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  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 hours ago

    Go green bay packers lions you losers haha

  • Leo Garcia
    Leo Garcia 3 hours ago

    How can 2K do so well on making everything look great and not think that the scorer's table looks ridiculous?

  • Zachary Mullaney
    Zachary Mullaney 6 hours ago

    Atlanta won 2-0 in real life

  • Ac Calz
    Ac Calz 7 hours ago

    Best graphics than 2k20

  • Jeremy May
    Jeremy May 8 hours ago

    Unrelated but you’re mlb sims are on fire. Recently hopefully you’ll give it the power to see who wins the World Series.

  • Kenneth Brown
    Kenneth Brown 14 hours ago

    We’ll you might as well make this 2019 CAUSE WERE IN DUDE!!!!!

  • Carlos Valverde
    Carlos Valverde 16 hours ago

    4-0 I'm very excited Hope world series will be vs Astros

  • Rex
    Rex 17 hours ago

    The Nats finally did it baby!! We're going to the World Series for the first time ever!

    KROCKOHOLICSHTOWN 18 hours ago

    I’m not judging you because I know this is computer simulated. But it does seem pretty odd that the scores are this one-sided.

  • Patricia Hock
    Patricia Hock 18 hours ago

    Houston Astros vs Houston Astros 2019.

  • 吳立偉
    吳立偉 18 hours ago

    The sweep is complete

  • Roger Estrada
    Roger Estrada 18 hours ago

    I am not St. Louis Cardinals Baseball fan But I have a huge respect for the Cards Organization and I”ve been looking this team for a long time. I think that these current team (With some exceptions) did not playing as well as others priors Cards versions. I am know the Nationals has shown better pitching staff but St. Louis Cards does not show anything good during this National League ChampionsShip series. After the World Series end, The Cardinals organization needs to start cutting the grass and find better players-specially, outfielders and starting-pitchers with a big names like Scherzer, Verlander, Cole and etc, etc. My respect for all Cardinals fans worldwide and hoping better things for the team, fans and for the city.

  • leroy jenkins
    leroy jenkins 18 hours ago

    Congratulations NATS

  • Dona A.
    Dona A. 18 hours ago

    Why do some of the games look animated?

  • timmy
    timmy 18 hours ago

    Nationals vs Astrosworld series it will be good

  • Valeen Satele
    Valeen Satele 19 hours ago

    Be the Seahawks and win

  • Father ADAMAH LightofYAHAWASHI

    It would've been a much closer game... C' town would've won... MJ

  • Tropic Lightning2019-

    Tip my hat and call the Astros my daddy;)

  • guidedbyvoices23
    guidedbyvoices23 21 hour ago

    Wtf game is this.. looking for highlights Houston 4-1 win game 3..

  • el jim morrison
    el jim morrison 21 hour ago

    Chingue su madre los yankees

  • Dante Guerrero
    Dante Guerrero 21 hour ago

    Dude that intro was fucking awful

  • Cubs MLB Perfect Inning Gaming


  • Mr jooj
    Mr jooj 22 hours ago


  • bogdan rosic
    bogdan rosic 23 hours ago

    najbolji je nba 2ka20

  • BoomBoom604 No Content

    Click this if you love the Celtics | | | \/

  • John Wick
    John Wick Day ago

    Shit trash go get a real fucking job... I support working people

  • Leslie yarely Morales Gil

    Ducking idiot

  • coaster323
    coaster323 Day ago

    Only in 2k ahaha

  • Jeremy May
    Jeremy May Day ago

    Hustons gonna take game 3 I just have a feeling that’ll happen

  • Tra3_ a1
    Tra3_ a1 Day ago

    @56:09.....MY GOODNESS.

  • Nerdbama Rich
    Nerdbama Rich Day ago

    Incredible game..

  • WøntlëYT Gameplays

    One comentary👌💪

  • Richie May
    Richie May Day ago

    Lit game

  • Pink Starburst

    I miss the old sgu

  • RuTube
    RuTube Day ago

    Some of the dialog from Matt is still there in MLB The Show 19. I just find that really funny

  • Nerdbama Rich
    Nerdbama Rich Day ago

    Incredible game...

  • king Peyton
    king Peyton Day ago

    Good vid🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Nate Perales
    Nate Perales Day ago

    Ummmmmmmm whoever was playing is kinda trash

  • chicago75 ruso

    St Louis bums

  • Non- Duplicate

    So what's the difference from 19 besides it says 20

  • Farrukh R
    Farrukh R Day ago

    all players look like robots.. this is still a problem in madden as well.

  • Brian Wirch
    Brian Wirch Day ago

    Lousy refs IRL !!! 😣😒🙄

  • Charles Bass
    Charles Bass Day ago

    Go pack go

  • Nick Cammarata

    I'm gonna be a swami the Nats 8 to 1

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson Day ago

    Whine about the refs if you think the packers deserved to win.....

  • DC Skywatcher
    DC Skywatcher Day ago

    It's so disgusting they way reffs blatantly openly cheat and favor teams

  • Who Who
    Who Who Day ago

    Congratulations!!! You are right this time from the sim. So I can't write to say "You should be a Nationals' fan to make it!!!"

  • antho draco
    antho draco Day ago

    One of the closest games I've seen in a while.

  • Rafael Checo
    Rafael Checo Day ago

    El comisionado debe prohibir jugar con la boca llena de porquería, esto hace que pierdan concentración en el juego, además ensucian el parque.

  • Steve Fischer
    Steve Fischer Day ago

    Lets Fake game - put it in the title

    • Steve Fischer
      Steve Fischer 21 hour ago

      @Sports Gaming Universe Most people don't give a shit about what the sports gaming channel might be- they are in a rush and want to see the game. its not a problem to put that into your headline.

    • Sports Gaming Universe
      Sports Gaming Universe Day ago

      You mean the part where it says Madden 20 and it’s on a sports gaming channel???

  • Dominick H
    Dominick H Day ago


  • qwert
    qwert Day ago


  • ꧁ ꧂
    ꧁ ꧂ Day ago


  • Sports Gaming Universe

    Ok everyone, who wins tonight?

  • skippy xoxo
    skippy xoxo Day ago

    make more 2k 12 minute quarters bro fr

  • Sports Gaming Universe

    Don't miss the epic ending... 1:12:45

  • D. hercules
    D. hercules 2 days ago

    2차전 휴스턴 승인데 이거 또 반대네 ㅋㅋ

  • Ravanger Games
    Ravanger Games 2 days ago

    Prediction Packers 34 Lions 10

  • Max Richards
    Max Richards 2 days ago

    This isn't NBA 2K20

  • lai soriano
    lai soriano 2 days ago

    Where is Dirk nowitzki? 2010s allstar He is a 2011 champion Rank 6 scoring champion in NBA He is legend a german hall of famer

  • Ba Hashem Yeshua
    Ba Hashem Yeshua 2 days ago

    Horrible spacing

  • Who Who
    Who Who 2 days ago

    Wrong answer!!! You should be a Yankees fan but you can't make a game to make your dream come true. Go go go!!! Astros!!!

    • Sports Gaming Universe
      Sports Gaming Universe 2 days ago

      I love how people assume I'm a fan of either team in these sims based on what computer controlled team wins at random, LOL.

  • Jermaisseon 310
    Jermaisseon 310 2 days ago

    Two of the weaker markets in the NBA

  • eric tate
    eric tate 2 days ago

    After you beat the season can you play the next season

  • 吳立偉
    吳立偉 2 days ago

    You got the order backward lol

  • 吳立偉
    吳立偉 2 days ago

    Well this was what happened in Game 2

  • Yusuf Ismail
    Yusuf Ismail 2 days ago

    This is NOT the world cup final. Fake game

  • JxshyXP
    JxshyXP 2 days ago


  • Yusuf Ismail
    Yusuf Ismail 2 days ago

    Why do the graphics look's like you watching a video game

  • Yusuf Ismail
    Yusuf Ismail 2 days ago

    I thought Peter drury was the official commentator

  • Yusuf Ismail
    Yusuf Ismail 2 days ago

    Always fascinated..was this BBC? Or ITV

  • Richard Hendrix
    Richard Hendrix 2 days ago

    what the F

  • Don DoDat
    Don DoDat 2 days ago

    Philip Rivers, the all time pussssiieee of football 🏈.

  • Gopa-swami dasa
    Gopa-swami dasa 2 days ago

    This is not a game 😅

    • Sports Gaming Universe
      Sports Gaming Universe 2 days ago

      It's a video game, and a simulation of what COULD have happened. We do them just for fun and to get conversation going about what might happen.

  • that was a prick job right there ,

    The 80s team took so many bad shots and didnt run iso with jordan. They just dribble pass dribble pass then take a bad shot to beat shot clock 2k fix cpus iq and tendencies

  • Laura Pa
    Laura Pa 2 days ago

    This is LAST NIGHT. Click bait 😡

    • 吳立偉
      吳立偉 2 days ago

      The prediction was right. The Astros did hit a walkoff solo in the 11th

    • Sports Gaming Universe
      Sports Gaming Universe 2 days ago

      It is not last night, this is today's pitching matchup and game 2 situation simulated in MLB the Show 19.

  • opengame
    opengame 2 days ago

    For a moment I thought this was the real match XD

  • Rick Nash
    Rick Nash 2 days ago

    Let's go yanks !

  • Acustic Sunri
    Acustic Sunri 2 days ago

    Damn, I thought that was the 96 East Allstar team. Shawn Kemp?

  • Creg Koonce
    Creg Koonce 2 days ago

    How to do this

  • Vincent Senecal
    Vincent Senecal 3 days ago

    Didn t look like that

  • Fistie
    Fistie 3 days ago

    Screw you.

  • Adam The dude
    Adam The dude 3 days ago

    these Games need to sort out the offside rule every pass you make is offside even when passing out from your own defence

  • Milky Wey
    Milky Wey 3 days ago

    I’m confused about the challenge flag in the first quarter

  • Zafirul Rahi
    Zafirul Rahi 3 days ago

    Same shit again and again

  • Fish Drowner
    Fish Drowner 3 days ago

    Where’s wilt

  • KoolBreez
    KoolBreez 3 days ago

    Typical Browns lost.

  • deez nutts
    deez nutts 3 days ago

    I still play 2k16 not sure why i need to buy a newer version?

  • Greenyy
    Greenyy 3 days ago

    Pretty close score so far

  • MLGSlayer
    MLGSlayer 3 days ago


  • 90's NEW YORKER'
    90's NEW YORKER' 3 days ago

    No Iverson? HE was the best 2 guard in his era

    ROME RUSH 3 days ago

    Madden king is here don't @me dammit

  • MrKingstretch
    MrKingstretch 3 days ago

    The graphics are amazing 2k keeps going to the next level with graphics an game play

  • rzarectot7
    rzarectot7 3 days ago

    Gay geinkie nice

  • Trouble Fallenangel

    7 -0 Yankees win you don't know how to handle the savage line up

  • Aaron Lozano
    Aaron Lozano 3 days ago

    Hello. I have a problem on my game. There's no commentator in the game. Not even working in settings. I just installed the game a while ago cause i just bought it earlier. I can play but the features are still downloading. Why is there no commentator? Please help thanks.

    • Aaron Lozano
      Aaron Lozano 3 days ago

      @Sports Gaming Universe Alright! Thank you sir!

    • Sports Gaming Universe
      Sports Gaming Universe 3 days ago

      If the game is not fully downloaded then you will have to wait for it to do so to have all the features. The game is designed to be playable (with limited options) at roughly 8-10gb installed, while the rest of the game installs in the background. This may be your problem that the game isn't fully installed yet.

  • KLoWn
    KLoWn 3 days ago

    Wow!! These developers need to make a nfl game

  • Linsanity Johncena
    Linsanity Johncena 3 days ago

    In fact, Yankee wins

  • A A
    A A 3 days ago

    wow it's unreal how realistic this game looks

  • Rick Nash
    Rick Nash 3 days ago

    The alcs logo on that field looks like shit