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  • Zane Karl
    Zane Karl 5 months ago

    Hey CC, I'm a big fan of a lot of your shows and I just had one question. I've been trying to figure out the titles of all the books on the shelves in the background of CC Computer Science and I've only been able to make out three or so. Would you mind letting me know what those titles are please? Thanks, and happy learning!

  • wendy peterson
    wendy peterson 5 months ago

    Can you do an episode on 'the 30 second rule'? Is it a thing? How bad is the potential risk of contamination in a measure of seconds? Or just don't eat stuff that falls on the floor?

  • Moein Farahnak
    Moein Farahnak 5 months ago

    Would you please make some videos about statistics analysis or Statistic science in general or basic statistics? Thanks

  • Vitória Maria
    Vitória Maria 6 months ago

    Could you guys please accept my subbs in the video family obligations? Been trying to show it to some of my folks and friends who do not understand english.

  • JackIsTheFaceOfBo
    JackIsTheFaceOfBo 6 months ago

    I would love to see some videos on medicinal chemistry and how pharmaceuticals work.

  • andrea øye
    andrea øye 6 months ago

    I really want to see a video about leadership in psychology

  • FutureRN Gigi
    FutureRN Gigi 6 months ago

    I used your vids for many of my pre-req's for nursing school. I really wish you'd make some for the nursing courses! Nursing fundamentals has not been the same without your courses :( I miss you guys!

  • whatever
    whatever 6 months ago

    Feedback for the editor: It would be fantastic if you allowed some breathing space in between sentences and shots; the overall speech is rushed. Otherwise keep up the good work.

  • Sam O.
    Sam O. 6 months ago

    A crash course on the Apartheid, maybe?

  • Dave Livingston
    Dave Livingston 6 months ago

    What software/workflow do you use to produce your animations? Oh, and cool content. Just starting to explore it.

    • Miyuki Makara
      Miyuki Makara 6 months ago

      If you watch some of the mythology videos, I think they say at the very end that they make their videos with Adobe and that they have a code for a free trial.

  • Ine
    Ine 6 months ago

    I really love ypur channel, but I can't find any content on marketing and marketing strategies. I can't find any content on organizations, like how their build up or how all the components in an organization works together. I really hope to see some of this in the future. I've learned som much from CrashCourse and I hope I'll learn more! :)

  • Alec Deakin
    Alec Deakin 6 months ago

    Could you make a video on enzymes (biology) and how they can be inhibited etc.

  • Eugene
    Eugene 6 months ago

    hay crash course love the channel can you guys create a playlist for electricity please

  • misskokolib
    misskokolib 6 months ago

    Just wanted to say, I enjoy explaining the way the world works to my son then being able to share with him a video from your Crash Course Kids channel on whatever it was we were talking about. Well done everyone at Crash Course :)

  • Abhi TheGamer
    Abhi TheGamer 6 months ago

    wow great contain i just love your channel

  • Jacob Steinmetz
    Jacob Steinmetz 6 months ago

    you suck

    • AmenoKoyane
      AmenoKoyane 6 months ago

      Really don't post hate comments it won't help anything.

  • MrGoMaster
    MrGoMaster 6 months ago

    is there a reason why the second episode of crash course literature (1984) doesnt appear?

  • Grace Bromage
    Grace Bromage 6 months ago

    Is there anyway you could post any videos on pre-calc or calculus? If not, that's fine. I still your channel

  • 黄浩林
    黄浩林 6 months ago

    please do crash course mathematics

  • Naomi S.
    Naomi S. 6 months ago

    Could you guys make a Writing Series just like the Movie Production one? All about the process of writing a book, since catching inspiration to writing routine, publishing, characters, scenarios, etc - it would be dreamy!

  • Mia Wallace
    Mia Wallace 6 months ago

    Do you think you guys can do a Crash Course on Geometry?

  • Ayla I.
    Ayla I. 6 months ago

    Hello, I think you have a very good channel. Is it possible that you can make a video about “the golden ratio” ?

  • Mikayla Medin
    Mikayla Medin 6 months ago

    You should do a crash course Calculus- the animation would be perfect for all the applications. Also Music Theory is another one you should do. It would be great to have audio and visual representations to explain modes, transposition, 7th chords/inversions, etc.

  • brendan doran
    brendan doran 6 months ago

    I found your world history videos extremely helpful in passing my class last year. I was hoping to ask you if you could do another series about European history, as this is the class that I am taking this year. I hope that I do not ask too much and hope that you give this some consideration. thank you.

  • Miyuki Makara
    Miyuki Makara 6 months ago

    Can you guys possibly have a set place with a list of the general schedules for all of your videos? Something like, "this series uploads on this day of the week at around this time every week" kind of thing. Maybe in the About tab here on TVclip?

  • Bridget Nicholson
    Bridget Nicholson 6 months ago

    Would you guys ever consider doing anything on product design? Pleeeease, it would actually help a whole lot with what I am studying.

  • Jay Mcgee
    Jay Mcgee 6 months ago

    where can I learn to do the animation that crash course does I would like to incorperated it in to a project I'm working on

  • bobsaget117
    bobsaget117 6 months ago

    Hey so uh, When is there going to be a Crash Course Music Theory/History? I see that some others have asked about it, so why not try it out? They're obviously deep topics that I know you guys can manage. Everyone teaches theory differently but I would love to see the way Crash Course teaches it.

  • Jarre Andre Sebastian
    Jarre Andre Sebastian 6 months ago

    Trigonometry, algebra and calculus please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Muslims Against Evil Feminist and Atheist

    Loads of FAKE videos with False information

  • TheImpenetrable
    TheImpenetrable 6 months ago

    Could you guys make a video, 1 group per video in the periodic table e.g: Transition metals, Noble gases, just like 1 video for each group of elements that can be under 5 minutes long

  • Hope Kay
    Hope Kay 6 months ago

    crash course is the only reason im passing anything at the moment!!! the work you guys do is amazing!!!

  • Madison Noia
    Madison Noia 6 months ago

    Can you do a video on Cotard’s Delusion? Please!

  • Musicello
    Musicello 6 months ago

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make medical crash course videos. I am a nursing major and my 137 sophomore class watch the anatomy ones religiously but it only extends so far. I could send 30+ powerpoints on information that would be applicable for pre med, nursing, physicians assistants, etc.

  • George Dowdy
    George Dowdy 6 months ago

    Along with all the wide variety of topics you discuss here on Crash Course, there is one that is pretty important that you have left out. Math. Not saying you should comprise all math into one series but divide into different levels: General Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Statistics, and Calculus. These topics may even fold into other topics, such as Engineering or Advanced Physics. This would may help a lot of people cram information before the next days test. Take Care, George Dowdy

  • ARK1X
    ARK1X 6 months ago

    Please Talk About The Sumerian Creation Story on Crash Course World Mythology

  • Fish_in_a_dish
    Fish_in_a_dish 6 months ago

    add something on geology please haah

  • Tati Jaye
    Tati Jaye 6 months ago

    Crash Course Statistics please!

  • Mister Lipman
    Mister Lipman 6 months ago

    make a video about Malta!

  • Dakota Edmonds
    Dakota Edmonds 6 months ago

    Do you think you could start doing Biographies an influential people, such as Desi Arnaz, or Charlie Chaplin?

  • SmileGirl010
    SmileGirl010 6 months ago

    Maybe I'm biased because I'm a meteorologist, but more meteorology would be amazing. It's such a vital science that almost no one really takes time to understand unless they are a weather nerd like me. It would tie into some climate themes and topics too, which is also a really important topic people need to learn way more about. (Clearly it's not understood well enough considering how the US government has been operating lately) Heck I would even love to help out with something like that considering weather, climate, and climate change are all part of my PhD work. It's just so important and I hope to see it soon!

  • Josue Cerros
    Josue Cerros 6 months ago

    I really love this channel and the topics covered have been great! Any chance you would look at doing a series on Art? Art history and Modern art? Thanks! And keep up the great work.

  • Damon Okeke
    Damon Okeke 6 months ago

    i love your guys videos keep it up and keep me educated all the time please because i learn a lot from this thank you very much. :)

  • Haylie Wu
    Haylie Wu 6 months ago

    I really wanna have crash course music theory

  • PlesmaGum
    PlesmaGum 6 months ago

    Hey Thoth from Crash Course: Mythology! Can I ask you some questions, and how come you don't have your own episode?

  • Average Guy27
    Average Guy27 6 months ago


  • Rachel Moreau
    Rachel Moreau 6 months ago

    Hey Crash Course! Neuropsychology major here, wondering if there is a chance there will ever be a series on neuroscience? I found the physiology and psychology to help but were lacking in some depth. I think it might be a great area to expand on and I would love to see a series on the gross anatomy of the brain.

  • Hatsu NeMiku2006
    Hatsu NeMiku2006 6 months ago

    I had revisited old videos, mostly the one with Immune System and notice you said at the last video for the Human Biology that "The Immune System when gone rogue, will cause a harm to your body..." You had said about a few disorders and/or diseases in that video, it made me curious about the effects of a couple of the disorders and/or diseases you spoke of. What are the T to T Systems of them and also what are the signs for them? I have a Immune System Disorder a genetically formed one and not heard very much because it's not very well a command thing to have. I have High Immune System Disorder or HISD for short it is almost the same thing for LISD or Low Immune System Disorder but my Immune System is double or even triple the normal amount. I try my best to have a "normal" life but I do have problems going outside and being able to do somethings including when I have a HISD Flare Up Attack. Basically saying "Oh your body is having a sickly attack going on! Put up your shields and attack!" type of order in my body which ends up where I get hive like warnings, burning and itching feeling, serious problems of eating and/or eating too much, fatigue, serious blisters that are really painful, and even where I fall asleep on months on end trying to fight my own Immune System or calm down the order to let them know "HEY! Your hurting my body!" and also if not taken care of it will attack my organs and also I can get so ill that I'll be in the ICU or even quarantined if it gets too out of hand. But also I can even be stuck in my own home for months on end not be able to go outside because of a lot of problems, even me being inside can be deadly to me. Even if I could get medicine in my body my body is like something out of horror movie, one day it's totally fine it's working it's doing awesome, then the next day I'm fighting for my life because it made my Immune System get out of control so badly that I'm swimming in my Immune System. I also was the little kid who was forced not to be part of show and tell because I did in the summer was signed multiple wills, and it was too depressing so they told me to just skip that day. (Which to me now it's very funny but I could understand it back then as well.) I was diagnosed with it when I was 1-2 years old, and the doctors at the time said it was formed in the womb, and right now I'm trying to find out who my real parents are cause no one else in my family including my "parents" they don't have that gene in them and it's very scary. I can donated blood and White Blood Cells because I have a lot of it, but I have to make sure it's in a time where it's not "overloading" my body cause even if it's a small test tube of my blood and/or my Immune System is taken my body thinks it's losing a lot of it and over do it making me seriously sick. So there you guys XD I even get "What is that?" for my disorder and I don't be shy of saying what it is, and I say it like "This is what it is and this how they found out." With me they had to do a advanced Immune System Count and or a White Cell Count Test because normal test counts wasn't doing it and they needed answers. I have some of my medical records and one of them said I had over 60% count of White Blood Cells in my body and I was 8 years old and that's super dangerous. Hope you learned something XD

  • hi
    hi 7 months ago

    I love this channel and my professors even use it in the classroom. I am doing a presentation on Bilateral Stimulation or EMDR. It would be nice, if you made some videos about treatments that are commonly used for different psychological disorders (i.e. PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, etc.) You have videos that help up understand what those are and some biology of the effects they may have on the brain, but nothing about commonly used treatments for those disorders. Hope one day I will see those kinds of videos in the near future! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Mari Kuisma
    Mari Kuisma 7 months ago

    Crash Course made studying so easy to me in high school! It would be supercool if you could do series of music history :)

  • Haniel Monroy
    Haniel Monroy 7 months ago

    hey! do you have a channel in Spanish? and if not, do you have any good recommendations?

  • NanoTech Jordan
    NanoTech Jordan 7 months ago

    Love the videos I've watched so far! If you all are looking for more courses to branch out on.....Us mechanical (and other types of) engineering students of the world would love crash courses on classes like: calculus, differential equations, statics, dynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer.

  • Dan Mckimm
    Dan Mckimm 7 months ago

    As a music teacher I'd love it if you guys did a series on some music theory, music history or a series on the development of film music. Great job so far. I'm loving watching a lot of your courses and learning about subjects that I wasn't able to choose to study on top of everything else I needed to choose when I was at school.

    OCDSBSIMARD 7 months ago

    Any thoughts on doing some theatre history stuff?

  • Henna Anne
    Henna Anne 7 months ago

    add a math course please

  • Ashley Conklin
    Ashley Conklin 7 months ago

    can you do a course about accounting?

  • Samuel David Nieves
    Samuel David Nieves 7 months ago

    No Crash Course Statistics yet? Sigh, guess I'll try searching the web for a source that makes more sense than my book. Thanks for all that you do Crash Course!

  • gabriel french
    gabriel french 7 months ago

    Why are all the videos edited in such a way as to provide no room to breathe between sentences? Like i'm all for condensing into as short a time as possible, but leaving milliseconds before jumping into the next point feels really strange.

  • Reb Ost
    Reb Ost 7 months ago

    Do you have any videos for statistics? Just the intro to?

  • Nakul
    Nakul 7 months ago

    Crash Course Comics? :D

  • The Allam
    The Allam 7 months ago

    I'd really love to see your videos as written essays

  • BrazenBlitz
    BrazenBlitz 7 months ago

    Can you do a video on the different mermaids myths, there are so many.. good/bad beautiful/ugly each one is so different. Please my soul needs this <3 Selkie, Nixie, Sirens, Naiad, Kelpie and of course Lorelei. I love your history and mythology videos.

  • Christopher Yu
    Christopher Yu 7 months ago


  • Christopher Yu
    Christopher Yu 7 months ago


  • Christopher Yu
    Christopher Yu 7 months ago


  • Christopher Yu
    Christopher Yu 7 months ago


  • ThatOtherGirlOverThere

    Can you guys do a video on Wicked Problems? Thanks!

  • crusiercut
    crusiercut 7 months ago

    can you please make a video on 54-40 or fight

  • Kawaii Star
    Kawaii Star 7 months ago

    Can you please make a video on Titration, Normality, Equivalent concept and iodometry vs iodimetry?

  • MajPaj Majin
    MajPaj Majin 7 months ago

    A crash course of music theory please! Just asking for a certain curious AP music student that's just wandering through. ;D

  • Ticia's world
    Ticia's world 7 months ago

    Hey guys, You could also do crash course pathophysiology since you guys did anatomy and physiology

  • kayla burgess
    kayla burgess 7 months ago

    Really enjoy the chemistry videos but wish the guy would slowdown when talking. Feel like I'm missing out on a lot of information because he is talking so fast.

  • virastone hyper-continumX

    Well while all the talk about controversy goes on I'd like to ask for some mathematics. Specifically Lines of Regression. I'm having some trouble and your videos all though short are helpful so I'd like some Algebra 2 specific videos. In the mean time if anyone knows a good website or other resource please tell me.

  • Dannette Gerber
    Dannette Gerber 7 months ago

    I would love to see a CrashCourse series on grammar.

  • Samuel Crawford
    Samuel Crawford 7 months ago

    Thank you for making your playlists in reverse-chronological order. You'd be astonished how many video series DON'T do this.

  • Luke Spademan
    Luke Spademan 7 months ago

    Start crash course BSL and ASL courses (British and American Sign language)?

  • Jacob Lindsey
    Jacob Lindsey 7 months ago

    Would it be too much to request a series on Music Theory?

  • Edwin Nah
    Edwin Nah 7 months ago

    Hey, can you guys do a Crash Course on Art History?

  • oldwritinghouse
    oldwritinghouse 7 months ago

    Please start a Crash course for music theory, it would be very much appreciated.

  • Namaste H.
    Namaste H. 7 months ago

    Please update your playlists - I've been waiting weeks for a new Mythology video only to find that several have come out that aren't in the playlist.

  • KADEN Boggs
    KADEN Boggs 7 months ago

    what did most Progressives believe should be the role of government in creating change in our society?

  • Nuclear Theorist
    Nuclear Theorist 7 months ago

    Could you use nuclear decay as a way of harvesting the neutron energy from a D-D fusion reaction. Especially if the half lives for each element is on the order of millisecond to minutes or days. As an example look at the decay chain of thorium 232 - lead 208 most of the elements have very short half live, are high in energy and the decay energy is 42 Mega electron volts. Way above the energy released in the D=D fusion neutron (2.4 Mega electron volts). Now imagine the same thing only with a long decay chain but shorter half lives for each element. You are just using nuclear transmutation as an energy source. Its also just a theory. This is probably the wrong place to ask this but I have to start somewhere. P.S. you could use other methods to harvest the heat and gamma radiation.

  • Aureum
    Aureum 7 months ago


  • Alison Bennett
    Alison Bennett 7 months ago

    Please make one about Australian Aboriginal culture. Or I'll make one in Australia? With Aboriginals.

  • NotYourAverageJesusFreak

    Are/can you guys going do geology, paleontology, and maybe lithology?

  • Christy Heusted
    Christy Heusted 7 months ago

    I really injoy your videos and they have helped me break down the different periods of history.

  • Hayden Brown
    Hayden Brown 7 months ago

    Hello. I had an idea for your videos. Possibly, you could start creating content on Language Arts. Especially the forms of speech, as I noticed you had nothing of the kind. Please consider this. -A Homeschooled Middle Schooler who is doing your adult material continuously for enjoyment

  • freed jason
    freed jason 7 months ago

    incredible videos! Meritorious! I like the way you explaining things and I love your humour. Peace! Cyprus The Island Of Paradise

  • Daksh Ramchandani
    Daksh Ramchandani 7 months ago

    Please do a series on Paleontology/ prehistory

  • Jakobe Ampora
    Jakobe Ampora 7 months ago

    Dear Green Bros. Hello. It has come to my attention that many people are requesting an art history course. Do what you will with this information. I just wanted to mention it in one comment so you have no need to read the 10+ comments asking for it. Sincerely Eridan Ampora

  • Jakobe Ampora
    Jakobe Ampora 7 months ago

    1. I gained friends 2. I got a new puppy 3. I named the puppy Cerberus 4. I won the lottery 5. I played SBURB and ended the world 6. I went godtier as the maid of rage 7. I defeated the black queen's army 8. I explored my new universe 9. I become their god 10. I woke up

  • Bella Sofia AJ
    Bella Sofia AJ 7 months ago

    so is this channel more about tech?

  • mounirels
    mounirels 7 months ago

    Please can you make a course about spirituality like spirit science's channel? :D

  • Ali Juntunen
    Ali Juntunen 7 months ago

    I would love to see Crash Course Art History!

  • Matthew Lui
    Matthew Lui 7 months ago

    Is there any chance John Green could make a video on George Orwell's 1984? By the way, I really love his videos. I'm more of a STEM guy and never really got into reading (and when I did, I only did so for the plot,) but listening to Mr. Green's take on all of the classics gives me a new appreciation for literature, as well as an eagerness to read and re-read.

  • Maria -
    Maria - 7 months ago

    In the last couple of years I became a great fan of youtube! CrashCourse as one of my favorite channels. I really like the way you can learn so much while being enjoyed at the same time. I get every time the feeling that I'm part of this bigger community that crosses borders and connects people together. As a Art student I started to look into channels that speak about art and art history. And I think there is not enough. Wouldn't it be great if Crash Course created a series about Art. Maybe about World Art History or skills that you can learn to read a artwork. Love Maria

  • Justin Melton
    Justin Melton 7 months ago

    Hi I am looking at the Digital Literacy space and trying to encourage disadvantaged group be digitall included. With more and more government, business and community services going online most off the lower socio economic at risk groups are being left further behind. Would love to see some 'how to' in this space - from basic internet 101 to learning how to transact online.

  • Be L
    Be L 7 months ago

    I'm a big fan of the World History series and am now going through US History. I would love to see a series about US History but focused on science. It would talk about the Haber process, the introduction of vaccines, the expansion of sewage treatment, the Hubble telescope, etc. If it's not asking too much I'd also like a Canada History or Mexico History series :)

  • Albert Escamilla
    Albert Escamilla 7 months ago

    you should have organic chemistry but you don't

  • vgamer456
    vgamer456 7 months ago

    Why are the bloopers not all together?

  • Yuruhary Gallardo
    Yuruhary Gallardo 7 months ago

    Crash course ART!!!!!!!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeee

  • Lynne Suzuran
    Lynne Suzuran 7 months ago

    I would love to see Crash Course on Dentistry!

  • Inshi S. Van
    Inshi S. Van 7 months ago

    It will be great if we have videos about history of other countries as well. I would love to know about Bhutan and Tibet

  • Siddharth Singh
    Siddharth Singh 7 months ago

    Love CrashCourse's videos.... Especially physics & astronomy videos.. U can learn basics as well as somethings of a much higher level... uguys are doing a great job...

  • Dalila Ramirez
    Dalila Ramirez 7 months ago

    have you ever thought about making a crash course on animal conservation/ conservation ecology?

  • Julian Bonilla
    Julian Bonilla 7 months ago

    add sience like cells

  • M Park
    M Park 7 months ago

    Again, I know Crash Course has been purchased by PBS, but come on! The original crash courses were full of energy. Well, HANK is full of energy. But PBS has "PBS'd" the videos. It is so much slower and the energy of the hosts is sloooow. Slooooooow. Come on, PBS! Bring on some presenters who are excited about their topic!

  • Daniel Aguilar
    Daniel Aguilar 7 months ago

    Hello Crash Course. I'm a 19 year old Genomics Biotechnology Student and would love to see a series on basic topics about genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and Molecular Biology, as well as basic bioinformatics. One of the main problems about genomics is that currently, students have a handful of information to proccess through a few years to develop critical thinking in the sciencific environment, but genomics are a really hard topic to digest, mainly because observations and discussion are widely open to your own interpretation, for example how come there's quaternary structures of RNA, the concept of living beings being completely distorted since there's prions, viroids and microRNA capable of replicating within a host, also mutiple theories about Junk DNA, transponible elements within the DNA, evolutionary genomics and another whole lot of information. I'm half-way through finishing my career but there's plenty of concepts I had no idea they could've ever existed until I started studying. Hope you're having a great day!

  • Shay DiTommaso
    Shay DiTommaso 7 months ago

    hey crash course, I'm a first year Chinese medicine student, is there any way possible you could make any tutorials relating to that? My courses are super informative and crash course helped me pretty much get through high school! many thanks in advance!

  • Quinlan O'Driscoll
    Quinlan O'Driscoll 8 months ago

    man i love this

  • Motz 94
    Motz 94 8 months ago

    (A good) CrashCourse Geography would be awesome!! Hopefully done by Hank or John! I love your channel and learned so much from it. Probably most people like me that get lots of value from your videos never comment so there might be a "comment-bias". Keep up the great work making our generation good and rational citizens! Thank you

  • Sai Kiran
    Sai Kiran 8 months ago


  • AmenoKoyane
    AmenoKoyane 8 months ago

    Wow lots of bad comments ;-;

  • Johneh Sankar
    Johneh Sankar 8 months ago

    I'd love to take crash course to regional languages. Esp. in Tamil. What can be done? I am at

  • kayla abshier
    kayla abshier 8 months ago

    i was looking in the playlist and couldn't find anything for federal government. is there not anything for it?

  • andres bolivar
    andres bolivar 8 months ago

    Waiting for today's computing science video!!!

  • Andrea&Emily
    Andrea&Emily 8 months ago

    Crash course for statistics would be awesome

    SANTOSH SINHA 8 months ago

    Your channel is great :)I have already subscribed you..I would be glad if you subscribe me and do a favor.Thank you.

  • Rebecca Haglund
    Rebecca Haglund 8 months ago

    I would love to see a Crash Course on creative writing. Pretty please?

  • Max Darby
    Max Darby 8 months ago

    Could you do a course on Art? Perhaps the history of... It seems to be missing from your fabulous and otherwise well-rounded inventory.

  • Just Mimi
    Just Mimi 8 months ago

    I really love your content! I have been watching it since high school and even now that i'm University! Would be cool to see crash course geography though.

  • Diana Hallak
    Diana Hallak 8 months ago

    Crash Course should create language lessons. Maybe they can bring in native speakers to teach a language and its culture. It would be great to learn say French from someone who spent their whole life in Paris (or any other French speaking city) or learn Arabic from someone who was born and raised in an Arabic-speaking country

    LORD INAI 8 months ago

    Any crash courses on Business?

  • nishanth pilli
    nishanth pilli 8 months ago

    is there an email through which I can contact you guys

  • Liam F.
    Liam F. 8 months ago

    A Crash Course music theory could be neat...

  • Belinda SOLARI
    Belinda SOLARI 8 months ago

    Crash Course Italian??

  • Ευγενιος Καρδασης

    How about a chess course? It could be really informative, taking into account how fast one can learn from the rest of the courses.

  • Kiran Raj R
    Kiran Raj R 8 months ago

    "O MY GOD"!, what a phenomenal growth !, i watched your videos ,when there were only 2 playlists/ subjects in the channel back in 2011 -2012 , now, after all this years , wow!. its like an academy. Thank you!, for all for your sincere efforts and all the best for your future projects!, keep enlightening the world ,i wish you all happiness and success all the day of your life!. PS: where are the Green brothers?

  • Lit Up
    Lit Up 8 months ago

    Anyway you can do a Crash Course on Literary Criticism, covering the history, literary figures: Plato, Freud, Lacan, Rosenblatt and various others that were key figures in the shaping of L.C. Theories/Criticisms: Russian Formalism, New Criticism, Reader-oriented Criticism, Modernity/Postermodernism (Structuralism/Postructuralism), Psychoanalytic Criticism, Feminism, Marxism, Cultural Poetics, Postcolonialism, African-American Criticism, Les/Gay Theory, & Ecocriticism. You create wonderful instructional videos and it would be awesome for those studying English Lit to have these videos to watch. Thanks for all you do.

  • Loyal El Mir
    Loyal El Mir 8 months ago

    This is one of the most important channels on youtube ! Can't even describe how useful it is to initiate generations properly. Thank you very much.

  • komal yadav
    komal yadav 8 months ago

    why don't you guys teach maths?? do some maths .. integration & all

  • ImNotSorry
    ImNotSorry 8 months ago

    Why aren't John and Hank doing more Crash Course shows?

  • Rek
    Rek 8 months ago

    Soooo...CC Linguistics when?

  • Christian James
    Christian James 8 months ago

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    In the recent video, "Dissecting The Camera: Crash Course Film Production #4", it should be noted that it isn't wrong to use a persons' former name, prior to transitioning. Larry & Andy Wachowski were the directors of The Matrix movie at the time of it's release. In the same way that Walter Carlos & Wendy Carlos both produced excellent musical works. They were Andy & Larry before, and they were Andy & Larry after. Except now they're Lana & Lilly, and all their subsequent work can use their new names. I think it's false to erase history. The winner of the 1976 Olympic Decathlon was Bruce Jenner, not Caitlin Jenner. If Caitlin had transitioned at that time, then the records would read; Caitlin Jenner. (Although I'm reading that in the 1976 Olympics, all but one female had to submit a "sex test"... 😮 So, maybe not???) ... and I note that I couldn't post this comment on the video directly, as you've added one of the above words to your "Comments filter". It's a shame that you choose to moderate in this passive way, rather than an active way, as all this achieves is stifling honest conversations.

    • Rachel Erin
      Rachel Erin 8 months ago

      It should be noted, though, that this really depends on the person in question. Many trans folks have a huge amount of dysphoria associated with their former name/deadname and really don't want it to be used, even when referring to portions of their life before they came out or adopted their new name. Others don't mind at all if people use the name they were using at the time. It's always better to respect the individual person's stated needs on these sorts of things than by trying to apply general principles to lots of individuals with different variations on experience being trans.

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    • Justin Wahl
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      That might not have been these guys, that might just be that TVclip, which is owned by Google, automatically uses Google Translate to create subtitles for many videos. Just my own theory, but I've noticed this same issue for videos I wanted Spanish subtitles for. I don't think they actually create the subtitles.

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      They flew it, from New England in the US to Newfoundland in Canada, and from Canada it depends on the plane. Small planes flew to Greenland, then Iceland, then Ireland or Britain, and from Britain to air fields set up in Europe or North Africa. Big planes could usually make the flight from Canada to Ireland in one hop, and then to the UK, then to Europe or North Africa.

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