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25 Funny Pig Jokes
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Top 25 Cat Puns
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25 Most Bizarre Spiders
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The 25 Worst People Ever
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25 Crazy Rites Of Passage
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  • Jill M
    Jill M Hour ago

    I got 17 right. As a former Floridian, I'm with you on the Palmetto bug thing. My daughters joked we could put saddles on them, they were so big! Aggressive too. Yuck! I don't miss them one damn bit.

  • Cynthia Kellogg
    Cynthia Kellogg 2 hours ago

    I kinda like your current set up ... what's the diff ??

  • Jane mitchell
    Jane mitchell 2 hours ago

    Life happens things move on atleast we still have your wonderful lists an great presenters. I like the relaxed atmosphere of this set up.

  • Mista Fozz
    Mista Fozz 2 hours ago

    My has been Mandela'd in the past...He was telling me he liked the Band Genesis a while back, he went to tell me that Peter Gabriel was dead, he was absolutely adamant he was no longer on this mortal coil. I have showed him evidence that Ol' Pedro is still alive and kicking and has never fully accepted that he is still alive

  • DJ Gene
    DJ Gene 2 hours ago

    I guy I used to work with, here in Florida, used a smart phone to fake police lights and attempted to pull over a vehicle. The person he pulled over was an actual cop, off duty.

  • jackgibs xxx07
    jackgibs xxx07 2 hours ago

    Can not hear you for the world's best tune playing in the background👍😄😄.......#-24 well it's the USSR..........#-21 SAY WHAT???? I "cant" understand that.......

  • False Sanity
    False Sanity 2 hours ago

    I tend not to follow trends.

    RICK JOHNSON 2 hours ago

    Mensa test 1967: 151. But had just come back from 10 months in S.E. Asia 36 hours before test, so on a focus score, not a sharp day. Biorhythms kinda out of sink. But who knows?

  • Josh Lunt
    Josh Lunt 2 hours ago

    Hehe I love the dancing panda at the end! :P x

  • Hanabi - Chan
    Hanabi - Chan 2 hours ago

    Some of this graves look peaceful to be honest XD

  • jackgibs xxx07
    jackgibs xxx07 2 hours ago

    #19 mars -home of the borg........#17 that one made me think........#5 I want to be one of the 80........#4 the new me

  • James Short
    James Short 2 hours ago

    Now I don't feel so guilty eating a bag of pork rinds and beef jerky... bacon, come to me!

  • Danni Antagonist
    Danni Antagonist 2 hours ago

    Thanks for teaching this nerd a few new things 🤓

  • The American Shepherd

    Too bad life can't be like in a Disney movie.

  • Terry Davenport
    Terry Davenport 2 hours ago

    #15...I would remind you of the Christchurch shootings...and there are other mass shootings since 1996.

  • brandon smith
    brandon smith 2 hours ago

    I got 14 correct. I wouldn't mind more trivia videos.

  • Stephen Ryan
    Stephen Ryan 2 hours ago


  • Veronica Ferguson
    Veronica Ferguson 2 hours ago

    Got 10.As animal person shakes her head. And no i wouldn't want to be an infant again.Just go back to 30

  • Anton Ivanov
    Anton Ivanov 2 hours ago

    Striper pole

  • Chantelle McLaren (Alyssa Chey)

    I think the office looks cool!

  • junocomm
    junocomm 2 hours ago

    Darth Vader said 'No, Luke, I am your father' . I am a Star Wars fan and that is my favorite line. After that, Luke Skywalker says "No! It's not true! That's impossible! Then Darth Vader says "Search your feelings! You know it to be true!" Here is an interview of James Earl Jones who does the voice of Darth Vader talking about the script that actually shows the line and he actually says the line.

  • tomg cooktown
    tomg cooktown 2 hours ago

    Nobody is going to accuse either of you of being stuck up, guys. If there is an asylum in Tampa, don't get too close, :). TgT

  • Cynthia Fontenot
    Cynthia Fontenot 2 hours ago

    I got 2

  • Chantelle McLaren (Alyssa Chey)

    I only got a few but I was surprised I got the age of the turtle right.

  • Rhonda Hicken
    Rhonda Hicken 2 hours ago

    i got 6 tiht

  • Halit Uresin
    Halit Uresin 2 hours ago

    Just think if the zombies would mutate and have super speed and super strenght

  • Cynthia Fontenot
    Cynthia Fontenot 3 hours ago

    Cockroaches really glide not fly. Did you also know that polar bear fur is not white it's clear. Just some fun facts for you. Love your channels

  • Shadow Phoenix
    Shadow Phoenix 3 hours ago

    Harder than i expected, but i got most. No way you got them all.

  • Regina L.
    Regina L. 3 hours ago

    I got some right, and also learned a few new things. As for the question Mike asked: I would only want to revert back to an infant state if I could retain the knowledge of my previous life. Jellyfish don't have too many problems with that, I'd guess.

  • Stacey Bailey
    Stacey Bailey 3 hours ago

    Honestly I only got 8, and am surprised it was that many.

  • Terry Davenport
    Terry Davenport 3 hours ago

    List25 previously (or at least in another video) report that the Namib fairy rings were caused by termites. And please quit reporting on Amelia Earhardt.

  • Trevor Cobelo
    Trevor Cobelo 3 hours ago

    John Adams has to be higher

  • Terry Davenport
    Terry Davenport 3 hours ago

    #7--why would someone in New Mexico resort to using Scotland Yard for identification of a photo?

  • mgelliott86
    mgelliott86 3 hours ago

    I got 9

  • Marilyn Uyehara
    Marilyn Uyehara 3 hours ago

    7 1/2....sigh

  • David M Jackson
    David M Jackson 3 hours ago

    I went to art school and the problem is architects think what they create is "art". It's not. That's like plumbers thinking they're fashion designers. They're buildings which look like they're trying not to be buildings.

  • Jackie C
    Jackie C 3 hours ago

    Wow...I got 2 out of 25. That's not so good. But in my defense, those were some tough questions.

  • Known2Blaze
    Known2Blaze 3 hours ago

    20 is a myth. Though your knowledge is correct. Medical Students and 1st year residents are given mundane tasks. Tracking down other doctors, ordering meds, radiology exams, calling transport.. etc. Anything major, they are there to observe. Not until they reach their 2nd year in surgery they do what refer to as "Swing" shift over night, and my be given tasks of "Surgery" under an attending's Supervision Well at least where I work. I could go into the whole practice and what we do in order for patient safety, and best treatment. But You watch House, and Grey's Anatomy.. you know better.

  • rodrigo torres enriquez

    I like 2 -3 right that’s about it still fun though

  • Big Rudd
    Big Rudd 3 hours ago

    I only got 9 right, yikes!

  • John Barber
    John Barber 3 hours ago

    You become a Frenchman! Hahahahaha!

  • Terry Davenport
    Terry Davenport 3 hours ago

    Biggest unsolved mystery is 'was the speaker on a time limit' to rush thru the whole list so quickly? Geez, take a breath!

  • Mandy B
    Mandy B 3 hours ago

    Did ok, got 17 and 3 were close (a couple of mph out on the ostrich, that sort of thing). Many years as a David Attenborough fan :-D I thought other animals had been found to practise altruism too. I know that humpbacks have been seen to protect (IIRC) grey whales against the orcas which lie in wait on the traditional route to the Arctic so they can kill the baby. They only eat a bit of it, after hours of attacking, which shows that hunger isn't the main driving factor for these attacks. Recently, humpbacks have been tracked swimming something like up to 200 miles to intervene. Dolphins put themselves between humans and sharks (putting themselves in danger), any number of domesticated animals, including pigs and cows, have repeatedly protected either their owners or other animals. Many animals 'adopt' orphans of different species - sometimes crossing the boundaries between say, mammal and reptile (it's more understandable that a mammal will connect with another one, and so on). So I find that answer to be... certainly not deliberately false but possibly incorrectly researched? If there is only one source I'd have been inclined to search for academic journals with papers on altruism. And if I remember correctly, praying mantises will catch and kill small snakes and other reptiles (though given where they live, baby turtles are unlikely prey). It's an amazing thought that something with such a small head would be able to kill, let alone eat even the smallest reptiles but I'm 99% certain that this was the species of insect I heard of which does this. Also army ants have been known to kill humans, so I'd say they're pretty dangerous. If a human falls in their path, they get swarmed in a very short space of time. Thousands (or tens of thousands) of them in one go can easily overwhelm a human purely from the pain of the bites, let alone the acid they inject. So, when it comes down to it, there may be a 'best of' (or 'worst of', depending on your perspective), but that doesn't mean that there isn't a runner-up very close to them! Sleep well folks :-D

  • Hope Meyer
    Hope Meyer 3 hours ago

    My blood type is O+

  • ron carlisle
    ron carlisle 3 hours ago

    i never even heard of most of these shows and with conan obrien when they made him leave and brought jay leno back the ratings went down then they pulled him and thats why that happened

  • Predatory Mistress
    Predatory Mistress 4 hours ago

    funny, dude )))

  • Dan Dutre
    Dan Dutre 4 hours ago

    Big crunch, big rip. Sounds like me on taco night.

  • Wendy Nowell
    Wendy Nowell 4 hours ago

    Ok, so it's spelled out for your viewers. I hope, like me, it doesn't matter where you compose the lists. You could hang a green screen in front of the mirrored doors and we would watch very happily. Go list 25!

  • Jacinta Marling
    Jacinta Marling 4 hours ago

    Got 6 right. But learned a lot!

  • Susan Robinson
    Susan Robinson 4 hours ago

    I like the thought of having quizzes every once in awhile. Like, have them every month, just until you get a bunch more thought out. Then make it a feature for Mondays OR for Fridays, something like that. Mike & Tristan--I felt this would also benefit from questions that have multiple choice options for the answers, though it would probably be a lot of work to set it up! I am a huge fan of trivia and would be willing to assist you with this in. Any. Way. Possible! Again, just let me know if you might be interested and **MAYBE** we can set some time where we gather questions and/or the answers and email them to you! I am sure we could figure SOMETHING out, even if I get a twitter account so we can talk (I hate Twitter,but those are MY issues, lol). So after all of this, and you haven't blocked me, I will take that as a good sign! :D Cheers! ~Susan

  • Latoya Cavin
    Latoya Cavin 4 hours ago

    I got 7...🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ And I would like to revert back to infancy... at least once to see what it's like...🤷‍♀️😂

  • ron carlisle
    ron carlisle 4 hours ago

    spread there legs thats a new way to put it i think he needs to get his head out of the gutter or to start having different thoughts or fantasies

  • Laura Nelson
    Laura Nelson 4 hours ago

    After 5 1/2, I quit counting. The facts you shared were more interesting than counting. Plus after the platypus answer, I don't think I knew any. 🤣🤣🤣

  • William Fisher
    William Fisher 4 hours ago

    Fact 15. Maybe a Leftorium is a good idea.

  • wtf iswrongwithher
    wtf iswrongwithher 4 hours ago

    hey- I think number 9 is adorable :)

  • Dottie Gillespie
    Dottie Gillespie 4 hours ago

    Yes, I would go back to an infant immediately. Hahahaha I love list 25!!! 🤘

  • wtf iswrongwithher
    wtf iswrongwithher 4 hours ago

    what happened to number 14? wrong sound bite :o

  • Feelings don't Matter

    Abscessed tooth

  • SevCaswell
    SevCaswell 4 hours ago

    20/25, not bad

  • regina Teplow
    regina Teplow 4 hours ago

    It's all good. 👍 Do what works for you. 😉

  • elizabeth stacks
    elizabeth stacks 4 hours ago

    5 1/2

  • Elizabeth Tore
    Elizabeth Tore 4 hours ago

    I did good,I missed 5 total. 😁

  • william francis Collett

    You got them all because you had to do the research. About 6): it wouldn't be like re living your life, a rebirth is from where we are now, I like some of my memories. Interesting Panda look Tristan 😵🤪

    • list25
      list25 4 hours ago

      Incorrect. I just host the lists. I write very few of them.

  • jeremy natoli
    jeremy natoli 4 hours ago

    I'm a bit of an animal nerd, so I got most of them right away. A few I had to think about but,surprisingly,got those right too. Nice

  • Harry Chung
    Harry Chung 4 hours ago

    Hey, nobody said anything about having word questions on this test? ...and I forgot my #2 pencil.

  • Naji Bro
    Naji Bro 4 hours ago

    Oof 12 right :(

  • Tra Blunt
    Tra Blunt 4 hours ago

    Knew a majority. Some were slightly inaccurate but overall do it again. My score was 23 missed the blue whale and humpback just wrong or didnt know.

  • TK Mo
    TK Mo 4 hours ago

    I don't think Volts are a measurement of quantity or "how much". I'm speculating to an extent but, I think it is a measurement of potential or quantity over time, like horsepower. This is a subject I'm not educated on nor comfortably knowledgeable about and I'd appreciate input from someone who does know.

  • Josh Haynie
    Josh Haynie 4 hours ago

    :) * * * Thanks

  • Mathinus Wolters
    Mathinus Wolters 5 hours ago

    I got 6 correct, and there where a lot that I knew somewhere in the back of my mind xD But I enjoyed this video :) And I have learned what ultraïsm is (English is not my main language)

  • Princess Goldenrod
    Princess Goldenrod 5 hours ago

    I got ten of these right: 23, 20, 19, 15, 14, 13, 12, 9, 6, 4

  • Robert Bacle
    Robert Bacle 5 hours ago

    Where was I-4?

  • Billy Marks KD9JDD
    Billy Marks KD9JDD 5 hours ago

    I missed 3

  • lorrie Lehnerz
    lorrie Lehnerz 5 hours ago

    I got just over half

  • B Shepard
    B Shepard 5 hours ago

    10 right, of course i didnt have cheater notes

  • MyBrainEatsEverything

    HI MIKE! Can you do a video about the most common spelling and punctuation errors (USA) please?Like what an apostrophe is actually used for, the use of who vs whom, or what the difference is between similar-sounding words (there, their, they're, for example). I am thinking if you guys do it, maybe people will pay attention! Signed, A lover of proper grammar and punctuation.

  • Lee Fisher
    Lee Fisher 5 hours ago

    Panda - get back to Dude Perfect this instant!

  • Joanna
    Joanna 5 hours ago

    I only knew the seahorse and the panda ones, they are so cool!!!! Did you know that Dalmatians worked with firemen to fight fires.

  • Lee Fisher
    Lee Fisher 5 hours ago

    My answers: 25) About as fast as a pig pen or a dove cote. (Assuming Ostriches are kept in runs... which I'm not sure about). 24) Well, a mummy dalmatian and a daddy dalmatian have a nice evening... 23) McDonalds? Oh, hang on, you did say food... 22) Blue. You need to shave the fur off to see it, and by then it will definitely be blue. 21) The hummingbird is attached to its wings, so it can only beat them by a nose. Granted, a very long nose. 20) Creepy Crawlies. 19) Trick question. Mammals don't lay eggs by definition. 18) It hasn't been discovered, since people think they're a bunch of islands in the Indian Ocean. 17) Creepy. 16) As much as you put into it, as long as it's wearing plastic and is grounded. 15) No, but flies can cockroach. 14) It's used by fish to play water polo. 13) TVclip. 12) The world record Conga line. (I believe it's called a 'crocodile'). 11) Impossible to answer, as it gets older every second that goes by. It's name is 'You stubborn old thing' 10) It turns things to stone. Genuinely. It's a basilisk. 9) Aunt Abby and Aunt Martha (Arsenic and Old Lace reference there) 8) The Human Being, especially those in Bermuda wearing those loud shorts and loud t-shirts. 7) All of them. It just chooses not to say the majority. (An African Grey, huh? Beautiful plumage, squire!) 6) It isn't. It's known as the Scarlett Jellyfish; and that's because it refuses to play any other character in Cluedo. 5) The ship's cat. 4) The Wasp. It can hunt them, but doesn't do anything once it's found them. 3) Far longer than it does to be sold for a stupid amount of money by Humans who didn't do any of the work making it. 2) Making joke comments on TVclip videos. 1) Christina Bianco.

  • MyBrainEatsEverything

    How dare they put the students first?! WE NEED OUR LIST 25!!!

  • RealmRabbit
    RealmRabbit 5 hours ago


  • Dustin Ayers
    Dustin Ayers 5 hours ago

    I liked this video a lot.

  • Joey Jay
    Joey Jay 5 hours ago

    It's The Content Not The Background Which Matters Most.--Thanks.--No Needs To Concern Yourself With The Background...

  • Kizzy lea Reeve
    Kizzy lea Reeve 5 hours ago

    This why I don’t want kide it probably kill me lol

  • Terry Davenport
    Terry Davenport 5 hours ago

    Tristan it's birch BARK not birch bank. And really? Pronouncing the state as 'Misery' instead of 'Missouri'? And how do people KNOW that 'Pepe' is a she?

  • sjwims
    sjwims 5 hours ago

    I managed to get ten right:)

  • pearlgarden29
    pearlgarden29 5 hours ago

    Hey!! America yo Originally forgot about the old days of slavery and today you boast and preach human rights!! On so many countries that never ever at slavery

  • Cameron Adkins
    Cameron Adkins 5 hours ago

    What about the New Madrid earthquake in the Midwestern United States in 1811-1812? That one was surely unexpected. Legends said that the earthquake made the Mississippi River run backwards!

  • Dee Eddington
    Dee Eddington 5 hours ago

    Now that was a great video 👍🏻👍🏻. See it’s not the background it’s the content. Think I said that last time. BTW. Now I know why the kangaroo rats live in the dry Arizona desert. They are cute but so destructive.

  • StormyStars
    StormyStars 5 hours ago

    All but the last but only because you've covered them lol! I must have missed the one video with the Lyer, Bird. Cool video. ThankQ.

  • Garry Clelland
    Garry Clelland 5 hours ago

    worst pain for me is a trapped sciatic nerve in my spine

  • Amadeus von Beaverhausen

    We can't forget Christianity's Golden Boy, Torquemada. He was responsible for ordering and overseeing all kinds of interesting stuff.

  • Willa Wolfesdøttr
    Willa Wolfesdøttr 5 hours ago

    There were four or five I didn't know. The camel spider The eel's voltage The waterbug I knew the blue whale, but I was thinking decibel to size I didn't get that one. And Jonathan, I haven't kept up with Tortoises since Old George...I still fondly recall meeting him.

  • Jeff Northrup
    Jeff Northrup 5 hours ago

    Very informative.😎👍

  • Robin Rothschild
    Robin Rothschild 5 hours ago

    thanks Mike for the update!! Good luck finding the right setup for List25. Enjoy your videos on List 25

  • Aaron Waud
    Aaron Waud 5 hours ago

    Ok I just invented one. What's a cat's favorite Halloween costume? "Cats-purr" the friendly ghost

  • John Barber
    John Barber 5 hours ago

    Santa IS white. Is that not acceptable?

  • SuperMissblueeyes
    SuperMissblueeyes 5 hours ago

    Urine is NOT sterile after it leaves the body. It will still contain the bacteria that it aquired while it was in your body. This is why & how doctors can diagnose urine, bladder & kidney infections in urine samples. It's also why you're advised to boil the urine in survival situations before you drink it. It's also part of the reason why some people's toilets will develop a horrible black film when not cleaned regularly! This myth drives me crazy! I don't know where it came from, but I wish it would stop! I have a medical background (from multiple sources) & I'm currently a health science student just for context.

  • Marissa Bones
    Marissa Bones 6 hours ago

    I really suck at this only got 13/25🙃

  • Blue Nova
    Blue Nova 6 hours ago

    I would like to revert to an infinite again like list 6 does