. Thats why, Sense8 is more than just another tv / netflix content. It is powerful, it invites to belive and hope in many things on this global stage. COMPREHENSION... regardles of who you are and where you come from....."I see you" .....MUTUAL UNDERTANDING and to share the feeling that thrives us to walk towards a better future on this worldwide village that is our planet theese days. Netflix, at the very least, and in respect to the followers, give us a propper explanation, becouse you just killed one of the most wonderful proyects to bee seen.

  • graciela baldini
    graciela baldini 4 months ago

    Sense8 is the greatest show ever

  • graciela baldini
    graciela baldini 4 months ago

    Cancelled Sense8 = Cancelled Subscription

  • Ivan Gedz
    Ivan Gedz 4 months ago

    Just cancelled my membership as netflix cancelled sense8 season3.

  • Dare - wait for it - Devil

    FUCKING DISGUSTED BY NETFLIX RIGHT NOW! How could they cancel Sense8. One of the few remaining shows that's truly creative and smart. You killed our cluster.

  • Nick Barratt
    Nick Barratt 4 months ago

    Why would you take Sense8 away from us?
    That was the greatest show ever :(

  • itsmeLuke'sFather
    itsmeLuke'sFather 4 months ago

    Cancelled Sense8 = Cancelled Subscription

  • Snarky Grin
    Snarky Grin 4 months ago

    Sure... you'll do another season of that crap storm the O.A. but you're cancelling Sense8. WTF?

  • Linda Egland
    Linda Egland 4 months ago

    I am so very disappointed you canceled Sense 8.  I'm an older person and was looking forward to more seasons.  Are you sure you want to do that?  Personally, I have never
    seen anything but excellent reviews.  Reconsider......Please.

  • Wistful HERBz
    Wistful HERBz 4 months ago


  • John Ylitalo
    John Ylitalo 4 months ago

    Would you please upload "Kung Fu Panda 2?"

  • Awesome Orange
    Awesome Orange 4 months ago

    plz add rogue one to netflix

  • Pencil Marks
    Pencil Marks 4 months ago

    When is miraculous ladybug season 2 being released? I was told it would be on Netflix on may 20th 2017, which, at the time I'm commenting, was 6 days ago.

  • freaky pavitou
    freaky pavitou 4 months ago

    pleaseeeee netflix i am begging youuu

  • freaky pavitou
    freaky pavitou 4 months ago

    put the season 3 of gotham

  • freaky pavitou
    freaky pavitou 4 months ago

    WHY just why

  • SoftScaleHunter N7
    SoftScaleHunter N7 4 months ago

    Netflix sucks if they Add TV & Movie Shows that are Worth Watching Netflix could be better but right now they suck ive pretty much seen everything I know that I like on Netflix!

  • Jerakal
    Jerakal 4 months ago

    Please Fix Tom Servo's voice. Thanks.

  • Jirayuth Puengban
    Jirayuth Puengban 4 months ago

    Netflix Thailand is none Thai movie and Thai audio. T_T

  • Bryndela
    Bryndela 4 months ago

    Would it be possible to get English subtitles for the French audio of Miraculous Ladybug? Right now you only have the closed caption subtitles that go with the English dub and it isn't the same. :(

  • Dexy
    Dexy 5 months ago

    Netflix, dont you dare cast a black guy for the Mainrole of Geralt of Riva! Srsly, dont you dare do that shit. If a Black, Asien, or what ever is cast as Geralt i will cancle my subscription, thats a promis!!!!

  • zev007
    zev007 5 months ago

    When are you adding the Red Pill?

    You have the Human Centipede, for fucks sake, give people what they fucking want, not more ass to mouth gore porn.

  • iagorincon
    iagorincon 5 months ago

    Pick up "Last Man Standing". Popular show comedy that just got cancelled even with top ratings. I'm just saying it might look good and balanced. Put out a leftist comedy one year, rescue a conservative comedy from the axe the next year.

  • madaraoluv2
    madaraoluv2 5 months ago

    Congrats on the huge success of 13 Reasons Why. You guys are doing pretty well for 2017

    Still waiting for Bojack Season 4 though. Love that horse

  • Independent - No Copyright Music

    Good job :)

  • BestTechs ca
    BestTechs ca 5 months ago

    Great work RETARDING people bill & netflix pedaling deviant behaviors. Keep the insanity to yourself :)_;

    EVZYL 5 months ago

    Congratulations on your production of 13 Reasons Why. I've been reading all kinds of negative criticism on the series, but believe you made the right decision approaching the topic in the realistic way that you did. Statistics tend to harp on so called 'copy cat' suicide cases, blaming them on portrayals such as your series. However, it is impossible to determine how many lives it has saved and will save in future. I'm a firm believer in the maxim 'forewarned is forearmed.' My son committed suicide at 19, so I feel I'm entitled to an opinion based on real, bitter experience.

  • Ella Bowles
    Ella Bowles 5 months ago

    put real steel on netflix

  • Rebeca Alve
    Rebeca Alve 5 months ago

    You must renew the last kingdom for the 3trd and 4trd season. The show is great. As good as vikings and game of thrones.
    If you don t I ll start a revolution against netflix.

  • edo neo 77
    edo neo 77 5 months ago

    Hey thats pretty good all you need now is misty knight

  • Zac Anderson
    Zac Anderson 5 months ago


  • Leger DinoGolf
    Leger DinoGolf 5 months ago

    Why aren't any of your original movies available on DVD?

    • madaraoluv2
      madaraoluv2 4 months ago

      Isn't Oragne is the new black on DVD? I know that's a series but still

    ANDREW STOUT 5 months ago

    WOW, so Netflix has gone full-Racist Leftist- Before I only had to ignore the undeserved shameless promotion of that no-talent Schumer, Then the not-science guy's pap, and now I'm bombarded with a "Dear White People" message when i log on. I canceled for half a year or so back when they upped the rates without telling anyone.... looking at cutting with them again. Selection sucks lately, anyway.

  • N1N3TA1LZ
    N1N3TA1LZ 5 months ago

    I cant find fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood anymore

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 5 months ago

    Good bye Netflix account, this is poison to my 2 little kids. WTF is wrong with you.

    The double standard is so disgusting, this racist narrative and pushing this transgender garbage, what a disgrace this company has become. Enjoy down sizing and laying off people in your future.

  • Weedle
    Weedle 5 months ago

    netflix you ae a fucking joke. you played at politics and you lost. you lost hard! lol

  • Mr. Instagram
    Mr. Instagram 5 months ago

    What happened to dragon tails, Netflix?

  • PrettzL
    PrettzL 5 months ago

    Welp, here's Bill Nye Saves the World in a nutshell:

    The TV show is only hosted by Nye.

    Five correspondents assist in the presentation of the show. These include fashion model Karlie Kloss, science YouTuber and educator Derek Muller, comedian Nazeem Hussain, comedian and writer Joanna Hausmann, and the TV host and producer Emily Calandrelli. The show also features guest appearances from Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Rachel Bloom, Joel McHale, Wil Wheaton, Jonna Mae, Steve Aoki, and Tim Gunn. The thirteen-episode series premiered on April 21, 2017. The show's theme song was produced by Tyler, the Creator.

    I watched every second of it.

    One "scientist" works on the content of the show. Well actually if you really take the time to study up on all the names involved you might be surprised to find that there are no actual qualified scientists working on that show, not even Nye himself. He has an associates in engineering, mechanical engineering. No other qualifications.

    Oh well.

    Feel free to watch the show though, by the middle of the first episode you'll be cringing if you have any sense.

    Here's a summary of all the episodes so far:

    Episode 1: Climate change is still real and fuck you
    Episode 2: Homeopathic medicines are bullshit
    Episode 3: Robots and AI
    Episode 4: GMOs
    Episode 5: Aliens!!!
    Episode 6: Get vaccinated now (duh)
    Episode 7: Literally fucking video games
    Episode 8: Veganism 101
    Episode 9: LGBTQF5+ Genders fully backed up by... no one
    Episode 10: Space travel!
    Episode 11: Conspiracy theories like chem trails and of course scientific racism
    Episode 12: Eugenics are bad but we're going to do it anyway with designer babies
    Episode 13: Overpopulation and how there's more than 1 race of humans, cant have darks without whites and whites need to stop having babies and let brown people move in or else they're bigots, also Feminism because you can't spell equality without irony

    Basically every SJW science enthusiast's wetdream

  • Hayden Saures
    Hayden Saures 5 months ago

    i have had Netflix on and off for years, and one thing that i can say that always mind boggling to me, is the reviews.
    - i i cant seem to trust the stars nor the reviews people leave.

    i would read them and think am i looking at an online action site/buying site here?

    are the reviews for real or paid?

    sometimes i think am reading paid reviews

    the movie was so good sure it had a little bad or over acting and sure it was a BS movie but not all of them suck that bad.

    shady reviews to me is dont judge a comment/review till you watched it your self cuz sometimes that 1 star and horrbile reviews turn out to be a fantastic content.

    ok so now that i am done

    let the Good & Bad Comments Flow.
    - i did how ever hardly ever ever reply to comments and at times post one cuz sometimes its like to many trolls then real people with real comments.

  • FaZe Booce
    FaZe Booce 6 months ago

    it wants me to restart my member ship.why?

  • undefinedmac the knife

    netflix why did you change the 5 star rating system and not update the new up down finger system. now I don't know which movies I have seen, help!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RamyBoi
    RamyBoi 6 months ago

    Can you put Attack On Titan Season 2 PLEASE

  • Raique Andrade
    Raique Andrade 6 months ago

    Even i've done watched 13 Reasons Why 5 days ago, Im still crying because Hanna Baker has died :(

  • Marshalsify
    Marshalsify 6 months ago

  • Seize the Memes of Production

    Netflix just releases another racist hate video!

  • Alexius Argos
    Alexius Argos 6 months ago

    Just CANCELLED my membership. Don't race bait for viewer numbers and don't piss on my leg and tell me its raining.

  • Carlos M
    Carlos M 6 months ago

    Please add Game Of Thrones

  • madaraoluv2
    madaraoluv2 6 months ago

    Really enjoyed 13 Reasons Why. You guys are doing great here in 2017, make the rest of the year awesome to if you can.

  • LetTheFlames Begin
    LetTheFlames Begin 6 months ago

    why cant you put on gravity falls

  • Elisha Hobbs
    Elisha Hobbs 6 months ago

    Premise , Malcolm in the house is about 2 age groups trying to be successful in either finding and maintaining a job and their personal life and sex life , or balancing their retirement and personal life and midlife crisis they are going through , they all have financial jobs and they all help each other if it's something they just can't handle , their hang out area is dinner named The Dinner of Soul , they are either there or at each other's apartments or a little park that Willis and Arnold Jackson use to go to , they learn lessons , solve problems , but try to keep their boundary ( aka Trina ) maintained and do just that . Michael b Jordan as Malcolm Bryant , Malcolm is a bright young man who is a gentlemen to his lady, he decided to move to New York City to get away from his Smothering mom , he is not use to being alone and has second thoughts and times can get doubtful and naive , but his friend turned girlfriend in Episode 7 Savannah Jackson helps him with his same issue . He is a publisher . Darmirra Brunson as Savannah Jackson , Savannah is the understanding and loving and warm but sassy friend / girlfriend to Malcolm , she believes if you are polite to someone they will be polite back , but the people who disrespect her she often stands up for herself and makes peace with them , she is respectful but very funny , she moved away from her parents Willis and Charlene Jackson to prove to them that she can make it on her own , in Episode 2 she gives her father back her car and cut up her debit card and gives her phone to them because she wants to earn them , she begins looking for a job , she is set to be a talent scouter . Brenda song as Jasmine Oregon , Jasmine is the annoying obnoxious friend that Savannah and Corbin tolerate , her and Malcolm are enemies but friends , they have a love hate relationship , her rich mom is sick in tired of spoiling her and cuts all her accounts off and makes a new account that she has to put money in there , she is roommates with Corbin , she works in the same building and profession but is an assistant to the executive manager . Janet Jackson as Charlene Jackson , the hilarious loving at times selfish , sassy , crazy mother of Savannah Jackson who believes in tough love who is married to Willis Jackson and is suffering making it in the retirement because not planning well so she tries to become an author but it doesn't work out well , she holds in there and get her big break in season 5 . Todd bridges as Willis Jackson ,the barring , sometimes dramatic and very funny Willis Jackson who is very helpful around the house with his wife very romantic and very caring but at times sarcastic and very lazy but he respects those who respect him . He is very protective over his daughter but it's put to a stop in Episode 5 . Tisha Campbell Martin as Lisa King, the very loving Lisa king who works really hard but doesn't get th respect she diserves and gets depressed at a period of time but thanks to Charlene and Savannah they make her let her guard down and be funny . Carl Anthony Payne as Marcus King , the demanding and ungrateful and lousy husband who doesn't recognize a good thing who ends up getting served with divorce papers in Episode 21 . Tony Rock As Corbin Long, Corbin is the immature , wild , selfish best friend of Malcom's . He lives in an the same apartment complex and is in the same profession , and works as a publisher too , but doesn't take the job seriously and annoys all the clients , but he is a ladies man . China Anne McClain as Trina king , the rebellious and disrespectful teenager daughter who is about to go off to college , some can describe as a brat and others can call her evil demon spawn , she is the one who keeps the age groups on their feet . Recurring actors Tasha Smith as Gloria Bryant , Malcom's mom who is not that fond of Savannah or anyone in that manner , she Can be considered a snob and she baby's Malcolm , but Savannah tries to bear with it until Season 4 .Damon wayans as Mr. Tyler , the cook at the dinner who couldn't stand the customers who he serves , he has an attitude but the cast bares with and finds out why he doesn't have the best attitude , he's lonely . Kim Wayans as Tonya , the hilarious sidekick of Mr. Tyler , also the sister of him and the very upbeat and crazy but very friendly and the people prefer her over her brother Tyler . Episode list 1. Moving in
    Malcolm moves to new York city to get away from Smothering mom and meets his old college friend Corbin who introduces him to Jasmine , after offering help to Malcolm and Malcolm refuses , he start throwing wild parties which get on his nerves so he gets out the house and meets a beautiful woman named Savannah who's car broke down is going through the same thing and they make a friendship and help each other get use to living alone . 2. The annoying friend
    Malcolm begins work as a publisher and finds out Jasmine works there and causes him hell , meanwhile Savannah explains to her mom why she doesn't want to move back home . 3. Get use to it
    Charlene and Willis are struggling with retirement and find out their friends Lisa and Marcus are too , meanwhile Savannah tries to get Jasmine to realize she shouldn't always depend on her for money . 4. No respect
    Lisa is getting fed up with her disrespectful daughter and husband and takes the advice of Charlene and sends her to younger people and she sends them to Savannah and Malcolm . 5. The mother
    Malcom's mother comes to town and causes him and Savannah hell and taking the advice of Tonya they try to put up with it . 6. Charlene the author
    Tired of being in debt Charlene thinks it's time to publish her book , meanwhile Malcolm reveals he likes Savannah . 7. Just be a man about it
    Malcolm , from the encouragement of his friends works up the courage to ask Savannah out and when Gloria here's the news she tries everything in her power to make their date go badly . 8. I have a problem
    Malcolm expresses his anger about his mom to Charlene and she advises him to be straight up with her . 9. I got a job
    Savannah gets her first job at the dinner and is trying to get her money , meanwhile Charlene tries to come up with another book to publish . 10. Be good to me
    Lisa is getting tired of being disrespected by Marcus and which causes some drift between them too . 11. Tonya's date
    Tonya goes on a date and Savannah and Jasmine try to make sure that it goes well . 12. A call for Corbin
    When Corbin has 1 week to pay the rent or he is getting kicked out of his apartment he is sent into stress . 13. Willis the romantic
    Willis tries to get Charlene to see he still can be romantic . 14. The girl who cries
    Savannah is put in a slump after Malcolm tells her he loves her . 15. I'm scared Momma
    Savannah reveals why she is in a attitude . 16. I'll make love to you
    Savannah explains her mood swings to Malcolm , meanwhile Charlene takes advantage of Lisa state of mind and uses Lisa's problems in her book . 17. Breakfast in bed
    Malcolm makes Savannah breakfast in bed to be romantic and seeing how romantic those two are Charlene begins to think her romance level is low in begins giving Willis to much attention . 18. The contract
    Lisa finds out Marcus name is on her lease which leads her to confront him at the dinner which makes things awkward for everyone . 19. Bring together
    Charlene and Savannah plot to bring Lisa and Marcus back together and end up backfiring when Charlene goes behind their back and instigates the situation . 20. The dinner
    At Lisa's house when she invites everyone for dinner , Marcus shows up and messes the evening up turning it to a gigantic mess . 21. The split
    Lisa finds her self in a dilemma and decides its best that to divorce Marcus , which she does . 22. Never forgive you
    Trina begins giving Lisa a hard time . 23. Moving to NYC
    Gloria gets an apartment close to Malcolm and Savannah's apartment and gives them trouble . 24. When the going gets tough
    Charlene goes in a slump after her book is taken of the shelves for being dull and considers giving up . 25. Lisa hires a attorney Melanie ( Rihanna) to support her in the divorce.
    26. Fired
    Savannah gets fired from her job , so her and Malcolm have to keep it a secret from everyone . 27. Leave her alone
    Malcom has enough of his mom disrespecting Savannah and an argument breaks out between the two . 28. The assistant
    Savannah is hired to be Malcom's assistant which drives her crazy . 29. Can't trust her
    Trina is still having mixed feelings about mom's divorce so she disrespects her and her attorney Melanie . 30. Enough
    Lisa has enough of Trina's disrespectful behavior which causes an argument which leads her to storm out the house and say she is moving out at her graduation party . Please have the creators of the rolling programs write this and make it a Netflix original . 1. Sprung
    2. That Awkward moment
    3. My wife and kids
    4. Welcome home Mr Jenkins Please provide a laugh track and have the show well done please make this happen and I'll give you season 2 later , and will drop November this year .

  • Alec Rathermel
    Alec Rathermel 6 months ago

    We want Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT on Netflix

  • Prpich25
    Prpich25 6 months ago

    Yeah...The rating system was fine. Stop pandering to the cry baby.

  • C Wiskus
    C Wiskus 6 months ago

    you guys need to put back the 5 star system. the thump up/down sucks balls.

  • Louloe De'Palma
    Louloe De'Palma 6 months ago

    *New rating system sucks ass!* Flat out. WTF Five star rating system to hard for you to upkeep?

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  • Moin Akhtar
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    You guys are awesome!

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    Great video!

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    Please put more Muppet related shows and retro shows on Netflix. ^_^

  • ClanBez
    ClanBez 6 months ago

    Please add the ability to reset a series you have watched so that you can rewatch it without being clueless of where you're at.

  • madaraoluv2
    madaraoluv2 6 months ago

    WHERE IS BOJACK HORSEMAN SEASON 4!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • vobuzzweekly
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    Great video

  • vobuzzweekly
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    Great video

  • vobuzzweekly
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    very cool

  • vobuzzweekly
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    Very cool

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    can\'t wait!

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    now your forcing adam sandler down our throats with your ad. ad block here i come

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    dear netflix. your canadian service is a disgrace.

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    Netflix Rocks!

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    I\'m leaving a comment here

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    I\'m leaving a comment here

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    he is so funny

  • meekomom
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    He is the funniest person!

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  • H A
    H A 6 months ago

    You just made your biggest mistake Netflix ... reap what you sow. ..... i guess you didn't learn from the mistake of Call of duty. you guys are bunch of attention seekers and want media publicity of dumping the biggest shit on our fav anime !

  • meekomom
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    love netflix

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    so sad

  • meekomom
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    so sad

  • meekomom
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    so sad

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    Hello Netflix Can You Hear Me!

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    Dear Netflix. R.I.P.
    Dear White People! I love you all!

    • Kurly Kayla
      Kurly Kayla 6 months ago

      Dear white people,

      Stop being pussies. No one thinks you're a victim except for you. Netflix is still going strong. Oh, and Dear White People is going to be an awesome show.

      That is all.

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    i love netflix! netlix and chill!!

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    Netflix, will you add (eventually) SAO - Ordinal Scale?

  • madaraoluv2
    madaraoluv2 7 months ago

    Just waiting for more Bojack Horseman. And that Santa Clarita Diet, that was pretty fun to

    At least I'll have more Trailer Park Boys, Buddy Thunderstruck tomorrow. Keep making and posting shows to kill the time please Netflix


  • AwesomeAdamXD
    AwesomeAdamXD 7 months ago

    Look, I know Netflix did some bad things, but there is still a better way to make it better. I made a petition about this show. Here's the

  • GeekyGirlVids
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    Dear Netflix,
    Add Invader Zim.
    From: The World

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    Streaming content gets worse by the month. Forecast calls for mass cancellations.

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    Does anyone know if the expanse will come to netflix?

  • Otte Otte
    Otte Otte 7 months ago

    So...people won't watch ANY more Netflix shows because of a single 34-second trailer for a a show they are not required to watch? Even if it means missing episodes of those shows they like? Uh, OK.

    Honestly a little confused, but OK.

  • Julien Latour
    Julien Latour 7 months ago

    there is one series that would hit the spot! Christine (From Stephen King novel!!!) Just imagine...A slasher type with awesome fifties song, new owner into a new generation and...Same car!!! New relationship, action , love!!! And Rock n roll baby!!! Can't wait!!! Thumbs up please!! :):):)

  • A true meme master
    A true meme master 7 months ago

    Looks like your sjw content backfired

  • kane fensom
    kane fensom 7 months ago

    what happend to care bears adventures in care alot its not in australia fuck u netflix wow

  • Gustavo Fornasa
    Gustavo Fornasa 8 months ago

    When qurat season 2 of hunters of trolls?

  • Seri Jang
    Seri Jang 8 months ago

    Please "modern family", which is a TV-series, upload. why it is not here..whyㅠ.ㅠ

  • Cedric Riviere
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    dear netflix people go suck a bag of dicks

  • David Barragan
    David Barragan 8 months ago

    come on netflix not you too. leave the propaganda to the government i just wanna enjoy the great movies you been coming out with lately, but leave that dear white people shit alone. i would hate to end my subscription but if you keep coming out and supporting this sjw bullshit, i will have no choice to cancel my subscription. you could be something great with a lot of your originals being pretty good, but your digging our own grave if you keep coming with this craybaby sjw shit

    • Kurly Kayla
      Kurly Kayla 6 months ago

      No one gives a fuck. Literally, the only crybaby here is you and every other whiny white person in this comment section. God, white people are weak as fuck. Go get your diaper changed. Bye!

  • Pat Pro
    Pat Pro 8 months ago

    whats funny is that Netflix will still be here in 2 years with millions of subscribers...its what 200k-300k will unsubscribe over this "dear white people" nonsense...but guess what theres more whites out there who really couldn't give 2 fucks about the show or cancelling netflix ...there are blacks out there who will cancel over this and blacks who won't...what is funny is that the people who scream white racism are the same ones to laugh at black Asian and arab peoples expense...dear white peole quit being such a bunch of fucking cry babies fuck sake the snowflake generation has gone full retard..