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  • Greeen Shoots Productions

    Your channel is great :)I have already subscribed you..I would be glad if you subscribe me and do a favor.Thank you.

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  • Craig Grant
    Craig Grant 3 years ago

    The greatest advise I can tell to make any dream come true is to spend time alone in nature

  • s1r_dr2g0n
    s1r_dr2g0n 4 years ago

    Whoa Whoa.. You guys changes the channel name??

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    I don't see how the penguins movie is going to better without Marlene I mean she seems like she needs to be in a movie that way audiences wouldn't feel sorry about her only in a show anymore.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    In the penguins show, Skipper is too prejudice against animals who aren't penguins and why should tv audiences like the penguins better than the other animals in the show. I mean penguins aren't better than any animal on earth and that's not fair.

  • Eliza
    Eliza 4 years ago

    i have an idea for how to train your dragon 3, so here it goes. Hiccup finds more night furries and there is gonna be like this scene where toothless finds his family. There is gonna be a conflict cuz someone else wants to capture all the night furries for his dragon army, the vikings win and the saddest part can be the break up scene. Hiccup lets toothless go, he lets him go to his home, but will he choose to go or to stay...? You decide DreamWorks because you are amazing at making things happen, this is just my idea but please do this! Also, make a dreamworks and disney cross over (elsa and jack meet, many people want that) please! Thanks again for the movies you make and omg the first 5 mins of httyd2 is so amazing! CANT WAIT!! =D

  • zachdrache01
    zachdrache01 4 years ago

    Is there a Jason Brown or somewho ??? I know his cousin Ryan Brown :)

  • Dream Fox
    Dream Fox 4 years ago

    me encantan sus peliculas soy fan desde bebe y estoy esperando como entrenar a tu dragon 2

  • Brayan Valencia
    Brayan Valencia 4 years ago

    Hi Dreamworks OMG!!!!! please make a movie of rise of the guardians 2 but this time add something new ELSA x JACK elsa is from disney animations and i know you are not close friends but please make a movie of jack frost and elsa from Disney animation please peaple are sooo! excited just so you can make one of them so if you ask disney animations it will really mean a lot to us so if you want to learn more go to www.petention/jack frost from rise of the guardians and elsa from frozen should be in a movie toghether as love interest.com it will really be sweet and i bet it will warm elsa and jack frost hearth so love you and god bless you p.s my little brother is scared of shrek lol! :);)

  • Olivia Leopold
    Olivia Leopold 4 years ago

    Dreamworks it would mean alot to other fans of Monsters vs Aliens if there would be a sequal instead of another bad idea or a shrek 5. I have been a Deamworks fan since 2009 because of the heart and technologie put into these movie and MvA was the first one i fell in love with. With the tv series gone, it was a god awful shoe, everything was just so badly done. But i believe that you guys could have done better. You guys dont know a good thing when you see it.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    If Marlene was in a movie, then she would look more cuter and prettier than how she seems in a show.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    the animation in Dreamworks movies is more classic than the animation in the shows and it would be nice to see dreamworks tv characters in more detailed animation.

  • SimsDancer
    SimsDancer 4 years ago

    I love Rise of the Guardians and for the first week I had it I was watching it every day. Please try to do what crystalDM96 said.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Come on dreamworks! Get Marlene in a movie why should we only see her in a show? let's see her in a movie? shall we?

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    I don't see why otters wouldn't be perfect enough to be in a dreamworks film i mean aren't they kind of fun?

  • crystalDM96
    crystalDM96 4 years ago

    Please do a Disney-DreamWorks cross where Elsa meets Jack Frost! It is very rare to see two characters who are such an intriguing and oddly satisfying match for each other. It would be lovely to see such a crossover and judging by the "jelsa" momentum on the internet, there is a large interest in the pairing as well. It would be amazing to see it actually happen! Thank you so much!

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    I have a cousin who's ten years old and is under seizure and is a fan of madagascar movies and kung fu panda movies and really wants some of the penguins of madagascar characters in the penguins of madagascar movie who are zoo adapted good portrayed and almost in every episode. He also wants a cobra, komodo dragons, an orangutan, an elephant, an Asian otter, a binturong, a clouded leopard and a tragopan in kung fu panda 3. Dreamworks if you don't do this, My cousin will die and then i'll be heart broken when I lose him.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    You know, there is an image with Marlene having a similar face expression like Katy Perry just for her bright cheeks and her green eyes.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    I wish the penguins of Madagascar and kung fu panda legends of awesomeness weren't made just so Dreamworks could save new characters for sequels and spin-off movies.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    If Dreamworks doesn't feature Marlene in a movie part of the Madagascar franchise, then no one will ever get to know her any better.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    I feel bad for Marlene not being in a movie because she seems like the kind of character who needs support just like the other characters who've been in movies.

  • Erisu megami
    Erisu megami 4 years ago

    DreamWorks please read this: www.change.org/petitions/dreamworks-make-a-rise-of-the-guardians-2?utm_source=supporter_message&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=supporter_message

  • WhiteSwarm
    WhiteSwarm 4 years ago

    If you'll do a TV series about How to train your dragon 2 I'd LOVE to see an episode where the roles are inverted for a curse or a nightmare or something like that. That Hiccup and the others Vikings wake up as dragons one day and their dragons wake up as humans and have to get used to their new bodies to work better and find out that being humans or a dragon is not actually easy as it seems. There are some people who actually would like to see something like this. I hope you consider this option! Can't Wait for HTTYD 2!

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Roddy has hair like Hugh Jackman.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Alex has an expression similar to Ben Stiller's

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Oscar has face expression similar to Will Smith's

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Sinbad has a beard like Brad Pitt

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Spirit doesn't talk but the narrator his the same character as him and the narrator is Matt Damon.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Shrek has a face expression similar to Mike Myers.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Rocky doesn't have a any expressions from Mel Gibson but movement.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Tulio has an expression kind of like Kevin Kline.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Moses has similar feature expressions like Val Kilmer

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    I really want there to be a Madagascar 4 because the characters seem too fun to forget about since Madagascar 3.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Dreamworks stole the ideas from Pixar and Disney just to make its movies successful.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    I'm afraid for the penguins movie to be without the endemic characters of the penguins show because I want to see them as movie characters not just TV characters all the time.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    A lot of Dreamworks characters have face expressions similar to the actors they're played by.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Just imagine Marlene the otter as a movie character and imagine her doing something that would get audiences to know her better.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    The characters in the Dreamworks Nickelodeon shows act too immature and boring. but they're more mature and funny in the movies the shows are based on.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    the Dreamworks Nickelodeon shows are completely the opposite of the movies they're based on and that just pisses me off.

  • BlueFish Hamster Channel

    you could make a film called dracumania where the kings daughter what's a normal life and sets out on an adventure. family adventure kind of thing. thanks :). please reply on the idea.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    I really feel sorry for dolphins since there was a penguins of Madagascar villain out of them.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    There should even be an Asian small-clawed otter for Kung Fu Panda 3 who should have an face expression like Shifu's only he's 30 years younger than him.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    The new wise character for Kung Fu Panda 3 should be an orangutan because they seem very wise and they seem like they could meditate and also do martial arts.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    I know the penguins movie is coming but i don't want it to be without any of the endemic characters of the penguins show.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    If they make a Kung Fu Panda movie villain out of a cobra, then some fans could make fanfiction images with both the cobra villain and master viper just like there was some with both Tigress and Tai Lung.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    The villain for Kung Fu Panda 3 should be a cobra. I know there was one from the TV show but that can't make Dreamworks not want to make a cobra villain and he can have twice as much evil plans as Lord Shen and he can have an army of Komodo dragons. Also the supernatural figure can be his father.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    The voice actors in the DreamWorks Nickelodeon shows sounded to immature enough for kids. In the movies, they sound more mature.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Marlene doesn't seem too bad to be a movie character. All Dreamworks needs to do is design her with more details and make her do stuff that doesn't relate to Nickelodeon's ideas.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Skipper seems more mean looking in the TV show than how he seems in a movie. He even thinks too negative about the animals who aren't penguins. What a stupid way to make a character like that.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    You know who i think should have a better voice for Marlene the otter if was featured in a movie? Katy Perry.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Nickeledeon is evil and makes Dreamworks look bad.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    There's too many new characters wasted for Dreamworks movie based shows.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Marlene should've been in Madagascar 3.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    I don't trust Nickelodeon for what it's doing to Dreamworks.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Po seems more annoying looking in the TV show than how he looks in a movie.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Marlene sucks in a TV show I want her in a movie!

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    I like Marlene but she should've been in a Madagascar movie.

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 4 years ago

    Why does Marlene only have to appear herself in a TV show? I mean what's wrong with having her in a movie?

  • Wolf Moon
    Wolf Moon 5 years ago

    If only theres a dreamwork movie of the antagonist is a wolf, better a werewolf and its funny and great like the Croods ^^

  • Chris Maccool
    Chris Maccool 5 years ago

    hey guys I know a Sequl of Rise of the Gaurdisn you could make base ona Friends Graphic Novel from Devient-art called Rise of the Gaurdisns Shift written buy LIvingCreator.

  • PleiadianDreams
    PleiadianDreams 5 years ago

    Hey DreamWorks, I really enjoyed watching Kung Fu Panda and Gladiator, keep up the good work.

  • freakness
    freakness 5 years ago

    i know REX GRIGNON!!!! he's my mom's friend since school!!!

  • Tri Quang
    Tri Quang 5 years ago

    I am looking for native OFFICIAL 3D trailer to my new portal... thanks

  • Kemal Kartalbas
    Kemal Kartalbas 5 years ago

    can´t wait for howtotrainyourdragon 2

  • Eshwar
    Eshwar 5 years ago

    HTTYD2, all the way baby!!

  • HeeroYuy5001
    HeeroYuy5001 5 years ago

    I hope there will be another Madagascar some time in the future. Really loved the movies!

  • wordreet
    wordreet 5 years ago

    No videos available to view in the UK? And I can't even watch the trailer for HTTYD2 on the main website. Lameness.

  • Jacqueline Roberts
    Jacqueline Roberts 5 years ago

    A few years ago I never even new that dreamworks existed and now I know that they are there so at least I know they exist now.

  • Jacqueline Roberts
    Jacqueline Roberts 5 years ago

    I've seen kung fu panda 1 and 2 and how to train your dragon as well as the croods now and they were all by dreamworks.

  • Jacqueline Roberts
    Jacqueline Roberts 5 years ago

    ...I mena everywhere I turn I see a Dreamworks film....

  • Jacqueline Roberts
    Jacqueline Roberts 5 years ago

    Is dreamworks becoming famous? I am hearing more and more of them...

  • Simon T
    Simon T 5 years ago

    LOVE Rise of the Guardians !!! Watched it 3 times in 3 days :D Will there be a second (and third and fourth:D) movie? (but never forget Jack, he's the best) Just tell me :) Hope I'll enjoy a new movie with JACK FROST

  • ScalyFloof - Tiliqua France

    When will the French trailer of How To Train Your Dragon 2 will be released ? D:

  • Phandom Trash
    Phandom Trash 5 years ago

    love you Dreamworks you are the best

  • Hiccup Haddock
    Hiccup Haddock 5 years ago

    so exsited for HTTYD 2

  • Fedex
    Fedex 5 years ago

    Yesterday I saw Rise of the Guardians .. I love it!

  • xxXBlueSparkle223Xxx

    Love Rise of the Guardians!!

  • zkoroh
    zkoroh 5 years ago

    the fandom of httyd is dying for the trailer D: when will it release??

  • astrid Romero
    astrid Romero 5 years ago

    suban avances de la pelicula como entrenar a tu dragon 2 porfa tengo muchas ganas de verlos

  • astrid Romero
    astrid Romero 5 years ago

    deberian subir avances de la pelicula como entrenar a tu dragon

  • 79 Louise
    79 Louise 5 years ago

    The Croods are my favourite recent DreamWorks animation! I can't wait to own it on Blu ray! :D

  • GDV Daily
    GDV Daily 5 years ago

    Hey That Was Awesome.Glasd you are making video for us to watch

  • animationfan765
    animationfan765 5 years ago

    Can't wait for Me and my shadow !!!

  • Astrid Hofferson
    Astrid Hofferson 5 years ago

    How to train your Dragon 2 Preview Please!!!!!!

  • Bella .Faleno
    Bella .Faleno 5 years ago

    Please, please, please make a sequel to Rise of the Guardians. I'll do anything for you if you give me a sequel.

  • Bella .Faleno
    Bella .Faleno 5 years ago

    You know, we are never going to give up until you give us a sequel to Rise of the Guardians.

  • Bella .Faleno
    Bella .Faleno 5 years ago

    I just want to say thank you. Thank you for creating such a wonderful enchanting movie. I have never loved a movie so much as Rise of the Guardians. It have inspired me and it makes me so happy. And with a movie like that one it have the potential to have a sequel. Even if it did't bring in so much money it is still enough for making a sequel. But I think you should look at what movies have the most potential for a sequel and do it. We are a lot of fans that love it and want to see what more the characters will do. And we are not giving up.

  • Mohammad Arif Solanki

    My dream to be a part of DREAMWORKS

  • Canine
    Canine 5 years ago

    hay dreamworks my name is Keaton i am 14 have loved your movies sinse i was little and my dad and i would like to offer our voice but we live in IL tell me if you are interested

  • NatyPBarbosa
    NatyPBarbosa 5 years ago

    Dreamworks is the best!!

  • LazeHeat
    LazeHeat 5 years ago

    please another 2nd movie for rise of the guardian :(

  • Emmie Brigid
    Emmie Brigid 5 years ago

    Is there really going to be a how to train your dragon 2? or is that just a rumor?

  • USER69
    USER69 5 years ago

    quando vai ter kung fu panda 3

  • Saresha TV
    Saresha TV 5 years ago

    Please Dreamworks Animation, you must watch my how to train your dragon video! You will love it! Gaurenteed!

  • mcnoodle
    mcnoodle 5 years ago

    I wonder could you make a sequel for Rise of the Guardians? It's a very great movie and I would love to see what happens next! :D

  • ShinRa
    ShinRa 5 years ago

    congrats, DreamWorks! i hope you continue in your successes and i'll do my part in supporting you!

  • Moon
    Moon 5 years ago

    Dreamworks = my favorite animated film inc. :)

  • USER69
    USER69 5 years ago

    hey quando vai sair kung fu panda 3 sou muito fan da série séra que tai lung volta?

  • USER69
    USER69 5 years ago

    oi quando sai o jungfu panda 3 sou muito fan

  • Aratchaporn Yoosuk 274

    I love Rise of the guardians . ^ ^

  • ewe.linko
    ewe.linko 6 years ago

    i love Dreamorks!!! May i just say that i love the movies you guys make. :))

  • Cate
    Cate 6 years ago

    Hei DW! I called my new dog Marina, as Marina from "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas". My favourite movie!!!

  • jamalanimation
    jamalanimation 7 years ago

    Dream-works is much much better then pixar . Keep up the good work :)

  • ashlynn gamer
    ashlynn gamer 7 years ago

    Hi i love Dreamworks Animation.

  • Kay-Girl
    Kay-Girl 7 years ago


  • Dave Provo
    Dave Provo 7 years ago

    thank you for your movie! the Mad Hatter salute you!

  • parkerfam06
    parkerfam06 7 years ago

    There are more than 1.5 million likes on FB for Megamind! YAY!!!!! Now's the time for that sequel we've been BEGGING for, Dreamworks! We need to see SOOO much more of Megamind... Incredibly Handsome Heroic Genius and Protector of Metro City!!!!

  • parkerfam06
    parkerfam06 7 years ago

    YAY!!! 1.5 MILLION LIKES FOR MEGAMIND! Facebook is exploding with love for the hottest, bluest hero ever to walk the planet! Bring on that SEQUEL, Dreamworks! We're begging, begging, begging! <3 <3 <3

  • TheDragonflyStorm
    TheDragonflyStorm 7 years ago

    Hey Guys, keep up the amazing work! I fell in love with "How to train your Dragon" so bad, it almost hurts! :) Its absolutely stunning an magic, like a Dream. Thank you so much!

  • Beatriz López
    Beatriz López 7 years ago

    Great page. Congratulations!

  • Sarina Tutupa
    Sarina Tutupa 7 years ago

    Dreamworks, more Megamind please! :D

  • parkerfam06
    parkerfam06 7 years ago

    Dreamworks, you've got to see how many likes there are for Megamind on facebook, and how many comments there are from people all over the world who are asking for more. We all LOVE Megamind, and want so much to see a sequel! Please don't let your greatest creation disappear. Your fans have spoken, we want more Megamind! <3 <3 <3

  • TheLaughinAssassin
    TheLaughinAssassin 7 years ago

    what a pretty channel :3

  • VeronicanPlay
    VeronicanPlay 7 years ago

    Megamind is the best movie I have seen in years, I hope that one day you will make a sequel. I would hate for such an awesome character like Megamind to disappear. Thank you for making Megamind Dreamworks, you rock! :)

  • Estevão Joshua
    Estevão Joshua 7 years ago

    Ola DreamsWorks eu amos as suas animações graficas :)

  • OSYR797O
    OSYR797O 7 years ago

    dreamwork keep those animated films coming!!!!they're great!!


    ALL OF THE DreamworksAnimation ARE THE GREAT AnimationS



  • parkerfam06
    parkerfam06 7 years ago

    Hey guys, there are still more likes for Megamind on Facebook than there are for Magagascar, even though Madagascar is working on their 3rd movie. So when do we get a sequel to Megamind? It's pretty obvious that's what Dreamworks fans want. You should read all the requests for a sequel on facebook. See? We're BEGGING for more Megamind!!! :)

  • Michal Vašut
    Michal Vašut 7 years ago

    How to train your dragon is the best of yours movies. I like it.

  • eduardo alcocer
    eduardo alcocer 7 years ago

    sherk 1,2,3,4

  • Cptodayiscool
    Cptodayiscool 7 years ago

    Kung fu panda 1 was great, Kung fu panda 2 was AWESOME! I bet kung fu panda 3 will be bodacious.. ly awesome! I'm dying to know what it's about! I heard there was going to be 6 KFP movies! I'm so excited! When im 26 i'll be sure to buy the 6'th movie!

  • Agonistic Clock
    Agonistic Clock 7 years ago

    I love PoxTigress... I can´t wait for KFP 3 : D

  • Sophia J
    Sophia J 7 years ago

    Can't wait for HTTYD 2!!!

  • altarush
    altarush 7 years ago

    Kung Fu panda is the greatest.

  • somewhere one
    somewhere one 7 years ago

    meOwz ,,,=^..^=,,, happy howlin' daze

  • AntiVirus950
    AntiVirus950 7 years ago

    Woohoo KUNG FU PANDA 3 I am looking:) I can not wait to drop "DreamWorks HAPPY NEW YEAR" AND ALL THAT SAW THIS MESSAGE

  • Thelby1
    Thelby1 7 years ago

    Have a Hap, Hap, Happy Holiday Time and Merry Christmas to ya all !!!

  • Ann Boo
    Ann Boo 7 years ago

    merry christmas to you dreamworks, good work :) :) :)

  • carlos duarte
    carlos duarte 7 years ago

    I like the video

  • Tears Of Sorrow
    Tears Of Sorrow 7 years ago

    Aww C: Thank you so much for all those wonderfull movies :D I saw puss in boots in 3D and i love it <3 Thank you very much. Now i know that you are much better then Disney :*

  • Pedro Borges
    Pedro Borges 7 years ago

    Kung Fu Panda!!!!!!!!!!!

  • parkerfam06
    parkerfam06 7 years ago

    It's December 17th, that means today is Megamind's birthday! So I just want to say Happy Birthday to the sexiest man on the planet, blue or otherwise... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAMIND!!!!!!! We all love you so much!!!! Dreamworks, can't you see how much you're greatest creation is loved by the masses? PLEASE make a sequel!!!!

  • Ricardo Brito
    Ricardo Brito 7 years ago

    Adorooo! <3

    TPR NUKEBOMB 7 years ago

    kung fu panda is the best, my favorite character is Po, and I am eager to kung fu panda 3. =)

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 7 years ago

    Olá DreamWorks. Sou do Brasil, e simplesmente AMO a DreamWorks! Em todos os aspectos! Os seus filmes aqui fazem muito sucesso!

  • MsKitti3
    MsKitti3 7 years ago

    I saw last Tuesday Puss in boots in Germany!!! I love it!! I waited for it more than 1 year. You really done a great job!!! I know it is very early for this question: But are you think about a "Puss in Boots 2"?!?!?!!?

  • Gabriel Duarte
    Gabriel Duarte 7 years ago

    Madagascar 3 ♥'

  • César Marines
    César Marines 7 years ago

    I want to know when you're gonna bring more information about "Rise of the Guardians" It's a movie I want to know more

  • AiCaju
    AiCaju 7 years ago

    Oooounch :-D Isn't Marlene going to be on Madagascar ????/ I am wainting to know , All the fans want her on the movie :-D I am so animated

  • parkerfam06
    parkerfam06 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for updating Megamind's FB page so soon! I can't tell you how much I LOVE this movie and all it's characters, especially Megs and Roxanne... cutest couple in history! I'm a teacher, and all the kids I work with are crazy about Megamind too. We all want a sequel!!! <3 <3 :)

  • Ashley Ramos
    Ashley Ramos 7 years ago

    Hello Dreamworks the film "spirit stallion of the cimarron" well i loved that movie as a child and i was hope that you guys would make a second part Please <3 :D

  • parkerfam06
    parkerfam06 7 years ago

    Hey there Dreamworks! I'm a teacher, and I have a message for you from my whole class: PLEEEEEASE make Megamind 2!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • parkerfam06
    parkerfam06 7 years ago

    OMG Dreamworks, Megamind is solid gold! You've never made another movie this amazing, or characters that your audience can love and identify with this much. We're in love with Megamind, and we're DYING to see more of him, Roxanne and Minion! Just say yes... make Megamind 2!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Amones-Ray
    Amones-Ray 7 years ago

    I love Spirit, please make a midquel!

  • Hyper Leone5008
    Hyper Leone5008 7 years ago

    Hello Dreamworks the film ''How To Train Your Dragon'' was super! I can't wait for the next one

  • Dmitry Spravko
    Dmitry Spravko 7 years ago


  • Tiix3
    Tiix3 7 years ago

    The Road To El Dorado sequel. I don't care what anybody says. :3

  • filthyanimal
    filthyanimal 7 years ago

    So how are you guys going to cave in and make more Megamind for us, now? One year later and your fan-base for him is going strong! :D

  • seb
    seb 7 years ago

    I love How To Train Your Dragon! I looooooove Toothless the Night Fury. 1 person made a funny video about Toothless Screams w/ High School Musical 3 "Scream".

  • jasmined799
    jasmined799 7 years ago

    How To Train Your Dragon is the most AMAZING movie I have ever seen!!!!!! More HTTYD Soon please!!!! :D

  • BlackRose108
    BlackRose108 7 years ago

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much, Dreamworks, for creating such a wonderful franchise for "How To Train Your Dragon". I just bought "Gift of the Night Fury" and it was so emotionally satisfying. The character development and interaction was wonderful and the depth rivaled the movie. It's good to see you guys finally doing something that focuses more on emotional depth, bonding friendship (Hiccup/Toothless), and a tasteful amount of romance (Hiccup/Astrid). If this short was a sample of what the tv show and sequels will be like then I'm already hooked and so are a lot of other fans XD

  • TheManchesterGroup
    TheManchesterGroup 7 years ago

    What an incredible company animation is so cool

  • 34spedr
    34spedr 7 years ago

    i love dreamworks movies !!! : )

  • Alexi A
    Alexi A 7 years ago

    LOVE IT!

  • Stormbringer
    Stormbringer 7 years ago

    Can't wait until How to Hatch your Dragon comes out in December! Is it going to be similar to the TV short "Gift of the Nightfury"?

  • jonnyclassMUSIC
    jonnyclassMUSIC 7 years ago

    hola , super bueno este canal subcribete

  • Coolcreegle
    Coolcreegle 7 years ago

    wow a lot of comments about megamind... get the 2ND ONE ALREADY I'M NOT WAITING UNTIL 2014!!!! OR EVEN LATER!!!

  • Firetail thedragonlion

    MAKE HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2!!! I am still obsesed with the movie and started reading the books! PLZ make 2!

  • parkerfam06
    parkerfam06 7 years ago

    Dreamworks, please realize how much your fans want a sequel to Megamind! Too many people LOVE that handsome blue guy and all the rest to let this wonderful movie go. If you do it you will be making so many people happy. If not, so many of your fans will be disappointed and heartbroken. Please don't break our hearts, Dreamworks. Show your fans, and the greatest hero Metrocity has ever seen, how much you love us! Please make a sequel for your greatest movie... Megamind!

  • Daimian Daim
    Daimian Daim 7 years ago

    I was thanking if you could make a movie of Dragon Arena of PG 13 please.

  • parkerfam06
    parkerfam06 7 years ago

    Metro City is ready for more Megamind, and so are all his fans! Make a sequel for the BEST movie you've ever made, Dreamworks! Keep your fans happy, and enjoy all that money we give you when Megamind 2 is released! :)

  • parkerfam06
    parkerfam06 7 years ago

    Time for more Megamind! His fans are ready for a sequel! Don't disappoint us Dreamworks! :)

  • TahlMarko
    TahlMarko 7 years ago

    Do you know the Muffin Man?

  • Renafan
    Renafan 7 years ago

    Kung Fu Panda 2 was amazing! Hope the Panda gets another sequel!

  • Noahaon
    Noahaon 7 years ago

    Spirit and Sinbad sequels, thoese would be great!

  • parkerfam06
    parkerfam06 7 years ago

    Please make a sequal for Megamind! It's the best movie you've done, and your fans want to see the story continue on... It's too completely AMAZING to just leave it like it is! People really LOVE and identify with these characters, and truly feel a connection with them; it means SO much to all the MANY fans to see Megamind, Roxanne and the rest live on!!!! We'll love you forever if you do it, Dreamworks!!!

  • Ebee The 1st
    Ebee The 1st 7 years ago

    ~Mega~Mega~Megamind Sequel Please-And-Thank You C8 <3

  • DeathAngelSuki
    DeathAngelSuki 7 years ago

    Megamind 2! Make it or i will get very angry!

  • RatCat92
    RatCat92 7 years ago

    I also wish for a Megamind sequel. I fell so much in love with this movie. The story has so many levels and the characters are just great, deep and multifaceted. (And seriously, there are some live action movies in which the couples haven't SUCH a good chemistry ;-) The quality is enormous and the potential even bigger. Just do it and you will see how many fans are out there.

  • Rebeca Juliana
    Rebeca Juliana 7 years ago

    MEGAMIND, the greatest movie ever, deserves a sequel!!! Period! who's with me?

  • MoonstarAnNightchild

    lI'm here on the subject of one very handsome blue man--MEGAMIND! :D Please, please, please, PLEASE, A sequel, a TV series, SOMETHING! :D Megamind is simply AMAZING, AND IT DESERVES MORE! Seriously, there are hundreds and thousands of fans ALL OVER THE GLOBE--If you would take the time to make a wonderful sequel to a wonderful movie, there would be nothing but gain for you and all others! PLEASE! You can't say no to Megs! Megamind is the best movie in existence--It completely changed my life for the better! :D

  • Kato Han
    Kato Han 7 years ago

    Adding one more voice to the calls for Megamind 2!

  • heyfritters
    heyfritters 7 years ago

    Isn't there going to be a sequel to Megamind? I remember hearing in an interview that you were hoping for it to be a new franchise? I would LOVE that!! We need more! You have no idea how far reaching it was! It was more successful than first weekend numbers told!

  • parkerfam06
    parkerfam06 7 years ago

    Hey Dreamworks, just wanted to point out that in only 9 DAYS, over 11,000 people liked the Megamind page on Facebook.... many months after the DVD/Blueray release date, and that number is rapidly growing by the minute! That should give you an idea of how many people are falling in love with amazing movie! The fans are speaking, and we say.." WE LOVE MEGAMIND! SEQUALPLEASE!!!!"

  • filthyanimal
    filthyanimal 7 years ago

    The Megamind Facebook page has recieved over 11,000 Likes in just 9 days. THAT IS CRAZY. You guys! Seriously! Sequel! PLEASE! It CAN be the next Shrek, just look at the fans rolling in! They just didn't see it right away because of the competition it had in theaters. :/ We -all- know that! Please don't give up on Megamind!

  • suga cube
    suga cube 7 years ago

    kunfu panda is de allerbeste

  • parkerfam06
    parkerfam06 7 years ago

    Please, please, PLEASE give us more MEGAMIND! This is not just another movie, It's really special... the best that Dreamworks has ever done! Praise and adulation to the geniuses who created this amazing film..... THANK YOU for inspiring us and touching our hearts!!!! Now, It's time to get busy and give us that sequal, the throngs of fans really need it, and MEGAMIND deserves it!

  • Donnner93
    Donnner93 7 years ago

    @Gmvidsndall If would be a true Dreamworkfan/Animated movies fan you would know that they are working on it as we speak... sigh

  • Manul119
    Manul119 7 years ago

    Excuse me Dreamworks...But can you please make another how to train your dragon movie? It's the bestest movie i have ever seen...

  • Ronnie Blazey
    Ronnie Blazey 7 years ago

    Megamind needs a sequel. 'Nuff said.

  • filthyanimal
    filthyanimal 7 years ago


  • MoxyKGirl
    MoxyKGirl 7 years ago

    Dreamworks, your movies have been amazing recently. When are you producing Megamind 2? Pleasepleasepleaseplease!

  • Aura Rodríguez
    Aura Rodríguez 7 years ago

    I really loved Megamind, a sequel or a TV show after the movie would be AWESOME !

  • MsKitti3
    MsKitti3 7 years ago

    Execuse me Dreamworks, but I have a question: Who is the German Voice of Kitty Softpaws, out of "Puss in Boots". I´m German, and in the German Trailer of Puss in Boots, is there a voice for her. But who is it? I will be damned, blimey. Please answer me. I hope I don´t nerve.

  • saretardedfilms
    saretardedfilms 7 years ago

    Why haven't you guys made an Antz 2?!!

  • filthyanimal
    filthyanimal 7 years ago

    Megamind needs more love~! Come onnn, Dreamworks! <3 Your fans LOVE you!

  • Simple and Green
    Simple and Green 7 years ago

    The special effects just become more and more amazing--what's next hologram movies in your living room?

  • AstralGato
    AstralGato 7 years ago

    You guys at Dreamworks studios rock!!!!!! xoxo

  • SakuraWish
    SakuraWish 7 years ago

    Hello! wen the releace date for Kung Fu panda 2 DVD? :p oh and it will be a trailer for secrets of the Masters?

  • alphazuluosprey1708
    alphazuluosprey1708 7 years ago

    Best animator ever!

  • 2008ilovemusic
    2008ilovemusic 7 years ago

    KFP 2 Rocks!!

  • MalikIshtarSama
    MalikIshtarSama 7 years ago

    ooooh, I wanna see Puss in Boots SOO badly!! Is the composer Hans Zimmer??? Sounds so...

  • filthyanimal
    filthyanimal 7 years ago

    We need more Megamind! Show us that you know what's good for bad, Dreamworks! :D

  • Mystic2760
    Mystic2760 7 years ago

    Would you guys happen to be planning a kung fu panda 3?

  • Darren
    Darren 7 years ago

    In 3 years I'll be able to declare Kung Fu Panda as the BEST ANIMATED TRILOGY or all time!! Toy Story is good, but the first one only got praise for being the first animated movie and they're even planning a fourth one.

  • Under The Sea Around The World

    aaaaaaaaaaa kung fu panda en DVD

  • Under The Sea Around The World

    no había visto este canal jajaja me encanta DREAMWORKS

  • scubafro
    scubafro 7 years ago

    Ollo Dreamworks!!! More Megamind please!!! Sequel, specials, something!!! Pretty please. :D