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  • manic mechanic
    manic mechanic Minute ago

    I would love to see Deadpool playing Wadsworth.

  • Shantel Gardner
    Shantel Gardner 3 minutes ago

    Remake Firefly

  • Sekena Mcmurren
    Sekena Mcmurren 3 minutes ago

    There isn't going to be a Martin remake Tisha Cambell said it in an interview.Sometimes you have to leave well enough alone.😞

  • Sekena Mcmurren
    Sekena Mcmurren 11 minutes ago

    I love your smile Mike.😆

  • heather turner
    heather turner 16 minutes ago

    None of these need a remake, they were perfect just the way they were, all that would happen is the worthless thought police would destroy everything

  • richard bidinger
    richard bidinger 17 minutes ago

    Gilligan's Island My choice of cast: Kevin Hart. Gilligan Samuel L Jackson. The Skipper Ian McKellen Mr Howell Helen Mirren Mrs Howell Brian Cranston. The Professor Angelina Jolie. Ginger Anne Hathaway. Maryanne As for any other remakes: Space Above and Beyond Quark (Late 70's sci fi comedy, takeoff of Star Trek) Thundercats (live action movie) Planet of the Apes (TV series) My Favorite Martian The Man From Uncle Space 1999 (Would now be 2099 instead for obvious reasons) Forbidden Planet (Movie) The Man From Atlantis The Addams Family Herculoids (Live action movie) The Jefferson's The Ghost and Mrs Muir The Wild Wild West seaQuest DSV Punky Brewster Different Strokes Get Smart I Dream of Jeannie Night of the Comet (movie) There's probably more that I can't remember at the moment, but this is a start.

  • njpham
    njpham 19 minutes ago

    The Ghost Goes West-I love this movie, but things have progressed since 1935

  • Patrick Aycock
    Patrick Aycock 31 minute ago

    Nearly forgotten movies and shows... but list25 remembers. Pepperidge Farm also remembers.

  • dadoctah
    dadoctah 39 minutes ago

    Can't Stop The Music! Give it the gender-reversal treatment that was used for Ocean's 8 and the Ghostbusters reboot. You'd have a female construction worker, a female leather biker, even a female Indian chief. And yes, you need to have a cameo by Caitlyn Jenner. At the very least, Robot Chicken needs to do this in stop-motion animation form.

  • PotterfanKat87
    PotterfanKat87 46 minutes ago

    OMG, I can't believe you mixed up Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's Toy Maker and THE CHILD CATCHER. The toy maker helped them, the child catcher was hideous and kidnapped the children for the Baroness.

  • PipsKay
    PipsKay 46 minutes ago

    YES YES YES bring Quantum Leap BACK and that should have been number 1!!!!!! AND HAHAH Mike: "if you were alive in the 80's?" Me: Okay Millennial!! was alive in the mid 50's, 60's, 70's 80's 90's early 2000's and still going!

  • James Doble
    James Doble 46 minutes ago

    The Addams Family TV show.

  • Irish warrior.
    Irish warrior. 48 minutes ago

    Dinosaurs are just about everywhere in history, my favorite is T - Rex and the one's that fly.

  • Deborah Rogers
    Deborah Rogers 50 minutes ago

    I just watched the new Hellboy and was pleasantly surprised

  • Deborah Rogers
    Deborah Rogers 52 minutes ago

    You have reminded me of some of the wonderful old classics that I’d like to see again.

  • Julia Naylor
    Julia Naylor 55 minutes ago

    The only problem with Buffy is that Sunnydale was destroyed at the end of the series. Also every slayer was activated so every vampire on Earth could have died since the series ended.

  • Teresa McMurrin
    Teresa McMurrin 55 minutes ago

    I *loathed* Red Rover. We didn't link arms, we held each other's hands. I had sprained or strained wrists for most of my childhood. Horrible, horrible game! Also hated Prison Ball, Dodge Ball, and Murder Ball. Saw no "fun" in being slammed with balls. One time I got hit in the head so hard my glasses got damaged and I dropped like a rock. The teacher leaned over & told me, "head shots don't count, get back in the game". I just told her, "nope!" (The "fuck you" was silent), and walked off. (Once I could stand up.) Jarts, on the other hand, was way fun--except when played with my evil cousins...They aimed. Fortunately, I'm veryvery good at dodging!

  • TheOrganyzedkaoz

    Space 1999

  • Jack Bagley
    Jack Bagley Hour ago

    OR ... Hollywood could show creativity and originality! What a novel concept!

  • sally skellington

    I would like to the faculty, disturbing behavior and my so called life remade!! And a show I watched when I was a kid called life goes on...

  • Tony Perkins
    Tony Perkins Hour ago

    I'm reluctant to see any remakes because of this horrendous woke culture throttling hollywood and tv. However, I wouldn't mind seeing a new version of Buck Rogers, Dukes of Hazard and V. All U.S. shows. U.K. ones would be Rentaghost, Sapphire and Steel and Minder.

  • Irish warrior.
    Irish warrior. Hour ago

    Man ! Love a lot of these, Bagel bites, woka candy butter finger , the popcorn , go yorgut e.t.c.


    How old is this? Veep ended many months ago.

  • Grey Warden and Champion of Kirkwall

    Eh... better not. All that ever happened with remakes or reboots of good series/movies/any other media is that they looked like weird, cheap knockoffs.

  • christine kamine

    Dark angel. I want to know what happens..only 2 season not enough!!

  • Rusty Hausmann
    Rusty Hausmann Hour ago

    It is not the Lomaxs the family that ALF lived with was the Tanners not to be confused with the Tanners of Full House.

  • Strange Dee* Lee

    I guess I’m. Really losing it. I loved Alf. Never knew that ALF stood for alien life form. 🤪

  • Marlon Sanchez
    Marlon Sanchez Hour ago

    The tech I want is a freaking Hoverboard and the memory wipe thingy from M.I.B. so I could forget Ryan Renalds as THE GREEN LANTERN, and THE JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, SUICIDE SQUAD, BATMAN vs SUPERMAN, THOR: THE DARK WORLD, and Ang Lee's HULK movie.

  • Irish warrior.
    Irish warrior. Hour ago

    The reason why we people love fast food , is because it's not just good but because it's convenient most of the time ,just uh fact and I have found mental and hair in food.

  • Edward Bluemel
    Edward Bluemel Hour ago

    Stargat sgu

  • rick2112rkrk
    rick2112rkrk Hour ago

    I don't know which is funnier...the names, or your reactions to them. Paging, Nosmo King. Anybody here named Nosmo King? Or, Mike Hunt. Paging Mr. Mike Hunt.

  • Irish warrior.
    Irish warrior. Hour ago

    I like the one in Ireland and China, I've been to Applebee's and O' C's .

  • Anthony Greenwood

    Highlander and Weird science please. Leave Buffy alone unless Gellar is coming back. And I know it wasn't mentioned but the charmed remake is horrible. I don't want that to happen with Buffy.

  • Lenard Barton
    Lenard Barton Hour ago

    Really Tristan you cut Mike short on a edit

  • landenthe70s
    landenthe70s 2 hours ago

    The unit such a good show needs more seasons

  • landenthe70s
    landenthe70s 2 hours ago

    That 70s show original cast still around

  • Robert Brownhill
    Robert Brownhill 2 hours ago

    will you be acknowledging your mistakes, or as normal ignoring them and making more, keep up the sloppy work and i am certain i wont be the only one unsubscribing.

  • Warren Webb
    Warren Webb 2 hours ago

    The family on ALF is named Tanner, not Lomax

  • Irish warrior.
    Irish warrior. 2 hours ago

    Get Homer to choke Bart it's LOL ! 😂

  • Irish warrior.
    Irish warrior. 2 hours ago

    Favorites are : Harry , Dan , Emma gril Hermine , Ron , Rupper, and Alan Rickmen RIP .

  • Marcia Musiak
    Marcia Musiak 2 hours ago

    Alf was one of my all time favorite show. Gordon Shumway. LOL

  • Alvina M Stahl
    Alvina M Stahl 2 hours ago

    How about re-making Voyagers? It's another time-traveling show where the cast had to make sure history played out as it should.

  • John Payaso De La Muerte Reynolds

    Reboot Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island.

  • alg11297
    alg11297 2 hours ago

    It just reminds me of how much time I wasted watching these silly shows.Hey do a remake of Double Indemnity or Out of the Past. Or Mr. Ed, The Time Tunnel. There is a hint that the Nanny may become a Broadway show. I'd love to see the auditions. By the way, on the show she was from Queens New York. Not that it mattered.

  • Ra'Mah Llama
    Ra'Mah Llama 2 hours ago

    Firefly the series needs to come back

  • Vintage Man
    Vintage Man 2 hours ago

    Number 25 the Alf Remake the family was the Tanners

  • evl cracker
    evl cracker 2 hours ago

    I'd like to see some remakes of twilight zone and mystery science theatre 3000. I hope with all the star wars movies mel Brooks could do a prequel and a sequel to space balls.

  • John Payaso De La Muerte Reynolds

    There's a reason why Seinfeld was considered the best sitcom of all time. It was absolutely awesome! Nearly flawless in its execution. And with a stellar cast it was magical. A reboot/remake would not do it justice.

  • Limey Cheesehead
    Limey Cheesehead 2 hours ago

    Your comments on "Brimstone" is spot on! It was brilliant, and I honestly can't figure out why it was cancelled so soon. Another needed reboot is "Dead Like Me". I miss this show.

  • Leo S.
    Leo S. 2 hours ago

    I have not seen this channel for 2 years and Mike is still fat 👩‍👧‍👦

  • Irish warrior.
    Irish warrior. 2 hours ago

    Love ! Green Goblin , Venom, Thanos, and professor X' riavil.

  • sabre0461
    sabre0461 2 hours ago


  • That Guy
    That Guy 2 hours ago

    Thanks for including metric. Much appreciated.

  • Jirou Lierge
    Jirou Lierge 2 hours ago

    Yes to #5. But I want a continuation.

  • Bettina Hirst
    Bettina Hirst 2 hours ago

    American gothic

  • Justin Elliott
    Justin Elliott 2 hours ago

    To soon for smallville..hell no

  • Tiny Nichols
    Tiny Nichols 2 hours ago

    Hawk the slayer Gilligan's island. Mash airwolf clockwork orange

  • yannick banks
    yannick banks 2 hours ago

    Please do not reboot buffy the vampire slayer..... it would only be a woke mess.

  • sylvain demoulin
    sylvain demoulin 2 hours ago

    Brimstone was a great show

  • Arthur Samuels
    Arthur Samuels 2 hours ago

    No Ordinary Family. I always said "the only way I would watch a cop or family show is if they had super powers", and that's exactly what that was.

  • Bradley Hughes
    Bradley Hughes 2 hours ago

    What about John Doe?

  • deanandjo4ever
    deanandjo4ever 2 hours ago

    I cut my ear in two on playground equipment

  • Ceirwyn Sinclair
    Ceirwyn Sinclair 2 hours ago

    Picard's coming back... so I'm good!

  • mamafranklin
    mamafranklin 2 hours ago

    Stop the reboots! Get your own damn ideas!

  • Sarah Thomas
    Sarah Thomas 2 hours ago

    U crack me up. Love ur channel

  • Mike Dertouzos
    Mike Dertouzos 2 hours ago

    Plesee just go back to old green screen

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 3 hours ago

    Toys best film

  • Susan Dausey
    Susan Dausey 3 hours ago

    The movie Legend airwolf Adam-12 or ironside and Perry Mason

  • Gavin Suddarth
    Gavin Suddarth 3 hours ago

    Would love a Sliders reboot/remake.

  • note D
    note D 3 hours ago

    Don't anyone DARE TO REDUE BUFFY

  • Toasted Biscuit
    Toasted Biscuit 3 hours ago

    Come on, say FireFly. The Brady Bunch? The Brady Bunch? Really? Come on FireFly!!! NNOOOO

  • Sean Henderson
    Sean Henderson 3 hours ago

    I'm sorry where did you get your information from the family in ALF was NOT the Lomaxs they were the Tanners look it up. Where did you get the Lomaxs from I really need to know.

  • Justine Yates
    Justine Yates 3 hours ago

    Different Strokes, the collector (probably not well known but I remember it being a good watch), The Avengers (English version), highlander, highway to heaven and touched by an angel to name but a few of my old favourites that I think deserves to have remakes

  • Cydni Caldwell
    Cydni Caldwell 3 hours ago

    I I had a Hasbro game in my way younger years. It was a plastic tube with holes for Pick-Up Sticks. You would push the sticks through the tube and the load the top of the tube with marbles. Each person takes a stick trying to make marbles fall. The one with the most sticks won (if I remember correctly).

  • Isaac Whiting
    Isaac Whiting 3 hours ago

    As for "The Brady Bunch", they already did a remake. It was called "Step by Step".

  • daliya shohat
    daliya shohat 3 hours ago

    Israel has made huge strides in Cancer research.

  • Lucas' Memes
    Lucas' Memes 3 hours ago

    you forgot pinochet, replace stalin with pinochet

  • Ludvig Maxis
    Ludvig Maxis 3 hours ago

    Starwars episode 7 8 and 9. I forgot these movies existed.

  • Nathaniel Sizemore
    Nathaniel Sizemore 3 hours ago

    A live action reboot of the Addams Family TV show.

  • Irish warrior.
    Irish warrior. 3 hours ago

    Cool but werid fashion .

  • Isaac Whiting
    Isaac Whiting 3 hours ago

    It's the Tanners on "ALF", not the Lomaxes.

    CRAZY J 3 hours ago

    If they remade Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Johnny Depp would insist on playing the Child Catcher, to the detriment of the movie

  • Shawn Tetlow
    Shawn Tetlow 3 hours ago

    Here's a really out the box thought, what if Hollywood actually came up with some original ideas instead of just remaking everything.......

  • Earl Phillips
    Earl Phillips 3 hours ago

    Stop rebooting or redoing movies. Just like a Bernie hack

  • troman5000
    troman5000 3 hours ago

    No, no, no, no, no!!!

  • Thisand That
    Thisand That 3 hours ago

    I would love to see Angel remade but only to finish it up as the last episode left so much unanswered. Also leave the sjw crap out of it and focus on the original intent of the show(this can be said of all reboots) entertainment.

  • robby lewiy
    robby lewiy 3 hours ago

    Spectacular Spider-Man was spectacular!!!!

  • Bill Stoeckel
    Bill Stoeckel 3 hours ago

    Pushing Daisies was the best show ever it needs a reboot like ASAP

  • Šimon Vacek
    Šimon Vacek 3 hours ago

    what does full metal alchymist have to do with full metal alchymist brotherhood

  • Lindsay Partin
    Lindsay Partin 3 hours ago

    Quantum Leap is my favorite. I have the whole series on DVD.

  • Andrew Hagadone
    Andrew Hagadone 3 hours ago

    I've never heard of most of these.

  • Pansy Winter
    Pansy Winter 3 hours ago

    Would like to see a remake of Bewitched

  • robby lewiy
    robby lewiy 3 hours ago

    The goblin king was my first crush. The lore is that the Goblin king had a love named Sarah who was abused by her step mom and forced to care for her baby brother. Gk didn't age but Sarah got old and died which made the Gk go crazy and start kidbapping sad Sarah's with baby brothers all the goblins were former little brothers. All the other Sarah's got old and died. Its better when you know the whole story.

  • Pansy Winter
    Pansy Winter 3 hours ago

    Seinfeld Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T.J. Donatello
    T.J. Donatello 3 hours ago

    Oh wow, I love 'Altered States'! I was not expecting to see that on this list. It is a life-changing movie, for those of you who haven't seen it, so be warned.

  • Paul Ziegler
    Paul Ziegler 4 hours ago

    I think the reason Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was a little erie was because the children of Ian Fleming wanted their father to write something other than a spy novel and that his children would enjoy. That's right, Ian Fleming, the author of all the James Bond novels wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and that's why there are some 'spy' gadgets such as a car that can speed through the water and fly.

  • Anonymously Vague
    Anonymously Vague 4 hours ago

    Wasn't "Step by Step" a remake of "The Brady Bunch" to some degree?

  • Gungriffen
    Gungriffen 4 hours ago

    The only series that needs a reboot is Highlander. Great concept that bounced back and forth between competently made to fucking disaster.

  • Andrew Hagadone
    Andrew Hagadone 4 hours ago


  • robby lewiy
    robby lewiy 4 hours ago

    Buffy has never been forgotten. Firefly Maybe but I'm still in a very active Buffy facebook group. Btw ALF sucks balls.