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Quantum ASMR
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ASMR With FabFitFun!
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  • Kappa
    Kappa 9 minutes ago

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  • Jarley Piotr Tchaikovsky

    i like the name '' Quantum'' , me suscribo!

  • luk czajnik
    luk czajnik 3 hours ago

    the orion nebula looks the most beautiful

  • luk czajnik
    luk czajnik 3 hours ago

    I love looking at the stars, especially lying on the grass and looking at the sky

  • luk czajnik
    luk czajnik 3 hours ago

    super great

  • luk czajnik
    luk czajnik 3 hours ago

    nice and pleasant to listen to you I am awfully hard for my family watching you I forget and feel better

  • Red Kite
    Red Kite 8 hours ago

    You are a star ! Thanks you for this, can we have more like this please.. :)

  • Zara ASMR
    Zara ASMR 8 hours ago

    *so relaxing!*

  • LarryWithTheLightsOutxLarryLongshotLightspeed

    another perfect ASMR video from Quantum, oh so very delightful

  • Gypsy Punk
    Gypsy Punk 10 hours ago

    Knowing math as you do....could you show us a math equation that will explain how absolutely beautiful you are ?

  • neptune xl
    neptune xl 10 hours ago

    quantum!! can you tell us more about neptune?! 😬😯🥰😉

  • Matthew Saward
    Matthew Saward 10 hours ago

    Another quality vid, and i would love to see a morning/night routine video next for sure.

  • Brok Homz
    Brok Homz 12 hours ago

    What did they use to calculate distances? ....bs.

  • Brok Homz
    Brok Homz 12 hours ago

    The stars are angels inside our domed earth.

  • adil mait
    adil mait 12 hours ago

    We want a video explaining the relativity theory

  • Ryan Chan
    Ryan Chan 14 hours ago

    Dang!I just focus on your face expression

  • Trey Stewart
    Trey Stewart 15 hours ago

    I love you

  • KrullStar
    KrullStar 15 hours ago

    Is the thumbnail broken?

  • X S
    X S 16 hours ago

    You look like Eliza Dushku.

  • X S
    X S 17 hours ago

    Scratch my back

  • HAL 0042
    HAL 0042 17 hours ago

    you cold?

  • Victor C
    Victor C 17 hours ago

    Ok I'm back,Such a interesting asmr video caroline this is as well as an interesting overall asmr channel,I been subscribed for a year and half plus 👍...🛌😴goodnight getting sleepy but I will finish video first

  • CLo Wn
    CLo Wn 18 hours ago

    Mic quality 😵😵

  • Marco Tv ASMR
    Marco Tv ASMR 19 hours ago

    Everyone remember to -Make sure your autoplay is off -Alarm set -Brightness down -Charge in Good night 😴

  • CLo Wn
    CLo Wn 19 hours ago

    Wtf 23??😧😧... I thought you're 3

  • Ryan Norton
    Ryan Norton 19 hours ago

    “I don’t speak French, so pardon my... French” that laugh tho 😍

  • J R
    J R 19 hours ago

    Nerd clickbait

  • mecho derle eldetu der

    Love beign taken to places with your patience

  • Aadi ASMR
    Aadi ASMR 20 hours ago

    Is a super video. As always I speak and you are doing very well. Later on you will become a very good ASMR Artist

  • Man Of A Thousand Faces

    Study the stars with me OK studying look out there a female

  • Byaku Ryuu
    Byaku Ryuu 21 hour ago

    I have the impression that you think "I'm so hot". And thats true so its ok.

  • Wes Bell
    Wes Bell 21 hour ago

    Keep up the math and learning. I liked the expanding my mind while also getting sleepy.

  • Carlos Rubio
    Carlos Rubio 21 hour ago

    Looking absolutely beautiful as always. Thank you for another quality video Caroline! We love youuuu :))❤️

  • SpOoKs
    SpOoKs 21 hour ago

    its ashame that only 1/10'000 will understand

  • Batty man
    Batty man 22 hours ago

    Tingles heaven

  • emy18kay
    emy18kay 22 hours ago

    Oh Caroline... I'm still coming back to this video. It calms the storms in my soul ❤️

  • lukas prikryl
    lukas prikryl 22 hours ago

    Nice, informative. Just a question, what's the biggest star in the galaxy - mean at present, after Justin Bieber got smashed out of sky when collapsed under hypertrophic forces of his ego?

  • Proof of Life
    Proof of Life 22 hours ago

    Incredibly attractive, not that you haven't heard that a million times. But have a great day

  • LonelyHeartOwner
    LonelyHeartOwner 23 hours ago

    Your kind words warmed my heart. Thanks for being yourself too

  • Raymond Jiang
    Raymond Jiang 23 hours ago

    You're so cute and snuggly in that blanket :) Love your soft-speaking as well!

    LIL PUMP Day ago

    Okay I can’t be the only person that read Fitbit at first? 😅

    • Gromit
      Gromit 11 hours ago

      No, me too ahaha

  • A Z
    A Z Day ago


  • D r a x ざ押鋭せ

    the thumbnail thoooo

  • Victor C
    Victor C Day ago

    I will be back later caroline its 5pm in California I have few things to do but I will be back at 1130pm to comment and watch this asmr video

  • Kurtis C.
    Kurtis C. Day ago

    Is this your second FabFitFun unboxing? I feel like I remember you doing one before quite some time ago.

  • LatreceASMR
    LatreceASMR Day ago

    Yesss finally a soft spoken video, love it

  • Libertad
    Libertad Day ago

    A talking velvet

  • VPG Darkstar
    VPG Darkstar Day ago

    Hmm it’s a bit early to go to bed... Power nap it is!

  • aFaceInside
    aFaceInside Day ago

    Hello my love!

  • R T
    R T Day ago

    feling spoiled consistent uploads

  • Naughtystimpy
    Naughtystimpy Day ago

    I love it when u randomly start stuttering and repeating your words like ur having some kind of seizure - that is like ur signature Quantum superhero move and gives me crazy tingles. Also ur shawl is very Return of the Jedi / Moon of Endor - loving that Ewok vibe.

    • Zed
      Zed 9 hours ago

      Naughtystimpy uhh.. what

  • Jorge Rizo Aguilar

    Bonita I love

  • American Critz

    Fabfitfun partner?! ☑️ Quantum video ☑️ Good sleep here I come

  • Free Lula
    Free Lula Day ago

    To me, you personify fab and fit and fun. ;)

  • theotherdude _ASMR_

    Thanks im a new sub ❤️

  • Dan Lowe
    Dan Lowe Day ago

    **gifts piece of mattress sample to someone** 'what is it??' shhh

  • Akuza
    Akuza Day ago

    Yo, Caroline. Have you ever thought of doing an ASMR livestream? Is that something you'd be comfortable doing? I think it'd be nice to see you on a more personal level -- live, where we can all relate and chat. You've been such an important part of our lives helping us sleep (and mine for a year and a half), so I think being able to connect in real time instead of a with a past-you could be something nice for us all, if you're interested.

  • youcometome9
    youcometome9 Day ago

    She looks so sweet with that blanket. Credit to the blanket for not falling off.

  • kirby
    kirby Day ago

    hi sandi

  • ITs JaBoiii
    ITs JaBoiii Day ago

    Not gonna lie that blanket looking pretty cozy right now

  • BatmanTASFigs
    BatmanTASFigs Day ago


  • Lee Roquemore
    Lee Roquemore Day ago

    There must be something unique about the partnership between fabfitfun and ASMR channels. The deuce sound pretty cool when you unbox them..🤔 *They do*

  • LocalJax ASMR
    LocalJax ASMR Day ago

    I really miss to listen your soothing tingles sounds.

  • Bilal K
    Bilal K Day ago

    With all due respect you are looking Happy today

  • hellgirl.x3
    hellgirl.x3 Day ago

    Damn to early to read comments. Edit : I think the audio is not loud enough or my ears are broken. 😂 Anyway, good night 🌃 and greetings from Germany

  • ab assiri
    ab assiri Day ago

    Welcome backkkkk ❤️

  • Bilal K
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  • Bobby Sacramento

    Thank god for this, I’ve got plenty of fab fits, but I wasn’t having much fun

    • Akuza
      Akuza 21 hour ago

      @Balik GodX Yeah they do.

    • Balik GodX
      Balik GodX 21 hour ago

      God does not exist

    • Akuza
      Akuza Day ago

      Lol nice one.

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  • DIJI 2
    DIJI 2 Day ago

    Not first but hello notification squad 🥳

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    Anonymity Ix Day ago

    Not first

  • Dude Perfect boys


  • Kim Thompson
    Kim Thompson Day ago

    Relaxing video ! You really do great work on these videos . Great ASMR channel you have here !

  • Luis Vasquez
    Luis Vasquez Day ago

    This is truly beautiful !

  • Ricardo Pelucarte

    ¡Que hermosa eres! Y en este momento comprendo que la única forma real de agradecer tu presencia y existencia en este mundo de una forma tangible y que tu puedas comprender es diciéndote lo que tu presencia inspiró en mi: ¡despertaste sensaciones que no sabía que existían!, No comprendo tu idioma y aún así me enbelesaste con tu ponencia de principio a fin... Tus gestos en comunión con tus expresiones más la dulzura de tu voz producen deleite y debes saber que esto unido al hecho de que estés hablando sobre fórmulas físicas y el universo imprimen en ti una vibración sensual única... Ojalá puedas traducir y entender estás palabras en su pleno contexto... 🙏 Gracias por existir...

  • Trey Stewart
    Trey Stewart Day ago

    I love you

  • Jordan A
    Jordan A Day ago

    To quote a certain Vulcan, "fascinating."

  • STAN
    STAN Day ago

    Your look and this background gives me a strong early nineties vibes, for some reason. Very good nostalgic feels^^

  • Jey Leno
    Jey Leno Day ago

    Would you consider an acting career if offered?

  • Ominous Omi
    Ominous Omi Day ago

    Hell yeah, I like learning random stuff. More please! 😮

  • Adriano Zampolini

    Who loves her lips?

  • SakuraCherry
    SakuraCherry Day ago

    Thank you for this video.. I couldn’t help smiling through this video. Thank you so much ❤️❤️ I love to hear that I’m not alone and someone is proud of me!

  • Pénthos
    Pénthos Day ago

    12:27 that's what she said 😢 but then she said 14:00 😏🥴

  • Avaricious Cloud

    yesyesyesss the perfect topic for ASMR☀️🧡 edit: I couldn’t fall asleep because this was too interesting, I’d love to see more

  • cpt berto
    cpt berto Day ago

    I'm thankful to listen to this positive content the holidays for me are difficult it's when my depression really kicks in but listening to asmr vids I feel much better thank you 😊

  • Alex Popa
    Alex Popa Day ago

    Is that a thick ass you've got over there!?!?

  • Cashen
    Cashen Day ago

    love your channel quantum you make the best talking asmr in my opinion

  • Batty man
    Batty man Day ago

    New sub....your amazing😘

  • magic591
    magic591 Day ago

    came here for a quick ASMR fix, went away with an astronomy degree

  • Jean-François Brien

    aren't Parsec the distance from earth to the Sun !??? or something like that

  • Ukitoz
    Ukitoz Day ago

    Nobody: Me when im high: 5:00

  • Cholula Hot Sauce

    We're going to space but we don't have space buns? I feel robbed.

  • b r o k e n
    b r o k e n 2 days ago

    Hey, you should add some relaxing music, it would be great 😊

  • Breval Whispering
    Breval Whispering 2 days ago

    17:50 No really it's not. To the scale of the Milky Way that's like doing Paris-Amsterdam on Earth. Let's not even talk about stars in other galaxies like Andromeda...

  • Neal Sterling
    Neal Sterling 2 days ago

    Really cool idea mixing ASMR with science! (I love Astronomy) The amount of preparation and work that was put into this Video is much appreciated!

  • kint92
    kint92 2 days ago

    I really want to see you wink unironically now

  • Vader Whoop
    Vader Whoop 2 days ago

    I would be interested to know which microphone ( and interface if there is one ) that you used to record this audio. Although it's clear and full range, there is quite a high soundfloor, either inherent in the microphone, or from the gain level at the point of recording. A good way to minimize background hiss is to record at minimal gain setting and be close to the mic, then boost the audio in post whilst editing. Either in your video editing program, or first using free audio software like Audacity, that has a dB gain option if you record audio seperately from video before importing the are audio into your editing package. Reasoning... If you record high gain you get a high noise soundfloor / background hiss; so if you boost audio gain in post you also boost the noise/hiss. If you record low gain there's less noise to get boosted in post. Worth experimenting anyway. You have a wonderful voice.

  • gimmiedashasha
    gimmiedashasha 2 days ago

    This is what most girls say to me 13:56

    • gimmiedashasha
      gimmiedashasha Day ago

      I lie, they usually say this to me 16:35 then smack me and then leave.😢

    • Asmr Consumer
      Asmr Consumer 2 days ago

      gimmiedashasha Good joke lol! 😃

  • Tamás K.
    Tamás K. 2 days ago

    my god, it's full of stars!

  • Small Guy in a Big Coat

    Solo: A Star Wars Story actually retroactively corrected the parsec slip up. They explained in the movie that the Kessel Run was a difficult area of space to navigate through which just so happened to be a smugglers route through a Nebula . . . correct me if I'm wrong on the name of that. This Nebula was some arbitrary number of parsecs in length. Less than 12 presumably. The Kessel runs length will vary dependent on the route that the Nebula provides at the time, and the pilots skills/ships speed. Hope I explained that well enough. I thought it was a pretty clever way of fixing the improper usage of parsec.