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  • Lindy Hefner
    Lindy Hefner Minute ago

    #10 made no sense at all.

  • Christopher Ellis
    Christopher Ellis 2 minutes ago

    Love your vids bruh

  • Marco Kwok
    Marco Kwok 2 minutes ago

    Well, great video but god I’m going to have a bad night

  • Makennah Lynn
    Makennah Lynn 5 minutes ago

    Could you do a video on the different types of religious symbols and what they mean . and I hope you really do your research on this because some of them can be confused for the same thing @MatthewSantoro

    SEPTICON 38 10 minutes ago

    Momo was a hoax

  • Brianna Buckner
    Brianna Buckner 11 minutes ago

    Stay at home stay at home stay at home; he’s not dead he’s not dead

  • noooddle
    noooddle 17 minutes ago

    There would be no warning about the big crunch? The expansion stopping and contraction starting would be a bit of a warning. Like several billion years worth of warning.

  • Scary Darry
    Scary Darry 21 minute ago

    I called Booth world industries and when it said “your device has been tracked down” I immediately hanged up Well guys it’s over with 😔

  • Wesley Barrera
    Wesley Barrera 23 minutes ago

    Me right now: I'm in a public place with people arounding me I'll be fine watching this. Me later remembering this video and its horrors in my dark filled room: :(

    PHAZEBEAST115 24 minutes ago

    Watching this while at my lunch break at work ! Great creepy videos man 👍

  • anna mcfadden
    anna mcfadden 25 minutes ago

    So where are the kitties

  • godwhymenowman
    godwhymenowman 27 minutes ago

    'What's it take to be a Shen yun dancer?'- Who the f@ck cares! ad is HIGHLY ANNOYING

  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar 28 minutes ago

    1.08 - doesn't he resemble Benedict Cumberbach 😂 😂

  • Soul-Eye Animations & More!

    8:56 There's someone saying something in the background quietly. If you listen closely, you can make it out...

  • Lady J
    Lady J 35 minutes ago

    Isn’t there an alge that turns water a blood red color?

  • Charlie Cross
    Charlie Cross 43 minutes ago

    Hey Matthew I like the creepy themed videos but I miss the 50/100 amazing facts videos.

    • Charlie Cross
      Charlie Cross 41 minute ago

      BTW I hope you are doing well remember live in the here and now. That's what my dog does and she doesn't get driven crazy by stuff she can't control

  • Peter Monte
    Peter Monte 43 minutes ago

    I am never get bored watching this guy Very entertaining

  • JM D
    JM D 50 minutes ago

    I got no sleep story . . . . . . . . Insomnia

  • OculusQuestFun
    OculusQuestFun 53 minutes ago

    Cool under-light.

  • Kennedytwins57
    Kennedytwins57 54 minutes ago

    I’m heavily spooked.

  • TurboGamingUK
    TurboGamingUK 55 minutes ago

    "True stories" lol *takes Earth sized pinch of salt*

  • Alfie Davies
    Alfie Davies 55 minutes ago

    Great video

  • Fred Pepe
    Fred Pepe 57 minutes ago

    I would rather the poltergeist at least that one can be worded off

  • The Armchair SpacemanTM
    The Armchair SpacemanTM 58 minutes ago

    Matt - they're not untold if they've been posted online. unread perhaps, but they've been _told_ . and you only use ''are'' in plural cases when the object is NOT a title. is ''Voices'' . are voices.

  • Graceful Angels
    Graceful Angels 59 minutes ago

    Matthew. I love your vids. but vids like this which you claim are TRUE! is a BIG misconception! which causes me to dislike them. These are very interesting FICTIONAL STORIES! meaning... That... They... ARE MADE UP AND NOT REAL OR TRUE! If they are. I am a princess of egypt. they MAY BE true. but they are false and made up until PROVEN true. I know. not true until it happens to you.

  • Debbie Bush
    Debbie Bush Hour ago

    Good video.

  • Bird Fifty
    Bird Fifty Hour ago

    These the types of Matt vids I LIVE FOR‼️

  • Golden Exp
    Golden Exp Hour ago

    Ha. That scream didnt get me........ It got me 😱

  • Matt M
    Matt M Hour ago

    How do u kno if these r true or jus someone saying so... just wondering still like👍

  • Fred Pepe
    Fred Pepe Hour ago

    A poltergeist haunts a person not a house

  • Fred Pepe
    Fred Pepe Hour ago

    I have heard this stalker story before

  • John Delaney
    John Delaney Hour ago

    Thanks matty I enjoy ur videos it helps my mental health I'm rooting for you my family love your video's 2 so I hope you get some luck of the irish I'm irish and I dnt mean to offend you by my comment I appreciate your video's honestly 👌💯

  • helen inglis
    helen inglis Hour ago

    I honestly don't care if most of these stories are bogus, i just love listening to these kinda things!

  • fat soul
    fat soul Hour ago

    What's up with TVclip ads it's getting out of hand

  • vendetta •98 years ago

    Nice teeth

  • John F
    John F Hour ago

    Top 10 facts about billy bob tanley?

  • Barby Riffle
    Barby Riffle Hour ago

    My son fell through an unmarked ice fishing hole. My husband held him up until help came.

  • the cheap artist user

    Your videos are very interesting to watch

  • A Fucking Bird
    A Fucking Bird Hour ago

    Where's Matt?

  • Arwen Bernard
    Arwen Bernard Hour ago

    Dude just one complaints, it's not's former Marine or retired Marine. Once a Marine always a Marine. We earn that title and it's hard to get. Otherwise good show and I love it.

  • Anil Kumar Reddy Gaddam

    Nice video keep it up..!!

  • Drswag 007
    Drswag 007 Hour ago

    this is a story that I heard it's from a post on Reddit, it tells about the poster and his wife's firstborn son who was shown to be evil incarnate this was made official after the birth of their daughter who was different was the son. the son would trash the house and run off coming back with stolen items it all boiled over when the poster and his wife saw their son standing over his sister's crib with a knife the wife, finally had enough and beat the son to a bloody mess to an inch of his life the poster, his wife and their daughter moved to the basement leaving the upstairs floor to their son who wrecked it and finally left for good I can only imagine that he eventually will or has killed someone or multiple people and is either in prison or dead in a ditch

  • Jennyun
    Jennyun Hour ago

    The #2 story, Don't Stop, is far more horrifyingly common than you think. Happens all the time in country roads back in Chicago.

    • Deadly Delight88
      Deadly Delight88 Hour ago

      You know what else happens in Chicago, gun violence in the most gun free zone.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

  • Silver Kif
    Silver Kif Hour ago

    **mr. Nightmare has entered the chat**

  • Jackson Crossman

    That dog is a good boi

  • Ferrarii Forever


  • Ferrarii Forever

    Those people on the from appear to be very unattractive😭😂

  • ForkInTheRoad
    ForkInTheRoad Hour ago

    How does a millionaire have depression?

  • David Todd
    David Todd Hour ago

    It's hard to be one of the first comments but this guy is amazing and I hope you see this I hope the best for your channel and I cant wait to see more keep it up bro and someday you got to come to texas

  • Jennifer Cushman

    I just love Matt's channel. I love it even more because of the Majora's Mask that is on Matt's wall. I am such a huge Zelda fan. And I love the fact that Matt is too.

  • Peladophobian YT

    I fear you

  • Jordan Nuñez
    Jordan Nuñez Hour ago

    Great whites don't circle when they want to eat, they ram them from under and chomp,gulp, done.

  • Lestad Defrence
    Lestad Defrence Hour ago

    The first normal thumbnail on this channel lol great work great video Matthew 😂👍

  • migulikuti Wolfe

    Scribed!!!! Love these videos!

  • Mr. Morningstar
    Mr. Morningstar Hour ago

    Gud mre dubo...MC

  • 666777jfk
    666777jfk Hour ago

    9/11 missing Links is the show to watch

  • rafli nur
    rafli nur Hour ago


  • jaspr1999
    jaspr1999 Hour ago

    Back in April (or May) our cat was in the entryway chowing down on something. When we turned the light on we saw her eating a rattlesnake that had found its way into the house and she caught and killed it. I normally carry a shotgun with me around the property because of snakes, but this was the first time one had been in the house. We love our kitty!

  • Aiden Inc
    Aiden Inc Hour ago

    90 comments when I write this but 91 comments when I post this 😕

  • Baka Cat
    Baka Cat Hour ago

    Right on time for a litte santro chil

  • Stickman Gaming
    Stickman Gaming Hour ago

    nice choice of background prop, the Majora's Mask... scared me as a kid.

  • Jerico Alexander

    Why does no one ever try to summon an actual angel

  • Bloombloom
    Bloombloom Hour ago

    Hi Matt 😊

  • Michael Ellis
    Michael Ellis Hour ago

    Love the little whispers between each number 😁

  • Amelia Caras
    Amelia Caras Hour ago

    I will always love Matt's videos 🖤

  • Brand new King
    Brand new King Hour ago

    This damn creepy earth we live on.

  • rafli nur
    rafli nur Hour ago

    the coolest warrior that i know is 1 Umar bin khattāb 2 Hamzah 3 Abu Bakar as sidiq

  • Adriana Gonzalez

    My grandma died yesterday.

  • Champy El Caballo

    I am not trying to be an erect penis but what make these stories "true"??!! What is Matty Ice's vetting procedure?? Just asking. I am truly curious because you see these types of videos all over TVclip. Someone once told me: "Believe half of what you see & none of what you hear!!" I'll say this.....I have been part of a "neighborhood social group" for many years. We are all from the same neighborhood and have participated in many neighborhood "activities". ALL LEGAL!!! If I had gone off half cocked because of something I heard I probably would be dead by now!!!! I am so glad I have been able to be fully cocked this entire time!!!

  • Rafael Nacata
    Rafael Nacata Hour ago

    I don't know if it is just me, but the lighting on this video made me breathless. Not in a good way. But still great content Mat!

  • [ALDY] Chann
    [ALDY] Chann 2 hours ago

    *Cat Hissing*

  • Adam Kosbab
    Adam Kosbab 2 hours ago

    When will u give us some more fun or funny facts instead of always being dark.?

    • SovereignAure
      SovereignAure Hour ago

      Abbie Archer Not originally, check most of Matthew's early videos, they were only occasionally creepy. Now it's just boring creepy BS. None of it is believable, and after a while you just get numb to the subject matter. I too miss the classic Matthew Santoro that has unfortunately seems to have vanished and been replaced by Spooky McCreepypants. He originally said he would go back to his normal content aftee he finished his backlog of creepy videos back in October of this year, but if that doesn't happen by the end of the year, I'll probably finally unsubscribe. I've been following him since around his 1 year anniversary, and even stuck with the channel during its long hiatus, but this is just getting boring at this rate.

    • Abbie Archer
      Abbie Archer Hour ago

      Adam Kosbab you have come to the wrong channel buddy

  • AshErika Michaela
    AshErika Michaela 2 hours ago

    Well... that's just full of NOPE. 😨

  • TheMysticRealms
    TheMysticRealms 2 hours ago

    Yay! Majestic Baldy is better than any midday coffee break! 😍😘💖

  • Skye Velez
    Skye Velez 2 hours ago

    Creepy yet amazing video and I love the back around music

  • Dorelle T
    Dorelle T 2 hours ago

    "strong Britney" not "strawberry". lol

  • Debjit Karmakar
    Debjit Karmakar 2 hours ago

    Semester break time!!!!

  • Jennifer Lindsey
    Jennifer Lindsey 2 hours ago

    Awww. My hubby just said he likes you because you make me happy. 😊

  • SYNOWL Music
    SYNOWL Music 2 hours ago

    Awesome video Matt, keep it up buddy

  • Cathal Carson
    Cathal Carson 2 hours ago

    Haha! Ironic that as soon as number 7 titled “Good Girl” begins, an ad pops up for Good Girl perfume!! Haha perfect timing

  • Kaiden Paulson
    Kaiden Paulson 2 hours ago

    So we just going to ignore how demons are being nice and helpful?

  • Margie Burke
    Margie Burke 2 hours ago

    I love your videos,you away do an awesome job😱

  • Brittany Hannah
    Brittany Hannah 2 hours ago

    Love that background music, Matt!!!❤❤❤

  • rafli nur
    rafli nur 2 hours ago

    2:56 there is no wrong to fait Fait happen for a reason for a good reason and loosing someone you love is fait a fait that happen for our own good (maybe our life would be better without him or her)

  • dennis camacho
    dennis camacho 2 hours ago

    Well that was boring 😴😴😴

  • Game time With A.
    Game time With A. 2 hours ago

    thats a chilling one😈

  • Dankster Gangster
    Dankster Gangster 2 hours ago

    LOL I think number.2 was just a movie scene or a youtube film Edit:Movie scene means there was a movie shooting in that place

  • Ashes catches
    Ashes catches 2 hours ago

    Dammit matt , the brown box made me think you were holding a script

  • Golden Gun
    Golden Gun 2 hours ago

    Is that majora's mask in the background