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Pirate Papercrafting!
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Dealing With Big Changes!
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Is Game Grumps Dead?
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Welcome To The Grumps!
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  • Devidra
    Devidra 11 minutes ago

    Arin, I love you. But for playing THAT deck, we can't be friends.

  • BulletinProductions

    I've never seen more raw sexual energy than with dan and cam 3.

  • Rock N'Roll
    Rock N'Roll Hour ago

    I want the "take me to lunch" song!!!!

  • maggs131
    maggs131 Hour ago

    Whoever made the lego fursuit for Ryan McGee should definitely make one for dear ol Danny

  • purplecatonbroadway

    I love how they both absolutely lose it over the "hey I'm grump. I'm not" cause I lost it too. I swear to God we have the same humor

  • Seranox
    Seranox Hour ago

    Maybe you guys should just call this show 'Grumps: Off Topic' since that's the majority of the show XD

  • beef989
    beef989 Hour ago

    if jory didnt put in all of that extra fluff shit in his description, it probably would have been a lot better.

  • Adam Cunningham
    Adam Cunningham Hour ago

    Did you guys know there's game grumps porn? You are apart of rule 34 and famous enough for people to greatly sexualize you

  • Adam Cunningham
    Adam Cunningham 2 hours ago

    I love you all

  • CountdownSmiles
    CountdownSmiles 2 hours ago

    "How do you stay inspired?" *talks about porn*

  • Roeleboy
    Roeleboy 2 hours ago

    Please add just a soft little touch of backgroundmusic

  • zelos1826
    zelos1826 2 hours ago

    *"I'M NOT"*

  • Angel Madera
    Angel Madera 2 hours ago

    Dan: He's watching Heave Ho... What a great game that *was* Me: Crying cat meme

  • Leon Mallow
    Leon Mallow 2 hours ago

    Shame tiktok officially banned all LGBT content. I actually liked it before

  • John Stamos
    John Stamos 2 hours ago

    “Boy, that’s amazing.” “You’re amazing.”

  • sambo0203
    sambo0203 2 hours ago


  • Donald Morley
    Donald Morley 2 hours ago

    "That gets me a Biddle....and a Bop!!!" fuckin dying xD

  • エイレン
    エイレン 3 hours ago

    Now i wanna go to Johnny Napkins

  • Brian Metcalf
    Brian Metcalf 3 hours ago

    Take me to lunch, let me worship like a dog at the Panera Bread!

  • Viktor Hernandez
    Viktor Hernandez 3 hours ago

    Take me to lunch I'll have a chilli dog With a side of large fries A chocolate, cinnamon pretzel with a Sprite

  • Kuya B
    Kuya B 3 hours ago

    I'm sure this has been answered already, but who plays those beautiful piano transitions?

  • toffeecrumblepie
    toffeecrumblepie 3 hours ago

    Wow Dan only enjoys adult films with random background or construction noises with attractive furries in it confirmed.

  • FluffyPoopPrincess
    FluffyPoopPrincess 3 hours ago

    I drifted off a bit when they were talking about porn and missed when they went back to how to stay inspired and Arin said "you just get into a rhythm and it comes when it needs to come" and I felt he shared a bit too much.

  • Alucard Murcielago
    Alucard Murcielago 3 hours ago

    4:01 4:03 did anyone else hear a creepy voice ?

  • jNet Dowling
    jNet Dowling 3 hours ago

    I love whatever this show is.

  • Monochrome Mochi
    Monochrome Mochi 3 hours ago

    Yeah I really loved this, it feels really nice having you guys sit down and kind of just talk to us, it’s great.

  • Vinnie Kohler
    Vinnie Kohler 4 hours ago


  • Ethan Trujillo
    Ethan Trujillo 4 hours ago

    hey when you gonna finnish toilet princess and chrono trigger

  • UnchartedWaters Melb

    Please more vids like this please! I love hearing about what inspires you guys and what you do to keep yourself on track. MORE ONIONS PLZ!!!!

  • hyper4venom
    hyper4venom 4 hours ago

    14:13 Why is that so funny omg!!!

  • Emmett Watson
    Emmett Watson 4 hours ago

    I think the best part of the "take me to lunch" being a funny "take me to church" is that Dan looks like a cartoony Hozier

  • CthulhuFTW
    CthulhuFTW 4 hours ago

    Anyone got ideas on where to start with the meditation that they're talking about?

  • Lord Nano
    Lord Nano 4 hours ago

    I love you guys, have a great day

  • Aiden C
    Aiden C 4 hours ago

    i love how they're just casually talking about they're jerking off and porn watching methods

  • Elfie In Angel City
    Elfie In Angel City 4 hours ago

    Tommy's is making me homesick for LA. Better than In-N-Out. Yeah I said it. Native Californian, born and raised in LA, and I don't think In-N-Out is that good.

  • Arron Bennett
    Arron Bennett 4 hours ago

    for a 10 minute power hour, they should put Dan and Arin in fur-suits at a convention to secretly surprise fans

  • Eric Mould
    Eric Mould 4 hours ago

    Greg needs to replace Dan for like 20 seconds on an episode like what they did with Vernon and Ross

  • dorking-too-hard 0.o

    Ok but the mental health bit was wholesome and so honest and i fucking DIG it

  • Tyffanee Lavely
    Tyffanee Lavely 4 hours ago

    Jory buddy, I think you may have been the downfall of this whole thing....In the absolute best way possible. ;D

  • oonil2
    oonil2 4 hours ago

    "They're just two attractive people..." Had me in stitches. "Dan's a furry" is my favorite meme ever.

  • Jennifer Ja'Crispy
    Jennifer Ja'Crispy 4 hours ago

    It's funny you say a cold silence, because I've heard in interviews through porn stars that they keep the rooms cold. Which makes no sense, but hey.

  • EverythingIC
    EverythingIC 4 hours ago

    listening to this while Im pushing myself to do Inktober. I needed this right now.

  • Saiaxs
    Saiaxs 5 hours ago

    Today I learned the Jersey accent is the same as the Brooklyn accent

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 5 hours ago

    You just blew my mind Dan when you said action creates inspiration instead of the other way around. I'm going to try and remember that.

  • Drake Vanderelst
    Drake Vanderelst 5 hours ago

    The music is really nice but I feel like were watching their funeral tribute.. and it makes me all of the sads

  • CHmLgN
    CHmLgN 5 hours ago

    My JO sound track is Grumps. Their sultry voices make me shoot my goo so hard.

  • dwreck
    dwreck 5 hours ago

    the fact this isnt mixed from the audience perspective throws me off so damn much. lol

  • funsize bitesize
    funsize bitesize 5 hours ago

    Arin - grump Dan - grumpn't

  • Christopher Mesic
    Christopher Mesic 5 hours ago

    Inspiration doesnt bring Action Action brings Inspiration -Dan...ielson

  • kydynn spike
    kydynn spike 5 hours ago

    can this become a series??

  • Nick Klaus
    Nick Klaus 5 hours ago

    i really thought dan was just hyping up the diarrhea looking fries, but then i was like woah.

  • Brett Determann
    Brett Determann 5 hours ago

    'You might as well be dead then' oof, yeah when I feel that sort of 'motivation' I tend to consume lots of junk food and coke and set myself to offline mode...

  • Emely Salas
    Emely Salas 5 hours ago

    Is it weird that I look forward to the small breaks because that sweet calming piano?

  • Neo
    Neo 5 hours ago

    I never really thought about it but Jory's voice is somehow the perfect mash of Dan's and Arin's and his cadence at 4:35 just cements that for me

  • Rob Emmerson
    Rob Emmerson 5 hours ago

    Go to porn hub and opens "Strumpets and crumpets 2: the un-butter-ning", put on headphones and let "Welcome to my life - Simple Plan" take you on a journey.

  • Probly a sweet potato

    "It’ll come when it needs to come" Yeah it will.

  • PlayPod
    PlayPod 5 hours ago

    my sensei has talked about the "you might as well be dead" quote. glad arin likes bruce lee as much as i and other martial artists do.

  • Alberto Molina
    Alberto Molina 5 hours ago

    Hey Dan Tommy’s is great the chili is good u should try it

  • ExpressionAmidstCacophony

    Dan Avidan, purveyor of fine vintage pornographic films.

  • roses xyz
    roses xyz 5 hours ago

    Fun fact- cats "wagging" their tails is a sign of agitation. That cat was fucking pissed.

  • o k
    o k 5 hours ago

    I really wanted to see Arin react to the gg animated

  • PlayPod
    PlayPod 5 hours ago

    me and my chick friend at the time were playing mario kart and then after the prix we did or whatever you just started getting the music of mario kart 8s menu music.

  • Qwertmm
    Qwertmm 5 hours ago


  • EetherKeether
    EetherKeether 5 hours ago

    You guys should play The Last of Us for Ghoul Grumps.

  • Kat Mustang
    Kat Mustang 5 hours ago

    Dan's ultimate nemesis... Camera 3!!! 📽

  • Soundboard
    Soundboard 5 hours ago

    turns on the youtube.. oh look game gramps talking about staying inspired.. 2 minutes in "so anyways porn doesnt use the bowchikawowow anymore"

  • Calixto Zaimon
    Calixto Zaimon 5 hours ago

    when dan said gige me that fmc i thought he meant Fat Meaty Cock idk why it was just the first thing that popped in my head...

  • wedsa95
    wedsa95 6 hours ago

    You guys take care of yourselves physically? Working out 3 times a week lessen stress.

  • Mister Torgue High Five Flexington

    I even said to myself when the video started "is he still looking for tie-dye?" and proceeded to laugh my ass off.

  • Jon
    Jon 6 hours ago

    I truly despise TVclip's algorithm! I miss the vulgarity.

  • Aki Neko
    Aki Neko 6 hours ago

    Arin, Dan, Please allow me to either design you fursona's, OR, draw your fursonas omggggg I want to do this so bad, please contact me

    • Aki Neko
      Aki Neko 6 hours ago

      you can search Aki Neko, or, TheRealAkiNeko and see my art

  • TheoneandonlySkrillard423

    Grumps! Can you please play Danganronpa?! It’s like Phoenix Wright, but deadlier!

  • Mistah TJ Perreira
    Mistah TJ Perreira 6 hours ago

    Thank u arin and danny

  • Do The Do
    Do The Do 6 hours ago

    Wait I thought game grumps actually did the "hey I'm grump, I'm not-...." Did they not?

  • Do The Do
    Do The Do 6 hours ago

    So why is game gyaru a thing? Why did they start it? I hate it.

  • 05gaming
    05gaming 6 hours ago

    you guys have a lot of work but would a g club season 2 be possible

  • Calvert
    Calvert 6 hours ago

    remember when arin said "if you're not animating you might as well be dead"??

  • AllPurposeNerd
    AllPurposeNerd 6 hours ago

    They should frame all of them in one of those wall-mounted poster books like they used to have at Hot Topic and Michael's for some reason. And with the description that led to it on the back.

  • Jago
    Jago 6 hours ago

    I tabbed back in just to see Arin's face when Dan names the exact episode Arin previously brought up the Bruce Lee quote

  • Angelina Lamarche
    Angelina Lamarche 6 hours ago

    HOLY shoot I KNOW this is a month late BUT DAN HAS A BIRTHDAY MASSACRE SHIRT ON AND I love it so much!!

  • Skinny Dipp
    Skinny Dipp 6 hours ago

    get those tic tocks out of here or so help me..!

  • James
    James 6 hours ago

    I'M NOT.......

  • Dylan Dean
    Dylan Dean 6 hours ago

    Wait have you guys already played 2 brothers? Because if you haven't... well it was made for you two so.. do it.

  • gwen
    gwen 6 hours ago

    5:13 change da world my final message. goodb ye

  • Cheeky Channels
    Cheeky Channels 6 hours ago

    Gotta be lovin' Dan's Stone Sour shirt

  • Plutt_Bug
    Plutt_Bug 6 hours ago

    They need to go to a Tommy's.

  • AGuyNamedRobert
    AGuyNamedRobert 6 hours ago

    Can we start a petition to get Dan to play Pikmin?

  • Maple Dreams
    Maple Dreams 6 hours ago

    Dan:there were only two TikToks.. Me:oh dan...

  • elise
    elise 6 hours ago

    i think i lost it at the tiktok and I can hardly continue

  • Connor McHarney
    Connor McHarney 7 hours ago

    Not everyone is unhappy in jobs like, say, plumber, but the dialogue here isn't especially helpful for people who aren't enjoying their job and can't afford to quit. The part of the video where Dan starts talking about inspiration, however, is perfect. :>

  • taylorkichu
    taylorkichu 7 hours ago

    One day Dan will get his fursuit and his inner unicorn will shine proudly.

  • Polyrux
    Polyrux 7 hours ago

    I've gotta say. This show has been one of my favourite things you guys have produced! It's nice to see the guys talking and just being real about stuff. It's kinda raw, but in a really good way. The only thing I wish was that it was longer. Maybe stretch it out to 20-30ish minutes and hopefully it doesn't mess with the TVclip algorithms?

  • legeogame
    legeogame 7 hours ago

    Ideas for Minecraft series': Classic survival LP Play minigames on servers (Hypixel, The Hive, ext.) Play minigames on servers with fans (livestream, possibly) Creative mode build battles Map playthroughs. There are countless rpgs, builds, horror maps, story driven maps, puzzle maps, and tons of other genres on sites like MinecraftMaps, PlanetMinecraft, ext. Just some examples...:)

  • Jesse Nelson
    Jesse Nelson 7 hours ago

    Fmc= full metal content

  • IndieTimmie
    IndieTimmie 7 hours ago

    I adore this show. This new channel was such a good idea.

  • Fujoshi Fluff
    Fujoshi Fluff 7 hours ago

    enable emotional auras duh

  • DeadLeaves
    DeadLeaves 7 hours ago

    Another one please.

  • Triple Threat MotorSports

    My solution to keeping motivated when exhausted is music... specifically metal

  • enzoeclipsed
    enzoeclipsed 7 hours ago

    13:54 omg i lost it....dan's totally right

  • AbaddonArts
    AbaddonArts 7 hours ago

    "Sorry, we're off topic." No, you're the Grumps. Off Topic is a Roosterteeth podcast