US Open Tennis Championships
US Open Tennis Championships
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  • K. Mancao
    K. Mancao 6 hours ago

    One of the best fights of 2019

  • Luzian el Ingeniero
    Luzian el Ingeniero 7 hours ago

    it would have been so easy for schartzman to say: My height is a disadvantage and the succesfull players are 2 meters height. But he is a monster and doesnt play around in the ATP circuit. I hope to see him in the top 10 soon.

  • Андрей Щадило


  • An Indian
    An Indian 13 hours ago

    Townsend is damn fun to watch. Serve and Volley😍 Hope she gets to play more and more and reaches Quarters in slams

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf 14 hours ago

    RIP to Kobe Bryant.

  • Michael Zaccarini
    Michael Zaccarini 14 hours ago

    I'm not a major basketball fan and I'm would never claim to be a Kobe fan. But most of family is Spanish and we'd always watch the Olympics basketball and world cup. Even saw a Laker game and saw him play. Always shouted his name as I threw my teabags into my mugs. Just wished I wasn't more aware of him in death, but I am a Kobe fan now. Requiescat in pace

  • 陳柏菘
    陳柏菘 14 hours ago


  • 柿ピー大好き
    柿ピー大好き 14 hours ago

    Not balls hitting by humans

  • Introverder
    Introverder 15 hours ago

    6 minutes is called "EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS - "WOW!!" Or to be more precise 5:30.

    • Amanda Cerny
      Amanda Cerny 11 hours ago

      Lmao these are the highlights you get for a 30 minute match. This was the shortest match of the tournament what do you expect?

  • Rahul Benny
    Rahul Benny 16 hours ago

    Rafael: ( _tries to stay calm_ ) Lactic Acid: I'm about to end this man's entire interview.

  • Weng Art in a B
    Weng Art in a B 16 hours ago

    RIP Kobe.

  • Imane Chelioui
    Imane Chelioui 16 hours ago

    woooooooooow much fairer than the highlight with Serena, amazing job compared to last year Qiang!!

  • Alfando Savant
    Alfando Savant 17 hours ago

    Shapovalov is the guy i thought so short only by watching him through screen only to realize he is a 185cm TALL guy 😂😂

  • Keybraker
    Keybraker 18 hours ago


  • Pablo Wancho
    Pablo Wancho 18 hours ago

    No one approached him wtf 👍

  • Jérémie
    Jérémie 18 hours ago

    RIP Kobe BRYANT :(

  • Kreatures100
    Kreatures100 20 hours ago

    Naomi’s knee was bothering her limited her movement and body turn for strokes.

  • Jinkai Huang
    Jinkai Huang 20 hours ago

    This just shows how much of a genuine person he is

  • NickVo
    NickVo 21 hour ago

    Nasal: aaaa eeeee uuuuu eeeee Medvedev all the match: poker face

  • Guadalupe Villareal
    Guadalupe Villareal 22 hours ago

    Anyone else finds her insanely attractive?

  • ali ali
    ali ali Day ago


  • bosoxpride
    bosoxpride Day ago

    Her answers are like Belichick, except she means it, and she is much cuter than hoodie... 👍👍

  • HCaulfield115
    HCaulfield115 Day ago

    Rip mamba

  • adrian dziejma


  • Secret Guy
    Secret Guy Day ago

    Why did they leave out Medvedev's backhand winner to win the 4th set?

  • Galin Atanasov

    Watching Australian Open and this and just hearing how he wished he would bring his kids to the next US Open....So sad, RIP Kobe.

  • Nicholas Mazzoleni

    My heart broke when he said he would bring his kids next year...RIP

  • nathalie de busschere

    RIP Mamba

  • Ty Marie
    Ty Marie Day ago

    Rip legend 💔😞🙏🏾

  • tigerbalm
    tigerbalm Day ago

    Bart! Doh!

  • tigerbalm
    tigerbalm Day ago

    must be asian new years...

  • Mn B
    Mn B Day ago

    You can tell he has so much to give. Such a loss. RIP.

  • Dareee
    Dareee Day ago

    Rip legend

  • SoulStatement
    SoulStatement Day ago


  • J Felicio
    J Felicio Day ago


  • Pinky and the Brain

    very hard to watch. RIP

  • Zilon112
    Zilon112 Day ago


  • Asif Rahman
    Asif Rahman Day ago

    😠😠😠😠 weird youtube algorithms...Why after 8 yrs??


    Fixed by Richard Williams..

  • dulceamor816
    dulceamor816 Day ago

    Del Potro tiene que ser el abanderado en la ceremonia inaugural de los juegos Olímpicos de Tokio 2020 representando a nuestra delegación.

  • AR
    AR Day ago

    Plot twist : There was a girl under the table.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Day ago

    Djokovic - The goat terminator

  • 98LowDown
    98LowDown Day ago

    Isn't it surreal to see the orange clown hairdo on Serena's mom? I'm like WTF is that?

  • Anu Kaur
    Anu Kaur Day ago

    Monster trio of tennis

  • too many people

    Serena showed up. She lost.

  • Pierre-Yves Chauvet

    Why don't they show more female best shots? Very sexist selection!

  • vince lawrence
    vince lawrence 2 days ago

    I want to hear her speak in her langue

  • Luis Schamache
    Luis Schamache 2 days ago

    Truly bad press from Roger, but nobody will be fair every day in his life. Ofcourse Djokovic deserved to win and also Federer deserved to lose. Its quite simple. To put Djokovic in such pressure lots of times just show how much of talent Roger has, but Its clear the serbian is much stronger mentally.

  • Thierry828
    Thierry828 2 days ago

    revenge in just 4 months, and she shows so much respect to Serena after beating her

  • Medan Model
    Medan Model 2 days ago

    Naomi is good caracter

  • Damm Son
    Damm Son 2 days ago

    What a year for my country ,del potro and messi being champions of the most importants championships and being the best in their sports.

  • Bruh moment Lol
    Bruh moment Lol 2 days ago

    1:02 - 1:46 watching Jack die in Titanic be like

  • Ivy Hunter
    Ivy Hunter 2 days ago

    Naomi is Full of it.

  • Bruh moment Lol
    Bruh moment Lol 2 days ago

    Didn’t know Monica Lewinsky was under the tables at the US Open

  • Qartsy
    Qartsy 2 days ago

    Me: never heard of this athlete in my life TVclip recommended: We got you fam

  • AI7 apostle
    AI7 apostle 2 days ago

    非常 精彩 的 一場網球賽

  • Holger Nielsen
    Holger Nielsen 2 days ago

    This is the worst man


    This Gal is Sooooo Cute....

  • Kin XXX
    Kin XXX 2 days ago

    Revenge in AO

  • LiL Moonman
    LiL Moonman 2 days ago

    banged by kokkinakis

  • John Mckinney.
    John Mckinney. 2 days ago

    8:45 “you go FU@&$ yourself”

  • Zahi Kasem
    Zahi Kasem 2 days ago

    Who’s here in 2020 when Coco beat Naomi in the Australian Open?

  • Vinaya Kumar Kumpati

    Pls small girl why are you crying, you have bright future

  • Vinaya Kumar Kumpati

    Two girls super, Osaka double handed shots aaaswom

  • Bolotism
    Bolotism 2 days ago

    Anyone here after Coco defeated Naomi this year?

  • Tunisian Beauties l Beautés Tunisiennes

    01:27.this is Karim Ons' husband

  • John Snow Kumar
    John Snow Kumar 2 days ago

    Karen Khachanov is the most inconsistent among the new crop of talented players. In today' match against Kyrios, , in the 3rd set at 4-4, Khachanov had won 87 points to Kyrios' 100 points won so far.

  • John Snow Kumar
    John Snow Kumar 2 days ago

    Karen Khachanov is the most inconsistent among the new crop of talented players. In today' match against Kyrios, , in the 3rd set at 4-4, Khachanov had won 87 points to Kyrios' 100 points won so far.

  • Rastko Manasic
    Rastko Manasic 2 days ago

    33:59 Shapo drop the racket

  • Roma Hobo
    Roma Hobo 2 days ago

    That was a fight. Lioness in her prime vs furious little lion's cub. Coco is on her way to fame i believe.

  • Jolo Hornilla
    Jolo Hornilla 2 days ago

    Plot twist: There is a girl under the table

  • きゃない
    きゃない 2 days ago

    マイケルチャンも打つタイプになってから全然勝てなくなってしまったから、、 錦織もそうはならずに、変わらずでいて欲しいな、、

  • genroku7
    genroku7 2 days ago

    Naomi should have worn the same winning wear in Australia as well. A little bit of a winner's çarrogance might have been there this time, which even herself was unaware of. Their next match should be something.

  • Anastasia Woods
    Anastasia Woods 3 days ago


  • Dr. Bess, All Things Nursing

    Who is here after the AO 2020??

  • Xiaozhen Xue
    Xiaozhen Xue 3 days ago

    I like her attitude, honest and humble... Glad she fight hard and won Serana in 4 month!!

  • Irene Ndunge
    Irene Ndunge 3 days ago

    Here after AO 2020..after Coco has beaten Osaka..and still in the 3rd ..

  • サメ息子
    サメ息子 3 days ago


  • agarRoyale 2002
    agarRoyale 2002 3 days ago

    4 months later: Osaka is beaten by Coco

  • Cole Coleman
    Cole Coleman 3 days ago

    Who is here after Qing defeated Serena today at Australian open ?

  • Salvador Allende
    Salvador Allende 3 days ago

    07:07 2 brothers!!

  • TheNewGuy
    TheNewGuy 3 days ago

    both played much better here than at the AO

  • oso polar
    oso polar 3 days ago

    2020 coco the best

  • Va Dim
    Va Dim 3 days ago

    Osaka's outfit is just pain for my eyes

  • TeStOs
    TeStOs 3 days ago

    And months later, Jan 24 2020, she turned the table and showed how much she learnt from this match in the Australian Open 2020. The interesting things about life huh!!

  • Balfour
    Balfour 3 days ago

    He HAS to complete the GS career before retire. He just HAS to.

  • T
    T 3 days ago

    Wang Qiang beat Serena 2:1 four months later!!!

  • Monza monz
    Monza monz 3 days ago

    The sorest sorest sorest loser in sports history, Kerber doesn’t count , and how many times is she going to say I need to play better , face it your losing tomo layers better than your right now, never ever gives credit to her oppenents , it’s all me me me me I need I have all about herb, sore loser she is

  • Colt63
    Colt63 3 days ago

    Anyone else get an ad for V8 talking about bananas and potassium before this 😂 got to get your potassium or you’ll keep getting cramps

  • Michael Mayes
    Michael Mayes 3 days ago

    This is a very mature 15 year. My 15 year barely says 3 words.

  • Alfonso Lopez
    Alfonso Lopez 3 days ago

    Who Is here After Federer vs Millman, AUS. Open. 2020?.

    • Markone
      Markone 3 days ago

      @Alfonso Lopez ye thats true 😄 happy new year

    • Alfonso Lopez
      Alfonso Lopez 3 days ago

      @Markone How fast life is going, my god. Happy New Year.

    • Markone
      Markone 3 days ago


  • Pierre-Paul Jacques

    Favourite bachand ever

  • kevingimmemusic
    kevingimmemusic 3 days ago

    What miserable mofos would give this a thumbs down?

  • Pronoy Das
    Pronoy Das 3 days ago

    who is here after their AO 3rd round clash..?? and what a clash it was

  • Theodore Hastings
    Theodore Hastings 3 days ago

    His right leg is much bigger than his left

  • simon guevara
    simon guevara 3 days ago

    Anyone else watching this after the AO upset?

  • Lurkzor
    Lurkzor 3 days ago

    She won 🤘🏻

  • Sagar Shivdavkar
    Sagar Shivdavkar 3 days ago

    What a comeback now!!!!🔥

  • Make It Happen
    Make It Happen 3 days ago

    Is no one gonna say anything about this video only showing Kyrgios's winners?

  • nineteen96
    nineteen96 3 days ago

    And no one helped? tf