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  • Ryleigh Schuhmann
    Ryleigh Schuhmann 2 months ago

    i love this channel so much that i watch it when i work out..makes me fell healthy

  • jeremie zen
    jeremie zen 2 months ago

    Hey JP could u try make a mac and cheese burger using mac and cheese as the buns for the burger

  • Danny B
    Danny B 2 months ago

    shrimp po boy please

  • Terrill White
    Terrill White 2 months ago

    Sooooo....are these two married?

  • Abi & Avi
    Abi & Avi 3 months ago

    Hi there! Just discovered your channel by the recommendation of ownage pranks. and that prank was hilarious.

  • noni neko
    noni neko 3 months ago

    hey I think you should do McDonald's bacon potato pie from Japan (give a like if you agree)

  • Ben Steffen
    Ben Steffen 3 months ago

    make a GIANT TWINKIE! Oh, and anything with Mr. Pig. My kids love him so much we had to buy a bunch for the house and rewatch every "feat mr pig" video about 472,896 times.

  • Dave & Pauline
    Dave & Pauline 3 months ago

    Being in the Orlando area for a bit now you guys have enjoyed Tijuana Flats right? If not my wife and I would be happy to treat you.

  • Daniil Elesin
    Daniil Elesin 3 months ago

    I'm so upset with Julia's new teeth She's so cute with those little cracks between them She was that cute ...

  • Huge Nads
    Huge Nads 3 months ago

    you guys are hilarious together......what a great couple. Here's a suggestion that millions of fans would LOVE, Go to Mastro's Steakhouse and have yourselves the best steak in the universe. Then,............try to recreate their steaks using a dust herb seasoning they use. Let me know when you do because I've got some ideas for you. If you can master recreating a Mastros steak, you will have found the holy grail and achieve everlasting consciousness......gungagalunga.

  • Christian De la cruz
    Christian De la cruz 3 months ago

    I'm so glad you guys are doing the challenge Binging with Babish gave you, you are spreading awareness for a huge underrated cause these days. Love what your doing and keep it up and cant wait for that challenge. Thank you so much guys!

  • Alistairm Kerr
    Alistairm Kerr 3 months ago

    Are you guy doing the hot pepper challenge for ALS you have been nominated by Binging with Babish

  • Jakob Stenberg
    Jakob Stenberg 3 months ago

    Binging with Babish challenged you!: For Garmt | The Hot Pepper Challenge for ALS!

    RSAUTOSWITCHER_COM 3 months ago

    Great channel homie

  • Litzer
    Litzer 3 months ago

    something special in halloween

  • Danny B
    Danny B 3 months ago

    what about a cheesesteak

  • Rizzler
    Rizzler 3 months ago

    giant popcorn ball please. :)

  • Simon Omri
    Simon Omri 4 months ago

    Look forward to the HeLLThy CopyKat Taco Bell Crispy Chicken Quesadilla. Deep fried? Check. Carb. in a more carb? Check!

  • Randy Random
    Randy Random 4 months ago

    You guys should try to make the taco bell quesadilla sauce

  • Pokémon Every Gen Fan

    Hello HellthyJunkFood, can you please make a recreation of the Georgia Gold Chicken and Chicken Tenders at KFC. Thanks 😊 I am a fan of your channel. 😁 😖

  • Fredou567
    Fredou567 4 months ago

    Can you guys make a city out of pizza or is that too "cheesey" im sorry do you not "crust" me anymore. 😮

  • Anguisette
    Anguisette 4 months ago

    Could you make nachos in the form of a corn dog on a stick?

  • Memebo
    Memebo 4 months ago


    GIGGLR 4 months ago

    This isn't even my final comment...

  • justin kilcrease
    justin kilcrease 4 months ago

    new sub.. totally hooked! Thank you

  • CarlosJohn09
    CarlosJohn09 4 months ago

    i really want JP and Julia to recreate the Jack Link's beef jerky recipe and then make a giant strip of beef jerky

  • Robyne Briel
    Robyne Briel 4 months ago

    make a donut filled with oreo cheesecake

  • CHICKEN MAN 2015 is chicken

    Y'all need to make a giant cinnamon roll

  • rudy sanchez
    rudy sanchez 5 months ago

    you guys should make a giant fried oreo, ;) #yolo

  • The Gaming Paladin
    The Gaming Paladin 5 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/uism6DJH6Lg/video.html Lego Shaped Burgers in the Phillopines, let's DIY this for america.

    DUCKHUNT 5 months ago

    You guys should do your own forbidden burrito from taco bell (Black Rice), Really good for you apparently, its from china and its rich in antioxidants,it was considered as a "royalty food" only a testing item at the taco bell location though

  • Jade Breakey
    Jade Breakey 5 months ago

    make kfc's double down sandwich it's dying out

  • Buster Blade
    Buster Blade 5 months ago

    Hey there^^ my friends recommended your channel because of love for food. I gotta say, your channel is awesome! Have you guys tried giant ice cream in giant cone?

    • Buster Blade
      Buster Blade 4 months ago

      Could you create giant pizza lasagna and also versus style?

  • LittleLydia14
    LittleLydia14 5 months ago

    please do a food review at the heart attack and grill in vegas?

  • Abigail Lopuszynski
    Abigail Lopuszynski 5 months ago

    I wish, that there was a button to like all of your videos all at once!

  • HamonLord
    HamonLord 5 months ago

    I must say that I have only watched through your McDonald's Breakfast video and I will admit I'm a diehard fan of McD's and that vid is your best hit! It really sucks that the McD's in where I live, pretty much gave the Steak Egg and Cheese Bagel Sandwich the "Fuck You!" treatment by nuking it off the menu and replacing it with its Sausage counterpart instead. Which is the primary reason I had made the decision to not go there for breakfast anymore and just ditch it in favor of Dunkin Donuts. But at least I have your vid for a nifty reference for how I might merrily recreate it someday.

  • Sen
    Sen 5 months ago

    Think you guys could find a better channel icon? The clip art of a pig doesn't really fit in my opinion.

  • explainyouandme
    explainyouandme 5 months ago

    where is the travel channel gone? Jp and Julia

  • L3GND4RY
    L3GND4RY 5 months ago


  • Ralphe World
    Ralphe World 6 months ago

    Love you guys

  • Ralphe World
    Ralphe World 6 months ago

    love you guys someday imma try one of you guys food recipe on my channel

  • Eugene C
    Eugene C 6 months ago

    JP, go back to your roots and do a Korean Hellthy Junk Food series. There's a lot of ingenious dishes out there.

  • Asia Wiley
    Asia Wiley 6 months ago


  • Matt Chapman
    Matt Chapman 6 months ago


  • trey
    trey 6 months ago

    just wondering, is my money help funding your trip to Rome? because if it is i will have to take away everything and not be nice about it. i think you channel is great and the two of you make it very interesting and funny, that is why i am paying the 5 dollars a month because i think you are worth it.

  • Brian Tesoroni
    Brian Tesoroni 6 months ago

    If you ever bring your show to New Jersey you need to try Rutt's Hutt Hot Dogs... Their hot dogs are called rippers because the hot dog pretty much look ripped open. Also White Manna, they were introduced at the Worlds fair in 1939 and they have the same type of burgers White Castle has but so much better. If you ever plan on coming I can throw a few more suggestions to you..... Just Message me.

  • Michael Hatch
    Michael Hatch 6 months ago

    You need to make this. Shake Shack's New Spicy Chicken Sandwich

  • Nori Hamari Draws
    Nori Hamari Draws 6 months ago


  • Heidi Wheaton
    Heidi Wheaton 7 months ago

    How about a giant Olive Garden bread stick. My son is autistic and he checks your channel everyday. Please, if you don't want to make it try and reply back.

  • Symbol 24
    Symbol 24 7 months ago

    OMG Ive been bing watching you guys for a week now! I have a huge mancrush on JP!

  • TheExtremeDevoloper
    TheExtremeDevoloper 7 months ago

    can you make giant oreo?

  • enkianderos
    enkianderos 7 months ago

    It would be appreciated if you could take a stab at Buffalo Wild Wings "Southwest Ranch". I have been trying for a while and cant get it myself.

  • LunarQuantum GD
    LunarQuantum GD 7 months ago


  • Lubbs
    Lubbs 7 months ago

    are u guys dating?

  • Soccerx starz Starz in row

    make a coca cola icecream

  • derry tubbs
    derry tubbs 7 months ago

    diy giant bacon

  • LunarQuantum GD
    LunarQuantum GD 7 months ago


  • Macmac Bagtas
    Macmac Bagtas 7 months ago

    Come on,please u need more DIY Food video

  • Haroon Javed
    Haroon Javed 7 months ago

    please can you tell me from where you have downloaded/purchased all the sound effects and musics you put in your videos.

  • Karen Murdock
    Karen Murdock 7 months ago

    can you make GIANT FERRERO ROCHER

  • lordroticiv
    lordroticiv 7 months ago

    i would pay an exuberant amount of money if you guys replicated the chuck e cheese parmesan breadsticks. they are my everything but chuck e cheese stopped making them, then brought them back, then stopped. they'll come back, but i've always wanted to make them. i'd give anything to know how to make them

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson 7 months ago

    Where these guys from?

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 7 months ago

    I wish you would go back to making recipe videos , I really liked them.

  • Mystery Princess
    Mystery Princess 8 months ago

    Julia and JP! You guys are the best at making giant foods! I bet you guys can make something giant but dessert related ^^

  • LunarQuantum GD
    LunarQuantum GD 8 months ago

    Stop pls with the "Take notes!" thing. its annoying.

  • Nerdy Coffee Foxlee
    Nerdy Coffee Foxlee 8 months ago

    I feel honored... at the hotel they're staying at we looked at Waco there by the elevators but I was too embarrassed to speak to them I feel like they're on a whole other level and I'm not good enough to talk to them I really love their channel

  • TouchyBanana
    TouchyBanana 8 months ago

    JP is a retard and Julia is a whore.

    • Dave Kane
      Dave Kane 8 months ago

      Thanks for letting us know to block you. I implore you to seek professional help, by which I mean a prostitute. Nobody who gets laid is this sad.

  • Dave Kane
    Dave Kane 8 months ago

    You should do something featuring DogTown on Monroe Ave. You already did Bill Gray's for the worlds greatest hamburger. Now tackle the world's greatest hot dog.

  • riseoflibertarianism
    riseoflibertarianism 8 months ago

    JP needs to take the Surstromming challenge.

  • McClintock Productions

    You guys should do the Surstromming Fermented Fish Eating Challenge!!!

  • RussianBear
    RussianBear 8 months ago

    you should make a giant cheesy bacon burger

  • Megan Taylor
    Megan Taylor 8 months ago

    "Great stuff!"

  • lilclover1a2b
    lilclover1a2b 8 months ago


  • OxiClean Bleach
    OxiClean Bleach 8 months ago

    "DIY giant cookie" and "DIY mountain dew ice cream". Im not sure this is healthy

  • Kaitlyn Frye
    Kaitlyn Frye 8 months ago

    You need to do a giant sour skittle vs.

  • LunarQuantum GD
    LunarQuantum GD 8 months ago


  • SelfZin
    SelfZin 8 months ago

    they have the best description ever

  • XenO
    XenO 8 months ago

    can u pls make a giant cake, PLS!!!!!! JP AND JULIA

  • cre8tivj
    cre8tivj 8 months ago

    hey JP you guys should make a giant cheddar bay red lobster biscuit

  • neschellgrace noche
    neschellgrace noche 8 months ago

    Please create a giant bacon wrapped burger with bacon filled burger patty^^

  • Charles Butler
    Charles Butler 9 months ago

    Please make a Chicago style deep dish pizza!

  • jonathan keiffer
    jonathan keiffer 9 months ago

    no video for last sunday? good job on the channel looking foward to making some of these

  • Daniel Lopez Santos
    Daniel Lopez Santos 9 months ago

    can you do huge big mac

  • Jared Wolph
    Jared Wolph 9 months ago

    everyone loves corndogs, why not make a corndog out of a pepper jack cheese stuffed sausage wrapped in bacon and then battered and fried

  • T R A G E D Y
    T R A G E D Y 9 months ago


  • Naia PlayzMC
    Naia PlayzMC 9 months ago

    Giant Cupcake! It would be so amazing!

  • Joe_Luvs_Mac&Cheese
    Joe_Luvs_Mac&Cheese 9 months ago

    HellthyJunkFood needs to host Mind Over Munch! Julia would have so much fun while learning some fun tips and JP could just sulk and sneak some snacks haha!

  • manolo lobaton
    manolo lobaton 9 months ago


  • Jin Wong
    Jin Wong 9 months ago

    your videos made me chuckle. subscribed.

  • rosmersaha
    rosmersaha 9 months ago

    Do junk food from Taco Bell, KFC or mcdonalds but version Japan, England, France, Germany, Korea ... ETC food that is not consumed in the USA.

  • Christel Koko
    Christel Koko 9 months ago


  • Al_Sword MSP
    Al_Sword MSP 9 months ago


  • William Tran
    William Tran 9 months ago

    make a carl jr baby back rib burger or giant

  • Terry Cripps
    Terry Cripps 9 months ago

    Taco Bell is coming out with chicken triangles, you need to make them into nachos b4 taco bell does

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 9 months ago

    Discovered your videos last week and have been binge watching ever since! Love your videos! Started from most recent and was working my way backwards when I discovered JP is from Rochester! Next time you guys are in the Roc I'd love to do a video with you! Jeremiah's Wing Challenge?

  • DesertDog1178
    DesertDog1178 9 months ago

    Want more videos with the family, especially the twins Jake and Gabe and mom.

  • Larry Hellberg
    Larry Hellberg 9 months ago

    on your ice cream you need to try Carolina reaper pepper ice cream

  • denae ryan
    denae ryan 9 months ago

    hey have u guys thought of doing like a ultimate hellthy cooking tournament?

  • YellowAnt
    YellowAnt 9 months ago

    Love your channel guys. Been following you (no, not like that :) ) for a while. I realized you've never (or I missed it somewhere) made lasagna. It'd be interesting to see what concoction you could come up with as a twist on a standard meat lasagna.

  • AkaKs
    AkaKs 9 months ago


  • LunarQuantum GD
    LunarQuantum GD 9 months ago

    1 MIL SUBS!!!!

  • Ryan Mckinney
    Ryan Mckinney 9 months ago

    1,000,000 : )

  • Dreyton Andrew Knowles

    congrats on a million

  • Elppa Bokchoi
    Elppa Bokchoi 9 months ago


  • scottyplug
    scottyplug 9 months ago

    I'm calling less than 24 hours till you bust a millie! Holy Shit. I love this channel.

  • Spynmaster
    Spynmaster 9 months ago

    Has anyone seen a video on here on Grilled Cheese Burgers(cheeseburgers with grilled cheese sandwiches as the bread)? 'Cause I haven't found it yet.

  • hd pixl
    hd pixl 10 months ago


  • 6.7cummins
    6.7cummins 10 months ago

    Watching you guys on Harry. I was in the kitchen , and when i heard the intro I immediately thought of you guys, not thinking it would really be one of my favorite duo's from youtube. Good job guys!!

  • William Tran
    William Tran 10 months ago

    make giant five guys burger

  • Ronald Nichols
    Ronald Nichols 10 months ago

    how about a giant egg mcmuffin or a giant auntie anne pretzel?

  • cre8tivj
    cre8tivj 10 months ago

    make a deep fried burger

  • Allison Thomas
    Allison Thomas 10 months ago

    how many vids have they made?

  • Jason Longster
    Jason Longster 10 months ago

    Amazing channel! I want to see a video where you voice over each other for the whole video! You two are hilarious and awesome!

  • Ben Dierking
    Ben Dierking 10 months ago

    I see a keyboard and guitar in your place. Do you play in the free time?

  • Brushed X
    Brushed X 10 months ago

    hey where is the SMASH BURGER review

  • The HoochGoblin
    The HoochGoblin 10 months ago

    LOL, you guys are great. Keep up the good work and I'll keep watching and thumbin up the vids :)

  • Mikki Sweets
    Mikki Sweets 10 months ago

    You guys need to try and then make "top the tatter" it is a dip that you can find in northern Wisconsin and in southern Minnesota (it also might be in a few other Northern- Midwest states but im not really sure) but this is the best dip you will ever have. It also can come in a few different flavors.

  • Joe Canadian
    Joe Canadian 10 months ago

    307th comment! ?!? Saturday, August 13th.... thank God it wasn't Friday! God bless you both more, and please get baptized for eternal life; it would be great to know you didn't consider this world Heaven!

  • Young Vids
    Young Vids 10 months ago

    keep up the good work so closee to 1milll

  • Lisa Steel-Guzman
    Lisa Steel-Guzman 11 months ago

    I just had an idea for you guys to try out. I know you sort of, kind of did this but, you might like this. Pepperoni pizza covered White Castle cheese burger. Would love to see you guys make it, but if you don't that's cool too.

  • Megan Hays
    Megan Hays 11 months ago

    you should make ben and jerry's chunky monkey ice cream

    • Megan Hays
      Megan Hays 11 months ago

      theres no recipie video on you tube for it

  • Shandor Korsos
    Shandor Korsos 11 months ago

    You guys are so funny and I love your channel... but you should try Bean Boozle!!!!

  • Coho Copperware
    Coho Copperware 11 months ago

    igg.me/at/coho/x/14463535 discover the benefits of drinking water from copper cup

  • Beetlejuice
    Beetlejuice 11 months ago

    Julia needs to put up some nudes

  • jess Veenstra
    jess Veenstra 11 months ago

    www.tastemade.com/videos/ice-cream-cream-cheese-and-strawberry cheesecake icecream!

  • silvereagle90000
    silvereagle90000 11 months ago

    Maybe think about a collab with Brook Crist. Being in FL, there are countless opportunites to combine your show and the local world-class fishing and eatery that is FL.

  • Robert Drexler
    Robert Drexler 11 months ago

    Julie Goolia I get it the wedding singer. Can't say whether its cute or geek-ish.

  • Robert Drexler
    Robert Drexler 11 months ago

    I understand keeping the calories down. Had muffin or brownie or cake, I forgot what it was but. It was crunchie from the sugar and I've never ate something with so much butter. chocolate cake should taste like chocolate cake, not almost like you dipped it in butter. Anyways it still has to be bad for you. Like If Its 1000 calories drop it down to 650 to 700 calories.

  • James Johnson III
    James Johnson III 11 months ago

    Hey JP and Julia you need to stop and try out Krystal's a mini burger and hot dog place that is sort of a white castle clone restaurant with chili on everything. It is a favorite chain restaurant that exists in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

  • Medi-Fact-Station
    Medi-Fact-Station 11 months ago

    great channel, love it very much.

  • sheldon wheatley
    sheldon wheatley 11 months ago


  • Sebatian Ahumada
    Sebatian Ahumada 11 months ago

    are you a couple......?

  • linda traylor
    linda traylor 11 months ago

    Do a giant fruit loop

  • Andrea Montemayor
    Andrea Montemayor 11 months ago

    GIANT LOADED POTATOE . And I mean giant, like mutant potatoe giant XD

  • Paula
    Paula 11 months ago

    Guys, you should do spaghetti tortillas!

  • TheBaldr
    TheBaldr 11 months ago

    If you want a more authentic Taco Bell beef, you add half a cup of old fashion oats per pound of beef in the blender. They use that as filler.

  • zuzuwashere
    zuzuwashere 11 months ago

    Can you guys please do a Very Berry Bliss crepes copy cat recipe!! I can't seem to get my recipe right! Btw it's a downtown Chicago place called Wildberry

  • Dawn Amer Photography
    Dawn Amer Photography 11 months ago

    Love your recipes! As a born and bred New Yorker who moved to Sweden I miss fastfood (We have Mc Donalds but nothing else where I'm at! Please Please Please make a Popeye's fried chicken and gravy copycat!

  • Umer Qureshi
    Umer Qureshi Year ago

    pls. make lasagna in an extra large size....with your own ingredients

  • akoww1000
    akoww1000 Year ago

    Just watched the Burger king Onion ring video, can you guys do a burger king original chicken sandwich ? been looking for some time for a homemade video and I only find one that's made in the oven :/ lol

  • Shannon Morrison

    Do the apple empanada from taco bell

  • _DiamondHacker_ / MasterGreninjaX


  • _DiamondHacker_ / MasterGreninjaX


  • Artic Bread
    Artic Bread Year ago

    I am a huge fan of you-all and I can't wait for the next video and will very much appreciate if you will make a giant lasagna, its my favorite food, KEEP DOING THE GREAT WORK. thanks .

  • Δημοσθένης Κυθραιώτης

    Guys since I love your channel and I believe more and more people would love it, I would like to contribute by adding greek subtitles to your videos. If you agree of course.

  • Carl Masonot
    Carl Masonot Year ago

    Hey do you guys ever go on the road and visit peoples houses and stir up some fry? Would love it if you guys could come shoot a cooking video here at my place with me? I just dream big but nothing happens ever.

  • pooptacoyum
    pooptacoyum Year ago

    Giant choco taco?

  • umma groovie
    umma groovie Year ago

    do giant cake now!

  • Jennifer Taylor
    Jennifer Taylor Year ago

    Make a Hot Cheetos bagel

  • umma groovie
    umma groovie Year ago

    do it do it

  • umma groovie
    umma groovie Year ago

    if not do it

  • umma groovie
    umma groovie Year ago

    have you done giant cake

  • MakeYourself1987

    Hey guys. I know it's a long shot but I'm looking for a replica of the nacho cheese from the Lunchables. I know, there are better nacho cheeses out there but this is one of my favorites. Can you make it happen??

  • Karen Murdock
    Karen Murdock Year ago

    can you make a giant Cheetos

  • dangavsterGAMES
    dangavsterGAMES Year ago

    Hey guys you GOTTA make a full size one of these with your KFC chicken recipie: scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/16665904_10155011958194592_3232863886891666709_o.jpg?oh=96e8fb95167162807587781d8f00d6e4&oe=58FD9292

  • Al Capone
    Al Capone Year ago

    try anal

  • Lucy Ma
    Lucy Ma Year ago

    make a garlic bread cone then put spaghetti and meatballs inside like if you agree

  • Weston Spurling
    Weston Spurling Year ago

    Have you ever thought of making KFC's Georgia Gold Chicken?

  • Cole Wright
    Cole Wright Year ago

    I don't necessary like all the stuff y'all make, but I don the Pretzel Crust Pepperoni Pizza and the Chick-fil-A Chicken Burger y'all did.

  • Joe_Luvs_Mac&Cheese

    You guys should look into getting an upright freezer to have for some of your larger frozen items, so you can free up space in your fridge's freezer to lay out trays of product before frying...there are a bunch online that are space saving and under 200 bucks :) Keep the vids coming! I'm a new subscriber but love the entertainment of your videos and your chemistry together, not to mention the Mac and Cheese ideas...if you couldn't tell from my username! Waiting for a Q&A video! Much love!

  • Jade_
    Jade_ Year ago

    You guys should make a giant cinnabon delight from taco bell!!!!!

  • john smith
    john smith Year ago

    Hey If you are looking for the best fried chicken in all of Massachusetts you need to try Duguay"s In Gardner MA. They have jojo's and chicken strips that are amazing. They also have seafood but all i ever get is Chicken there. They use high quality local chicken that is great and make everything from scratch. Their traditional fried chicken is out of this world. It is a small family owned restaurant that has been a local staple for a long time. About ten years ago the restaurant burned down but they rebuilt and are still making the best chicken I have ever had. Thank me later if your able to try it.

  • avelin
    avelin Year ago

    i never make any of your recipes. i only watch u guys for entertainment haha

  • cre8tivj
    cre8tivj Year ago

    make a giant micdonalds sunday

  • Christopher Sce
    Christopher Sce Year ago


  • Sayeed Mohammed
    Sayeed Mohammed Year ago

    You guys only make fast food in this channel. Could you do some south Asian stuff. Make a Kacchi Biriyani for instance :D. Really loved to see how you guys make it. Thanks

  • Art Z
    Art Z Year ago

    Can you please make a sub sandwich train, thank you

  • Christina Hammond

    Am I the only one who didn't get their newest video to my subscriptions? I even have notifications turned on.

  • sandie cane
    sandie cane Year ago


  • OwlKing oh well
    OwlKing oh well Year ago

    hellthyjunkfood make a burger ball

  • Mark Coren
    Mark Coren Year ago

    Hey congratulations on making the front page of HuffPo for the giant grilled cheese =D

    • Mark Coren
      Mark Coren Year ago

      (Of course, Julia MIGHT have preferred a different pic to immortalize her, but hey, carpe diem!)

  • Dylan Elvine
    Dylan Elvine Year ago

    JP can u pls make a giant cupcake. Thanks homie

    • Buster Blade
      Buster Blade 4 months ago

      I agree!!! Please do some giant things again!!

  • Matt Harman
    Matt Harman Year ago

    To begin, i hope most is well. Thanks to the whole team for producing these videos. Yall vidiock! I have a request for HJF Live! Can you make banana ice cream using only bananas... and toppings of course. Seriously though, only bananas. I once ate at a shop that served such a fare, but it left over winter like, well, like a fair. Thank you for at least considering it. Peace!

  • PrincessKenzie9808


  • Tereza Howard
    Tereza Howard Year ago


  • Drew Secret
    Drew Secret Year ago

    this channel is so funny, imaginative and quirky, i love everything about it. Much love all the way from Australia :) you know... the country that looks like Julia's mince meat when she flattens it with a glass bowl :P Keep up the great videos and ill keep up the likes :) Xoxoxo

  • Chaad Pierre
    Chaad Pierre Year ago

    Epic Meal Time for a new generation

  • Instagram Hack
    Instagram Hack Year ago

    Who cares if the food is healthy or not? It tastes good that's all that matters.

  • James Jacobs
    James Jacobs Year ago

    hay guys love the channel can yall make a budwiser wing sauce it seams they dont make the wing sauce any more thanks

  • Stoned Twin Does

    I have a new appreciation for cooking thanks to you guys. I love to cook now. :)

  • XenoKid
    XenoKid Year ago


  • XenoKid
    XenoKid Year ago

    DO IT

  • XenoKid
    XenoKid Year ago


  • XenoKid
    XenoKid Year ago

    jp please make mac and cheetos doritos tacos

  • XenoKid
    XenoKid Year ago

    Jp please make mac and cheetos doritos

  • Riding In Vans With Nerds

    Please make a Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese sandwich!!!

  • XenoKid
    XenoKid Year ago

    Jp Please make mac and cheese and doritos

  • ZachyDeafy
    ZachyDeafy Year ago

    You should try to replicate Quepapas, the one you can get from Pizza Hut, they are the best. You can try replicate it or do a giant version of it.

  • Lisa Roselli
    Lisa Roselli Year ago

    Texas Road House Rattlesnake bite....Please please please

  • NXSP Gamers
    NXSP Gamers Year ago


  • Farhan Nahin
    Farhan Nahin Year ago


  • Becca K
    Becca K Year ago

    McDonald's Hot Mustard sauce.....c'mon :)

  • Morticia Gravesyde

    I recommend a video with french fries, chili (I like Hormel with beans), and shredded cheddar wrapped in a flour tortilla, then wrapped in bacon, and deep-fried, like the deep-fried poutine video...deep-fried bacon-chili-cheese fries.

  • J. Dominick Stubbs


  • maiablue99
    maiablue99 Year ago

    Do a Christmas themed recipe!

  • FoxAlbert ftw
    FoxAlbert ftw Year ago

    Make a KRABBY PATTY in real life.

  • NXSP Gamers
    NXSP Gamers Year ago

    Or make the Wendy's Siracha Chicken Sandwich

  • NXSP Gamers
    NXSP Gamers Year ago

    You should make a Mac n Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza. (Keep this in mind, Pizza Hut.)

  • Michael Hatch
    Michael Hatch Year ago