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  • Thoảng Hương
    Thoảng Hương 16 minutes ago

    Please dont have another plane accident !!!! 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Ananya Arora
    Ananya Arora 19 minutes ago

    do you think you could do one on the Pan Am flight 73? it was hijacked in Karachi on its way to frankfurt.

  • K Family
    K Family 32 minutes ago

    So glad no one died.

  • Osman
    Osman 50 minutes ago

    Thank you ,yes this second version is more informative. I wonder why the second officer remained silent and so passive ?

  • Life of Sngamer Yaaa Yaaa

    PLS can u do SAA the hendenberg

  • Shazni Abd Halim
    Shazni Abd Halim 58 minutes ago

    So sad😭😭

  • Elijah Tetteh Kudjordji

    Whoever shot down that civilian, God will judge him. All the time, Russia and Ukraine at each other's throats over Military supremacy. Why?

  • Panos Pappas
    Panos Pappas Hour ago

    The doctor who check the dead bodies said all of them had cardiac palm before they crash the mountain

  • MrAlwaysBlue
    MrAlwaysBlue Hour ago

    How many Canada Geese were killed during the making of this simulation?

  • Ananya Arora
    Ananya Arora Hour ago


  • World Top Gun 352
    World Top Gun 352 2 hours ago

    While this one was horrible. America,s worst air disaster was American Flight 191. May 25, 1979. Chicago, O'Hare. DC-10 as usual. Engine fell off during take off. Due to criminal maintenance. 280 killed.

  • Edward Chubbick
    Edward Chubbick 2 hours ago

    Wow been over a year and I’m still amazed by the hole thing . That guy seemed like a funny dude but must of had some deep troubles and well it is legendary way to go that’s for sure at least no one else perished in it

  • Darlene Salapantan
    Darlene Salapantan 3 hours ago

    Whats the name of flight simulator?

  • PaulieMoly
    PaulieMoly 3 hours ago

    For all we know it could be taken over by terrorists and kept somewhere underground as a trophy for the ISIS or something, maybe planning next 9/11

  • capt rodgers
    capt rodgers 4 hours ago

    when they say unstable i wonder if they mean........islamic

  • Gerald Studios
    Gerald Studios 4 hours ago

    Guys some people that have relatives on the plane want to watch what happened to them they’re not attention seekers

  • xpcrooser
    xpcrooser 4 hours ago

    Get your spelling right for starters

  • sarad poudel
    sarad poudel 4 hours ago

    This is totally false interpretation. Please refer to the real time CCTV footage of the Airport.

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez 4 hours ago

    110 fucking adds bs video

    HANI LAKISSI 4 hours ago


  • Firman Firman sah
    Firman Firman sah 4 hours ago

    Astag firullahsungguhparah 😥😦😧😨😭😫

  • Thirston Howell The Bird and Friends!

    6:58 “we will get someone in just a moment” not the words you want to hear on a doomed jet😢

  • Aayan Boom magic fallasU

    But I’m really sad about the crash and in which both planes were destroyed

  • Aayan Boom magic fallasU

    I did not understand how it crashed

  • Aayan Boom magic fallasU


  • Nick243120
    Nick243120 5 hours ago

    Only if you talked

  • Alessandro Ratoci
    Alessandro Ratoci 6 hours ago


  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne Miller 6 hours ago

    And since death is an easy way out for a child molester but I will but it's too easy for you so I will relieve as many of your family members of their heartbeat's as I possibly can before you finally get to be relieved of your own!⚕️ I don't care if you regret molesting my child or not but I definitely won't regret what will come nextI take those illegal way considering there's an abundant amount of evidencebecause you're so fucking stupid you don't think parents check their kids smart phones and email accounts

  • Linda Easley
    Linda Easley 6 hours ago

    Horrible tragedy aside , the KLM captain was a dick

  • Sarah Ross
    Sarah Ross 7 hours ago

    Amazing video again

  • spruceguitar
    spruceguitar 7 hours ago

    From min 10-11 you can sense the stress in the voice of that traffic controller who had to deal with idiots. They had a “fuel emergency”. Temperamental people like that should not be allowed to become pilots. People acting out of huge egos. Because they don’t care about their own lives and neither about the lives of the passangers. There should be some kind of long hour simulation tests to detect these ugly ego trips in pilot candidates so they never have a chance to fly.

  • Kelp Farming
    Kelp Farming 7 hours ago

    More ANTI BOEING bullsht. ANything that has to have that kind of Orchestrated music in the background is nothing more than propaganda trash.

  • Kelp Farming
    Kelp Farming 7 hours ago

    anything that requires orchestrated music in the PROPAGANDA. Its there to stir emotions THEY want you to have. Nice try, marxists.

  • Platsa
    Platsa 7 hours ago

    The guy who tried to bring down the plane should get a 5 year prison sentence in the psychiatric clinic department. But they chose to let him free?

    MUDMAINNAH INNAH 7 hours ago

    Yeh allah semoga tenang di alam sena 😡😡😡😡

  • Carlos Carrillo
    Carlos Carrillo 7 hours ago

    I don't buy it for a second. There is a system called Yaw damper...! It will not allow you to place full rudder imputed due to speed, therefore preventing you to put to much stress on the rudder.

  • 松茸
    松茸 7 hours ago

    May I ask why is the text always in ALL CAPS on this channel? Makes it hard to read especially for non-native speakers like me.

  • slvrbullet22
    slvrbullet22 7 hours ago

    and.. this makes me want to question my captains of any aircraft going to fly me where they obtain there license and how many hours flying they have.. ugh and even then its not guaranteed.

  • music dude
    music dude 8 hours ago


  • Baby Eater
    Baby Eater 8 hours ago

    Tha pilot was Indian nationality if I am not mistaken. And yes he was on effect of the drugs, like some other Lion pilots.

  • Bauman
    Bauman 8 hours ago

    in loving memory of two Boeing engines, and 859 geese

  • Sarah Albers
    Sarah Albers 9 hours ago

    This why CRM is such a vital part of our safety. It is appalling that the Capt. Could sleep thru the damn flight! However, as f/as we check on the crew and bring coffee or whatever they need. I flew for 17 yrs and never saw a pilot sleeping unless in a crew rest area. How awful for the passengers and their loved ones.

  • Pablo Gonzalez
    Pablo Gonzalez 9 hours ago

    Kalittla Air Flight 66

    C BREEZYWORLD 10 hours ago

    Im flying in 2 days and did not need to see this but couldn't help but watch

  • Nevets Llusser
    Nevets Llusser 10 hours ago

    They might as well have sent the pilots out blindfolded that day, bloody idiots !!

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller 11 hours ago

    Not having pilot training for an aircraft with new software is just stupid. It's like adding a new food item to a menu and not telling the cook how it's prepared. You get what you get.

  • David Loehmann
    David Loehmann 11 hours ago

    Well, this proves something we've all known: Russian men are, almost without exception, the dumbest, dullest, shit for brains, vodka swilling, cock proud idiots in the world. This is the peasant class at work. What a brainiac, letting two teenagers fly an airplane while you're busy jerking off into a bottle of Smirnoff. Dick Witless!

  • Dathan Fc
    Dathan Fc 11 hours ago

    I mean Kuala Lumpur

  • Dathan Fc
    Dathan Fc 11 hours ago

    All European countries should gather in Kuala The

  • Serdar Yuksel
    Serdar Yuksel 11 hours ago

    Seeing UFO"s is like facing racial discrimination....we all know it exists but we hardly talk about it as we have no proof.😁😂🤣🤓😳👍

  • MJW
    MJW 12 hours ago

    It was also determined that the hubs were not locked in and that was the cause for getting stuck in the mud.

  • richard c
    richard c 12 hours ago

    If you let kids take control of anything , they will find a way to destroy it.

  • Equin Starbeat
    Equin Starbeat 12 hours ago

    And to think, Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) would have been on that flight. He talks about it on the H3 Podcast.

  • jpaleas
    jpaleas 13 hours ago

    Bad maintenance then, bad customer service nowadays and yet that nightmare of an airline is still in business Hmmmmm........ Respect to the crew on board that flight they did the best they could! They where victims of United Airlines too!

  • Rupert May
    Rupert May 13 hours ago

    So you say you wanna fly????? Only two things fall from the sky BIRDSHIT AND FOOLS!!!!

  • Sphere723
    Sphere723 13 hours ago

    My friend from university was on that flight. He was only 8 years old at the time. RIP.

  • Noli Jam
    Noli Jam 13 hours ago

    my dad says this is a movie

  • Salvador Escobedo
    Salvador Escobedo 13 hours ago

    When you can fly a Militar Jet without knowing how to, is that realism?

  • It's Huge
    It's Huge 13 hours ago

    The pitot tubes were the problem, wow!!

  • Sphere723
    Sphere723 13 hours ago

    Dude must have watched my IL-2 replays.

  • George Mallory
    George Mallory 14 hours ago

    By not coordinating his use of rudder in addition to "raising the dead" engine, he allowed extra unnecessary drag to reduce airspeed or climb rate. Basically, the tail was not following right behind the nose in relation to the relative wind. He was in a slip. The fuselage was striking the relative wind on one side similar to a car's side on a drift track.

  • Sphere723
    Sphere723 14 hours ago

    It is indeed a very challenging runway to land on. I was FO on a L-410 which crashed there in 2011.

  • Clissoldkid
    Clissoldkid 14 hours ago

    I love these videos, and the quality of the graphics is amazing. I used to have MS Flight SImulator 2007, and I thought it was great, but if this is the quality of modern flight sims I might just get an up to date one. My ONLY criticism of these vids is the font used for the text. It's uncomfortable to read, particularly when it's all in capital letters.

  • Oscar Betancourt
    Oscar Betancourt 14 hours ago

    It's amazing how the plane didn't break up in mid air.

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh 15 hours ago

    11:04 - Holy shit, I thought the thumbnail was just click-bait. Wow.

  • D MAC
    D MAC 15 hours ago

    Pierre Bonin: 2,936 flying hours 2,935 hours sat in a seat with a plane on auto-pilot.

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh 15 hours ago

    Did First Officer David strangle First Officer Pierre as they entered the ocean?

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh 15 hours ago

    "shark-infested?" It's where they live. More like people-infested.

  • cyclic4122
    cyclic4122 15 hours ago

    Three points here. 1. The tail section was never designed to withstand alternating rapid full rudder deflections at 200knts+. 2. Any pilot who thinks that do that is a good idea needs to have a rethink about the aerodynamic stresses involved. (allegedly trained to do that (which I doubt) or not) 3. Why did the Captain not intervene? "Bloggsy WTF are you doing??Then.."taking over". Whilst there may have been some training misunderstandings here, (previously detected by others!) ultimately the Captain should have taken over. The one good thing the FO did was question if there had been enough time after the 747 had departed. Captain dismissed it. Possibly a bad combination of those two crew members.

  • Mauro Candiago
    Mauro Candiago 16 hours ago

    Adam Air ex-employees after the company collapsed:(with heavy Indian accent)"I'm officer Adam Smith from IRS"....

  • Markis5150
    Markis5150 16 hours ago

    I remember seeing the reports of it on all the news networks the day it happened,lots of ugly memories of this tragedy. I was 11 and got a very sick feeling hearing that everyone died onboard this flight and feeling so sad for those people, they just disappeared without being able to say goodbye.

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh 16 hours ago

    Gee, if only they could do these tests BEFORE any of these planes are allowed in the air.

  • Phillip Burns
    Phillip Burns 16 hours ago

    Pilots were inexperienced for sure But one really has to look. at all the. HIGH tech stuff they crammed into jets and asked oneself. it really worth having??? Or are we better going full manual operation??

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh 16 hours ago

    "The A300-600 made its first flight on 8 July 1983 and entered service later that year with Saudi Arabian Airlines. A total of 313 A300-600s (all versions) have been sold." So, around 18 years of flying 313 of these, and this is the first time anyone powered the rudder enough to detach the tail? Or, had it been done enough times to make this pilot the one who broke it?

  • I like Chocolate a lot

    What a fucking selfish prick .

  • Emma Herron
    Emma Herron 16 hours ago

    This is so horrible! The air NZ covered their terrible mistake up and led all them people to their deaths. I literally almost cried, it reminds me of the recent actions of Boeing, they covered up the existence of MCAS and the pilots didn’t know about it what caused the 2 crashes of the 747 Maxes. RIP to all those who had their lives cut tragically short they should be here right now.

  • Anshuman Nanda
    Anshuman Nanda 17 hours ago

    Rest in Peace 🙏🍃💐

  • Being Mikhail
    Being Mikhail 17 hours ago

    Nice animations, man!

  • Trisha Yamada
    Trisha Yamada 17 hours ago

    That haunting image of that beautiful silver plane sideways used to give me nightmares when I was a little kid. Such a terrifying end to all. RIP

  • David Haxell
    David Haxell 17 hours ago

    Please can you do Iberia Airlines Flight 062?

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh 17 hours ago

    Can't the Captain just say "easy on that rudder, bucko."

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh 18 hours ago

    If Boeing had done the right thing INITIALLY, and re-trained pilots on the new system, the pilots would have found the flaws and nobody would have died.

  • kunal kiran
    kunal kiran 18 hours ago

    At first, my instincts said to punish that man hard. After a few minutes, as my mind calmed, I recollected the word "Paranoia". It seems that man was having psychosis. If that's the case, the terror caused by him of crashing the plane for which I want him to be published, was for may be for 15 mins. But he would have been in a similar utter terror for hours. Imagine a man who is blind and walking on a busy street with the help of a stick. He stumbles upon something and tries to hold on to something desperately. He grips a nearby box that controls the traffic signals. The traffic signaling breaks down and switches off. Many cars run into one another. Should the man be punished? I am confused. ( I know that's a weird analogy, but that does explain what I wish to say)

  • toobalkain
    toobalkain 18 hours ago

    Weird, how could experienced pilots make such a series of bad decisions and eventually cause the plain go vertical and stall? The kid flying didn’t help but their decision making is astounding.

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh 18 hours ago

    60 Minutes Australia piece on the 737 MAX

  • Hal 9000
    Hal 9000 18 hours ago

    Another 2 morons..... nice flying losers

  • Ilias Maragkos
    Ilias Maragkos 18 hours ago


  • Josh Hockman
    Josh Hockman 18 hours ago

    Top notch animation!

  • The Flight Sim Deck
    The Flight Sim Deck 19 hours ago

    My dude made about $12,000 in ad rev from a Battlefield 3 cut scene : O

  • y t
    y t 19 hours ago

    I bet Larry King witnessed this while strolling in Brooklyn with his good friend Sandy Koufax.

  • Hal 9000
    Hal 9000 19 hours ago

    idiot pilots crap design..... night night bitchezz

  • Antonette Abe
    Antonette Abe 19 hours ago

    @TheFlightChannel can I ask a favor? It would be nice if you make a tribute to the victims of the 9/11 by remaking it. 😊 I know it would be sad but, for other people like me, it would be clear how it all happened. (I was born in 2001 so I was a baby when it happened.) Condolence to all the family and friends of the victims. ❤️ I hope nothing like that would ever happen again.

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 19 hours ago

    Sounds like stealth bombers

  • Mauro Candiago
    Mauro Candiago 19 hours ago


  • Mauro Candiago
    Mauro Candiago 19 hours ago

    Solution: don't fucking let pilots to turn off the transponder #noadsonyoutube

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh 19 hours ago

    Lemme guess. The FAA's final report stated that "These are not the UFO's your'e looking for."

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh 20 hours ago

    They split, when they found out there weren't no hillbillies aboard.

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh 20 hours ago

    Boeing. Sending faulty airplanes into the air for 100 years.

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh 20 hours ago

    I've watched about 25 of these now, and I'm doubting II'll ever step onto an aircraft of any kind ever again.

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh 20 hours ago

    Against its flight crew? No. According to the flight crew's incorrect settings.