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  • J. Harris.
    J. Harris. 23 minutes ago

    The EU flag shouldn't be used as a symbol for Europe. The EU is a recent political construct, Europe is an ancient continent and culture. It would be like using the Stars and Stripes to represent Native American history. Yeah, I voted Brexit.

  • Adnan Farooqui
    Adnan Farooqui 27 minutes ago

    Tampering name of Jesus : The helpless Jesus to save his own name. Do Christians know importance of name If a letter in your name got tampered Your career gets jeopardize, Your whole certificates get scraped No one accepts your documents or resume. Your authenticity, your identity, your citizenship get compromised. But you tampered the whole name of Jesus awarded by God, what a joke ? Do you know by this tampering, you over write decision of God. Do you understand the award given by God ? Do you understand the award given by Mary ?? And by this tampered name you perform miracles… what a joke ? Whose work is tampering and fabrication God or Satan ? Who support you with miracles by tampered name God or Satan ? This is how fabrications and falsehood get caught red handed one day. It is truth "falsehood, fabrication and Deceptions do not have long age" And from now the age of dark Christianity terminates and science, wisdom, Islam dominates. This day Satan have been very sad, his tricks has been exposed. And I thank Allah SWT it is by my hands ? How can I trust Jesus by seeing his record in bible ? First God forsake him handed him to his brutal enemies to be buturched abused insulted Then holy Spirit forsake him, did not consider him fit worthy to be inspired by Bible Third disciples forsake him, became silent spectator at kick slaps street drags of Jesus and lastly murder of Jesus. Fourth Christians forsake him Can shed crocodile tears for him But will not revenge his murder. Nor obey his instructions to give up pork banking their hunger for power and domination see world wars and now America How they fool and play with Arabs for Oil ? Their greed to divide people and rule see British. Their governments cannot abolish legalized prostitution, Nudism as tourism industries see Europe.

  • James Jordan
    James Jordan 30 minutes ago

    U r a savior

  • tubertom
    tubertom 34 minutes ago

    The good ones are American but the bad ones aren't. And the bad ones includes hackers in online multiplayer.

  • Kate S
    Kate S 34 minutes ago

    oh look, we're living in the 60s now apparently

  • Woshie
    Woshie 38 minutes ago

    Ughh I have exam on this tomorrow .-.

  • Taylor S
    Taylor S 40 minutes ago

    Lol he’s right I need to replay this 6 more times in slow speed

  • Waynimations
    Waynimations 51 minute ago

    why are there so many dislikes when this is so well researched.

  • Olivia Colburn
    Olivia Colburn 52 minutes ago

    is it just me or does 9:01 look like tom holland

  • James Jordan
    James Jordan Hour ago

    It makes sense!!!! And i have a test tm lol

  • Syeda Shobnam
    Syeda Shobnam Hour ago

    Why is it biased and why is it small

  • Kristie Hansen
    Kristie Hansen Hour ago

    Since when can rocks be dated? I thought the water in the atmosphere magnified the moon at the horizon and that is why we see it bigger when rising and setting.

  • Dowell Loomys
    Dowell Loomys Hour ago

    5:04 your version of history.

  • Siddharth Sircar

    "Alright Canadians, I blame you for this" You better hope Gingerpale didn't hear that

  • HANK *
    HANK * Hour ago

    Paper Towns is a bad book. Helpful video though! Thanks.

  • Meles Hadgu
    Meles Hadgu Hour ago

    when say they dont know nothing still studing to the brain

  • riiad
    riiad Hour ago

    This video deserves more than one thumb up from me. Thank You

  • Red Pilled Greg Heffley

    The West is the best

  • Scio Enim Veritatem


  • Alwi Ashiigaf
    Alwi Ashiigaf Hour ago

    *Best year* : Before i knew smartphone

  • TheSpeedymouse
    TheSpeedymouse 2 hours ago

    I remember seeing Saturn when I was young through a telescope and being shocked that it wasn't just an image but really there in the sky. It really is those rings that sucks all into loving astronomy!

  • Charlie W
    Charlie W 2 hours ago

    No idea why conservatives are seen as prizing 'liberty' as the highest value, meanwhile enthusiastically trying to roll back abortion, minority rights, secularism.. What they're really about is 'liberty' for the conservative, Christian, upper-middle class at the expense of that of others. They claim to value 'hard work' while at the same time cutting social programs and taxes on the rich. They call it 'incentive', seeming to believe that being poor is by choice. We don't all start on a level playing field, and these policies make it even harder for the poor to better their lives.

  • Butterflies & Markk
    Butterflies & Markk 2 hours ago

    I love your videos but guacamole is pronounces : Gua Kah Moh L eh im mexican, i just had to say it

  • siddhartha moitra
    siddhartha moitra 2 hours ago

    I don't understand just bookish knowledge - Graduation, is why a big celebration. Here in India, you may find a Peon/Clerk has that as a basic degree. Love to hear...

  • Lorena Gutierrez
    Lorena Gutierrez 2 hours ago

    I just want you to know if you can make a video on " running for political office"

  • PunchKickBlog
    PunchKickBlog 2 hours ago

    Baba is you.

  • David Canatella
    David Canatella 2 hours ago

    There is no need for a culture to live up to European value judgement to have value. In fact we would deprive ourselves to overlook the the intricate knowledge of more ancient ways.

  • beastbuilder
    beastbuilder 2 hours ago

    very very cool, positive and no nonsense video about Time management - human friendly lol

  • Munira alali
    Munira alali 2 hours ago

    thank u i watched this video from my mom channel and help me to understand my subject <3

  • Mk
    Mk 2 hours ago

    who else is here just to learn?

  • bartsonson
    bartsonson 2 hours ago

    What hair product do you use?

  • fatmAa bahlooq
    fatmAa bahlooq 3 hours ago

    i having a quiz tomorrow and this helped me a lot I recommend this it will help you to understand the taxonomy

  • Joejoe gamer
    Joejoe gamer 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one that saw Yoda at 7:11?

  • Matthew Felgate
    Matthew Felgate 3 hours ago

    So why is it not hotter when the Earth is closer to the sun?

  • sian mcardle
    sian mcardle 3 hours ago

    John, thank you so much for retaping these and slowing your speech down, which I can tell does not come naturally to you, quick thinker that you are. Now my wonderful Title 1 students, many of who are English learners can now access the illuminating content you share with us all. Please re-do them all- they are a wonderful resource which I have not been able to use with my students due to the "formerchildgeniushistorianonspeed" style of your older videos.

  • xyg dipper
    xyg dipper 3 hours ago

    ok when the schools say the confederates owned slaves i tell them both the confederate side and union side owned slaves only 6% of slaves were owned by confederates the school wont tell you that becouse now days they blame it all on the confederacy when you look at history it was both sides of america that owned slaves dont support slavery i just call people out on their ignorance the civil war wasnt all about freeing the slaves it was about taxes on the south and thats what sparked up the first shots in the civil war

  • Waleed
    Waleed 3 hours ago

    so engineering is applied science & math huh

  • Deanith
    Deanith 3 hours ago

    Meanwhile I live in Europe and I'm trying to learn more stuff about US beacause I want to move there someday.

  • Ken Rose
    Ken Rose 3 hours ago

    Think about this: There were two separate nuclear technologies, Uranium & Plutonium, used just THREE DAYS APART in 1945! What are the actual chances of That?! Farcical!

  • Lisa Dixon
    Lisa Dixon 3 hours ago

    "Unsurprisingly, murder was often involved." I came here because I was doing research on my Polish side. I've long been frustrated at the ad nauseum focus in schools and beyond- on Western European history, BUT in finally hitting a point where I'm learning something about Polish succession O.O I'm starting to see WHY things are so western-centric. Ease, for one- and frankly... it's less complicated. Heck, even the Tutors are easier to understand! I love Poland 🇵🇱 especially for its (again, relatively) pluralistic state- I think it really was ahead of most of Europe in that regard. But- western Europe is easier, and probably seen as more relevant, though that's a shame bc EE is ❤️ Thanks for covering it.

  • Koketso Baholo
    Koketso Baholo 3 hours ago

    Jesus will reveal God to you, just ask him in prayer.

  • Mosiah
    Mosiah 4 hours ago

    Thank you

  • order and chaos
    order and chaos 4 hours ago

    3rd law i always reference it as "If you shoot a gun in space the bullet will go forward but the gun will go backwards"

  • harry griggs
    harry griggs 4 hours ago

    Do a crash course philosophy on dialectics.

  • Koketso Baholo
    Koketso Baholo 4 hours ago

    Jesus is KING Of All Creation.

  • Armaan Soni
    Armaan Soni 4 hours ago

    Awesome, girl

  • Westley T
    Westley T 4 hours ago

    She's probably too smart for most men here.~

  • Yelda Khanfar
    Yelda Khanfar 4 hours ago

    he is confusing me with the words I'm Arab and this is soooo confusing also not everything that he said is correct.

  • Javid Farr
    Javid Farr 4 hours ago

    He just said Canadians are better than Americans This man is obviously autistc

  • Divya Mahesh
    Divya Mahesh 4 hours ago

    Crash Course is just Amazing !

  • Mpp Didi
    Mpp Didi 4 hours ago

    ... adding yet another level of abstraction ... well done !

  • Rashwing Plays
    Rashwing Plays 4 hours ago

    5:19 SpongeBob leading the sea people Click 👇If you liked it

  • Misterworldwide
    Misterworldwide 5 hours ago

    In the Roman warm period there wasn't even ice on the world

  • marcekt _1999
    marcekt _1999 5 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing in such an illustrative way. It's so much easier to understand things this way.

  • Abdul Jamie D. Amer
    Abdul Jamie D. Amer 5 hours ago

    We are like machines our body is just a vessel while we control the body using our brain. But we people are very unique we are more superior than every race in this earth because we have free will and emotions that is why we are unique.

  • siddhartha moitra
    siddhartha moitra 5 hours ago

    Host! Great job Madam!

  • Analise Rosa
    Analise Rosa 5 hours ago

    Together the people can agree on rational decisions, though they struggle to come up with the solutions for lack of resource/ or whatever... but at the end of the day, someone like the president is going to want an "expert opinion" on solutions to harder decisions. Could not those same experts find solutions to the things that are most important to the people? Freedom of speech is important here because the media is not giving people enough information to make truly informed decisions, interest groups do not always have the funding they need, polling is not that effective either maybe we need to go back to traditional methods of democracy. The first presidents traveled to different states, talked and listened to any one that showed up. This eliminates the chance for bias.

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 5 hours ago

    Hitler invaded Russia was for resources but not for food. His main target was Ukraine where there were oil. He needed it to feed his war machine.

  • Zouraiz Khan
    Zouraiz Khan 5 hours ago

    Why did I search it

  • Reewa Andraos
    Reewa Andraos 5 hours ago

    Please make a video for the movie "Closer"

  • Billy Batson
    Billy Batson 5 hours ago

    I've always believed that the number 40 in the Bible isn't a literal number amount, but was jargon of the time for "alot", since it's used many times to signify a significant length of time (40 days and nights, 40 years etc.). I often wonder if future humans, upon reading text that says "until the cows come home", would think that us "ancient" humans would literally wait for actual cows to arrive back at home before completing some task.

  • Matías Halpin
    Matías Halpin 5 hours ago

    I think that south american myths are under represented in the series. For a new season you should explore them a bit more. The concept of pachacuti. ( a god amd a earth destroying earthquake that emds and start a new cycle of time, (that is thougut to be circulae, not linear), would have been an interesting comparisson here)

  • Artorias The Muggle
    Artorias The Muggle 5 hours ago

    seriously, why tf does school even exist?

  • Zouraiz Khan
    Zouraiz Khan 5 hours ago

    Hey guys if yu don't see the afterimage after 30 sec does that mean you are weird

  • Joshua Barrera
    Joshua Barrera 6 hours ago

    do something on Nationalisim

  • DC
    DC 6 hours ago

    In an effort to justify the Native Americans he says that human sacrifice is reasonable and then, he compares it to heroic sacrifice in MOVIES. These people would eat each other's hearts while they were still beating and we think that they are the victims. Please, they were more animal than human . BTW i'm of Spanish descent and PROUD!

  • Omar Abdul-Malik DHEd, MPAS, PA-C

    I find these "crash courses" to be very well done! Even if they aren't COMPLETELY accurate, I believe the intention to educate the general public in a VERY succinct method admirable. Keep up the great work you are doing! Respect!😊❤📚💡

  • L Buono
    L Buono 6 hours ago

    Play at .75 and she almost sounds coherent

  • L Buono
    L Buono 6 hours ago

    Slow down pause and transition accent adds to confusion for non English/Queens english

  • Jordan Greenberg
    Jordan Greenberg 6 hours ago

    The sphynx has to be older than we thought. At least 10k years older

  • Neale Baxter
    Neale Baxter 6 hours ago

    As a *_Creationist_* or *_Apologist_* watching this, what's the FIRST thought you have when shown evidence of evolution? TO REFUTE IT? When the first thing you want to do is argue, it's very clear then … YOU DON'T WANT EVIDENCE

  • Kingpor Tai
    Kingpor Tai 6 hours ago


  • Hamza AlKhatib
    Hamza AlKhatib 6 hours ago

    it was all making sense until 1:36

  • Ken Bell
    Ken Bell 7 hours ago

    Smelly, Old JohnGreenBot drives a car.

  • Jack Burkey
    Jack Burkey 7 hours ago

    actually mansa musa the first was the richest man in history, search "richest man in history" into google

  • Dave Cirlclux
    Dave Cirlclux 7 hours ago

    1:59 well I guess there where too many freeloaders. Because we definitely didn't get a satisfying ending to GOT

  • luciferangelica
    luciferangelica 7 hours ago

    is that what kipling looked like? i always pictured him as a half naked ten year old hanging out with wolves and bears

    • luciferangelica
      luciferangelica 7 hours ago

      and losing it all on one roll and never speaking a word of it

  • Mach9
    Mach9 7 hours ago

    cute, and insipid. marx wasn't as insightful as the Scottish philosophers 100 years earlier. just a ___

  • Calum Foster
    Calum Foster 7 hours ago

    U had to point out your own easter egg?? Lol, ok.

  • Arlinda Haliti
    Arlinda Haliti 7 hours ago

    i love this guy

  • Fredrik
    Fredrik 7 hours ago

    Fun fact: in Sweden we kept the distinction of civil engineering being “non war” engineering. This means that you can have a civil engineering degree in mechanical, electrical, chemical engineering etc. Knowing this can save you quite a bit of confusion if you ever encounter a Swedish engineer, as not all of them know that English speaking countries have civil engineering as a distinct branch dealing with infrastructure. It’s not uncommon to hear a Swedish engineer introduce themself as a “civil engineer” when what they have is a Swedish “civilingenjör” degree in (for instance) mechanical engineering.

  • Mr. CutThrxat
    Mr. CutThrxat 8 hours ago

    You know what: I don't care what's true any more.... aslong you're over there doing you and not harming anyone else- I don't care what you think you are.

  • dj Curiosity
    dj Curiosity 8 hours ago

    The first man start mining asteroids or meteorites will be the richest on earth.. Gold in outerspace abundant....Everybody on earth would be multibillionaires or too much of

  • Daniel Cronin
    Daniel Cronin 8 hours ago

    please...need Moooore

  • mrlildylchillin
    mrlildylchillin 8 hours ago

    7:14 yoda!

  • complete channel
    complete channel 8 hours ago


  • Niko L
    Niko L 8 hours ago

    ok but what if we had a hybrid system? one that uses neural networks to make sense of fuzzy data, and a symbolic system to make sense of the concrete data generated by the neural network that way one can have the best of both worlds

  • Amadeus Akreveus
    Amadeus Akreveus 8 hours ago

    When does the next episode come out?

  • Tom Nikolaisen
    Tom Nikolaisen 8 hours ago

    A WIMBLEDON-shirt!?!? wow... Those norwegians sure ruined that club.... Drillo :)

  • Lithium
    Lithium 8 hours ago


  • Lithium
    Lithium 8 hours ago


  • Daniel Cronin
    Daniel Cronin 8 hours ago

    It's strange...Criminology is one of those subjects that can't "fix" an issue and so much as provide some ways to try and "improve" the situation. And with good reason, the problems are so insurmountable because of the issues we are facing are arbitrary chaotic, that is; human nature. It's the same pattern but in different shades of colour. I made this quote up in my head a few years ago that goes like " the law is holistic in nature, but individual in application" and as it is, that's too difficult to maintain.

  • Niko L
    Niko L 8 hours ago

    3 minutes in and it's already starting to look a lot like Prolog

  • Hold The Door!!
    Hold The Door!! 8 hours ago

    We want Me from the past back!!!!

  • ivan lau
    ivan lau 9 hours ago

    Bork .

  • Alexandra Georgiou
    Alexandra Georgiou 9 hours ago

    you forget something here, that Israelis are doing a genocide.


    Sorry but you speak really fast

  • Matija Ilić
    Matija Ilić 9 hours ago

    This is blasphemy! Cool animations though!

  • المطيري الغطفاني

    I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and I bear witness that Christ Jesus, the Apostle of God, the Son of the Immaculate Mary, the Virgin, the Prayer and Peace be upon all the Prophets and Messengers

  • Ante Venio
    Ante Venio 9 hours ago

    Error; muslim sign. It only came 600 years later as a powerideology ....