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iconic songs from nickelodeon
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me day 1 of my diet
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happy 4th of july
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  • Apex _xtrixstr
    Apex _xtrixstr 5 minutes ago

    None of these sound like there from the 80’s

  • Afna Namo
    Afna Namo 55 minutes ago

    What does selfie have to do with LGBTQ

  • Bolachas Mabel
    Bolachas Mabel Hour ago

    Stand by Me is my dad's favorite music, and Beautiful Girls is my mom's favorite music This is great....?

  • Joxhua Thomax
    Joxhua Thomax Hour ago

    Lmaoooo there’s a few good ones but apart from that this bitch was deffo born after 99’

  • Spring
    Spring 2 hours ago

    We’re never gonna get videos like this ever again on the internet 😢

  • Vlute
    Vlute 2 hours ago

    metro boomin do be wanting more doe

  • Barry White
    Barry White 3 hours ago

    No one talking about Pumped up Kicks?

    RONNIE REJOTO 3 hours ago

    For real scot look like a pitbull...

  • Isaiah Navarrette
    Isaiah Navarrette 3 hours ago

    R.i.p kobe

  • Simply Riley
    Simply Riley 3 hours ago

    old music is way better bops then now

  • Nade Nedeva
    Nade Nedeva 3 hours ago

    Bnha fans: Ah so thats what they looked like without Kaminari and Kirishima's faces on..

  • Lilacwolfî è
    Lilacwolfî è 3 hours ago

    Not to be racist or anything WhBUhgyuvdbsbahsgjnagshahahahccc bUNA HAHA- -exec shut down.

  • Lisa
    Lisa 3 hours ago

    I miss One Direction

  • SpidaBoyRaha 21
    SpidaBoyRaha 21 4 hours ago

    R.i.P. Kobe

  • HIGHvoltage79
    HIGHvoltage79 4 hours ago

    I want a loop of his scream 5:13

  • Jonathan Adeyemo
    Jonathan Adeyemo 4 hours ago


  • and i oop—you look like an oompa loompa ————-

    LOL y’all did cardi wrong with that intro🤣

  • MinuiGacha YT
    MinuiGacha YT 4 hours ago

    I came here to see wdw

  • Ix Zarco xI
    Ix Zarco xI 4 hours ago

    0:03 Me trying to sing AH AH AH STABILIZE

  • Ellja
    Ellja 5 hours ago

    January, February, March, April, May, June, JASON DERUUULOOO

  • Ellja
    Ellja 5 hours ago

    Almost all one direction are sampled 😂

  • b bread
    b bread 5 hours ago

    Interrupts Justin Bieber Ok Interrupts Panic! At the Disco GOD DAMMIT

  • Khadi _145
    Khadi _145 5 hours ago

    Came here of the one and only BTS💜

  • Ellja
    Ellja 5 hours ago


  • Louise Martin
    Louise Martin 5 hours ago

    I’m sorry but your missing a boy and here. Your missing JLS

  • Timur Ivak
    Timur Ivak 5 hours ago

    Metro Boomer want some more nigga

  • Romina.H Castillo apaza

    One direction ❤️✌️

  • Dustin Gray
    Dustin Gray 5 hours ago

    When it’s 2020 and vine is still what keeps you alive.🤪

  • Gracie P
    Gracie P 5 hours ago

    Do celeb crushes qualify?

  • Gracie P
    Gracie P 6 hours ago


  • Gracie P
    Gracie P 6 hours ago

    Baby! *Fangirls insanely*

  • Gracie P
    Gracie P 6 hours ago

    Someone said

  • Gracie P
    Gracie P 6 hours ago


  • Gracie P
    Gracie P 6 hours ago

    How dare he interrupt Baby!

  • Gracie P
    Gracie P 6 hours ago

    0:47 I love Justin Bieber!

  • Gracie P
    Gracie P 6 hours ago

    Do a Justin Bieber version of this!

  • Gracie P
    Gracie P 6 hours ago

    I always thought Love Yourself was about respecting who you are

  • Gracie P
    Gracie P 6 hours ago

    It’s gonna be may!

  • Ozzy Bear
    Ozzy Bear 6 hours ago

    I came here for no reason. All these weird people obsessing over seeing some idiots singing a bad song on a video is making me uncomfortable and I'm going to leave now bye

  • Gracie P
    Gracie P 6 hours ago

    It kinda hurts knowing they’re married. I always wanted to be his wife

  • Gracie P
    Gracie P 6 hours ago

    I clicked because I saw Justin Bieber

  • Gracie P
    Gracie P 6 hours ago

    3:49 Wow...

  • Kim Juana Lehmann
    Kim Juana Lehmann 6 hours ago

    Yeeeees i was searching for right now, but only remembered like something from the musicvid omg so happy!!!!

  • Nruton José
    Nruton José 7 hours ago

    The wanted 😍

  • Psytrance Slovakia
    Psytrance Slovakia 7 hours ago

    You all gotta admit that black people make the best vines.

  • pato k
    pato k 7 hours ago

    Bitc. All these song are trash asf

  • Emma Hanna
    Emma Hanna 7 hours ago

    I came for The Beatles

  • 3chiri
    3chiri 7 hours ago

    can't believe you didn't put Harry Styles moment!

  • MoMo_ Beatz
    MoMo_ Beatz 7 hours ago

    Pls dont shoot me, I surrender

  • Cassie Kesselring
    Cassie Kesselring 7 hours ago

    Me: *See’s Beach Boys, Beatles, Monkees, and J5* Also Me: I may be young, but this is what I came for.

  • Károly Varga
    Károly Varga 7 hours ago

    Akon's lonely: the choir sounds like mice singing in food storage.

  • DollyQueeny
    DollyQueeny 8 hours ago

    None of this sounds like the 80’s

  • Alice Ghignoli
    Alice Ghignoli 8 hours ago


  • Mia Butler
    Mia Butler 9 hours ago

    I don't get the bts hype lol cos 1D probably hypnotised me or some shit

  • Mia Butler
    Mia Butler 9 hours ago

    The band I used to stan: one direction The band I stan now: one direction *DUH*

  • Mia Butler
    Mia Butler 9 hours ago

    Let's be honest you only clicked cos you saw the thumbnail

  • リントゥルオト陸ミカエル

    ”If Young Metro don’t trust you I’m gon shoot you”

  • Bubble Gum 90
    Bubble Gum 90 9 hours ago

    I actually have stuttering problem,If only me suttering in real life could become this cool this world would be so much better for me..*crying while stuttering*

  • MoonLight 22
    MoonLight 22 9 hours ago

    Backstreet Boys Are the best🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • bo kotbani
    bo kotbani 9 hours ago

    8:35 I am JOHN CENA (nose-flute):" doodoodoodoooo doodoodoodoooo!"

  • bo kotbani
    bo kotbani 9 hours ago


  • bo kotbani
    bo kotbani 9 hours ago

    7:24 I always get such a weird feeling in my stomach when I heard this girl saying :"...all you gotta do is...WALK AWAYYYYYAYYYYAYYY" Am I the only 1?

  • Agnė Pilypaitė
    Agnė Pilypaitė 9 hours ago

    Only early 2000s kids can relate

  • emmatrcs
    emmatrcs 10 hours ago

    i promise i didn’t come only for 1d and the beatles isswear

  • Matthew Van Pelt
    Matthew Van Pelt 11 hours ago

    Anyone else see most of his bits are about women

  • Serpil Orhan Idriz
    Serpil Orhan Idriz 11 hours ago

    2:47 song name??

  • Hii Power
    Hii Power 12 hours ago

    Swae's melody in the entire Sremmlife2 was amazing

  • Shifra Tundag
    Shifra Tundag 12 hours ago

    2:49 that look got me meltinggg🥵

  • Backwards Alphabet Girl UwU

    TVclip: hey, want some content? Me: La.

  • Torveeg
    Torveeg 13 hours ago

    His name is Jason Derulo

  • Amina Ahmed
    Amina Ahmed 13 hours ago

    the best thing ever

  • Nathaniel XXX
    Nathaniel XXX 14 hours ago


  • Nathaniel XXX
    Nathaniel XXX 14 hours ago


  • eva eva
    eva eva 14 hours ago

    i love this

  • Nathaniel XXX
    Nathaniel XXX 14 hours ago


  • Zara Evee
    Zara Evee 14 hours ago

    I forgot Shawn Mendes got FAMOUS ON VINE!!!

  • Aylin Wei
    Aylin Wei 15 hours ago


  • Vasvi Negi
    Vasvi Negi 16 hours ago

    Still better than me

  • Vasvi Negi
    Vasvi Negi 16 hours ago

    You know what is gonna happen when you put one Direction in thumbnail

  • Megin Marie
    Megin Marie 17 hours ago

    Can we bring back the classicsss

  • —진솔
    —진솔 17 hours ago

    0:53 Y’all dont have an idea of how much i love this ADRIANA IS SUCH A QUEEN

  • shamara gardner
    shamara gardner 17 hours ago

    bood up sounds like a 2020 song to me not gonna lie

  • Dr lean
    Dr lean 18 hours ago

    When you realize it’s thugger

  • Stephen Black
    Stephen Black 19 hours ago

    Hey you've forgotten "The Weeknd" his song Starboy

  • izabel barbosa lima
    izabel barbosa lima 19 hours ago

    Rihana n vale nadaaa lkķkk

  • Anthony Grande
    Anthony Grande 19 hours ago

    this fr made my day 😂

  • Sangram Sutar
    Sangram Sutar 19 hours ago

    me: boy bands ?!!! means BTS me:really PRETTYMUCH anyways i love your video

  • Mochi safe
    Mochi safe 19 hours ago


  • Stakkyabread
    Stakkyabread 19 hours ago

    Damn how hungry are you bro?

  • Amando Boop
    Amando Boop 20 hours ago

    1:25 If you're wearing a pikachu shirt, you best believe you're already cool 😍 2:48 That would be so cool to love something with so many people in the same room like that 😂 4:35 When Shawn was single 😭 8:28 Reminds me of the Musical at my school that I couldn't go too, it was surprisingly High School Musical also 😞

  • Rheanna Dominguez
    Rheanna Dominguez 20 hours ago

    You l just aren’t gonna include when life gives ya lemons, John cena, anime kid, and my boy unstoppable Zach?

  • Josue Marentes
    Josue Marentes 20 hours ago

    !!!viva MEXICO!!!!

  • DanTheMan 2150AD
    DanTheMan 2150AD 21 hour ago

    5:36 just for future reference when I inevitably return...

  • Batwom
    Batwom 22 hours ago

    Way to expand ya brand, my man 🤣

  • Dragwolf_ Assassin
    Dragwolf_ Assassin 22 hours ago

    0:21 That little girl look like she 20. BUT DAT LIPSTICK-

  • contracting
    contracting 23 hours ago

    never defines what he wants more of

  • Darcy Flynn
    Darcy Flynn 23 hours ago

    I am *EXTREMELY* Upset, a whole video of vines, and the *ITS WEDNESDAY MY DUDES. OOAHHHHHHHH.* vine wasn't in there, im sad now 😂

  • itzz jai&john
    itzz jai&john 23 hours ago

    Its got 420 likes lmao 😂😂😂

  • 애비강
    애비강 23 hours ago


  • itsyunji
    itsyunji 23 hours ago