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Monday Mashup: Breaking Up
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Purgatony Coming To YouTube?
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  • khaor 13
    khaor 13 59 seconds ago

    9:02 music please 👍

  • Agnes N
    Agnes N 8 minutes ago

    14:22 my brain will not allow me to process *this...*

  • Ragnar Li
    Ragnar Li 10 minutes ago

    Therapy, also known as puppetception

  • Dein name Ist mein wort
    Dein name Ist mein wort 11 minutes ago

    Really SHIT for christians

  • Capt. Coneddy Daily Defense

    Left, the guy on the right is probably allergic.

  • Adrielle Heerdt
    Adrielle Heerdt 14 minutes ago

    Poor larry

  • Keter
    Keter 17 minutes ago

    4:11 4:11 4:11 4:11 4:11 4:11 4:11 4:11 4:11 4:11 4:11 4:11 4:11 4:11 4:11 4:11 4:11 4:11 I made these for no reason

  • Pizza Rolls
    Pizza Rolls 20 minutes ago

    Im sick😂 Fart in a jar martin Queef in a can ann

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales 23 minutes ago

    I'm your friend I felt bad so hi there friend

    DARKAVENRAY 25 minutes ago

    hey chip you pronounce my username?

  • Wes Strattman
    Wes Strattman 29 minutes ago

    Right because he does not like doggo and has no hair.

  • jaded1121
    jaded1121 33 minutes ago

    Left. Trump needs his friends taken out.

  • Steele Comrade
    Steele Comrade 34 minutes ago

    0:35 Roblox murder mystery portrayed by C&H

  • Katya Shirk
    Katya Shirk 35 minutes ago

    left: the dictator is evil and probably tourtures animals for fun

  • Cole VanderWaal
    Cole VanderWaal 38 minutes ago

    Left: the dictator might make people eat their dogs out of starvation

  • Im person
    Im person 40 minutes ago

    Can you please make new content cause I have been a fan for a long time now and I appreciate what you make but it gets boring

  • Vincent Torrijos
    Vincent Torrijos 44 minutes ago

    Left, because I only like first world dictators

  • George Washington
    George Washington 45 minutes ago

    I would not support my kid if he or she is gay I would disown them right there and then

  • Emeric Moses
    Emeric Moses 49 minutes ago

    poor sad Larry always gets food kicked in his face I actually feel bad for him

  • DarkAn9el05
    DarkAn9el05 49 minutes ago

    I vote right

  • DarkAn9el05
    DarkAn9el05 57 minutes ago

    I choose right

  • DutchRacing
    DutchRacing Hour ago

    Right because hot dogs are the best.

  • Anas Attaoui
    Anas Attaoui Hour ago

    Not cool man

  • donovan bausone
    donovan bausone Hour ago


  • Beyblade Genius
    Beyblade Genius Hour ago

    Right, dogs are the most important

  • NeMar Prdakšn
    NeMar Prdakšn Hour ago


  • pikagamer 5639
    pikagamer 5639 Hour ago

    You should have a diamond play button by now becuase you have 10 million subs

  • Mark Lewis
    Mark Lewis Hour ago

    That image of Jesus and the Devil fighting for the earth is a legit horror

  • The God Doge
    The God Doge Hour ago

    Right, all who dislike the good ones shall perish

  • B1buna `
    B1buna ` Hour ago

    I changed the comment so you will never know why I didn't get any like

  • ScrappYT
    ScrappYT Hour ago

    Yelp should have listened to your grandma lol 😂

    PEDROSANS Boi Hour ago


  • Daniele Migliore


  • Cookie monster
    Cookie monster 2 hours ago

    Right: because anyone who doesnt like dogs has no soul anyway.

  • Christina Singleton
    Christina Singleton 2 hours ago

    6:52 this part had me dying!! XD

  • jazz frisk
    jazz frisk 2 hours ago

    Right he is breaking the law of nature

  • Nikolas Papadopoulos


  • Connor Hebert
    Connor Hebert 2 hours ago

    Left: if the dictator murders his people, who feeds their dogs?

  • Matheus Prado
    Matheus Prado 2 hours ago

    Right:Dogs Are The Most Friendly Animals Of The Man (i m just making you happy tom)

  • Fursey Rain
    Fursey Rain 2 hours ago

    Standing 360 Backflip

  • legalize homicide
    legalize homicide 2 hours ago

    Haha... He's dead now

  • IgamerI3 Dtars
    IgamerI3 Dtars 2 hours ago

    Milk experation: 21 nov Todays datum: 22 nov Me:why?????🤧🤧🤧😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😥😥😥

  • Lukas Daniel Klausner

    Left, of course. I mean, it's not like the guy on the right doesn't like *cats*.

  • Christopher Schoech
    Christopher Schoech 2 hours ago

    Not gonna lie bro, that was kinda cringe

  • Damien Randall
    Damien Randall 2 hours ago

    Does anyone see somthing wrong 9:19 👀?

  • jaythe gamer1
    jaythe gamer1 3 hours ago

    Right dogs are gods best friend

  • Decent Master
    Decent Master 3 hours ago

    Right: EVen the dictator probably likes dogs. Dog-hating is a big no no

  • many games
    many games 3 hours ago


  • Karenpato
    Karenpato 3 hours ago

    wtf xd

    GODZILLAGAMER 36 3 hours ago

    Left, kill all those who hate people who love dogs Leffffffttttt. star wars

  • Jesse Wilson
    Jesse Wilson 3 hours ago


  • Brian Benfield
    Brian Benfield 3 hours ago

    SportsCenter moment.

  • V plays gacha
    V plays gacha 3 hours ago

    Poor Larry

  • Ayanda Thafeni
    Ayanda Thafeni 3 hours ago

    Shame, poor doctor. He can't have his cake and eat it

  • Ayanda Thafeni
    Ayanda Thafeni 3 hours ago

    I have never seen so many viewers missing the point of the video. LOL. It's remarkable that they can even spell

  • Sweelite
    Sweelite 4 hours ago

    Imagine a earthquake and the glassen break...

  • AwesomePawsomekat forever


  • Dave Sann
    Dave Sann 4 hours ago

    Left because he probably hurts dogs.

  • Guter
    Guter 4 hours ago

    Right. Not all dictators are bad .

  • Peter odax
    Peter odax 4 hours ago


  • catgog
    catgog 4 hours ago

    Left the guy chose to de a dictator the guy on the left might be allergic to dogs and that is why he doesn't like them

  • Cammy Shaffer
    Cammy Shaffer 4 hours ago


  • Zack Long
    Zack Long 4 hours ago


  • Perpetually_Biased
    Perpetually_Biased 4 hours ago

    How often are the compilations put out? Does anyone have an idea?

  • Zack Long
    Zack Long 4 hours ago


  • Zack Long
    Zack Long 4 hours ago


  • mr Gopnik
    mr Gopnik 4 hours ago

    God, those sad Larry stories are WAY too depressing, just kill the poor guy already

  • Arox
    Arox 4 hours ago

    1:53 what has just happened with his eyes?

  • walfa
    walfa 4 hours ago

    Please Stop 😂😂😂

  • Martim Vilela
    Martim Vilela 4 hours ago

    Left. The dictator hurts people and the dog hater leaves us with more dogs to love.

  • mr atherton Qld
    mr atherton Qld 5 hours ago

    Left he needs to go

  • Honoka
    Honoka 5 hours ago

    How did grandma teleport to the room then strip so fast?

  • Freddy Mercury
    Freddy Mercury 5 hours ago

    Weebot sucks

  • Tuesdays 2
    Tuesdays 2 5 hours ago

    I mean sad larry

  • Tuesdays 2
    Tuesdays 2 5 hours ago

    I want to give dad Larry a hug and bunch that whole family into the sun

  • Senpai Papai
    Senpai Papai 5 hours ago

    @2:18 Hi Gay, I am Dad

  • MPRF12345
    MPRF12345 5 hours ago


  • MPRF12345
    MPRF12345 5 hours ago


  • MPRF12345
    MPRF12345 5 hours ago


  • Wapi Smart
    Wapi Smart 5 hours ago

    They should make harry the handsome butcher part 4

  • Jappo 06
    Jappo 06 6 hours ago

    Right because everyone love dogs

  • Im Groot
    Im Groot 6 hours ago

    Is ted bear Aussie

  • Douglas Gables Jr. Benjamin

    This gentleman has a dark-skin woman for his wife. The husband cheated on a blonde white-skin lady. The end, it just a Halloween musk and Poster lady on the apartment in a cartoon had seen so disgusting on TVclip. A piece of SHIT to waste my time in a minute. WTF!!!

  • I’m bad at vids
    I’m bad at vids 6 hours ago

    Did anyone else see those 🐢?

  • Douglas Gables Jr. Benjamin

    I see the company logo on the outside of the building. And this building disappeared in the cartoon. This company looks so suck that their workers had even been hating it.

  • Emma Rach
    Emma Rach 6 hours ago

    Right your a murderer but he is a Ass

  • Will
    Will 6 hours ago

    Right dogs are mans best friend and the dictator might be good

  • brandonprows
    brandonprows 6 hours ago

    Woah. A full length short.

  • Douglas Gables Jr. Benjamin

    These couples look so selfish that they forgot their child missing for years, but when they knew their daughter might be poor and bad-looking, they’ve had been disliking to find her.

  • Prof.SniperBaris47 001

    0:22 When you done on the Math Test!!!

  • Douglas Gables Jr. Benjamin

    I think this little girl really needs a hit on her head or on her ass.

  • Shaquan Carden
    Shaquan Carden 7 hours ago


  • Silver Gears
    Silver Gears 7 hours ago

    As much as I feel for Larry, he killed his dad....

  • Douglas Gables Jr. Benjamin

    I didn’t remember this in my favorite story. Americans destroy British fairytale stories.

  • Douglas Gables Jr. Benjamin

    I didn’t like this episode that made me scared. And it also shocked me.

  • Alyssa Benton666
    Alyssa Benton666 7 hours ago

    I remember when first seeing this when i was 8. Good days.

  • Ricardo Duplan
    Ricardo Duplan 7 hours ago

    The dump one was sad

  • Comikazie 2
    Comikazie 2 7 hours ago

    Left:that guy is not a good guy in the other side he wants to make the world a better place

  • brickmaster3x3
    brickmaster3x3 7 hours ago

    Left because there's a dog too close to the guy on the right. All dogs go to heaven.

  • The Psycho-like gamer

    I'm now concerned if there were men who were thinking of eating p*ssy or a$$ and how they created those dishes