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  • Adriano Ferreira
    Adriano Ferreira 2 months ago

    Hi. Found your channel very recently and i love it. Your videos are insightful and well researched. Also, your editing is god like. May i ask you what software you use?

  • Micro Wars
    Micro Wars 2 months ago

    Hey dude do Vampire diaries to show what life use to be like for, for us old people

  • AnimeFreak
    AnimeFreak 4 months ago

    hey how do u edit ur vids, they are rly good

  • Alex Liverant
    Alex Liverant 7 months ago

    Just came across your channel from a recommendation of your video about your opinion about Amy Schumer, which I loved btw. And on top of that, I looked at a few more of your videos and I had to subscribe. You're brilliant dude. Please keep them coming. And like the people say below, you are WAY underrated. I look forward to more of your content!

  • Tropfs
    Tropfs 7 months ago

    I watched some of your videos but I really was puched away by thos stupid clickbait titles

  • Ian Harty
    Ian Harty 8 months ago

    I love your videos dude! keep this stuff up, man.

  • Dan Roland
    Dan Roland 8 months ago

    This is such an underrated channel!

  • synchro505
    synchro505 9 months ago

    Is this another Mandela Effect phenomenon? Could have sworn that when I subscribed to this channel it had more than 10K. Really enjoy your work. Hope it reaches 100k soon.

  • Madi TimeTV
    Madi TimeTV 9 months ago

    Just randomly stumbled upon your channel late last night, and I must ask you, why the fuck don't you have more subs?

  • Miss Misanthropist
    Miss Misanthropist 9 months ago

    Hey I just found your channel I was wondering if you do livestreams or would be interested in doing one in the future with me? I like to talk to people and I want to start a new livestreaming thing every week so let me know if you are interested.

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard 9 months ago

    cancer channel.

  • Mister Happy
    Mister Happy 9 months ago

    sorry +alex meyers, but you're giving ms. schumer FAR TOO MUCH credit. 1) feminism has successfully swapped male honesty for female emotions (& "empowerment" whether earned or not) 2) men are no longer allowed to acknowledge that most female comics ARE shitty due to the fact that their female audience cheers them on for being a woman--rather than being funny. you know, that "girl power" bullshit 3) meanwhile it's perfectly PC for women in talk shows/chick flicks/sitcoms to constantly point out what men are bad at. it's that acceptable "disposable male" misandry that feminists have made socially acceptable. 4) women suffer from that we-only-want-to-be-equal-to-men-only-when-it-doesn't-require-any-responsibility entitlement. hence amy schumer's c-grade talent being heralded as the next chris rock (when in reality, she's more like the next dane cook). 5) men will continue to allow this BS to happen because we don't possess the same perpetual victim gene women have. thus the collective clumsiness of the men's rights movement. men do--women complain. bottom line's not amy's fault that modern feminism & PC culture has laid the foundation for her inexplicable popularity with lame soccer moms who find her "edgy". don't hate the playette...hate the game. =)

  • FreedomToons
    FreedomToons 9 months ago

    solid channel man, you deserve more subs

    JUSTJUMPOVERJUMPAN 11 months ago

    check out contrapoints

  • kancerous
    kancerous 11 months ago

    Check out Contrapoints and HHBomberguy. They are good leftist youtubers that criticize liberals and right wingers alike. contrapoints:

  • SpotterX4
    SpotterX4 Year ago

    Hello from Commonwealth Realm!

  • MrDeus4ko
    MrDeus4ko Year ago

    Hi Alex, All this talk about getting refunds on games got me thinking. Whatever happened to the game demo? You remember, that thing that lets you try the game before you choose to buy it or not. It maybe toxic to games media because, "how will they tell you if a game is good or not if you can get to try it yourself" . Has games media, i.e. the fear of getting bad reviews by developers, and pre-order culture, killed the game demo? I read and watch games reviews and have based some of my purchases on those. However, opinions on games are highly subjective and therefore first hand experience would always be preferable. These days they make you pre-order the game to play the demo or "BETA", which is terrible ( if there even is one). Don't you think that demos would be able to address the problem of game refunds and buyers regret ? And why should games be immune from refund policies anyway? If I was miss-sold something, the item not working as expected, or is of poor quality, I return it. Game publishers seem to have the attitude of selling you something on the as quickly as possible and then claiming no take backs. Review out-lets and most reviewers also don't seem to get refunds ,but they get all their games for free, so even if some of them are garbage, why would they comprehend the need for refunds. Having demos may cut into their review business perhaps, as people would get to try games first hand as opposed to waiting on someone else subjective opinion. Sorry about the rant lol. On a separate note, have you considered doing a show about all the cool/weird stuff from japan? ie stuff in vending machines, cultural trends, games, commercials, gadgets ( i hear there are talking toilets lol) etc. Perhaps you're used to it all by now lol, but your unique position might shed some insight on some cool Japanese stuff for the rest of us. Thanks for the great show.

    • Alex Meyers
      Alex Meyers Year ago

      haha you've hit so many nails on the head here. I totally agree about demos and being able to refund a game. I might do a video on that soon. Also, yes I am definitely doing to do videos about Japan stuff. I have been avoiding it, but I think after 10 years I might have some real perspective on it that other people might not.

  • Bobby Empty
    Bobby Empty Year ago CHECK THIS OUT BRO!!!!

  • BlueVsRed12
    BlueVsRed12 Year ago

    I really think you should go and make a new mini series where you answer as many questions as you can in lets say, 60 seconds. Any q&a series would be cool and i think it would be nice to watch.

    • BlueVsRed12
      BlueVsRed12 Year ago


    • Alex Meyers
      Alex Meyers Year ago

      I could do that. And have people give me dares or challenges do to. That could be a lot of fun, actually. Good idea!

  • Little Wun
    Little Wun 2 years ago

    Hey Bro, Amazing Channel!!!! Please Sub for Sub.Your Amazing And ill Like Your Video's.

    • Alex Meyers
      Alex Meyers 2 years ago

      +Little Wun Sure, if you like my channel :)

    • Little Wun
      Little Wun 2 years ago

      Thx man should i sub u back?

    • Alex Meyers
      Alex Meyers 2 years ago

      +Little Wun Sure, I guess. subbed. good luck man!

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