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  • Solar
    Solar Hour ago

    Im feeling suicidal so im just getting a preview of what im getting myself in to.

  • Dakota Provost
    Dakota Provost Hour ago

    “Uses reference to a reference in the sequel” cliche *Ding*

  • Chaos Corvid
    Chaos Corvid Hour ago

    Did you actually sin a modern pistol having a 20 round magazine, the standard for modern pistols?

  • Donte Morgan
    Donte Morgan Hour ago

    Lol. I'm surprised there is no Futurama joke here.

  • Neelah Music
    Neelah Music Hour ago

    I just realized she talks in sexy baby voice all the time in this movie

  • PRO’s Gaming
    PRO’s Gaming Hour ago

    2016: No 2017: No 2018: No 2019: Yes

  • the dark knight batman

    Or less or 28 second more

  • legobrik 78
    legobrik 78 Hour ago

    I loved the first one, but the second one was god awful

  • Skytail And Longtail

    8:05 Portia would be escorting Peeta, I don’t think she was in the movies though.

  • Anto HOoper
    Anto HOoper Hour ago

    IT was a fantastic movie fuck your everything wrong negative bollocks.


    I love this guy man 💀😂

  • iMxJuicyx Hudson

    Why tf didn’t they just ran away from the house

  • Fortnite Is gay
    Fortnite Is gay Hour ago

    Everything wrong with you

  • Edward richtofen 1st

    4:58 Them feet 🤤

  • Mr. Moitarde
    Mr. Moitarde Hour ago

    0:25 lmao

  • don't care
    don't care Hour ago

    Do not disrespect charile day by calling him the always sunny guy! Edit: okay you're redeem "GET TO THE CHOPPAS!"

  • Cornelius Schwarzenstein

    I just had a déjà-vu .

  • Cornelius Schwarzenstein

    I just had a déjà-vu .

  • Mohab Galal
    Mohab Galal Hour ago

    He predicted the 2nd movie at 11:20 lol

  • Frederick Carson

    How are her ears pierced? If you can’t penetrate her skin.....

  • Beagle Theory
    Beagle Theory Hour ago

    You want to watch a movie, but are too poor to get it? Cinema Sins

  • browny41
    browny41 Hour ago

    I remember when This movie came out and a bunch of people started talking about "omg this movie was so great that it reminded me why I hate white people " like wtf those race have to do with this movie yall the main group of characters we see are black and some white people have a black face but its fictional story. That's why I disagree with some movies like these just to push for racial division

  • Justin Hackstadt

    The moment Neo sees the true Matrix was the best moment in movie history for me. I've never felt so pumped watching a movie.

  • Cornelius Schwarzenstein

    Nr. 6 I thought they can see what a matrix-citizen can see. So the truck-driver saw her.

  • Doosie Yt
    Doosie Yt Hour ago

    The reason he fucks around with the kids, is because it's like seasoning to him

  • bongformer sluys

    Jason porn lol

  • Richard Parfitt
    Richard Parfitt Hour ago

    "Only intelligent creatures where hat" Me: where's my hat!!!

  • Ben Ives
    Ben Ives Hour ago

    Also, wouldn't Roland's gun just piss the t-red off?

  • Alicia Cleeland
    Alicia Cleeland Hour ago

    So glad I tripped across this!!! This whole movie bored the crap out of me!

  • Tim Frey
    Tim Frey Hour ago

    did that guy say "atoms don't change while you're watching them"? Wtf does that even mean? Atoms aren't sentient, they don't get paranoid when you watch them. Did he mean they take too long to change to be observable? I hate movies that just throw science words in a script and call it plot.

  • Young Bangerz
    Young Bangerz Hour ago

    This the worst channel on TVclip most of his points against this movie make zero effort to state his opinion on why this movie is bad I grew up watching this movie an it was the shit you guys don't know what you're missing out on fr this dude is so bad it's hilarious he makes the dumbest points an puts a fake "Movie Sin Counter".

  • dietisgreat
    dietisgreat Hour ago

    Cinema sins need to delete their channel

  • Danny Cam
    Danny Cam Hour ago

    my dad and i went to see this, having no idea what it was, just showed up at the theatre and picked something, and we were the only ones in there so we got to yell at the screen and make sarcastic comments all the way thru it. it was great. also all those call-outs to the star wars rip-offs but not the "i'm your father" moment? that surprsied me

  • J DOOM
    J DOOM Hour ago

    Sabertooth isnt Logan's brother not dose he have healing factor. But why not.

  • Dzyer_ androidYT

    Why is Jeremy cusing so much

  • jiza8280
    jiza8280 Hour ago

    I’d take a sin off for putting a rb26 in a mustang

  • Jietro Raximoff
    Jietro Raximoff Hour ago

    2:38 there might have been a time jump where cyclops went to get his visor. He doesn't have a bag and there is no way that chunky thing can fit in his pocket

  • kevinthe hamster

    There’s nothing cooler then a pedantic asshole who can’t ignore that this is a movie and not a documentary

  • Leah Moses
    Leah Moses Hour ago


  • Ben Cardoza
    Ben Cardoza Hour ago

    11:38 wtf Peter definitely dies that's how Paimon possesses his body.

  • Lisa Matay
    Lisa Matay Hour ago how are all the ogres from the alt timeline present at the birthday party at the end? If Shrek got his old life back, then he never would have met any of them right? In the alt timeline, Shrek never showed any signs that he recognized them or had met any of them before. There’s really no logical reason for them all to be there, except for maybe audience pandering.

  • Mohab Galal
    Mohab Galal Hour ago

    Does Tim have no friends cuz we never see any lol

  • Jack Napier
    Jack Napier Hour ago

    I like you guys and all but the whole SJW thing is just irritating

  • Ronan Buddy
    Ronan Buddy Hour ago

    2008: Put on your Sunday clothes 2019: Put on your Sunday Wings

  • BLUE hand gaming and education

    111 im sorry

  • Stacey J
    Stacey J Hour ago

    So your grandma had a special room too?? 🤣

  • Madmax
    Madmax Hour ago

    Also why does ivy want bane to step on the observatory? He's strong but I can't imagine it will do tgat much damage

  • Claire Cosme
    Claire Cosme Hour ago

    ummm Pepsi is the best coke is ok

  • Thomas Elvidge
    Thomas Elvidge Hour ago


  • Jan Niepsuj
    Jan Niepsuj Hour ago

    9:45 I suppose the symbiote learns the language while being at its hosts head, as they know all their personal information as well.

    AA YANG Hour ago


  • H Schnabel
    H Schnabel Hour ago

    Tripple x anyone? Or did they steal that idea from the rock.

  • Gorb
    Gorb 2 hours ago

    These things are basically Space Librarians

  • SixxJo44
    SixxJo44 2 hours ago

    13:43 what is the song called?

  • Jaimee Brooks
    Jaimee Brooks 2 hours ago

    The sex scene is NOT in the comic. I think all of us fans were freaked the fuck out by that shit.

  • The Bookworm
    The Bookworm 2 hours ago

    0:22 "Movie uses regular, everyday footage of Florida as Purge Feed footage.

  • Angie Lea-Wilson
    Angie Lea-Wilson 2 hours ago

    The you are a toy thing was from toy story not Shrek forever after

  • Highfield
    Highfield 2 hours ago

    1. It is popcorn kino. 2. A few of the "sins" you counted in the beginning are solved later in the movie. Second part happens to you in ALL of your Videos. I would never subscribe to such a channel lol Maybe there are a few out there that like ramping against a movie so hard so they subscribe your channel but 8 million... I gave this movie a 5 out of 10 on IMDB just for the haters that think i only comment cause i "loved" the movie. i took it as it is, popcorn movie.

  • Tommy Guns
    Tommy Guns 2 hours ago

    I hated this movie so much

  • Glenn Johnson
    Glenn Johnson 2 hours ago

    I'm pretty shocked that you did't sin the fact that SET IS NOT THE GOD OF DEATH! THIS IS THE BIGGEST SIN IN THE WHOLE MOVIE!

  • Lex Nyhus
    Lex Nyhus 2 hours ago

    the 69th sin is her being a virgin.. ironic

  • Kitten Puke
    Kitten Puke 2 hours ago

    NDT wacks off to the sound of his own voice

  • Fregl y
    Fregl y 2 hours ago

    Hmm Wonka

  • hi its hope
    hi its hope 2 hours ago

    Are they not going to sin the fact the the raccoon braided pocahontas's hair??

  • True Spyro
    True Spyro 2 hours ago

    Can there be a whole movie of of just Logos and end credits

  • Mr P ing
    Mr P ing 2 hours ago

    "well that's the end of the internet" -Ashit pi +1 for that

  • Random guy
    Random guy 2 hours ago

    Splish splash your opinion is trash

  • I like pizza
    I like pizza 2 hours ago

    8:02 i think marty died and doc went back to the excact time to save him

  • Steven Michael
    Steven Michael 2 hours ago

    It’s just a a cheesy si-fi movie. It’s made that way on purpose. Remember those giant creature si fi movies from the 50’s?

  • N2 Cat Crew
    N2 Cat Crew 2 hours ago

    I Like Will Smith

  • Med Help
    Med Help 2 hours ago

    My biochemistry teacher believes all this bullshit from this movie, including the 10% brain capacity myth.

  • PutrIsCool
    PutrIsCool 2 hours ago

    Why did they make ogres an analogy for black people in this one

  • Dzyer_ androidYT
    Dzyer_ androidYT 2 hours ago

    "Cinemasins"coke is delicious and Pepsi is garbge" "Me"hell ya team coke

  • Barney Matthews
    Barney Matthews 2 hours ago

    How dare you say shrek has more than 1 sin. That only being that there’s not enough all star

  • Random Entertainment

    Is no-one going to talk about how Harry got sexually harassed by a ghost? Myrtle wants Harry’s eggs badly but she needs to get rid of the golden one Now we know why she was called moaning myrtle

  • Grzegorz Kapica
    Grzegorz Kapica 2 hours ago

    Usually I agree with you, but here hal of your sins are plausible plot points.

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 2 hours ago

    Only CinemaSins would call a 6 year old girl a "Lying A$$hole"

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 2 hours ago

    The two Ferraris were Lotuses. Altough in the movie script it were Ferraris, but they couldn't find a black and white one so they took Lotus Esprits instead.

  • Hip Hop Fan
    Hip Hop Fan 2 hours ago

    am i the only one that found these stupid af ?

  • Fumikage Tokoyami
    Fumikage Tokoyami 2 hours ago

    This movie makes you angry because it’s about angry birds



  • I'm kinda fucking stupid, but

    Holy shit, how the fuck did this come out in 2017... Fuckin christ... Did I sleep for 2 years...?

  • Ghastie Gaming
    Ghastie Gaming 2 hours ago

    Well for one precise mom is one of the few people who can see through the mist other people would not be able to see the minatour and they wouldn’t notice the barrier - magic da

  • Steve McCullagh
    Steve McCullagh 2 hours ago

    The main thing wrong with this video is it should be at least twenty minutes long.

  • Noah Brandenburg
    Noah Brandenburg 2 hours ago

    We’re gonna take you to **The suck zone**

  • Anna999 H
    Anna999 H 2 hours ago

    I could never understand the court concept of this movie as a kid

  • JCTooL1
    JCTooL1 2 hours ago

    I hate how ANYTHING in movies is discovered using a microscope, morphology yes, DNA, macro molecules, ions, biochemistry.... no, just no. I suppose it would be hard to shoehorn a working biochemistry or physics lab with the knowledge required to use specific equipment is not gonna be as exciting. PCR is lame, does not look exciting and is laborious soooooo stop it movies. Bloody hate genetics, Biochem woooo!!

  • Random Entertainment

    Watch in 0.5 speed or 0.75

  • jtappia
    jtappia 3 hours ago

    The shark is almost as big as my large fungus infected mushroom cock.

  • Mr Stupid
    Mr Stupid 3 hours ago

    no extra sin for the movie accidently inspiring the "Let it go" song in frozen with the "Let it grow" song?

  • boyzwithfun Yt
    boyzwithfun Yt 3 hours ago

    You'll be in court soon and seeing my lawyer

  • Joel Perry
    Joel Perry 3 hours ago

    How dare you

  • Deltacatts GD
    Deltacatts GD 3 hours ago

    I’m only here for spoilers xd

  • Neku Sakuraba
    Neku Sakuraba 3 hours ago

    "kid performs the really hard move that wasn't practiced that much so he wasn't expected to do it but performs it perfectly and is somehow makes him win" cliche. 1 sin

  • All The World's A Stage!

    0:41 Except for Buzzfeed. Amen, Buzzfeed is cancer.

  • The Burning Bentley
    The Burning Bentley 3 hours ago

    0:32. No it's not him daydreaming the entire movie is a flashback Also this is my absolute favourite movie (TV-series not counting) and watching you sin this physically hurts. Yes, I know the real PT was a d*ck, but movie PT is awesome, and you can't change my mind!

  • PrideJack
    PrideJack 3 hours ago

    I forgot how much I loved this movie

  • Cathey Lawson
    Cathey Lawson 3 hours ago

    # # and really # you

  • Valeria 22
    Valeria 22 3 hours ago

    I watched the movie and read the book in second grade

  • wjrasmussen666
    wjrasmussen666 3 hours ago

    Bad video. More than 15 minutes.