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  • Paula Gebhardt
    Paula Gebhardt 4 hours ago

    The Dahmer references straight killed me and I love you for it.

  • Lisa Walton
    Lisa Walton 4 hours ago

    Get your own damn measuring cups Josh 🙄

  • Jennifer and Samuel Hahn

    YES! Harry Potter Quidditch - Air Bud cross over, classic.

  • JustTee
    JustTee 4 hours ago

    Keep it up. Loving this stuff

  • Dudeonwheels
    Dudeonwheels 4 hours ago

    I would love to make this but I don't have a pasta extruder so I'm screwed at the first step.

  • NoiseDay
    NoiseDay 4 hours ago

    Josh and Chase are so wholesome

  • AmericaLovesRob
    AmericaLovesRob 4 hours ago

    I think all future episodes should be done in a tight shirt and sweatpants. No one will mind at all.

  • Aaron Baughman
    Aaron Baughman 4 hours ago

    I love watching Josh. He's hilarious. I'm so happy he has his own channel.

  • Brittany Owen
    Brittany Owen 4 hours ago

    Freaking love this show.

  • lug nut larry
    lug nut larry 4 hours ago

    i miss 10 feet tall :(

  • heatherc2305
    heatherc2305 4 hours ago

    I absolutely love this!!! It’s the right amount of comedy mixed with information. 😁❤️

  • Luke Timok
    Luke Timok 4 hours ago

    I don’t understand when companies put a white cow with brown spots on chocolate milk because if a white cow with black spots makes white milk, based on their logic, a brown cow with black spots would make chocolate milk.

  • Noah ramos
    Noah ramos 4 hours ago

    Why was spork boy looking at hedgehogs >U<

  • Amanda Rose
    Amanda Rose 4 hours ago

    I loved this omg.

  • Stale Cracker Jack Box

    Can we end every episode in feeding Chase?

  • xXdeathbatXx 077
    xXdeathbatXx 077 4 hours ago

    Jerkified Testicles😂🤣

  • Thugger Thugger
    Thugger Thugger 4 hours ago

    He forgot the bacon

  • Duce Jaeger
    Duce Jaeger 4 hours ago

    Already trending 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾great job

  • Katy Leanne
    Katy Leanne 4 hours ago

    Was that a Baphomet trampstamp 😂

  • BestAbsolutePerfect Nicole

    9:54 I don't think Josh knows how sexy he really is🤩🤩

  • Leticia Meschke
    Leticia Meschke 4 hours ago


  • NoiseDay
    NoiseDay 4 hours ago

    The red lighting makes everything on the shelf look like guts and the wall covered in old blood and I am concerned. And yet also (if this was an intentional decision) impressed. Maybe I watch too many horror let's players

  • Dudeonwheels
    Dudeonwheels 4 hours ago

    I love this channel and I love you.

  • She foreal
    She foreal 4 hours ago

    I can't remember her name but tell mythical crew member we see her coming up. 2 lines in Generation Q 😁 👏🏾

  • Stale Cracker Jack Box

    (standing in the kitchen repeatedly saying HELP)

  • JellyfishGroupStan
    JellyfishGroupStan 4 hours ago

    josh there is this magical place that will give you $80 in quarters if you bring enough money.... it's called a bank.

  • ArmoredCricket
    ArmoredCricket 4 hours ago

    5:03 about the chocolate. Lascivious: Feeling or revealing an overt and often offensive sexual desire. What happened between you and chocolate Josh?

  • The Entity
    The Entity 4 hours ago

    Every guy just cringed

  • Or James Hader
    Or James Hader 4 hours ago

    Why is no one commenting on the fact that Chase is researching Hedgehogs?

  • Brandi Edstrom
    Brandi Edstrom 4 hours ago

    This is my first time watching Mythical Kitchen and i cant believe ive been missing out on how INSANELY hot Josh is.

  • Michael Cutway
    Michael Cutway 4 hours ago


  • Ian Mercaldi
    Ian Mercaldi 4 hours ago

    Love the new kitchen/cooking content!! Also, I am very interested in the reason why Chase is in his office working, with just pictures of hedgehogs on his computer screen.

  • NerdsGoneTiny
    NerdsGoneTiny 4 hours ago

    Josh is such a nerd. I love it!

  • Areesa Willie
    Areesa Willie 4 hours ago

    I'm so excited about Mythical Kitchen, way over due! You the man Josh!!

  • BestAbsolutePerfect Nicole

    UGH he's so sexy. I love a man who can cook😪💕

  • Gracie Dodson
    Gracie Dodson 4 hours ago

    I’m so excited for this channel I’ve been crying for 2 weeks

  • ArmoredCricket
    ArmoredCricket 4 hours ago

    The red lights made the kitchen look a lot better.

  • ArmoredCricket
    ArmoredCricket 4 hours ago

    Eventually their gonna have enough shows to have their own tv channel. Then I’ll be stuck to my screen all day and be completely content from the content.

  • Susie Q
    Susie Q 4 hours ago

    We all need a friend that will kick open a door to serve us food!

  • Berserker3062
    Berserker3062 4 hours ago

    Oh my goodness... Josh... That's all the time we have together today, but I really want you to know, I feel like this was a good session. You should leave here feeling accomplished. I look forward to seeing you next time.

  • Beka Lynn
    Beka Lynn 4 hours ago

    Josh is Soulmate vibes. ~ <3

  • jtm3711
    jtm3711 4 hours ago

    Josh, can you make animal style seitan, tempeh, and tofu bites?

  • Kelly
    Kelly 4 hours ago

    Literally hard mac

  • Chris Garman
    Chris Garman 4 hours ago

    I knew Bear Grills was a total fraud when I saw him jump into a river with his clothes on at -25 degrees.

  • Harley James Music
    Harley James Music 4 hours ago

    josh. i love you. this is my favorite thing to happen.

  • Aidan Munson
    Aidan Munson 4 hours ago

    Me lost at the mall 5:48

  • RicoDuroska
    RicoDuroska 5 hours ago

    sounds like a queer

  • Debbie Conner
    Debbie Conner 5 hours ago

    Josh needs to go on Hell’s Kitchen and make this as his signature dish. He’d win

  • Julie Martin
    Julie Martin 5 hours ago

    “Every time I hear crevasse I think of drinking my own pee”

  • Malt Vinegar Bunch
    Malt Vinegar Bunch 5 hours ago

    What is that tattoo

  • Lucy Worth
    Lucy Worth 5 hours ago

    I am so excited about this series

  • dmcgeee18
    dmcgeee18 5 hours ago

    I really enjoyed this! Very entertaining and I loved the spork cam haha. Give us our sporks back! Keep em' coming.

  • FuelMeOnce
    FuelMeOnce 5 hours ago

    The great thing about Josh is he is his own blooper reel

  • craig lee
    craig lee 5 hours ago

    Sweet Ginger and beautiful :) Great channel

  • Robert Morson
    Robert Morson 5 hours ago

    Is the pasta pus related to the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

  • ravensong711
    ravensong711 5 hours ago

    I didn't think milk was vanilla flavored.

  • darthvein3
    darthvein3 5 hours ago

    I moved from the west coast almost a year ago. The most depressing words in the world to me are... "In n out" You shall be missed =\

  • Jackson Treece
    Jackson Treece 5 hours ago

    I'm imagining Mythical Chef Josh and the Sorted crew working together. I can see the British "I might explode if I weren't so damn polite' faces that would ensue James and Ben see Josh put the stand mixer in the puddle? of the pasta mess. Chaos would reign. It would be glorious.

  • throathammer1
    throathammer1 5 hours ago

    Piggy back off of another channels name? Reminds me of congressman johnson from the Distinguished Gentleman. Summmmbitch

  • Jared Cat
    Jared Cat 5 hours ago

    Josh is just so gosh darn entertaining!

  • craig lee
    craig lee 5 hours ago

    Yummy and Love the side kick :)

  • Kelsey W
    Kelsey W 5 hours ago

    Chasester Bunny is so sweet!

  • SatanSupimpa
    SatanSupimpa 5 hours ago

    How all the Josh videos that I watched on the Good Mythical Morning channel are now in this channel?

  • Linzie Severson
    Linzie Severson 5 hours ago

    As someone who’s mom also left, I couldn’t help but crack up the whole time.

  • Nadi Dani
    Nadi Dani 5 hours ago

    am i the only one shipping josh and chase.. 😂

  • Larry Collins
    Larry Collins 5 hours ago

    Why is Chase looking at hedgehogs?

  • FlowersInHisHair
    FlowersInHisHair 5 hours ago

    Drink a shot when he says "go ahead and"

  • Jonathan Harmeyer
    Jonathan Harmeyer 5 hours ago

    Josh planning how to make a food more fancy: (googles fancy alcohol)

  • Kelsey W
    Kelsey W 5 hours ago

    See you on eBay, Josh 😉

  • Eshani Way
    Eshani Way 5 hours ago


  • JamJamGuy
    JamJamGuy 5 hours ago

    Tried to hard

  • Allyson Montgomery
    Allyson Montgomery 5 hours ago

    I wanna make it, but at the same time I can barely find my way around the grocery store so, yah.

  • FatAss Firetruck
    FatAss Firetruck 5 hours ago

    I NEED the recipe for the country fried burger from will it burger

  • Tyler Webb
    Tyler Webb 5 hours ago

    Thank you, In-N-Out’s fries are just not good

  • Brecor
    Brecor 5 hours ago

    I always had stains on my shirt. I always got yelled at when I got home for having an extremely dirty shirt. I used to keep my jacket on when I went home, no matter how hot it was. Josh. Was I you?

  • Tippi B
    Tippi B 5 hours ago

    On a shallow note hello white Henley On a shallower note hello gray sweat pants.

  • shopgirlkc
    shopgirlkc 5 hours ago

    I thought this was going to be good, but I didn’t realize what Josh’s situation was.

  • magui
    magui 5 hours ago

    Josh, you gotta pay a visit to the Aries kitchen I feel like your energy is just right for that kind of environment lol

  • Kai Ruwende
    Kai Ruwende 5 hours ago

    Can we talk about how wholesome the feeding time with Chase was?

  • Nicole 🍑🌸
    Nicole 🍑🌸 5 hours ago

    Bless. The instructions are clear unlike other cooking channels. Hi Trevor and Nicole!

  • Dona Lyn
    Dona Lyn 5 hours ago

    God Lord, that looks good but I'd be constipated for a week 😶

  • Grace Sellars
    Grace Sellars 5 hours ago


  • The Model Father
    The Model Father 5 hours ago

    Mythical kitchen pop up restaurant coming to LA soon. (He commented hopefully)

  • azhurelwarrior
    azhurelwarrior 5 hours ago

    It’s time for a GMM Cook book

  • Letti P
    Letti P 5 hours ago

    Please continue to wear sweatpants for every mythical kitchen segment. It just seems so fitting.

  • The Model Father
    The Model Father 5 hours ago

    Josh's ramblings are like some kind of drug addict's fever dream.

  • Garrett Morgan
    Garrett Morgan 5 hours ago

    Love Josh and the new Mythical Kitchen! but the background "beat" was distracting and annoying.

  • A Fluffy Redneck
    A Fluffy Redneck 5 hours ago

    we want meatloafers pizza

  • Juleshoket
    Juleshoket 5 hours ago


  • Tomas Green
    Tomas Green 5 hours ago

    Ehm how can you f*ck it once you've tucked it?!?! 😂😂😂

  • Cornberry
    Cornberry 5 hours ago


  • TimbrWolf 22
    TimbrWolf 22 5 hours ago

    What a fantastic episode, I couldn't turn it off!!!

  • Jack Wallington
    Jack Wallington 5 hours ago


  • ItsUR Tube
    ItsUR Tube 5 hours ago

    Wait.....why does Josh have a tramp stamp!?!?! LOL That dude is hilarious and so random.

  • Arnab Kundu
    Arnab Kundu 5 hours ago

    We should have a cooking class with josh Josh and Bear Grylls.

  • Christey Tuff
    Christey Tuff 5 hours ago

    Ok couple things that I’m confused by n/ my overall feelings bout this 2k20 wicked commercial vibe/style. Real quick nOt a fan. Lots of fancy stuff happening ex: kitchen/background, equipment, and Josh’s skin is oh so smooth n shiny lookin...want to lick it. I think I heard Josh say “French fries taste like trash.” I can’t take the time to rewind cuz I’m too busy procrastinating studying medical terminology.

    • Christey Tuff
      Christey Tuff 4 hours ago

      From a dermatological analysts Joshs integumentary system displays zero abnormalities. Medical terminology 💥. As always all my comments come from a place of luv n apperception🙏

  • The Model Father
    The Model Father 5 hours ago

    Is someone yelling "hurry up!" Off screen? I feel like he's trying to race to the finish lol

  • Alice Sonlaw
    Alice Sonlaw 5 hours ago

    "Tuck it, and f*ck it." - Josh 2020

  • K E N E L L E
    K E N E L L E 5 hours ago

    Ok I already need to see Babish on this show with the amount of HECTIC going on.

  • DragonGabriel14
    DragonGabriel14 5 hours ago

    Real question is why Chase has two monitors of hedgehog pictures