The ACE Family
The ACE Family
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  • Itsanamacedo
    Itsanamacedo 3 hours ago

    This song is really good can’t wait to listen to the whole song 😩 this music video about to be lit 🔥

  • Emmanuella Otoo
    Emmanuella Otoo 3 hours ago

    She looks like Debby Ryan😂😂

  • Slime Kids
    Slime Kids 3 hours ago


  • Jenna’s Life
    Jenna’s Life 3 hours ago

    This is how many people find them disgusting after what happened? ____>

  • Brenda Arriaga
    Brenda Arriaga 3 hours ago

    Who els is here cause u like watching them. Cause we all know we cant do nothing about the rumors so we are still watching

  • Seidy Morales
    Seidy Morales 3 hours ago

    Did anyone see that behind dashad the movie frozen was playing

  • Marina Ristic
    Marina Ristic 3 hours ago

    I am gonna click dislike even if i like this video just because it is click bate. DONT DO THIS TO US!!! ✅ DONE ✅

  • Nadia Chamdine
    Nadia Chamdine 3 hours ago

    Wheres the Video with elle

  • Stevens Luis
    Stevens Luis 3 hours ago

    Austin: Ace Family what you guys think? Me: I Think Yo Wife’s Beautiful 💯

  • 25k Challenge with no vids

    My dog turned 5 today. Can we get some like for him?

  • Urvashi
    Urvashi 3 hours ago

    We love you too ACE FAMILY ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    AARON GAMING 3 hours ago


  • Adel Siplon
    Adel Siplon 3 hours ago

    LSS here thoo 'twas good 😍💕

  • Faze phota
    Faze phota 3 hours ago

    There is no stop in this vid

  • Samantha Martinez
    Samantha Martinez 3 hours ago

    I was subscribed and noticed I wasn’t seeing y’all name popping up. So I checked and I was unsubscribed automatically by TVclip. Oof

  • Faith Gallman
    Faith Gallman 3 hours ago

    I love this video

  • Chloe Guines
    Chloe Guines 3 hours ago

    Catherin dont wear like thats houroble

  • Magalis MendoA
    Magalis MendoA 3 hours ago

    Hey ace familia i love you . U make me happy and i love u

  • YolyAlexa Salinas
    YolyAlexa Salinas 3 hours ago

    Wow, 🔊 your dancers 🕺 are really good... I like what I saw so far I can't wait to 👀 the 🎼📽 🧡

  • Aikhu Khunpeng
    Aikhu Khunpeng 3 hours ago

    Elle is to cute yeah love u💕💓💓💖💓💕

  • Me Singing
    Me Singing 3 hours ago

    To be hones i love u guys but i didnt really like the song us did last year but this one is so good and i can not wait to listen to it fully ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • OG FaZe NuGgEt
    OG FaZe NuGgEt 4 hours ago

    The camera gets blurry when there is a spirit in the way

  • Nakarra Revell
    Nakarra Revell 4 hours ago

    It is 6:43 am in the morning my phone is standing on something and I am getting ready for school watching this

  • princessmerit.
    princessmerit. 4 hours ago

    this song lowkey hit 😭

  • Nakarra Revell
    Nakarra Revell 4 hours ago

    I know you lieing

  • Mckenzie TV
    Mckenzie TV 4 hours ago


  • Nasra Abdulbar
    Nasra Abdulbar 4 hours ago

    men I thought it was your wedding drees because its cute

  • Ally lesoof06
    Ally lesoof06 4 hours ago

    When is their wedding like when maybe by 2020?

  • Semihlali Vena
    Semihlali Vena 4 hours ago

    Omg when Catherine took her wig of I kept on playing it again and again 0😂p and Austin was like😳

  • Ally lesoof06
    Ally lesoof06 4 hours ago

    Wait, I'm confused before ace family when did they get married? I'm confused also I'm sorry if this is a late comment but We're they ever married or not? ._. also why is there a 'wedding dress' in the thumbnail I thought their will be like some type of wedding Their attending to..

  • Lilly Jasmine
    Lilly Jasmine 4 hours ago

    I love it so much

  • Katie Quinn
    Katie Quinn 4 hours ago

    I am eating the same food you are eating

  • Adela&Evalina
    Adela&Evalina 4 hours ago

    The tea is that Austin is cheating on Catherine

  • Guru Priya
    Guru Priya 4 hours ago

    Austin is Dough Catherine is water Elle is topping Alaiia is sprinkles

  • ruth andrews
    ruth andrews 4 hours ago

    Omg she so cuteeeeeee 😫😫😫❤

  • Dagmara Bialek
    Dagmara Bialek 4 hours ago

    They are soooooo sexy 😍😍😍😙 he smaket her on the but

  • Slimesqushies Ngy
    Slimesqushies Ngy 4 hours ago

    I think Elle is more better dancer😂

  • John Carlo Medina
    John Carlo Medina 4 hours ago

    I will never gonna do that to innocent tarantula. Poor thing. You just buy that just for prank!!!

  • Hashem Malak
    Hashem Malak 4 hours ago

    This is Ryan this Catherine's brother

  • I N
    I N 4 hours ago

    Wow clickbait

  • Frankie Turnbull
    Frankie Turnbull 4 hours ago

    Who’s here in November and hears the auto tune

  • pinky sengupta
    pinky sengupta 4 hours ago

    How cute cute family is..!!😘😘😘😘

  • Itzneas
    Itzneas 4 hours ago


  • You’re doing amazing sweetie! Layla

    Giddy Up will be number one on charts, perhaps. Much better than this. Giddy Up is so catchy and beautiful.

  • Jada Autumn
    Jada Autumn 4 hours ago

    Imagine playing hide and seek in this house🤭🥴

  • cry bxbyy
    cry bxbyy 4 hours ago

    Imagine being a rapist and have 2 kids 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Keven Ramirez
    Keven Ramirez 5 hours ago

    Catherine is going to mad

  • Kumar Muatxiteno Fernando

    . Kida the great, I have a huge crush on this amazing lil guy😭😍

  • Vey
    Vey 5 hours ago

    chill with the ads DAMNNNNNNNNNN

  • Vey
    Vey 5 hours ago

    chill with the ads DAMNNNNNNNNNN

  • NJs lifestyle
    NJs lifestyle 5 hours ago


  • __adelyaa__
    __adelyaa__ 5 hours ago

    Omg the way they move aaaahhh

  • rhys partridge
    rhys partridge 5 hours ago

    Elle is so cute and when she was starting the video I thought she was gonna be a good you tuber when she's older 😂😂

  • Vie Snt
    Vie Snt 5 hours ago

    Clickbait 😭

  • Crisp Lover
    Crisp Lover 5 hours ago

    All she wants is to watch Ariel and baby shark.

  • amisha walia
    amisha walia 5 hours ago

    Why are there so many dislikes!!!!😫😱

  • M Reena
    M Reena 5 hours ago

    I choose to alaia

  • Melissa Gonzales
    Melissa Gonzales 5 hours ago

    I am happy to see your show now 😊😊😀. From Melissa Gonzales

  • Melissa Gonzales
    Melissa Gonzales 5 hours ago

    I love your family ❤️💋💙.

  • alya mariam
    alya mariam 5 hours ago

    Who is the best family on TVclip: 1: ace family 2: royalty family 3: familia diamond 4:the prince family

  • Rita Rahme
    Rita Rahme 5 hours ago

    ❤️❤️ i love you both . Cathrine i adore you 💜 ...

  • Vanessa Manyonga
    Vanessa Manyonga 5 hours ago


  • lilwhitekid
    lilwhitekid 5 hours ago

    Who's here in the comments thinking why are people asking who's still here

  • Wina Expetito
    Wina Expetito 5 hours ago

    Lmao when Catherine took her wig off the look on Austin’s face tho!😂 10:51

  • Diamond Gacha Girl
    Diamond Gacha Girl 5 hours ago

    Mom: stop watching yt Me: lol no 😝😝😝

  • mudigonda veeraiah
    mudigonda veeraiah 5 hours ago

    I like the dance

  • Shaakirah Seedat
    Shaakirah Seedat 5 hours ago

    Well done Elle👍

  • Simona Szarková
    Simona Szarková 5 hours ago

    It’s not even out yet but i play it milion times and i already knows the lyrics

  • Diamond Gacha Girl
    Diamond Gacha Girl 5 hours ago

    Is it just me or somebody yelled stop...!!!

  • Sazeeta Malla
    Sazeeta Malla 5 hours ago

    Oh my god this is beautiful Giddy Up😍😍😍😍

  • Diamond Gacha Girl
    Diamond Gacha Girl 5 hours ago

    U shuold not be ruining someones property austin

  • Sandra Menchaca
    Sandra Menchaca 6 hours ago

    I feel so bad for Catharine. I feel like she’s loosing her hair from stressing so much. Her hair just looks so thin.

  • Eiade Elwekeil
    Eiade Elwekeil 6 hours ago

    I mean the house is gorgeous

  • Game Time !
    Game Time ! 6 hours ago

    This song fits in when I'm riding my horse

  • Jada Taoho
    Jada Taoho 6 hours ago

    I had for breakfast is a pink drink from Starbucks and a sandwich

  • Handsome Ilir
    Handsome Ilir 6 hours ago

    Did you know that you can’t smile and breathe at the same time? Just kidding i wanted you to smile, have a nice day❤️

  • Sabina Le Gall
    Sabina Le Gall 6 hours ago

    Austin picked ugly dancers, so he wouldn't flirt with them. Nothing special or cute about them.

  • Noritta Kay
    Noritta Kay 6 hours ago

    Please drop giddy up alreadyyyyyy!!!!! We love it already can’t wait to play it in the car!

  • Najmo Osman
    Najmo Osman 6 hours ago

    Is there Swahili singer in the song?

  • Jemima Arnott
    Jemima Arnott 6 hours ago

    I play basketball 🏀 I love you Waze family and your life is pretty and you are nice and you r Daughters are so cute even the baby and you are the one

  • Jory Nasser
    Jory Nasser 6 hours ago

    8:36 i need name of thats song asap

  • Courtney Nunez
    Courtney Nunez 6 hours ago

    Omg when Catherine snatched her wig I full on died, got cremated, and was reborn 😂😂😂

  • Shaakirah Seedat
    Shaakirah Seedat 6 hours ago

    I love the ave family💜

  • Lay-Lowe444
    Lay-Lowe444 6 hours ago

    I love this song! I can’t wait for the music video!!! 😃🙌🏼🔥

  • Warsha Raghwan
    Warsha Raghwan 6 hours ago

    Love u ace familyyyyyyy :-) please give me a shoutout

  • Alexis Lopez
    Alexis Lopez 6 hours ago

    my favorite part was when austin said giddy up on the song & catherine just goes like 😮😱 & rips her wig off 🤣🤣😂😂 i fuckin love you guys

  • Maria Coto
    Maria Coto 6 hours ago

    You and your wife and your baby are pretty

  • mini cat
    mini cat 6 hours ago

    Catherine will remove her wig in the music video? 🙊😂

  • Stephanie Jordaan
    Stephanie Jordaan 6 hours ago

    I like the dace

  • banny banele khanyi
    banny banele khanyi 6 hours ago

    I love your channel 💜💜💜

  • Katie Quinn
    Katie Quinn 6 hours ago

    Bro next time do it to your wife

  • nattea jaysen
    nattea jaysen 6 hours ago

    Austin is so nice ,he does everything for elle

  • Maria Coto
    Maria Coto 6 hours ago

    Can you call my name the video

  • xXvic213Xx R
    xXvic213Xx R 6 hours ago


  • MillieFatKitty 09
    MillieFatKitty 09 6 hours ago


  • Elmedina Memeti
    Elmedina Memeti 6 hours ago

    Ahhhh I can not wait it’s too lit like I legit screamed🔥🔥👀

  • Leona Saarti
    Leona Saarti 7 hours ago

    if you have one life to live but other people have a life people ok so i heard stop and your just sitting there hey you guys put a thumbs down on all videos

  • esther nkabinde
    esther nkabinde 7 hours ago

    Just when i thougt there we getting married

  • Leona Saarti
    Leona Saarti 7 hours ago

    someone lelled stop

  • Leona Saarti
    Leona Saarti 7 hours ago

    you runied the property sham on you i swear i hate you if you 🤘