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  • Emilia Ziegler
    Emilia Ziegler 11 minutes ago

    Does anyone else here not have their period and are just watching this because they had nothing better to do?

  • kiwi
    kiwi 13 minutes ago

    "New One Direction Club" I SCREAMED-

  • yEehAw Gguk
    yEehAw Gguk 17 minutes ago

    other people when their kitchen's burning: Call the fire Station!!, runs out the house, looking for the fire extinguisher, PANICS Jooheon: *Casually Stir-Fries* (edit: LMAO HE HAS TO EAT BEFORE HE DIES)

  • thedementation666
    thedementation666 18 minutes ago

    Unwatchable at 360p.

  • Revenger 211
    Revenger 211 21 minute ago

    Felt like the 3rd wheel during this

  • skid
    skid 23 minutes ago

    21 looks exactly like Mila kunis

  • Anna Richter
    Anna Richter 38 minutes ago

    I had jellys they were amazing!

  • Sniper TimRL
    Sniper TimRL 46 minutes ago

    23 I thought he was Cody bellinger for a second😂

  • Cassandra Mills
    Cassandra Mills 51 minute ago


  • 7th King
    7th King 55 minutes ago

    I give free facials! 😝

  • Diana Bucher
    Diana Bucher 58 minutes ago

    Being overweight and beautiful is attractive, however overweight and unattractive is a double curse...Thank You Ashley for your videos..

  • Dizzy
    Dizzy Hour ago

    My heart dropped when the lady said she lost the realtionship that she had with her dad

  • Toyosi A
    Toyosi A Hour ago

    I’m sorry but I actually cried about how cute Wonpil is😭

  • heyymicaa
    heyymicaa Hour ago

    this feels so good to watch. i wanna cri

  • Julianna Gepes
    Julianna Gepes Hour ago


  • Julianna Gepes
    Julianna Gepes Hour ago


  • Priyo Adi
    Priyo Adi Hour ago

    Oldie but goodies

  • Rosario R.
    Rosario R. Hour ago

    I repeat I only know dance6, I repeat dance6

  • Rosario R.
    Rosario R. Hour ago

    dude I was so emotional until Dowoon's "we are so clsoe" lol

  • Anna B.
    Anna B. Hour ago

    Waves not in place? He look like he need a cut to me

  • Lucifer Morningstar

    She / He looks huggable enough tho fr.

  • Jessica Baldauf-Abraham

    Ya little munchkins

  • Allie Smith
    Allie Smith Hour ago

    i can totally see him as orpheus in hadestown is that just me or

  • Taylor Mewhiney
    Taylor Mewhiney Hour ago

    Watching this at *2am* hits differently...

  • Amaryon Bates
    Amaryon Bates Hour ago

    Lol if you make enough money that you say you need an “accountant” you probably need a financial adviser instead 😂

  • sofia louise
    sofia louise Hour ago

    My mom told me that when she was pregnant with me she would always buy one huge bag of fries and won't share it and once yelled at my dad for not buying her iced tea😂😂😂

  • Irvin Gael Jaime Garcia

    I love Billie eilish

  • Pugicorn 890
    Pugicorn 890 Hour ago

    No offence but 40 reminds me of Jeffery star! Edit: 1:32

  • Irvin Gael Jaime Garcia

    Habla en español en un vídeo

  • Pugicorn 890
    Pugicorn 890 Hour ago

    Can we talk how only 2 people said pizza!

  • Emo Mulan
    Emo Mulan Hour ago

    Man, I've never wanted someone to stop smiling so bad until now..

  • ch3xmix
    ch3xmix Hour ago

    0:58 MIDNIGHT

  • Toyosi A
    Toyosi A Hour ago

    Why are they so cute?!?!

  • k.s
    k.s Hour ago

    Jae calling Wonpil a softy makes me really emo

  • k.s
    k.s Hour ago

    This is so heartwarming omg

  • kameryn v
    kameryn v Hour ago

    New hope club😭❤️

  • Silentkm 24
    Silentkm 24 2 hours ago

    No one mentioned D.B Cooper No ok I’m the only weird one

  • Noor Mamouli
    Noor Mamouli 2 hours ago

    Who would ever type without emojis? 😬😬😬

  • Standup Reject
    Standup Reject 2 hours ago


  • Jaretzy ibarra
    Jaretzy ibarra 2 hours ago

    I know I’m only 15 but this is my fashion style 😂 I even picked it as a option for “back to the future” which u have to dress for back in the days and I’ve always loved this eras styles. THIS IS what you call FASHION.

  • Miguel Villanueva
    Miguel Villanueva 2 hours ago

    I never heard her voice regular

  • IQ
    IQ 2 hours ago

    Elina 4 has the best looking

  • Lucy Eliza
    Lucy Eliza 2 hours ago

    they talking about each other like they died or smthn

  • //SuperAsh4U//
    //SuperAsh4U// 2 hours ago

    That music was painful.

  • Ness :3
    Ness :3 2 hours ago

    I have got a butterfly clips

  • Janggee Oh
    Janggee Oh 2 hours ago

    I'm a loyal Wonpil fan, but Dowoon come on! Stay in your lane, you adorable human bean!

  • Diana Ruiz
    Diana Ruiz 2 hours ago

    Mis neuronas a las 3:00 am en el minuto 7:14

  • ht moh
    ht moh 2 hours ago

    Ok, now switch partners to see if new love develops.

  • Harvey Plett
    Harvey Plett 2 hours ago

    people that voted for trump are a little flushed rn

  • Krez lol
    Krez lol 2 hours ago

    I know I’m not the only one that laughed when she said “If Santa Clause is real”

  • KK._. Gang
    KK._. Gang 2 hours ago

    Why every other video works except this one 😂🙄😢

    • vNexus
      vNexus 41 minute ago

      KK._. Gang i’m having the same problem

  • L'monadė Juicė
    L'monadė Juicė 2 hours ago

    Was anyone else waiting for like an older person with like gray hair, saying they were Chaning Tatum

  • Kaitlin Manley
    Kaitlin Manley 2 hours ago

    the fact that they were all more embarrassed by the hug than the dancing

  • Maria T Santos
    Maria T Santos 2 hours ago

    This made me respect her soo much more

  • N-Word Pass Inspector

    How to get unlimited n-word passes

  • Sophia Christopoulos

    “Petite but also curvy” I wish

  • Gianna Bruce
    Gianna Bruce 2 hours ago

    2:18 "change their entire life so they would be with me" That's healthy!!

  • Bruce Nabruise With Cupcakes

    Billy is the best male artist to come out of South Africa!

    YOUR MOM STRAIGHT 2 hours ago

    they wouldnt be celebrity if they looked like me

  • Ayla Cheetham
    Ayla Cheetham 2 hours ago


  • Haltdominant
    Haltdominant 3 hours ago

    1:04 more like: Why are you using this as a platform for your political beliefs instead of just saying something else

  • celine
    celine 3 hours ago

    Wow, they all look AMAZING!!! 💕

  • midnighteevee
    midnighteevee 3 hours ago


  • Ella Moreno Hayes
    Ella Moreno Hayes 3 hours ago

    How could they get it so wrong?? Most kids in the 90s wore jeans, jean skirts, jeggings with skirts, jean overalls, jean overall dresses, or knee shorts.. Usually paired with a printed t-shirt, baggy plain/striped tee, or a tank top, and pretty much everyone wore jean jackets. The rich kids wore Aeropostale. In my school, we weren't even allowed to wear hats. We wore berets, bobbles (for girls with braids), scrunchies, headbands, bandanas, and those cheap colorful hairclips. Tons of bracelets. Also, I was too scared to get my ears pierced, but a lot of girls in my school wore earrings too. Reeboks, Nikes, and Adidas basketball sneakers were the shoes every kid wanted. Platform sketchers were pretty cool to me, though.

  • Charlene Tanner
    Charlene Tanner 3 hours ago

    1:00 she is so beautiful

  • The Dark Mime
    The Dark Mime 3 hours ago

    1:03 Ellllleeeevvveeennnn

  • The Dark Mime
    The Dark Mime 3 hours ago

    0:58 MiDNIghT

  • kissyourbae
    kissyourbae 3 hours ago

    liam✔️ nial, louis, harry, zayn plssss

  • thehardestpart
    thehardestpart 3 hours ago

    1:18 Cringe xd

  • Sweet Rose
    Sweet Rose 3 hours ago

    Before the video even started, I could tell what type of guy he was just by looking at all three of his EX's... there is clearly a pattern, and it is a redundant, repetitive, bland, and very unseasoned (no collard greens, yams or porchops) type of pattern. And then I heard him say "I like them with natural curly hair, nice eyes."...……… case closed, point proven. He's a douche, very handsome, but a very tasteless presence, and a very boring personality, not my type lol...

  • Brooke Lee
    Brooke Lee 3 hours ago

    19 and married geeez

  • Anabel RC
    Anabel RC 3 hours ago

    Some years were Insane... And then you see the health of this adults who consumed sugar and artificial milk as a babies... So ridiculous how the 'Elites' try to control us throuh bad health with 'social rules'...

  • Negan Alpha
    Negan Alpha 3 hours ago

    Everyone loves Tupac . There will never be a legend like him 💯

  • Kaylee Rhodeos
    Kaylee Rhodeos 3 hours ago

    1:05 I have never related that much to sentence in my life....

  • OpTiC LDM
    OpTiC LDM 3 hours ago

    WTF 40

  • Living Life with Momma Wendy

    Kelly needs the keyboard guys number! If there’s ever a need man he’s got you!

  • Quetzal00358
    Quetzal00358 3 hours ago

    I’d break up with someone if I was only going to Chipotle

  • tubax2000
    tubax2000 3 hours ago

    These people are cheap 🤭

  • moonspxrxt -
    moonspxrxt - 3 hours ago

    liam to new hope club: like a little young three piece one direction i burstedddd !!!

  • Ro Bust
    Ro Bust 3 hours ago

    What I want to know is, how did you get 70 Women to telly you their age, lol 😂

  • Marcel Halat
    Marcel Halat 3 hours ago

    wow i didn't know that tha banger was his song. i've had it with almost all of their solo's lol

  • Jokobros 2005
    Jokobros 2005 3 hours ago

    The 40 year old tho😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Polysphere & Music
    Polysphere & Music 3 hours ago

    The 40 yr old looks like and sounds like James Charles

  • Cooking Chan
    Cooking Chan 3 hours ago

    *w H o K i L l E d T u P aC!?!?!*

  • once you changbin you can't changbout

    jyp should let them dance more often

  • XxAquafinaWaterxX
    XxAquafinaWaterxX 3 hours ago

    Right now

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks 3 hours ago

    The first little girl:”my lol doll” Me: *literally dying*😂💀

  • Cherry Yuan
    Cherry Yuan 3 hours ago

    When I saw new hope club, I couldn't breathe for a second. My two worlds are colliding. ❤ nhc finally getting the recognition they need❤

    LENNY 3 hours ago

    I just love them omg

  • once you changbin you can't changbout

    I'm crying now bye

  • Eli nev
    Eli nev 4 hours ago

    im a size 6 with a comparison of size 16 legs😔𝒾𝓃𝓈ℯ𝒸𝓊𝓇𝒾𝓉𝓎 𝒸𝒽ℯ𝒸𝓀!✋😝

  • Yan camarista
    Yan camarista 4 hours ago

    I love the video

  • Jason
    Jason 4 hours ago

    Those 2 guys almost made me throw up.

  • Not today Satan
    Not today Satan 4 hours ago

    That violin for the Bad At Love Cover gave me the chills.

  • Karl Isaac
    Karl Isaac 4 hours ago

    F for Caleb 😔

  • Wungmi Shaiza
    Wungmi Shaiza 4 hours ago

    New hope club 😭😭😭

  • Hubert Twardowski
    Hubert Twardowski 4 hours ago

    Don’t do drugs, stay in school 😂

  • Emmett O'Brien
    Emmett O'Brien 4 hours ago

    Did the 13 year old really say if Santa is real???!!

  • Elaina Hudson
    Elaina Hudson 4 hours ago

    Not really banned just kinda deemed not socially acceptable and some i actually agree with

  • Vanesse Limon
    Vanesse Limon 4 hours ago