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Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
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what the heck is gen:LOCK??
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alex meyers compilation
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Glee is pretty dumb...
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My Japan Stories 2
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Dogs are awesome
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  • Morgan Holiday
    Morgan Holiday 17 minutes ago

    Ughhh this movie was disappointing and not disappointing at the same time .

  • Rolling Stone
    Rolling Stone 18 minutes ago

    Do you think you could also review Minor Details, its on Amazon Prime. Please and Thank you.

  • Malachi Sandoval
    Malachi Sandoval 22 minutes ago

    Fuck youuu brooo this show is lit

  • Stephanie B
    Stephanie B 25 minutes ago

    The book is so much better!

  • tallflipkick
    tallflipkick 26 minutes ago

    You need to review the series now. By comments standards

  • Xuan Pham
    Xuan Pham 30 minutes ago

    I agree with your opinion on most shows, but is there any show or movie that you actually like?

  • LAYLABLE! welcome to my yt channel!

    Yes, I am on season 3 and I watch it all the time. And you know it’s such a good show but people have different opinions... -October 2019

  • Feather Song
    Feather Song 33 minutes ago


  • Ryan Remaley
    Ryan Remaley 36 minutes ago

    My friend is 6’6” and is in 8th grade and wears size 14 men’s nikes

  • Callie Wrenn
    Callie Wrenn 39 minutes ago

    I usually love your videos but you've never been so wrong. Noah and Tessa's mom were really controlling and Hardin shared common interests with her and grew as a person during their relationship. The dare thing was just Molly being a dick :(

  • Travis C
    Travis C 40 minutes ago

    Watching Lindsey Ellis it really is surprising how much movies and TV changed post 9/11 when it came to content.

  • llixo
    llixo 41 minute ago

    Emma from Once upon a time and Eleanor from the Good place I feel like are so similar idk why

  • Jorge Pontarelli
    Jorge Pontarelli 41 minute ago

    You should watch twitches

  • So Groovy
    So Groovy 46 minutes ago

    It's one of those kids shows that also gets a show

  • Rojina Karimirad
    Rojina Karimirad 46 minutes ago

    Every teenage girl‘s soul: KPOP DOLAN TWINS KPOP DOLAN TWINS KPOP DOLAN TWINS Me: Pshhhhht not true AT ALL *deletes every social media platform I have on my phone*

  • kermit de frog
    kermit de frog 46 minutes ago

    Theirs also a show about this

  • Alba Smaranch
    Alba Smaranch 50 minutes ago

    please do a review on euphoria from hbo

  • Amelia Gorringe
    Amelia Gorringe 51 minute ago

    I feel personally attacked by these videos. First H20? Now my babysitter is a vampire? This is my sad childhood you’re making fun of.

  • Totodilepizza
    Totodilepizza 54 minutes ago

    Lorelei POKEMON

  • rainbow pink
    rainbow pink 57 minutes ago

    ok asshole

  • Lena Bena
    Lena Bena 59 minutes ago

    Doooo Coraline

  • Lena Bena
    Lena Bena 59 minutes ago


  • Lena Bena
    Lena Bena Hour ago


  • Lena Bena
    Lena Bena Hour ago


  • Lena Bena
    Lena Bena Hour ago

    Doooo Coraline

  • Jasmyn Bell
    Jasmyn Bell Hour ago

    Yea... I’m not gonna lie this movie is trash

  • Autumn Miller
    Autumn Miller Hour ago

    Im pretty sure they meant their school record not a record of their life atleast thats what i always thought

  • Clara
    Clara Hour ago

    This show is so good don’t even

  • ohhellobethany
    ohhellobethany Hour ago


  • YourDailySkull `

    Any movie to you doesn't make sense

  • Artixell STX
    Artixell STX Hour ago

    Mean girls is based off of Heathers. The Plastics are supposed to be the Heathers.

  • Eloise Harland
    Eloise Harland Hour ago

    I'm in highschool, and the tallest girl in my year is one of the most popular

  • Kit
    Kit Hour ago

    Pretty little liars paved the way for riverdale :’)

  • muah mia
    muah mia Hour ago

    Did he just DRAG my childhood

  • Peyton Lundberg
    Peyton Lundberg Hour ago

    I never watched One Tree Hill, but my parents said I was named after the character Peyton from this show lol

  • The Sparkling Quilfish

    You should do the movie jinxed

  • Lavander Cupcake

    **cries in nostalgia**

  • Cookie !
    Cookie ! Hour ago

    I still love that movie :3

  • blux rain
    blux rain Hour ago

    i couldn’t even finish watching that movie it was horrible

  • Melynda Jones
    Melynda Jones Hour ago

    My mom named me after this show...... and my name is Loralie so when he say her name its weird.( Also the account name is Melynda Jones because its my mom's account)

  • Space_ Panda
    Space_ Panda Hour ago

    U should either do the my babysitters a vampire the series or Halloween town

  • Katie Lajune
    Katie Lajune Hour ago

    You are crazy!!! The 100 is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched! 💕💕💕

  • Mattgb plays
    Mattgb plays Hour ago

    Riverfail is what you should of said

  • Krankar Volund
    Krankar Volund Hour ago

    But really, between the diabolized "webcam stream" and the all "board role play game of evil", this show feels a lot like a 90s-80s tv show XD I mean, diabolizing roleplay games in 2018? Come on guys, you should know taht the new evil is video games :p

  • Jason D
    Jason D Hour ago

    The character Harper is the super talented artist Sabrina Carpenter her music is the best

  • Free charge Free charge

    I like how they talk about Jacob not wearing a shirt and right below it there’s his merch

  • Tristan Ewing
    Tristan Ewing Hour ago

    Why does one of the girls look like Channing Tatum

  • SlimE breazy
    SlimE breazy Hour ago

    Hey man you can’t be talking about my favorite show like that

  • Djuna Mason
    Djuna Mason Hour ago

    Alex Myers's signature line... "huh" 😐

  • Chad Henning
    Chad Henning Hour ago

    i love helloween town its the best

  • thiri moe
    thiri moe Hour ago

    Y’all I played on a 16u vb teams and like three girls on my team were above six

  • Sibongiseni N Bhengu

    😂😂😂😂🤣🤣 God I love your commentary so much. Alex😍😍

  • Ninja Soul
    Ninja Soul Hour ago

    i wanna see more dungeon crawlers!!! also sokka from avatar is in it so thats even better!!!!!!!

  • CNH Studios
    CNH Studios 2 hours ago

    I heard "kick em to the curb" but he THREW dat bih lmaooooo

  • RosieTheRabbit
    RosieTheRabbit 2 hours ago

    My child hood 🙂

  • Preslee Rogers
    Preslee Rogers 2 hours ago

    8:25 has me dead 😂

  • Lily The Muggle
    Lily The Muggle 2 hours ago

    “What’s even real anymore?!” *Is this real* *Is this just fantasy” *Caught in a landslide* *No escape from reality* *I’m just a poor boy* *Don’t need no sympathy*

  • Bella McBride
    Bella McBride 2 hours ago

    I love the umbrella academy, I mean the comics are better but if people can’t get to the comics should totally watch the show

  • Sax and Relax
    Sax and Relax 2 hours ago

    bruh we need a movie about being a tall guy

  • Richard Prescott
    Richard Prescott 2 hours ago

    Do the movie gulliver travels

  • Sofia Quinones
    Sofia Quinones 2 hours ago

    Do you really accept yourself in a teen romcom if you DON'T make a speech at Prom?

  • Lily The Muggle
    Lily The Muggle 2 hours ago

    Mermaids split in two like mitosis.

  • Dylan h
    Dylan h 2 hours ago

    OWWWWWW this show kicked my teeth out through the computer screen and demanded my lunch money.

  • Soul Matter
    Soul Matter 2 hours ago

    edgelord mcmullet .. is that a real gamertag lol

  • Melissa Verdonk
    Melissa Verdonk 2 hours ago

    I think I already commented but let me say again but listen I’m mad first tall girl then riverdale what next? STRANGER THINGS wow Alex good job Ruining everyone’s fav shows so if you want respond u can but yah I’m a hater not subscribing at all so no bye

  • Andrea Espitia
    Andrea Espitia 2 hours ago

    It’s not dumb tf your dumb it’s such a good movie

  • ennui blue
    ennui blue 2 hours ago

    Like Crazy is under rated, if you get a chance do yourself a favor

  • TeamKia
    TeamKia 2 hours ago

    6:55 Me:

  • Wesley Jean
    Wesley Jean 2 hours ago

    My babysitters a vampire is one of the best shows i ever watched, i swear if u talk shit😡😡😤

  • your local Starbucks Frappuccino

    YES THE HAMILTON,THE WICKED,THE FREAKING LES MIS,but I watched this again and you said she’s 6’1?Oh sorry AND A HALF,I know someone who’s about 5’10 (probably taller I’m just estimating)AND SHE THINKS SHE REALLY TALL.sis.Btw no offense to Ava Michelle (ya danced good on dance moms bro)

  • y u sad
    y u sad 2 hours ago

    The plot idea wasn't bad, in fact its a good idea to make a film about height not mattering in love. But the dialogue was terrible. And in a school like that, you're telling me no one else is as tall as her?? Seems they just cast 4'11 actors

  • Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classique

    “Evil” is the marxist way of saying succesful or profitable.

  • Cramberryleemon 2897

    My favorite musical is beetlejuice the musical

  • Cheyenne Sanders
    Cheyenne Sanders 3 hours ago

    Me: I'm gonna tell him theres series of this ......*smug face*

  • GothicQueen
    GothicQueen 3 hours ago

    i watched this. well first season. its as bad as he tells it is. I mean, ive always known that high school movies are extreme, like that shit doesnt happens as often as they seem to think, atleast from what i know cuz ive never ever heard anytthing about spraypainting lockers and so. also, 3 months and that much weight lost? umm sure she was only able to eat liquid food but still.. doesnt seem realistic. This serie is just really cringy

  • Puffin V
    Puffin V 3 hours ago

    Ethan is so cute man I found him adorable when I was in middle school lmao

  • Caidin Armstrong
    Caidin Armstrong 3 hours ago

    Jodi: u think your life is hard I’m tall. Other people: I have cancer. I am homeless. World hunger. Disabled people and u think ur life is hard

  • Just1 RandomGuy
    Just1 RandomGuy 3 hours ago

    5:52 Ikr, that's so cliché

  • Cramberryleemon 2897

    1:31 bish you can see her right why are you closing the door

  • XxAlySavagexX
    XxAlySavagexX 3 hours ago

    I love how I haven’t seen this movie and I just watch this to spoil it for myself.

  • Paulina Simoni
    Paulina Simoni 3 hours ago


  • Jennifer Lewis Gonzalez

    Can you see if you can do stranger things I love that show and would love to see you do that

  • • ElizaChu •
    • ElizaChu • 3 hours ago

    A couple years ago, I used to freaking binge watch every single malo mermaid vid on Netflix on my computer xD until it ended

  • Johanna L.
    Johanna L. 3 hours ago

    I saw this episodes and it was amazing and by the way there is another one called h2o just add water it is amazing

  • Epic shook Queen
    Epic shook Queen 3 hours ago

    Ok but is nobody going to talk about at 3:20 she said “that’s why I wanna be Taylor swift when I grow up” and she playing I’m pretty sure the piano... like how we gonna understand piano language tf?!😔

  • Frankenstein D
    Frankenstein D 3 hours ago

    8:40 I understood "suck it" instead of her name and was like: what?

  • Jackinabox
    Jackinabox 3 hours ago

    *demonic voice* “you shouldn’t’ve done that” *YEET*

  • Celeste Wyatt
    Celeste Wyatt 3 hours ago

    12:08 KPOP DOLAN TWINS KPOP DOLAN TWINS I was laughing for a solid 2 minutes

  • Quentin Pickett
    Quentin Pickett 3 hours ago

    So we’re gonna ignore Ben is a cheater and Mal steals boyfriends

  • Riolu10gaming Kun
    Riolu10gaming Kun 3 hours ago

    Check out the anime called assassination classroom it's great!

  • briana ioana
    briana ioana 3 hours ago

    Where is the part when Tessa and Hardin are having sss TVclip ???

  • I WONDER why HER TEAR wasn't the ANSWER

    Not at how the souls released from the box say "kpop and dolan twins"💀

  • Caro E
    Caro E 3 hours ago

    K.J is the best

  • Lars Frisk
    Lars Frisk 3 hours ago

    Is it just me or is Stig's accent not remotely Swedish?

  • phoebe :p
    phoebe :p 3 hours ago

    y'all are overlooking the fact that she dressed up as George Washington for prom

  • fashionista 94
    fashionista 94 3 hours ago

    Halloweentown is awesome!

  • Anessa Benavides
    Anessa Benavides 3 hours ago

    3:36 my next love letter

  • Rylee Vogel
    Rylee Vogel 3 hours ago

    She literally just said "i'm sorry that I suck so much" to her best friend and then he automatically forgave her

  • Lily The Muggle
    Lily The Muggle 3 hours ago

    I liked Twilight... with *Rifftrax* :3 The only way to watch a cruddy movie is with Rifftrax. Octaman. Man that was greaaaat. Also, anyone else think that they were just lazy and put the vivid cool filter on the whole movie? “I... I don’t like rain.” -Bella “I don’t like *sand* .” -Anakin Hmmmmmmmmmm

  • amvpro6
    amvpro6 3 hours ago

    Ps4 + rage = fortnite