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I'm Still Here
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Meme Templates Are EASY
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KFC Dating Simulator
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You're Gonna Wanna See This
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Area 51 Raid
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I Quit Youtube For This
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This Has To Stop
Views 2.2MMonth ago
I'm Sorry To Do This
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  • cookies hotdog
    cookies hotdog Hour ago

    yes ti AND MY EYES

  • Kristy /cute girl

    Was not scary but I loved this video and game

  • Willy25 Bosss
    Willy25 Bosss Hour ago

    Minecraft pros watch video Minecraft pros" GET A PICKAXE!!"

  • speedingahead
    speedingahead Hour ago

    It’s spooky, kooky, and all together ooky

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi Hour ago

    But jack 6 years ago u played it

  • FNaF Chief
    FNaF Chief Hour ago

    Kenny is the best character in season 2

  • Jaylen Clark
    Jaylen Clark Hour ago

    Please do the to do as well list!!!

  • Rachilee1987
    Rachilee1987 Hour ago

    You have made my day 😂

    WEIRD CLIPS Hour ago

    Na you’re just on the shrumes

  • Jose Aguilar
    Jose Aguilar Hour ago

    This makes me think this You can’t drown your demons they drown ya it only depends on if you decide to let them drown you

  • Nicolas Mitchell

    Slowing down papyrus dieing is so sad as his head disappeared

  • It's funny
    It's funny Hour ago

    jack you have to play concreet jenie

  • Alyssa Bledsoe
    Alyssa Bledsoe Hour ago

    Anyone else jump at the end? No, just me? :c

  • kyle Turner
    kyle Turner Hour ago

    Jack 5 years ago: TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES!!!!!!!! Jack now: top of the morning to ya :(

  • Jelix Clips
    Jelix Clips Hour ago

    Anti, we know

  • Immortal Twinkie

    Jack a dumb

  • World of Voices
    World of Voices Hour ago

    Actually, JACK, my grandmother is just in the other room! But.... But I don't think she likes scary games.... Not sure if she likes games in general...

  • casesandcapitals

    "Oh this is D E L I G H T F U L" was my immediate reaction as well lol

  • The Cawing Crow
    The Cawing Crow Hour ago

    Jack: I love this selection of books! Jack: We've got blank, Jack: _And blank in a different color!_

  • Jose Aguilar
    Jose Aguilar Hour ago

    Incredible acting skill 👏 you are more than a youtuber you’re an artist

  • Jacob Meftah
    Jacob Meftah Hour ago

    10:46 I replayed and continually laughed

  • Eris MSP
    Eris MSP Hour ago

    Hasn’t he already played this?

  • Look behind you
    Look behind you Hour ago

    Lame, fake and gay.

  • the boss Johnson

    My birthday is in 2 days love your videos : )

  • doli pancaldi.
    doli pancaldi. Hour ago

    oml- I thought you were talking about anti vid? I should keep on watching before I talk though.

  • emo squirrel
    emo squirrel Hour ago

    "now nothing can take me down, not even Steve himself!" me: DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF SEGWAY STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HowtoNot Basic
    HowtoNot Basic Hour ago


  • Logan James Robertson

    hmm... in the chase video it was just called chase and description was chase... and anti was in the back of the car in the last video.. so I think jack is trying to say "I'm still here... chase" or "chase I'm still here..." but jack would never say such thing... would he? unless its anti talking... anti is back.. am I the only one that theorized???

  • Redboybubby 08
    Redboybubby 08 Hour ago

    You should finish Visage

  • Prince Black Elf

    I was so lost, I didn't know about the Ego's videos at all, i've known about Anti for a good while but I only knew him as Jack's Darkiplier parallel, is there a playlist with all this stuff on it to catch up on?

  • GamerBøy 000
    GamerBøy 000 Hour ago

    0:01 Antartica be like

  • PurpleAddict2019


  • YOLOSQUAD708 *
    YOLOSQUAD708 * Hour ago

    I thought that this was a anti episode

  • mightygirl543
    mightygirl543 Hour ago

    U can tell he's been crying

  • Dragon Ritterstein

    Heavy isn‘t loud. In the Comics, he‘s actually pretty calm.

  • AVA Life In Bytes

    50:46 Thaddues Karski sounds like the same guy who played the main character in Layers of Fear.

  • Emily Daniel
    Emily Daniel Hour ago

    I didn't realise I'd been smiling the whole I've been watching this I love Emilia!!

  • Shadi Altinawi
    Shadi Altinawi Hour ago

    what is this video about and btw its FKING AWESOME

  • Robert 05
    Robert 05 Hour ago

    Jumpscare timestamps: 0:05

  • Tuesdays 2
    Tuesdays 2 Hour ago

    I was dying when he was denying the spy

  • Leon Leon
    Leon Leon Hour ago

    why am i gaging at skunkspray when i think abaout it poor jackaboi

  • Ricky Wagner
    Ricky Wagner Hour ago

    I love you his

  • tuy
    tuy Hour ago

    0:36 OMG do you see that guy in the background

  • Ashley Nic
    Ashley Nic Hour ago

    @jacksepticeye thank you for your never-ending positivity, it has helped me and many others more than you will ever be able to know ❤️

  • The gaming Legend

    Anybody gonna talk about shrek after each game

  • Jeremiah Crunkleton


  • Allix Fiscus
    Allix Fiscus Hour ago

    The next time someone says "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" I will now say so does a gun. I've ALWAYS wanted a comeback for that one! Thanks

  • MrMrbrandon213
    MrMrbrandon213 Hour ago

    LOL "They should call it "Dinosaurs kill you in alleyways " hahhahaha

  • Jonathan klingman

    0:34 there are 2 different jacks in tge car, look in the back

  • CharLaw 15
    CharLaw 15 Hour ago

    “The toilet paper is not disgusting it’s Your big dirty ass Sandra”-Jackiboi

  • Norhan Awista
    Norhan Awista Hour ago

    Even though I knew from the title that clem would die or something, I still started tearing up when she had to get killed. SO HAPPY SHES ALIVE

  • Riley Butcher
    Riley Butcher Hour ago

    for some reason i like my coffee cold

  • Peterbilt trucker

    Hey jack, will you ever do your epic boss hand slap intro again??????😢

    DIMPLES Hour ago

    can someone please tell me where Felix’s shirt is from

  • KittyNinja
    KittyNinja Hour ago

    Anyone notice at 51:18 that the mushroom guys had shadows that kinda looked like children?

  • Jane
    Jane Hour ago

    Confirmed Jack and Michael B Jordan

  • Nelson Green09
    Nelson Green09 Hour ago

    Ar3nT rEdS5OnE lIkE SuPeR 1MpOrTanT Me: laughs

  • Renny Martin
    Renny Martin Hour ago

    You're pretty....ugly. jk u know u know u know you you you you

  • Willy25 Bosss
    Willy25 Bosss Hour ago

    Why is there so much english

  • Renny Martin
    Renny Martin Hour ago

    Nice job in raising money. Your thumbnail looks like my uncle.

  • 1000 subs with No vids

    Making army of dogs 69K likes lmao

  • Senshi Gamer
    Senshi Gamer Hour ago


  • Renny Martin
    Renny Martin Hour ago

    Hello again

  • Anonymous Potato

    If you could guess, how many hours has Jack spent on Minecraft so far..? xD

  • Romessa Ahmed
    Romessa Ahmed Hour ago

    Spell I c u p out it's funny your actually saying I see you pee.haha my brother taught me that

  • ooga booga
    ooga booga Hour ago

    U needed one when u were next to it its in the case thing

  • AzakaBlue
    AzakaBlue Hour ago

    if you walk slow enough you wont harm your crops.

  • Mel 525
    Mel 525 Hour ago

    who's here in 2019

  • edits by rosey
    edits by rosey Hour ago

    * gets fortnite ad before the video starts * True story

  • Typical Flame 913

    This game is so sexiest bro

  • FLA_ Oracle
    FLA_ Oracle Hour ago

    Who else noticed cardboard Jack's move closer when he said I'm still here

  • Maria Johnson
    Maria Johnson Hour ago


  • Jaylen Clark
    Jaylen Clark Hour ago

    If only Sean knew there was a secret entrance to the garden 😂😂😂

  • Kaia Power
    Kaia Power Hour ago

    that college one is a full mood for me right now

  • Cringe Content
    Cringe Content Hour ago

    I couldnt take jacks screaming seriously at all i started dying laughing

  • Are you Sure?
    Are you Sure? Hour ago

    B r u h. That was so good I’m getting life is strange vibes from the guitar music and I’ve actually gone back to watch that, so yea well done that was really well made. Vibe check.

  • Jason Zak
    Jason Zak Hour ago

    So what happens if you immediately go into the bathroom and flush the toilet?

  • Sarah Horn
    Sarah Horn Hour ago

    Who else forgot that his boots don’t let him take fall damage because at 25:46 I thought he just gave up 😂

  • Chica The Chicken OFFICAL

    Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Jack In 2016: I don't want a beard that makes me look like a fookin' homeless person Jack In 2019: I don't remember saying anything like that There's meme review Now there's coke review where we review memes about coca cola dammit

  • Kaiden Carey
    Kaiden Carey Hour ago

    Spooky time!

  • gguk draws
    gguk draws Hour ago

    "boo, haha" "goteem"

  • Flam 3_G0d
    Flam 3_G0d Hour ago

    What happened to septic Sam being at the end of the video? Jack how you've changed so much is a true sad story.

  • Joseph Crisswell

    welp jack almost died :/

  • kaelibw34
    kaelibw34 Hour ago

    “Burn faster ghost bitch!” Cracks me up every time

  • Karen Lynn Calvert

    courage the cowardly dog uses the internet

  • YourLovelyFriendo

    People don’t always fit into the boy/girl boxes. Please keep that in mind

    STILLEXI Hour ago

    Pewds: GET IN THE BOAT!!!! Jack:GET IN THE CART!!!!

  • RioLeigh SSO
    RioLeigh SSO Hour ago

    This sounds really good! Sounds better then when i try Violin, Guitar or Flute..

  • DR. Penguin Lord

    Ok... Eggs Benedict that’s JackSepticEyes new name

  • Kaiden Carey
    Kaiden Carey Hour ago

    So this starts off with jack leaving trash on the ground and screaming in his car for a few minutes, perfection

  • kuro anime lover

    I like how jack just takes it like a joke and roasts them

  • Jonathan Cooley
    Jonathan Cooley Hour ago

    Former scoliosis patient here. Ever wanna see some fun x-rays, I have a few :P

  • jayden towler
    jayden towler Hour ago

    There’s no outro! Hmm... 🤔 is this the work of anti?

  • Sakbar30
    Sakbar30 Hour ago

    Jack: Sam u should’ve stopped me!! Sam: u killed my family I killed ur shamus

  • NEDDY Henriquez
    NEDDY Henriquez Hour ago


  • TheTrueBee
    TheTrueBee Hour ago

    who thought this was gonna be an anti sepiticeye video? i did

  • Jayden Raynor
    Jayden Raynor Hour ago

    My dad has seen worse than this! He faught in TWO wars! TWO WARS!

  • Carguy 427
    Carguy 427 Hour ago


  • Brazen H2
    Brazen H2 Hour ago

    F in chat for broken lamp

    STILLEXI Hour ago

    Who else thought when the video was called I'm still here that it was another anti vid