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8 months ago
IT'S LIT!!!!!!IT'S LIT!!!!!!
IT'S LIT!!!!!!
10 months ago

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  • Laquacia Austin
    Laquacia Austin 2 months ago

    Happy Holidays fam

  • Angelo4LYFE
    Angelo4LYFE 3 months ago

    Alright whats up... Where these vlogs?? Do i got to get on ya'll...

  • Makayla H
    Makayla H 3 months ago

    hi you guys, you two literally make my day better <3 me and my boyfriend hit a rough patch today so i been cryin all morn , but watching you guys videos is making me forget the whole situation , i love you guys

  • Armani Webster
    Armani Webster 3 months ago

    #DKgang love y'all sooooo much

  • Geortaguis French
    Geortaguis French 4 months ago

    When is your next upload

  • Shawntray Pierrie
    Shawntray Pierrie 4 months ago

    how can you become a successful youtuber? because however I do need the advice...

  • Alexia Lewis
    Alexia Lewis 4 months ago

    Can you guys do more challenges??

  • Shazia Bellamy
    Shazia Bellamy 4 months ago

    soo today makes 2 years of you guys having a vlog channel

  • Shaee Shaw
    Shaee Shaw 4 months ago


  • Anaeliz Peralta
    Anaeliz Peralta 4 months ago

    where is volgtober 10 ive been waiting all day for the notification that you guys uploaded the video

  • Amiyah Carter
    Amiyah Carter 4 months ago

    When are you guys going to put up your next Vlog?

  • Jada Credit
    Jada Credit 4 months ago

    hi dearra and ken can u guys do a good coments video for vogtober day .....6 and put mine it it please

  • Jada Credit
    Jada Credit 4 months ago

    my birthday was yesterday

    BRANDON JOHNSON 4 months ago

    Everyone needs to look out for Tyler Perry madea Boo 2 Dearra will be in it that is why she had to leave for a shoot so everyone look out for madea boo 2 it will have other youtubers.

  • Crystal-Seirra McDonald

    today is national boyfriends day

    BRANDON JOHNSON 4 months ago

    They should make a gaming channel with ken and dearra that would be real funny

  • Tipsy Taylor
    Tipsy Taylor 4 months ago


    DAVION GRIFFIN 4 months ago

    wyd duke

  • Reshanna Pugh
    Reshanna Pugh 4 months ago

    hi D.K. GANG

  • xboaRoblox xboateng309PlaysRoblox

    i know d4k for is my familyyyyyyyyy

  • xboaRoblox xboateng309PlaysRoblox

    subcribe my to fucking chanel right now for your boi

  • xboaRoblox xboateng309PlaysRoblox

    hey guys you know dk4 you need to recpect your husband derra or so

  • Edith Williams
    Edith Williams 5 months ago

    Come to brenham texas

  • destiny ragins
    destiny ragins 6 months ago

    Can y'all do the slow motion challenge dance

  • Toniann Mcleish
    Toniann Mcleish 6 months ago

    who agree

  • Toniann Mcleish
    Toniann Mcleish 6 months ago

    Ken do the ring prank on de'arra

  • Charlene Evans
    Charlene Evans 6 months ago

    I love you guys on oneken you my baby rb when we wate to the skyzone

  • Jessica Herster
    Jessica Herster 6 months ago

    hi have been here from day one yeah I know I don't say much just like on your main channel I have just look at my desk waiting for you guys and I just to say is I love you #dk4l #love u guys #team de'arra

  • TacaraDanee
    TacaraDanee 7 months ago

    I love the new header!!!!!

  • TheMissmechie
    TheMissmechie 7 months ago


  • Loreal Shaw
    Loreal Shaw 7 months ago

    Hello De'arra and ken my name is L'Oreal and I have a question my fiancé and I are getting married next year and trying to find a good place to go for our honeymoon if possible could you give us A couple of ideas or like what's a good resort to stay at.

  • veronica barclay
    veronica barclay 7 months ago

    Hi Dearra and Ken I am a very huge fan of you guys u are the most cutest couple I have ever seen in my entire life I live in Georgetown Guyana I hope to see you guys one day especially if it's on m birthday which is October 7th I love you guys so frickin much u guys made my life complete you are the air that I breathe and the reason why I live I love you guys like a love song plz reply when you get this love you cuties

  • Jaya Beflexin91
    Jaya Beflexin91 7 months ago

    efrbvhvgcxhiojnmnhycxddfhczfgujh zXswddfsdgdgdjjjgjch vgdsfdftcxxxxxxuhui ggjgjh

  • Sierra Evans
    Sierra Evans 7 months ago

    Sooo...what happened in the elevator at vidcon De'arra?

  • Talk To Smoochez
    Talk To Smoochez 8 months ago

    Can we please get a hair tutorial?

  • Serenity Grier
    Serenity Grier 8 months ago

    Can yall do the banna and spirit challenge

  • jamia clark
    jamia clark 8 months ago

    i.love your video

  • Chantrelle Smith
    Chantrelle Smith 8 months ago

    Hey Dre'arra this is one of your biggest fans and I just want to say that I have watched billions of your videos and omne of the challenges that I did one of the challenges that you and ken did and the challenge was the spicy noodles and IT was horrible my cousin said that they where not hot and I was like what the HELL and after we got done my lip and mouth was brun ing like HELL and I was like I can't do this anymore and I would do anything to come and be on one of the challenges that you and ken do together #TEAMDE'ARRA4LIFE I LOVE U THROW THICK AND THIN AND I REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU SO JUST LET ME KNOW DOWN IN THE COMMENTS

  • Bre'ana Davis
    Bre'ana Davis 9 months ago

    De'arra is the queen of all. she reety too

  • Mana Jilani
    Mana Jilani 9 months ago

    can you react to rolex or do rolex challenge

  • Mana Jilani
    Mana Jilani 9 months ago

    yall give me life thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • londyn prater
    londyn prater 10 months ago

    dk4l is litt i hope it stays that way and u guys dont break up

  • destiny whaley
    destiny whaley 10 months ago

    ken do a prank on de'arra

  • MultiAnnyse
    MultiAnnyse 10 months ago

    what ups

  • Shelly Marc
    Shelly Marc 10 months ago

    What type of camera do you all use to Vlog, going on a few trips and would love to document it. I see its a Canon but can you tell me the specific lens you use or type of camera. Thank you!

  • Miss Emani
    Miss Emani 10 months ago

    I love y'all lives...i love it!!! De'arra I love you your freaking funny as hell...ken your fn awesome!! Dk4l love you guys MIAMI FL IS WHERE YA NEED TO COME

    PRINCESS 4 LIFE 10 months ago

    Are u guys gonna be vloging the tour

  • Tarsha Peterson
    Tarsha Peterson 10 months ago

    hi comment back de'arra and ken

  • Jalisa Lovell
    Jalisa Lovell 11 months ago

    Hey my name is Jalisa My birthday is March 29th May you guys try to come to Columbus Mississippi for my birthday PLEASE!!!!

  • sassyness 101
    sassyness 101 11 months ago

    DEARRA AND KEN I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH THAT YOU JUST DONT KNOW!!!!! Well im not a crazy person though lol

  • Taniya Hicks
    Taniya Hicks 11 months ago

    DK4L IN THE SIMS 4! | Sims 4 Create A Sim | De'arra & Ken 4 Life Xureila

  • Asia wilson
    Asia wilson 11 months ago

    Were a new lesbian youtube channel, hoping to be an inspiration to someone so show love to me and my gf page! we show love back.

  • Briyah Jackson
    Briyah Jackson 11 months ago


  • shawn bighead
    shawn bighead 11 months ago

    could you guys do juju on that beat

  • Ismelene Myrtil
    Ismelene Myrtil 11 months ago

    can yah please put up vids because ive been waiting plus keep up with the vids stop slacking because im about to unsubscribed

  • Josey4Lyfe
    Josey4Lyfe 11 months ago

    Are ya'll done with youtube for now?

  • Briyah Jackson
    Briyah Jackson 11 months ago

    i cant wait till yall come to houston hhey

  • Ayoma Russell
    Ayoma Russell 11 months ago

    can u guys please do the balloon challenge.

  • Renada Outten
    Renada Outten 11 months ago

    de'arra you and ken make the perfect couple ever and #you so pretty

  • Lex Smith
    Lex Smith 11 months ago

    Mehki way

  • Shay Jetton
    Shay Jetton Year ago

    I want a pin

  • Roger Coleman
    Roger Coleman Year ago

    Hey De'arra & Ken.... You guys are great!!! I honestly just want to say that & mainly post a link to my fiance's YT Channel! She LOVES you guys!!!!! & Friggin keeps me up all night watching yall asses lmao.... Plz show her some love, shoutout or something! Reply to this message or comment..... You guys are her inspiration!!!! Here's her info: tvclip.biz/channel/UCp9vgJF0Q9P425J5N25tgZQ Check out her vlogs & our CRAZY ASS RELATIONSHIP!!! Keep doin what yall doin!!! #BlackLove No shoutouts needed for me... if you want em they're in the videos!!! Go & check em out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • monesha dawson
    monesha dawson Year ago

    Where is the new vlog? lol

  • ItsSariyah
    ItsSariyah Year ago

    why don't u guys post anymore? I miss you guys.

  • Takiya Washington

    what is your job

  • Mafia 3 Bossman E

    i love you de'arra somuch and you are pretty

  • tasharia bunch
    tasharia bunch Year ago

    cute relationship goals fav u guys should do a prank war

  • Jordan Parks
    Jordan Parks Year ago

    i didnt know yall live in ga i can go visit yall.

  • R'League View-Vined

    Young, Mature Adults, Inspiring, and Spicy- Yet United. This is what the world needs more of. Thank You De'arra and Ken!

  • kyjah washington

    do the it wasn't me challenge

  • Rachel McDuffie
    Rachel McDuffie Year ago

    Whats the name of the indian place y'all always eating at? I want to try there food!!

  • HunnykinsGirl
    HunnykinsGirl Year ago

    Where have you been? It's been two weeks!!!! :D

  • Kb 2000
    Kb 2000 Year ago

    Are yall ok???

  • Sweet Untarmeil
    Sweet Untarmeil Year ago

    I hope yall are doing alright....Can't wait to see another vlog... Yall give me life and motivation.

  • TheSpirit Wolf
    TheSpirit Wolf Year ago

    r u guys gonna make more vids

  • 3em3
    3em3 Year ago

    Always a pleasure to watch your work! You're doing just excellent!

  • Jamiya Harris
    Jamiya Harris Year ago

    Why don't you guys post on your main channel any more p.s. love you😘

  • mika328287
    mika328287 Year ago

    do a hair and make-up video

  • HunnykinsGirl
    HunnykinsGirl Year ago

    I love your travel vlogs, more please <3.

  • Pac-Moon
    Pac-Moon Year ago

    What are you fucking retards for watching this shitty channel my CHANNEL is more proper for people to wATCH

    THAT GIRL NIYA Year ago


  • Yvette Brown
    Yvette Brown Year ago

    ive been waiting for 3 days pls upload i wanna see paris with yall love yall

  • Garcia_Cookie Thompson

    i want to start making youtube videos. can anyone give me some ideas please. i would really appreciate it. be nice please.

  • Torrey Brown
    Torrey Brown Year ago

    Subcribe to my channel please

  • #fanoflittpeople

    you guys are cute together

  • #fanoflittpeople

    you guy are the best youtubers ever u make me so happy when sometime i am sad

  • Miyah Gordon
    Miyah Gordon Year ago

    I love y'all!!!!!

  • TashMar Love
    TashMar Love Year ago

    Y'all are such an inspiration 🙌🏽 We're a new TVclip couple trying hard to grow our channel! We hope to be as successful as you guys☺️

  • Kandis Waddell
    Kandis Waddell Year ago

    <3 love you guys DK4L!!

  • Charisse Brown
    Charisse Brown Year ago

    I liked vlogmas , it's like watching a tv show everyday!

  • rekal hooker
    rekal hooker Year ago

    dearra not to be mean be you are doing the squot wrong you are going to mass up your knees.

  • Daleeyah Snow
    Daleeyah Snow Year ago

    please i like the one when u guys made the gingerbread house i will go with the dearra

  • Shamiaha Coleman

    Come to Louisville, Ky. That will make it the best Day ever

  • Emanuel Bowling
    Emanuel Bowling Year ago

    Come to the south Chicago suburb named Flossmoor. By the way, the way you mentioned the vlogs is best.

  • kd glo
    kd glo Year ago

    Can y'all come to Memphis TN today at Wendys 2430 RockCreek Cv plz if so text my phone 9012819504

  • Te'Ara K
    Te'Ara K Year ago

    I was so excited when i got the notification for volgmas day 18 but the video was removed. : (

  • Shamiaha Coleman

    If you are not subscribe and watching something is wrong DKGANG FOR LIFE!!!! 😝😜😛😍😘 #DK4L

  • Te'Ara K
    Te'Ara K Year ago

    Trying to stay up for Volgmas day 17

  • Maggy Lebel
    Maggy Lebel Year ago

    Omg love you so much happy holiday from Canada 🎅🎅🎅🎄🎄🎄🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁💖💖💖💖

  • Shuronda Sidead
    Shuronda Sidead Year ago


  • Jackmaicol De La Cruz

    Follow me on instagram please @ jackmaicolgerrero

  • nasia6763
    nasia6763 Year ago

    i love you guys!!!

  • Orozco Family
    Orozco Family Year ago

    I envy you guysssss.. You guys are goals.. Lovveee yall.

  • Sony mendoza
    Sony mendoza Year ago

    They are the best!! desde venezuela nigga

  • Keoni Morieee
    Keoni Morieee Year ago

    what kind of vlogging camera do you guys use?

  • Simone Florence
    Simone Florence Year ago

    can yall go live

  • Kelila Smith
    Kelila Smith Year ago

    what happened today

  • loodia queens for life

    I love you guys ✌✌✌✌✌

  • Rhagen Edwards
    Rhagen Edwards Year ago

    Hi guys my boyfriend Lamon is fine

  • Dakari Smith
    Dakari Smith Year ago

    could my favorite ppl in the world make my favorite foods nachos nd tacos nd put my some fruits nd stuff.

  • Sabrina Morancy
    Sabrina Morancy Year ago

    could you guys do the manikin challenge

  • Tanasa Porter
    Tanasa Porter Year ago

    Could you guys make a video on the pros and cons on living in Atlanta?.

  • shion christian
    shion christian Year ago


  • my sill cousin left her emailon my phone. Mckenney

    And btw I'm not a creep or nun. PROMISE

  • my sill cousin left her emailon my phone. Mckenney

    Can ya'll buy me a bag of Taki's. I already made plans to get yall Christmas presents. PLEASEE. I will get yall some butI need yall address. Text me tomorrow about this time. I send you my info. Bye

  • Thea-Marie Celestine

    Please De'arra and Ken please come to Triniad and Tobago for Carnival 2017 it a really enjoyable experience ask Latoya Forever about it she is from Trinidad or Google it please come it could mean the world to me please tell me if you do decide to come #dk4l

  • Nehemiah Alexander

    Zay Alexander snap chatt

  • Nehemiah Alexander

    I followed y'all on snap chatt no followed back

  • Queen A
    Queen A Year ago


  • Anabel Barajas
    Anabel Barajas Year ago

    OMG DK4L I love you guys. I watched hitting 2mill. Sub. Video and I want an iphone 6 and just something extra I want to get my mom a purse. Thx and I know it will come true love you guys a lot if you guys do pick me just put it on my comment /discussions.thx and love you guys lots❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😌😌😌😌😌😌

  • andrea slay112
    andrea slay112 Year ago

    do jujunbon dat beat

  • kedadivahot
    kedadivahot Year ago

    Where the vids????????

  • Kiara Washington

    When do you guys reveal the winner for the MacBook giveaway?

  • Miracle Blessing

    hey how do we go to see the live stream thing

  • Lynda Dison
    Lynda Dison Year ago

    Juju on that beat !!!!!!!please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😻😻😻😻😻

  • Lynda Dison
    Lynda Dison Year ago

    Dearra and Ken I love ur videos and I would love it if you would like to come to me at my house on the 5 of December 3374 Coffman drive Knoxville TN😁😁😽😽😸😸😻😻💩💩🙅🙆🙇🙎🙏😺😼😸😹😻😽😿😾🙀🙈🙉🙊💩👶👦👧👨👩👴👵💏💑👪👫👬👭🎅👹👤👼👺👥👱👽👮👲👾👷👳👿💁💃💀💂💆💪👯💇👀👰💅👂👸👻👃👣💔👌👄💕✊👅💖✌💋💗✋❤💘👊💙💝☝💚💞👆💛💟👇💜👍👈💓👎👉👋👏👐👐💟❤💛✋👋👆💗👉💞💋👎💚✌💓☝💖👈💝👅👍💙✊💜👊💕👇💘😷😟😛😌😱😜😖😲😝😔😳😋😪😵😗😏😶😙😓😘😫😞😚🙋😒😎🙌😍😭🙍💄💄💄👗👗👝👝👛👛👑👑👒👒👙👙👠👠👓👓👢👢👡👡💲💲💲💰💰💳💳💳👠👠👠🎩🎩🎓👡👡👢💵⌚👚💴💶🚬📜💷🔔📗💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 merry Christmas to you both!!!!!!!!!

  • Alvin Gebre
    Alvin Gebre Year ago

    can i plz have the give away because i have watched u since i was 9 and i am 11 u guys are amazing i showed dad to u guys and he loves u i am really inspired by u and when i am older i am going to do volgs like u hatters be chatting about u and they are jealous and i u didn't have hatters u aint hoping and u might have some but ur guys are amazing ken u have a great heart and u are smart and lovely derra u are abousluly beautiful and so what if u have big eyes and kinda have big bum so what its ur appearance so i would really like to have a give away

  • Zarianna Busby
    Zarianna Busby Year ago

    I know y'all through De'arra's baddie pics on the gram💁🏾 De'arra you give my timeline life girl, slay! I love y'all because y'all use your platform in a positive way. Black love or Black people doing well in general is not common where I am from. Showing young African Kings and Queens that we too can do the impossible is a beautiful message to give out. I applaud you guys. Also Ken posted on his Twitter about a few of the young Black men who have been killed by police brings awareness to those who did not know. ✊🏾 I also love you guys because you work hard and from that, you get what you want. You guys show nothing comes easy in life and if you want something, you need to work towards it. The first video I seen was 'when you want to act crazy, but you not trying to end up single' video! I was going through it and my searches on TVclip led me to this video lol. Don't ask what I was searching😅 That day I joined the DKgang family and been loyal ever since😌 The oldest thing I can remember/ my favorite memory/ my favorite memory is when De'arra drew all over Kens face and he was extremely pissed haha. But he got you back when you thought he actually cut your hair off. (I low key think he actually did cut some off lol) But yeah I absolutely love you guys and what you stand for. Keep putting a positive message out there for the youngins. Y'all are doing y'all thang!💕💕💕

    • Kaay Thomas
      Kaay Thomas 5 months ago

      shut up

    • R'League View-Vined
      R'League View-Vined Year ago

      What a detailed letter for them, this is beautiful. I'm finally joining the land of interactivity- instead of just watching videos- which I have been doing for an entire year or so now. This is great to see! I agree with you about them "doing their thing". We need more positivity in the world!

  • Tyisha Hayman
    Tyisha Hayman Year ago

    Will yall ever come to Baltimore Maryland I love yall so much

  • denaj taylor
    denaj taylor Year ago

    can u guys to a clothes sale<3

  • Yvett Okongo
    Yvett Okongo Year ago

    what is the romance/ R&B instrumental called? You put it at the end of the supporter in Bahamas video.

  • K. L. G A N G
    K. L. G A N G Year ago

    I am sending you guys 2 gold and blue hoverboards and hoverkicks

  • CoolKid .Cieee
    CoolKid .Cieee Year ago

    can yo do 24 hour challenge somewhere and toilet paper fort and one last question when you go live on the 17th how do go so see you

  • SuperDuperDanielle

    De'arra you should do a beauty special every so often or make a beauty channel, show how she do some her hair styles and do ootd and show her clothes. De'arra slays!

  • elise posey
    elise posey Year ago

    my 5 year old son is addicted to your channel. he watches you videos in the car, at home and while I am at work.

  • Bahamerican
    Bahamerican Year ago

    THE 100 COMMENT ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️I Really Love you guys I missed you guys when you was in The Bahamas because I went away but hopefully I see you guys next time ❤️️

  • Romurraine
    Romurraine Year ago

    Could you guys do JuJu On That Beat Dance!!???

    • castine carson
      castine carson Year ago

      who doesnt make any sense

    • Grace Cake
      Grace Cake Year ago

      you make no dam sense

    • castine carson
      castine carson Year ago

      ok but you can still request it its not against the law coules do what other couples do

    • keaira Weaver
      keaira Weaver Year ago

      That doesn't mean thinking other couples do it

    • Nick Young
      Nick Young Year ago

      This is not tf domo and crissy, it's De'arra and Ken

  • KingChris
    KingChris Year ago

    Could you guy's checkout my page , Prank video's located there. :)

  • Jaimon Mark
    Jaimon Mark Year ago


    • KingChris
      KingChris Year ago

      Could you checkout my page , Prank video's located there. :)

  • natalia williams

    I'm tour number 1 fan lol

  • natalia williams

    Can u give me a new phone dk gang? Money is tight around my family and everyone's phone is working except for mines it would be a honor of you did I subscribed and I always like your videos your like my number 1 fan btw I'm 12 so you know what it's like being a kid bit you probably won't send it though maybe other kids are doing it but....i know your not made out of money but......i would appreciate it if you do this one favor for me ill send my address and everything....

    • KingChris
      KingChris Year ago

      Could you guy's checkout my page , Prank video's located there. :)

  • CjTheGreat 23
    CjTheGreat 23 Year ago

    hi dk gang I love you de'arra and ken

  • Samone Watkins
    Samone Watkins Year ago

    I really love your blog and videos

  • Makayla Havard
    Makayla Havard Year ago

    I'm from Memphis too girl! Why don't you guys fly the drone Downtown to show people how beautiful Memphis is

    • Lynda Dison
      Lynda Dison Year ago

      I'm from Sevierville

    • KingChris
      KingChris Year ago

      Could you checkout my page , Prank video's located there. :)

  • Jada's Lifestyle

    hi please come to texas

  • Pichardot Casimir


  • Taylar Harris
    Taylar Harris Year ago

    Shaking my head I look forward to seeing you guys every day and you'll haven't been posting any vlogs. It has been 3 days!!! are yall okay? are yall dead? But really I miss seeing you guys and I'm sure the rest of us does too.

  • Samone Watkins
    Samone Watkins Year ago

    Ya'll should visit Washington DC again I really like ya'll videos and I really want to meet you

  • Jada Jones
    Jada Jones Year ago

    u guys really need to come to Belize caz i want to meet yall .........we jus had our carnival on Saturday it was mad

  • Qv33n B
    Qv33n B Year ago

    Heyyy 😊👋🏽👋🏽 U guys should visit Barbados!!!! P.s ILY guys soo much!! Much Love From Barbados! 👊🏽👍🏽✌🏽😘😆💋💋💋💋💍 ❤💜💞💓✨✨💖💖💎🔐💯💯

  • alexis Bell
    alexis Bell Year ago

    hey I love you guys so much

  • Demia Anderson
    Demia Anderson Year ago

    r u 2 really trying to have a baby or what? when are u 2 getting married ?

  • Brianna Mitchell

    Yall are so amazing . Watching your videos, challenges, vlogs and pranks give me life. Your relationship is just SO cute and i wish to one day have a bond to someone like yall do. -From Atlanta, Bree:)

  • Ash C
    Ash C Year ago

    i live in jamaica

  • Avakaye Foster
    Avakaye Foster Year ago

    I'd love for u guys to come back to Jamaica the land of wood and wata.. I'd love to meet u

  • Selena Spence
    Selena Spence Year ago

    Where in Jamaica are you guys gonna go?

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