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Tyroler | 2-in-1 Rubber Broom
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  • Sadd_Loserr
    Sadd_Loserr Hour ago

    I wanna tap the beat of toto at 3am :)

  • Ben Bezuidenhout
    Ben Bezuidenhout 3 days ago

    0:18 That stew is done, not just boiled?

  • kit smith
    kit smith 4 days ago

    So helpful! And these look very cool and cute too😭

  • Sophia Louise
    Sophia Louise 4 days ago

    I want one!!!

  • Half Asian Virtual YouTuber

    new comment hahha i just bought it i am a guy with zero creative experience who wants to learn how to draw dude I was practicing on my board for 2 hours and even I am proud of what I am making just watching some caligraphy videos and its working wonders buy it!!! this is a great product

  • Tanya Davis
    Tanya Davis 9 days ago


  • Charles DU
    Charles DU 9 days ago

  • Daniel Rolf
    Daniel Rolf 10 days ago

    what's a patina?

  • Dr Oze
    Dr Oze 10 days ago

    shouldn't an advertisement for a product like this actually demonstrate the sound produced rather than notes from some cheesy soundtrack?

  • Vikas Purohit
    Vikas Purohit 10 days ago

    From where we buy it

  • Hiren 22
    Hiren 22 10 days ago


  • Clare Go
    Clare Go 10 days ago

    Check out Clarigolds Studio for pet portraits

  • Raj 09
    Raj 09 11 days ago

    where do you find this pencil

  • DiamondOcean StarlightShimmer

    Let me know when its not $50..... Thankz

  • Yolanda Miles
    Yolanda Miles 11 days ago


  • Jons LG
    Jons LG 12 days ago

    Spare me..should be called spare us. Spare Us the BS.

  • Lailah Browne
    Lailah Browne 13 days ago

    Waste of money to but

  • shajahan legal
    shajahan legal 13 days ago

    where to buy?

  • 007nadineL
    007nadineL 14 days ago

    I don't wanna lie on a dirty floor with my head rubbing up on a filthy door thx.

    • Gucci Del Taco
      Gucci Del Taco 5 days ago

      I feel the same about the floor, but I've thought about putting my yoga mat down & trying this.

  • Emma Rodríguez
    Emma Rodríguez 14 days ago

    It is embarrassing to enter to store with the umbrella dripping water! I have been able to open and close the umbrella with easy. I like the design!

  • lecker Toastbrot
    lecker Toastbrot 14 days ago

    Why should I buy this instead of using my pot?

  • NGC6144
    NGC6144 16 days ago

    This broom mighty handy after hurricane Dorian destroys everything with torrential piss!

  • John Neira
    John Neira 17 days ago

    Compare to the 4000 RPM Pogo Mop /

  • Dexas
    Dexas 17 days ago

    Wonderful demonstration of how easy it now is to make consistently clear ice at home! #iceology

  • Cyrus Paul Cantos
    Cyrus Paul Cantos 18 days ago

    i like the design of this grinder but the problem is that how to calibrate it so that its precision of grinding will be perfect . i tried the #1 setting it still gives me the course grind :"(

  • Sairun Bibi
    Sairun Bibi 18 days ago

    Very nice.... An easy, multiple & safest tools

  • Jason Rasmussen
    Jason Rasmussen 19 days ago

    Was expecting a John Gault and Rearden scent. Productivity? What's that smell like?

  • ambxrpeoplxs
    ambxrpeoplxs 20 days ago

    a mid afternoon...

  • Jen Jen
    Jen Jen 20 days ago

    Das ist der letzte scheiß

  • Georg
    Georg 20 days ago

    How can i lighten hair tips on dark brown hair?

  • pssst its me Cybr3
    pssst its me Cybr3 20 days ago

    i mean like you can already buy an acoustic guitar for 30€ with 300$ you can actually buy a very nice guitar instead of this

  • AC81
    AC81 20 days ago

    New era of “Fishermen” I guess.... part of the fun is learning new shit you know... like tying your rig, being resourceful.

  • Maka Lowenstein
    Maka Lowenstein 21 day ago

    Hmmm... girls wanting to pee like guys🤔 what happened to squatting?!?!?!?? So you’re in nature, you gonna pee in that and then what?! Rinse it off or even worse shake it off and reuse it?!🤢 Not to say anything about putting it into a dishwasher 🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😱😱 Why would you even want to pee like a man🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Bustdown1k
    Bustdown1k 21 day ago

    I’d seek help if you’re fooled into buying this garbage learn how to not spill your drink morons

  • Julian Garcia
    Julian Garcia 22 days ago

    Wintersmiths clones?

  • Will Slinger
    Will Slinger 22 days ago

    gluten free soap.... didnt know gluten was an issue in the hygiene department. also, that accent sounds phony as hell. keeps going away and then overcompensating.

  • Alexander Guaba
    Alexander Guaba 22 days ago


  • Russell Anderson
    Russell Anderson 22 days ago

    Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up

  • Russell Anderson
    Russell Anderson 22 days ago

    Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up

  • Russell Anderson
    Russell Anderson 22 days ago

    Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up

  • D Lee
    D Lee 22 days ago

    💕 Thank you ! Great video !! 👍♥️

  • Chirag Dr
    Chirag Dr 23 days ago

    Where do we get it from

  • Basket Ball
    Basket Ball 24 days ago

    Started school with no pencils and I already have 19 just take them off the ground

  • John Neira
    John Neira 24 days ago

    Compare to the 4000 RPM Pogo Mop, ALL SURFACE.

  • Benjamin Trif
    Benjamin Trif 26 days ago

    Alarms won't stop a knife from stabbing you and bullets . What a fucking joke.

  • Erik Willoch
    Erik Willoch 27 days ago

    A piece of garbage. Anyone capable of googling will realize that the product is a scam. Advertising and selling it is an invitation to criminals.

  • Vitaliy Gnatenko
    Vitaliy Gnatenko 28 days ago

    What a great invention!

  • Fishing From A Kolibri 330 In Israel

    Saw it on Amazon. Bloody expensive.

  • Elaine Schoedinger
    Elaine Schoedinger 29 days ago

    Will these lids work with wine making?

  • OverKnight 52
    OverKnight 52 Month ago

    Why not cut the whiskers.... my cat does this sometimes throws her water and food

  • Sayhan Ahmed
    Sayhan Ahmed Month ago

    ....I xamemhere after dangmattsmith to just see da ad but dis is not wat I want ;-;

  • There's No m In Sandwich

    Nice, but a product for the Wealthy. Shame on them! A small set of just 2 of each (2 snack, 2 sandwich, 2 1/2 gallon)... $80 + shipping (maybe tax also). Snack size is $9.95 ($10) / Sandwich size is $11.95 ($12) / 1/2 gal size is $19.95 ($20). Most people would need at least 5 sandwich bags and 5 snack bags per week per person/child for School or Work Lunches. For just one person that would cost $110 !!! OUCH!! Unless you're wealthy.

  • creativisan inc
    creativisan inc Month ago

    Happy playing puzzle

  • crazyguy84
    crazyguy84 Month ago

    Or just use a mason jar with a lid put some water in inside and add a egg and shake

  • Betsy Lawrence
    Betsy Lawrence Month ago

    mine loses air, I have to keep pumping it up.

  • Vince Baker
    Vince Baker Month ago

    I think the cost of $153.00 is way to much!!!

  • Deedric Kee
    Deedric Kee Month ago

    These are fantastic, exactly what I want 👏

  • George Withrow
    George Withrow Month ago

    A little glass jar some water = saving $15.00 bucks

  • Shri Krishna Yadav

    I am also using them

  • Bryan Hill
    Bryan Hill Month ago

    Slidebelts is in Bankruptcy so not sure why the Grommet is recommending them.

  • Gospelbluesman
    Gospelbluesman Month ago

    You can play any where with a real set except maybe on pavement. Also this is just a bag of rock and you have to have a head full of rocks to spend money on it .

  • Carmon Rowen
    Carmon Rowen Month ago

    100 g is approximately 3.5 ounces

  • Yonatan24
    Yonatan24 Month ago

    It should be made of aluminum...

  • Victor Talha
    Victor Talha Month ago

    We have fish tanks, so we know all about the hard work it takes to keep them clean and awesome looking. Here is one thing Your design missed, the plants and other aquarium add-ons do get dirty and filthy with debris, fish poop, and what-have-You. How does pouring new water in help overcome this issue?

  • Russell Anderson
    Russell Anderson Month ago

    I really like this if they work they way they show it or if they stop soon after you get them

  • Essa Zreiqat
    Essa Zreiqat Month ago

    I am the first gay to comment

  • Essa Zreiqat
    Essa Zreiqat Month ago


  • Jaime Moya
    Jaime Moya Month ago

    Una huevada

  • TipTooz
    TipTooz Month ago

    Watch Mi Flex phone grip review here

  • CoolToaster
    CoolToaster Month ago

    just buy a Rotring 800 or Rotring Rapid Pro

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez Month ago

    Was interested to try, but looking for 6.5 or 7, but doesn't seems to be available.

  • Jaison J
    Jaison J Month ago

  • mona salim
    mona salim Month ago

    how to make it myself?

  • Stephen J
    Stephen J Month ago

    my cat only does this with wet food and it's so annoying I can put it on a flat plate doesn't matter She'll eat dry food out of a coffee can through it's so annoying

  • Arthur Amazons
    Arthur Amazons Month ago

    this is very helpful girls thankyou

  • Karen Morales
    Karen Morales Month ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this! Has been a life changer! ❤

  • Jakub Komorowski-Marcjan

    Wtf, just add ice to glass, pour hot drink and stir the fuck out of it

  • valentin lemarquis

    the sound is bad for the asking price

  • Jessica Callahan
    Jessica Callahan Month ago

    this is perfect for the homeless who get kicked out of their living spot all the time. Too bad they're probably less than affordable

  • Click Bait Professionals

    this idea is stolen from the zen egg featured on idubbbz

  • Slippysquid
    Slippysquid Month ago

    I think rotring 600 is better

  • Cameron Middlebrooks


  • - Knjn -
    - Knjn - Month ago


  • Rebecca Florida
    Rebecca Florida Month ago

    I actually had this idea back in 2012... But her designs are more advanced than mine

  • JustJ8
    JustJ8 Month ago

    How about more inclusive terminology?

  • Comrade Kong
    Comrade Kong Month ago

    Why would I want to drip greasy water all over the place every time I need butter? I’ll stick with the fridge.

  • T Glenn
    T Glenn Month ago

    How can I bake the oiled steel without getting a ton of smoke in my kitchen?

  • lulu craze
    lulu craze Month ago

    now on sale on amazon $24.99 for a 2 pack

  • Wayne Sutherland
    Wayne Sutherland Month ago

    Great short explanations. Loved it.

  • Marie John
    Marie John Month ago

    Grandson: "I don't know who Jack LaLane is." Oh to be young!

  • Aaron Ana Aldridge

    Where can we get this?

  • Herbset
    Herbset Month ago

    Lol my cat is the happiest jumping into a trashcan in a search for leftovers. He probably used to live on the streets so that might be the cause, but he will eat off any surface, dog bowl, cat bowl, floor, trashcan, grass, plates, literally anything and he's not bothered by anything.

  • Rxonmymind
    Rxonmymind Month ago

    How about SHOWING how it works. Actually USING it instead of talking about it.

  • Master Ace
    Master Ace Month ago

    I bet a jew will out live this comb.

  • Trojan Horse Solutions, LLC.

    nice commercial and 'paid' advertising - thumbs down

  • 8schopra
    8schopra Month ago

    Its soo sooo👌👌👌😍 cooool !!!!

  • the great all mighty G

    Scrub Daddy?

  • Pure Somali
    Pure Somali Month ago

    This is normal in Africa. Pretty much everyone in Somalia use this and not only is it effective but it also has a natural chemicals that make your mouth smell good. BTW what have you white people used to clean with your mouth before the plastic toothbrush?

  • Victor Victor
    Victor Victor Month ago

    No, you are wrong. Using this product only strops one side of the blade. That is no good. You have to strop both sides. Thats why you see a cut throat razor being flipped when stropped. A stone is used to hone. It takes off metal to sharpen. A strop only straightens the edge after.