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  • villagehemp
    villagehemp Day ago

    What happened to Walking Dead Mid-Season episode review?

  • Armando villarreal
    Armando villarreal 6 days ago

    V of Vendetta would've been a perfect choice for this list if the list was called "TOP 50 COMICBOOK MOVIES" not "Top 50 superhero movies".

  • Levi Williams
    Levi Williams 11 days ago

    what happened to tv talk?

  • Logic Guy
    Logic Guy 14 days ago

    I really enjoy that tantalizing lady Clark Wolfe, she's an absolute knockout woman with that superb voice. BLESS CLARK WOLFE

  • Alexander Forbes
    Alexander Forbes 21 day ago

    Why did the playlists get messed up? The shmoedown videos should all be in their own playlist like they were last I checked. Now they're in "liked videos" which makes going back in the catalog to watch old matches a pain because there are so many other videos.

  • Salad Von Baco
    Salad Von Baco 28 days ago

    Did TV Talk get cancelled?

  • James Trammell
    James Trammell 29 days ago

    Can we have some consistency in programming line ups please? Switching days, switching time slots, switching formats removing lineups... it's chaos. I don't want to invest in your content if it's going to get yanked from the schedule in a month. One of the larger criticisms you guys have voiced about the WB/DC movie universe is that they seem to be operating from a reactionary stance. I love the personalities on this channel but your unpredictability is going to drive people to seek out reliable programming and you're going to end up loosing viewers in the long run with this fanatical culling of content that isn't hitting your target number of views.

  • WhoopAs
    WhoopAs Month ago

    Seriously HOW THE HELL is ANYONE surprised about Louis CK. 5 people that's it? I always figured it was entire stage audiences. This is from 4 years ago:

  • RedeyezBlackfire
    RedeyezBlackfire Month ago

    Hmm TV Talk as a whole seems to be removed from the collider video list. This is obviously due to 1. David Griffin leaving and 2. Josh MaCuga's ridiculous rant on the DC CW shows just because he personal has an issue. After that day I actually stopped watching collider all together but decided to check back in to see if anything has changed...and now TV talk is gone lol. I always felt they should just do a superhero recap show with 3 or 4 people who actually enjoy and watch these shows. The two seconds they got on TV talk was never enough

  • Jeremy Sande
    Jeremy Sande Month ago

    Who is young McClane? I have an answer... #areyouwithroy #imwithroy @lenwiseman #brucewillis

  • JRanger
    JRanger Month ago

    Collider needs to split their programming on to different channels and bring back TV talk.

  • Kinn72
    Kinn72 Month ago

    Please bring back TV Talk...

  • WhoopAs
    WhoopAs Month ago

    Oh cool now we can have that Aliens vs Predator musical I always wanted since Disney is buying Fox.

  • Tyris Gillis
    Tyris Gillis Month ago

    Where's TV Talk?

  • Keenya Rotunda
    Keenya Rotunda Month ago

    TV Talk, where are you?

  • Michael Kenitzer
    Michael Kenitzer Month ago

    Justice League Question: What if in The Justice League Movie we are already within Flashpoint and the Flashpoint Movie is actually the Justice League Sequel (or Flashpoint sequel) where the timeline is reset?.. Thoughts?...

  • TheQuikMix
    TheQuikMix Month ago

    Hey Collider, It would be great if someone produced a show that actually helped fans to understand what your programming strategy is going to be moving forward. Right now, I'm only showing up for the personalities because I've completely given up on trying to figure out what your collective intent is with this channel.

  • Bill P
    Bill P Month ago

    has anyone noticed that on DC Legends of Tomorrow the emblem that Zari wears looks just like the emblem of ISIS ? .... I remember watching the Shazam and ISIS hour when I was a kid ,,,,

  • Sam Spink
    Sam Spink Month ago

    I've been subscribed to this channel for a couple of years now and i used to love it, but now it seems like the focus of the channel has shifted from videos of people talking about movies to random videos containing people that like movies. I know some people like it but it just feels like a reality show to me now, bunch of people trying to be funny, short videos of the cast doing everyday shit. I used to watch the show a lot because it was the best way to get movie news but now it just seems like i get a bunch of gibberish, banter, jokes and bullshit with some movie news sprinkled in the middle

  • Salad Von Baco
    Salad Von Baco Month ago

    Why no Behind the Scenes and Bloopers this week?

    • Salad Von Baco
      Salad Von Baco Month ago

      Thanks. Where did you hear about it? Did they mention it and I missed it?

    • TheQuikMix
      TheQuikMix Month ago

      It got cancelled as a weekly.

  • Fleetleader101
    Fleetleader101 Month ago

    I used to be subbed. A while back I complained that you all publish 80 videos a day and it crammed my feed. I came back to try and see what was up and frankly its usch a cluster of videos and playlists I cant even find what I'm looking for. You all have WAY too many things going on. You need to seriously break this channel up into different sub groups or cancel a bunch of stuff just to bring it back to a usable channel. I love what you guys do, but you do WAY too much content. Cut it back and get to quality again. Please!

  • JCDesigns31
    JCDesigns31 Month ago

    where is tv talk?

  • MrBrownstone8881
    MrBrownstone8881 Month ago

    Is there no Jedi Coucil tonight?

  • Nishant Tirthani
    Nishant Tirthani Month ago

    Will the video of Jackie Chan interview about The Foreigner be uploaded?

  • Stéphane dethier
    Stéphane dethier 2 months ago

    -"fullfill your destiny" is what say snoke to Kylo or Rey, and was what said the Emperor to Anakin before he goes Dark.
    -When Luke speack of the untrained power he saw, which afraid him not enough, i m thinking that he speack to a force ghost of Anakin, and that he speacks about the Emperor, and himself. And he sees many of himself in Rey.
    -He could refer too, that this girl is in line with palpatin, if that match with the line of Snoke beyond, would be adressed to Rey.

  • Taylor Brown
    Taylor Brown 2 months ago

    Is Comic Book Shopping over now? It hasn't been posted in over a month. I hope it'll continue. I loved that show.

    FREEKTOM 2 months ago

    Look At My Channel! you will like it! ;)

  • Luc Collin
    Luc Collin 2 months ago

    this seems strange... screen junkies goes down for its controversy with Andy... why you guys all silent and not posting vids like usual ? Im guessing maybe NYCC but still....its weird.

  • perytj
    perytj 2 months ago

    i lost the live streaming what happened?

  • MimsieSky
    MimsieSky 2 months ago

    Will you guys be posting the recording of the NYCC Eastern Championships of Cosplay soon??

  • Jeff Cummings
    Jeff Cummings 2 months ago

    What does Collider people think of Andy Signore's firing?

  • Toby Keese
    Toby Keese 2 months ago

    What's up with TV Talk? Nothing Oct 3rd or 4th? I get not seeing it in my Sub List, but I can't find it anywhere. Off to troll the crew on the twitts.

  • Timothy Nichols
    Timothy Nichols 2 months ago

    The playlist Collider Gaming should be changed too Collider VR, it has nothing to do with gaming, just Macuga running around scared. Quit lying to people plz.

  • WhoopAs
    WhoopAs 2 months ago

    Since Disney bought Marvel and Star Wars they can also buy the Alien and Predator franchises. They can turn AvP into a musical and have the Predator sing holding up a skull kind of like The Lion King when he holds up his spear in Predator 2 and the lightning hits. Except he can be singing. Everybody loves singing so why can't the xenomorphs and the predator sing too. That's unfair if they didn't.

  • Timothy Nichols
    Timothy Nichols 2 months ago

    What is it today? Trailer reaction Thursday? lol, haven't done almost any reviews for like 6 months, maybe one or two, but today that's all yall are doing? Bored at work?

  • jtjr26
    jtjr26 2 months ago

    Whee is Collider Heroes this week?

  • G Fletcher
    G Fletcher 2 months ago

    Why does IT get such raving reviews? I watched it last night with missus at our local cinema and I wasn't impressed at all, the film was slow and it tried once to often to force feed jumps scares. The film tackled bullying, abuse and some other areas but instead of paying off they went for the "lets just kill them" routine. In the end I only really cared about 1 maybe 2 of the main characters to actually survive and really didn't what could or might happen to the rest of them. If anything this was an ok 5/10 film at best it is not ground breaking by any stretch of the imagination.

  • Timothy Nichols
    Timothy Nichols 2 months ago

    No Heroes or Jedi Council?

    GIGGLR 3 months ago

    They said I could become anything, so I became someone who comments on YouTube channels!

  • william kirstein
    william kirstein 3 months ago

    Can tell me if Logan's Run still to be remade

  • Rodrigo Godinho
    Rodrigo Godinho 3 months ago

    hi collider Crew. did you check these new last jedi model kits? thanks

  • carlos velasco
    carlos velasco 3 months ago

    What happened with today's trivia?

    • Paul Gibbons
      Paul Gibbons 3 months ago

      I think they put the wrong one up and it gave away another match to come at the end.

  • Charlie Shields
    Charlie Shields 3 months ago

    You're fake news

  • Bill Karnes
    Bill Karnes 4 months ago

    I wonder how much it would cost to have Josh Macuga watch "It", "A Clockwork Orange"-style? Eye drops and all...

    RY TOWN 4 months ago

    What happened to Jedi Council, did they go exile like Luke Skywalker??

  • Jason Walters
    Jason Walters 4 months ago

    Patiently awaiting the next episode of Thrones Talk.....Patiently......AHHHH I CAN"T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! MUST...HAVE...THRONES TALK!!!
    lol thank you

  • WhoopAs
    WhoopAs 4 months ago

    So if Zack Snyder is going to work on other WB movies and and his style for the DCEU was more dark and he did the gory 300 and Dawn of the Dead. Does that mean he's going to do the other franchise WB has with people that have super powers....Mortal Kombat?
    P.S. George Miller needs to do Killing Floor xD

  • Alejandro Vasquez
    Alejandro Vasquez 4 months ago

    Been watching the channel for a while now anyone know whats up with Nightmares haven't heard or seen anything on the vids Iv'e watched?

  • perytj
    perytj 4 months ago

    the leader gone therefore everything is messed up

  • furnman68
    furnman68 4 months ago

    I discovered Collider before "Force Awakens" came out in theaters. I have loved the cast and crew, their insights and humor. That being said, I think I'm done with Collider. It's just that I'm tired. It's not just Collider, but Collider was my conduit to what I love outside of my family, friends, and work. I love movies, books, and comics.
    Over the years I've listened and I understand that the majority, if not all, of the "on air" personalities are liberals or "left leaning". I have no problem with that. I totally understand that the entertainment industry and journalism, in general, leans left due to the perception of "open mindness".
    Some background: I'm a minority, who's family came from a country with an oppressive regime. The government told you what to think and how to think and if you wanted to walk your own path in life, well it had to be a path set by them. Their buzz words were "sacrifice for the greater good" and "down with the rich imperials" (emphasis on rich). Their stated goal was to make everyone equal.
    When we came here, we weren't seeking racial equality, fairness, or a safe place. These are "first world" concepts and ideals, and those ideals are great, don't get me wrong, but instead, we came here for an opportunity to succeed or fail on our own merits and on our own terms. I think most Americans do not understand the chains, the claustrophobia, the cloying oppression that comes with a fair, good intentioned government, who seeks to eliminate rich and poor and even good and evil. In other words we wanted opportunity, not even equal opportunity, just opportunity. Within a few years after we settled in the Midwest, specifically Kansas City, all of my family were gainfully employed, a few started their own businesses, and all, I mean ALL in my large, minority, ethnic, "english as a second language" family were grateful and took advantage of the opportunities that you have here.
    Now my issue with the July 24th, 2017 "Collider TV Talk" episode, at 58 min and 30 sec, a panelist said, in short, that LA is a wonderful bubble, and basically, the rest of the country is racist and get your shit together America. I know she is using hyperbole, but still, the level of pretentiousness and ingnorance is way over the top.
    Just for her information of how wrong the view that LA and New York are such great and wonderful bubbles for "open mindness", fairness, equality, and all around greatness, here are some statistics from left leaning web sites or jounalists:
    Highest Percentage Cities with Black-Owned Businesses in the United States: (top 10, no LA or New York)
    Baltimore, Atlanta (deep south / funny), Washington DC, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Denver, Seattle, Albuquerque, Mesa AZ, and Tucson, AZ
    Five Most Charitable Cities
    El Paso, TX / Las Cruces, NM, Lexington, KY, Memphis, TN, Charleston-Huntington, WV, Milwaukee, WI
    The first California city on the list is Fresno at 29. LA or New York are not even among the top 50.
    Sure, communicate your political views when analyzing and critiquing a movie, but portraying some of your audience as racists, bumpkins, or closed minded simply because they don't live within your bubble is not... nice.

    • Vex
      Vex 4 months ago

      I'm not here to argue with you, or change your mind.
      I have immense respect and admiration for your story, and I am happy that you have found a place in America, where you know success and fulfillment.
      That said...I think you are taking conversational comments and blowing them way out of proportion.
      You even say, yourself, that it was likely hyperbole, on her I'm not sure why that would inspire you to get so heated about it, to the point of leaving something you enjoy.
      While you make many good points, the fact is...LA and NYC are definitely bubbles of tolerance, that do not necessarily exist in many places, around the is Toronto, in Canada
      Your statistics really have nothing to do with systemic racism...and considering one of the cities on your list is where I grew up and lived for 35 years...I can promise you it means absolutely nothing, in the context of race and equality.
      Memphis, TN is "charitable" because it has some of the most corrupt politicians in the country, (mostly right leaning, btw), who use charitable organizations to launder the money they steal...not because they are good people.
      Statistics do not show the worth of humanity.
      Baltimore and Atlanta have more black-owned businesses, because there is a much higher percentage of black people who live in those places...not because anyone is altruistic and supporting them.
      I think you need to take a step back and realize that off the cuff comments are exactly the cuff, and not trying to shove any particular agenda, on anyone.
      At any rate, I think you need to do a little more research and you will find that your statistics mean absolutely nothing to the overall climate of equality, in this country.
      I wish you the best, and hope for your continued success, in all that you do.

  • Talia Medina
    Talia Medina 4 months ago

    What happened to Jedi Council and Movie Talk yesterday????

  • Kakhi Gagnidze
    Kakhi Gagnidze 5 months ago

    What happened to ColliderHeroes?

  • Matthew Baston
    Matthew Baston 5 months ago

    dan murrell(screen junkies) vs daniel o'brien(cracked)
    i dont think many ppl would be able to hang with o'brien...make it happen christian harloff

  • Derbedeu5
    Derbedeu5 5 months ago

    Ya'll should cover The Expanse. Best sci-fi show on TV right now.

  • Jordan Harper
    Jordan Harper 5 months ago

    Is John still with Collider?

  • The AJ SuperheroNation

    Hey Collider Crew i hear and found tf 5 story good ideal they make based on real life world and tf prime but tf 2 movie Giza pyramid complex history ancient aliens tv show talk about Giza pyramid complex have power in past and tf 3 dark side moon in real life world alien ship they talk about that too I not just kind it is true in real life world but tf 5 based on real life world aliens Stonehenge and tf prime cartoon series Unicron is earth core and primus is cyberton core!! :)

  • darth wint
    darth wint 5 months ago

    Where is movie talk today?

  • Cooper Cuddy
    Cooper Cuddy 6 months ago

    Wheres movie talk today?

  • perytj
    perytj 6 months ago

    no talk Today?

    • perytj
      perytj 6 months ago


    • RetlocLive
      RetlocLive 6 months ago

      Looked like some sort of error occurred when the stream was ready to start. The chat was up waiting for the episode to start at 1:00 eastern time.

  • Valiant Bruizer
    Valiant Bruizer 6 months ago

    Josh Brolin to play Marcus Fenix in GEARS OF WAR movie

  • Tyrone brimage
    Tyrone brimage 6 months ago

    i peeped this nigga on no jumper!!!!

  • WhoopAs
    WhoopAs 6 months ago

    The Summer SIdeshow event is going on Killing Floor 2 and Kristian and Jeremy are at E3? I don't see any scrakes or fleshpounds at E3.

  • Frarruz Washington
    Frarruz Washington 6 months ago

    Movie Talk?

  • John Lincavage
    John Lincavage 6 months ago

    In Wonder Woman, the movie mentions Aries battling and killing other
    Gods (If I remember right). Does that include Posidian "God of the Sea"
    and how does that effect the Aquaman story line. Any ideas?

  • Damien Crespan
    Damien Crespan 6 months ago

    Seriously no-one's written anything here in a year?

    • Jeremy Smith
      Jeremy Smith 5 months ago

      You're looking at the comments filtered by top comments, choose newest instead and you'll see people have indeed commented throughout the last year. Youtube defaults to top comments instead of newest.

  • Zoltan Z
    Zoltan Z 6 months ago

    The live stream just died.

  • LeAnthony Holden
    LeAnthony Holden 6 months ago

    Team Collider,
    Can you share your thoughts on this idea?? "Superman and Batman"
    I think if the other JLA members were on different mission; and, a worthy and personal threat arises for the Dark Knight and Man of Steel, similar to the animation movie, Batman and Superman could team up and support one another for a great JLA spinoff Buddy Hero Movie, "The Worlds Finest." Batman vs Superman, take on Joker, Lex, some kryptonite and lets us add Lobo and Bane.
    Batman vs Superman did not do as well as expected, I did enjoy BvS, the Ultimate Cut better than the Theatrical Cut. In my opinion BvS, was not as good of a movie as it should been because of so many different things and characters added to setup Justice League. 
    Wonder Woman is a smash hit I will go see multiple times and buy the Blu-ray. I think a part of its success is the focus was on Wonder Woman. What if a Movie was focused on Batman and Superman with one shared mission one goal?
    This would be a Fan Pleaser! Your Thoughts??
    Lee Holden

  • TJ Mullin
    TJ Mullin 6 months ago

    No schmoe down? Bummed out caps my shiity week out on a high note

  • Brice V
    Brice V 6 months ago

    I love your live shows by the way. Hope to see more of it. Oh, and please, please, tell us what you think about the Electric Beach LEIA THEORY circling on the internet! I don't want it to be true but it just seems like it could be. :-|

  • Maze Miller
    Maze Miller 6 months ago

    Logan commentary?

  • Gabriel Gomez
    Gabriel Gomez 6 months ago

    Breaking news: Doug Liman Parts Ways With Justice League Dark Movie

  • Tim Arakawa
    Tim Arakawa 6 months ago

    where's the review of The Hitman's Bodyguard trailer?

  • BBakira1031
    BBakira1031 6 months ago

    what happened to the new schmoedown?

    • BBakira1031
      BBakira1031 6 months ago

      what the shazbot

    • VIP Nitrix
      VIP Nitrix 6 months ago

      i had just put it in my playlist along with todays movie talk n WHAT its now a private video.... i figure they must be reediting it

    • Dracarys Stark
      Dracarys Stark 6 months ago

      It was just there but now it's not.
      they took it off ?

  • WhoopAs
    WhoopAs 6 months ago

    Man they did it again like with Hicks and Newt. They Aliened 3 Shaw's ass I was hoping she'd be in Covenant :( I guess the universe is pretty unforgiving place, youtube comments can attest the universe is an unforgiving place lmao. No but seriously I've seen Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman and The Universe on The History Channel, you can't be a pussy.

  • WhoopAs
    WhoopAs 6 months ago

    Well if the Engineers created humans and they also created the black goo I would think they found out what happens when the two come together more so than David, he didn't create humans or the black goo.
    So those murals on the wall maybe they figured out what happens a long time ago, and that's why when Shaw said "Why do you want to destroy us" they were trying to get rid of the black goo on LV-223 and why they wanted to destroy humans too.
    David creating the xenomorphs might not be nothing new, he just found out about it again, that's something the engineers knew about and want to bury.
    They're really George Lucasing the Alien franchise now lmao. I never knew a slasher film from the 70s and 80s about a crew/marines/prisoners trying to not get killed one by one by an alien would turn into the search for the creation of human life etc.

  • perytj
    perytj 7 months ago

    collider heroes live?

    • Vex
      Vex 7 months ago

      Also wondering about this, so I will piggyback on the comment. Was specifically announced on MovieTalk, earlier, as being Live @ 1PM PST...yet still no Heroes @ 2:20PM PST. What gives, guys?

  • Lord Viscount Edward Butterbutts Horatio II

    Are you guys going to do Logan commentary?

    • VIP Nitrix
      VIP Nitrix 6 months ago

      always wanted a 1990s ninja turtles commentary, its gotta be hard for em to choose which movies would be worthy of a commentary....i mean SW was a no brainer

  • 80 Eight
    80 Eight 7 months ago

    Right now, I'm looking forward to "Wonder Woman" and what it's going to do for the DCEU. And to that, I'd add "get "The Batman" done". To Warner Bros if you're listening "stop the conflicts and get the movies done". We're lagging behind as far as reception and we need more of it if we are to compete.

  • Chenbro Vaz
    Chenbro Vaz 7 months ago

    I'm not ripping on you guys, I'm genuinely concerned as a huge Collider fan, but: why the hell are subscription rates so slow? It feels like it was so long ago when the sub count hit 300,000,--and I think you guys even had a little celebration for that number milestone--and today it's only 346,950 (as of now).

    • WhoopAs
      WhoopAs 6 months ago

      And I think this channel is more for people in the actual movie industry anyways or hardcore movie fans.

    • WhoopAs
      WhoopAs 6 months ago

      Because it's not a top 10 channel, minecraft, call of duty or youtube drama news lol. Some people just want to make videos of what they want to make and not what will bait the most clicks and what most people have attention spans for which is usually all of video game or all of movie history in 5 minutes over and over again in some kind of a top 10.

  • garrett chism
    garrett chism 7 months ago

    seriously you guys... the new BLADE RUNNER 2049 trailer... where are you guys...

  • Paul Black
    Paul Black 7 months ago

    I was just watching it... Now it's gone!

  • John Salvi
    John Salvi 7 months ago


  • Emmanuel Denis
    Emmanuel Denis 7 months ago


  • JCDesigns31
    JCDesigns31 7 months ago

    where is today's movie talk?

  • Ehrich Smiddy
    Ehrich Smiddy 7 months ago

    No movie talk today????

    • PoecileCinctus
      PoecileCinctus 7 months ago

      Thanks for the info, Vex Fletcher!

    • Vex
      Vex 7 months ago

      You need to pay attention to their Twitter. They posted this around 9:40PST: "Due to technical difficulty, #MovieTalk won't be live today. The full show will be uploaded to our channel later today. Sorry about this!"

    • Earnest Brown
      Earnest Brown 7 months ago

      I love it, but TV Talk had better not have broken the Live Stream.

    • Ehrich Smiddy
      Ehrich Smiddy 7 months ago

      no idea, but im sad

    • PoecileCinctus
      PoecileCinctus 7 months ago

      Was looking here for the answer to this, too. Or have they just forgotten to post a link to it or something? The link to the livestream has appeared VERY late several times in recent weeks, sometimes a few minutes after the stream has already begun.

  • WhoopAs
    WhoopAs 7 months ago

    Instead of Gears of War tell George Miller to make a Killing Floor movie. It's the perfect fit since it's so similar to the style of Fury Road. With crazy characters like a guy in a chicken costume, a queen's guard, DJ Skully, Mr. Foster, a knight, etc. and the mutants are all gory and over the top too with chainsaws and fireball launchers. The zeds even look like the war boys xD
    And Fury Road I think is what a good video game movie would be like.

  • Noel Reyes
    Noel Reyes 7 months ago

    what happened to TV Talk today?

  • Alpine Newt Plays Games

    Love Captain Learning!

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith 7 months ago

    Had to unsubscribe, I was only here for a few specific show's, the way you lump all of your videos under a signal channel has taken  over my feed.

  • M S
    M S 7 months ago

    Hi Guys. Thundercats. Thoughts?

  • WhoopAs
    WhoopAs 7 months ago

    After seeing the Alien: Covenant prologue I'm calling it right now. That's the ship they use to get off the planet since in the trailer the alien is cracking the glass on the window and the other ship blows up. The ship Shaw and David arrive on is what Daniels and Pineapple Express guy will have to use to get off.
    I'm adding that to my list of stuff that happens: the xenomorph fights the neomorph like the t-rex and hybrid dinosaur in Jurassic World." and Noomi Rapace shows up at the end like Luke in The Force Awakens xD No surprise since the Alien franchise is Jurassic Park in space.

  • cham dumba
    cham dumba 7 months ago

    enjoy the show my little sis got me on to it ..time difference is crazy all the way from Uganda East Africa,but its worth it everyday ,thanks for the good work.

  • Peter Soda
    Peter Soda 8 months ago

    They'll do a full show tomorrow?

  • Impressive Jedi
    Impressive Jedi 8 months ago

    No Jedi Council posted today...sigh. You know, when I pay for a service I expect results! Especially when you're in Orlando Florida and I missed my flight...
    Seriously though, hope you guys are having a great time. Give George a high five for me, and Ryan Johnson a quick fist bump for the amazing trailer we will see tomorrow.

  • Ben Hamner
    Ben Hamner 8 months ago

    Are they streaming the Panel at celebration today?

  • Crash Zero
    Crash Zero 8 months ago

    I'm really surprised but I've been looking around on the net for good star wars quizzes and questions both web and you tube episodes, there is a lot of scattered stuff around but nothing reliable or dedicated. would really love if collider would have trivia night you could maybe do live, that seems to be the thing, etc party style, i know ken and kristian would have some really hard questions but still doesnt have to be that hard its still got to be fun and enjoyable for everybody. super chat seems to pull in the monies

  • Homer Duck
    Homer Duck 8 months ago

    How about doing commentary to the Alien films before Alien Covenant gets out?

  • Nancy Smitz
    Nancy Smitz 8 months ago

    I found this interesting. I was at World Market today and there was a Kylo Ren sucker there. I also had a small figure of Kylo on top and there was a button where he said numerous phrases. Well I had to push the button to see what it said and I was shocked because I thought they would be making comments from The Force Awakens but one of the things that Kylo said was "I am the last Jedi." Seems like a big spoiler in that.

  • Michael Wasson
    Michael Wasson 8 months ago

    Hey, got a quick question: will the Schmoedown at Star Wars Celebration ( be put on YouTube or other media after it takes place for fans not attending Celebration?

  • James Payne
    James Payne 8 months ago

    What happened to the Collider Crash Courses?

  • Andy Cantwell
    Andy Cantwell 8 months ago

    Hey guys. Just in case it hasn't already been brought to your attention, the post show tag with Ashley isn't playing correctly. Sounds like the audio element of the file is corrupted as it keeps breaking up. It's been like this for the last few shows, definitely not a YouTube glitch as it's the breaking up at the same points every time. Hope this is helpful. Thanks for all the great content. :)

  • Caleb Bates
    Caleb Bates 8 months ago

    Please do a review on the netflixs series 13 Reasons Why would love to know the teams thoughts on it all

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 8 months ago

    Thanks for theese videos.i hope we'll see more information about new movies in here.good luck for all

  • WhoopAs
    WhoopAs 8 months ago

    If video game movies are pretty much: experiment with making whatever movie you want then slap a title of a game on it to get people to see it then I'm just going to do it in reverse and write Hitman on my John Wick DVD and Resident Evil on Dawn of the Dead etc.
    What happened to Steven Spielberg making a Fatal Frame movie wtf that shit was like 10 years ago. Is the movie market over saturated with twins in a japanese village full of ghosts of rituals the village held as sacrifices every idk i forgot how many years.

  • WhoopAs
    WhoopAs 8 months ago

    Any news on the Mortal Kombat movie? Please tell me Quentin Tarintino is making it like Kill Bill. And also Frank Miller is making a Killing Floor movie or Hollywood has no idea what they're doing when it comes to video game movies again.

  • Jhonatan Foiadelli
    Jhonatan Foiadelli 8 months ago


    • Rick Cardona
      Rick Cardona 8 months ago

      I hear ya. And what is the point of having this section if they are never going to respond to anyone?

  • TheQuazz
    TheQuazz 8 months ago

    when are you guys releasing the next episode of the nerd crew!!???

  • Master Human Video
    Master Human Video 8 months ago

    Why is Awesometacular at the very bottom of your channel homepage?
    Seems like the worst place to put it (even under your "searchable" movie reviews).
    Is it because it's shared with the go90 network?
    I'm just concerned because the views on your channel for that show suggest it will be cancelled and I like Jeremy.
    Unless you have a reason for putting that show in the basement, I'd place it at least above mailbag on the homepage.

  • ProChap PG
    ProChap PG 8 months ago

    What happen too Hero's it was live for 8mins then its just gone.

  • Armando villarreal
    Armando villarreal 8 months ago

    for next year's mad march tournament you guys could do one for "Anti-heroes"

  • Mariana T
    Mariana T 8 months ago

    No reaction to Justice League trailer? :(

  • Crash Zero
    Crash Zero 8 months ago

    hey been a sorta long time subscriber and watch every day was getting ready for your live video and couldn't find it cause i was unsubscribed even though i know i was and always click on sub feed anyways thought you would want to know.

  • Rick Cardona
    Rick Cardona 8 months ago

    What happened to Nightmares?

  • JCDesigns31
    JCDesigns31 8 months ago

    Are you going to do a review of Ironfist?

  • Mark Burdett
    Mark Burdett 9 months ago

    So when is Nightmares to return?

  • Khanthiilas
    Khanthiilas 9 months ago

    i cant find the luke skywalker crash course is it actually listed?

  • Sandy Feliz
    Sandy Feliz 9 months ago

    Whatever happened to trailer reviews?

  • the original mxzrevman

    if the wonder women movie if 1/2 as great as the new trailer
    the movie will be AWESOME!!!

  • CD D
    CD D 9 months ago

    its thursday, where the hell is jedi council?

  • CD D
    CD D 9 months ago

    where is jedi council?

  • Kubz Khan
    Kubz Khan 9 months ago

    Sam will not be in black panther

  • Cassandra Strand
    Cassandra Strand 9 months ago

    Can you Collider girls do a commentary on Aladdin and then The Lion King, there my two Disney favorites

  • Archit
    Archit 9 months ago

    Really great Mailbag today.

  • Estefan Silva
    Estefan Silva 9 months ago

    You guys are on the trending tab.

  • the original mxzrevman

    OMG the new alien trailer looks AWESOME!!

  • Darth Ku
    Darth Ku 9 months ago

    why can't I find collider heroes? it's supposed to be live at 2:30

  • Cbanks52
    Cbanks52 9 months ago

    Hey collider u guys had a question today about limited streaming where you kinda made a joke of the fact that they couldn't watch the oscars the question was about streaming and streaming was actually only limited to people who had cable packages and was only available in major cities I live in Las Vegas and it was not available for me and that's a pretty big city obviously if u have cable u can get it but I thought I would clear that up since it may come off as rude that u made fun of that question when the person asking it was actually correct u can find the list online it was only about 7 cities u could stream from the app

    • Cbanks52
      Cbanks52 9 months ago

      Those markets are: “Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham and San Francisco.” The provider list includes the major companies: Comcast*, Charter Spectrum, AT&T U-Verse, Verizon and DirecTV.

    • Cbanks52
      Cbanks52 9 months ago

      Love your show have a great day :)

  • Doutsoldome
    Doutsoldome 9 months ago

    Ughhh... Suicide Squad won an Oscar? Really? Ughhh...

    AAJIV 9 months ago

    How come the best science fiction show , maybe the best ever, The Expanse , is not being covered here?

  • Hannah Forseen
    Hannah Forseen 9 months ago

    Why is there no Nightmares list on the home page anymore? It's my favorite show and I don't want to hunt for it...

  • Jay Stone
    Jay Stone 9 months ago

    Did not like Jedi Council at all tonight, very disappointing!!

  • Fausto Cancian
    Fausto Cancian 9 months ago

    The Last Jedi (the tittle) has been translated into spanish and it is "Los Últimos Jedi", that means the tittle is in plural!

  • Martin Sonderegger
    Martin Sonderegger 9 months ago

    did they change the streaming time. that is the second time in a week or so that I would watch the stream live but they aren't on air?

  • Don's Family Vacations

    kind of disappointed you stopped doing movie opening weekend predictions. I would rather see that then what's opening this week as well let's be frank..... if we're watching a movie news channel then we most likely already know what's opening this week. even a combination would be better and I would love to see you guys track who wins the predictions and have an over all winner each year.

  • wulfmarine1
    wulfmarine1 9 months ago

    Hey ... Just saw the new released German Titel of Episode 8
    It's called Die letzten Jedi.... And it is plural ...

  • brushtim
    brushtim 10 months ago

    And the rumors start to fly & will spiral out of control. DarkHorizons site posted this on yesterdays Movie Talk, "One of the more interesting rumors to pop up this week happened late yesterday on the Collider Talk podcast (via The Playlist) where host John Campea claims that Ben Affleck wants out of the Batman role.
    Citing three different sources within Warner Brothers, but adding that one should take this rumor with a grain of salt, Campea says: “Ben Affleck, make no mistake, he wants out. He doesn’t want to be Batman anymore” and goes on to say Affleck is in active discussions with Warner Bros. to remove himself from his DCEU deal".
    Even after Campea said this is just me talking.

  • christopher prpich
    christopher prpich 10 months ago

  • christopher prpich
    christopher prpich 10 months ago

    seen this had to post it here lol i made some comments on the page lol spanked

  • cosmicfish1000
    cosmicfish1000 10 months ago

  • Jason Golliher
    Jason Golliher 10 months ago

    Sort of new to Collider fandom, but enjoying all your YouTube content. Especially Collider Nightmares. Keep up the good work. Love all you ladies and gentlemen. Clarke Wolfe, your specialty may be horror but you're a fantasy to me!

  • Ghigongigon asdad
    Ghigongigon asdad 10 months ago

    Someone please talk about the season 5 trailer for Samurai Jack please!

  • Matt Purcell
    Matt Purcell 10 months ago

    So, I'm guessing there will be discussion on Batfleck not directing the standalone Batman movie today.

  • sylvain rondeau
    sylvain rondeau 10 months ago

    Sally Field as Leia if they were to recast? Discuss... ;)

  • GsterfunkGLA82
    GsterfunkGLA82 11 months ago

    Hey JEDI COUNCIL was just thinking, see if we do see Han solo's funeral, do you think we'll see a plaque or grave stone with his medal from a new hope hanging from it..
    I just thought of it and it got me right in the feels..

  • WhoopAs
    WhoopAs 11 months ago

    Last I checked Sigorney Weaver got nominated best actress in Aliens? Is that right compared to Linda Hamilton or Carrie Fisher? Or ANY sci fi movie whatsoever...I mean i guess it's cool to down play Aliens over Terminator and Star Wars like you don't know your movie history. Sorry but Terminator or Star Wars didn't have Hudson or Newt in it "Affirminitive" :P

  • authier benjamin
    authier benjamin 11 months ago

    HI guys, please react to the trailer for French Horror movie Grave ( RAW in U.S)
    Merci ;)

  • Scott Roberts
    Scott Roberts 11 months ago

    No movie talk today?

  • perytj
    perytj 11 months ago


  • JCDesigns31
    JCDesigns31 11 months ago

    Is movie talk on at 11.

  • perytj
    perytj 11 months ago


  • Max Headroom
    Max Headroom 11 months ago


  • Gerardo Rivero
    Gerardo Rivero 11 months ago

    really collider? no rebels mid season 3 trailer review? ¡shame on you!

  • Ghigongigon asdad
    Ghigongigon asdad 11 months ago

    Any talks on Dirk Gently , figured TV talk would be all over it but havent heard much from them yet

  • Earnest Brown
    Earnest Brown 11 months ago

    Like a punch in the gut from 2016. R.I.P. to all those we have lost.

  • Cliff Bastin
    Cliff Bastin 11 months ago

    R.I.P Carrie Fisher.

  • Jarod Forbes
    Jarod Forbes 11 months ago

    Carrie Fisher :(

  • Ken Khero
    Ken Khero 11 months ago

    @ColliderVideos hey guys? just saw that @therock and @henrycavill posted a picture of them together. anything behind this?

  • Matthew Mills
    Matthew Mills 11 months ago

    where is episode 2 of the schmoedown spectacular? Waiting!!

    • Reaper.
      Reaper. 11 months ago

      They had it up and now it's gone private. :(

  • byron broomhead
    byron broomhead 11 months ago

    is there a movie talk show today ?

  • WhoopAs
    WhoopAs Year ago

    is James Franco and Danny McBride both seriously in Alien: Covenant? Like seriously Pineapple Express or The End in space? LMFAO!!! No matter how much horror is going to be in the movie when I see them two talking to each other i'm going to be laughing my ass off.

  • Mick Joseph
    Mick Joseph Year ago

    Hey guys love your show, when will you post the Rogue One "Spoiler" review?

  • Jacob D Spencer
    Jacob D Spencer Year ago

    IDEA for Top 10: Top 10 Star Wars rip offs. Worst or Best depending on how you look at it. Most are probably from the late 70's and 80's.

  • Dante Shakespeare

    Hey, could we get a trailer reaction for the Doug Liman movie The Wall?

  • Kevin McGuire
    Kevin McGuire Year ago

    Hey so in the IMAX trailer you can see a temple-ish building with robed figures. Jedi perhaps? Your thoughts please in the Jedi Council

  • Phantoma3
    Phantoma3 Year ago

    Where's the review for Rogue One?
    I know you're sitting on it.

  • Sebastian Braggaar


  • the original mxzrevman

    cant wait to here all of your impressions of rouge one
    hopefully it was as awesome as we all think it is!!

    • Sebastian Braggaar
      Sebastian Braggaar Year ago

      YES PLEASE!!!

    SHARON TZ Year ago

    is there no show today?

  • David Zimmerman
    David Zimmerman Year ago

    where is the top ten show!!!

  • hernan castro
    hernan castro Year ago

    when the spiderman trailer reaction???

    RY TOWN Year ago

    What happened to Collider Nighmares this week. I thought switched to Tuesdays?

  • scalien225
    scalien225 Year ago

    I fell behind on Movietalk. I'm trying to catch up but the playlist is seriously out of order.

  • perytj
    perytj Year ago

    movie talk?

  • actionfx1
    actionfx1 Year ago

    Hey Collider. A warning to you guys: Stop it with the political correctness crap. It's subtle but it's there and it's getting more and more apparent over time. The second your content starts resembling Buzzfeed or MTV Decoded, you're done. People are waking up to that crap and we're getting tired of it. Speaking as a minority in 3 ways, this anti-Christian sentiment and superficial faux sense of diversity that is running rampant in Hollywood is sickening. Watch yourselves.

  • Mariana T
    Mariana T Year ago

    Hey guys! Please make a movie commentary for Guardians of the Galaxy! That will be great!

  • keithf77777
    keithf77777 Year ago

    Dagnabit.... where the HELL is the Top Ten show?????????????????????????????????

  • David Zimmerman
    David Zimmerman Year ago

    When are Rocha and Knost coming back with Top Ten shows?

  • RecigyHiGH
    RecigyHiGH Year ago

    @ColiderVideos do you think Disney will ever make a R Rated Star Wars Movie one day?

  • David Zimmerman
    David Zimmerman Year ago

    Are you guys going to do a movie commentary for Suicide Squad or any movie sometime soon?

    • Archit
      Archit Year ago

      star trek beyond is my pick

  • Deniz Puolamäki

    Still no reaction to the new ghost in the shell trailer? Guess that particular film doesnt rate a reaction.

    RY TOWN Year ago

    What happened to Collider Nightmares?

    • Thomas Rodgers
      Thomas Rodgers Year ago

      Just switched days with Heroes its now out on Wednesday and Heroes is on Tuesdays.

  • The Super Review Show

    You Guys should get your channel Verified on YouTube, You guys have met the requirements

  • Cheer & Dance
    Cheer & Dance Year ago

    Do a reaction video to the La La Land trailer, please!!

  • BuddyGroove
    BuddyGroove Year ago

    Hey guys...streaming the Walking Dead live was a great idea. Hopefully you fix the bugs and we get to experience it next week. You guys rock!

  • keithf77777
    keithf77777 Year ago

    Hello everyone... you haven't given Top Ten enough time to build an audience!! Please bring it back and give it more time!

  • SL twentyeight
    SL twentyeight Year ago

    Sky High poped up on netflix. omg , catlin from the flash is the plant girl. didnt realize that till saw sky high again.

  • Courtney Durham
    Courtney Durham Year ago

    Dear Mailbag,
    Does Loki still have the Reality Gem? We've all been focusing on Thanos, but no one has had more opportunity and contact with the Infinity Stones than Loki. Loki had the mind gem and knows its current location (Vision's Forehead). The Tesseract is in Asgard's vault. The Reality Gem was supposedly given away at the end of Thor: TDW but Odin was actually Loki at that point. Dr. Strange now has the Time Gem and Thor has met him. Is the real threat to the MCU, Loki and not Thanos?

  • Jamie McDonald
    Jamie McDonald Year ago

    Bring back Top 10! One of my favorites.

  • Tommy Hazelwood
    Tommy Hazelwood Year ago

    Bring Back Top 10!!!. I enjoy listing to your show but with Rocha and Knost, their partnership and comedic timing is on par. I can wait on some shows through the week but I can't wait for Top 10 each time. Anyways, great stuff and love the movie trivia. You need to do a tv trivia also.

  • Chris Cox
    Chris Cox Year ago

    So, you drop The Flash recap show because of low viewership but keep the Star Wars: Rebels recap show even though they both average around 37,000 viewers per episode. Is this because you are locked into being the "official" recap show for Ash vs Evil Dead and it's whopping 11,000 viewers per episode? Couldn't you just do the Rebels recaps during Jedi Council? There are at least 10 live-action comic book related shows on television or streaming right now and one animated Star Wars show.
    Also, why drop the Top 10 Show for only averaging about 28,000 viewers but keep Best of the Week and it's fewer than 12,000?

  • Shelton naron
    Shelton naron Year ago

    Dear Collider Crew,  I have enjoyed your comments since the amc days and only in the last year have I rediscovered you on youtube.  It is disappointing but I can no longer subscribe much less watch your videos due to the vulgar dialogue on tv talk.  I have 3 pre-teen grandsons that I have shared my fondness for comics and star trek with.  I would like to be able to watch tv talk with them for the star trek and superhero rundown segments.  But that crew began this weeks show to Josh Macugas repeat of Sashas catch-phrase of "Suck all the Penises!!".  The chaos of the ShmoesKnow crew is dragging you into the gutter with them.  The Collider crew seemed to take some pride in its work and product.  But I guess the ratings of juvenile obscenity are greater than your pride.  I will be passing my concerns on to youtube and any advertisers who associate with your programs.  Stay warm in the gutter, winter's coming.

  • Jason Kelcher
    Jason Kelcher Year ago

    Hey Guys my name is Jason Kelcher and I have watched quit a few videos and I have the anwser to who Rey's Parents are if you check FafGuy on YouTube The "Rey's Parents" theory everybody's overlooked! Regarding the 4 part Comic Book Series THE SHATTERED EMPIRE and Did J.J. confirm that Rey is NOT a Skywalker? It's explained in VERY CLEAR DETAIL THAT LUKE IS NOT REY'S FATHER .I enjoy very much in watching your show and would like to know when you air so I can watch live If you could e-mail me your day and time I would very much appreciate it. your interested fan JASON KELCHER.

  • That Guy
    That Guy Year ago

    Please bring back the Top 10 show!

  • DrewCFuhr
    DrewCFuhr Year ago


  • James Payne
    James Payne Year ago

    I posted on the last Top 10 my thoughts that I'm cool with them taking a break and maybe reworking the show, but please bring Rocha and Knost back for more Top 10's. Here are some ideas for the re-tooling.
    1) Add the rotating third member the ones with the guest picker are great and add to the debate. Rocha and Knost even say they often know the others thoughts on the creation of the others list. Adding a guest picker will add to the arguments.
    2) Instead of just debating the shows Top 10 have a points system were a Number 1 film gets 10 points and down to the number 10 film getting 1 point. With the guest picker that would be a possible 30 points for a film. Any ties can be broken by debate. You could also create the ULTIMATE Top 10 where the top 10 scoring films of all the shows are ordered.
    3) Give the Fans a say. At the end of each show give the topic for the next show and allow the fans to send in their top 10 (Email, Twitter, whatever) and then tally up the votes and create the Fans Top 10 to show verse the show's Top 10.
    Please bring back the show.
    Thanks for reading my ideas.

  • Yesspaz Smith
    Yesspaz Smith Year ago

    Collider, you are making a MORON move. EASILY the best show on Collider is Top Ten Show!
    Do NOT cancel it. I'm unsubscribing if TTS is canceled. Other than the Schmoedown, it's the only thing I watch on this channel.

  • Chris Weaver
    Chris Weaver Year ago

    Hey really enjoyed the Flash recap show and this would be a great season to recap!