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  • Patrick Sky
    Patrick Sky Hour ago

    The locals received a news that Gordon is in that restaurant. Random local: This is DRY

  • V750
    V750 Hour ago

    Dude Luigi how the fuck you fell in love with that thing she is mentally unstable

  • Cali Mero
    Cali Mero 2 hours ago

    grace is a 100% calabrese

  • Ms. Nacel Concepcion

    Almost the end of 2019 still no Sebastians in supermarkets around my neighborhood.

  • Jay Forbes
    Jay Forbes 2 hours ago

    "Welcome to my nightmare" My kitchen nightmare

    BIFF JERKY 3 hours ago

    That food must be REALLY good on that table Stone cold after having that mush food cooked and left on the table so Gordon can talk about the menu changes, but probably still good

  • Emajenus
    Emajenus 3 hours ago

    Grace must be insane in the bedroom...

  • Jamie Davies
    Jamie Davies 3 hours ago

    She’s such an annoying cunt sounds like a dying day g

  • Not a Persona
    Not a Persona 3 hours ago

    21:37 Hold up...... 1:57

  • Alton 666
    Alton 666 4 hours ago

    Fuck that women seriously

  • paul connelly
    paul connelly 4 hours ago

    That old woman was a nut job.

    YOR RAKSA 4 hours ago

    If I were Gordon, I won't enter in that kitchen again since she said get out of her kitchen...

  • Mustafa Abbas
    Mustafa Abbas 4 hours ago

    Literally no one: Grace: AFUCKA YOU !!

  • Flapjack Lang
    Flapjack Lang 4 hours ago

    Lemme just ask this: what is wrong with this family?

  • TBNRmaster K
    TBNRmaster K 4 hours ago

    The number of all times when Abby said Vau | | | | \_/

  • Hide and Tweak
    Hide and Tweak 5 hours ago

    yeah, inbreeding is not the best idea

  • Totally Original Bleach

    42:06 I love this side of Gordon man

  • Joaquin Guliman
    Joaquin Guliman 6 hours ago

    Jim and Jeff are really nice people, their restaurant rating skyrocketed after this episode, they are the ones who serve the restaurant and are really polite but they just closed the restaurant on september 9 which is sad

  • Z -RO
    Z -RO 6 hours ago

    Amy has an opponent

  • Jenyl Royo
    Jenyl Royo 6 hours ago

    this man scares the hell out of me 😂

  • Mohcine Jabairi
    Mohcine Jabairi 6 hours ago

    Wooow !! just wow !!! so much Italy cliché on everything they say !

  • Jay Star
    Jay Star 6 hours ago

    36:00 to 36:05, Chef admits yeah on the Owner, haha ..LOL

  • Arjay Ebora
    Arjay Ebora 7 hours ago

    I love their family. Buddy is a great dad. ❤

  • Raven187
    Raven187 7 hours ago

    I feela sew bahd

  • Bob D
    Bob D 8 hours ago

    As an aside, how many people wait TWO HOURS for food? That's mental

  • Polgara Rose
    Polgara Rose 8 hours ago

    "Are you as stubborn as this one?" "Gordan, I'm a guest" Stick your nose up somewhere else ya sh*t stain

  • Steve Ricardo
    Steve Ricardo 9 hours ago

    Never seen an owner as emotional as Colleen. She deserves success. Everyone support her restaurant.

  • König
    König 9 hours ago

    9:19 that joker laugh

  • S
    S 9 hours ago

    This is the first time I've heard Gordon say that something actually tastes good when he first eats there

  • Shrayjeet varma
    Shrayjeet varma 10 hours ago

    Jim and Jeff looks soo innocent 😣😣😣

  • Dopey Tripod
    Dopey Tripod 10 hours ago

    pass a da blame...FUGHETABOUTIT

  • NIC0 THE PR0
    NIC0 THE PR0 11 hours ago

    30:43 they fight like babys 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Phil Ry
    Phil Ry 11 hours ago

    Just like most Italian women cannot handle the bullshit , but good at giving it , Wake up and smell the roses

  • taiyona tiare
    taiyona tiare 11 hours ago

    I saw in the comments the restaurant closed down. I really hope the staff are doing good tho. You could see they really cared about the place since most of them worked there with the original owner and they cared about each other too. They deserved better than those 2 knuckle head owners.

  • Shiv Inder Singh
    Shiv Inder Singh 11 hours ago

    Aight so tony is like Mario. While Luigi is like luigi and Wario mix. While grace is waluigi .

  • Walkero39_ Rbblx
    Walkero39_ Rbblx 11 hours ago

    "Is it Microwaved ??" "Nah I think that they Put it in the oven to warm it up" *What's the freaking difference Bruh*

  • Alaka Mahanta
    Alaka Mahanta 11 hours ago

    That's what happens to a restaurant when you forget to mention Mario

  • Costas
    Costas 11 hours ago

    Daaaamn. It is the first time I saw Gordon telling to his crew "not now guys, please". He was so angry he looked almost calm. That was scary shit!

  • Calvin Miner
    Calvin Miner 12 hours ago

    I just wanna see Gordon give this schmuk a noogie.

  • Diego MaMen
    Diego MaMen 12 hours ago

    Oh my God, I was getting so sentimental and then 34:01 Grace put her eyeband upside down and it killed me The Goodman roller coaster of emotions

  • AnalDash
    AnalDash 12 hours ago

    Damn Gordy, nice car

  • nirvash241
    nirvash241 12 hours ago

    The front is not helping... they are panicking and that affects lex lol

  • Kathrine L.J
    Kathrine L.J 14 hours ago

    I love how the cake is always the good thing on this show...

  • nirvash241
    nirvash241 15 hours ago

    Wanna be critic

  • nirvash241
    nirvash241 16 hours ago

    "I know what I'm doing" yeah says 100% of restaurant that closed down because they are not making any money

  • AxR Studios
    AxR Studios 16 hours ago

    i think some americans are arrogant..

  • Franco P.
    Franco P. 16 hours ago

    17:15 I didn't know that either, thanks Ramsay

  • Thiago Rodriguez
    Thiago Rodriguez 18 hours ago

    That woman has serious problems ...

  • Gaias Rebirth
    Gaias Rebirth 20 hours ago

    I so love it when the owners call him for help and then react like they are the best... the show is called kitchen nightmares for crying out loud XD

  • Hide and Tweak
    Hide and Tweak 20 hours ago

    6:46 the face this guy makes me think it's not that bad to be single for about 5 years in a row. He looks so sad.

  • TheWacoKid1963
    TheWacoKid1963 22 hours ago

    Chitlins, I've just read up on what part of the pig they come from, Maybe they should be called, Shitlins, GROSSSSS

  • Nightshift
    Nightshift 23 hours ago

    Luigi/Tony's father should've really kept in touch.

  • Kunal Ratne
    Kunal Ratne 23 hours ago

    34:12 she wearing blindfold up and down😂😂😂 And tell her "its a lie.its a lie"😂

  • Kunal Ratne
    Kunal Ratne Day ago

    Any 1 noticed how nice the waiter was ❤❤ Nice guy

  • tanish garg
    tanish garg Day ago

    33:28 now we know where endgame got there dialogue

    THE CRITIC Day ago

    The real HELLS KITCHEN

  • Gregory's Goals

    Does anyone know if Lisa is single? If so any phone numbers or contact info for me to set up a picnic date?

  • Poor Bulldog
    Poor Bulldog Day ago

    13;15 can someone tell me who's that black guy

  • D the C
    D the C Day ago

    employees said grace can't take criticism grace proves them right

  • Down Town clown


  • osman abdirahim

    He doesn't even like the water

  • Poor Bulldog
    Poor Bulldog Day ago

    Holy shit this was epic

  • Ricky
    Ricky Day ago

    what's the point of these series? They all know when Gordon arrives, they will get a complete new make over .


    Sebastian is cooked

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle Day ago

    Jesus, what a dingy shithole. In the men's restroom there's a gun behind the cistern.

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle Day ago

    6:22 "This is my lovely wife, Grace." "Ok, cut! Right, that was good Luigi, but we'll go again, this time instead of saying 'lovely wife' go with 'shrieking lunatic'".

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle Day ago

    One of the things you repeatedly heard about KN restaurants is that 70%+ have failed. But I'm guessing that there's a solid chunk of that 70% that make the most out of their recently made over restaurants and sell up.

    AAA SSS Day ago

    food rating?: "its a ten" Ramsay: *ah shit, here we go again*

  • ravivo2001
    ravivo2001 Day ago

    Her voice is just terrible!

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle Day ago

    I saw a comment that basically said, 'At least Mike doesn't use a microwave.' My response to that: at _most_ he doesn't use a microwave.

  • Aj Jones
    Aj Jones Day ago

    There restaurant is really nice these days

  • Dinesh Siwakoti

    Thats not a chef. That's an amateur cook

  • Aki Adam
    Aki Adam Day ago

    i can't stand Mike i really wanna be locked in a MMA cage with him and beat his ass..

  • Aki Adam
    Aki Adam Day ago

    15:27 General manager General Toss pot looooooooooooool!!!!!!!!

  • Frogical
    Frogical Day ago

    this is the shittiest quality ever

  • Brick Island
    Brick Island Day ago

    Another arrogant Italian guy that can't cook and don't think he's wrong. There are a lot of these in Kitchen Nightmare.

  • neon cat
    neon cat Day ago

    I'm going to vomit....Burn it down!!!!!

  • Harry
    Harry Day ago

    The thing I don’t get is they asked Gordon and his team to come, help and renovate so that they wouldn’t have to close right? So why are they shocked and angry when a chef with 7 michelin stars (16 overall) is disgusted with their foods which is why they asked for his help? Strip down all drama and music bullshit, the simple fact that they won’t allow Gordon to help after inviting him is so stupid

  • Robyn Newman
    Robyn Newman Day ago

    "presentate" ??????

  • Robyn Newman
    Robyn Newman Day ago

    If Gordon Ramsay ever creates a course on his way of dealing with dickheads, SIGN ME UP

  • Robyn Newman
    Robyn Newman Day ago

    Martin .... get of your fucking phone you poser

  • Robyn Newman
    Robyn Newman Day ago

    martin is a muppet

  • Robyn Newman
    Robyn Newman Day ago

    Flies R Us

  • Old School Traveller

    The place was called Dillons but the new signage said Dillions. Rush jobs, eh?

  • Ron Raj
    Ron Raj Day ago

    They are not INDIAN except the chief vikas, why the fuck they are spoiling Indian food just fucking serve your country food that is Bangladesh

  • ROY FR
    ROY FR Day ago

    Yet another attractive nice woman going out with a complete ass.............The placeclosed down one month 2018 the are still together and have 3 kids......what a waste of a good woman

  • Mr Levis
    Mr Levis Day ago

    Man i just fucking love this intro

  • Purpleish Panda

    Do not tawwkkk to me like that

  • Juliette Purdy

    Don't drop the Baby.

  • AxR Studios
    AxR Studios Day ago

    4:53 i think she is really sexy

  • Andrew Mattar
    Andrew Mattar Day ago

    When I was watching chef Aaron's struggle in the kitchen I was thinking if I were him I'd fire at least two cooks in that kitchen! So you can imagine how happy I was when I heard that he did, and I know exactly which ones. Good riddance!

  • KoolBreeze420
    KoolBreeze420 Day ago

    Now that I think about things, I have never had a plate returned for being undercooked, overcooked or cold maybe, I'm a better cook then I think, we had to close our restaurant becasue the place we were in, sold the lease out from under us.

  • Sociable Netw0rker

    Guy looks like the baddy from Carlito's Way.

  • Mikael Azzopardi

    9:44 in and I'm already crying laughing!

  • BabyLatiina
    BabyLatiina Day ago

    9:22 - 9:30, anyone else notice that Grace is mouthing what Luigi’s saying?

  • Madzwin Esperat

    Is it close? I kinnda wanna try their food

  • TheWacoKid1963
    TheWacoKid1963 2 days ago

    28:35 Does nobody these days know how to use a knife & fork correctly, I've lost count of how many times I've seen diners not holding a fork correctly.

  • Kirky Drums
    Kirky Drums 2 days ago

    The mayor is no more important to the next human

  • It’s not Allowed
    It’s not Allowed 2 days ago

    16:09 “Yes, yes, yes”

  • It’s not Allowed
    It’s not Allowed 2 days ago

    I recognise this kind of bosses. Lazy, stupid, ignorant and just a pain in the ass.