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  • Monica Paskett
    Monica Paskett 5 months ago

    I would love to see you review the Mane Choice product line to see how your hair responds to each of the three lines.

  • Melody Smith
    Melody Smith Year ago

    What do you think about Biotin vitamin?

  • Charis Williams
    Charis Williams Year ago

    Cool channel, I love your awesome ideas! I share similar footage & vlogs too.

  • Lucreia Bennett
    Lucreia Bennett Year ago

    Girl, where are you? I need a hair video. I need to know what's going on with you and your hair. You motivate me to keep my natural hair and I haven't gotten a video in a while. I'm waiting.....

  • Jay_Reigns
    Jay_Reigns Year ago

    Hi! I recently started my own TVclip channel, my plan is to cover cover natural hair, food, culture, fashion, and other aspects my daily life. If you have a few minutes to check out of videos that would be great. I would also appreciate any feed back or suggestions that you might have. Don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

  • Fatimah Mabilijengo

    i just lost like an inch from breakage what do i do

    • NerlandeA
      NerlandeA Year ago

      please subscribe to my channel i will be posting videos of how i take care of my hair. btw i had the same the problem so i use Cantu leave in conditioner in my hair n it helps hun

  • Iry Wallenholm
    Iry Wallenholm 2 years ago

    Nice channel! :) Hugs

  • Naturally Chippy
    Naturally Chippy 2 years ago

    hello Marley i'm starting my very own channel and from over (what feels like years lol) looking at your videos i was wondering if you had any tip on what makes a successful page. i would have to say you are my hairsparation !!!!

  • Jazmin Collier
    Jazmin Collier 2 years ago

    hello whats your hair type ? and your ethentiy ? lol don't mind my spelling

  • Jean Leake
    Jean Leake 2 years ago

    Hello and just to let you know that I offered these comments to Forever 21: The Mini Marley TVclip video really shows your product on how it fits on the head and how wonderful it looks. I think you should review it! You might consider a model who exemplifies your product! No I do not know her and just happen on your video on TVclip today. I clicked on the url address she offered regarding your product and came to your page that described your product in detail. Then I saw the model's hair which was disappointing after reviewing Ms. Marley video. The models on your site don't really show your product very good! I am just saying!

  • Wendy Oladeji
    Wendy Oladeji 2 years ago

    hi I've been having problems with my hair its just not growing I did some homemade DIY like mayonnaise and lime with egg and alcohol I tried a product which was called doo gro oil but it contained mineral oil and I put my hair in a protective styles for my hair to grow and I take it out it looks big and then a couple of days later it shrinks I don't even know what hair type I have plz helllp

  • Cherise Monet
    Cherise Monet 2 years ago

    I loveee your channel!!

  • DennygirlJO
    DennygirlJO 2 years ago

    Your hair looks awesome in your banner display!

  • BigBoss AndTheDoll
    BigBoss AndTheDoll 2 years ago


  • CurlQueen_MUA
    CurlQueen_MUA 2 years ago

    Hey mini, I love watching your channel girl it give me ALL types of Life!!!! Anyways I'm getting ready to start my own natural hair tutorial channel and I was just wondering if you could give me a few pointers on how to get my page established. Also I was wondering if it would be ok if I referenced you in one of my tutorials. You can look up my page it Stephy0917 can't wait to Post!!!

  • Ivanete Souza
    Ivanete Souza 2 years ago

    Hello , Mini. I was watching your Video ; when you spoke of this product curl enhancing smoothie. I was really interested, but did not find him here in Brazil. How do I buy ? Kisses and congratulations on your posts.

  • Mikayla A Davis
    Mikayla A Davis 2 years ago

    I really admire your channel, I wanted to ask a few questions about the 3c type hair ? Well I have been natural for about 5 years but I have straighten my hair and I do a couple of natural hair styles.. The beginning of this hair I wanted to embrace my natural hair more. So I have been twist outs, I want to do the wash and goes but afraid it will not work. My mom tells me that I have 3c type hair but how do you know that's your hair type ?

  • bern s
    bern s 3 years ago

    hi mini marley

  • TheVegan andAnimalActivist

    do you use products free of Animal testing and free of Animal ingredients?

  • A.k.a Chazley
    A.k.a Chazley 3 years ago

    Can you do a Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag ?

  • NappyMi Mbiass
    NappyMi Mbiass 3 years ago

    hey mini marley I just want to know your daily rootine can you make video pleas!!! :D and I really love your hair

  • Vintage Beauty
    Vintage Beauty 3 years ago

    Can you please do a Hair Regimen vis for us please!!

  • Jaleesa Fletcher
    Jaleesa Fletcher 3 years ago

    Mini can you make the night time routine video on how to keep curls after wash and go...pleaseee

  • Akeisha Smiley
    Akeisha Smiley 3 years ago

    can you do a night time care video?

  • Liz august
    Liz august 3 years ago

    hello mini marley i would like to know how you get your hair like this because i have short but thick hair and i was wondering what products you use how you condition your hair and everything because i really like your videos especially the mega puff and the twist and style please respond back !!!

  • Gabby Smith
    Gabby Smith 3 years ago

    omh your header is so cute lmaoo

  • GScreen0326
    GScreen0326 3 years ago

    What are you studying if you don't mind me asking?

  • Courtney Jones
    Courtney Jones 3 years ago

    Do you think you could do a video on length retention and some good protective styles to try.

  • Jahkaya hey
    Jahkaya hey 3 years ago

    Can you please make a video on how you got your hair so long after your big chop and how long it took for you are hair to grow?! please

  • Shamira Banks
    Shamira Banks 3 years ago

    I know you're busy but I need a new vid in my life!!!! Hunty...get it together now!

  • OurDevineDestiny
    OurDevineDestiny 3 years ago

    Hi Mini Marley, I am new to your channel but always wonder how to create a nice Wash n Go. I didn't think my hair would respond well. To my surprise everyone at work today is complimenting me on my new hair style. I love it! I have used alot of your tips as far as using a non alcohol gel, moisturizing my hair prior to washing and after, finger combing my hair, and using a t-shirt to dry my hair. I just wanted to say thank you for your advice.

    AMBER LANCASTER 3 years ago

    You may have answered this already; I'm loving the color.. is it a dye?, rinse? Do you have a video for it? If so could you link me? If not a point in the right direction would be nice! Thanks!

  • ContourXCurls By Nessa

    Hi Im An Upcoming TVclipr And There Is A Really Up-Beat song that puts me In the mood Of Lloyd's Song Named Get it shawty And I really Like It Please Tell Me Where You Got It From

  • jayyy london
    jayyy london 3 years ago

    I love you mini marley, you inspire me to go natural again. I yired to go natural I was 10 month post relaxer but then my hair became even harder to detangle and style. So I am now currently transitioning again and do more protective styles. Can you do a video on tips for transitioner? Thank you.

  • E. A
    E. A 3 years ago

    you were not liying when you said your edges been laid

  • Gabby Robillard
    Gabby Robillard 3 years ago

    I can't believe you only have 15 videos and 70,147 subscribers

  • StarstruckTiara158
    StarstruckTiara158 3 years ago

    Hey can you make a video about how you moisturize and maintain your length? Please and thank you.

  • Evelyn Addison
    Evelyn Addison 3 years ago

    hi Mini Marley, how do you dye your hair? what hair dye do you use?

  • mozzh10985
    mozzh10985 3 years ago

    Please do a bantu knot out!!!!!! B

  • Maayan Noah
    Maayan Noah 3 years ago

    I finally found my hair twin! i'm curious about the products and methods your using when you rock a wash wash and go, could you make a video in the future demonstrating it? :)

  • Janet A. Hill
    Janet A. Hill 3 years ago

    I love your flat twist outs. I am currently trying to master the flat twist, I have been doing the two strand twist for a long time now and would like to master the flat twist. Wish me luck!!!

  • Jennifer Zuniga
    Jennifer Zuniga 3 years ago

    HEY! I remember when you were a senior at Miramar :D . My friend and I are starting a beauty channel soon and I like seeing your progress :D.

  • MsNicki3
    MsNicki3 3 years ago

    Hi Mini Marley I love your videos you seem like you're a cool, down to earth type of chick with beautiful hair and an amazing style. Your makeup looks really good in all of your vids also. I would love to see more videos as well as some makeup tutorials. Thanks!!!

  • BeautifulDiva34
    BeautifulDiva34 3 years ago

    Hey Mini Marley, My name is NaturalDiva80. My hair is afro and I love it but I want curl like your hair.. What I'm I doing wrong. I try to talk to other natural sista but no one will response back to me. My hair will only get that curl pattern when I add gel to my hair...

    • Be Natural
      Be Natural 3 years ago

      +Carpathianpixie195 Exactly Mini Marley's hair looks more like a 3c/4a and yours could probably be a 4b/c so my advice to you is to just love your hair.

    • Carpathianpixie195
      Carpathianpixie195 3 years ago

      If your hair is not the same texture as hers than no matter how much gel or product you use, it will never look the same. You can however watch her wash n go tutorial and try to use her technique and hair products to make your hair more defined if frizziness is your problem

    Liz MABBYALAS 3 years ago

    Hi Mini Marley. I'm Liz. I love your videos. I've been dying to know what product and what color you use for your hair. Please tell me I'm having such a hard time finding something like that. Did you have your hair bleached and recolored?

  • Meshia Boo32
    Meshia Boo32 3 years ago

    Hi Mini Marley i love your veidos and i was watching to see how to style my hair i have natualy curls but i was doing swiming and it took a lot of hair out in the back i heard ppl say it will grow back but nothing is working for me what do.? MeshiaBoo32 inbow me on twitter MeshiaBoo32 if u can or kik MeshiaBoo32

  • FashionBeauté&Moi
    FashionBeauté&Moi 4 years ago

    hi mini marley i'm carole i would like to know if you 're interested to do your first collaboration with a french youtuber about lookbook or natural hair style thanks love your videos

  • Michael Rodriguez
    Michael Rodriguez 4 years ago

    3 weeks too long! please make a new video :D

  • Jasmine Breed
    Jasmine Breed 4 years ago

    I agree . I want more videos also can you do a favorite product video Plz thanks in. Advance

  • Jeffrese Bartley
    Jeffrese Bartley 4 years ago

    can u do a tutorial on ur fro hawk and ur goddes braids u have on instagram please #POSTMOREVIDEO