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  • Tiziano Grimm
    Tiziano Grimm 2 hours ago

    8:53 voice crack😂😂😂😂

  • Random Trinidadian
    Random Trinidadian 2 hours ago

    Ramsey in the Simpsons had me dying 🤣🤣🤣

  • Too Much Milk
    Too Much Milk 2 hours ago

    McSpaghetti.... Spaghetti... in a box... Come on McDonalds your better than that

  • flyinfreakflag
    flyinfreakflag 2 hours ago

    You forgot the McDonaldland cookies. I did it all for the cookie!

  • Danielle Chandler
    Danielle Chandler 2 hours ago

    I've worked for McDonald's for 4 years and yes this follows for SOME McDonald's however not mine

  • Jason Aquino
    Jason Aquino 3 hours ago

    7-APPLE sells a bunch of iFood and Apple Slurpee at a very expensive price as the newer iPhone. 😂😂😂

  • Muddy Baig
    Muddy Baig 3 hours ago

    Wow tell me something I didn’t know! when you go to a restaurant or fast food outlet no one is holding a gun to your head demanding you spend more or anything

  • Lorraine Liggera
    Lorraine Liggera 3 hours ago

    Back in the early '80s I was a college student roaming a mall in Fresno with my roomie. We were [smart/stupid/naive] enough to go with a "survey taker" to a back room in the mall. They gave us unmarked packages of salad dressing to go home and try, and a form to fill out and mail back with our opinions. Turned out it was a marketing company for ranch dressing. I thought it was disgusting, and have avoided it ever since. It may not be the seasonings....well, maybe the level of seasonings.....but for sure I hate mayo (but love Miracle Whip...yes, I'm one of those people), and that's probably why. I tend to avoid "white" salad dressings, except for bleu cheese, which I love, and would eat by the spoonful if it were socially and medically acceptable.

  • Nep-Brad Original
    Nep-Brad Original 3 hours ago

    My favourite side of the twix is the middle one

  • Sam Miller
    Sam Miller 3 hours ago

    Don’t speak over the reaction just show us it we don’t care what you say

  • monkey face
    monkey face 3 hours ago

    Bodybuilding is the most disgusting "job" (for a lack of a better word). Only mentally ill people find this activity interesting.

  • Young track&field
    Young track&field 3 hours ago

    Pac Big Nas Emm IceC JayZ Rakim

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop 3 hours ago

      Cool! 😉 Did you like the video Young track&field ?

  • asean dude
    asean dude 3 hours ago

    I miss blue Pepsi

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop 3 hours ago

      LOL And did you like the Video!? 👍🤩

    • asean dude
      asean dude 3 hours ago

      Me to man

  • B i t t e r s w e e t

    i find the gummy brains everywhere

  • Sub to the Peep
    Sub to the Peep 3 hours ago

    Not trying to be ignorant, but they spelled Simpson’s, simsons

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop 2 hours ago

      Wow, you're very keen to details. Did you like the video?

  • Sau Chewn Leong
    Sau Chewn Leong 4 hours ago

    Hey!BabbleTop! I paused at the exact page of the word puzzle about healthy foods and my mom actually managed to find all of them

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop 3 hours ago

      Cool! 😉 Did you like the video Sau Chewn Leong ?

  • PrinceTaylor
    PrinceTaylor 4 hours ago

    Twix, M&Ms, snickers, crunch, Kit Kat, Reese’s, Ferrero Rocher. All of my favorite chocolate candies 😋😋

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop 2 hours ago

      Love all of them especially m&m's and snickers 😍 Did you like the video?

  • Anas Bakhit
    Anas Bakhit 4 hours ago

    I got a Pringles ad in the middle of this video.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop 3 hours ago

      LOL And did you like the Video!? 👍🤩

  • Sau Chewn Leong
    Sau Chewn Leong 4 hours ago

    One of my favorite toys are Legos I love them so much I even built two Lego Ninjago dragons all on my own

  • Demont Bowden
    Demont Bowden 4 hours ago

    So basically this video is about Little Caesars in Detroit Michigan ONLY.

  • Sau Chewn Leong
    Sau Chewn Leong 4 hours ago

    All I heard from the minions are all the stuff you said they were supposed to

  • Glen Coulson
    Glen Coulson 4 hours ago

    Goldstar chili is better than skyline

  • Keri
    Keri 4 hours ago

    @7:56 that's DEFINITELY the new *Californian* girl, right there!

  • L Y R A
    L Y R A 4 hours ago

    When i saw jollibee I was like: *FRICK ITS MY CHILDHOOD FAV FAST FOOD* Also me: wait wait wait- jollibee isnt even there!

  • _Unknown 0fficial_
    _Unknown 0fficial_ 4 hours ago

    Ok don’t these people ask him to go there?

  • Lidia Ugrevska
    Lidia Ugrevska 5 hours ago

    Using a Twix to rip off the original tim tam slam? Not cool.

  • Rotten Raspberry
    Rotten Raspberry 5 hours ago

    This left twix vs right twix sucks! They taste the same

  • _Unknown 0fficial_
    _Unknown 0fficial_ 5 hours ago

    Those are fighting words

  • Amber matrix
    Amber matrix 5 hours ago

    Rice krispies is not discontinued in the uk i eat it every day

    INTERNET COMMENTER 5 hours ago

    I liked the Cadburg's Crunchier. Unfortunately, I'm too young to experience it's flavours.

  • Higher Frequency
    Higher Frequency 5 hours ago

    I wonder what sick minded people enjoy watching people gorge and over eat food on camera. Reminds me of the one of the victims in the film seven. TVclip should be held accountable by the medical profession for encouraging and allowing this self destruction.

  • Nub4 and Doomguy05
    Nub4 and Doomguy05 5 hours ago

    The Chef from Hell

  • Rey Sanchez
    Rey Sanchez 5 hours ago

    Not real Mexican food

  • Fairy Sparklicious
    Fairy Sparklicious 5 hours ago

    Sprite has tons of flavors now though

  • Kelly Weegwopz
    Kelly Weegwopz 5 hours ago

    It's not the same because it has coklt falling

  • Nub4 and Doomguy05
    Nub4 and Doomguy05 5 hours ago

    Now I’m feeling like stuupidd

  • Indrajit Majumdar
    Indrajit Majumdar 5 hours ago

    The foods fresh frozen

  • azertu2u2
    azertu2u2 6 hours ago

    He's a DISGRACE to bald people... Forgive us

  • John Hoffay
    John Hoffay 6 hours ago

    another snowflake

  • 88_ N00B
    88_ N00B 6 hours ago

    Who’s worse Gordon Ramsey or Simon Cowell?

  • PETA sucks Gaming
    PETA sucks Gaming 6 hours ago

    I had one of the 101 Dalmatians figurines

  • Joshua Miguel Roa
    Joshua Miguel Roa 6 hours ago

    Marvel: makes an avengers comic Jolibee: my time has cone

  • The Crafty Cyborg
    The Crafty Cyborg 6 hours ago

    Please STOP spreading lies about alcohol consumption! “Hair of the dog” doesn’t work. Eating doesn’t help sober you up. These kinds of bullshit lies cause serious problems, like drunk driving and liver damage. Stop spreading these lies to children.

  • Gay Duck
    Gay Duck 6 hours ago

    Finally, some good fucking videos.

  • peter papadimitriou
    peter papadimitriou 6 hours ago

    Great video

  • Jeeva Kumar
    Jeeva Kumar 6 hours ago


  • Jason Aquino
    Jason Aquino 6 hours ago

    It might be too much if there's Windows 10 Whopper. 😂😂😂

  • Autumn Osborne
    Autumn Osborne 6 hours ago


  • M&N Distribution
    M&N Distribution 6 hours ago

    Orbitz are kinda back but without the balls

  • Jason Aquino
    Jason Aquino 6 hours ago

    3:45 If there's Windows 10 Whopper, I might be dead due to heart attack. 😂😂😂

  • ironpredato
    ironpredato 7 hours ago

    They got taco cabana and Rosas confused

  • Goran Milici-Tomici
    Goran Milici-Tomici 7 hours ago

    Wow! Sounds like this lady hates Walmart. Probably applied for a job and didn't get it, that's why she's so bitter. She needs to find something more productive. I like Walmart and I use to hate it. But they're pretty cool. I haul Freight all over the country and I sleep in their parking lot every night. They allow campers to stay for free in their parking lots. Don't knew many businesses that do that. I still get creeped out by the piele that shop there, but I like the store now.

  • Crissy lutfa Aitchison

    Well in the UK they don't put salt on the Fry's so that trick of ordering Fry's without salt won't work you have to put your own salt on the Fry's cx

  • Golam Martuza Hossain

    All and all, asking homecooks to cook in a Michelin star resturant was a bit too much of expectation :v

  • Б И
    Б И 7 hours ago

    8:26 song ?

  • Ewixplays
    Ewixplays 7 hours ago

    1:40 Gordon: It is amazing! commentator: Gordon loved it! LIKE DUDE I HAVE EARS AND I CAN SEE! YOU DON’T NEED TO SAY EVERY SINGLE SHIT THATS HAPPENING!!!

  • LocusPocus
    LocusPocus 7 hours ago

    Imagine this: Banana pie: *appears* *1 hour later:* Everything in the menu: *B A N A N A*

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker 8 hours ago

    To be fair at the time slicing bread for the connivence did reduce its shelf life but now it’s so preserved that it probably doesn’t make a difference lol

  • willie makit
    willie makit 8 hours ago

    Walmart makes an off brand version of the colored ketchup! Also. Lol. Waffle crisp is still sold at my local grocery store. Waffle crisp is not discontinued. I have two boxes of it in my cereal cabinet right now. I literally bought them about a week ago. I'm sorry but I have to unsubscribe from this channel. Get your shit together before making a video on which you know nothing about. I swear.

  • Liam Minecraft Building Channel

    Kid brings dish: Gordon Ramsay: *its wonderful. You are so innovative and I love the food you made today.* Adult brings dish: Gordon Ramsay: *ITS ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL. YOU FUCKING TWAT, MAKE IT AGAIN!*

  • willie makit
    willie makit 8 hours ago

    I call bullshit on the fruitopia drink. The warehouse I work at has a fruitopia drink machine. I'm going to buy one now!!

  • Asher Morris
    Asher Morris 8 hours ago

    Team left twix

  • Sophie McCormick
    Sophie McCormick 8 hours ago

    Why am I watching this I'm celiac so I can't even eat twix

  • LeaF
    LeaF 8 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay: See his crush Gordon Ramsay crush:Gives food to Gordon Ramsay Gordon’s Brain:it’s fucking dry Gordon Ramsay:It’s FUCKING DELICIOUS ITS DELICIOUS !?!? Whispering no it’s not after the show is done he throws up

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker 8 hours ago

    Tomato soup is my favourite meatloaf topping never been the biggest fan of ketchup on it which is strange cause I eat ketchup on almost anything.

  • LeaF
    LeaF 8 hours ago

    The Kids are better but not a adult

    KING KONG 8 hours ago

    Subway is unhealthy, none of thier meats are real.

  • Teenz_hurt
    Teenz_hurt 8 hours ago

    I still see and eat trix and Scooby snacks at my school

  • HeroVax
    HeroVax 8 hours ago

    Karma is a bitch, wouldn't you say? Lynn. Hahahaha

  • abdouldmml
    abdouldmml 9 hours ago

    Animal style fries but with big mac ill let you know where to send my cheques

  • El Jesse
    El Jesse 9 hours ago

    i used to to work at chipotle. All the guys and myself used to jizz in the guac.

  • Drunkin' Gamer Girl
    Drunkin' Gamer Girl 9 hours ago

    One thing... The majority of Costco profits is in memberships.... Sorry. I work there... It was driven home on orientation

  • The Pokey Gamer
    The Pokey Gamer 9 hours ago

    Their heads looked photoshopped

  • lisaslist
    lisaslist 9 hours ago

    The McTeri in Hawaii is the best!! They need to keep it on the menu!!

  • Pliskin the Lunatic
    Pliskin the Lunatic 9 hours ago

    Now i want a twix with coconut :D

    • Pliskin the Lunatic
      Pliskin the Lunatic 3 hours ago

      @BabbleTop Already done ^^

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop 6 hours ago

      Please show your twix with coconut love by subscribing to us! 😍😜

  • z_ack
    z_ack 9 hours ago

    "The staff admits that there is nothing good on the menu." literally every single episode in kitchen nightmares has the staff saying the food is terrible

  • Austin B
    Austin B 10 hours ago

    I miss the sweet chili’s sauce

  • Austin B
    Austin B 10 hours ago

    They still serve pineapple chunks here at the McDonald’s in Hawaii

  • Eddie Gooden
    Eddie Gooden 10 hours ago

    You can't fake shrimp. That's how I roll at Red Lobster.

  • nope justnope
    nope justnope 10 hours ago

    Free is free, has nothing to do with them liking it or not.

  • Victoria Elizabeth
    Victoria Elizabeth 10 hours ago

    Owners lies their food isn't fresh it's made elsewhere and shipped to your local area. The ice tea the cookies notice pastries are disappearing.

  • dhari al-obaid
    dhari al-obaid 10 hours ago

    I am (✽ ゚д゚ ✽)

  • Liliana De Luca
    Liliana De Luca 10 hours ago

    Just so sad

  • Julian Rowe
    Julian Rowe 11 hours ago

    lmao they still sell tropical sprite at my local mcdonalds. isn't too bad, but it only tastes slightly different from regular sprite

  • Bernal Boi
    Bernal Boi 11 hours ago

    Oh my god, I thought Beni was a boy.

  • DoctorRobertNeville
    DoctorRobertNeville 11 hours ago

    Secret Menu item "Surf and Turf" 1 beef patty, 1 chicken patty, and 1 fish patty!

  • Tin Tiger
    Tin Tiger 11 hours ago

    Stop with the gifs

  • Foxmakesmodels
    Foxmakesmodels 11 hours ago

    I work at McDonald’s and a lot of this information is completely false.

  • Transitandelevators
    Transitandelevators 11 hours ago

    Just like when my favorite transit buses are retired or just used as spares and not used normally.

  • Single Gacha
    Single Gacha 11 hours ago

    I needs a mans who can cooks liek these kids

  • ciberkid22
    ciberkid22 12 hours ago

    I really like going to a lot of these places though, like Pizza Hut and Papa John's, Ihop, and Subway... I hope the ones in my area don't close soon ;-;

  • Luke Stacey
    Luke Stacey 12 hours ago

    Member: talks shit Me: talks shit back Member: :O

  • BabyBabyYoda
    BabyBabyYoda 12 hours ago

    They don’t even do burgers in Australia instead we have got dogs

  • Bass Junky
    Bass Junky 12 hours ago

    I shall impress Gordon with my chicken flavored ramen noodles

  • ChrisTheBeast
    ChrisTheBeast 12 hours ago

    That bald guy is such a dick😂😂

  • Wolfys Pizza
    Wolfys Pizza 12 hours ago


  • Alan Uresti
    Alan Uresti 12 hours ago

    Yard challenge i'll get diabetes

  • Johang Hernandez
    Johang Hernandez 13 hours ago

    Gordan Ramsey just stealing the book of credit card numbers

  • Stephen isidoro
    Stephen isidoro 13 hours ago

    There are no waffle houses in California, why?!

  • Dark Shiina
    Dark Shiina 13 hours ago

    Would you eat a brussel sprouts if it cooked by gordon?