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8 People With Unique Beauty
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  • rocky10099
    rocky10099 15 seconds ago

    So um none of this happens to me so I'm great

  • Trixie Mancao
    Trixie Mancao Minute ago


  • Scott King
    Scott King 2 minutes ago

    Lol that damn thumb nail tho

  • Lazy Monkey
    Lazy Monkey 3 minutes ago

    Well this is how I do it paint sleep eat

  • Noah Berridge
    Noah Berridge 3 minutes ago

    It’s soccer not football

  • free music no copyright for commercial

    1st Germany 2nd Japan 3rd France 4rd canada

  • Mohamed Faiz
    Mohamed Faiz 10 minutes ago

    1:02 pedestrian rushing to cross the road instead of leaving the way what a inhumanity

  • OA_Swift
    OA_Swift 12 minutes ago

    How is he already so fit

  • Andrew's Anims
    Andrew's Anims 15 minutes ago

    The scariest sound ever is when you sneeze while home alone... And then hear "bless you" down the hall.

  • Jeesrel Papi
    Jeesrel Papi 19 minutes ago

    5:01 anybody got a answer of this. What will happen to a human body if the touches?

  • Gabriel OKeefe
    Gabriel OKeefe 22 minutes ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue I got click baited And so did you

  • bini ty
    bini ty 24 minutes ago

    a part of me says that i would prob survive this, but with extreme anxiety. but still survive. idek

  • Kokokril
    Kokokril 24 minutes ago

    M a ghoul n jinn hunter

  • will ben oni
    will ben oni 29 minutes ago

    lucy is awesome ✌️✌️

  • Elias Shadow
    Elias Shadow 29 minutes ago

    That 3rd arm got me lmao 😂

  • Goutham manic
    Goutham manic 43 minutes ago

    he not only ran

  • Tyler Jeb
    Tyler Jeb 44 minutes ago

    ring: Zero evidence swords: history can be foggy? Why would "science" have an explanation for unavailable historical records? diamond: Zero evidence...except that everyone who's worn it now has...survived? bible: Fair enough they don't know how one person could have done it all. But devil myth = prove it = zero evidence. this is dumb I'm leaving

  • Kamran Yunus
    Kamran Yunus 47 minutes ago

    wait just comment on this bc idk if this is the type of vid that the top comment is the most recent

  • ANUNNAKI Arandio
    ANUNNAKI Arandio 48 minutes ago

    And I'm 33 year old happy with 5 dollar in my pocket hahaha 🤣$🤣

  • Goutham manic
    Goutham manic 49 minutes ago

    nothing is crazy ,you and me can't do these record so we call it crazy

  • Josielyn Pedrajas
    Josielyn Pedrajas 52 minutes ago

    Oh cmon i aint scared later 😶🤐😫😫😫😫😫😫

  • Diego Barron
    Diego Barron 53 minutes ago

    A natural disaster is my sister

  • Sarvan Boosan
    Sarvan Boosan Hour ago


  • Mr. Guest
    Mr. Guest Hour ago

    6:00 xd Edit 6:33 XD

    MR MASKGUY Hour ago

    We pilipinos love spiders

  • Rémi
    Rémi Hour ago

    I dont hear shit maybe im too dumb

  • Derek Johnson
    Derek Johnson Hour ago

    I saw Bring McNuggets

  • killer boi365
    killer boi365 Hour ago

    I was tearing up fr fr

  • Buds Coloscos
    Buds Coloscos Hour ago

    Mine is for sure a rolls-royse 👇

  • BENBEAST1599
    BENBEAST1599 Hour ago

    1:55, You guys put nu pagodi in there! I'm happy!

  • Ellisa Skuce
    Ellisa Skuce Hour ago

    I have done a little research by looking at Shawn Mendes hands vs. Marshmallows hands and marshmallow has the exact same thumb Shawn Mendes so you tell me he's one of these people I don't think so huh I just took about half an hour researching on marshmallow and Shawn Mendes are the exact same people research it yourself

  • Itz Yo_gurl
    Itz Yo_gurl Hour ago

    He asked for the krabs patty recipe he might be plankton also I just noticed this whole time I thought mr krabs was like 30 or 40 and Patrick and spongebob where like 20😭 the lies

  • Big Brain
    Big Brain Hour ago

    I would be glad if this happens

  • queen ADABELLE
    queen ADABELLE 2 hours ago

    The mother with the twins "one is FAIRskinned and one is darkskinned" 🤔 ya got me thinking and im offeneded. Y not one light and one dark 🙄.

  • Corrupted Colors
    Corrupted Colors 2 hours ago

    4:00 HeyyyY! Misfits! Such a great show

  • bannabutt33
    bannabutt33 2 hours ago

    Not the most popular

  • Ngoc Nguyen
    Ngoc Nguyen 2 hours ago

    I mean have

  • Ngoc Nguyen
    Ngoc Nguyen 2 hours ago

    I a, have muscules but I am FAT

  • 10 000 subscribers with 1 video

    1:42 just like brother&brothers

  • Joshua Chen
    Joshua Chen 2 hours ago

    Ofc you forgot Tomokazu Harimoto, Japanese table tennis prodigy currently ranked 5 in ITTF, THE professional table tennis league. Instead you talked abt Kanak Jha, who’s highest rank was 40 and. Cmon man Harimoto definitely deserve to be on this list if you gonna mention Jha

  • tyler williams sanders

    Two Asian chicks why

  • Alicia Parker
    Alicia Parker 2 hours ago

    This is all Photoshoped like it you think so to

  • Zylice Liddell
    Zylice Liddell 2 hours ago

    0:06 Thor and Loki ❤️💚😍

  • Crown4 King
    Crown4 King 2 hours ago

    How is lidsey Lohan on this list ? I think use rushed this video without doing proper research .

  • Alltube TV
    Alltube TV 2 hours ago

    Help me grow my channel

  • Ray L
    Ray L 2 hours ago

    Some of these rich people think they can do anything because they have more money than everyone else. I once had to fight for my rightful parking spot with an Aston Martin who tried to bully me with his revving. I didn’t budge. $20k vs $200k. Let’s see who will hurt more.

  • Ray L
    Ray L 2 hours ago

    Why smash his windows? He was probably speeding through a neighbourhood and endangering pedestrian safety. Imagine if your children were playing outside. The mambo was probably a repeat offender and the man expecting him. I don’t blame that man.

  • Noodle Warrior
    Noodle Warrior 2 hours ago

    When you hear that, the brain would make an illusion where you would hear that sound as if it where a real sound. This is because your brain would take this as a hearing, as he said.

  • Shipa Red
    Shipa Red 2 hours ago

    I could easily do this

  • Geetah Franklyn
    Geetah Franklyn 2 hours ago

    Hey mindwarehouse I also have a coincidence just like the boy in the picture with his future mother in law....my mom and grandfather took a picture together when she was a young girl years before she met my father

  • Elvis Mark
    Elvis Mark 2 hours ago

    I heard Rowan Atkinson killed himself I don't know how you're coming around with news like this the man is dead

  • kayla kaylie
    kayla kaylie 2 hours ago

    Like seriously 5 days is not that bad with Internet. It's nothing. Try going 6 months to a year with Internet. That'll make you scream.

  • cyrose dumale
    cyrose dumale 2 hours ago

    you're the one and only comedian i really love,up until now,i still watch the episodes of mr.bean at youtube,solid fan forever😊😊😊😘😘😘God bless and long live mr.bean😘😘😘

  • Kähÿłįä Çäłįä

    He fine thoo 🥰

  • Jessie Dodge
    Jessie Dodge 3 hours ago

    Okay I’ve known the Krusty krab was a lobster trap since I was literally 5. Is that really something people didn’t know??

  • kayla kaylie
    kayla kaylie 3 hours ago

    I can make it threw this for 5 days. I'd be sleeping for 5 days. Lol

  • Eric Falcon
    Eric Falcon 3 hours ago

    It's just earth. Stop touching.. (WWll) Puerto Rico Privet first.

  • Sam Mcclain
    Sam Mcclain 3 hours ago

    I was Bill Hader at 0:01 and I can’t go back now. I love him.

  • Awesome Sauce yeet
    Awesome Sauce yeet 3 hours ago

    It’s not aligator it is crocodile How to not get attacked by a crocodile STAY AWAY GIVE IT SPACE

  • Blazing Mammoth
    Blazing Mammoth 3 hours ago

    I’ve actually seen an Albino Alligator at a zoo.

  • Jiya Prajapati
    Jiya Prajapati 3 hours ago

    Its coco gauff

  • Mel B
    Mel B 3 hours ago

    Some of the stuff yellow but she is weird so is the one that dresses like a dog so weird

  • Ezekiel Foster
    Ezekiel Foster 3 hours ago

    Lol I straight up yawned as soon as he was talking about it

  • Brittany Brown
    Brittany Brown 3 hours ago

    from 2:38 to 2:49 is the gamer kid when he looses his minecraft

  • Dave Newell
    Dave Newell 3 hours ago

    Power of the barter system

  • ThreeStringQuartet
    ThreeStringQuartet 3 hours ago

    m i n c r a f t c a v e s o u n d s

  • SZDEMON 666
    SZDEMON 666 3 hours ago

    Any boy thought about him getting a cannon ball to the nuts?

  • alexiioo
    alexiioo 3 hours ago

    Is great

  • idontsignin
    idontsignin 3 hours ago

    Usain bolt won the 100 and 200 in 2008 2012 and 2016 olympic. He did compete in the 2004 Olympics but only over 200 where he was put out in the heats.

  • Nifekilz TV
    Nifekilz TV 4 hours ago

    “nature takes over humans” people who created nukes: haha that’s funny.

  • fireflower1984
    fireflower1984 4 hours ago

    Just stab your neck open do you not know that?

  • fireflower1984
    fireflower1984 4 hours ago

    I like how you study science but you just have to put an air tank on your head to breathe underwater

  • Sam Walton
    Sam Walton 4 hours ago

    It’s Ross edgley

  • Frankie Patten
    Frankie Patten 4 hours ago

    yo that girl got an iphone 5c step your game up

  • CookieNah Pirates :3

    1 like = a slap for all the bullies at Chase's school if there is some people that bully him ;w;

  • Ricky Huffstetler
    Ricky Huffstetler 4 hours ago

    On the first one did he call the guys followers subscribers Is he high

  • CookieNah Pirates :3


  • Wyatt0 Gaming
    Wyatt0 Gaming 4 hours ago

    Did u call the baseball field a court? Fml😂😂😂

  • Hsis Hdj
    Hsis Hdj 4 hours ago

    His face looks like anglo-indian descent

  • honest Abe
    honest Abe 4 hours ago

    I never understood why ppl cheat, the win just don't feel the same as a worked for win.

  • Juvenal Centeno
    Juvenal Centeno 4 hours ago

    I can move my ears and i have two extra bones for a reason

  • Ruth Less
    Ruth Less 4 hours ago

    Its shows how much your liked when you claim £900.000+ insurance on an F1 right off,only to have it sold at Auction for $12 Million by someone.

  • Stephen Prescod
    Stephen Prescod 4 hours ago

    What about Black Adder?

  • Michele Freeman
    Michele Freeman 4 hours ago

    Favorite episode was The Thanksgiving episode when his head became stuck inside of the Turkey. One of the funniest

  • Abdirahman Mohammed
    Abdirahman Mohammed 4 hours ago

    I seen a cat like that before in Africa Ethiopia

  • mi halk
    mi halk 4 hours ago

    Im going to be dead in 2100 so who cares

  • ll Axonn ll
    ll Axonn ll 4 hours ago

    The crack of the belt in your dad’s hand

  • Humberto Correa
    Humberto Correa 4 hours ago

    Marvel oK Dc osn hettongav. Rhenthe new nso woulr ddm hutrs

  • Dance Girl
    Dance Girl 4 hours ago

    The clip is in the drama, I’m not sure, but it have ‘secretary’ something in the title.

  • Hudson Mcfarlane
    Hudson Mcfarlane 4 hours ago

    My powers are I can climb buildings

  • L noskcaj
    L noskcaj 4 hours ago

    Hello it's L looking at this video of these Tallest and Largest MMA Fighters I would say if Giant Silva and Emmanuel Yarborough and Chad Rowan of these three MMA Fighters would have learn other fighting styles they would have at least put up a fight on other opponent's such as they should have learn Regular Boxing Bases to put up a good fight to last longer in the MMA Ring some of you MMA Fans and Sports Fans and People would have to agree with me on that if you think so to on that.!? ♤♡♧◇ ♠️♥️♣️♦️🥊🥋🤼‍♂️🏋️‍♀️

  • paul cruz uribe
    paul cruz uribe 4 hours ago

    I lived a LIE

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 4 hours ago

    I play hockey too we are so connected

  • WizardKitty Gacha
    WizardKitty Gacha 4 hours ago

    When you said make your hair go straight I already have straight hair so go curly 👇🏻

  • Dre Wright
    Dre Wright 4 hours ago

    He real fast

  • Alain Sheratan
    Alain Sheratan 4 hours ago

    Man... humans loves to create all sorts of nightmares that comes in every different forms and shapes.. But at least this video will make me feel a lot better now that I know that all these horrific villians and monsters are just regular humans in real life.😅😅

  • REEposting YT
    REEposting YT 4 hours ago

    RIP filipino sci fi/fantasy movies and series 👌🏻

  • kingston mundia mwangala

    The truck with Chairs wins this episode

  • ghasan23
    ghasan23 4 hours ago

    The actress that plays the Nun is creepy but fuckable too

  • what’s up 124
    what’s up 124 4 hours ago

    Compare his life to Ronaldo’s. wow