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  • james fournier
    james fournier 26 minutes ago

    Id love to see a car chase. One of a cop in his cop car trying to catch ken while driving one of his cars. See how long it would take him to loose the guy. How many tuna before he’d disappear!

  • Big D Fitness
    Big D Fitness 31 minute ago

    I like all these all videos, its 99% no talking and 100% straight hoonage. You should drop more videos like this every now and then.

  • ViperDemon6819 Wright
    ViperDemon6819 Wright 32 minutes ago

    Bucket list place of mine for sure!

  • Gord Sand
    Gord Sand 33 minutes ago

    the dash board fell off what lols

    • Gord Sand
      Gord Sand 32 minutes ago

      the front exhaust is so sick looks like a angry bull

  • Gord Sand
    Gord Sand 39 minutes ago

    cut to the footage of the fd get wasted on the track lols

  • ray lassor
    ray lassor 44 minutes ago

    anybody else see the #3 shifter knob at 3:57? Earnhardt lives on! even in a FORDish vehicle

  • Nikki Short
    Nikki Short Hour ago

    Like the truck

  • Pickled Babies
    Pickled Babies Hour ago

    Engine started out as a 350 and bored it out to a 383...? I think he left out a few other steps to make it a 383 lol.... like a 400 crank for instance...

  • Victor Poulin
    Victor Poulin Hour ago

    Can someone tell me where in the video I can here this work of art purrrrrr?

  • Mouad Choukri
    Mouad Choukri Hour ago

    I dont like the guest for some reason

  • 69JayBee
    69JayBee Hour ago

    Turbo 2 one of my favourite cars. As I'm from the UK these cars (Renault 5 Maxi) Metro 6R4 and Ford RS 200 were the nuts as they are rally cars that you could buy. I wanted to buy a black turbo 2 with rally lights but I think it was £13k ($25k ish) in 1989. To much for me so I brought a brand new black Renault 5 GT Turbo instead for £8.5k instead as by insurance was £1.8k????. I was only 19yrs old. Had 2 US cousins over just after. They couldn't believe the costs.

  • Ben
    Ben Hour ago

    Bellflower > Deathproof

  • Mr Free1 • 18 years ago

    You can very easily and cheaply setup and 8.8 without C-clips.

  • ernesto de dios
    ernesto de dios 2 hours ago

    why don't my eyes burn if im looking at this with no mask

  • john kindon
    john kindon 2 hours ago

    I love that guy with no arms he is amazing and really shows up the regular drivers with his amazing driving skills .

  • hotshtsr20
    hotshtsr20 2 hours ago

    Wonder why the turbo manifold wasn't a pulse converter...?

  • Marcis_J
    Marcis_J 2 hours ago

    I pushed like button right after the clutch kick

  • михаил селиванов

    или с 1000 дубля или он не с этой планеты ..а может просто ебанутый

  • can't find me
    can't find me 2 hours ago

    I absolutely love that track I race on it in Forza Motorsport 6 best track ever

  • Dane Winkleblack
    Dane Winkleblack 2 hours ago

    Based Hyundai, giving the lads i30 N's and getting a double podium in their first 24h of the Ring

  • BackInBlack_4896
    BackInBlack_4896 2 hours ago

    Every video I watch from and with Steph makes me love him more. So knowledgeable and humble

  • Big Chungus Kitten
    Big Chungus Kitten 3 hours ago

    Is that focus or fiesta

  • Dalton Phillips
    Dalton Phillips 3 hours ago


  • nsrracing1
    nsrracing1 3 hours ago

    Go figure the same issues they had over 50 years ago are still going on now

  • Natanael Alexandru
    Natanael Alexandru 3 hours ago

    Anyone know what power and what ratio diffs they're running roughly?

  • Sanjay Nema
    Sanjay Nema 3 hours ago

    Its like burning man, but less douchy and with fast cars

  • nitroboy2
    nitroboy2 3 hours ago

    that enginer rev tho <3

  • Gord Sand
    Gord Sand 3 hours ago

    screw off dont need fucking anime to know what the shit car is

  • BlackcloudNation
    BlackcloudNation 3 hours ago

    I was stationed at Rhein Main and Ramstein Air Bases in Frankfurt and Kaiserslautern for a total of over 12 years. Went to The Ring, Hockenheim, Zolder and more every chance I got but my favorite was the ADAC 24 Stunden (Hours) of The Ring! Now my Brat and beer low level light is illuminated! Thanks!

  • Ekans Hutopik
    Ekans Hutopik 3 hours ago


  • Carson Loane
    Carson Loane 3 hours ago

    Pizza 69 - Probably my favorite license plate

  • Hatefuxk300z
    Hatefuxk300z 3 hours ago

    Anyone know the specs on it? I have a base 370z

  • Bear 23
    Bear 23 3 hours ago

    And next video : visiting mazzei formula's 4 rotor RX7

    DANILA PRO100DANILA 4 hours ago

    Русские лайкайте пусть они думают что здесь написано

  • Jessica Wi
    Jessica Wi 4 hours ago

    Einmal mitfahren 😍

  • Ricer Garage
    Ricer Garage 4 hours ago

    The only reason I like this truck is because I dont see a full black cloud coming out the exhaust.

  • Dylan Fowler
    Dylan Fowler 4 hours ago

    Mind blown! Take notes on his cornering Hamilton.

  • nick kelley
    nick kelley 4 hours ago

    You should look at compressed air superchargers system they have a legit setup using scuba thanks, and boost controllers they have a Camaro the makes 400 hp n/a with 8 pounds of boots over 800hp. Billsport did an interview with them very informative.

  • Geoffrey Quail
    Geoffrey Quail 4 hours ago

    Respect with the mad skillz

  • PB and Jelly 45-2020

    Father and son burnouts! Hell yeah

  • James Garrison Taylor

    Never seen Chris enjoying so much just talking about a car .

  • santos rodriguez
    santos rodriguez 4 hours ago

    Someone needs to bring a tank

  • Björn Nilsson
    Björn Nilsson 4 hours ago

    would really hate to go with such a gas happy person

  • Carlos Santiago
    Carlos Santiago 5 hours ago

    Introduce him to that Icon Living.

  • Matt Lessard
    Matt Lessard 5 hours ago

    6:29 I don’t think that’s a great white buffalo. Looks more like a water buffalo to me. Or at least it once was.

  • Torgonuss
    Torgonuss 5 hours ago

    16:09 "ööh ich bin zu dumm um englisch zu verstehen"

  • SGTJDerek
    SGTJDerek 5 hours ago

    My second favorite TA. 1st isn't what you think either.

  • cekmore Gato
    cekmore Gato 5 hours ago

    Thanks SW!🍻🐈🔥

  • E85
    E85 5 hours ago

    you need to come to gatebil at mantorp park it will make this look boring

  • Jake
    Jake 5 hours ago

    I wonder if that dog 🐕 can still hear

  • snk_blk
    snk_blk 5 hours ago

    Ah, the fearsome Nordsleef.

    • Roncar
      Roncar 15 minutes ago

      Love the Nord Skleef

    DBGMLV 5 hours ago

    As someone, who lives in Germany, but is not a german, I can say that although famous currywurst tastes awful. Just get a traditional bratwurst with fries, it's much better.

    • Roncar
      Roncar 14 minutes ago

      No way. Currywurst for life.

  • SUQM Quijano
    SUQM Quijano 5 hours ago


  • Patrick Kennedy
    Patrick Kennedy 5 hours ago

    What seats are those?

  • Jesse Albright
    Jesse Albright 5 hours ago

    The only car they should have never stopped making

  • SensationalSpace Gaming

    Oh hi mark!

  • Gotham's Knight
    Gotham's Knight 6 hours ago

    Gave me Chills 🥶😈

  • King Ave Garage
    King Ave Garage 6 hours ago

    @5:24 headlight disrespect

  • johan standoff 2
    johan standoff 2 6 hours ago

    You're a lousy.

  • Evil Vincenzo
    Evil Vincenzo 6 hours ago

    Nice car shame about the engine bay. Petrol and diesel are the best..

  • Wannes Dirven
    Wannes Dirven 6 hours ago

    The results are not vallid: Reasons yall went faster is that your learning the track as runs repeated, control should be done again after all testing as backup for best results.

  • David Lackner
    David Lackner 7 hours ago

    Next year let me know! I work for a GT3 AMG Team.

  • A Bhai ek like mile ga please

    Half the time you guys spend on things

  • The Greasy Bandit
    The Greasy Bandit 7 hours ago

    I live in Michigan and went the dream cruise, too bad I missed you guys

  • deuces roxy
    deuces roxy 7 hours ago

    These guys fan boy the whole time ...

  • Charles Seara
    Charles Seara 7 hours ago


  • Mikeys Garage
    Mikeys Garage 7 hours ago

    Beautiful wagon that.

  • António Margalho
    António Margalho 8 hours ago

    The hard thing is not to drift a 1000hp RWD ... Murica, greatest as ever.

  • josh howells
    josh howells 8 hours ago

    What kind of d bag wants to stretch out a nice pair of shades with his fat head.

  • Super Chevy
    Super Chevy 8 hours ago

    I stunt on my gsxr 1000 all the time my buddie has the same bike you do but it's powered by Suzuki gsxr 1000 just to piss all the Harley guys off

  • Martin Benitez
    Martin Benitez 8 hours ago

    Why no part 3

  • Antonio Rodeiguez
    Antonio Rodeiguez 8 hours ago

    6:00 what is that car in front? It's got like a e21 front but an older like 3200 looking rear I'm confused but it looks sick

    • mario jäkel
      mario jäkel 3 hours ago

      its a touring Model of the 02 Series

  • Fletcher Musician
    Fletcher Musician 8 hours ago

    First of all Ken Block, is a BAD MAN DRIVER! Driving a BAD MAN CAR!! Luv it!! TOP Video.... 11 outta 10.. :-)

  • Dan Dun Did
    Dan Dun Did 8 hours ago


  • Joe Vee
    Joe Vee 8 hours ago

    7:35 😂

  • Bob P
    Bob P 9 hours ago

    Those fog lights custom?

  • Moswantd One
    Moswantd One 9 hours ago

    Who put that rock there lol 😂,keep up the good work

  • Anthony French
    Anthony French 9 hours ago

    Nah drop a 1JZ into it and tube chassis it. Remember you had the 40s car on a ls 400 chassis... there's inspiration in that

  • Richard Herring
    Richard Herring 9 hours ago

    Spamming at this point but someone needs to hook up #hertlife with a 4rotor, it would be sick seeing him ripping a car that sounds like a 787B.

  • Richard Herring
    Richard Herring 9 hours ago

    Watching for the hit markers, that shit killed me. Btw seemed like y’all had a good time talking bout Dahms shaft.

  • derPetunientopf
    derPetunientopf 9 hours ago

    It is so silent !!!

  • Remco 420
    Remco 420 10 hours ago

    if i knew you guys where ther i would have buyed you guys some beers

  • Egorka Clash
    Egorka Clash 10 hours ago

    70% Ken Block 29% Hoonigans 1% Forza Horizon 3

  • MadStyle
    MadStyle 10 hours ago

    Man, The Germans are doing the LIT on a whole another level, lol. Damn!!

  • Jake R
    Jake R 10 hours ago

    Id like first shout on it !!

  • Jackson
    Jackson 10 hours ago

    The small amount of time this car has spent actually running over like the last 5 years let's you know why no one builds these things

  • B Unit
    B Unit 10 hours ago

    dirty sanchez i say

  • jacket
    jacket 10 hours ago

    Imagine that driving behind you with sirens on

  • boats solo
    boats solo 10 hours ago

    Hahahahaha papa Hert

  • moultonditcher
    moultonditcher 10 hours ago

    Incredible detail,these guys do the ultimate work.to be brutally honest,i want that gas cap parallel with the truck body if im paying this kind of money,thats the detail I expect.Very impressive.

  • StaxAvoid
    StaxAvoid 10 hours ago

    Being introverted and especially not a partyer I would fuckin love to to go to that one specifically

  • B Unit
    B Unit 10 hours ago

    i just spent money on your web page buying merchandise, restock the colors for the t's fucktards, its 2020, not 1984 their aint a shortage of fucking cotton, and stop trying to pawn off Ken Blocks ol stinky ass race shoes!!! Who the hell is Ken Block any way??? sure as hell aint JESUS

  • SLay_Taggidang
    SLay_Taggidang 10 hours ago

    Curry Wurst !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RuiAlvez
    RuiAlvez 11 hours ago

    Straight G? Does that mean there's a Gay G?

  • Andrea De bona
    Andrea De bona 11 hours ago

    This is fantastic

  • timruddell125
    timruddell125 11 hours ago

    Just booked my flights from NZ to go watch the 2020 race. So fucking pumped for this. Great work.

  • Chris Parker
    Chris Parker 12 hours ago

    Next time you guys go, you gotta take me...this is a serious bucketlist item of mine, and the jealousy levels are insane.

  • upgradedBACON
    upgradedBACON 12 hours ago

    Loving how you guys interact with other content creators these days! Can see why this event was the start of a fruitful relationship with Jimmy Oakes and Hoonigan here. This race, and that track are some of the top things on my bucket list! I don't need any more convincing to go to Germany just for the track.

  • Dean Robert
    Dean Robert 12 hours ago

    If you want to have your mind blown. Track side isle of man TT motorbike racing, 2 foot away from bikes doing +160mph. NO Fences Railing. Your face to handle bar experience, is mind expanding.