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I Am Santa Claus
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I Gave A Homeless Man A Home
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    MD AHMED 3 hours ago

    Brother idhve words to say anything it's ...... But y idk why to say

  • Funtagious
    Funtagious 3 hours ago

    The second I heard Kobe I felt sad

  • Owo Owo
    Owo Owo 3 hours ago

    When they gave their son the car i felt that

  • Tray K
    Tray K 3 hours ago

    I'm in with grade That's six Six grade question 8:51 Teacher what is the fifth planet Me: hhhmm well. My very educated mother just surved us nochos: mecary1 venus2 earth3 mars 4 Jupiter 5 sun 6 Uranus 7 Neptune 8.

  • Razer on KBM
    Razer on KBM 3 hours ago

    That kobe hittin different

  • Gracie Denton
    Gracie Denton 3 hours ago


    FYDEL ROGUE 3 hours ago

    Mr. Beast have a PS4 Pro for sale? I'll buy can only afford bout 180 bucks, I'll even pay shipping. By the way the wall climb is crazy! Lol

  • Razer on KBM
    Razer on KBM 3 hours ago

    That kobe hittin different

  • Luis Alvarez
    Luis Alvarez 3 hours ago


  • EwanTUBE 31
    EwanTUBE 31 3 hours ago

    Imagine a kid being better at lighting a fire than u and ur and adult

  • Ava Ismair
    Ava Ismair 3 hours ago

    You just lied to this guy so many times

  • Ariana Richards
    Ariana Richards 3 hours ago

    I want Karl to have a TVclip channel.

  • Mia Guardino
    Mia Guardino 3 hours ago

    Blue will win

  • Alpha male Johnny
    Alpha male Johnny 3 hours ago

    Butt- sac?

  • SlimePlayzXD
    SlimePlayzXD 3 hours ago

    1:46 “Kobe” R.I.P

  • Tess Mervenne
    Tess Mervenne 3 hours ago

    I love Karl. I want more Karl. Please he's hilarious

  • joash Domingo
    joash Domingo 3 hours ago

    "kobe" 2:21 😔✊💔RIP

  • Owo Owo
    Owo Owo 3 hours ago

    The story’s are making me cry, so sweet

  • Lion Capital
    Lion Capital 3 hours ago

    Fun fact the tilt of the earth has a significantly higher affect on global temperatures than CO2. The earth goes through cycles where the north poles faces towards the sun causing the ice to melt and periods where the North Pole faces more away from the sun causing the ice to form again. 10,000 year periods. CO2 levels have minimal affects compared to the giant thermo nuclear reactor in space aka the sun.

  • Tik Tok
    Tik Tok 3 hours ago

    When he said babe I thought he said bat-corona virus

  • Makana Prime
    Makana Prime 3 hours ago

    Wow is it bad that I didn’t even do this stuff in 2nd through 6th

  • Firedemon 385
    Firedemon 385 3 hours ago

    Rip Kobe

  • Harvey Wold
    Harvey Wold 3 hours ago

    RIP Kobe

  • Animemes HXD
    Animemes HXD 3 hours ago

    Tbh Chris wins too much lmao

  • Parker Whitt
    Parker Whitt 3 hours ago

    I watch Jerome though

  • Animemes HXD
    Animemes HXD 3 hours ago

    Chris cheated and won. Guess cheaters do win.

  • Argetlam 8103
    Argetlam 8103 3 hours ago

    If anyone here watches hermitcraft you will know y I laughed every time he said of doom lol

  • Remove Kebab
    Remove Kebab 3 hours ago

    When you have a child that screams loud

  • me. L
    me. L 3 hours ago

    Mom says don't play with your food

  • Leonardo
    Leonardo 3 hours ago

    Lol chandelor our here looking THICC climbing that wall

  • Michael Boursalian
    Michael Boursalian 3 hours ago

    13:49 fornite

  • Mallow Bunnys
    Mallow Bunnys 3 hours ago

    Maybe the worm got chandler sick 😷

  • Hailee Roberts
    Hailee Roberts 3 hours ago

    Next up 30 million pieces of trash picked up from the ocean

  • Blue Cobalt
    Blue Cobalt 3 hours ago

    9:18 Rest in peace Kobe

  • Mason Yan
    Mason Yan 3 hours ago

    kobe.... :..(

  • TTV_toejar gang
    TTV_toejar gang 3 hours ago

    9:18 R.I.P Kobe

  • Lowell Werblow
    Lowell Werblow 3 hours ago

    The Office "Coral started the fire!" I love the Office who doesn't! If you havent seen the Office I recommend watching it!

  • Justin Kim Matriz
    Justin Kim Matriz 3 hours ago

    It's easy to Win if your team is 66% vegan

  • Julian Nevarez
    Julian Nevarez 3 hours ago

    Don’t said koby he died I miss him

  • Year 2020
    Year 2020 3 hours ago

    I love that girl's eyeshadow.

  • Harrison Leenhouts
    Harrison Leenhouts 3 hours ago

    RIP Kobe he will never be forgotten.

  • AdoAndo YT
    AdoAndo YT 3 hours ago

    You should do a last to leave bath of Lego wins $$$

  • Jordan Basham
    Jordan Basham 3 hours ago

    Good job chandler

  • Geovanny Palencia
    Geovanny Palencia 3 hours ago

    0:10 what that song

  • zapgodz.
    zapgodz. 3 hours ago

    9:18 :( , *for Kobe

  • Jolene Garrett
    Jolene Garrett 3 hours ago

    Everyone else one but you finally run out you're so cray cray

  • Chelsea The Roblox Gamer

    (Through this hole vidoe) Chandler: NO NO NOOOO! Me: YOU ARE GOING TO WIN!

  • Erick Martinez
    Erick Martinez 3 hours ago

    I’ve watched over 10 Mr. Beast videos today👍 man is humble🐐

  • Jose Castillo
    Jose Castillo 3 hours ago

    There’s one in Fort Worth TX , it was more closer

  • Felipe Arellano
    Felipe Arellano 3 hours ago

    Got sad when ...Kobe

  • DJGrizzly
    DJGrizzly 3 hours ago


  • the noob pro
    the noob pro 3 hours ago

    Meanwhile in car world

  • Olivia Bentz
    Olivia Bentz 3 hours ago

    Kinda happy Omar didn’t win he was rude to competitors

    JORDAN ALIBERTI 3 hours ago

    i your next vidoe you should pay respects to kobe bryant

  • Shreyas Kumar
    Shreyas Kumar 3 hours ago

    7:05 hahahaha lol That guy doesn't even care whats going on

  • Sona Muss
    Sona Muss 3 hours ago


  • Hunde Sind cool
    Hunde Sind cool 3 hours ago

    I went there and found a little golden thing idk what that is xDD

  • Inspectah Lyrical
    Inspectah Lyrical 3 hours ago

    You know Kobe died

  • Sasquatch Plays
    Sasquatch Plays 3 hours ago

    Wasn’t Chris In the scouts of boy

  • Christian-Tyler Maileoi

    Imagine a robber saying give me the money beast sure what do you want whithdrawl or loan

  • I’m Oppsie
    I’m Oppsie 3 hours ago

    I completely forgot he used to curse some times

  • Ashley Engebretson
    Ashley Engebretson 3 hours ago

    If I got arrested I would take my uno reverse card out of my pocket and the cop could get arrested (I'm kidding)

    JORDAN ALIBERTI 3 hours ago

    can i do a challenge i have always wanted to

  • Israel Kids Family
    Israel Kids Family 3 hours ago

    Math teacher: * teaches* Me: dude I’m in 5th grade and I just started to learn that

  • ChubbyBab
    ChubbyBab 3 hours ago

    4:30 Chandler and Chris are gonna be in a fanfic together

  • kabeer jaffar
    kabeer jaffar 3 hours ago

    They just faked it 😂

  • hail john
    hail john 3 hours ago


  • Max W
    Max W 3 hours ago

    When the Kobe sound effect played, things went down

  • super dzack
    super dzack 3 hours ago

    Did you notice chandler is winning more challenges now

  • Andrew Seifert
    Andrew Seifert 3 hours ago

    Me: *laughs in student debt* Seriously though, its crazy just seeing all that money

  • Flash UV
    Flash UV 3 hours ago

    I’m here from the future but the past to watch Mr Beast!

    JORDAN ALIBERTI 3 hours ago

    can you come and do a challenge in Alaska i have watched a lot of your videos and in all of them i have seen non of them have been in Alaska

  • Adan Alvarado
    Adan Alvarado 3 hours ago

    Haha guys are better than girls

  • Emerson Asis
    Emerson Asis 3 hours ago

    Mr beast i sub

  • Heaven Jones
    Heaven Jones 3 hours ago

    I’m the dude that said “I got everything I could put my hand on”

  • Mark Jade Cabesa
    Mark Jade Cabesa 3 hours ago

    Are we just gonna forget the fact Me.Beast is wearing Sub to PEWDIPIE jacket? Okay..😐😐💗💗

  • avery hinton
    avery hinton 3 hours ago

    Thats at ECU im going there next year

  • FunkierFiend36
    FunkierFiend36 3 hours ago


  • airrain
    airrain 3 hours ago

    He changed the thumbnails

  • megaman x Cabanas
    megaman x Cabanas 3 hours ago

    Seller: This house is $0 Buyer: I don't know it's too much money

    KING KRINGLER 3 hours ago

    Noooooo OMAR!!!!!

  • Emery Rich-Jackson
    Emery Rich-Jackson 3 hours ago

    I got the same keyboard for christmas

  • Shubham Master
    Shubham Master 3 hours ago

    Please donate PS4 in India bihar patna

  • Twit PvP
    Twit PvP 3 hours ago

    stfu if you're sad about the Kobe sound effect! was uploaded before his death and that's exactly what he will be remembered for anyway

  • Fu X
    Fu X 3 hours ago

    9:18 :( RIP Kobe and Gigi Gone but never forgotten

  • Xzavier Sorensen
    Xzavier Sorensen 3 hours ago


  • Nirali TV
    Nirali TV 3 hours ago

    definitely if that's my car, I will cry because my car wasn't mine, my father will kill me😢 but giving him a new car definitely he will praise me😂😂 by the way please śupport my channel too

  • MrScruff-NinjaTuna
    MrScruff-NinjaTuna 3 hours ago

    I never knew there would be such an important question in my life, but here it is. "WHY IS THE ICE CREAM ON FIRE?!"

  • Eddie_ Eggplant_
    Eddie_ Eggplant_ 3 hours ago

    The Chris way of the wild

  • duong nguyen
    duong nguyen 3 hours ago

    For KOBEEEEER!!!!!

  • Efren Serrano
    Efren Serrano 3 hours ago

    Too much salt is bad

    GHETTO BOYZ 3 hours ago

    Would love for someone to give me a bag of money to make yt vids

  • Me lose, you wish
    Me lose, you wish 3 hours ago

    9:18 rip Koby Brian

  • Uriah Gordon
    Uriah Gordon 3 hours ago


  • Maria Viscusi
    Maria Viscusi 3 hours ago

    You guy's are so funny

  • Isabella Elena
    Isabella Elena 3 hours ago

    I heard kobe and almost cried😭

    MYSTERY GAMER 3 hours ago

    6:10 whats song called ?

  • GalaxyMoon :3
    GalaxyMoon :3 3 hours ago


  • Mark Galvan
    Mark Galvan 3 hours ago

    I wish this could be me one day but all I can do is 🙏🏼 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • awesome ninja
    awesome ninja 3 hours ago

    He uses the Kobe sound affect and a day later he dies