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  • The Matty Digger
    The Matty Digger 2 months ago

    Have you ever seen any of Wong Kar Wai's movies?

  • nesa1126
    nesa1126 3 months ago

    I am just here to find something to watch. You have great taste for movies (and I rarely say that to people). So, when are you going to make recommendation videos?

  • DirtWizard
    DirtWizard 3 months ago

    hey man big fan of the channel, seen most of your videos more than once now, either by myself or trying to show my gf all this cool film theory you got going on. I watched "let the right one in" again the other day and had a thought. how do they decide to introduce characters and how does reflect the characters actual role or personality. the scene where it finally shows Eli and the gentleman that collects blood for her together made me think of this. they aren't seen together for quite a time into the movie, and i feel like this is to give more significance and depth to the relationship between the gentleman and Eli. Also i'm sure this applies in other movies, with comedies introducing characters in crazy ways to get a laugh, or my least favorite, revealing a characters true identity as a plot twist. would love to hear your thoughts on introductions and the significance of the framing. love the vids my dude, makes me feel like i'm not snipe hunting when i try to dive deeper into movie theory.

    • DirtWizard
      DirtWizard 2 months ago

      Hey thanks for the reply man means a lot. Recently showed Pulp Fiction to my girl for the first time and had to explain why I personally think nobody did dialogue better than Tarantino in Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs (next on the list). I'm glad you do what you do, and I appreciate the way you do commentary, no need for super quick cuts and providing meaningful commentary without spoiling the moment that you are outlining. Keep up the good work man!

    • Now You See It
      Now You See It 2 months ago

      I think I talk about this a little in my film score essay? The classic example is Hans Gruber in Die Hard. He enters through the elevator to MENACING music. I feel like this is the usual case for villains. He also walks towards the camera, showing his dominance.
      I also like Marsellus Wallace's entrance. We only see him from behind. Apparently, this was somewhat improvised because Tarantino had to acknowledge the band-aid that actor had to have because he cut himself shaving. He later said it accentuated his mercurial nature and was more interesting than single shots. Of course, one can't help but feel an homage to "The Godfather" in this shot. Now THAT'S the best character introduction ever. No other character introduction shows so much power, so much control. Vito doesn't need to say anything to get Americano a drink; he just moves his finger a tiny bit.

  • Bee_Mee
    Bee_Mee 3 months ago

    This is amazing. i have been looking for a channel with this exact content. Keep up the good work!

  • Judan Land
    Judan Land 4 months ago

    do you have a letterboxd account?

  • lejka005
    lejka005 7 months ago

    I know it is a tv show but still, I have to ask if you could make something about The Leftovers. That show completely touched and surprised me. It is getting better and better each season.

  • Yannick Sluyts
    Yannick Sluyts 8 months ago

    thanks!!! I learned a lot from this channel. You deserve more attention. More views.

  • Komischekatze
    Komischekatze 9 months ago

    hey dude, great videos that you're making. I actually study film and was wondering where you get all the movie material that you're uploading?

  • Liz Bug
    Liz Bug 10 months ago

    I would just like to say thank you for such an awesome channel and interesting videos!

  • The Woody Situation
    The Woody Situation 11 months ago

    You should do a video on "Mirrors in Movies" and what it represents.

  • Sam Levy
    Sam Levy 11 months ago

    Hey! Love your content! I have been thinking how cars are used in film lately, and I feel like that could be a very interesting subject for a video. How do cars influence the scene? What are the purposes of scenes shot inside of cars? What does a character's car choice mean?

  • Richard Hawkins
    Richard Hawkins Year ago

    I like your take on movie making. Have you done one on saying people's names in movies. Years ago I was asked to write a script for an amateur production. It was a family / kids show and I'd been watching a lot of kid's TV with my daughter. One thing I noticed was that if you didn't learn anything else watching the shows you learned the names of the characters! They say them all the time, like Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La and Po. Or Shrek, Donkey and Fiona! You can even hear the voices as you think about the names. I made sure that when my characters talked to each other they always used their names. I've noticed how sometimes in movies where they don't do this, it is easy to get lost. When someone refers to someone who is off screen, you may be thinking, "which one was that?!" I'd love to hear that analysed by someone who thinks about this stuff! Like is it dumbing down or is it a way of keeping the audience involved?

  • Cristian G Centes

    Just saying this here and now, I really hope this channel thrives and becomes very succesful one day. I WAS HERE @ 250,000 SUBS!

  • male6561
    male6561 Year ago

    request: a collection of all the cool cuts in movies!!!!!!!
    eg. in Luc Besson when a guy blows out the candles in his cake, and next it is all dark and the only light is from some lights down in the subway :)

  • male6561
    male6561 Year ago

    Hello, I am a fan and have a request for a video listing some of the best deliverings of information to the viewer. Sometimes I see this done in very elegant ways, where the viewer get the nessesary backstory/information without it being too obivious, and I would thus like to see a video listing as many examples of this as possible :)

  • Scyho Emanon
    Scyho Emanon Year ago

    need more videos like "touch." :D

  • natkatmac
    natkatmac Year ago

    Just discovered you today and I really enjoy your academic analysis. Hopefully your channel really grows, all that hard work has created some high-quality content!

  • Renz Vallarta
    Renz Vallarta Year ago

    Love your page art. 500 Days of Summer is still the best

  • Jake deBlecourt
    Jake deBlecourt Year ago

    Hey, I just wanted to say I really enjoy your channel. I've just recently become a cinema studies minor, so I love seeing channels like this that really focus on the intricate small details like one would a significant novel. Thanks!

  • Harvey Rabbit
    Harvey Rabbit Year ago

    +Now You See It
    I thank you for your great work, and I have subscribed.
    However, please take a note from "Every Frame a Painting" and add credits listing the movies you use in your presentation.
    It is respectful of the artist and allows us to place the movies we've seen and since forgotten.

  • cameron lu
    cameron lu Year ago

    Hello. I just want to compliment you on your skills to analyze and break apart certain situations and moments. Because I too will watch movies and see the same kind of things. Such as the drowning dead and rebirth situation and the touch moments in films. Keep doing this because you are bringing to light to the public the depth and the complexity of film making and what every scene really means. Thank you.

  • Felix Wen
    Felix Wen Year ago

    why is it that we like people like dr. house who in real life we wouldn't like spending time with, or more like what is it that movies/series do to make us like them.

  • David W
    David W Year ago

    Does the right side of the screen show power in a movie? I was watching No Country for Old Men and realized that Anton is usually shown on the right side of the screen. I was wondering if this was on purpose to show how intimidating and deadly he is.

  • Aunt Imogen
    Aunt Imogen Year ago

    I love you.

  • Rob Brothers
    Rob Brothers Year ago

    Concerning your video: Which way did he go? Lateral character movement in film.... You said that Strangers on a train was a film that realized this theory way before anyone studied this. But you could say that Maya Deren realized this in her 1943 film Meshes of the afternoon. It doesn't make a difference but I would just like to point that out.
    P.S. I wrote this here because I thought no one would see it since the video is 8 months old.

  • Vickie Marquez
    Vickie Marquez Year ago

    Pretty addicted to your channel! I am slowly making my way through all of them. You have a great narrative voice, right up there with the Minute Physics and Film/Game Theory!

  • Kadleth Belmont
    Kadleth Belmont Year ago

    I am finding many of your cinema videos freshly insightful. You are not just grabbing the microphone for attention with whatever cheap topic. Keep the good work.

  • Daniel Rojas
    Daniel Rojas Year ago

    Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for doing your videos. Of all the people that upload their film essays to youtube, you're one of my favorites because you go straight to the point in a classy way, and you achieve to make me 'see it' every single time. Thank you very much, and have a nice day and a nice life too.

  • Friend Ship
    Friend Ship Year ago

    I would like to know the meaning of the term classic cinema. The Meaning of classic film because my friends ask me about americaines classic films that I followed, but I struggled to answer that question.

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar Year ago

    i really like your work man,you are great.
    i was very curious to know about your favourite films of all times so can you plesaw ADD your #IMDB account in about section

  • Sam Sheekey
    Sam Sheekey Year ago

    I just found your channel, now I am hooked. Great work, man!

  • Domi
    Domi Year ago

    hello man. i just found your channel and i must say you do quite a good work. it's really noticeable that movies and series in general interest you a lot. keep up the good work

  • kotsos katanas
    kotsos katanas Year ago

    Maybe a video about genre Deconstruction?plzzzzzzzzzz

  • Legoking211
    Legoking211 Year ago

    I just finished watching every single one of your videos... I have too much time

  • Noah Kelly
    Noah Kelly Year ago

    You need to add stuff to your channel layout, like uploads and stuff.

    B1SCOOP Year ago

    Hey, can you take a look on russian war drama 'Come and see'?

  • Q Q4k
    Q Q4k Year ago

    one of the best channels on youtube, i look forward to youre future vids

  • Spencer Boverman

    Hey Now You See It, just wanted to let you know I think your videos are super informative as well as incredibly well made. I appreciate what you do.

  • YAMI Z
    YAMI Z Year ago

    you should do a video on foreshadowing

  • savant disgrace
    savant disgrace Year ago

    I think your channel is awesome. Keep up the great work. Thanks for putting these informative videos together. Great effort.

  • A Gorilla Movies

    i'm a new youtuber, i started lately making some montage videos about cinema, i'm still learning montage but what i really wanna do is videos like yours or like nerdwriter/Every Frame a Painting/channel criswell ... i wanna talk about cinema and discuss different cinematic subjects but i don't know how to start !
    can you please give me some tips/advices to help me get started ? i'll really appreciate it
    by the way i really love your work! your my favorite youtuber alongside with the ones i mentioned earlier.

  • BXM922
    BXM922 Year ago

    Hey, I love how much you go in depth with your videos on what you cover and I was wondering if you could try covering the art of dancing in film. Not so much about how good it looks but how much it develops or invokes a character and helps develops them. A few examples you could use is the dance scene from Bande Apart, the competition scene in Little Miss Sunshine and maybe the twist contest in Pulp Fiction. I'd like to see how you can cover this.

  • The Philosopher
    The Philosopher Year ago

    Just found your videos the other day. Subscribed! love'em.
    Keep it up!

  • yanir21
    yanir21 Year ago

    Quality content and awesome videos!
    can you talk about fight club? I wanna know what you have to say about it and its themes.

  • S
    S Year ago

    I like the Sun Tzu reference with your art of (anti) war video. Good stuff man, keep 'em coming!

  • broham1948
    broham1948 Year ago

    you probably dont take requests for videos but if you do, could you make a video about character development in shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender? your videos are awesome by the way...

  • Sir Tarquin
    Sir Tarquin Year ago

    I don't know if you take requests (if you don't cool) but I've been curious about the relationship between the background and the foreground in movies. Specifically events that happen in the background as other events unfold in the foreground. Can two different story's be told, one in the foreground and the other in the background, in the same movie? Thanks

  • NRTHE2 Videos
    NRTHE2 Videos Year ago

    do more

  • Hippocrates
    Hippocrates Year ago

    You could make a video about "found footage" type of films like Cloverfield or Chronicle.

  • Tegar Percy
    Tegar Percy Year ago

    Your voice is like tony....

  • MegaZombywoof
    MegaZombywoof Year ago

    Is the title of this channel a reference to the movie and book Red Dragon?

  • philliponcarbs
    philliponcarbs Year ago

    ever seen Enemy?

  • Vishnu Keezheth
    Vishnu Keezheth Year ago

    hhey man just here to inform you you are official awesomess

  • Now You See It
    Now You See It Year ago

    To explain my month long hiatus, here's my weekly Patreon post made available for everyone, not just my Patreon supporters. I also wrote some movie reviews (Room, Spotlight, Meet the Patels).

    • NRTHE2 Videos
      NRTHE2 Videos Year ago

      hey can you make how to make a good plot twist

  • Samad Rezakhany
    Samad Rezakhany Year ago

    Hew I really love your videos, I was just wondering, is there a way that I could help for you to make more, more often because the last one you made was a month ago and I can't wait till a new one, I know people use patreon and stuff, is the main issue sponsorship for you or what?

  • GabdeVue
    GabdeVue Year ago

    Just wanted to thank you for your great videos. I learned a lot and was entertained. I especially like the way you edit and the way you quote movies to show your points. I draw for a living so everything on composition, timing, format, staging... well, everything was very insightful.
    You're one of these people I'd enjoy also watching movie reviews from a lot! (I understand, that you do written short-reviews to your patreons)
    Good luck with your video series, I hope you'll find more support and thank you for providing us with free quality content : )

  • Nicholas Willms
    Nicholas Willms Year ago

    a thematic element often used in film is a "Christ-like" figure. Can you do a video on that, or, more generally, on the role of religious imagery/themes?

  • Docktor Jim
    Docktor Jim Year ago

    Hey! I just subscribed to your channel. Love your work! Please do a video on the importance of good Foley work, and how horrible it is when it's done wrong.

  • linguaphile
    linguaphile Year ago

    Why did I never see one of your videos before omg

  • Wei Wong
    Wei Wong Year ago

    I really want to watch your videos but I can't handle the narration. I think you remove the natural pauses between sentences, giving the listener no breathing room to process what you said. It gives an impression of an annoying stranger who can't stop talking.

  • outlaw pete
    outlaw pete Year ago

    fantastic channel mate!

  • Fabio van den Born

    really enjoy your channel!!

  • Mercedes Bryce Morgan

    Hey man. I just want to thank you so much for making these videos. It's amazing when someone puts as much time into something great as you did into making these and I feel like people don't get thanked enough for making them. I'm a film student at USC about to graduate and just binge-watched all your videos. Please make more! Thanks so much for giving back!:)

  • staytunedguitars
    staytunedguitars 2 years ago

    damnit!i just subscribed and finished what you have here on this webpage. continue to create more brilliant videos. I'm assuming there is a new one coming soon.?

  • Trenton Cason
    Trenton Cason 2 years ago

    Not sure how I found you, but I subbed and I like what you do. Keep it up!

  • Paula D
    Paula D 2 years ago

    Are you subscribed to Every Frame a Painting?

  • Raquel Fantasia
    Raquel Fantasia 2 years ago

    Shit! The Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. was fast... :( How will we watch the video you made?

    • Now You See It
      Now You See It 2 years ago

      +Raquel Fantasia My video falls under Fair Use, so hopefully this takedown will be resolved quickly and painlessly.

  • Fidel Cashflow
    Fidel Cashflow 2 years ago

    Amazing videos, but I feel that one major thing you could do to improve the quality of the videos is to display the movie title along with the scene you are showing in the video. I've seen a lot of great scenes you have used as examples that have gotten me interested in watching their respective film but couldn't figure out what the film was called. Other than that I think these videos are great and I'll definitely subscribe and support this channel.

  • Raquel Fantasia
    Raquel Fantasia 2 years ago

    I watch movies to think but it seems movies are getting more VFX than a good story nowadays... or maybe my eyes are missing some details...
    Thank you for all the effort sharing your points of view with us. I like the way you pick a theme and talk about it with references of a hand of movies.
    Keep the good job!

  • matheus Lopes da Silva

    great channel, keep up the good work

  • Louis Marr
    Louis Marr 2 years ago

    Great channel, brilliant insights.

  • Hector Felix Olmedo
    Hector Felix Olmedo 2 years ago

    Hi! I might be wrong and it might not concern me, but your videos seem not to be monetized yet. Hope you reply to this comment as soon as they are so I rewatch all of them! Great job! Keep up the good work!

  • Xplozhun85
    Xplozhun85 2 years ago

    Looks like Every Frame A Painting has some stiff competition ;) Keep up the good work man.

  • Elisa Caca
    Elisa Caca 2 years ago

    I'm in love with this channel.

  • Afonsaa
    Afonsaa 2 years ago

    awesome channel, keep it up ^^

  • Isadora M
    Isadora M 2 years ago

    so glad this channel exists

  • jwilder204
    jwilder204 2 years ago

    I just binge-watched all your videos - please keep them coming!

  • Jofferwrry
    Jofferwrry 2 years ago

    awesome vids! keep them coming :)

  • Tablet Account
    Tablet Account 2 years ago

    cool stuff, keep it up

  • Douglas Stahl
    Douglas Stahl 2 years ago

    Great channel man! :)