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NASA's First Chimp in Space
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    SAYED RIZWAN ALLI 28 minutes ago

    Oh my god

  • Yeliz Beyza Altın
    Yeliz Beyza Altın 30 minutes ago

    Anti lion team cheetah

  • Yeliz Beyza Altın
    Yeliz Beyza Altın 31 minute ago

    Title: cheetah mom reunited with her lost cubs Me:😪👍❤️😪😘😍☺️❤️

  • memzy
    memzy 36 minutes ago

    Okay you missed your destination, that does not mean that their License gets revoked

  • Noah Weston
    Noah Weston 36 minutes ago

    Class b airspace and 1 controller lol

  • Ricardo Arambula
    Ricardo Arambula 42 minutes ago

    kailynn wants this video to be longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Theo Schutz
    Theo Schutz 43 minutes ago

    All this BS called technology. Go back to hardwire proper flying

  • Sleepy
    Sleepy 47 minutes ago

    the first officer looks like john f kennedy.

  • Rudolf Hotler
    Rudolf Hotler Hour ago

    Oh man...Stil relying on this fake Egyptologiy....That the sphinx is much older then the egyptian civilization is known for long time. All this national geographic bs is debunked as misseducating as they trynna keep up the fake story's bout ancient high civilization Egypt which was built up by stones n chisel....n the pyramids are tombs for the ego if the rulers.... Yeah..

  • rollz valle
    rollz valle Hour ago

    They are also expert in eliminating air pollution 😉

  • FTC
    FTC Hour ago

    Paul disagrees with everything Jesus says he is a lier and self appointed apostle that never met Jesus do some research

  • Ela Moonsamy
    Ela Moonsamy Hour ago

    How have I not seen this video I have been watching the same videos over and over again

  • Tom Knezovic
    Tom Knezovic Hour ago

    They can't even pronounce Scythian correctly...

  • Devassy K.A
    Devassy K.A Hour ago

    Nothing informative !

  • annelyn moreno
    annelyn moreno Hour ago

    Yay for mongoose like this if your amazed

  • Denise De guzman

    how to buy this spider

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith Hour ago

    American import money makes America poor and China wealthy. This is the reason for Trumps Tariffs. Sorry, I know democrats are to ignorant to see past the welfare check I made them.

  • Dragon Born
    Dragon Born Hour ago

    His name is not called Ben levy for no reason :)

  • Sankalp Gupta
    Sankalp Gupta Hour ago

    He wasted his 30 years on Area 51, just to say that Alien involvement in Area 51 is rubbish.... WHAT RUBBISH!😂😂😂

  • Sila Meninggal
    Sila Meninggal Hour ago

    2:06 Mother nature showing middle finger to us I'M KIND OF DIRTY MINDED

  • Susan Ananda
    Susan Ananda 2 hours ago

    Why can China do this? Why can't they do it with the Sahara desert or the Mohave desert?

  • Anvilshock
    Anvilshock 2 hours ago

    Could you possibly word your narration any more polemic and sensationalistic? What is this? The -Hitl- History Channel??

  • Mr Shadowban
    Mr Shadowban 2 hours ago

    Is this a joke? Does the Smithzionian have that dark a sense of humour?

  • Roy Norman
    Roy Norman 2 hours ago

    The official story is a lie

  • 85 Magnolias
    85 Magnolias 2 hours ago

    I DON'T TRUST NO GOVERNMENT INTINTY!!! Legal gangs and crooks!!!

  • Dylan Bird
    Dylan Bird 2 hours ago

    Referees to first officer as a co pilot -smacks forehead-

  • Henry Discipline
    Henry Discipline 2 hours ago

    Whenever one hears the words McDonald Douglas you know your about to get bad news.

  • The Mask
    The Mask 3 hours ago

    I thought you guys was hipp , say what ? Oh... hippo. Hmm tomarto tomato , chill out.

  • Miles Leman
    Miles Leman 3 hours ago

    At 2 seconds into the video, why is the American Airlines in the middle of the road?

  • Beautifulbajan86
    Beautifulbajan86 3 hours ago

    Saddest episode

  • Irfan Akid
    Irfan Akid 3 hours ago

    cheetahs are my fav animal

  • Nicky Styles
    Nicky Styles 3 hours ago

    Yeah, this didnt help in the least. They just showed us an excel sheet. Come on America, be a cut above.

  • Eddie Boggs
    Eddie Boggs 3 hours ago

    The way the Japanese fought to the death shows determination not fire power is what counts.

  • SluggyFox 88
    SluggyFox 88 3 hours ago

    Me: sees guys bloody face from impact Smithsonian: *IT'S BRIGHTER HERE*

  • nic farrow
    nic farrow 3 hours ago

    Very poor explanation. How were these canals built in the first place? What kind of social and political situation existed in the days that this was built? It’s truly remarkable and yeah totally unexplained in this video.

  • John J
    John J 3 hours ago

    This video should say Turkistan desert, to be more specific, it would also help people to understand it was the Uyghurs that built this. An important fact that I wish was better pointed out in the video.

  • Scott Scotsman
    Scott Scotsman 3 hours ago

    Yeah, it's.just today. Men openly talking about being impotent. Things never change.

    • Htoo Doh
      Htoo Doh 2 hours ago

      Men openly talk about being impotent? That a change.

  • Salma Hassan
    Salma Hassan 3 hours ago

    Talk about sukhoi

  • Rolando Ambrosio Poe


  • mike fall
    mike fall 3 hours ago

    hew was murdered

  • Pilot Bravo
    Pilot Bravo 4 hours ago

    At least the cameraman survived

  • Jim B
    Jim B 4 hours ago

    Incredible vessel

  • The Wide Awake Club
    The Wide Awake Club 4 hours ago

    I would be questioning the date? 9 1963 = 666. These events aren’t natural. These are satanic rituals. Making it the second man made disaster in history. Along with the corrupt 9/11 (INSIDE JOB!!) Tjose buildings went down via a controlled demolition.

  • basant vimal sharma
    basant vimal sharma 4 hours ago

    Not tricky anymore. The Crafty Russians jam all systems.that Aegis is a failure. All that high tech billions of dollars worth of cutting edge equipment that was sold to Saudi Arabia failed when the Houthis took out the AMCOLI oil fields with drones. American war movies are great but realty is bogged down in Afghanistan for a shameful twenty years.

  • Luxy Loxy
    Luxy Loxy 4 hours ago

    Who else if happy when the cheetah got that animal

  • Patricia M
    Patricia M 4 hours ago

    Oh, but the munificent Han have brought green to the Uighur land, kicking them out of their homes and sending many into exile.

  • Zero Sum
    Zero Sum 4 hours ago

    I find it very hard to understand why people would thumbs downs a documentary?

  • Michael OMalley
    Michael OMalley 4 hours ago

    I wish they would stop her from being bullied

  • LTK_ Viled
    LTK_ Viled 4 hours ago

    Of course I get this vid after War Thunder adds these two planes

  • MerryGacha Gaming
    MerryGacha Gaming 4 hours ago

    Now ok where they get the vampire character

  • MerryGacha Gaming
    MerryGacha Gaming 4 hours ago

    Now ok where they get the vampire character

  • MerryGacha Gaming
    MerryGacha Gaming 4 hours ago

    Now ok where they get the vampire character

  • MerryGacha Gaming
    MerryGacha Gaming 4 hours ago

    Now ok where they get the vampire character

  • k K
    k K 4 hours ago

    They definitely are no too normal. They appear to be sickos(Charles has problems )

  • Edmund Piunow
    Edmund Piunow 4 hours ago

    0:02 despite showing so many buildings, they don't even show a 47 stories high WTC7 xD

  • Neymar Lim
    Neymar Lim 4 hours ago

    It's didn't answer the most important part of all, the inside chambers granite stone that as smooth as it can get

  • Mohsin Rafiq
    Mohsin Rafiq 4 hours ago

    AKHS nature ALLAH gave every body childhood and milk dreary by mother

  • Angela C
    Angela C 4 hours ago

    Someone give those pilots a raise. ...and a new shirt.

  • LtsFe4RLess
    LtsFe4RLess 4 hours ago


  • Little money Larry
    Little money Larry 4 hours ago

    Hope they help Africa!

  • Joni Yves Usi
    Joni Yves Usi 5 hours ago

    China is a great civilization.

  • 1_der_from_within 695

    Perhaps the biggest conspiracy of them all is that the gov was already running a quite ignorant society enough to make them believe its normal for the worlds tallest buildings to fall in seconds at similar collapsing rates.

  • Mi Khan
    Mi Khan 5 hours ago

    This is NOT Chinese tech! It is used by the Uigher in Turkistan for 2000 years. The Chinese have occupied only recently.

    • TaoTao He
      TaoTao He 2 hours ago

      Mi Khan there is no uigher 2000 years ago. The Silk Road was occupied by the Huns and other nomadic people. Get your facts right if you are trying to sell an agenda. The uighers only came into prominence after the Manchus exterminates the other ethnic rebels 200 years ago.... and don’t even try to link the Turks that the tang empire destroyed with uighers

    • John J
      John J 3 hours ago

      He’s replying to all the morons that keep saying this is Chinese.

    • H. Andy Lingua
      H. Andy Lingua 5 hours ago

      Mi Khan - Did someone make that claim in this video? Do you have a timestamp?

  • Brokkoli OMG
    Brokkoli OMG 5 hours ago

    Couldn't they plant trees in the desert? Like they're doing with the great green wall?

  • Brokkoli OMG
    Brokkoli OMG 5 hours ago

    1:34 Trust me I'm an engineer

  • hyou zan ren
    hyou zan ren 6 hours ago

    This canals provide drinking water for the population! (Shown grandma washing hand on it!) 🤢🤢🤢

  • Christopher Schuster

    The U.S. Navy doesn't operate any carriers of a similar size to HMS QE.

    • Kim Jong Long Dong
      Kim Jong Long Dong Hour ago

      I think they're just saying that if they did, it would require roughly that number of crew, based on a scaled down nimitz's numbers I assume. Not entirely accurate but gives a good idea of the level of automation this ship has achieved

  • Westin Taylor
    Westin Taylor 6 hours ago

    Those baboons sound just like Black people at restaurants!

  • Kastro Gaming
    Kastro Gaming 6 hours ago

    Thanks alot for sharing this video! I was able to land my Airbus A380 Without any engines <3

  • Phyrom Huy
    Phyrom Huy 6 hours ago

    It's not like the lady couldn't just stick the ape on the bar and walk away...its like she's purposely wanting the ape to become dependent on her giving her life some sort of meaning that she's lacking in her personal life

  • Reach41
    Reach41 6 hours ago

    I'd like to see this repeated using a hunting bow.

  • Mejhul
    Mejhul 6 hours ago

    As an Uyghur, I am deeply hurt by the name 'Chinese Desert', this has nothing to do with China, the region occupied by fascist China doesn't mean the Culture and Inventions are Chinese. Ps: This is a big project, it needs entire towns residents continually working for at least ten years and enormous wealth, only the richest can start a project and fund it. In Turpan, the temperature can reach up to 50 degrees Celcius in the summer and -20 in the winter, inside the well, its around 10 degrees Celsius, the temperature difference makes it almost impossible to work.

  • sashikant Shashi
    sashikant Shashi 6 hours ago

    Hey guys it's miracle I am in that plane and now I see this vdo😯😯😯😯😯

  • herobrine zoro
    herobrine zoro 6 hours ago

    *When someone smoking on the plane*

  • Daniel Bonner
    Daniel Bonner 6 hours ago

    China showing without religion progress is made every day...with religion your house becomes degenerate 👊🏿👊🏿

  • Sirmon X
    Sirmon X 6 hours ago

    God DAMM you newton

  • Htos 1
    Htos 1 7 hours ago

    Ummm, if it's not very big, why isn't it made of stainless steel? With urethane fittings?

  • Alpha Centauri
    Alpha Centauri 7 hours ago

    So, what did he find? Am I supposed to read between the lines? What Rocked the Foundation of Christianity? Am I supposed to ask Christopher Hitches or what? It'd have been better if I had read Jeremy Clarkson's "is it really too much to ask?"

  • herobrine zoro
    herobrine zoro 7 hours ago

    Plot Twist: *The avtur filler forgot to fill the plane*

  • Alphakilo
    Alphakilo 7 hours ago

    Welcome to Walmart capt

  • Ali Sa
    Ali Sa 7 hours ago

    First time in history that a tower fel down.and it happens to three towers at ones.and bush's brother was the security company. And the lost money from the Pentagon was also in the tower.and of course jou. coodn't ask why the waste was cleaned up so fast whitout any tests.if joy did joy was a trater.I woodnt trust the bushes.

  • Iguana Pete
    Iguana Pete 7 hours ago

    So now how did they get the plane off the levy??????

  • Movesi
    Movesi 7 hours ago

    DC-8 sux

  • Movesi
    Movesi 7 hours ago

    Lax had bad ATC

  • HTP Gaming YT
    HTP Gaming YT 7 hours ago

    Space Shuttle Status

  • HTP Gaming YT
    HTP Gaming YT 7 hours ago


  • Yogesh Sharma
    Yogesh Sharma 7 hours ago

    Pakistan is responsible for islamic terrorism all over the world

    DENNIS PHILLIPS 8 hours ago


  • Nicole Jessica
    Nicole Jessica 8 hours ago

    Aww, poor guy. That's terrible.

  • Nelson Cheng
    Nelson Cheng 8 hours ago

    And a direct reference to magic,, lul Seriously, if you need me that much, why don’t you just ask?

  • Nelson Cheng
    Nelson Cheng 8 hours ago

    2:14 the ship is very much a work in progress 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 What do you want😂?

  • Nelson Cheng
    Nelson Cheng 8 hours ago

    00:56 a revolutionary concept in the World of Warships Deliberately trying to get my attention🤔

  • Eugene Sant
    Eugene Sant 8 hours ago

    Eva wasn't that hot....could have done Better. Feel sorry for The dog. You would Think that rottweilers Would have been his Breed.

  • Eugene Sant
    Eugene Sant 8 hours ago

    He made a huge dent in World overpopulation.. And slowed down the Effects of global warming.

  • Christopher Clink
    Christopher Clink 8 hours ago

    How can one know an organism has been alive 300 million years with no evolutionary change?

  • permadi fauza
    permadi fauza 8 hours ago

    😦 I think next yellow stone erruption its wait hit super big asteroid 🌠💥

    URBAN SHAMEN 8 hours ago

    Smithsonian liars!!! I won’t support this channel!

  • Abdullah Fuad
    Abdullah Fuad 8 hours ago


  • Screen Patch
    Screen Patch 8 hours ago

    How to tell if your in a bumpy landing: if your in a budget airline

  • DC1nine
    DC1nine 8 hours ago

    This video is another excuse to sway from the truth..