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Bright Review
2 months ago

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  • Man Taesombat
    Man Taesombat 2 months ago Avengers : Infinity War Trailer

  • Gloria Fortney
    Gloria Fortney 2 months ago

    John, recent subscriber: Do you think that Kylo was told by Snoke that Luke and Han deliberately murdered Vader and in his anger turned on Luke and his father?

  • Arthur Dayne
    Arthur Dayne 2 months ago

    my man is producing new content all the time HE IS COMMITTEEDD LOL F COLIDER

  • Jason Farino
    Jason Farino 3 months ago

    what is that other movie pass thing called sinamiea something

    ELROCK R 3 months ago

    John it's Eliot Roddy, I'm trying to get The Last Jedi prmeier tickets can you let Geroge Lucas Known? Remember "Way OF The Saber"? I'm editing the teaser right now.

  • Roger Lockhart
    Roger Lockhart 3 months ago

    John - MoviePass News... I finally received my MoviePass Card (after 2 months) and I'm afraid I over-indulged (22 Movies in September - all at an AMC Theater). However when I went to see a movie my AMC Stubs Card was refused because rewards aren't eligible if you pay by MoviePass. Needless to say I was irate since they changed the terms of my Stubs Card without notification. Fine, if AMC doesn't want my business but why should I be loyal to AMC if they are upset about attending movies and paying full price? Lots of Movie theaters who are happy to take my business. I would very much appreciate if you can do some research and post a video about this. Thank you and in John we trust...

  • Darth Calanil
    Darth Calanil 3 months ago

    Keep it filthy^^ one can never have enough Campea Rants :P

  • JCDesigns31
    JCDesigns31 4 months ago

    Please post reviews of all the dc shows!! What's your opinion on what Josh Macuga said on tv talk about the shows on the cw have no consequences?

  • nicolae cosmin
    nicolae cosmin 4 months ago

    Hy. Could you do a review/reaction to the New Mutants trailer?

  • shmaveyea
    shmaveyea 4 months ago

    "​John Campea: collider sent these women to frame andy, crappy collider will never have the subs or views as screen junkies, so they got jealous and came up with this entrapment" - On Variety. com Nice job excusing sexual predators ya fucking scrub. Brutal. Keep dismissing victims, hope this trends

  • Jasper AMVs
    Jasper AMVs 5 months ago

    Hey John, Did the moviepass work or what?????

    • Jasper AMVs
      Jasper AMVs 5 months ago

      Saw your newest video, thanks for letting us know about the pass, I bought it as well (took over 20 days to get the mail) so I'm happy to know it went smoothly :)

  • Frederick Erebor
    Frederick Erebor 5 months ago

    Hey John, Frederick here from Atlanta. I've got a question regarding Justice League's Box Office. Should Warner Brothers be scared of Wonder Woman's Box Office Success? I think it's certified that it would beat her Worldwide. But, the way I see it, if Justice League doesn't beat Wonder Woman domestically, the media narrative is going to be bonkers. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  • LeastLikedCritic75
    LeastLikedCritic75 5 months ago

    Do you think that Kylo Ren will ever as good has Darth Vader?

  • Scotty Fing
    Scotty Fing 5 months ago

    Hey, I have noticed that if you turn closed caption on on the some of the justice league where Alfred is talking to someone. It seems that he says" YOU said you come" NOT "HE said you would come" Might just be a glitch with closed caption, but you never know. Might be worth checking out.

  • George Balega
    George Balega 6 months ago

    John Campea - I was enjoying your return to making podcast episodes again! Why haven't you been converting your TVclip videos into audio since July 26th? As far as I see on iTunes, Spreaker, Podbay, and so forth, you haven't uploaded any podcast episodes since then! Are you doing TVclip videos only?

  • TheBongSauce
    TheBongSauce 6 months ago

    Wtf! where's JohN!?!

  • Albinus T Nunez II
    Albinus T Nunez II 6 months ago

    Hey John, Thank you so much for all the news and entertainment you put out there. This might be a foolish and constant question that you get. But do you get paid from youtube. and if so how does it work? is it a check every week month or what?

  • Crossfirefan2
    Crossfirefan2 6 months ago

    Yo John can you control your comment section on your "Who Won Comic-Con? Why Is Fox Doing Doctor Doom? - The John Campea Podcast" on the comment thread I am in as this douchebag is telling me to kill myself because I like and am defending DC, would just take a little time for you to talk to this guy, I am definitely ignoring him now just want to see your 2 cents on the matter

  • Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman)

    Love you're channel. I love all the content you put out pretty much daily. I hate to say it but I think leaving Collider was actually good for you and you seem to be thriving a lot with you're own personal content

  • Liam Argent
    Liam Argent 7 months ago

    I have a theory for Wonder Woman 2. Chris Pine isn't playing Steve Trevor again, but a different character. An ancestor in fact. I believe this ancestor will be or will end up being a Green Lantern. Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner or Kyle Rayner. I think this will set up the Green Lantern Corps film. I think about 20% of the film will take place in the 1980s to set up the rest of the film taking place in modern times after the Justice League film. I just have a weird feeling this will end up happening.

  • Rafa Gonzales
    Rafa Gonzales 7 months ago

    JOOOOOOOHHHHHHHNNNNNN CCCCCAAAAAMMMMPPPPPEEEEEAAAAA! Please watch "kimi no nawa" aka "Your Name" I would love to see you do a critical review on it and your take on why it wasnt nominated for an Oscar for the best animated film! Please watch the original with english subs!

  • Preston Ok
    Preston Ok 7 months ago

    Loving all the new content! Keep up the great work!

  • Anjay Omal Kumar
    Anjay Omal Kumar 7 months ago

    Hey John, Great Podcasts and love your show. I have a question; Now that Matt Reeves Has confirmed that he has a Noir detective thriller approach to The Batman movie. If he decides to use Jared Leto's joker in the movie as a major villain, will they entirely redo Ayer's version and give a new look or features to the character like in the comics. (as DC has stated before that the joker gets bored and alters himself every now and then. ) or Will they recast him. And The Joker aside Which other Rogue's Gallery Member would you love to see as the main Antagonist, id personally want to see a Red Hood-Black Mask Story line. Thanks!

  • Pest 138
    Pest 138 7 months ago

    Sorry to see you leave Collider, really enjoyed the chemistry you had with the folks over there. Fortunately your easy to find on the internet. Keep the videos coming.

  • Ron Petersen
    Ron Petersen 8 months ago

    It is sad to see you leave Movie talk (again). I been down the life's too short road myself and still am. But do what you gotta do and we only expect great things on this channel (even you have to do jump cuts blech). Keep up the good work. And if you need any editing done I am a drop box away. Good luck and so sorry about your friend.

  • Lords of the Long Box
    Lords of the Long Box 8 months ago

    John, I hope this message recieves you. I'm the host of a little channel dedicated to Comics and Pop Culture and we have a live chat dedicated to Comic Book movies and TV shows and how it effects the comic market. I only have 1600 subs but we're trying to build on it. Would you consider being a guest panelist from time to time or even one time? We do it all remotely using Skype or Google hangouts. Please ping me if you would like to help us out. Thx!

  • Desert Eagle
    Desert Eagle 8 months ago

    I'm following you Campea, and subscribed. 👍

  • Nick Buchmiller
    Nick Buchmiller 8 months ago

    Hey John, long time fan. Just read your WordPress and wanted to let you know that your fans will follow where ever you end up. I love watching and know you'll still be killing it with new endeavors for years and years to come. Take some time to clear your head and follow your passions. We're behind you man...your unknown friend, Nick.

  • Elisha Masih
    Elisha Masih 8 months ago

    do an arkham joker story review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Campea
    John Campea 9 months ago

    Hey everyone. New things coming.

  • batman144
    batman144 11 months ago

    Hello, John. Is this channel now defunct?

    • John Campea
      John Campea 9 months ago

      Nope... new things coming. Keep your eyes open and some news coming very soon!

  • ShiveRaye
    ShiveRaye 11 months ago

    Hey john there was a movie talk where you were asked about Batman killing in BVS and you broke it down SOO well about how it wouldn't be realistic had he went out his way to tie up all the bad guys and be careful. I wanted to watch that segment again but I cannot for the life of me remember which episode it was. I wish I had Favorited it. I hope you might remember the video I'm talking about. It wasn't too long ago but I'd understand if you can't remember. Thanks for taking your time to read this.

  • Alik Valenswayla

    Describe in your own words: what makes STAR WARS better than DC and MARVEL. I personally think its because they continue to make new stories and not be repetitive whereas you've see the same stories from Marvel and DC redone over and over all the time.

  • manny leon
    manny leon Year ago

    GOTG brought tears of joy into my life. Most. Anticipated movie hands down.

  • Jason Kelcher
    Jason Kelcher Year ago

    Hey John I have watched several of your Collider videos with you and ur friends and I have your answer as to who are Rey's parents and how she got her force powers. check out FafGuy on TVclip The "Rey's Parents" theory everybody's overlooked regarding the 4 part Comic book series THE SHATTERED EMPIRE and Did J.J. confirm that Rey is NOT a Skywalker? that should clarify things for you and your team plzs let your team know that it was me who never actually heard of you guys and was curious to watch and gave you the anwser to the whole mystery. your Interested Fan JASON KELCHER.

  • Rob McDonald
    Rob McDonald Year ago

    What's the make and model of the mic that you use for you videos? The quality is great!

  • Chatroom  Goon
    Chatroom Goon Year ago

    Hey Mr. Campea any chance we could get a breakdance video feat. some of the Collider crew ?

  • Joe Holiday
    Joe Holiday Year ago

    Hey JC what's the deal no talk of Rogue One Trailer? Thoughts?

  • SupermanObsession

    Have you watched the Ultimate Cut of BvS yet? If so, is there a video of your thoughts? I haven't found one yet....

  • Frank Sloane
    Frank Sloane Year ago

    i know this may be off subject, but did i hear this right, john, that you practice jiu jitsu? i ask because i used to do some mma training.

  • Iløveraw3
    Iløveraw3 Year ago


  • MrScottzki
    MrScottzki Year ago

    any chance to get your thoughts on warcraft? like in secret code?

  • seros2012
    seros2012 Year ago

    "Story Book Poetry By Sky Nguyen" Sold on The love story is greater than Romeo and Juliet and will touch the lives of all women everywhere! I created the greatest love story ever written that will change the world! My Lovers are Soul-Struck Soulmates and I out wrote William Shakespeare, This masterpiece will change the world forever! A preview -Sero Artdais: As a far shooting star which came in upon bygone too soon. Carnose rose wast seen last yestereen within its utmost full bloom. Gasp of air whence once dawn bare, a following wind once broken in. My eyes were lost upon such splendor render unattended. Am stunned upon both oncoming suns, thy eyes reflect the promise which God meant; through two series of light bent. None canst emulate the love she makes, the conjure of sheer rapture. From what I saw all art flawed; beauty tis what moves me. What so ever angels bring from western wing; a florescent peasant O by far out simmers & glimmers the dawn of star. Oretta Nepnison- To the gale of my sail, May I may that I may. Much doth the day to be with you, hand in hand. How much more may the day take up upon your timeless time. How most fair declare the angels of thou, hath it I now bow. Am unto the image of God in the image of Man. Next of heavens thy framework took hold up of Heaven. How much longer may your most watery of essence give form unto the world. Beauty in, beauty out, every which way art about. Mi dear, Si solar sight burnt vapor ash; sorrowful tears. My royal oath, always I'll hark to hath; upmost precious paintings of the clock.

  • reflectingdiety
    reflectingdiety Year ago

    Can you discuss the impact of China on Hollywood? Does being able to have a film play in China have any effect on recent controversial Hollywood castings. i.e. Dr. Strange and Ghost in the Shell. Politically they are sensitive to China because of the Chinese relationships with Japan and Tibet. I love history and it might be good to look at the issue from less of an American centered point of view.

  • Brian Barrett
    Brian Barrett Year ago

    I have a question... anyone with an answer please help me out. Sups went to fight Batman because lex had his mother. Superman didn't know where his mother was.... But batman found her in less than 10 minutes? Help me understand pleaseCampea, you rave about this movie.. so may you can help me out here

    • erosion271
      erosion271 Year ago

      I'm not the biggest fan of BvS and it's plot, there are alot of plot holes, but superherofan24 is correct. Batman had Alfred, superman did not. That's how batman located martha. So yeh...Alfred is awesome.

    • Brian Barrett
      Brian Barrett Year ago

      nope.... that's a good try.. but Snyder said she was in smallville, that's why sups couldn't hear her.. also if she was in a warehouse in Gotham. why wouldn't superman go there instead of fighting batman.

    • filmfan24
      filmfan24 Year ago

      +Brian Barrett I hate people like you. It's like you weren't even paying half attention. That's where most of the movie's hate comes from. Alfred said to Batman right when he entered his plane that he was listening in on the conversation. She wasn't far away. She was in a warehouse in Gotham. Superman couldn't hear her getting kidnapped because he wasn't purposefully listening in on her. If Superman listening in on his mom 24/7 then he would get information overload like he did when he was a child.

    • Brian Barrett
      Brian Barrett Year ago

      how would Alfred know the Russian had his mom... how could batman get to him so quickly when she was so far away, sups couldn't hear her

    • filmfan24
      filmfan24 Year ago

      +Brian Barrett Alfred tracked the Russian's phone.

  • Brandon Ammon
    Brandon Ammon Year ago

    Star Wars Rogue One trailer out!

  • Raqib Hasan Apu
    Raqib Hasan Apu Year ago

    Hi John! Really like ur show and appreciate it. I have been following you from AMC, Collider and now here. I have a question to all of u. Why we still call "CGI" where there movie like Jungle Book mostly animated except Mowgli and few. How much real life staffs makes a movie as CGI and how much animation should a movie need to recognized as animation movie. As a professional animator I feel undermined. Shouldn't we categorize these as a different type or medium or genre so that, even a full animated movie including 2D, nowadays are computer generated. Thanks

  • Marlon Brando
    Marlon Brando Year ago

    Hey John, I like hearing your views on movies, but do only do genre films - Sci fi/Comic Book etc.? I'd like to hear your thoughts on Michael Moore's 'Where to Invade Next.' Any chance of that happening?

  • beatmaster
    beatmaster Year ago

    imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but this is just plain lazy copying

  • ladydruyear
    ladydruyear Year ago

    Hay John what do you of the upcoming Hank Williams bio film "I Saw The Light" staring Tom Hiddleston?

    YTMLP 2 years ago

    you were definitely the best part of amc and collider. hope you'll still do occasional uploads here (movie news/editorials/etc).

  • Rowan B
    Rowan B 2 years ago

    go on holiday to dubrovnik !

  • John Paul Marchand
    John Paul Marchand 2 years ago

  • Music MonsterZ
    Music MonsterZ 2 years ago

    \ / (o)\ / (o) L MMMMMMMMMMMMM GRRRRRRRRRR >:(


    Just wondering your thoughts on a theory, John... now when they say the force awakens, is it just Rey or is it all three of them? I know "The Force Awakens" is predominantly about Rey, but I've watched Star Wars 7 times and I have picked this movie to pieces. There are little hints that the others are force sensitive; I could be reading into it too much (yeah i know I'm obsessed), but evidence from the other canon material points to at least Poe being force sensitive. Don't know much about Finn or how he rejected his training, but (he snaps out of he Storm Trooper drone status in the raid on Jakko). Pay attention to that scene when his team member is killed. Maybe hes a slow learner, but Poe (IE; the Shattered Empire) grew up next to a force tree stolen from Palpatine. Why would they point this out if it wasn't important. Remember this is all canon now.

  • John Paul Marchand
    John Paul Marchand 2 years ago

    John! Please consider a Doctor Who after show one day!

  • JCDesigns31
    JCDesigns31 2 years ago

    Hello John, What's your opinion of the The Flash 1990 series?

  • JCDesigns31
    JCDesigns31 2 years ago

    What's your opinion on Tatum leaving Gambit Movie.

  • Man Of Steel
    Man Of Steel 2 years ago

    Hello John. I hope we get to see your reaction to the new extended Batman V Superman Comicon Trailer.

  • Lance Kasler
    Lance Kasler 2 years ago

    Eyes open, brain reeling, and expectations fulfilled with the new show on Collider congrats.

  • Eternal Squanch
    Eternal Squanch 2 years ago

    hey john. if u not on amc anymore where u at??? ur too good at wat u do to not do anything. i havnt watched amc since u left well except heros with schnepp. but that not as god as wit u on it. miss ur knoledge

  • VIP Nitrix
    VIP Nitrix 2 years ago

    cam some one help me: i want to know about the "code" or watever about actress in a scene together that doesnt have to do with a man. I clearly dont now much about this topic but want to learn. Could someone point me in the right direction?

  • Timetoletgo100
    Timetoletgo100 2 years ago

    John, are you going to do a new show that is similar to AMC movie talk here in your channel? Looking forward to your new content!

  • Chris Kelley
    Chris Kelley 2 years ago

    Loved you on AMC, but am really confused about why you left. I would rather have a more straight forward explanation. I get that it is tricky when you leave a company. You helped make more sense about reviewing current movies and speculating on future ones and hope you will continue to do so.

  • Savage Tilley
    Savage Tilley 2 years ago

    Just found out you are no longer with AMC. I will follow you to the end of the world buddy!

  • Jigesh Makwana
    Jigesh Makwana 2 years ago

    i love to see you rant :p

  • Mr Anonymous
    Mr Anonymous 2 years ago

    Excited to see what you'll do next!

  • Jake Bauer
    Jake Bauer 2 years ago

    Great last show today man!! I came over here hoping you couldn't wait the couple days you mentioned to share the news. lol Best wishes for the new gig...obviously I'll be looking forward to hearing what you'll be up to. Cheers!

  • Eternal Squanch
    Eternal Squanch 2 years ago

    where u be at campea??? miss u bruhh!!!

    TATSFINEST834LIFE 2 years ago

    Theres definitely somethin missing now your not at AMC. My workmates are happy that the annoying american guy isnt talkin bs any longer as im blasting AMC movie talk thru my bluetooth speaker :) Please let us know if u start up a new show, i cant wait to see their wtf faces, wen they hear u talkin about how disappointed u were after watchin ant-man :3

  • genocide_cutter
    genocide_cutter 2 years ago

    Great channel

  • keithf77777
    keithf77777 2 years ago

    John i am so disappointed you are leaving AMC Movie Talk. I first started watching over two years ago I think, when you were still vidcasting from your original location with only red curtains behind you. I am also going to miss Amirose terribly and now it looks as if we are losing Maude as well. Much as I love Dennis Schnepp, Alicia, Kristian and Mark, and will support their endeavors, I think the loss of you and Amirose will hit me too hard to remain as loyal as I have been. I will anxiously watch this space to see what you do next. Obviously you need a paycheck, so it may be unrealistic, but what I would most like to see is you starting your own movie talk youtube channel and building something that you actually control so you can bring us great content for years to come. Best of luck... I'll be watching!

    • keithf77777
      keithf77777 2 years ago

      Just a little add-on comment... there's lots of haters posting all kinds of gossip... stoopid stuff. They're all obviously jealous of your success. Regardless of what they say, what I, and thousands of other viewers like me, know is that you are a voice of integrity and reason in the movie blogisphere. So no matter what you do from here on out, I hope you stay with us in one form or another, whether it be as your profession or your hobby. May your voice long be heard above the din!!!

  • NOITARENEG selfie
    NOITARENEG selfie 2 years ago


  • jean-françois Roux
    jean-françois Roux 2 years ago

    John, it has been a pleasure to listen to you on AMC Movie Talk, whether I agreed or disagreed with you. And I was very happy to shake your hand this past Thursday, after San Adreas. I am sure that you will do extremely well for the weeks to come, and I wish you all the best. Bon courage!

    PITBULL 2 years ago

    like I said to you on Facebook anything I can do just ask with all I can do or people I know you say Ill take care of it ;) Yep its a Italian thing.

  • richard copeland
    richard copeland 2 years ago

    Maud, Amirose and John this is REV3 all over again :-(

  • daolchang
    daolchang 2 years ago

    Just saw Movie Talk today. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened. Good Luck John!

  • Radu
    Radu 2 years ago

    Also is there a chance you will watch Arrow again.

  • Radu
    Radu 2 years ago

    I just read your announcement on facebook and came here to subscribe. Good luck with whatever you do. I will watch your videos.

  • John Campea
    John Campea 2 years ago

    Keep your eyes open. New things coming!

    • Clay Barrett
      Clay Barrett 2 years ago

      It must be good if your leaving amc.. Your own show on

    • Debasish Mahapatro
      Debasish Mahapatro 2 years ago

      up for it.... eagerly

    • Lance Kasler
      Lance Kasler 2 years ago

      By the will of Campea, let thine content continue. Looking forward to seeing whatever you have planned in the future.

    • apachedisco
      apachedisco 2 years ago

      I'll follow you into hell you magnificent son of a bitch

    • SeraphimAirsoft
      SeraphimAirsoft 2 years ago

      BRING IT, Campea!!!!

  • Kutlu Mızrak
    Kutlu Mızrak 2 years ago

    Are you on vacation or something man?

  • JCDesigns31
    JCDesigns31 2 years ago

    I know you do movies a lot but can you give a video of your opinion of the new DC tv shows Supergirl and Legends of Tommrow.

  • Jay M
    Jay M 2 years ago

    what do you think about vid of supposed spiderman end credit scene in age of ultron?

  • Superhero Movie Reactor

    That Picture you have above the channel, where was that from?

  • CopyCatA
    CopyCatA 2 years ago

    you removed your DareDevil review video, why? :/

    • joshed
      joshed 2 years ago

      +Man of Sin I noticed this comment on an amc movie talk as well, but in the very first episode of Daredevil, they reference the Battle of New York from Avengers as the reason the rent dropped or something along those lines.

    • CopyCatA
      CopyCatA 2 years ago

      +Man of Sin ah, ok, i see. Thx for the info :)

  • William Smith
    William Smith 2 years ago

    Thanks for answering my question on amc movie talk, I respect your opinion and those of the amc crew. I agree on the fact that there is risk involved in the movies Marvel makes but I don't agree on how big that risk actually is now with there current slate of films, I mean Kevin Feige could make the Aunt May movie that you guy so fondly talk about and because of his track record it would be a hit. I really like the Marvel movies but I'm just getting tired of the MCU as a whole, I loved Guardians because it was beside the obvious reasons to love the film, it was the most detached from the rest of our heroes. I know they have there own movies and do there own things in them but I just feel this repetitive pattern that happens with these movies and of course this is going to happen with DC as well expect for there movie Sandman that is just going to be its own thing as far we know right now and I hope it stays that way. I know I'm in minority on this one but I personally think there is too much crossover happening in Hollywood nowadays and it doesn't look like it will stop anytime soon. I hope I explained my position a bit better with this message Thank you again for answering my question and keep up the good work. P.S I miss hearing your opinion on the Arrow after show you were awesome on there too.

  • Cool Greens
    Cool Greens 3 years ago

    Why did they have to cancel Spiderman 4

  • Wei-Zheng Tan
    Wei-Zheng Tan 3 years ago

    Hey John, do an after show on the recent mid-season finale if you could, I'd like to hear your thoughts upon it.

  • Tony W
    Tony W 3 years ago

    I started watching Arrow based on John's enthusiastic recommendation. I caught up on every episode in 2 weeks then watched the Arrow after shows. I watched the season 3 mid season finale and I thought it was awesome. I wanted to check out the after show and there is nothing there. If you are going to do an after show then do it for every episode. Don't give a lame excuse that you where to busy or whatever. If it is the case your to busy then just don't do the after show. You are wasting peoples time and disappointing them. Another thing I noticed is the John Campea page is horrible setup. It's so difficult to find what you want. How about having videos in chronological order. Any keep up the great work!

  • Frosty Lopez
    Frosty Lopez 3 years ago

    Hello John Campea, my name is Frosty Lopez, I am a huge fan of yours and have Italian blood in me as well. My question is regarding an episode of Kitchen Nightmares in which you appeared at an Italian restaurant at the very end as a customer. I noticed it was you immediately and was curious as to what your favorite Italian food is? I watch AMC Movie Talk everyday and on behalf of true movie lovers and sweaty nerds I thank you for bring such honesty, integrity, and passion to what you do every single day!

  • Luke Steele
    Luke Steele 3 years ago

    John and Amasian I think your right that Laurel has been more like a distraction up to this point, however I was thinking that exposure to something like the dwarf star some how could activate her meta gene and give her heightened reflexes, strength, damage resistance, and that ultra sonic scream that Black Canary uses. If something like that happens then it would make sense that she would quickly become a very good fighter especially with a little training. may the force be with you looking forward to Jedi Council since Luke was named after me!

  • Mick H.
    Mick H. 3 years ago

    Hey Campea still a complete dick bag I see. How is that butt hurt over Gal Gadot coming along?

  • Ingen Navn
    Ingen Navn 3 years ago

    Hey John, big fan of yours and your AMC show /w all crew members. I just watched your Arrow AS, and I'm afraid you have to deal with the fact that Laurel will be Black Canary. I agree with you that it's stupid, of the same reasons you mentioned - but that's more or less what they're doing. Maybe you're just in denial? And also, the person who shot 3 arrows and killed Sara is actually Komodo. On the show you asked who it may have been, as though you don't know already. I tentatively SELL that you are in the dark about this. Maybe you're trying to keep it on low for the viewers so that it won't get spoiled? ;) Keep up the great work and bring on the filthy.

  • Gerald Valentine
    Gerald Valentine 3 years ago

    Hi John! Was hoping I'd see a Flash after show today but no luck. Do you guys have any plans on doing one?

  • jo bosi
    jo bosi 3 years ago

    hey john sleepy hollow started what about an after show about it??

  • Matthew Keith
    Matthew Keith 3 years ago

    Any chance of getting a "Gotham" after show? I saw the pilot and enjoyed, and hope the show turns out to be good.

  • Nick Panichelli
    Nick Panichelli 3 years ago

    Hey John and Ladies i can't wait for the Arrow after show always good to hear your opinions. Will there be a Flash after show as well?

  • GatzMaximus
    GatzMaximus 3 years ago

    Hey John can you do a review discussion for The Leftovers

  • heliosmyvu2
    heliosmyvu2 3 years ago

    Greetings John Campea, I had a crazy idea today. With Zack Snyder's recently released High-Resolution Photo of the NEW Batmobile wouldn't it be cool if the Batmobile's design incorporated Michael Knight's talking car feature K.I.T.T from the old Knight Rider series into Zack Snyder's new Batmobile design so that it would feature the external RED STROBE LIGHT VISOR on the front hood of the Batmobile. K.I.T.T would be voiced my Michael Cain as a homage to Alfred Pennyworth [Deceased].

  • az21bob666
    az21bob666 3 years ago

    I just look at your imba to see what movie you made, this is what came up John Campea is a director and writer, known for The Anniversary (2009), Prince of Peace: God of War (2007) and The Incredible Hulk (2008). it look like you directed the incredible hulk, just thought you might want to fix that. ps how did the anniversary go, did you get your money back.

  • Tyler The Movie Guy-ler


  • Andreas Kleanthous
    Andreas Kleanthous 3 years ago

    I don't know if you'll read this but... Kaori, I've just seen you at the WWE 2K15 roster reveal and... I never knew you were such a fan girl of Cesaro! And I mean A FAN GIRL!!! With your Wario(Nintendo) outfit!! (You really wanted that hug!!) It was sooo funny! Watching a fan ask a question and it was you! I noticed it because of the tips of your hair! Anyway... Stone Cold, Hulk, Sting and Cena in a room together, how awesome is that!

  • Garrett Rose
    Garrett Rose 3 years ago

    You should do a pre season 3 arrow after show to talk about all the stuff that is going to happen this season, especially with all the information that came in during Comic Con

  • Angel Lewis
    Angel Lewis 3 years ago

    arrow has a season 3 trailer with RAZ AL' freakin GOUL chime in, your thoughts please.

  • Justin Sider
    Justin Sider 3 years ago

    Hey John what do you think of the Arrow Season 3 trailer?

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers 3 years ago

    Hey John like AMC Movie Talk and Mail Bag can you do something like that but with the news on upcoming shows like Arrow, Flash, Constantine, Gotham, etc.

  • Iby Shalabi
    Iby Shalabi 3 years ago

    Superman has officially won 98% to Batman's 2% for the AMC Versus week. Where is the official anouncement?

  • Dak Hoffman
    Dak Hoffman 3 years ago

    What ever happened to the Firefly after show?

  • Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

    John you should do an Star Wars versus on AMC Jedi Council !!!

  • shipking1995
    shipking1995 3 years ago

    @John Campea Hey John love AMC Movie Talk and I know you cant talk about TV shows on AMC because its a movie talk channel so I wont ask TV questions on that channel but luckily you have this channel so I wanted to know how you feel about Game of thrones do you watch it and if so do you like it Thanks

  • Pedro Perez
    Pedro Perez 3 years ago

    I'm shellshocked from what happened on tonights episode, looking for the livestream for relief, please help save what's left of my mind... T_T

  • WyattManley
    WyattManley 3 years ago

    wheres the live stream

  • WyattManley
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  • WiiGame2000
    WiiGame2000 3 years ago

    hey, where's my Arrow after-party(-show)?

  • Jacob Keeton
    Jacob Keeton 3 years ago

    Do you all think Oliver will train Thea and she will join "Team Arrow" ?

  • WyattManley
    WyattManley 3 years ago

    r they gonna still upload a aftershow without it being live?

  • Jay Lew
    Jay Lew 3 years ago

    Do you think Roy comes back to Starling City as the Red Hood personal? I personally think he fits that image better then being Red Arrow or Arsenal of the comics. It eliminates the Batman/Arrow universe combo, yet is another easter egg at the same time.

  • Greeno86
    Greeno86 3 years ago

    Hi John. Just seen episode 15 'The Promise' since i live in the UK. I was wondering if the guy who got Diggle could be Slade's son Joe, I can't remember if they mentioned how old Joe was or could it be Grant, Slade's other son in the comics.

  • Sarah Berland
    Sarah Berland 3 years ago

    When's the next Retro Firefly After Show? :)

  • lucky shamrock
    lucky shamrock 3 years ago

    one more thing bet the ratings go up with simply adding green 2 the title hmm CW listing hope so

  • lucky shamrock
    lucky shamrock 3 years ago

    < ( GREEN) key word

  • lucky shamrock
    lucky shamrock 3 years ago

    now CW hear this make correction in arrow title please HES GREEN ARROW just simply arrow sounds stupid respect the comics

  • lucky shamrock
    lucky shamrock 3 years ago

    I like marvel but agents shield dropped the ball its like x files not really marvel universe they trying late in the season but they lost all viewers too late

  • lucky shamrock
    lucky shamrock 3 years ago

    Ollie based on comics please put green in title show respect him for dam is it that hard 2 do this he is green arrow not arrow bad default not like this show rocks it will live long I perdict

  • lucky shamrock
    lucky shamrock 3 years ago

    john where r u buddy lets talk arrow < dumb name they got put green in it make it real plus needs a real costume not a thrift store one please tell me Ollie gets a real costume first but still love the show

  • lucky shamrock
    lucky shamrock 3 years ago

    yes its on but john I guess not interested in the best show well comic show on today

  • Jay Lew
    Jay Lew 3 years ago

    Arrow Question: Do you think the writers, instead of killing a major character this season, would just simply write someone out of Starling City, even if its just temporary? If so my bet is on Diggle. With Sara joining the team and Roy progressing in training, I don't think Oliver needs him as much right now as he used too. I think Diggle joins the Suicide Squad as their field leader for a few missions in exchange for ARGUS's info on his brother's killers, HIVE. I do believe he will return however in mid to late season 3, and relay Team Arrow for some fist-a-cups with HIVE.

  • Nick Panichelli
    Nick Panichelli 3 years ago

    It would be so sweet if you did a after show on the Marvels Assembles tonight and talk about what were going to see or what have you. thanks

  • Tim Beales
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  • Charlie Swikoski
    Charlie Swikoski 4 years ago

    is arrow after show on tonight?

  • Simon Dergez
    Simon Dergez 4 years ago

    Greetings and salutations from Belgium. I'm Simon and I just love to watch all the after shows. I was already watching Arrow and Sleepy hollow, before they started and it was so great to be able to stay within the enthousiastic feelings for a longer time, thanks to the after shows. Now, I was wonderring, could you do one about History channel's Vikings as well? It's such an awesome show. Well, everything is awesome, but anyway. The story lines are amazing, the characters are performed in a fabulous way. Just can 't get enough. And if you wouldn't do this one, then maybe da Vinci's Demons. Due to the story, the place where it's situated (Florence) and the color scheme they use, it kinda has an Assasins Creed - the Brotherhood feel to it. I can 't force any one ofcourse. I would just think it to be awesome to see an After show from one of these. So just keep up the filthy. ;-)

  • ryan de castro
    ryan de castro 4 years ago

    did you guys see the flash costume?

  • Abby Santana Bazil
    Abby Santana Bazil 4 years ago

    Is it possible the show runners put Ollie and Sarah together so that Slade might focus his revenge on Sarah instead of Felicity? This show killed Tommy. If Slade thought Felicity was more important to Oliver, it's obvious he would especially target her then, right? I'm an Oliciter, so it's possible my brain is trying to rationalize Ollie/Sara.

  • Chris Burke
    Chris Burke 4 years ago

    when is the show being uploaded i need my fix lol

  • ryan de castro
    ryan de castro 4 years ago

    dying from waiting for the after show, happy birthday john

  • joel lopez
    joel lopez 4 years ago

    Happy birthday john and i hope you have a wonderful day plus i love movie talk and go team canada

  • davelanger
    davelanger 4 years ago

    is there an after show tonight

  • luv2live2
    luv2live2 4 years ago

    After show tonight?

  • Razel Cohen
    Razel Cohen 4 years ago

    Hi! I'm new to this aftershow and I'm really excited! What time does it start?

  • jackriot2
    jackriot2 4 years ago

    will there be an aftershow tonight?

  • santoniou
    santoniou 4 years ago

    Hey John you got a wishlist on what you want to see happen in season 2's Arrow Finale? I'd like to see A big Arrow and Deathstroke Face off The Arrow team versus Deathstroke and Brother Bloods people. Find out that everyone is being manipulated by Ras Al Ghul. Arrow and Deathstroke join up after their fight to take on the LOA. Merlyn kidnap Thea and take her somewhere isolated to train her and no one knows she's been kidnapped because he makes Thea write a letter so it looks like she's left of her own accord. Roy get his arm cut off and seemingly die, only for him to get ressurected by Ras and become a villain, but with an artificial arm like the winter soldier has. And now something i don't think John will like, the season not to end on the usual type of cliffhanger, instead of Arrow being in peril, Oliver, Diggle and Felicity are fine in the arrow cave when all the lights go off the tv screen flashes on and a voice comes over it and says "YOU ARE NOT ALONE".

  • Greeno86
    Greeno86 4 years ago

    Love the Arrow After Show vids. Only seen up to episode 10 since that is how far we've got in the UK and I don't want to spoil the other episodes. I love some of your thoughts on were they could take some of the characters. Roy has bugged me as a character, but saying that I would like to see Cheshire in this series and Roy is a jumping off point for that character. Kaori is ridiculously cute and funny .

  • Jonathan Flores
    Jonathan Flores 4 years ago

    You guys are discussing about Arrow, Sleepy Hollow, and Firefly. What other shows are you planning to discuss on your channel?

  • Alessandro Lima
    Alessandro Lima 4 years ago

    Hello John, great after show for Arrow. One of the best shows on tv. My question is if ¿do you think theres a chance that Ral Al Gul will come to Star City? Keep the good work. Thanks.

  • BlAcKlUnGeD
    BlAcKlUnGeD 4 years ago

    Hey John and Team Amasian, love the Arrow after show. I really expect you guys/gals to do a Flash after show if it gets picked up because no one would do it better. If the Flash show doesn't get picked up after the pilot, it seems fair to think that Dc would expect to have the Arrow show to be their main focus for the live action TV series portion of their franchise. If so, why not have super powers (but not excessively like Smallville since Oliver is only human) in the universe, if the technology and rating makes it seem possible to make the effects seem real, doesnt that only make it look more organic in the show? The main hero (Green Arrow) is only human and makes him feel closer to the audience, but that might be the anchor to have meta powers but still keep the realistic feel to the show. This is only a suggestion for like a 4th or maybe 5th season while flash gets us used to the idea in the 3rd season. I agree with DC would never having Batman in the show, but Bruce Wayne's training could be the key for having him be a more realistic opponent between all these superheroes/villains as well as more trick arrows being used in the show, just don't let us see the boxing glove arrow (unless Green Lantern is making the glove). Thanks and please be Bring on the filthy. AND CONGRATS WITH CANADA IN OLYMPICS SO FAR.

  • santoniou
    santoniou 4 years ago

    Slade i think we all want to see a big fight between him and Arrow though to me it seem like it would be one sided, he was already a physical match for Oliver before he had powers i don't see how Oliver would be able to match him in a fight now. If they make it real and have Slade defeat Oliver but spare him, i wouldn't mind that it would show that Slade has not completely lost the man he was.

  • santoniou
    santoniou 4 years ago

    Laurel i can't really stand and wouldn't mind if they killed her character off this season or next, definitely don't want to see her become black canary i like the one we already have

  • santoniou
    santoniou 4 years ago

    Felicity i pretty much like where they're going with her character, doesn't bother me if they do or don't have her have a relationship with oliver.

  • santoniou
    santoniou 4 years ago

    Roy, don't like his character much so he could forget to look both ways before crossing the road and get hit by a truck going 80, it'd be a good lesson to kids to always look both ways before crossing the road. Or he could get his arm cut off in battle and become arsenal, when he is taken in by the LOA and given an artificial arm.

  • santoniou
    santoniou 4 years ago

    Sara could get her throat slit by Deathstroke but not die, instead lose her voice because her vocal chords were severed, leading to Oliver paying a small fortune to someone who would put experimental nano tech in to her which would give her back her voice and unexpectedly the ability to create different frequencies of sound which could be a more realistic version of the canary scream.

  • santoniou
    santoniou 4 years ago

    Diggle i'd like him to get his own suit and be a bit of a badass vigilante himself. They've been neglecting his character quite a lot the past few epsiodes.

  • santoniou
    santoniou 4 years ago

    I'd like to see Thea get kidnapped by Malcolm and forcefully trained by him, told that she can't leave until she is good enough to defeat him. At least her character would then become interesting.

  • santoniou
    santoniou 4 years ago

    share ideas on the future of characters in Arrow, what would you like to see happen?

  • ZillieJC
    ZillieJC 4 years ago

    is arrow on tonight?

  • xXAdarafXx
    xXAdarafXx 4 years ago

    Arrow is officialy coming back for Season 3! I'm hoping this means the arrow after show gets a renewal too;-)

  • Apollo4524
    Apollo4524 4 years ago

    The Arrow after shows you guys are doing are awesome. Are there other series after shows planned? It would be great if you could do After Shows for Game of Thrones Season 4.Keep up the great work and Greetings from Germany

  • Jonathan Flores
    Jonathan Flores 4 years ago

    John! Question: What do you think of Ben Mckenzie being cast as Young Commissioner Gordon for the Gotham TV series?

  • Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller 4 years ago

    is the after sow still happening tonight?

  • leigh slaydragons
    leigh slaydragons 4 years ago

    Next week- 13? You guys are the best you know.

  • leigh slaydragons
    leigh slaydragons 4 years ago

    wow what an episode to miss, OMG ep 13 was amazing, fun and great - I am really sorry that they were having trouble, perhaps next week they can talk about 13?

  • matt santiago
    matt santiago 4 years ago

    what happened guys. WE NEED YOU! episode 13 needs to come. After Buzz After show was not as good as you guys are.

  • AlleyCap
    AlleyCap 4 years ago

    Where is the episode 13 after show?

  • akaurfear
    akaurfear 4 years ago

    what happened to the arrow after show? =/

  • Noda K
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    hey john, what happened to the after show for epi.13 ?

  • BigTalon256
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    What happened to the After Show?

    • BigTalon256
      BigTalon256 4 years ago

      +Dennis Brady Ok, thanks for telling me :)

    • Dennis Brady
      Dennis Brady 4 years ago

      john said via twitter that it will not be live due to youtube issues

    • BigTalon256
      BigTalon256 4 years ago

      I don't know. Last night they were having technical difficulties, and when I woke up, it said the user deleted it :\ Hope they talk about episode 14 next week though, since there won't be an episode for two weeks.

    • Armando Lopez Jr.
      Armando Lopez Jr. 4 years ago

      Didn't capture the audio again?

  • 666kidrobot
    666kidrobot 4 years ago

    anyone know what happened to tonight's video?

  • BigTalon256
    BigTalon256 4 years ago

    John, what are your thoughts about the Super Bowl TF4 teaser? And, from what I can tell, Unicron?

  • Jeremy LB
    Jeremy LB 4 years ago

    Hey! would like to here from you about your opinion on Fringe! Do you think they should have go for another season or a movie? :) Thanks

  • Carlton Blackledge
    Carlton Blackledge 4 years ago

    What's the address to watch your show live?

    • John Campea
      John Campea 4 years ago

      I'll tweet it out in a few minutes

  • Joe Geiger
    Joe Geiger 4 years ago

    One show you should do an after show for is The Following. It just started its second season, and it features Kevin Bacon hunting a serial killer cult.

  • Connor Collins
    Connor Collins 4 years ago

    Arrow aftershow JOHN

  • Korey Robinson
    Korey Robinson 4 years ago

    arrow after show tonight?

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    will you be doing an aftershow for game of thrones?

  • Cullenprime
    Cullenprime 4 years ago

    I'm looking forward to the new Arrow After Show this Wednesday. I'm so glad Arrow is back this week.

  • chris jones
    chris jones 4 years ago

    Hello John, a little over 3 months ago I stumbled onto AMC movie talk. It became an immediate addiction and I never miss a show. This week I was watching mailbag and you talked about this channel and I am hooked again love Arrow and all of the content that you produce. I'm even addicted to Think Hero as well. I just wanted to tell you that You,Anne,Dennis,and your whole team are the best and really providing a great service to us all. THANK YOU! Also I would love to know all of the top shows you guys love and have loved over the years at some point.I hope Nikita is one of them though it is coming to an end. Thanks again guys.

  • Zach Minn
    Zach Minn 4 years ago

    John on you page on facebook I wrote to you a theory on The Amazing Spiderman 2. I think you'll quite like it.

  • Langley M Neely
    Langley M Neely 4 years ago

    im starting to think there is no after show because john was sick and absent from AMC Movie Talk today 12/11/13

  • skarface black
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    are you going to do a show today?

  • Korey Robinson
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    anyone know is there is an arrow after show ton?

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    John, you should be the host of an official aftershow for Arrow on the CW. Just sayin...

  • SvenTuSventu
    SvenTuSventu 4 years ago

    Gretings Obi-John, who owns the TV rights for the Marvel Properties under other houses (FOX, Sony)? I know you've given up on SHIELD, but could they have a mutant or Fantastic Four characters?

  • Sebastien Cormier
    Sebastien Cormier 4 years ago

    Another question, with the huntress and black canary present, would it be possible to bring an already paralysed Barbara Gordon (who never was batgirl) as Oracle and make a spin off of an arrowlike Birds of prey ?

  • Sebastien Cormier
    Sebastien Cormier 4 years ago

    Hi John, Love the show. About Arrow; I've made an observation, The writers tend to hint at what's coming (like the photo of sarah with a black canary in the first season) they might bring the Lazarus pit in one form or another with 2 possible hints 1) Oliver was sure Sarah died on the island and 2) Malcom said to Moira that he visited parts of the world where death was an illusion... What do you think?

  • David Jordao
    David Jordao 4 years ago

    John, do an after show for Supernatural, also! You know Supernatural and Arrow are the 2 best show CW got! ;p

  • Matthew Mulugeta
    Matthew Mulugeta 4 years ago

    All these Batman villains, and we can't even get one Bruce Wayne reference. I loved tonight's episode though. Is Liam Neeson gonna make a cameo scene kicking Malcolm Merlyn's ass? I'd love to see that.

  • 1990JMCG
    1990JMCG 4 years ago

    Hey John, why no Supernatural reviews? I'd love to hear your opinions about the show and how you think the latest seasons stack up the to the original 3-4 seasons. I personally miss the style that Kripke established. Less bad ass than it used to be, but still enjoyable for what it is today. Keep up the great work!

  • Steve M
    Steve M 4 years ago

    John what are your thoughts on almost human?

  • bobby movva
    bobby movva 4 years ago

    are all of the after shows live from now on

  • Marko Belobrajdic
    Marko Belobrajdic 4 years ago

    Who's excited about tonight's Arrow? My question John is with Barry Allen to appear in Arrow will that hurt any Movies with Barry Allen in it? In the past properties like Batman, even today are off limits. Obviously they would be restricted in what they can do with the Flash as well as Green arrow if both properties would later appear on the big screen. It will be interesting also with what DC are doing with a TV Jim Gordon spin off. What are your thoughts?

  • Daniel Knight
    Daniel Knight 4 years ago

    GREETINGS!!!!!!! I Dan all the way from England loving the new show about arrow and hearing your views but my question is this do you think that the flash aka Barry Allen is going to appear on episodes 8 , 9 , 20 because I was on a few sites and a couple of them said they had scrapped flash out of arrow and was going straight for the flash TV series pilot god I hope they haven't and are going to bring in super powered people because there is only so many mob bosses and drug villains you can beat up and put in jail or some times kill be fun it gets boring and I would like the universe to grow into all the dc characters so what are your thoughts guys.

    • Marko Belobrajdic
      Marko Belobrajdic 4 years ago

      Geoff Johns from DC has confirmed he is is episodes 8 and 9 and even went and showed a bit of a preview of Barry Allen as a detective. Geoff also mentioned other TV productions such as iZombie and Jim Gordon. Look up DC Comics on You Tube and check out their weekly show DC all access.

  • ryan de castro
    ryan de castro 4 years ago

    i love your review of arrow watched all of it in one sitting after realizing that it existed. i was wondering about how you said you were doing two reviews, but we all know what happen to that incident, and i would like to suggest a show almost human. would like to hear your thoughts on it. the show has a lot of potential with two episodes on it's belt so far. would you review another or is arrow the one.

  • kuppili vikram
    kuppili vikram 4 years ago

    nightwing appearing in MOS2 post credit scene could only buildup to a new batman franchise and grayson's falling out with Batman could've happened due to Jason Todd's Death

  • kuppili vikram
    kuppili vikram 4 years ago

    you are always against sidekicks in the dc universe john yet you don't criticize the black sidekick trend running in the marvel universe.Don't you think sidekicks and families are essential in measuring growth and progress of a particular hero's character.even hawkeye,fury and Black widow are sidekicks to the avengers.

  • kuppili vikram
    kuppili vikram 4 years ago

    Who do you think is the best comic book team Justice League or the Avengers

  • kuppili vikram
    kuppili vikram 4 years ago

    John how come Fox don't have the rights to Inhumans,Kree and Skrulls who originated fro m the Fantastic4 comics and do you think Fox/F4 reboot involves Time Travel as well since they are casting younger Characters

  • Marko Belobrajdic
    Marko Belobrajdic 4 years ago

    Hey John I can't believe I wasn't aware of your TVclip channel. I'll be sure to tune in and catch up on all of your shows. Also I cannot believe the amount of criticism you get when people say things like "Your opinion is wrong John." Well no people saying that are wrong to say it. What people do not realise is that when someone has an opinion and it is different to theirs it does not mean that the opinion is wrong because everyone is open to a difference in opinion. If however, people have proof that you are wrong on something that you said is not factual then you have said many times if they prove you wrong then okay. I love all of your work and I agree with you 95% of the time. That 5% are where I thought movies like Iron Man 2 was a great movie. But that is my opinion. Keep up the good work and bring the filthy along more Ann is great. Thanks.

  • joseph smith
    joseph smith 4 years ago

    john why did you block me?

  • twitty Britty
    twitty Britty 4 years ago

    I know they are looking..or i think they are looking to eventually replace the superman vs batman/man of steel 2 title. I had an idea for a title...maybe it sucks but anyway... how of steel 2...heroes of conflict? Good...or bad? :p

  • Towson Tiger
    Towson Tiger 4 years ago

    elated to hear your thoughts on the most recent episode of arrow, this show is continuing to get better and better

  • Jason Ritter
    Jason Ritter 4 years ago

    where is your review of episode 4?