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  • Vienticus
    Vienticus Year ago

    I just got done watching your Pixels video. I'm curious, what is your background?

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller Year ago

    why won't you do an everything wrong with superman IV?

  • Anam Surve
    Anam Surve Year ago

    READ THIS NOWWWWWWW!!! I am a very big fifty shades fan which tells that I have read all the books. If you guys are doing a video " EVERYTHING WRONG WITH FIFTY SHADES DARKER", then I would love it if you guys add the following sin: In the movie, Christian gives Ana a brand new Iphone 6; The movie is based of a book of the same name as everyone knows and the book takes place in the year 2011 which makes it impossible for him to give Ana a new Iphone 6 as it was released on September 19, 2014 which was 2 years after the story actually takes place. And I would like you to say "The safeword is beetlejuice" Plus I love your Channel. <3 Thank you. ;) Anam x.

  • Jack Surtees
    Jack Surtees Year ago


  • silverroses27
    silverroses27 Year ago

    Hey just a suggestion, have you seen Thinner? I think that would be hilarious.

  • Jonathan Hill
    Jonathan Hill Year ago

    Lilo and Stitch is a good one.

  • Keisha Toguem
    Keisha Toguem Year ago

    Everything wrong with Hidden Figures please!

  • Mark Zautner
    Mark Zautner Year ago

    You need to do some EWW with Hot Tub Time Machine or Hot Tub 2! or both, both would be good!

  • Leger DinoGolf
    Leger DinoGolf Year ago

    Do The Bourne Legacy?

  • Jonathan Hill
    Jonathan Hill Year ago

    Here's a good one: do "The Cabin in the Woods"

  • Brayden Ning
    Brayden Ning Year ago

    Doctor Strange

  • Noelle Mattison
    Noelle Mattison Year ago

    Can you please do "Super"?

  • Klausforever
    Klausforever Year ago

    martyrs everything wrong

  • Gale Christensen

    Hey guys, would you do EWW Jeepers Creepers 2? I'm sure the first one has it's share of stuff, but the second one has always, always bugged with with all of the glaring errors. Or, as you guys much more eloquently put it, it's sins.

  • Candlehead
    Candlehead Year ago

    CinemaSins, please, please, please do Sausage Party! :D

  • Mr. Mustachio
    Mr. Mustachio Year ago

    Everything wrong with "Yesterday Was A Lie" (2008)

  • varun johnson
    varun johnson Year ago

    Please do a video on the prestige

  • Kyle
    Kyle Year ago

    Need an everything wrong with EX Machina!

  • Emanuel Korfias
    Emanuel Korfias Year ago

    you should do eww 50 first dates

  • 1turtlegrrl
    1turtlegrrl Year ago

    Still waiting for Moana....

  • Caleb Evans
    Caleb Evans Year ago

    You guys should do Trolls. It's like if The Lorax wanted to be Frozen, so dreamworks dressed it up as a rainbow troll and had the internet throw up all over it.

    • Jonathan Hill
      Jonathan Hill Year ago

      Kids movies are too easy. dont do trolls. we all know the sin. IT WAS MADE.

  • Matthew Parker
    Matthew Parker Year ago

    Just thought you should know, "zoom and enhance" is now no longer a sin-able offense:

    • Jonathan Hill
      Jonathan Hill Year ago

      still sinable up until this tech was actually developed and widely ditributed. sooo fuck you

  • metalpsyche82
    metalpsyche82 Year ago

    please, do eww cliffhanger!!

  • Astrophysician
    Astrophysician Year ago

    I dare you to try and find everything wrong with Carol

  • Noah Duncan
    Noah Duncan Year ago


  • Raz the Almighty1


  • Hannah Smith
    Hannah Smith Year ago

    You are going to either love or hate sinning Lego Batman..... The movie does a lot of the work for you especially within the first 5 minutes

  • Smile Central
    Smile Central Year ago

    Do everything wrong with Nerve!!

  • Khair TSR
    Khair TSR Year ago

    do catch me if you can

  • Gaming With Ira
    Gaming With Ira Year ago

    Everything wrong with Exists

  • Sugary Heaven
    Sugary Heaven Year ago

    Everything Wrong With Doctor Strange

  • Matt Schares
    Matt Schares Year ago

    Just wondering if you guys did a LOTR return of the king video and I just can't find it or if you haven't done one yet for some reason

  • FF2RainbowGleam82

    Every time me and my friends watch movies, we just sin the movies. Once we spent an entire movie doing nothing but just POINTING OUT ALL THE SINS- ....We watch too much Cinemsins, I swear-

  • tiberius913
    tiberius913 Year ago

    you should do smokey and the bandit..thats a trainwreak if you look enough


    Please, do not stop this chanal, I f^king love it! Sorry for my english ;)

  • MarimBoyWonder
    MarimBoyWonder Year ago


  • Trina Kolas
    Trina Kolas Year ago

    Could you please do episodes on both "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" movies? I already found a few sins when I rewatched them, but you guys would find a lot more. And make me die laughing also.

  • Daquartzinator
    Daquartzinator Year ago

    PLEEAZE make Everything Wrong With Bee Movie!! please please

    TheFREDRIQUE Year ago

    hey can you do EWW about Dog Soldiers... its one of my fav... and i really wanna see your take

  • mohammad hilman
    mohammad hilman Year ago

    do everything wrong with wreck it ralph

  • Neptunium -237
    Neptunium -237 Year ago

    can you please don't say anything like f*ck or s*it?

  • Airigami Oscendo

    I was just watching Disney Dinosaurs, and I saw some worthy 'Sins' for you to find. Whenever you can, please do 'Everything wrong with [Disney's] Dinosaurs'. You did the 'Good Dinosaur', so I hope you can do Disney's Dinosaur (not partnered with Pixar for that movie)

  • Niara Boykin
    Niara Boykin Year ago


  • Pepsi
    Pepsi Year ago

    Everything wrong with sausage party.

  • Niya Ingram
    Niya Ingram Year ago

    do one on the trolls and a monster high movie plz

  • Michael Hearmon
    Michael Hearmon Year ago

    What about the film Hackers with a young and sexy Angelina Jolie. The hacking scenes are worth a sin in itself

  • ozwolf01
    ozwolf01 Year ago

    Sin a bad movie: easy. Sin a popular movie: easy. Sin the classic movie: easy. But can you sin the unsinnable? First challenge: Bambi.

  • Brian Helton
    Brian Helton Year ago

    Evrything wrong with Uno: The Movie

  • Rachel Agb
    Rachel Agb Year ago

    You guys should really do ''splice'' it has infinite sins I nearly made it trough the movie.

  • Autobot-Jedi-Iron-man

    Everything wrong with Transformers the movie (1986).

  • TjsWorld2011
    TjsWorld2011 Year ago

    Can you do "Everything Wrong with South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut"?

    • Nick Willems
      Nick Willems 9 months ago

      oh, come on. that movie was a flat-out masterpiece. chris rock says it was the funniest movie ever made. I agree with him.

  • Nefarias Bredd
    Nefarias Bredd Year ago

    Thanks guys, keep doing what you do. I'll keep enjoying it. Now, on to John Wick and everything wrong with him.

  • Linkstore49
    Linkstore49 Year ago

    CinemaSins needs to acknowledge CinemaWins.

  • Phoenix Castings

    I'd love to see you guys pick apart some classic movies as well, like El Dorado (1967)

  • Aeternuss
    Aeternuss Year ago

    Everything Wrong With the movie Speed in not below 50 mph

  • Lorie Lindal
    Lorie Lindal Year ago


  • Lorie Lindal
    Lorie Lindal Year ago


  • Lorie Lindal
    Lorie Lindal Year ago


  • Lorie Lindal
    Lorie Lindal Year ago


  • 0neThatsExiled
    0neThatsExiled Year ago

    Make John Wick available to all countries (I'm from Canada). I'm going to unsub if not. No point in being subscribed to a channel that blocks it's videos....

  • Cassidy Menard
    Cassidy Menard Year ago

    The John Wick video isn't available in Canada. Is that on purpose?

  • Jordiib09
    Jordiib09 Year ago

    John wick ENGLAND please

  • Garth Gilmour
    Garth Gilmour Year ago

    Everything Wrong With Everything Wrong With John Wick - Its not available in the UK!!!!

  • Justin J Mulder
    Justin J Mulder Year ago

    Getting Geoblocked in Holland!

  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva Year ago

    Yo what the fuck, why is john wick not available in England

  • D Hype
    D Hype Year ago

    do Trolls

  • DJ Fritz
    DJ Fritz Year ago

    How is the John WIck Video Not available in Canada?? *Angry face

  • Lilith Kotomine
    Lilith Kotomine Year ago

    Why is your new video not avaible in europe? (at least not in italy and england, apparently)

    EQUINOX Year ago

    The helll! You starting to block your content in certain country's now ?

  • Rowan Crump
    Rowan Crump Year ago

    Dude, 'John Wick' vid not available in the UK. Sort it out!!!

  • donado xie
    donado xie Year ago

    John wick is not available in my country.

  • Matdy James
    Matdy James Year ago

    Have you started geolocking videos? Please do not do this. You have fans all over the world!

  • Ilia Draznin
    Ilia Draznin Year ago

    Why is EWW John Wick not available in Canada?!?! :(

    • thespb01
      thespb01 Year ago

      Not available in the UK either :_(

  • Sokol Gaming
    Sokol Gaming Year ago

    Why is John Wick not available in the UK?

    • x_hanley_x
      x_hanley_x 10 months ago

      It stopped working, now it's just trojan horses and scammers, viruses, etc. It is no longer a secure website. #RIP

    • Daniel R
      Daniel R 10 months ago[ETRG] Hope I don't get in trouble for this.

    • MEGA phoenix
      MEGA phoenix 11 months ago

      i do not know

    • Yuriko Shokugan
      Yuriko Shokugan 11 months ago


  • ben Jovi
    ben Jovi Year ago

    Why the fuck is the EWW John Wick video not available in the UK? what bullshit is this?

    • Daniel R
      Daniel R 10 months ago

      I am American and I have no problems with people from the UK, or anywhere for that matter. Unless they are trying to kill us, then I don't like them.

    • MEGA phoenix
      MEGA phoenix 11 months ago

      do not swear

  • viberunner
    viberunner Year ago

    The recently-uploaded John Wick doesn't seem to be working in the UK.

  • Crobatman I am the night

    Your latest video the john wick one is not available in my country it says.

  • Nefarias Bredd
    Nefarias Bredd Year ago

    Hey Cinemasins, why is your EWW John Wick not available in The Netherlands? I've watched all EWW's, most more than once, I need my fix. Please make it available here, or at least let me know why not.

  • haguri mizuko
    haguri mizuko Year ago

    Latest vid not made available in the UK? What's up with that??

  • JDMRocket
    JDMRocket Year ago

    Why is the last video (John Wick) blocked in Italy ?

  • sakuraslight
    sakuraslight Year ago

    new John wick video not available in the UK ?

  • Lysander
    Lysander Year ago

    why the fuck is your jhon wick video not avalable in england

    • Blast Radius
      Blast Radius 8 months ago

      Except for maybe Non New Yorkers there on vacation. Sorry for them... We hate ` em too.

    • Gábor Hényel
      Gábor Hényel 10 months ago

      it plays in England just like any

    • x_hanley_x
      x_hanley_x 10 months ago

      Why* John Wick* England?* use grammar dangit.

    • Lunarcide
      Lunarcide 10 months ago

      Sounds like you need a VPN service!

  • Coen V
    Coen V Year ago

    Why is the John Wick video not available in my country? (The Netherlands)

    • h xassan
      h xassan 9 months ago

      +Smiddy Wesson. You're mentally ill and need to be checked into a hospital. Either that or you're just another miserable racist inserting non sequitur nonsense into comments threads. John Wick vid is clearly not unavailable because of Sharia law you chucklehead. It's copyright issues.

    • Rachael Kauffman
      Rachael Kauffman 9 months ago

      because we don't fucking give a shit

    • Coen V
      Coen V 10 months ago

      I suppose you're right, I will ignore him. And I think that the reason why I can't watch the video is the former one, as I do not recall seeing a single advertisement for it. I had never even heard of the franchise/series, not on TV-Commercials, nor whilst visting the cinema.

    • Matthew Laurence
      Matthew Laurence 10 months ago

      I think he means that your nation is metaphorically committing suicide by continuing a globalist trend of admixture. As opposed to suicide stats relating to the practices of Sharia Law. Best to ignore him. ;) You are not the only one with this complaint: I believe it might come down to licensing overseas, as the copyright laws are different in respective sovereignties. Perhaps "John Wick II" has not been released in The Netherlands, knowing how slow E.U. locales can be when it comes to cinema releases, or is it still in cinemas and your nation's policy is to prohibit digital information pertaining to the franchise until after it is available for public distribution?

  • MichaelJacksonFan

    Why is everything wrong with John Wick not available in the UK? Wtf?!

  • Kyle Baryonyx
    Kyle Baryonyx Year ago

    Dammit, Cinemasins, you didn't make your most recent video available in Canada *Ding*

  • EchoOfGames
    EchoOfGames Year ago

    WHAT !?!?!? the owner have not made this video available in your country !? WTF whyyyyy O_o been watching vids here since the start ;A; why i can.t anymore !? WTH <---- is utterly pissed xD

  • Jakk Frost
    Jakk Frost Year ago

    Did you know you've got your latest video, "EWW John Wick", region-blocked?

  • Cormac the pokémon master

    wtf i cant watch the john wick video in my ountrey

  • MARIOX75
    MARIOX75 Year ago

    do the final destination series cinemasins

  • Peter P
    Peter P Year ago

    When you review Jason Bourne, in the scene where he knocks out the boxer in one punch you should play "Golden Brown" by The Stranglers, like the scene with Brad Pitt in Snatch.

  • MonsterSlayer259

    EWW uno: the movie PLEASE

  • Achelea
    Achelea Year ago

    CinemaSins and LittleshyFiM Should Collab on the upcoming My Little Pony Movie.

  • Alex Hepworth
    Alex Hepworth Year ago

    Everything wrong with Scott Pilgrim vs. The world & Swiss Army Man

  • Kaz Pasternak
    Kaz Pasternak Year ago



    Do Emperors New Groove plz

  • Zarroc
    Zarroc Year ago

    do everything wrong with "trapped child". while my mother was watching i couldn't help but point out either inconsistencies or stupid stuff that doesn't make since.

  • Mikael Andersson

    The Godfather and such are taboo, right?

    MTG MOC Year ago

    Do alliegent

  • PinkScug17
    PinkScug17 Year ago

    Everything Wrong with Wreck It Ralph

  • John Gabrielsson

    Hi could you do the rest of the alien franchise? Would be awesome :)

  • wild7orchid
    wild7orchid Year ago

    The channel is hilarious! Your sarcastic comments and general attitude always make me smile. Sometimes, it’s far more entertaining to watch your videos than the movies themselves. Keep up the good work! :)

  • Timo Mair
    Timo Mair Year ago

    Please do Sherlock, especially the stupid last one, the final problem. Take your time with the minutes. And the enormous mount of sins.

  • GreenDog
    GreenDog Year ago

    You should sin Spaceballs

  • Jaeden Ragsdale
    Jaeden Ragsdale Year ago

    CinamaSins has 6,569,666 subs ihlhoominorty

  • Quang Bang
    Quang Bang Year ago

    John Wick?

  • Ace Kamakura
    Ace Kamakura Year ago


  • David Gardiner
    David Gardiner Year ago

    hey cinemasins just to let you know if it wasnt for you id be dead youre vids are off the chain funny as fuck in 2010 i broke my back after falling of a 19th floor balcony and i thought that was it had nout to live for after everyone i knew turned there backs on me then im just about to cut my wrists and i went to turn of youtube on somputer and glanced one of your vids and hit play after i seen everything wrong and new i was about to wrong on my self and just to have me piss my self with laughter again helped me not do what i was thinking ive wayched most of your content now and was wondering if you could do one of your vids on two movies ive recently just watched that are so bad i think you would make to of your best ones the films are THE CORE and CONGO honestly i think you will have a field day with them and you will make them funny so thanks for helping me laugh and smile again and hope you can do these vids guys.

  • Shay Viehman
    Shay Viehman Year ago

    You guys should think about doing a "Series Sins" where you sin episodes of a hit series like The Walking Dead. You could do them 2 episodes at a time, or maybe only do season finales, maybe even doing something like an entire season but release it on Halloween only. Either way i think it would be a great addition.

  • DisKorruptd
    DisKorruptd Year ago

    "It's Groundhog Day!" ♪Put your little hand in mine, and there aint no mountain we cant climb♪ Seriously though, do Groundhog Day, we need an EWW Groundhog Day

  • Michael Lathrop
    Michael Lathrop Year ago

    You guys should do Lost in Space 1998

  • Bridget Coffman
    Bridget Coffman Year ago

    How about Sharknado? Pretty please? (and all of the other cheesy Asylum Productions too. But Sharknado made them famous, so it should be first.)

  • Joseph Zavcer
    Joseph Zavcer Year ago

    Please do Ghost in the Shell! It would be awesome to see a sinned anime.

  • zootyc 90s
    zootyc 90s Year ago

    Whenever you're in the mood to sin an original movie and then it's remake, I suggest the Evil Dead movies. Though you may have to bring out the cartoon bunny to block the tree and gory scenes haha.

  • duh_homie_b yang

    Yall have to do texas chainsaw massacre the beginning because of this one motherf**king scene

  • Sushruth Muralidharan

    Arrival with NDGT!!!!

  • SeB4TM4N
    SeB4TM4N Year ago

    Everything wrong with the nice guys.

  • Greg Motz
    Greg Motz Year ago

    Do the 1998 Lost in Space...that's about as sin worthy as they come!

  • Elena T. A.
    Elena T. A. Year ago


  • Hacker Kursai
    Hacker Kursai Year ago

    75% of movie sin counters = crap.

  • ImpulsePaci
    ImpulsePaci Year ago

    do the dino king. i won't give up. the dino king a young dinosaur named speckles watches his whole family get brutally murdered and grows up to have a family of his own to watch most of them also get brutally murdered by the same dinosaur that killed his family as a young dinosaur and only makes an effort to save the only son that just so happened to look like him and was also named speckles jr. he let his wife and 2 other sons die. this narcissistic piece of shit dinosaur could only be bothered to save the one that was basically a tiny version of him. i think he also kills the dinosaur that killed his families. so yea he could be bothered with vengeance and saving the one that looked like him but no one else. for the love of god watch and cinema sin this movie.

  • stuart king
    stuart king Year ago

    i just come back from watching resident evil the final chapter can i sin it next please (personly way to many jump cuts)

  • Amber Scott
    Amber Scott Year ago

    Bram Stoker's Dracula

  • Andile Joshua
    Andile Joshua Year ago

    Y'all should do: Karate Kid (2010) Man from UNCLE The Lone Ranger

  • GG Nix
    GG Nix Year ago

    The reason the neighborhood is abandoned is because it's Detroit... try not watching a movie one day and check out the news. Almost 90% of downtown Detroit is a total ghost town and in ruins due to the car manufacturer's leaving about a decade ago! Check it out, it's creepsville!

  • McFlyThunder
    McFlyThunder Year ago

    Hey, CinimaSins can you please make a Everything wrong with the Cat in The Hat

  • Antiscia Moore
    Antiscia Moore Year ago

    After viewing Pete's Dragon, I would think that the Music Man (1962)* would be a great fit for you guys. Also, it's a way better movie, and good luck not having those songs invoke satanic earworms for years to come... "76 trombones played the big parade..." OMG STFU DEMONS!!!!! *Edited to note the original film rather than the 2003 TV remake. *shudder*

  • pereiramariana35

    youll be shiny if you do moana, vaiana in europe.... so stupid

  • pereiramariana35

    you need to sin the shit out of resident evil final chapter, lord you are gonna have a long job ahead with that one

  • Holly Taylor
    Holly Taylor Year ago

    Can you do Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2? I am surprised you haven't yet

  • Sugary Heaven
    Sugary Heaven Year ago

    Everything Wrong With Beauty and the Beast (1991)

  • Connor Schrank
    Connor Schrank Year ago

    do passengers

  • Ali Salman
    Ali Salman Year ago

    Everything wrong with Uno:The Movie????

  • Andrew Brooks
    Andrew Brooks Year ago

    Hey man, I would love for you to sin: Battlefield Earth. It's a terrible movie but I know it would garner a lot of views. By the way, you should upload more culinary adventures. You guys are doing great. Thanks, Andrew.

  • Olixscarne
    Olixscarne Year ago

    i don't know if you guys do foreign movies but the Korean 2011 horror film "Train to Busan" would be awesome

  • Shadow MorningStar

    everything wrong with the predator movies plz?

  • Sean Hurley
    Sean Hurley Year ago

    So, just watched the movie Knowing (2009) staring Nicholas Cage. This movie is absolutely screaming to be sinned!!! Please oblige!!!

  • Sean Parker
    Sean Parker Year ago


  • Meowgirl360
    Meowgirl360 Year ago

    Dear Emmett. I know that you know me. I also know that you don't do this industry, so this is all a lie. Dear cinema sins (and everyone else) sorry for the lies. I'm just trying to prove a point. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • The Kiwi Road Rager

    Hello Cinema sins have you heard of a movie called Bad Taste? It was one of Peter Jacksons early ones and it's exactly what this channel was made for.

  • patrick kelly
    patrick kelly Year ago

    Do everything wrong with "The Accountant."

  • Sarah-Marie Holena

    Everything wrong with Plan nine from Outer Space?

  • LevantarAthletics JohnnyTocco'sBoxing

    You guys should do "Everything Wrong With Get Out" even before that sh*t comes out. As an ethnic man, I can confirm this is probably the worst idea to drop as a horror film in this current climate in the U.S. And I mean that in the most hilarious way.

  • Frank Wittig
    Frank Wittig Year ago

    If you guys want a real challenge, try Jean-Luc Godard's 1967 film "Weekend" :)

  • Joshua Enz
    Joshua Enz Year ago

    Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children

  • toka lerutla
    toka lerutla Year ago

    Batman: Under the red hood

  • Altysay
    Altysay Year ago

    You guys should do a video about everything wrong with Frankenfish.

  • All for the Animals

    Everything Wrong with Hacksaw Ridge, lots of sins in that one.

  • josh Hunter
    josh Hunter Year ago

    EWW The Raid

  • Zachary Young
    Zachary Young Year ago

    Are you going to do a "How To Make A Christopher Nolan Film" video?

  • Daniel F.
    Daniel F. Year ago

    Hi, You're probably not gonna read this, but anyway. During some of the sin videos you actually mention if you enjoyed the movie, but in the most you don't. Sometimes when you tell us the sins, you seem to get so angry and frustrated at some of the reoccuring clichés for example that it seems that you stop enjoying some movies just because you HAVE to list all the sins for us. So, could you make a list of movies you've sinned AND enjoyed? Or add an extra criteria at the end of the videos like "my personal enjoyment x out of 10"? After all these videos, I've come to the conclusion that I'd more likely read YOUR critics than most of the bullshit critic articles that get printed, so your personal enjoyment would have a lot of meaning to myself. P.S.: I'm gonna sin YOU because you didn't sin either National Treasure movies for "Diane Kruger isn't my girlfriend in this scene", because that woman is just awesome. *DING*

  • Melissa Jackson
    Melissa Jackson Year ago

    Everything Wrong with the Smurf (2). Don't forget the bonus round of "smurf-ized" words and phrases. Probably jut make u angry. But I think we want to see that.

  • nightbreed16
    nightbreed16 Year ago

    We need to see everything wrong with Cabin in the woods.

  • Aayan Hamdani
    Aayan Hamdani Year ago

    omg i love this channel

  • Amanda Pike
    Amanda Pike Year ago

    I love your videos and I am a loyal viewer. I ask a favor though. If you guys do Beauty and the Beast please don't give in to the temptation to fall back on the "Stockholm Syndrome" spiel. It's not only grossly inaccurate but too many people take it seriously and it influences how they see the film. Also a lot of people don't realize how harmful comparing Belle to real stockholm Syndrome is. The condition is a lot more than just "falling in love with the captor, lol!" And many people who have had to go into therapy because of various forms of Stockholm Syndrome are serious physical abuse victims of domestic violence and even war vets. So I ask you to please, if you do Beauty and the Beast (which I would actually kind of love) please don't fall back on the Stockholm Syndrome jokes, please.

  • GreenShine Animations

    you should make a Everything Wrong With winnie the pooh in 15 minutes or less

  • bitch _
    bitch _ Year ago

    ah- my go-to for movies i want to see but can't

  • carlmarxx
    carlmarxx Year ago

    Sin Some Netflix Originals!!!

  • Perfect fish
    Perfect fish Year ago

    Is "Kingman: The Secret Service" in the works?

  • DecomPiler
    DecomPiler Year ago

    Everything Wrong with Enders Game.

  • David.L
    David.L Year ago

    Everything wrong with Running scared

    HASAN KASSIM Year ago

    how to make a Spielberg movie

    HASAN KASSIM Year ago

    Everything wrong with Homeward Bound

  • NBarkingTurtle
    NBarkingTurtle Year ago

    I can't seem to find it if you did one on Van Helsing. So could you pretty please do one on Van Helsing?

  • ZafVirex
    ZafVirex Year ago

    With Nintendo releasing the Switch in a month, it would be great to see an Everything Wrong with The Wizard (starring Fred Savage). Used to love this movie as a kid because of all of the Nintendo games in it and it first showed Super Mario Bros. 3, but it is god awful when I went back and watched it all these years later.

  • Lander de leon
    Lander de leon Year ago

    They need to do parent trap it is gold and full of sin

  • Deep Singh
    Deep Singh Year ago

    Everything Wrong With Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (and I mean EVERYTHING!!)

  • Adam Pomietlarz
    Adam Pomietlarz Year ago


  • riahc3
    riahc3 Year ago

    Everything Wrong With Titanic.

  • rerb13
    rerb13 Year ago

    does anyone other than me want to see Everything Wrong With The Mummy(1999)? I'm desperate for cinemasins or nostalgia critic to poke fun at the mummy

  • Chebs Rodriguez
    Chebs Rodriguez Year ago

    Gods of Egypt!

  • pokinzgirl
    pokinzgirl Year ago

    Everything Wrong with Sheep and Wolves?

  • William Liu
    William Liu Year ago

    Do you do any Jackie Chan movies? Old or new

  • wolvesone
    wolvesone Year ago

    i would love to see them sin backdraft but it would be hard to do if you know nothing about the fire service lol

  • ScreamMario 51
    ScreamMario 51 Year ago


  • ariana futrell
    ariana futrell Year ago

    I'd love to see a cinemasins on undercover brother ^.^

  • Jeremy Barker
    Jeremy Barker Year ago

    Do Moana.

  • Raaid Khattak
    Raaid Khattak Year ago

    Soon I recommend doing Dr. Strange.

  • Ninebreaker92
    Ninebreaker92 Year ago

    I kinda wish they'd made Paranormal Activity Marked Ones and Ghost Dimension.

  • CreaturesofWhimsy

    You should do open season. Any of them. Seriously. Do it. 😂

  • TheComputerNerd20100

    Have you done by any chance "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" or, "Fantasia" or "The Seventh Brother" Yet? You don't have to do that if you don't want to. :)

  • mityaboy
    mityaboy Year ago

    Everything wrong with "The Game" movie? - old old i know... but I like it :) and that's what matters :) almost forgot : Please! :)

  • Cirtex Quake
    Cirtex Quake Year ago

    there is a Series called Tremors i reccomend you watch. I'm sure you will find the episodes entertaining. you can buy all of them by finding the "Attack Pack" collection. personally its a favorite kinda series of mine, but it's actually a really good movie. the first one is at least. and the next ones are actually pretty awesome

  • jinxwolf35687
    jinxwolf35687 Year ago

    Hey, could you do Everything Wrong With Megamind if you haven't already?

  • Donald Warren
    Donald Warren Year ago

    Everything wrong with Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva.

  • Donald Moore
    Donald Moore Year ago

    Everything wrong with Uno: The Movie

  • Jonn Xhaferii
    Jonn Xhaferii Year ago

    Can u guys plzz do "NERVE"

  • Hannah Barulli
    Hannah Barulli Year ago

    Everything Wrong with The Lorax?

  • Herp -A- Derp
    Herp -A- Derp Year ago

    u guys should do everything wrong with Shorts, yes that's its title and OH MY GOD THIS MOVIE IS BAD

  • Zephyr
    Zephyr Year ago

    I would love to see Everything wrong with Disney's Atlantis. So many people forget about that movie.

  • Andrew Price
    Andrew Price Year ago

    I get it. Criticizes imagination exposing obvious truths to justify your place in the world. Everything is not black and white but I understand why this exists. I just can't and had to comment for the same reason.

  • ᑕᖇIᔕOᒪ
    ᑕᖇIᔕOᒪ Year ago

    dude, you have to step it up with the resident evil movies, the last one, "The las chapter", its such a final joke to the joke they just dicided to stop, really stupid, disorienting camera angles at every chance they have, and you can completly scrap wesker out of it without any repercusion, he really does nothing other than just use screen time also, also, also they state that it's 10 years after the raccoon city incident, wich they "solved" with a nuke, and yet they go there, to the crater that the explosion left, and yet theres no radiation also it has the most anti-climatic ending i've seen yet in a movie

  • Link Hyrule
    Link Hyrule Year ago

    I watch these guys when i'm sad because half the sh*t they say either don't make any seine or is just plain stupid.

  • Trey Southwick
    Trey Southwick Year ago

    Did you know about Anime Sins? Exactly like your channel save the name.

  • cashmeara
    cashmeara Year ago

    Everything wrong with Victor Frankenstein please!

  • Santiago Machado

    Please do Everything Wrong with Elite Squad and Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within. Its guns and drugs and violence and bullshit. You'll love them

  • Marshalsify
    Marshalsify Year ago

    Hey CinemaSins Jeremy, I think Lucy and Snoopy were my favourite Peanuts characters but if there's everything wrong with the boring Peanuts movie by the ever so brilliant before Blue Sky Studios, kinda wished Lucy Van Pelt was better suited in the Fifi role in Snoopy's love story that would have been something special and more interesting to watch had it been made way back in 2006 instead of 2015 at a time CGI animation had already declined in 2008 then onwards which it got worse and worse that's just my humble opinion!

  • Aidan Campbell
    Aidan Campbell Year ago

    Everything wrong with Aliens (1986) please.

  • Tom Peters
    Tom Peters Year ago

    Please, May you do 'Everything Wrong with Children of Men'? But just say, "Yeah... Nothing wrong here, this movie did everything right!" Then give the Movie a Positive +100 points. Not onIy do I think that Children of Men is an Cinema Masterpiece, but your review will help advertise a slightly unknown movie.