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  • Sundown Studios 2.0
    Sundown Studios 2.0 16 minutes ago

    Run to the window on Baltimore

  • Aaron Anderson
    Aaron Anderson 2 hours ago

    You mean people actually listen to this fucking slob Carton

  • Brandon Caridi
    Brandon Caridi 16 hours ago

    I've watched this every year to figure out what Christmas movies I haven't seen yet. Thanks for the ideas! My top 5: 1. A Christmas Story 2. Home Alone/Home Alone 2 3. Die Hard 4. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 5. Christmas Vacation

  • Ulrich Nubias
    Ulrich Nubias Day ago

    Pikachu was a dick to ash at first. Then it started to harass Ash and Always shocking him. I would have loved if he gave him away in the Pikachu Episode. Now this pokemon is just a soulless empty Shell, a case for other pokemon who are his clones and just a Thing to look at because it is cute. There are other pokemon who are nice and can actually be used in battle nicely. Compared with Ash I hate this Pikachu. Reds Pikachu at least is likeable and interesting compared to Ashs. There only ever was one Pikachu I liked and that was Ryan Reynolds in Detective Pikachu, because he was likable and actually managed to accomplish Things. Not ignoring rules, trashing everything with his opness and then getting fodderized in the next Region. If this Pikachu can take on legendaries, then at least let him be awesome. How would Pikachu get taken seriously if it Always Displays power when it just literally became a blueprint for cuteness and then gets weak every time Ash changes his travelling Region? Kids are not that stupid from the beginning. They can understand, that a pokemon is not that weak once it has earned a certain power.....the anime creators make it weaker and make it shallow by doing this. I began to really hate him, once I caught one in my original Pokemon Red Version. I would not say Pikachu is overrated, he is a shallow Shell of his former self. Now just becoming a Marketing tool, rather than an interesting pokemon.

  • ImHere4TheChili

    ...didn't zeke get two tds on the ground though? and 81 yards? against the chicago D?...ooooooookay I guess. not cowboy or bears fan, but this is a bit of stretch

  • Mr Burns
    Mr Burns Day ago

    fntsy is a shit show, not a reliable network, bad bad bad

  • Gemster18
    Gemster18 Day ago

    Mike is going home to his wife and kids... Craig Carton is joining his cellmate for a Bologna and cheese sandwich...🤔

  • C Squared
    C Squared 2 days ago

    Its so good its scary. Scarier than Caliendo. This is hilarious.

  • Maugasaa Saipale
    Maugasaa Saipale 2 days ago

    Suggestions, Who should you start: S.Darnold, R.Fitzpatrick or K.Murray?FullPPR.

    • Maugasaa Saipale
      Maugasaa Saipale Day ago

      @The Guru lmao, gd stuff...Ty.

    • The Guru
      The Guru Day ago

      @Maugasaa Saipale LOL. I would go Darnold or Fitz... leaning Darnold. however, Kyler Murray probably has the best chance for a reception ;-)

    • Maugasaa Saipale
      Maugasaa Saipale Day ago

      @The Guru lol, yup that was dumb of me.

    • The Guru
      The Guru Day ago

      out of painful curiosity, what does ppr matter for a QB?

    • Jeff Adams
      Jeff Adams 2 days ago

      I'm rolling with Mayfield and Fitzmagic.

  • Ron Figg
    Ron Figg 2 days ago

    I love you like a brother(I miss Late Night Anger Management) and I’ve been a Cowboys fan since Cowboys From Hell, Pantera, dropped and I saw Dimebag Darrell wearing the hat! You’re right and Dime and Vinnie Paul would be disappointed. RIP 🎸

  • Lawrence Cheng
    Lawrence Cheng 2 days ago


  • firstbaseblue
    firstbaseblue 2 days ago

    ironically Dak didn't hit the double digit rushing yards

  • Mishka Moreno
    Mishka Moreno 2 days ago

    love these bro lets win that cash!!

  • Mishka Moreno
    Mishka Moreno 2 days ago

    Dane Martinez the goat!

  • Nio
    Nio 2 days ago

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    Nickols 2 days ago

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  • Hal
    Hal 2 days ago

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  • Deborah Nadolski
    Deborah Nadolski 2 days ago

    Walt Coleman is a first-class imbecile. That is why the Raiders will be behead Coleman if he ever returns there.

  • mark begley
    mark begley 3 days ago

    Where in this video is the TNF ?????

  • Keenan
    Keenan 3 days ago

    Looking for a PPR Flex, Pick 1: Derrius Guice, Robby Anderson, Patrick Laird, Carlos Hyde, Terry McLaurin, Golden Tate.

  • Scott Novak
    Scott Novak 3 days ago

    I would like to watch this video but the audio sucks.

  • HansomR 7
    HansomR 7 3 days ago

    38:00 is football.

  • firstbaseblue
    firstbaseblue 4 days ago

    hopefully both of Jim's leagues were 6 point passing TDs because he scored 22.04 if they were hahahah

  • David McGuire
    David McGuire 4 days ago

    Good talk..

  • Red Hawker
    Red Hawker 4 days ago

    I can name so many more logos way way worse then the broncos that is bias right their

  • Jesus Phillips
    Jesus Phillips 4 days ago

    Of course that shit was a hoax

  • 86Kflo
    86Kflo 4 days ago

    E.Y. looked great in the ring, solid match. Shame WWE doesn't use him or 80% of the roster the way they need to.

  • Transit 8
    Transit 8 4 days ago

    C.T.E, SYMPTOMS!!!!

  • M J
    M J 4 days ago

    Trey Lyle's is just a horrible fantasy player

  • Like Deal
    Like Deal 5 days ago

    Start them both. Time share. They're both good for 3 TDs whether that's solo or commitee. I wish I had you're problem. I just got balls. Mattison is taking my Flex spot regardless. Even if cook plays Theyll limit him

  • Like Deal
    Like Deal 5 days ago

    Mattison has been sitting on my bench since draft day and I dont own Cook. 😉

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 5 days ago

    That's key: get the man some help

  • Jimmy Lopez
    Jimmy Lopez 5 days ago

    How are Dolphins more impressive than the Bengals winning their 1st game of the season???🤔🤔

  • xpublicxenemy
    xpublicxenemy 5 days ago

    But at anytime u can use the wire ....I use it especially during the last week's of the season and during playoffs.....pick up players u know ur opponent might need.

  • xpublicxenemy
    xpublicxenemy 5 days ago

    Not need the waiver wire? You can always use the waiver wire......I use it like a motha.....I'm in 4 leagues and on my way to the playoffs in 3....thank you waiver wire ......but if u don't need to use the wire then don't .....

  • Hope Alvarez
    Hope Alvarez 5 days ago

    hola 😋

  • Johnny FN Action
    Johnny FN Action 6 days ago

    Start Cook if you want to, he's gettin shut down tonight.

  • Bret Hauser
    Bret Hauser 6 days ago

    I had Carolina in my survivor pool 🤦‍♂️ If you know an NFL ref by his name chances are he’s a 🗑 referee.....NFL is becoming unwatchable over the years , college football is so much better and always has been

  • Nutflush Bob
    Nutflush Bob 6 days ago

    Yeah I am with you Gabe had Patriots moneyline. And I had the under on the tickets that didnt have patriots loser.

  • Aoife Temple
    Aoife Temple 6 days ago

    He should have stayed away from boxing

  • Bob Ellison
    Bob Ellison 6 days ago

    i'm still watching these shows. this is when these guys were great

  • empty
    empty 6 days ago

    The NFL is more rigged

  • The dog- Rudog
    The dog- Rudog 7 days ago


  • Akshay Sarve
    Akshay Sarve 8 days ago

    is ever even wrong about the outcome of a game?

  • Diego Mainade
    Diego Mainade 8 days ago

    Pikachu sucks and is annoying

  • jake24titan
    jake24titan 8 days ago

    I'm a Sixers fan and I'm getting tired of this team.

  • youreconfused
    youreconfused 8 days ago

    Check falcons pats super bowl last 3-4 minutes of the game. Falcons up 8 with the ball at pats 20 in fg range. A fg seals the win. What happens??? Falcons, instead of running the ball 3 times and causing the pats to use their timeouts, run 3 pass plays and get sacked so far back they can’t kick a fg or cause pats to use ANY timeouts. Remember fg would have sealed the win. Pats go down tie it and win in OT. Completely fixed.

  • robert yardley
    robert yardley 9 days ago

    Semi retired is correct but never washed up and anyway will always be one of the greatest of all time.

  • tom harrison
    tom harrison 10 days ago

    don cherry was not a racist towards French people that is simply untrue read the story about what carol Vadnais did for don cherry with a watch that don cherry could not afford at the time when he was a rookie coach also jean ratelle said don cherry added 2 or 3 extra years to his career because he gave him days off all the time last time i checked vadnais and ratelle are French ps jean ratelle was considered a fairly soft player and cherry still loved him on his team

  • Fredd Martinez
    Fredd Martinez 10 days ago


  • Russell Salazar
    Russell Salazar 10 days ago

    Greggy and the Jets lol

  • Chang Daegun
    Chang Daegun 10 days ago

    I clicked on this because I thought it was a video of this closet-case having a stroke. It's ok. I'll wait.

  • Brandon Potts
    Brandon Potts 10 days ago

    I’ll remember THAT

  • Paul McHugh
    Paul McHugh 11 days ago

    The intentional losing is why I split up the prize money in my league by giving a 20 dollar prize for high weekly score and also total cumulative point prizes for the top 4 teams which goes 17 weeks, while our playoffs end week 16

  • G III
    G III 11 days ago

    What a joke. Get ready now all the turds will come out of the woodwork. Many more coaches will be accused. Enough of the PC bullshit. Now hockey will be ruined. Got pushed, shoved, kicked by a coach??? Poor fucking baby. Don't even get me started on this shitbag that is using the race card. What goes on in the room and in the confines of the glass should stay there. Won't be long before Bill Peters is Don Cherrried right out of the league.

  • Kyle Mosley
    Kyle Mosley 11 days ago

    A View on New Orleans Saints' Penalties in 2019 (Week 12) via @saintsnews #Saints #SaintsNews #NFL #SaintsPenalties

  • Casey Pierson
    Casey Pierson 11 days ago

    I mis these two...where did they go? Best Content on the channel right here.

  • John Reed
    John Reed 11 days ago

    GooN up

  • Charliekoszut 99
    Charliekoszut 99 12 days ago

    You guys suck

  • Russell Salazar
    Russell Salazar 12 days ago

    Also great sock selection this episode Gregg!

  • Russell Salazar
    Russell Salazar 12 days ago

    24:00 - We need more Gregg excitement! We can always use a Gregg Sussman "YOOOOOO!"

  • Shantel Fullerton
    Shantel Fullerton 12 days ago

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  • Jeremy McMahen
    Jeremy McMahen 12 days ago


    Averaged over 100 yards from scrimmage in his first 5 seasons as a starter on a shitty team!got hurt in 2010 played 11 games yet put up 1305 yards from scrimmage in 11 games!!! Came back an had 3 straight pro bowls an was the offensive leader that led us to 3 NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES!9 1,000 yard rushing seasons 5x pro bowl best ALL AROUND FOOTBALL PLAYER ON OFFENSE. one of the best pass blockers in the league every year!almost 4,000 yards recieving!12 straight seasons of 1200 yards from scrimmage more then JERRY RICE!!NO ONE ELSE IS CLOSE NOT EVEN EMITT SMITH!!I rest my case! ALL TIME FAVORITE PLAYER BY FAR!!!49ER FAITHFUL 49ER GREAT!!! IF YOU FOLLOWED HIS CAREER YOU WOULD BE EDUCATED!

  • Beyond Ghost
    Beyond Ghost 13 days ago

    I broke even this weekend. Upset of the week was jets beating the raiders like that. Where did that come from? Packers and cowboys were underdogs for a reason

  • Dog Face
    Dog Face 13 days ago

    Yes! Betting on NFL is so risky now. Bad coaching and bad reffing.

  • Jason Abreu
    Jason Abreu 13 days ago

    I love this segment!! 😂😂😂

  • Bret Hauser
    Bret Hauser 13 days ago

    Is amazes me Bill Vinvoich, the head ref of the Rams/Saints NFC championship game, still has a job or even suspended, these refs need to be held accountable

  • Shane Lipham
    Shane Lipham 13 days ago

    Watson fumbled Thursday night and I'm a Texans fan. #Rigged

  • Shantel Fullerton
    Shantel Fullerton 13 days ago

    ScreenVariety Tv is looking pretty juicy :)

  • D.N.A DatNiccAleXXX
    D.N.A DatNiccAleXXX 13 days ago

    This ho dumbass ho

  • Shantel Fullerton
    Shantel Fullerton 13 days ago

    I'll watch it online on ScreenVariety Tv this time. I think it's the best live TV option this year.

  • Tommy Walker
    Tommy Walker 13 days ago

    She's a HE

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  • bullitlbc
    bullitlbc 14 days ago

    Allen Robinson or Michael Gallup? Anybody? Plz

  • FloridaRealEstate99
    FloridaRealEstate99 15 days ago

    Craig always sounds drunk/hungover/slurring...he was lucky to have that WFAN gig and F’d it up...

  • Platerpus7
    Platerpus7 15 days ago

    “I know have a new favorite song”. Ha. Me too

  • Platerpus7
    Platerpus7 15 days ago

    I miss Boomer and Carton

  • Shantel Fullerton
    Shantel Fullerton 15 days ago

    Last month I joined ScreenVariety Tv. Just $few/yearly and you can watch any Tv channel. Including live TV this year with HQ and many extra options. So I’m not sure if I’ll get banned for this, but don't want to spend $200 on Sunday ticket made me look into other options. ScreenVariety Tv is wonderful and just for $5

  • The Shawn Murphy Journal

    Murray Townsend is picking Winnipeg to win in his picks for the Toronto Sun on twice week

  • Nick Cosellian
    Nick Cosellian 15 days ago

    Got lucky playing Williams? Ian Rapaport reported that Williams would be the starter, and get the majority of the snaps in the backfield. It’s not luck... it’s paying attention.

  • azspotfree
    azspotfree 15 days ago

    Myles Garrett was a NFL player once. In one week he's made himself into a thug and now a sleazy liar.

  • Bret Hauser
    Bret Hauser 16 days ago

    Diontae Johnson, Harry or AP, pick one ppr?

  • ShoeCrew TV
    ShoeCrew TV 16 days ago

    started Williams in my flex. colts are to run heavy especially with mack. Williams put it in my boys eye!!! I love it!!!

  • Shane Lipham
    Shane Lipham 16 days ago

    Gabe hasn't seen the Last Boy Scout

  • Hey Tones
    Hey Tones 16 days ago

    I have rams defensive an eagles on bench . Should I drop eagle or lion or browns or Tennessee. Raven look scary

  • Bret Hauser
    Bret Hauser 16 days ago

    If Howard can’t go in my flex spot, have the following options Diontae Johnson, AP, Or Harry?

  • Big Ragoo
    Big Ragoo 16 days ago

    Gabe. Get out of my head, that was Fn Beautiful... The same shit I’ve been saying since PRE SEASON!!! UnBelievable...🤯😡🤬😈🖕NFL

  • Rob F.
    Rob F. 16 days ago

    This guy is making this up. When they interviewed him he never said anything about it. Myles Garrett is full of shit.

  • Mr Burns
    Mr Burns 16 days ago

    u wanna win some bets, fade Morency, 69% of the time you will win fading him.. too much of a homer guy

  • Mr Burns
    Mr Burns 16 days ago

    good job Shaun and Drew

  • Mr Burns
    Mr Burns 16 days ago

    This bald blowhard lives on his past, but his bets generally suck arse.

  • Mr Burns
    Mr Burns 16 days ago


  • Mr Burns
    Mr Burns 16 days ago


  • Mr Burns
    Mr Burns 16 days ago

    these guys know fantasy, one of the best shows on line. next the the fantasy footballers

  • Mr Burns
    Mr Burns 16 days ago

    dudes a stooge. clueless, homer