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Time to say GOODBYE...
Views 705K19 days ago
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I made a BIG mistake...
Views 1.1M2 months ago
Making Fortnite GREAT again!
Views 1.1M2 months ago
Banned FOREVER...
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99 players VS 1 Rusty Can...
Views 625K3 months ago
Goodbye Fortnite... THE END!
Views 1.9M3 months ago
SEASON 11... The big SECRET!
Views 1.4M3 months ago
Playstation 5 looks CRAZY!
Views 1.6M3 months ago
Season 11 - THE END!
Views 1.6M3 months ago


  • Rachael Edmunds
    Rachael Edmunds 4 hours ago

    10:06 RIP headphone users the intro is back!

  • Michael Redden
    Michael Redden 4 hours ago


  • thumbsquid1507
    thumbsquid1507 4 hours ago

    He just got headshoted

  • Tatiatana Mitsis
    Tatiatana Mitsis 4 hours ago

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  • Robert Roberts
    Robert Roberts 4 hours ago

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  • TCC Darkness_
    TCC Darkness_ 4 hours ago

    I like how syther doesn't know his editor is in the fashion show with a TVclipr they came 2nd and were the pumpkins

  • Fire Kristian
    Fire Kristian 4 hours ago

    I started in season4 bro

  • Tyler Allegretto
    Tyler Allegretto 4 hours ago

    Do Claire’s top ten favourite skins on your account

  • Henny Nosur
    Henny Nosur 4 hours ago

    Your my favorite youtubercan you friend me I subscribe and I was going to say if you can gift me and I only have 2skins from the winter fest I’m so excited that I’m talking to you I play Nintendo swich🙏🏽

  • Samuel Hairr
    Samuel Hairr 4 hours ago

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  • iRageEveryday ツ
    iRageEveryday ツ 4 hours ago

    People who dint buy the renegade reader coz they thought it would come back

  • Randy Nyamesah
    Randy Nyamesah 4 hours ago

    You might get banned, you need to chill. You dont want to get jarvis

  • corban gorrie
    corban gorrie 4 hours ago

    thats kinda MAD!

  • Mm Animate
    Mm Animate 4 hours ago

    One like equals one girlfriend for Bob 👧🏼

  • Leandro Chen
    Leandro Chen 4 hours ago

    I’m Chinese

  • Heath Dennis
    Heath Dennis 4 hours ago

    How do u go in chinese fortnite ali-a

    D.O.G- EDITZZ 4 hours ago

    At 12:39 you had a green tactical shotgun

  • Mega Dino
    Mega Dino 4 hours ago

    Fortnite should support us more we support the game more than them

  • PaRalyzE
    PaRalyzE 4 hours ago

    Wait Ali a has 240 fps?

  • FiREz Stealth
    FiREz Stealth 4 hours ago

    It gave u v bucks because u levelled up

  • ziga 300
    ziga 300 4 hours ago

    Wait how do i change to china servers?

  • Nicholas Karandonis
    Nicholas Karandonis 4 hours ago

    Leave it auto so u can spray them

  • Coco
    Coco 4 hours ago

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  • Clarence Bergen
    Clarence Bergen 4 hours ago

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  • Crackyy Buildser
    Crackyy Buildser 4 hours ago

    Coronavirus destroys fortnite

  • Emelia Langtree
    Emelia Langtree 4 hours ago

    I want you to unmask pink panda

  • Nichlas Bertelsen
    Nichlas Bertelsen 4 hours ago

    After this video i downloaded it on my Phone cause it looked so easy

  • Toasted Games
    Toasted Games 4 hours ago

    1 like is one 🐭 cause the rat is this years animal

  • Tanja Thveten
    Tanja Thveten 4 hours ago

    Plizzz do more edits in your vids like this.

  • Hjalte Hutchens
    Hjalte Hutchens 4 hours ago

    His dog 6:53

  • AyeSnowyy
    AyeSnowyy 4 hours ago


  • Zene The Hero
    Zene The Hero 4 hours ago

    Ali using my favorite Drift swift catalyst are my favourites skins

    FROZZY.X 4 hours ago

    China servers are like mobile 😂

  • DrBlackboy
    DrBlackboy 4 hours ago

    The aug hit for 47

  • Merrin McWilliams
    Merrin McWilliams 4 hours ago


  • Aaron Is Hurt.
    Aaron Is Hurt. 4 hours ago

    Breaking news: Ali-A catches the corona virus.

  • Rwリアルチャン

    Question did Ali a make a new account or he just changed location?

  • Jack Ward
    Jack Ward 5 hours ago

    The v bux are from the battle pass

  • dragon keeper72
    dragon keeper72 5 hours ago

    why u only get vids to ten min

  • Enix Nidas
    Enix Nidas 5 hours ago

    How is the translator called

    ODACOVE 5 hours ago

    Can't u log in and out 30 times

  • blake akira
    blake akira 5 hours ago

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  • William Sharp
    William Sharp 5 hours ago

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  • Justin Phillips
    Justin Phillips 5 hours ago

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  • WolftheGamer 1
    WolftheGamer 1 5 hours ago

    Plz give my skin swift my epic username legendarymax1

  • Matt Goold
    Matt Goold 5 hours ago

    Ali-a: it’s like 4 am in the morning Me: That’s what am means

  • TGS_ ChilL
    TGS_ ChilL 5 hours ago


  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee 5 hours ago

    Alia what is the editing u r doing in ur video

  • Flex
    Flex 5 hours ago

    did u get a new editor?

  • VIVID Clan
    VIVID Clan 5 hours ago


  • Michael Resch
    Michael Resch 5 hours ago

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  • Antonio Chiesa
    Antonio Chiesa 5 hours ago

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  • abdel nabil
    abdel nabil 5 hours ago

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  • John Cermeno
    John Cermeno 5 hours ago

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  • Steveplayz
    Steveplayz 5 hours ago

    Ali-a is so hyped that he putted a lot of memes in the video😂😂

  • Ruth Beech
    Ruth Beech 5 hours ago

    Ali is using so many edits 😂

  • Ava Palombo
    Ava Palombo 5 hours ago

    Voice oof

  • Marshy X_X
    Marshy X_X 5 hours ago

    0:27 the old map 😢

  • Ace Kim
    Ace Kim 5 hours ago

    Use code Ali-a

  • Breki Th
    Breki Th 5 hours ago


  • Antonio Chiesa
    Antonio Chiesa 5 hours ago

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  • giordy8787
    giordy8787 5 hours ago

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  • Salome Mulholland
    Salome Mulholland 5 hours ago

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  • MUSTEEK ! The one and only

    That’s not a new skin it’s New Years Drift

  • Mohamed Adani
    Mohamed Adani 5 hours ago

    the epic burst ar does 42 damage body shot in chinese fortnite but in normal fortnite it does 32 damage.

  • Unkown Shadows
    Unkown Shadows 5 hours ago

    There was another streamsniper in it the omega and carbined

  • Drutzi
    Drutzi 5 hours ago

    6:50 42 damage????

  • Noel Thomas
    Noel Thomas 5 hours ago

    Your the best by far my favourite TVclipr I love you I watch you every day

  • Marshy X_X
    Marshy X_X 5 hours ago

    Dollar store Drift. But its kinda cool

  • Savanna Chavez
    Savanna Chavez 5 hours ago

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  • Abigail Pranav
    Abigail Pranav 5 hours ago

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  • Dr Blaberab abs
    Dr Blaberab abs 5 hours ago

    Play more gta plz ali

  • DarkKnightX210
    DarkKnightX210 5 hours ago

    So much bots sayin G00gle g3tminty4u-axe

  • Mighty Huzaifa
    Mighty Huzaifa 5 hours ago

    i really like ali a's new edits

  • Renegade Raider
    Renegade Raider 5 hours ago


  • Ethan Thao
    Ethan Thao 5 hours ago

    Let's just say ALI AINT WEARING OG SKIN

  • DarkOnChocolateツ
    DarkOnChocolateツ 5 hours ago

    Ali can you research about the frozen legends pack and tell me when it is going to go.

  • Colin Jacobs
    Colin Jacobs 5 hours ago

    I use your code! EVERYBODY USE CODE AliA

  • Martin Karlovec
    Martin Karlovec 5 hours ago

    You know Ali a was using share factory

  • Andrew The Unknown
    Andrew The Unknown 5 hours ago

    I think i'm moving to china now only to get more free rewards-

  • yeet boi
    yeet boi 5 hours ago

    Man fortnite China is sooo unfair

  • Iris Gedik
    Iris Gedik 5 hours ago

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  • Adelynn Mărtinaş
    Adelynn Mărtinaş 5 hours ago

    AliA:Fortnite China is sick . . . Coronavirus

  • m7_peek M17
    m7_peek M17 5 hours ago

    Anyone 2020

  • Exotic_Lachy
    Exotic_Lachy 5 hours ago

    Sub to me pls almost at 30 subscribers

  • DINOBOY 06
    DINOBOY 06 5 hours ago

    @Ali-A i like the new edits you have in your video/videos it makes it even more funnier 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brisk The Husky
    Brisk The Husky 5 hours ago

    The rat skin has been released already

  • Kyrton Hines
    Kyrton Hines 5 hours ago

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  • alessandrodavo
    alessandrodavo 5 hours ago

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  • Green puppet
    Green puppet 5 hours ago

    You should try pc i was controller I started pc and it's fun I now know how to build

  • luqman abdi hussein
    luqman abdi hussein 5 hours ago

    Ali please gift me battle pass my account is dewy-walkout

  • Gridlock Carson
    Gridlock Carson 5 hours ago


  • Callum Swift
    Callum Swift 5 hours ago

    Please can you send me the swift skin my name is callum-swifty

  • ItsCCTBM
    ItsCCTBM 5 hours ago

    Ali you did not win sypher did he did it all

  • Rc Trigg
    Rc Trigg 5 hours ago

    wait people still play this game?

  • gavin matthews
    gavin matthews 5 hours ago

    Thanks for the subtitles I didn't ask though

  • PotatoMan
    PotatoMan 5 hours ago

    Subscribe to Me if you like Ali-A

  • Sayonara Palepale
    Sayonara Palepale 6 hours ago

    Das lit

  • THEGAM1NGP1ZZA lohan smit

    Apex is better lol