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  • Verv Smoke
    Verv Smoke 12 seconds ago

    Dude i love burger king but there litrally dying

  • Even Bet
    Even Bet Minute ago

    Amazing the garbage we love to consume.

  • Citizen Brain
    Citizen Brain 4 minutes ago

    Taco Bell used to make a "Smothered Burrito" which was basically an improved Encherito. Wish they would bring that back...

  • Kaylla Ward
    Kaylla Ward 6 minutes ago

    Take a shot after every time she says costco. 2 mins in dead.

  • Star :3
    Star :3 6 minutes ago

    “He noticed that his hand tasted sweet” Did this man just lick his FKN hand AFTER doing science

  • OctoPie
    OctoPie 8 minutes ago

    Coal lard greens

  • Sosa Wayne 01
    Sosa Wayne 01 9 minutes ago

    Bojangles is my one true love 🤤

  • Heidi Fedor
    Heidi Fedor 11 minutes ago

    You can get Aero bars at Wegmans, in the foreign foods section.

  • Aji S
    Aji S 13 minutes ago

    i hate cocane and drugs

  • gigglemania17
    gigglemania17 14 minutes ago

    Taco Bell sauces are not that hot. Delicious but not hot and I love Taco Bell but don’t over exaggerate the spice level of their sauces

  • wiiztec
    wiiztec 22 minutes ago

    Friendly's is not fast food

  • Tracy Mcgrady
    Tracy Mcgrady 22 minutes ago

    Honorable mention: Man vs Toliet

  • Steve Mac
    Steve Mac 23 minutes ago

    Let me guess, Coke paid for this bullshit.

  • Christian Luyando
    Christian Luyando 23 minutes ago

    Did I see princess bubblegum a great big phony called from family Guy?!

  • k Gray
    k Gray 24 minutes ago

    i like spam

  • Jim M
    Jim M 28 minutes ago

    Friendly's and Pollo Loco opened in Virginia Beach. They didn't last long. Pollo Loco was definitely worse than I remember on the west coast.

  • k Gray
    k Gray 31 minute ago

    i love teletubbies😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Patrick kitchens
    Patrick kitchens 31 minute ago

    I don't see anything wrong with prisoners working at least they are learning a skill and not laying around on we the tax payers

  • Carson James IV
    Carson James IV 32 minutes ago

    Some if these items I like!😇😁

  • k Gray
    k Gray 33 minutes ago

    the furbys were cute

  • Michael Cole
    Michael Cole 35 minutes ago

    Al Copeland died in 2008, buts makes it sound like he is still alive.

  • Christopher Cmbflorida97
    Christopher Cmbflorida97 39 minutes ago

    What about Steak N shake a bunch of them closed in the last 2 years

    • Recon 0326
      Recon 0326 34 minutes ago

      It has to be struggling. I rarely see them anymore and I'm a 48 state truck driver.

  • Wayne
    Wayne 40 minutes ago

    I know somebody who still eats the Encharido thing, she gets it at any taco bell, and she says it just like that too.

  • Lil’ Tizmo
    Lil’ Tizmo 41 minute ago


  • tdog 1996
    tdog 1996 42 minutes ago

    MTN dew should make those fancy bottles again

  • A Kayfabe
    A Kayfabe 43 minutes ago

    Runts are not discontinued. There’s a store at Mall of America that sells each individual flavor separately in bulk especially the cute little bananas

  • Kyra Allyson Cruz
    Kyra Allyson Cruz 46 minutes ago

    ha! pezident😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jus Me
    Jus Me 48 minutes ago

    Luv the mac N cheese. Bowl with popcorn chicken. Yasss

  • 2098elk
    2098elk 50 minutes ago

    So Cal native who moved to Oregon Happy to say there are now two and a new opening soon. Only have to drive 3 hours to get there. But any time in Medford or Grants Pass I'm there!

  • Laura H
    Laura H 53 minutes ago

    I watch these genius kids making amazing dishes while I wait for my microwave macncheese to finish...

  • Uriy Orehov
    Uriy Orehov 56 minutes ago

    Even though I like Costco, this video is nothing but an advertisement for Costco. And no, you can’t make a meal out of Costco samples. Frequently you have to wait and wait and wait to try something, just because a 75-year-old grandma making samples is barely moving. Plus frequently there are very few samples on Weekdays.

  • marc777danielle
    marc777danielle 56 minutes ago

    It's from growth hormones. With prolonged use your organs start to grow creating a distended abdomen.

  • Irmscher
    Irmscher 56 minutes ago

    Apart from his restaurants fucking up which he doesn't run but own rest were nit picking at its finest

  • Miki
    Miki 57 minutes ago

    Is beni a girl or boy or part of lgbtq

  • Dan OConnor
    Dan OConnor Hour ago

    How can you race a frozen lobster?

  • RedDragon1143
    RedDragon1143 Hour ago

    How did a pokeball get stuck on a face? Just how?

  • Skyler Oliver
    Skyler Oliver Hour ago

    Anybody know what happened to Quiznos? It used to be popular when I was younger, but now it’s faded off the map

    • Skyler Oliver
      Skyler Oliver 13 minutes ago

      That sucks. I’ve seen one at the airport in Denver but that might as well be the last one here in Colorado. I did see one in a town in Kentucky back in 2017, but that one was shut down because of health concerns

    • Recon 0326
      Recon 0326 24 minutes ago

      When subway introduced their toaster ovens; quiznos started disappearing everywhere. Subway was way cheaper than quiznos in that time so people flocked there. We have only one left here in San Antonio Tx; but it may soon disappear. :(

  • Brave wolf 205
    Brave wolf 205 Hour ago

    I haven't had a pez candy sence 2015

  • Luke Skywodka
    Luke Skywodka Hour ago

    I loved this show and Adam! Is he okay now?

  • Asill Ariya
    Asill Ariya Hour ago

    kids don't count. It's too easy!

  • Frank W
    Frank W Hour ago

    There is del taco in Columbus, Georgia.

  • Enrique Martinez

    BVO is also added to Gatorade

  • The Iron Atheist 50

    I don't think they improved anything. I ordered a pan pizza Friday that was the absolute WORST pizza I have ever had. The only positive thing about it was the crust. I ordered sausage, mushroom, and extra cheese, with robust sauce. The sauce had to have been put on with an eyedropper and a pastry brush. There were only about 15 pieces of sausage. I am not convinced there was any cheese at all on my pie on which I ordered EXTRA cheese.

  • The Iron Atheist 50

    I don't think they improved anything. I ordered a pan pizza Friday that was the absolute WORST pizza I have ever had. The only positive thing about it was the crust. I ordered sausage, mushroom, and extra cheese, with robust sauce. The sauce had to have been put on with an eyedropper and a pastry brush. There were only about 15 pieces of sausage. I am not convinced there was any cheese at all on my pie on which I ordered EXTRA cheese.

  • Ahmad A. Thabata

    You should have but Canes chicken fingers on here too!!

  • Eric Bukley
    Eric Bukley Hour ago

    WALMART.....stickin it to the little guys... Retail THUGS!!!! They have put soooo many people OUT of business, it's obscene. I'm going to stop myself rite now before I blow a fuse..

  • blax52vet
    blax52vet Hour ago

    Mountain Dew is one of the worst sodas ever bottled. The taste isn't comparable to anything else, every time i tried it, it sucked.

  • Cool Breeze
    Cool Breeze Hour ago

    Cheese Tid-Bits, Chocolate PayDay, Lays Jalapeno & Cheddar, Keebler Elves potato chips(sour cream, nacho cheese tortilla chips)the long flat rectangular Jolly Ranchers, Donkaroos, Kaboom cereal, Little Debbie Devil Food Twins (like Banana Twins) Chunkys candy bar,Doritos Pepperjack Cheese, and Mars candy bar

  • Madddog Yo
    Madddog Yo Hour ago

    All these candys I remember and still find

  • Star's Adventures

    Great job on this video. There are a few I've never tried before.

  • Stan Talent
    Stan Talent Hour ago

    Why does the girl in the thumbnail look demonic?? 😂

  • charlotte roberts

    I just moved to DFW I'm not big on burgers I tried in& out I love there burgers I just hate cheese on my burger

  • kenz 546
    kenz 546 Hour ago

    KFD...Kentucky Fried Dog.

  • Ricky Mellottsr
    Ricky Mellottsr Hour ago

    Fried spam, spam stir fry, yummy .......

  • k Gray
    k Gray Hour ago

    i remember the nickolodean gadget they sucked😖

  • k Gray
    k Gray Hour ago

    hey i liked the batman toys🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Star's Adventures

    I think I had Golden Nugget gum once. Amazing how many memories this video is bringing back to life.

  • Star's Adventures

    I still get Bazooka gum every once in a while.

  • Star's Adventures

    Yes! I'm so glad Zero got a mention. I sometimes get one from Walmart. Zero is my favorite candy bar.

  • Alexander Radulov

    Texas people where u at

  • Patrick Isles
    Patrick Isles Hour ago


  • Alexander Radulov

    We have in and out every where in Dallas stars

  • k Gray
    k Gray Hour ago

    thst mask is some scary shit😖

  • Dark Power
    Dark Power Hour ago

    Burger King:Let's make those rainbow kids buy more of our burgers! What is their community name? Ehhh Who cares just put a gay message on the wrapper of the burger Employee:Sir? Burger King:Not now we planing something huge! Let's do it people! ~Do the idea and lose money~ Burger King:What happen?! We lost a lot of money. Employee:That's what i was trying to say... They all jobless and poor plus some vegans... Burger King:Wait vegan?! Let's make a burger that is not meat... Is the impossible Burger! Employee:oh no... To be continue...

  • Star's Adventures

    Abba Zabba is basically Big Hunk, but with peanut butter instead of peanuts. Big Hunk is just make with peanuts. I love both of them.

  • Alexander Radulov

    We have In in out here in Dallas

  • renewed _oof
    renewed _oof Hour ago

    He's worse than Karen

  • Ihzzay
    Ihzzay Hour ago

    The grilled onion cheddar burger was godlike, especially since it was on the dollar menu.

  • k Gray
    k Gray Hour ago

    aww i loved ET 😁

  • Farmin With Harmon 2

    I dink up to two cans a day! This shit is all fake

  • Drifting Gator
    Drifting Gator Hour ago

    Just stop eating at these places.. Its very simple.. S.M.H.

  • blax52vet
    blax52vet Hour ago

    IHOP is too expensive to be a consistent option for breakfast.

  • David Canelas
    David Canelas Hour ago

    Is 'wastage' even a word?

  • Sebast
    Sebast Hour ago

    I am 15 and I never even been to a Applebee’s

  • Coco_The_HamHam —

    I already knew the thing on the thumbnail....IT ALWAYS HAS AN EXTRA

  • Jeffrey Barnes
    Jeffrey Barnes Hour ago

    In the 1950's before Mountain Dew... I remember drinkin the original called "Sun Drop"... Anyone remember this drink ?

  • Icy Boi
    Icy Boi Hour ago


  • blax52vet
    blax52vet 2 hours ago

    Many customers didn't know pizza hut delivered because they actually didn't deliver to many black neighborhoods at a point, claiming safety issues. Fuck em.

  • Maxxwell McGuire
    Maxxwell McGuire 2 hours ago

    Promoting Chick-fil A = Promoting Hate!!!

  • Caitlin Bloody Mary
    Caitlin Bloody Mary 2 hours ago

    Could you not have collaborated with an Australian for this? I don't give two hoots about your mispronunciation of Australian words, but the actual FACTS have been clearly put together by someone that has zero experience with Australia. There are plenty of Australian TVcliprs that you could have liaised with to get this stuff correct. Vegemite is available, but no one is eating with anything other than toast. It's not like we're getting Big Macs with Vegemite. It's not 'probably' likely that an Australian will understand what McDonald's is. It is exactly the same as an American's understanding of what McDonald's is as opposed to Micky D's. Australian McDonald's wifi being called wi-fry or whatever is literally something I've never paid any attention to. When I was doing on the road sales I used the free wifi regularly, and as even you say - it is literally the exact same as anywhere else in the world. There is literally NO hype for McDonald's coffee in Australia. It's okay, but the vast majority of people will only drink it if there is no other choice available. Most people love their independent coffee shop coffee, and it is one of the reasons why Starbucks could not find success in Australia. McCafe's are not in any way separate from McDonald's, they are just a separate counter within the same store. They are often very quiet, and a lot of the time you need to order from the main counter anyway. The loaded fries are not part of the regular menu. Even the gravy fries are only sporadically available. Standard McDonald's is NOT a bunch of pastries for dessert. A quick browse of their online menu shows that the dessert options are almost identical to America's. We DO have a cheap menu - it's called the 'loose change' menu, where you can get a burger for a couple of bucks, or fries for a dollar. Our pricing is higher in the food industry due to a different economy and wage system. Food is more expensive because we pay our workers a far higher wage than America does. For example, a waitress earns a minimum wage of around $23 p/h, plus loading for weekends as opposed to the $2 p/h that American waitresses earn. If it helps, look at it this way - In Indonesia, it costs 45,000 Rp for a McDonald's meal, so obviously, they don't have a 'dollar' menu, because it is an utterly redundant statement. The same goes here. I have literally NEVER had staff deliver me food on a wooden plate, but to be fair, I mostly get takeaway which is wrapped up the same way as American McDonald's. The times that I have ordered inside I have had to wait for my order, which has been served on a plastic tray. They give us a receipt with a number and we stand in a designated spot to wait. The only thing you got right is that we dig a frozen coke. Last summer we have dozens of flavour varieties, and swinging through drive-through on the hot days to get a frozen drink is bloody wonderful.

  • iiM3ka '-'
    iiM3ka '-' 2 hours ago

    We have shake shack in philly it's amazing

  • Zach Haase
    Zach Haase 2 hours ago

    I grew up in Findlay, Ohio and there was a Friendlys there that my mom would take me too often

    • Zach Haase
      Zach Haase 2 hours ago

      I’m also very happy to have grown up in Ohio and Michigan because Culver’s is phenomenal. I’ve had In and Out and Five Guys and in my personal opinion Culver’s is better than In and Out.

  • Khalid Martini
    Khalid Martini 2 hours ago

    I got rice for dinner, and i'm so happy for that...

  • Things ❶
    Things ❶ 2 hours ago

    When you say NEVER EXPIRED, HONEY is the number one.

  • liberal slayer
    liberal slayer 2 hours ago

    The reason most are offended by Gordon is because they have been lied to in order not to offend them or spare thier sensitive feelings. Gordon is brutally honest because this is his passion and career. So if the truth hurts your little school room sissy feelings dont ask for his help!!

  • Jerry Allen
    Jerry Allen 2 hours ago

    Costco is shit!!!

  • Leann Hill
    Leann Hill 2 hours ago

    I don't believe they are trying to use opened ketchup packs

  • MrViking1969
    MrViking1969 2 hours ago

    also taco casa in the dallas area is good...

  • A Girl
    A Girl 2 hours ago

    4:28 I was using and eating Mikey mouse (I know I spelled it wrong, I don’t know how to spell it)

  • Liberty Bell1776
    Liberty Bell1776 2 hours ago

    Don't call moonshine white whiskey in front of a southerner

  • David Smith
    David Smith 2 hours ago

    Steak and shake here in my city is crap they are overpriced and the only people that eat there are old people and the same goes for Moby dick......and not only that steak and shakes food just is not that good....and I am from Louisville ky......

  • Michael Looper
    Michael Looper 2 hours ago

    Don't go to jail and you will not mak 2$ a hour

  • MrViking1969
    MrViking1969 2 hours ago

    inn an out burgers are getting smaller and smaller, fries are the worst i have ever had, not sure what they do to ruin them, watched them from start to finish, like eating card board and thery are in the dallas aea now...

  • Brandie Blizzard
    Brandie Blizzard 2 hours ago

    Let me know if any of yall want a Bojangles. My town has 3...

  • A Girl
    A Girl 2 hours ago

    Who else was eating PEZ while watching?

  • Sohan Patel
    Sohan Patel 2 hours ago

    11:49 what in the heck is molten salt

  • Nicole Saunders
    Nicole Saunders 2 hours ago

    Mc rib is at McDonald's in my area right now. Eastern United states

  • Jack's Bald Head
    Jack's Bald Head 2 hours ago

    Have you ever done a video on the most disgusting foods created with jell-o yet? like that spaghetti-o's jello mold... ick! i bet people have made some heinous foods. lol!!! remember that scene in Christmas Vacation where the grandmother made a green jello mold with cat food and thought it'd be ok to serve at Christmas Dinner? lol

  • manishCT
    manishCT 2 hours ago