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  • EclipZe Muzik
    EclipZe Muzik 8 months ago

    keep up the great work!

  • Crystle lynch
    Crystle lynch 5 years ago

    ian draw your life

  • Izzy McFizzy
    Izzy McFizzy 5 years ago

    more backwards words please!?!?!?

  • Tanman
    Tanman 5 years ago

    I know some people don't like these comments is hard to get noticed on youtube and it would really help if whoever reads this checks out my channel and maybe subscribes.

  • Samargho M
    Samargho M 5 years ago

    Hi my name is samargho and my birthday is on may 17th

  • XXXkittyhawkXXX
    XXXkittyhawkXXX 5 years ago

    Do a draw my life

  • Tanman
    Tanman 5 years ago

    I know some people don't like these comments is hard to get noticed on youtube and it would really help if you could check out my channel and maybe subscribe.

  • GlamGirlGamer17
    GlamGirlGamer17 5 years ago

    Hey Everybody!! Check out my new gaming channel!! AND SUBSCRIBE!!

  • Zack Muetzel
    Zack Muetzel 5 years ago

    Hey guys, he said on twitter that he wont make a "draw my life" video because hes very private about his past. please pass this on to other videos asking for a draw my life from Ian.

  • Ellie Chen
    Ellie Chen 5 years ago

    yeah! i know its a bit old now but every one wants you to do draw my life ian!! plz do it!

  • GordonChocolate
    GordonChocolate 5 years ago

    Come on Dude, Draw Your Life, please

  • Ruth Bryant
    Ruth Bryant 5 years ago

    hey ian plz do a draw my life because anthony has done it so now it is your turn :)

  • Rebecca Johnson
    Rebecca Johnson 5 years ago

    No lunchtime with Smosh??? :(

    TROY WHEELER 5 years ago


  • darksword lord
    darksword lord 5 years ago


  • TAlli
    TAlli 5 years ago

    I wish that there was only IanH and smosh, Just Mari, Ian, and Anthony, I liked smosh better then. :( They uploaded more instead of gametime with smosh and they didn't have those cartoons...

  • Raven Roth
    Raven Roth 5 years ago


  • Raven Roth
    Raven Roth 5 years ago

    Draw your life please :)

  • Raven Roth
    Raven Roth 5 years ago

    HI IAN

  • TheGarden
    TheGarden 5 years ago

    Ian can you please do a draw my life? Would be awesome XP I luv you guys!

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 5 years ago


  • MediaBuddies
    MediaBuddies 5 years ago

    Check out out our dual channel please? Thanks :)

  • LenaFrejaMusicVideos

    Draw Your life, plzzzzzzzz Ian! I luv u, do it!!!!! Or i will kill u. >;)

  • I'm Awful
    I'm Awful 5 years ago

    Do draw my life like antonie

  • Chas Conway
    Chas Conway 5 years ago

    Ian should do a draw my life like Anthony did

  • crashpro_90
    crashpro_90 5 years ago

    hey ian hecox Please Terraria on your smoshgames Channel. Terraria by 505games.

  • crashpro_90
    crashpro_90 5 years ago

    tell lasercorn to do more Gta 4 Mods

  • crashpro_90
    crashpro_90 5 years ago

    do more mailtime & food tatse test on this channel. food fight on you guy 1st channel.

  • crashpro_90
    crashpro_90 5 years ago

    Ian hecox add me Crashpro_90

  • crashpro_90
    crashpro_90 5 years ago

    hey smosh wiil you please phtotshop more youtubers

  • AestheticParker
    AestheticParker 5 years ago

    Ian do a draw your life

  • Dakota Dawson
    Dakota Dawson 5 years ago

    Will you ever reply o this Ian?

  • Pieter2405
    Pieter2405 5 years ago

    Nearly 600.000.000 views.

  • ThePancakeWhisperers

    Make a Draw Ian's Life like Anthony did in his Channel

  • DEADmobbers
    DEADmobbers 5 years ago

    Where is the new mailtime

  • je moeder
    je moeder 5 years ago

    You should eat Turkish foods for Lunchtime.

  • Natasha :3
    Natasha :3 5 years ago

    U guys r like the best I hope to meet u I'm going to comment again on may 19 my 11th birthday! Maybe a happy birthday would be awesome right? ::D

  • Nicole Croftcheck
    Nicole Croftcheck 5 years ago

    i love youuuu guyssssssss<3 IAN AND ANTHONY ARE HOTTTTT

  • staraptortamer0720
    staraptortamer0720 5 years ago

    Make a new mail time

  • Alicia Singleton
    Alicia Singleton 5 years ago

    When is the new mailtime gonna upload

  • Emily hayes
    Emily hayes 5 years ago

    I mean lunctime

  • Emily hayes
    Emily hayes 5 years ago

    I mean Lunctime,I wrote wrong hehehe.....

  • Emily hayes
    Emily hayes 5 years ago

    This is for mailtime here,cuz I dont have Twitter: Switch food wwith Ian (Anthony eat Ians food and Ian eat Anthonys food)

  • TheFuniestable
    TheFuniestable 5 years ago

    hey guys subscribe at my channel please and you will have 100% fun!

  • Dani Productions
    Dani Productions 5 years ago

    Make more mail times!!!!!!

  • miyah20080
    miyah20080 5 years ago

    hey mari. todays my bday!!

  • Aron zadeh
    Aron zadeh 5 years ago

    today is my 13 birthday and im aron

  • snail prodution
    snail prodution 5 years ago

    like funny animations see my channle

  • LenaFrejaMusicVideos

    I love you guys freaking much! xb

  • Rifqi Hisyam
    Rifqi Hisyam 5 years ago

    you guys are my favorite! ;)

  • Rifqi Hisyam
    Rifqi Hisyam 5 years ago

    keep going smosh!!!

    JACKSON Du RIEU 5 years ago

    douli es vomtu stom ta va

  • Olivia Mumma
    Olivia Mumma 5 years ago

    Hey Mari I'm Olivia and my birthday is on may 7th and I looooove all your videos! Can you please give me a shout out? It would mean the world!

  • icefox140
    icefox140 5 years ago


  • Jack watt
    Jack watt 5 years ago

    Omg. I heard smosh broke up

  • MilkForMyButterfly
    MilkForMyButterfly 5 years ago

    Love you guys so so much <3

  • Deadeagels80177
    Deadeagels80177 5 years ago

    Hey can u plz sub to me plz who ever is reading this and don't be hating that I'm asking for subs

  • HEExperimental
    HEExperimental 5 years ago

    Hi Mari!! I turn 17 on 27 april. can you give me a shout out?

  • snipebog1
    snipebog1 5 years ago


  • Trenity
    Trenity 5 years ago

    You guys are my favorite! :D

  • Hali ballard
    Hali ballard 5 years ago

    I love you guys :D

  • Neon KneeHighs
    Neon KneeHighs 5 years ago

    hey smosh! what is your address? I bought u some stuff and i dong know where u send it!! please reply on my channel! i wuv u guys!!!!

  • Neon KneeHighs
    Neon KneeHighs 5 years ago

    hey smosh!! what is your address?? me an my sis want to know so we can send u stuff!! reply on my channel please!!! i wuv u!!

  • Johan Kvist
    Johan Kvist 5 years ago

    If you want so!!!

  • Johan Kvist
    Johan Kvist 5 years ago

    Hey Ian if u see this I want to ask you if you can DRAW MY LIFE video... P.S I'am WATCHING YOU... O_O

  • gam3ersrule
    gam3ersrule 5 years ago

    evryone make ian do a draw my life vidio!

  • adam friends
    adam friends 5 years ago

    Boy tvitcicttctivoctcyctcocto fictional

  • Tyrone Worrell
    Tyrone Worrell 5 years ago

    ian is better then anthany in every way

  • Not Alex at all
    Not Alex at all 5 years ago

    Shave. I mean, I love you?

  • Chris Boyd
    Chris Boyd 5 years ago

    Great Video, Ian.

  • Era Zer
    Era Zer 5 years ago

    Hi Ian! I suggest you and your friends try some philippine ( pinoy ) foods... They taste soooo good, especially those "yema"... <3

  • Jesse Roussell
    Jesse Roussell 5 years ago

    Great channel man.

  • Talinah
    Talinah 5 years ago

    Mari can you go out with me?

  • Talinah
    Talinah 5 years ago

    Mari go out with me?

  • sugar
    sugar 5 years ago


  • shortstack
    shortstack 5 years ago

    Hey Ian and Anthony just visiting to catch up on some SMOSHness. Awesome as per normal! Been watching since Mortal Kombat! lol You guys rock never stop...please :p -shortstack

  • Octupussy
    Octupussy 5 years ago

    subscribe pls i 100% sunscribe you back

  • Damion Turley
    Damion Turley 5 years ago

    Subscribe to my channel

  • rachel duff
    rachel duff 5 years ago

    Just remember YOLO Draw your life Ian ,Anthony's done it , you should totally do it trust me it will mabey be Most viewed Draw my life video EVER !

  • Zoren Kalorl
    Zoren Kalorl 5 years ago

    do a draw my life

  • alansamso
    alansamso 5 years ago

    Ian draw your life dude

  • Damion Turley
    Damion Turley 5 years ago

    You should do a video on me or at least watch me

  • TheOfficialPSI
    TheOfficialPSI 5 years ago

    Ian you're in the top 50 most subbed channels now bro.

  • TheOfficialPSI
    TheOfficialPSI 5 years ago


  • William Tucker Jr
    William Tucker Jr 5 years ago

    MOAR charley videos!

  • Kodee Viers
    Kodee Viers 5 years ago

    hey, you two are so awesome!! i just want to say thanks. i watched a bunch of y'alls videos yesterday after i got home from the ER. y'all made me laugh for tye first time in months :) thank you :)

  • icefox140
    icefox140 5 years ago


  • Jessie Chan
    Jessie Chan 5 years ago

    Draw your life! Draw your life! Draw your life!!!!

  • KameronRCT3
    KameronRCT3 5 years ago

    theres a comment section on peoples channels

  • Daviderbestur
    Daviderbestur 5 years ago

    draw your life

  • chrislatish1979
    chrislatish1979 5 years ago

    i wanna suck on ians tendor nipples

  • Tracie Elias
    Tracie Elias 5 years ago

    Hey smoshy peeps what's your adress and I know you are trying to empty out your garage

  • KittyBeast
    KittyBeast 5 years ago

    Ian Hecox!!!!!!!!! Can you please draw your life!!! Everyone wants you to!!!

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    is this a copy ?

  • Nick Tacardon
    Nick Tacardon 5 years ago

    I want to see how ur life went before and after this

  • gameCalibrator
    gameCalibrator 5 years ago

    draw your life plez

  • KittyBeast
    KittyBeast 5 years ago

    Ian!!!!! Please draw your life!! D: Everyone wants to know your life experiences!!!!!

  • taylor
    taylor 5 years ago

    Ian pleeeeeeeeeeeease draw your life :)

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 5 years ago

    ian draw my life video please thumds up if you agree

  • Alice Granahan
    Alice Granahan 5 years ago

    Draw my life ian and lunchtime with pewds

  • Nagisa Himori
    Nagisa Himori 5 years ago


  • TAlli
    TAlli 5 years ago

    I watched every Ian is bored and Lunchtime with smosh

  • lifeisgoodbill
    lifeisgoodbill 5 years ago

    Get read of smosh pit!!!!! :)

  • Kevin Salim
    Kevin Salim 5 years ago

    Please subscribe my channel, anyone. Or at least check out my channel please!

  • 25freakyfresh
    25freakyfresh 5 years ago

    guess what draw that life ian oh yea .._.

  • Jessie Chan
    Jessie Chan 5 years ago

    Ian do a draw my life!!!!!

  • Sanda Squad
    Sanda Squad 5 years ago


  • Jay Sheppard
    Jay Sheppard 5 years ago

    Ian draw your life

  • Kuya Osh
    Kuya Osh 5 years ago

    Go lunch with pewds

  • XDutchMoviesX
    XDutchMoviesX 5 years ago

    Ian get a Draw my life video!

  • Rofygames
    Rofygames 5 years ago

    Ian do a draw my life or I will look into ur soul

  • Zoren Kalorl
    Zoren Kalorl 5 years ago

    can Ian do a "Draw my life"?

  • minecraftoreo77
    minecraftoreo77 5 years ago

    Ian and anthony, can you please subscribe to me? Ive had a ruff few weeks and it would make me feel soooooo much better! Thanks if you do.

  • marla
    marla 5 years ago

    do another mailtime with smosh!!

  • Ngan Cheng
    Ngan Cheng 5 years ago

    wats your address I wanna send u stuff

  • Jason Jimenez
    Jason Jimenez 5 years ago

    Can mari,ian,lasercorn,jovenshire,and sohinki have a draw life

  • NyootBoots
    NyootBoots 5 years ago

    ian do a draw my life video

  • AJStylesM16
    AJStylesM16 5 years ago

    Suggestion for Ian is bored: Ian do a draw my life, Anthony did one, why can't you do one

  • mmahoney381
    mmahoney381 5 years ago

    Suggestion for Ian is bored: watch Japanese commercials

  • mmahoney381
    mmahoney381 5 years ago

    Suggestion for Ian is bored: Harlem shake video

  • Martin Espinoza
    Martin Espinoza 5 years ago

    for a smosh pit weekely you should put this guy on the video for his awesome video game acapella music Megaman X - Spark Mandrill Acapella

  • Leon Mchugh
    Leon Mchugh 5 years ago

    Yo wheres this weeks lunchtime w/smosh

  • Nia Dugay
    Nia Dugay 5 years ago


  • razorknight92
    razorknight92 5 years ago

    Woah. These douchebags have FOUR channels?! And they have 2.5 million on this SECONDARY channel?! Not to mention the 9 mil on their primary and nearly 2 mil on their gaming channel. W-What is that? A SPANISH channel?! They have 388k subs on a spanish channel. I just don't know, anymore. I just don't know.

  • Faith Neil
    Faith Neil 5 years ago

    Please draw you life all the other youtubers are doing it, I would love you even more if you do! Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do it

  • Halley2364
    Halley2364 5 years ago

    Ian draw your life and enjoy it! ps the only reason why people is asking you to draw your life are the jerks who want to know if you have a gf...i know you already do...but the only reason why i want you to draw your life is because i want to know your past... transferring schools...and meeting your beautiful gf ^.^ so at least think about doing one? no just a huge fan girl of you!

  • Empty_Shell
    Empty_Shell 5 years ago

    Draw your life in next video!

  • victoria ibarra
    victoria ibarra 5 years ago

    ian ....your sexy .........

  • Greg Turbo
    Greg Turbo 5 years ago


  • iFrobama
    iFrobama 5 years ago

    when the food battle 2013 coming on to youtube

  • Louis Andoh
    Louis Andoh 5 years ago

    I like yours!!!

  • chayas dead channel
    chayas dead channel 5 years ago

    can you be my brother (because im 12 and ur 25 so no im not ur kid or dating u)

  • LisaNotMyName
    LisaNotMyName 5 years ago


  • Wendy Romero
    Wendy Romero 5 years ago

    Make a vid about if pikachu was your pet

  • lili syhaketh
    lili syhaketh 5 years ago

    make a video with pewdiepie

  • JordynxBree
    JordynxBree 5 years ago

    .you guys are AMAZING.Heck yea

  • anthony mccoy
    anthony mccoy 5 years ago

    Is Charlie dead

  • Blossom Loona
    Blossom Loona 5 years ago

    you guise r awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. k bye

  • xXSupahXFlyXx
    xXSupahXFlyXx 5 years ago

    since pewdiepie is in la you guys should feature him in a lunchtime with smosh

  • Mathias Jansson
    Mathias Jansson 5 years ago

    Can Anthony go outside and yell I LOVE BARBERSHOP POLE'S MOM!

  • atomicfireball12345
    atomicfireball12345 5 years ago

    Anyone can advertise on my channel

  • Dylan Howell
    Dylan Howell 5 years ago

    There a comment down there in the comments about he unsubscribed because they don't upload all the time well guess what dude THEY HAVE FUCKING LIVES TO LIVE trust me the love all of us but they have lives so let them live it Jease people like u piss me off

  • Erin Dee
    Erin Dee 5 years ago

    for ian is bored ian should give anthony a makeover!!!!!!!!!!

  • NAT
    NAT 5 years ago


  • Aimee Heneghan
    Aimee Heneghan 5 years ago

    Add pewdiepie in a lunch time with smosh plz

  • Tyler Fowler
    Tyler Fowler 5 years ago

    Something tells me you sold a lot more of those sexy calendars than I am comfortable with.

  • Madison Mcgee
    Madison Mcgee 5 years ago

    Add pewdiepie on the next lunch time with smosh

  • Nining mae Toledo
    Nining mae Toledo 5 years ago

    Do more mail time with smosh

  • Erin Joseph
    Erin Joseph 5 years ago


  • Nick Arthur
    Nick Arthur 5 years ago

    I just unsubscribed because I'm tired of waiting for you guys to post new videos! BYE!

  • kathleen davies
    kathleen davies 5 years ago

    Hey Mari it is my best friend's and my 15th birthday on the 11th. Our names are Melissa and Kathleen. Can you wish us happy birthday in the next smosh pit weekly episode? Thanks! ~Kathleen <3

  • Sleepy
    Sleepy 5 years ago

    IAN PLSSSSS do gwiyomi on IANH is BORED pls pls

  • bowhunter2439
    bowhunter2439 5 years ago

    Soups up , Chinese hot and sour..... get it while its hot...!!!

  • Olivia Lancaster
    Olivia Lancaster 5 years ago


  • joshua norton
    joshua norton 5 years ago

    What is your address I want to send you to mail

  • Palkia Dialga
    Palkia Dialga 5 years ago

    I Request You guys To Draw Bowser's Koopalings!

  • NyootBoots
    NyootBoots 5 years ago

    do the cinnamon challengebwith Anthony

  • shakyvlogger
    shakyvlogger 5 years ago

    Look at my vids

  • Your Mum
    Your Mum 5 years ago

    Did you eva Realise tat you tubers only like there owe videos ¿¿??

  • chaosmaster747
    chaosmaster747 5 years ago


  • mackas pacca
    mackas pacca 5 years ago

    Yeah you should do IT

  • Jessica Andrews
    Jessica Andrews 5 years ago

    Photoshop CinnamonToastKen

  • rachel duff
    rachel duff 5 years ago

    IanH started 5 days before SMOSH ,19th Nov. 2005 (IanH) , 24th Nov. 2005 ( SMOSH ) . #FunFact

  • TheFietsfan
    TheFietsfan 5 years ago

    please do draw my lif

  • Kirby Katastrophe
    Kirby Katastrophe 5 years ago

    ian do a draw my life we all want to learn about u and ur life

  • Jakob Matek
    Jakob Matek 5 years ago

    do Draw my life!

  • Tanya Telukunta
    Tanya Telukunta 5 years ago

    is charle still there

  • Haneen al hesaini
    Haneen al hesaini 5 years ago

    Love u guys:D

  • Matthew rockfan
    Matthew rockfan 5 years ago

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  • Jason Luxry
    Jason Luxry 5 years ago


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    bob jon 5 years ago

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  • R Alk
    R Alk 5 years ago

    Fuak yon Ian

  • Rapizues
    Rapizues 5 years ago

    I love you. You aren't reading this, but that's okay. :3 Okay, bye.

  • NyootBoots
    NyootBoots 5 years ago

    you and anthony should do the cinammon challenge!

  • Kelly Denmark
    Kelly Denmark 5 years ago

    Also do a vid with your gfs! Love you Ian and Anthony!

  • Kelly Denmark
    Kelly Denmark 5 years ago

    DRAW MY LIFE! Please...

  • Noshundaloof
    Noshundaloof 5 years ago

    ian, pretty please do a draw my life video. Otherwise this will cloud up the comments more than minecraft

  • c
    c 5 years ago

    ian you never showmelanie in ANY OF YOUR VIDEOS. shes cool, u should put her in one

  • John Trollsten
    John Trollsten 5 years ago

    do a vid with your gf

  • Windsortitan84
    Windsortitan84 5 years ago


  • mike sic
    mike sic 5 years ago

    i dare u to call the number on my channel

  • John Trollsten
    John Trollsten 5 years ago

    for the next Ian Is bored you should wax your hair of your arms or legs... : )

  • RasberryTart Smiley
    RasberryTart Smiley 5 years ago

    draw my life? why dont you wanna do it?

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith 5 years ago


  • chayas dead channel
    chayas dead channel 5 years ago


  • caa675
    caa675 5 years ago

    can you please make a draw my life video please

  • Cassidy Pung
    Cassidy Pung 5 years ago

    Hey if u could make a video with ur gf cuz alot of people wanna see it so yeah lol

  • TheManGuyFella
    TheManGuyFella 5 years ago

    Hi, Im in TVclip a year, and I really want my channel to grow. Anyway, I just would like it if someone we're to check out my channel. I make videos (what else. lol), and I have a bunch of serieses. Im most proud of my fighting vids. I also do Lego stopmotions, which is good, and I post very regularly. Ok, I'll just skip the rest! Im desperate, OK, so, yeah!

  • Forney117
    Forney117 5 years ago

    Make a video of "Is penis a bad word?".

  • JlkkloPlaythroughs
    JlkkloPlaythroughs 5 years ago

    Hey Smosh !! You're probably not going to read this but you've really helped me through my life. If it was my family or what people did to me I could always go on to your videos and you would make me laugh :D So I made a drawing of you just to kinda thank you :D It would really mean a lot to me if my hero could watch it :D Thanks!

  • Peter Luckas
    Peter Luckas 5 years ago


  • Bradley Harty
    Bradley Harty 5 years ago

    8=D Lan penis

  • Forney117
    Forney117 5 years ago

    I think it is. So say wee wee. And make a vid. about if penis is a bad word like racist. I hope you're reading this.

  • Forney117
    Forney117 5 years ago

    Ian, Is penis a bad word?

  • CupcakeCherrie
    CupcakeCherrie 5 years ago

    Ian draw your life and ask ur gf to make a channel

  • Isabel Parsley
    Isabel Parsley 5 years ago

    meh!!!! can u plz check out my awesome ass kicking anamation! i want 2 be like u guys went i grow up! plz watch them so i can be noticed?

  • PG Domon
    PG Domon 5 years ago

    Dear Ian, can u draw your life? Anthony explains his but not u and I'm just curios how u met Anthony even though I heard it from Anthony's but I want to hear your side of the story.

  • Krome Lazarus
    Krome Lazarus 5 years ago

    Hey Ian, in your next Lunchtime with Smosh, how about you go try any Filipino foods in your future episode. I'm curious what will think of Anthony when he eat Balut.

  • Natalia Sala
    Natalia Sala 5 years ago


  • Amy Cifuentes
    Amy Cifuentes 5 years ago