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Roblox in 1988Roblox in 1988
Roblox in 1988
18 days ago
Ebay in 1988Ebay in 1988
Ebay in 1988
Month ago
Twitch in the '80sTwitch in the '80s
Twitch in the '80s
3 months ago
Siri in the '80sSiri in the '80s
Siri in the '80s
6 months ago
A Windows CarolA Windows Carol
A Windows Carol
5 years ago

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  • Norris Bennett
    Norris Bennett 10 months ago

    dope videos.... follow me on IG @itsyaboiNB

  • Night Slasher
    Night Slasher Year ago

    Would you guys do Grindr too? XD

  • Magia do Marketing

    Seu canal demais! J viu o nosso canal? Falamos sobre marketing digital e empreendedorismo. Tenho certeza que ir gostar

  • Feronar-Lightbringer US

    What would Uber be like if it was invented in the 80's or early 90's?

  • RetroFreak35
    RetroFreak35 3 years ago

    Hey SquirrelMonkeyCom do "eBay in the 1980s", "DeviantArt in the 90s", "If Google Glass were invented in the 80s".

    • Steele Murdock
      Steele Murdock 11 months ago

      That is a great idea i have been waiting for that too.

  • Upside Down Creative Media

    I love your work. I would love to collaborate. Check out this retro skate video I did recently: tvclip.biz/video/vee8UDQpXg8/video.html

    • Upside Down Creative Media
      Upside Down Creative Media Year ago

      I have two babies, so I know the struggle. Good luck and I'll be in touch! Keep up the great work.

    • Squirrel Monkey
      Squirrel Monkey Year ago

      Cool! Sorry for the very late reply. I don't have a lot of time because of an upcoming son, but if you need a graphic or a sound, let me know.

  • RetroFreak35
    RetroFreak35 3 years ago

    If Roblox was invented in the 90s?

  • Helen Smith
    Helen Smith 4 years ago

    i a would like to how would be a paypal in the 80?

  • heavyweaponsguy153
    heavyweaponsguy153 4 years ago

    do a "If Blu-Ray were invented in the (90's, 80's, or 70's)"

  • Adrián Qbrick
    Adrián Qbrick 4 years ago

    Hey, some brilliant work in this channel.. Subscribed, for sure. Cheers!

  • Mackdanife
    Mackdanife 4 years ago

    I love they way you/youguys are doing this, good quality. Just wanted you to know! :)

  • antdude
    antdude 4 years ago

    More please!

    • antdude
      antdude 4 years ago

      +SquirrelMonkeyCom :)

    • Squirrel Monkey
      Squirrel Monkey 4 years ago

      Almost done with my Instagram-wonders-of-the-world-wide-web!

  • reus
    reus 4 years ago

    Good work, keep it up! The concept about retro-actual software is great, don't be afraid to go further!

  • NoDemoTV
    NoDemoTV 4 years ago

    Cool Channel!!

  • William Gaule
    William Gaule 4 years ago

    so all your videos are based on the one joke ...

  • Mass Vue
    Mass Vue 5 years ago

    Nice Channel

  • Skismom02
    Skismom02 5 years ago

    can you upload what if skismom02 was made in 1999

  • Lilac Thorn
    Lilac Thorn 5 years ago

    Ty xD

  • Lilac Thorn
    Lilac Thorn 5 years ago

    lol! dese vids r wierd!!! LUV the chan!!! i subbed!!! sub bak? :P

  • Jlipper
    Jlipper 5 years ago

    Why can't I watch any of your videos?

  • A A
    A A 5 years ago

    Happy first birthday :-) Keep up the good work, you are awesome ^^

  • Squirrel Monkey
    Squirrel Monkey 5 years ago

    I wish everybody a Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true in 2013...except your nightmares.

  • DJintehhousebro
    DJintehhousebro 5 years ago

    cool channel and thx for subing to my channel!

  • Eddie
    Eddie 5 years ago

    Awesome videos!

  • itvraag
    itvraag 5 years ago

    Great channel! Classic. Cheers. ITVraag

  • musicmaniac1965
    musicmaniac1965 5 years ago

    Hello Squirrel-Monkey, Thanks for subscribing to my channel. I hope you have fun watching the videos, and listening to my music.I really appreciate your support. Kind regards, Ronald.

  • gamemastermaarten
    gamemastermaarten 6 years ago

    jou video's zijn geweldig hoe internet van nu eruit zal zien in de jaren 80 of 90

  • Karim Hussainali
    Karim Hussainali 6 years ago

    Bedankt! Je FB video is ook geweldig!

  • JANXEN with an X
    JANXEN with an X 6 years ago

    wazzzzzzzzzup ... that's some monkey sh*t ;-)

  • Karim Hussainali
    Karim Hussainali 6 years ago

    Hey Jo, strakke video's heb je hier. Knap hoe je dat allemaal hebt kunnen maken.

  • Esco6698
    Esco6698 6 years ago

    Do Netflix! LOL

  • MultiOllieollieollie

    brilliant channel. Keep up the good work.

  • Squirrel Monkey
    Squirrel Monkey 6 years ago

    Thanks everybody! :-)

  • Michael Satterfield
    Michael Satterfield 6 years ago

    Great wonderous videos, I subed

  • Squall1982
    Squall1982 6 years ago

    +1 Subscriber, your videos are fuckin' awesome. Keep up the great work

  • Tamas Kalman
    Tamas Kalman 6 years ago

    Awesome :)

  • dhanesh mane
    dhanesh mane 6 years ago

    twitter video is just awsom

  • Danny P
    Danny P 6 years ago


  • Sjors Oudesluijs
    Sjors Oudesluijs 6 years ago

    whats the name of the song in the end from your if twitter would be invented in the 80's vid? thankss

  • TheUmarshehzad
    TheUmarshehzad 6 years ago

    subscribed to you after watching your vids on mashable. you've earned it

  • 50bloodonthesand50
    50bloodonthesand50 6 years ago

    Imagine Playstation store in the 90's or 80's

  • Morten
    Morten 6 years ago

    I really enjoy watching your videos, keep making awesome stuff!

  • Scott Carter
    Scott Carter 6 years ago

    Keep the technology videos coming - they are great!

  • robyxdiary
    robyxdiary 6 years ago

    what a channel! continues. a heartfelt thanks from italy.