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  • Bubble.Tea.4Life
    Bubble.Tea.4Life 2 hours ago

    My birthday is in exactly 2 minutes cause it’s night and almost midnight cause technically my b day is tomorrow

  • Nathan Peck
    Nathan Peck 2 hours ago

    Dear moriah elizabeth this video is hilarious! You should do another squishy unboxing video! Like if I agree!🙂🤪❤💟

  • unicorn pop kids TV
    unicorn pop kids TV 2 hours ago

    Can you send me the sloth even though it's not smiling it's still cute. 😉😊

  • simejha Thomas
    simejha Thomas 2 hours ago

    I...... Don't eat CAKE or CUPCAKES ÒvÒ Please don't come at me I already know I'm not normal ŌvŌ

  • Tinsley Lavalliere
    Tinsley Lavalliere 2 hours ago

    U should try cooking classes or bake more XD if u think u r really that bad but u did great!

  • Erin McCalgan
    Erin McCalgan 2 hours ago

    To be honest I wouldn't sift it😂😂😜🤔

  • Mansi Lalwani
    Mansi Lalwani 2 hours ago


  • Bryce Owens
    Bryce Owens 2 hours ago

    That looks so good! I wish I could eat it right now 😅

  • XxCheese CakexX
    XxCheese CakexX 2 hours ago


  • Mia Curmudgeon
    Mia Curmudgeon 2 hours ago

    MORIAH! I have a tipsy tipy tip. So next time you wanna squish your cake all up you can mix all of it together, (cake and frosting) and then roll the frosting cake mixture into balls and cover them in chocolate, you may have to add more frosting to the mix to make it more pasty. Thats how cake pops are made, the frosting will make the cake super moist no matter how much its over baked and everyone thinks your a master cake maker even though its so super easy.

  • Awesome Potato
    Awesome Potato 2 hours ago

    If you want less food colouring use a toothpick

  • Raven Mickelson
    Raven Mickelson 2 hours ago

    Usually people only try to blow me up once a day so idk whats happening today

  • Laney Taylor
    Laney Taylor 2 hours ago

    I really love your videos I wish I could give you some squishy but please make more cooking videos great job with your videos

  • Emmaline J
    Emmaline J 2 hours ago

    1 like = a tear for deh cake at deh end 😢

  • Ocella_animates YT
    Ocella_animates YT 2 hours ago

    Moriah needs to be on nailed it!

  • Seeking Happy
    Seeking Happy 2 hours ago

    Omg, I loved that you squooshed it!

  • jennifer newton
    jennifer newton 2 hours ago

    You did really well blending and every thing I'm not lying

  • Nimita Siju
    Nimita Siju 2 hours ago

    the Netflix show nailed it should have a new season and have Moriah on it that would be amazing!!

  • Stephanie Dement
    Stephanie Dement 2 hours ago

    When I looked at you shirt I said the same thing

  • navineeta gunabalan
    navineeta gunabalan 2 hours ago

    Idk why she doesnt like it.....IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!! Edit: RIP cakey...😥

  • Todoroki Shoto
    Todoroki Shoto 2 hours ago

    Can you colab with Rossana Pansino? That would be so cool❤

  • Dakota Jordan
    Dakota Jordan 2 hours ago

    The tier gradient was pretty good. Also I love you. You are my favorite TVclipr. Thank you for being awesome!

  • Ava Henderson
    Ava Henderson 2 hours ago

    Can you do, My cat picks my squishy make-over? You put treats next to like, slips of paper or something and he will come and get them first one he gets you have to use. I know the trend thing is late, but now Opie can make a squishy instead of watching you do it.

  • Goli Shoughi
    Goli Shoughi 2 hours ago

    Wow your really ☆good☆ at this you should work at a squishy shop

  • Nattali Arroyo-Jimenez

    It’s my birthday on 24th of January I am so happy cause I get to watch ur video on my birthday

  • Raven Mickelson
    Raven Mickelson 2 hours ago

    Im not educated in the bake either

  • Reese Maia Cornelio
    Reese Maia Cornelio 2 hours ago

    Moriah can u paint on masks we just recently painted masks and I did a Sakura theme and I puted a paper rose and behind it is a feather love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mustache Fox
    Mustache Fox 2 hours ago

    Baking is so precise and has to be exact to make it work whereas cooking you can cut corners easily and be fine.

  • cdciam09
    cdciam09 2 hours ago

    If you're doing a tiered cake, getting an internal structure in there would probably solve half your problems here. I'm not sure if skewers would work, but professional bakers use like a cake skeleton support thing to make sure tiered cakes don't go sideways.

  • AlcuardAndClaude KickAss

    The chocolate started thawing.... omg... still looks good

  • Jenn V
    Jenn V 2 hours ago

    u shud make a satisfying videos on ur channel. like if u agree <3

  • Suzanna Coleman
    Suzanna Coleman 2 hours ago

    Watch how to cake it. Any one of her videos will give you a lot of advice.

  • lily fox
    lily fox 2 hours ago

    Iam sssaaaaaddd because i want a pickle dino but iam in australia 😭

  • Christina Mills
    Christina Mills 2 hours ago

    I don't sift my powdered sugar when I make butter cream frosting

  • Chloe Rose
    Chloe Rose 2 hours ago

    COFFEE!!!!! lmao sorry I love the sweater tho :3

  • Holly Crisp
    Holly Crisp 2 hours ago

    I think the pineapple was the one her friend did

  • Namrata Bhattacharya


  • Clarissa Mcmillan
    Clarissa Mcmillan 2 hours ago

    That's a lol doll

  • just lexi
    just lexi 2 hours ago

    probably should have iced the cakes THEN stacked them lol

  • Easton Stalzer
    Easton Stalzer 2 hours ago

    I have decorated a cake before I get cha👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👎🏻

  • Usha Salian
    Usha Salian 2 hours ago

    Oh my gosh it's so wet down there!

  • *Dax _XD_*
    *Dax _XD_* 2 hours ago

    Honesty, I think short hair suits her best. But that’s my opinion.

  • Olivia De Vita
    Olivia De Vita 2 hours ago

    I have the same unicorn measuring cups as you! 🦄😃

  • merel the tiger
    merel the tiger 2 hours ago

    Pls make a gorgy pluch

  • Dog in A Chair
    Dog in A Chair 2 hours ago

    “Paint something animeish on anything!” -A fellow Weeb

  • Cookie Drizzle
    Cookie Drizzle 2 hours ago

    I really want a professional baker to make one of her squishes

  • Mewe
    Mewe 2 hours ago

    Moriah, are you TRYING to get Salmonella?

  • Its Avantikas Life
    Its Avantikas Life 2 hours ago

    Everyone- the cake is ---------- Me - does anyone remember create this book 2

  • Star _Moonmin
    Star _Moonmin 2 hours ago


  • gracyn letchford
    gracyn letchford 2 hours ago

    the graffiti cake plss

  • April ciel sky
    April ciel sky 2 hours ago

    If you ever need baking tips go to Rosanna pansino for help trust me she has amazing tips

  • Soleii Turner
    Soleii Turner 2 hours ago


  • alpaca Chan UwU
    alpaca Chan UwU 2 hours ago

    Do a collaboration with Rosanna pansino please....

  • EternalNyappy
    EternalNyappy 2 hours ago

    The chocolate melts more as it is just cream, air and sugar. Using the melted chocolate would help since it will harden up. It's just a sauce now, the air bubbles left the bilding so it just gets more gooey. But A+ for effort, I couldn't do this any better and doing mistakes is learning. And it still looks cute, I'd eat it.

  • Avery Lawrence
    Avery Lawrence 2 hours ago

    oH yoU DinDt dO iT rIghT yUr suPPosEd to siFt iT!!! Jk. Love you Moriah😘

  • star lights theover lord AWESOME

    Maybe try doing a crum coat and freeze the cake before trying ice it But I love the video so much 💓

  • hennedine calanog
    hennedine calanog 2 hours ago

    Could you have a mr. Hot cocoa plushie

  • Literally Al dusty
    Literally Al dusty 2 hours ago

    Just from the Thumbnail..*i know what it looks like*

  • Demonfoxgamer1450
    Demonfoxgamer1450 2 hours ago

    What editor do u use moriah?!!🤣😹

  • TheLittleGamerZ
    TheLittleGamerZ 2 hours ago

    Kinda early! OwO

  • Mayra Aguilar
    Mayra Aguilar 2 hours ago

    Omg squishing it like a squishy!

  • Nkdufford
    Nkdufford 2 hours ago

    Get a levalar.👍👍

  • Reeka Freakhound
    Reeka Freakhound 2 hours ago

    they make sifters with little turn cranks oop

  • Cadence McEwen
    Cadence McEwen 2 hours ago

    I love squishy bakeover💕💕

  • Get_ Rekted_
    Get_ Rekted_ 2 hours ago

    Moriah: “The bakings the easy part” Moriah 5 minutes later:

  • Savanna Newman
    Savanna Newman 2 hours ago


    • Savanna Newman
      Savanna Newman 2 hours ago

      And I don’t care that she didn’t sift it

  • Emma Chan
    Emma Chan 2 hours ago

    Life hack- to make it easier to put the icing in the bag, you can take a cup, put the bag in the cup, fold down the sides, and then you can put in the icing hope this helps ^_^ ❤

  • Liz Hunting
    Liz Hunting 2 hours ago

    if you dont sift it you can mix it with a fork to get the lumps out

  • Here/Now.Lana USA
    Here/Now.Lana USA 2 hours ago

    I hate to cook, but I need to to. Sometimes) because my husband don't live at home ( Russian women loves animals and fun. Come visit me)

  • Madeleine Ismail
    Madeleine Ismail 2 hours ago

    You did a great job!!!!

  • keilie :3
    keilie :3 2 hours ago

    use chocolate syrup

  • Maria de hufflepuff Demena

    dis is funeh (i spelled that wrong on purpose)

  • Radio’s channel is now taken over by Spinel

    Some people: *gets triggered that she uses olive oil than vegetable oil* Me: *gets triggered that she destroy that masterpiece and leaves me starving*

  • Grisel Banuelos
    Grisel Banuelos 2 hours ago

    it a poler bear

  • K.C. World
    K.C. World 2 hours ago

    U need to get yo self a hand sifter, u just squeeze a trigger almost like a squirt gun sorta, so much easier then the colander like one u use, u can get one at Walmart for maybe $10 give or take a few dollars, hope u can find one! Also I love ur cat hes so cute and I just wanna pet and love the lil fluff ball😻💞 also love ur videos

  • Holly Boone
    Holly Boone 2 hours ago

    Awwwww young Moriah sounds so different 😄

  • Charlotte Basson
    Charlotte Basson 2 hours ago

    No one: Not even a single person: Me thinking Im getting a piece

  • Katherine Rolon
    Katherine Rolon 2 hours ago

    Can you make over the cupcakes please.

  • Come craft with Me
    Come craft with Me 2 hours ago

    Hi moriah I am a Subscriber and I turned on my post notifications for you and I’ve been watching your channel for as long as I can remember and whenever I’m having a bad day I watch one of your videos and my day is just amazing after I watch your videos

  • Mayra Aguilar
    Mayra Aguilar 2 hours ago

    With ganache it will harden the chocolate frosting is just frosting so it will my when warm

  • Gamer Kitty_123
    Gamer Kitty_123 2 hours ago

    You could try taking out the yolks of the eggs. On alot of recipes it tells you how many eggs to use if you take them out. Then the colors will look a bit better!😁

  • beata christianson
    beata christianson 2 hours ago

    Could you shout me out you don't need to but if you want to plse

  • The dimond Wolf
    The dimond Wolf 2 hours ago

    Moriah : where were you when I was shopping Me : waiting for u to upload another video

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    sharkattack80811 2 hours ago

    Check out HOW TO CAKE IT. She is the cake queen! I vote for a collaboration!!

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    Abby Anderson 2 hours ago

    It’s 11 o’clock at night. I’ve brushed my teeth. I’m half asleep. But there are chips right next to me and this video is making me wanna devour it......

  • Yoshina Nakazawa
    Yoshina Nakazawa 2 hours ago

    Not saying its a video idea but bake pickle!

  • Evie Winterton
    Evie Winterton 2 hours ago

    u nailed the bottom but killed the top

  • Tracey johnson
    Tracey johnson 2 hours ago

    Moriah: everyone is going to yell at me for not sifting Me: I don't sIFt either

  • Aaron Fuentes
    Aaron Fuentes 2 hours ago

    Your my favourite youtuber of all you deserve 900,000,000 subs!

  • Eva Abercrombie
    Eva Abercrombie 2 hours ago

    Yo if you want the cake to stop falling stick wooden dowels in it

  • Alyce Rosenthal
    Alyce Rosenthal 2 hours ago


    ONISHA LOVER 2 hours ago


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    Peach_ Soda 2 hours ago

    OoHHo *is kinda "wet Down There" Oooooof, i realized what she said

  • Fidah Salloum
    Fidah Salloum 2 hours ago

    its better than i will ever do

  • Emma Pscenicka
    Emma Pscenicka 2 hours ago

    ITS TH LIPS!!!

  • Mayra Aguilar
    Mayra Aguilar 2 hours ago

    I too have that problem when the frosting just drops down and doesn't stick. I haven't exactly figured out why😣

  • Girl
    Girl 2 hours ago

    I would still have it as a b-day cake 🍰

  • Just Life
    Just Life 2 hours ago

    IM SO SORRY! I WISH I COULD HAVE WATCHED THIS VIDEO EARLIER! :l i really wish u had an awesome day! go for your dreams!

  • Jeminae
    Jeminae 2 hours ago

    anyone here actually a new viewer??😂

  • Naomi Orth
    Naomi Orth 2 hours ago

    3:43 - the best quote ever. very inspirational.