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    CHANYEOL Wife 7 minutes ago

    Actually I m an Exo l but I love Got7 so much this video really touch me their friendship are the best I hope if can invite Exo too to take the test

  • Let's bet
    Let's bet 7 minutes ago

    this channel never feature Philippine talent that does wonderful covers... i dont know why

  • Melia and Gabbryl Best friends

    I’m late but isn’t this the woman who was on America’s got talent for pole dancing but the she got fat shamed I’m so mad she got fat shamed if that is her

  • Aman Maurya
    Aman Maurya 11 minutes ago

    the first girl 0:57 looked like Natalie portman

  • Lucas Augusto
    Lucas Augusto 13 minutes ago

    i Love you billie

  • Rich Burmond
    Rich Burmond 15 minutes ago

    Drake wannabe pls

  • Heather S
    Heather S 15 minutes ago

    I LOVE THIS! I don't understand why Disney couldnt have tried to get it more accurate the 1st time, however, it could have been simply an animation issue. I love the costumes they made for the live action film.

  • Maria Dowse
    Maria Dowse 25 minutes ago

    One time though, this surfboard fell on my face.....

  • Ee E.
    Ee E. 26 minutes ago

    I'm wondering why does the 5 year old girl uses emojis Gurll wth

  • MA
    MA 34 minutes ago

    She's so pretty! Does she have a public instagram or something ?

  • Audr1c Gaming
    Audr1c Gaming 40 minutes ago

    13 yo me: Meh 10 pm......

  • Jake S
    Jake S 47 minutes ago

    We broke up because I was worried that he’d cheat on me.......she broke up with him because she worried about something that he didn’t do....hmmm🤔

  • Koko Lalan
    Koko Lalan 47 minutes ago

    Suka kk JW!!! 💜

  • wakawaka1976
    wakawaka1976 Hour ago

    Still gets teary eyed at weddings... well he keeps seeing new potential clients who will make him wealthy.

  • Nicoded
    Nicoded Hour ago

    I love how Troye says he's tiny in tiny

  • Aine Desu Yoroshiku

    Is the live action movie more accurate then?

  • Aphroditexx
    Aphroditexx Hour ago

    Foreshadowing Wonho's departure.. :(

  • sara elhabiby
    sara elhabiby Hour ago

    I am jealous

  • attractiva su
    attractiva su Hour ago


  • chaos pabo
    chaos pabo Hour ago

    who is coming back to this to see the difference between got7 and day6 when they are hugging. Got7 : lets hug properly lets be close, blow air to each other ears Day6 : PAT PAT PAT PAT

  • TY - SOUL275
    TY - SOUL275 Hour ago

    Nobody: Me:🌚

  • Chin Zee Yuen
    Chin Zee Yuen Hour ago

    I used to think they have a high class and not sure if my genuine will be likeable because they might prefer a high class lifestyle man too, but in the end, I realised they are human too and some of them are for sure like a humble lifestyle too

  • capapleadointhingz

    the woman was just far too fat for the UGG boots

  • Heidi Wei
    Heidi Wei Hour ago

    ‘Korn baby’ awww!

  • madvibing
    madvibing Hour ago

    Why does the drawing actually look like an old chinese portrait lol remove the shading and youve got it

  • it's me Gizzy Gigi

    They have feelings for each other its so obvious

  • Floareintherain
    Floareintherain Hour ago

    She spent the first six minutes of content and :30 seconds of ad time making a really good argument that the story is at its core a fantasy story, and then concludes to place it within a 100 year span in a single culture, which if shoe horned into, it fits badly. Aren’t some stories just allowed to be fantasy? This one has a giant blue genie ffs.

  • Nour Osman
    Nour Osman Hour ago

    I want to know where is her parents and y she is not living with them

  • Vortektor
    Vortektor Hour ago

    I genuinely hate the first one that I see is the floss

  • agam payama
    agam payama Hour ago

    Tiba tiba muncul di beranda desember 2019

  • Bshara Hourany
    Bshara Hourany Hour ago

    Well spoiler alert the movie Aladdin is BC so can she stop getting offended 😂

  • Aesthetic songs For depressed teens

    Billie: 4:43 hearing these *kids* sing it- Also billie: *17 years old*

  • S H R E Y A
    S H R E Y A Hour ago

    You guys she pronounced Krishna correctly and it's an Indian name big deal lol

  • eduardo mata
    eduardo mata Hour ago

    How’s chances the rapper only earning 400k per year?

  • Mon L
    Mon L 2 hours ago

    I loooiveee this kind of friendship. Please can I have a friendship like theirs one day!!?

  • Lavendova
    Lavendova 2 hours ago

    I think family is too close so "ankle" fjdlsghfasgfsafisaak

  • 7narutofreak
    7narutofreak 2 hours ago

    you can see the guy in purple is still loving her and he was the softest of those but she cheat on him, the other 2 tried to dominate her and she still left, this is not wifey material

  • alaizoo g
    alaizoo g 2 hours ago

    one of them dudes really be looking like dwight howard

  • SHANTA_FANS FOREVER dwaine and shanta fans


  • Rina Noor
    Rina Noor 2 hours ago


  • Mizuki Hikawa
    Mizuki Hikawa 2 hours ago

    I can understand why they never added the detail on the Saltan's outfit is because it would've taken a long period of time to animate them on any of the characters clothes

  • Dawn Broker
    Dawn Broker 3 hours ago

    Lol. Don't be deceive by the fancy talk. Family courts will reap you apart without mercy. Don't get married. All women are like that.

  • Hannah Wright
    Hannah Wright 3 hours ago

    I was not expecting this but wow I loved it I lovee them

  • Candy Portilla
    Candy Portilla 3 hours ago

    Lol reacts

  • MsSunhappy
    MsSunhappy 3 hours ago

    I think the dress is good!

  • Kuro Wanwan
    Kuro Wanwan 3 hours ago

    Not even a mention of the Thief and the Cobbler, sad.

  • JooshHiill
    JooshHiill 3 hours ago


    AH DCVS 3 hours ago

    I want to share this based on my true story. 2 years ago my life was terrible I was 85kg,i lazy to do exercise , i eat alot of sweet foods , junk food everyday, hate vegetables,and yeah i always drink sweet drinks. I always felt headache, my skin is full covered with acne, no clothes can covered my stomach, i always felt sleepy all the time altough i got enough sleep,and the worst is i constantly got breathing problem. After all that i went to my doctor,and he said that i almost diabetic, and my body fat is too high if i keep gaining weight maybe I would die because heart attack . I felt so sad, stress, and afraid that i close to my death , That time,my mom cried to me and said that She doesn't want to lose me She said i have to lose weight and be healthy. I was devastated, next day i and my mom went to doctor again and consult what food should i eat,what exercise i should do. So doctor said i still can eat any food but u have to limit my calorie, and i have to do exercise everyday. I started walking 2 hourd perday (can't run because my breathing problem hasn't healed).and the hardest thing is deal with food. But i keep going also my mom always beside me to support me. She food me with alot of vegetables,baked meat,boiled egg,and fruits as snack. Slowly but steady, i lose 15kg.i felt better than ever Now I can run with no worries of breathing problem, my skin is super smooth and glowing(my acnes were gone), and i never have headache anymore,and the best part of it i can enjoy my life so happy . Now iam healthy physically and mentally. So i just wanna tell you that if you're being overweight, don't think that it is normal thing, overweight causes many health problems and also it makes our parent sad .our parent want their kids healthy and live as long as possible. Stop supporting and promoting obesity, we have to stop that, we should educating and motivating everyone to be healthy.

  • Candy Portilla
    Candy Portilla 3 hours ago


  • Samantha Skye
    Samantha Skye 3 hours ago

    Lynnea's voice is so angelic 💙 I love her.

  • Incognito
    Incognito 3 hours ago

    Bryce is a decent fellow. However, he should change that haircut and respect himself more. She's pretty but that's about it.


    Кто из России?Или с кто с Казахстана? :)

  • Dr Lies
    Dr Lies 3 hours ago

    ???? Is no one going to mention how she spends $1K on rent and still manages to live in Manhattan?????

  • Sumsum HUI [11U07S]
    Sumsum HUI [11U07S] 3 hours ago

    repeat after me- nobody wore stays or a pair of bodies of corsettery without clothing underneath.

  • The AfricanVee
    The AfricanVee 3 hours ago

    Not everything is racist

  • Venkat Playz
    Venkat Playz 3 hours ago

    You didn't find this video. This video found you.

  • beth blea
    beth blea 3 hours ago

    Daily essentials: Kazoo

  • what
    what 3 hours ago

    What's the bravest thing I've ever done? Do nothing

  • •Farah •
    •Farah • 3 hours ago

    Im 😂

  • seventhofearth
    seventhofearth 3 hours ago

    I miss the fashion historians who don't feel the need to make political statements.

  • Lwydius
    Lwydius 4 hours ago

    The sheer level of delusion here is hilarious. When are overweight women going to dress in a manner according to their size? Big women in skin tight clothing is unattractive, actually that's too kind, it's gross, just repellent. Call me whatever you like, it won't change this simple truth. Beautiful at all sizes? Nope; there's that delusional thinking again.

  • Jonathan Pena
    Jonathan Pena 4 hours ago

    Who is she

  • h h
    h h 4 hours ago

    for some reason i dislike this woman a lot

  • AakashLOLO
    AakashLOLO 4 hours ago

    who realized that the 20 year old said 12pm

  • C o o k I e D I n o
    C o o k I e D I n o 4 hours ago

    37 guy bruhh omg he looks like him lol

  • Robyn Ruallo
    Robyn Ruallo 4 hours ago

    Bernadette!!!!! 😊❤️🤩😍

  • Jack Antonio Daniels Caponé

    So do you men think, that taking care of you girl AND treating her equal goes together?

  • I tried to JIMout but fail

    Billie at 17: Also billie:Seeing this kids singing 😂😂 I ain't hating tho 😂😂

  • Mrs RootinTootinPutin Ze Cat

    0:44 david you exposed yourself

  • Irena
    Irena 4 hours ago


  • Skooby Snax
    Skooby Snax 4 hours ago

    Scripted af

  • JoyPlayz _Gacha
    JoyPlayz _Gacha 4 hours ago

    Hahaha look at the girl at 20 yrs old she said “Um around 12 pm” hahahaha why pm?!🤣🤣 Time: 0:24 Like if you heard it 👍👇

  • Taara vijay
    Taara vijay 4 hours ago


  • AgentSix Bloodsaw
    AgentSix Bloodsaw 4 hours ago


  • AgentSix Bloodsaw
    AgentSix Bloodsaw 4 hours ago


  • REHAN_331 Rehan_331
    REHAN_331 Rehan_331 4 hours ago

    Tiri ada apa dengan gue

  • Olivia’s Corner
    Olivia’s Corner 4 hours ago

    Bruh I’m 13 and I go to bed at like 5 am lol

  • AgentSix Bloodsaw
    AgentSix Bloodsaw 4 hours ago

    what is amber's ig?

    KAIROS 5 hours ago


  • Amnah Al-towai
    Amnah Al-towai 5 hours ago

    That's why it is haram

  • qwertyklsdfghjklzxcvbnm wedrftgynm,qwsedrfgh

    Las parejas interraciales son un asco

  • Matthew Chrismon
    Matthew Chrismon 5 hours ago

    I'm 8 years old I'm ariana I sing like an angel

    EDA BEGEN 5 hours ago

    Türkler yardım edin kayboldum.

      EDA BEGEN 5 hours ago

      93 milyonda bir Türk ben miyim???😮😮😮😯

  • Brahm Codina
    Brahm Codina 5 hours ago

    0:28 A L L T I M E R S Ik diseases are not a joke

  • K R
    K R 5 hours ago

    Who tf edited this video... Are the other queens just there for balance or you just forget they existed during the interview?

  • AgentSix Bloodsaw
    AgentSix Bloodsaw 5 hours ago

    what is the females instagrams?

  • Esperedion Simo-ag
    Esperedion Simo-ag 5 hours ago

    I like ocean eyes and bury a friend

  • Esperedion Simo-ag
    Esperedion Simo-ag 5 hours ago

    I like ocean eyes and bury a friend

  • I am the father
    I am the father 5 hours ago

    If that's a '' normal'' relationship and that's how you get woman to fall for you I'd rather stay single. Sending cringe emojis and using only the internet to get what they want. Such a cowardly move without romance not flirting just blshit. Only one of them actually is a man but whatever better single to avoid cringe

  • Jellyjorge .59
    Jellyjorge .59 5 hours ago

    Yellow dude so self absorbed

  • Pablo Smith
    Pablo Smith 5 hours ago

    One in the yellow and her cheated on each other 😭😂

  • Jellyjorge .59
    Jellyjorge .59 5 hours ago

    I wanna vibe wit the purple dude he look chill asffff

  • Ain Pijaa
    Ain Pijaa 5 hours ago

    Taeyong shirt is same like seungmin stray kids's shirt in side effect

  • Pablo Smith
    Pablo Smith 5 hours ago

    These comments are funny asf 😭😂 I cant

  • Jyotsna Pandit
    Jyotsna Pandit 5 hours ago

    Who cares?

  • rachel.doremi
    rachel.doremi 5 hours ago

    Oooooo!!! She’s a featured lady now!!!

  • Jade Castro
    Jade Castro 6 hours ago

    bruhhh the first two girls that sang the ocean eyes covers were on the show lost and found music studios as leia and maggie how has this not been recognized 😭🤨

  • Nima Nima
    Nima Nima 6 hours ago

    those guys look like they are brothers lmaooo

  • Leslys
    Leslys 6 hours ago

    jennifer is a whole mood

  • AgentSix Bloodsaw
    AgentSix Bloodsaw 6 hours ago

    what is her instagram