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Andy Luckin
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  • Rather Be Traveling
    Rather Be Traveling 11 months ago

    Very nice view of LHR. Some of those jet bridges might make you think you are walking to your destination. I have a flight coming up in a few days on a Delta's A330 from ATL- AMS.

  • Hoovy
    Hoovy Year ago

    Hey Andy du nennst Kegy einen kranken dummen typ obwohl du es bist.Ich meine EIN SCHEIß VIDEO VON EINEM BESCHISSENEN FLUG!!!!

    • Andy Luckin
      Andy Luckin Year ago

      You need professional help !!

    • Hoovy
      Hoovy Year ago

      Andy Luckin schau dir das einfach das scheiß Video an !😩

    • Andy Luckin
      Andy Luckin Year ago

      Simon Kronenburger, your comments are worthless and nonsensical, why would you try to insult somebody you don't know. is your life so dull and boring that you get a twisted gratification from this ?, I suggest you seek help!!

    • Hoovy
      Hoovy Year ago

      Andy Luckin ich zitiere aus dem Video Der Demon der schwarzen Kommentare von dir :"Kranker dummer typ du hast es null drauf deine Stimme ist zum kotzen und schwachsinniger geht es nicht"(info nebenher du musst nicht in die Kommentare sehen due bist im Video)

    • Andy Luckin
      Andy Luckin Year ago

      Hey Arschloch, was gibt dir das Recht herum zu gehen und völlig Fremde abzutöten? Wenn du mein Video nicht magst, dann ist es fair, zumindest deine Kritik lesenswert zu machen und nicht nur irgendein hasserfülltes Gerede. GEHEN SIE EIN LEBEN !!

  • Leola
    Leola Year ago

    Either your hands are big or that food was tiny. You look like a giant eating human food. Lol

  • jonybeam
    jonybeam Year ago

    The mood lighting is good but in my opinion not as nice as on Singapore Airlines new 777 -300ER cabins.

  • Nikolay Klimchuk
    Nikolay Klimchuk 2 years ago

    Great video! I appreciate Dreamliner but don't like high pitch noise (flaps and such) and the fact FA can dim everybody's windows from central control panel. Also wondering if weather in Iceland always like that? When I was there in July it was EXACTLY the same like shown on video.

    • dannyone1
      dannyone1 2 years ago

      That is why I like the old window shutters.

  • simon crawford
    simon crawford 2 years ago

    A very enjoyable trip report. Thank you. And the window situation sucked quite a bit for you. They just try to get too many seats, and rows in these days, and it messes up window locations for passenger.

    • Giulio
      Giulio Year ago

      simon crawford thanks God they put more seats so we can pay less! 😊

  • Darrell Nichols
    Darrell Nichols 2 years ago

    some nice views on t/o...VS020 I take it this was...hope the sick passenger was okay in the end

  • Callum Ellington
    Callum Ellington 2 years ago

    The aircraft name is actually Ruby Tuesday, just so you know, Lady Penelope was G-VFAB

  • Springbok295
    Springbok295 2 years ago

    I feel sorry for the passenger who suffered the stroke.

  • c rush
    c rush 2 years ago

    Nice vid, hope the passenger was ok.

  • DutchFlyGuys
    DutchFlyGuys 2 years ago

    Nice video mate! Thanks for sharing! 👍🏻👍🏻✈

  • John S.
    John S. 2 years ago

    Very nice. Only ONE airplane waiting to takeoff at one of the busiest airports in the nation?