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"HOT SAUCE" Feat. Omni MC
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Turn Around - Lewin Barringer
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  • Tim Jones
    Tim Jones 21 second ago

    Dig it! Love the concept...a conscious army, I want to enlist! Can’t wait for the mix breakdown over on Paterson!

  • Steve Notice
    Steve Notice 31 minute ago

    Terrific, very Beatlesque to my ears. Vocal doubled all the way through? A little pitch correction? I bought Logic just for the Flex pitch, so I could tweak an individual note here and there without affecting the whole track. I don’t think you can target a single word like that in GB - am I wrong? 👍👍👍

  • DeadMansPartyFilms
    DeadMansPartyFilms 36 minutes ago

    Little Oasis-ness?

  • farber2
    farber2 Hour ago

    More consistent fretting pressure with thicker strings.

  • mike duke
    mike duke Hour ago


  • Anna Novel
    Anna Novel Hour ago

    That's a great song, Lewin! Yet again, you did such a fantastic job! Also, I want to give some extra love for the melody in the bridge and the video itself! So much work and effort put into everything! Thank you for sharing!👏👏👏

    • Delfin Fuentes
      Delfin Fuentes 40 minutes ago

      Agree. Very tasteful bridge.

    • GaragebandandBeyond
      GaragebandandBeyond Hour ago

      Anna!! Hello and THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m so glad that you like the melody in the bridge! That makes me very happy. I hope everything is fantastic with you and I can’t wait to hear your new music!

  • Ann Morton
    Ann Morton Hour ago

    any way to get help on Garageband? Ive created a slideshow for my son's wedding and having a trouble with last minute details to make it right......sure they are simple but its my 2nd time with this........I have 3 songs stacked for the slideshow.......where i need help....1) need to fade in and out of each song...2) how to download the file so that I can upload it to the keynote slideshow. 3) Ive tried a trial run on downloading and then dragging to the keynote audio but whne I play it, there is no sounds on the slideshow............also, after I downloanded the audio trial and play it from my computer, it has the clicking noise (beats) where I was building it in Garageband.........Im sure all these are simple clicks, drop down options but I am such a novice to this. Thanks and hope you can help

  • Thom Calhoun
    Thom Calhoun 2 hours ago

    Good one! 👍

  • Tom Alter
    Tom Alter 12 hours ago

    W-w-w-what?!!! Are you sh****ng me?!!! THANK YOU!

  • Sal LoPiccolo
    Sal LoPiccolo 12 hours ago

    that was great

  • The Songwriting Studio

    Nifty indeed!

  • diafenix
    diafenix Day ago

    5:25 all of a sudden, shit got real yo.

  • Eric John
    Eric John Day ago

    holy mother of god forget under saddle pickups

  • Beatledave7
    Beatledave7 Day ago

    Fantastic Lewin! This is also a terrific technique of capturing the idea of a song with basic backing & inviting musician friends over to record the song proper.

  • SIMON BC Emuna studio

    What is that cold play thing there on yor phone im interesing to hear that

  • nu nu
    nu nu 2 days ago

    thaynx bro💟👍😁

  • Raymone Hampton
    Raymone Hampton 2 days ago

    My tracks are all lined up but when I go to replay it and listen it skips about 2 times thru out the song. I thought it was because my speaker I play it off of is messed up but that's not the case.A person that I sent a beat to heard the skipping in the beat on there end as well which is not good.Frustrating because everything is lined up the correct way so idk why it does that . Have any of you guys had that problem?

  • Alien Lentil Creations

    and now a bassist? how do they do that?? thanks!

  • Vilo Shmillo
    Vilo Shmillo 2 days ago

    Only what I’ve got from this was 25 to 50db. Rest of it was in swahili.

  • Caleb Kelly
    Caleb Kelly 2 days ago

    Can't even watch a guitar video without the creator making a lame ass Trump joke. So stupid. 1/3 into the video and I'm out.

  • Brent Berman
    Brent Berman 3 days ago

    Another option: if you back up to iCloud, Music Memos will automatically appear for import into Garageband. Works in both OSx and iOS

  • SuperKondim
    SuperKondim 3 days ago

    hello there is there any chance to connect apollo twin mk2 with apogee groove to run senheiser 650s?

  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez 3 days ago


  • Tommy Larsson
    Tommy Larsson 3 days ago

    Nope, it doesn't fix all the problems even if it might fix a lot of them. Sometimes upgrades of garageband cause annoying problems and sometimes you need to downgrade to solve the problem. Last upgrade for example cause the smart control to freeze and reinstallation don't fix that problem. Problem is when you can't upgrade the OS and then sometimes the only solution is to downgrade to previous version of GB in case the upgrade needs the latest OS. Anyhow, thanks for helping people out with their problem! Cheers!

  • DarthShadie Lavellan

    That's pretty neat what it can do. That app's just on apple? No Android version compatible with GarageBand?

  • Mr Black
    Mr Black 3 days ago

    Have to agree with you so much Lewin about Apple, I see so many negative comments about Apple but I don't see any other companies who do so much for the consumer in terms of Apps & free software from the first time you login, you pay a little more initially but I think overall you probably save so much money if your a creative person.

  • fred dubose
    fred dubose 3 days ago

    Wat are your rates?

  • Bruce Siegel
    Bruce Siegel 3 days ago

    This was a good one! I started playing around with Music Memos and found (mostly by accident) a surprising amount of in app editing that it can do. You can change the drums tempo & downbeat, as well as the chord name, which affects the bass note. Of course it's easier if you can do on an iPad.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 3 days ago

    Thanks for this!

  • Caleb Hawkins
    Caleb Hawkins 3 days ago

    Press and hold the drum and bass icons. Thank me later. Or... shout out my channel when you make the follow up video!

  • julio aisemberg
    julio aisemberg 3 days ago

    Can I arrange your guitar track changing it to a different instrument ?

  • DTB228
    DTB228 3 days ago

    Very cool Lewin!!! you're the man!! thanks alot!!!!

  • John Roberts
    John Roberts 3 days ago

    Knew about the SM 57 & SM 58 being the same mic just after they came out in 1966. The Dead Sea was still alive then! :) Best freaking mic out there for $100..

  • ed rosa
    ed rosa 3 days ago

    Well f*ck a duck! I had no idea it was that useful.

  • ModernKaveman
    ModernKaveman 3 days ago

    Great video! And wow....what a wonderful time we are living in!

  • Riccardo Pocci
    Riccardo Pocci 3 days ago

    thank u for sharing it I will download the app on my iPad and try it with garage ! hugs

  • SineEyed 2020
    SineEyed 2020 3 days ago

    This is the first I've seen of an AI bassist - that's pretty neat. Sure would come in handy for me, too. I can't tell you how much time I've spent perusing bass loops for suitable matches to something I've got going, only to never find anything that grooves along sufficiently. So I give up in frustration and scrub the whole idea because, by that point, the creative _moment_ I was in has been vanquished. I hate that. Other suboptimal avenues I might fiddle-fart around with are GB's software instrument basses or a free virtual bass I got from the net (which is extremely _ok_ sounding actually). And I can sit down and come up with a passable bass line I guess, but the trouble is, I'm not a bassist. Moreover, bassists wear silly hats - and I wear enough hats as it is with doing everything else. So I'd rather not hafta wear that hat too - a silly one... that doesn't fit right. All that said, this Music Notes app sure would save me a buncha time and frustration. Too bad I'm on a desktop and don't use iOS... 😔 I'm curious what would happen if you muted that app's drum track in your GB project, and added an auto drummer track. I wonder how they would compare? You should try it real quick 😉

  • Chiparooo
    Chiparooo 3 days ago

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  • Barney Miller
    Barney Miller 3 days ago

    Great video as always Lewin. Question: Was there some sort of click you were playing too? Or does Music Memos FIGURE OUT the tempo you're naturally doing? And follow up, if so, what happens in a long song if you DO stray off the beat? Just asking. Thanks!!

    • GaragebandandBeyond
      GaragebandandBeyond 3 days ago

      @Barney Miller Solid idea!!

    • Barney Miller
      Barney Miller 3 days ago

      @GaragebandandBeyond Cool. I suppose you could listen to a click on headphones while you record if you want a certain BMP, right?

    • GaragebandandBeyond
      GaragebandandBeyond 3 days ago

      I wasn't playing to a click, but I do practice with a metronome and yes it will TRY to play with your timing inconsistencies, but there is only so much you can do.

  • Doomvapor
    Doomvapor 3 days ago

    You had me at "blues in A"

  • Keith Amberg
    Keith Amberg 3 days ago

    Hi, so around minute 3, you talk about using the editor as a vu meter and your's is good to go. How do I adjust mine if it's not? In my editor the signals are all the way to the top and the bottom.

  • Giacomo Ardesi
    Giacomo Ardesi 3 days ago

    ...yours is my go to channel about home recording since 10 years. Grazie Lewin.

  • Allan Gildea
    Allan Gildea 3 days ago

    Bonkers. That's a game changer for productivity. Hopefully it will run on my steam powered iphone 4s! (Don't think so!) Thanks Lewin, and again congratulations on your 10 year land mark.

  • Adrian
    Adrian 3 days ago

    Wow Lewin! You just took my limited understanding of this app to a whole new level thank you so much for showing us this I will certainly be utilizing. You're a rockstar for helping does understand its capabilities

  • Daryl
    Daryl 3 days ago

    Holy SHIT! Have used music memo for months, never even knew it could port to GB so well. Definitely the way forward for building demos to develop into songs. Thanks sooooooo fucking much

  • danny wolf
    danny wolf 3 days ago

    AWESOME 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Lynz Crichton
    Lynz Crichton 3 days ago

    OH MY GOSH LEWIN!!!!!!! This is going to revolutionise LIFE!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍 Thanks so much for sharing!!! I didn’t even know I had that app - I’ve been recording scratch tracks in voice memo or even videoing 🤦‍♀️

  • Ree Webster
    Ree Webster 4 days ago

    Yeh man, room acoustics are massively important. Even mounting monitors on stands or flush/in-wall, makes a massive difference. One decent acoustic panel, and bass traps, has a huge affect. Will check out those Limp Mass traps. Cheers.

  • The Ultralord Show
    The Ultralord Show 4 days ago

    move to logic pro.....

  • nu nu
    nu nu 4 days ago

    thaynx~ soundz good😊im tryn to figure out if i bought the right mixer

  • Neil Slade
    Neil Slade 4 days ago

    FIRST- SEE IF YOUR INTERFACE HAS A LINE/MIC in put switch on the channel. If it DOES, Switch it to LINE and THEN plug your pre-amp into the interface- you WON'T need a DI box. The old Presonus interface in this video does not- so for that you need a DI. Many interfaces, (such as the affordable UMC series from Behringer) DO have this switch, so this video does NOT apply to those users, no DI needed, use LINE input.

  • John-David Van Valin

    I prefer K&K pure mini. I have both. Pure Mini is more powerful and produces more natural tone in my opinion. I also go through LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI, and I can adjust the journey pick up to sound close, but not the same.

  • Sal Paradise
    Sal Paradise 5 days ago

    re the TLM 103..I switched to the CV12 for my voice ( a good coloured pre really helps the mid range of the TLM for guys) but prefered the avantone overall, but for my fave girl contest..the TLM glows when she walks into the studio and I have several great sounding singles of her to prove it. PS. great review

    DARRIEN ROBINSON 5 days ago

    How is my mans not a verified account yet?? The most legit out there!

  • SIMON BC Emuna studio

    monday past where r u man im waiting for your new song

    • SIMON BC Emuna studio
      SIMON BC Emuna studio 5 days ago

      @GaragebandandBeyond NO PROBLEMS MAN WE WILL WAIT ''PATIENCELY ''

    • GaragebandandBeyond
      GaragebandandBeyond 5 days ago

      I was traveling on Monday and had planned on a Tuesday release, but life is kicking my ass right now, so I think I'm just going to take a week off to keep myself sane!

  • MasterAG406
    MasterAG406 6 days ago

    When I read the title I was rolling cuz I didn’t know logic was a program 😂😂

  • Noble Tenz
    Noble Tenz 6 days ago

    ty, subbed

  • Brian Gorman
    Brian Gorman 7 days ago

    the first ingredient to great singing is honest words.

  • Brian Gorman
    Brian Gorman 7 days ago

    after watching a number of these, i believe we're witnessing quite an odyssey. thanks for letting us tag along. these songs are wonderful.

  • jackowill
    jackowill 7 days ago

    Followed this tutorial to the letter a few days ago and have it saved for every future bass mix I need to work on in future. Thanks for the brilliant content! Have you done a video on EQing acoustic guitar? I know it's kind of subjective but if you've done a video similar to the above where you go through typical errors and how to remedy that would be awesome. Having some problems with muddy frequencies (have re-recorded so mic isn't too close to sound hole) but still seem to hear a kind of humming. Have gone through many of your videos but because they can be quite long (in no way a criticism) and my time can be short I may have missed it. Have found myself looking on other channels but frankly I'd prefer to stay on this one. Any links would be appreciated!

  • Joe Eldred
    Joe Eldred 7 days ago

    cool video too....good work!!!

  • sadman sakib Riham
    sadman sakib Riham 7 days ago

    What about a $60-$70 bass?

  • Dez Dalton
    Dez Dalton 8 days ago

    Inspirational mixing and mastering vid, thanks for sharing your knowledge & wisdom Bro!

  • Virgilio Tagliaferri

    I've been asking myself this question for years, today I finally realised that googling would be wise - and found this. Thanks.

  • Brian Gorman
    Brian Gorman 8 days ago

    what a wonderful adventure it's been. i've followed this channel since the very beginning, and have used your tips along the way. i check in, learn, practice, and then check in again to level up some more. thank you for sharing your knowledge, and for telling such an amazing story. here's to the next 10 bud!

  • Lightningbomb14
    Lightningbomb14 8 days ago

    is it better to have these speakers to listen to my music production, or will beats headphones do it justice? I don't want to have shitty sounds like in the car to anything like he said. I thought beats headphones would help but not sure

    • GaragebandandBeyond
      GaragebandandBeyond 6 days ago

      BEATS are the worst choice actually. If you want your mixes to sound great on everything, you should look at the Avantone Mixcubes and the ikMultimedia MTM iLouds.

  • GigajinGaming 3711
    GigajinGaming 3711 8 days ago

    i have the updated version but it doesnt connect to the irig... 😭

  • Allan Gildea
    Allan Gildea 8 days ago

    A belated congrats Lewin! You're so great, love you dude. Thanks for so much great music, teaching, laughs and fun.

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey 8 days ago

    Sounds great even on my phone! 😁👍

  • Khari
    Khari 9 days ago

    For some reason I dont have that fast attack

  • TimeTime
    TimeTime 9 days ago

    I love GarageBand for its simplicity and ease of use.

  • TimeTime
    TimeTime 9 days ago

    I always wondered if Brian Wilson had GarageBand back in the 60s what other masterpieces he would have created.

  • Ye Old Fart
    Ye Old Fart 9 days ago

    Again Thank You. What i’ve Learned from you has made it possible to put my music and my music with friends up on TVclipand and make it sound pretty good.. from Alaska.

  • Aaron Short Music
    Aaron Short Music 9 days ago

    I would love to hear a direct comparison with the K&K.

  • Khari
    Khari 10 days ago

    Will an mp3 export work for some reason the other way isnt working

    • GaragebandandBeyond
      GaragebandandBeyond 6 days ago

      You will lose a lot of clarity with an MP3... you seem to have a bunch of issue's with your version of GB. Have you tried the deleting and re-installing of GB method yet? Sorry.... I can't remember.

  • Roman Raines
    Roman Raines 10 days ago

    I wish I could see the signals on Garageband, instead of equipment I do not have.

  • chris westerman
    chris westerman 10 days ago

    Typical millenial BS. Probably was "educated" in a government school. Taught a bunch of lies about these good courageous men and women and now he is spreading his BS here on youtube.

  • The Vegan Guitarist
    The Vegan Guitarist 10 days ago

    Another good one!

  • Ángel Castellanos Martínez

    Thank you!

  • Don Hahn music
    Don Hahn music 10 days ago

    Since I don't use garage band I'm more of a beyond guy. Lol. I've learned much from you. One of my favorite channels. Here's to the next ten.

  • John Walsh
    John Walsh 10 days ago

    Can I not listen to the guitar through the iPad whilst recording? I’m using a behringer umc22... or do I need an output from the device

  • Kayak Bandits
    Kayak Bandits 11 days ago

    I’ve watched this video so many times trying to catch what he’s saying. He starts by saying don’t go XLR from your pre amp to your interface. But then when he’s showing what he uses he says if your going XLR that’s fine???

  • Carla Orsel
    Carla Orsel 11 days ago

    Congratulations!! 🎉🎉 10 years!🙌🏻 🔥 so happy that I found your channel and I’m excited to see what you’re gonna do next in your videos.

  • michael ammitzboll
    michael ammitzboll 11 days ago

    Happy Anniversary Lewin. I really enjoy your channel and your content. You keep it real and you have a great talent. I'm up for another 10 years... Yalla! Go for it!

  • SIMON BC Emuna studio

    Hallo man the Recording Revolution .com also cellebreting 10 years maby u 2 should celebret together with some interesing interview

  • Bill Piotter
    Bill Piotter 12 days ago

    Thank you for addressing the neck width issue. However I would like to check the numbers you are giving us if I could(but I can’t). You are saying string spacing when I think you mean nut width. I would prefer both measurements for the same guitar. I have two guitars with 1-11/16 inch nuts but one of them has about a 35.5mm string spacing and the other is almost 36.5mm at the nut. I have to use mm for measuring such small differences. All guitars with 1.75 inch nuts that I have measured have a 1.5 inch string spacing. Then there is the issue of how much space is between the strings and the neck because of possibly muting the high e sting with the fretting hand. You have to play the guitar to check that out for comfort. Anyway I wish guitar specs always included nut width, string spacing at nut, and string spacing on the saddle.

  • PrehistoricRex
    PrehistoricRex 12 days ago

    Wow 10 years on youtube? And they haven't rewarded you, by demonetising and burying you in the algorithm. Congratulations.

  • Ryan Adams
    Ryan Adams 12 days ago

    Dear Garagebandandbeyond, You sir are a GOATed (Greatest Of All Time-ed) individual, you have saved me from very much frustration.

  • lawsonmusic2
    lawsonmusic2 12 days ago

    Congratulations Lewin! I just wanted to say thanks for your videos and wish you many more years of music creations in this digital world they call you tube! Keep up the good work you do with garageband and showing us the ins and outs of music production! 🎶😎

  • SynthMania
    SynthMania 12 days ago

    Congratulations, Lewin! Even if I suck at posting comments consistently on YT, I've been watching your channel since ten years ago and always loved your personality and great content. You're one of the few long-time music channels that has maintained a "real" attitude - and most of all solid, great content - without resorting to flashy thumbnails and clickbait titles. I kinda did the same on mine, but in ten years things have changed a lot. It looks like today, rather than the content, the YT algos work based on - indeed - flashy thumbnails and clickbait titles. I'm at the point where I'm considering to just start doing that too, seen as the other youtubers you mentioned do it (successfully) :-D Anyway, sorry to hear about the d... thing. Wishing the best to you and Valentina. I didn't realize you lived in Italy for six years. Your italian must be quite awesome! All the best and congrats again :^)

  • Tj Baysinger
    Tj Baysinger 12 days ago

    Wow! Congrats, man! Hopefully many more to come! Take your time going forward and don't burn yourself out though. We will be here. Thanks for everything, Lewin!

  • DTB228
    DTB228 12 days ago


  • Louie Fangs
    Louie Fangs 12 days ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge,I’ve been watching your channel since I got into Recording and mixing,it’s helped me a lot and still inspires me.

  • Doomvapor
    Doomvapor 12 days ago

    Congrats man. Your videos have been a wealth of knowledge for me.

  • Alimanek
    Alimanek 12 days ago

    Thank YOU Garageband!!! :)

  • Bruce Siegel
    Bruce Siegel 12 days ago

    If the clip was from your first TVclip video, why does it start with you saying "I'm back"? Just wondering.

    • Bruce Siegel
      Bruce Siegel 12 days ago

      @GaragebandandBeyond Well I've learned alot from your videos and I still don't know what I'm doing - so keep it up.

    • GaragebandandBeyond
      GaragebandandBeyond 12 days ago

      Bruce Siegel I was wondering if anybody was going to ask about that! Because I had been making videos on another channel that was basically my personal channel. And when I started this one, I clearly had no idea what I was doing! LOL

  • Thom Calhoun
    Thom Calhoun 13 days ago

    Congratulations! I enjoy your channel! Your channel, along with a couple of others, helped me so much! I was transitioning from mostly analog to digital and after downloading GarageBand? I just sat there looking at the screen for a week. Not knowing how to start over. You helped me make sense of it all. Thank you! On a more personal note? Your story was compelling and heartfelt. It was written all over your face... Again, my thanks and congratulations on the success of your channel. You have earned it. Well done! 😊

  • SIMON BC Emuna studio

    Congratulations & thanks a lot

  • Bigz568
    Bigz568 13 days ago

    Amazingly, I was starting to do my own in-home recording for rap.....Your vid was the eariest ones I was interested in for the vocal booth and home recording.... years later, here I am in a rock band of my own (rap group broke up).... Safe to say, I'm glad you're still doing your thing and that I'm still subscribed to this channel (even though I have a TON of other things to occupy my time). Congrats Lewin!

  • Mary Serra Music
    Mary Serra Music 13 days ago

    Cool to hear how it all began. You’ve really “lived the dream!” Congrats on 10 years, & thank YOU for all you’ve taught us! ❤️