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  • lolz
    lolz 5 minutes ago

    Here I thought a fed Fiora split pushing is already terrible enough, but boy was I wrong

  • Chime Allera
    Chime Allera 5 minutes ago

    Should've made this earlier so that The Shy could've won that 3-0 with KT

  • lovie74
    lovie74 9 minutes ago

    Did you test out critting turrets with e yet

  • AoffyDosy
    AoffyDosy 14 minutes ago

    Trinity Force is the most OP item for Fiora for now. 😂

  • Philip Penkov
    Philip Penkov 19 minutes ago

    Nonoononoonono, fiora is enough broken, why riot why....????

  • markaloman
    markaloman 44 minutes ago

    Graves base ad >>> 69 Me: nice

  • † Fortunity †
    † Fortunity † 45 minutes ago


  • darklord master
    darklord master 48 minutes ago

    I was waiting for one of the times cait attacked for rammus to press w to see how much dmg is reflected

  • Csaszarcsaba1
    Csaszarcsaba1 Hour ago

    I would like these changes if they could balance her with these new features it would solve her identity, she is kinda a lane bully but is not that good, she is kinda a splitpusher but she cant splitpush that well, but i agree this better not hit live servers like this cuz fiora is gonna be a busted splitpusher. She can q between 2 aa-s, she can aa reset with e, and it gives her as, and it can crit on towers now, that is too much

  • ban crusher
    ban crusher Hour ago

    Fiora is already teir 1 what more dose she need

  • Eclipse WinJYuu
    Eclipse WinJYuu Hour ago

    Fiora basically have 3 auto reset now then

  • Awesome toad
    Awesome toad Hour ago

    Excuse me did i just see vayne buff?

  • help yourself
    help yourself Hour ago

    U gave an idea to Alicopter!

  • Long Zhu
    Long Zhu Hour ago

    As a fiora main, I think that this buff is so huge. Her 1v1 potential and this split pushing power will make her better than nasus and tryn in split pushing

  • El Enviado de Morfeo

    Not funny Didn't ward

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown Hour ago

    As a Kled main,this scares me

  • Duy Nihaiaiwoma
    Duy Nihaiaiwoma Hour ago

    captured or speed R

  • Wei Jie Goh
    Wei Jie Goh Hour ago


  • truong phan
    truong phan Hour ago

    More reason to go full cdr fiora

  • Now What
    Now What Hour ago

    So fiora is even more balance now yay!!!

  • Little Girl
    Little Girl Hour ago

    this actually sucks ... especially for me as a fiora main ... its now harder to tower dive

  • Sup Im Zazz
    Sup Im Zazz Hour ago


  • Browski GG
    Browski GG Hour ago

    This is a stupid buff she doesn't need that just increase her armor and hp scaling and also make her q only target champs when they are in attack range it is so stupid when you try to hit a vital and q goes for a low hp minion also make her q target the champs with lower percent hp not amount it is really anoyin when I ult a tank to proc my healing zone and q's just miss him because how her q work fioras problem is not her numbers or abilities it's how they work. If they ask me I can fix her in one day and people be like shit this hero is actually good but no right now riot games can't even see the problem look how they try to fix it LMFAO

  • 73 GreyCat
    73 GreyCat Hour ago

    Sorry hashinshin.

  • Данил Власов

    Почти поборол русский акцент

  • Buckets
    Buckets 2 hours ago

    riven buff is fucking crazy dude

  • Alex Wang
    Alex Wang 2 hours ago

    I bet TheShy is happy now

  • Chromatic Luna
    Chromatic Luna 2 hours ago

    Oh boi and we thought she couldnt get any worse


    "W" is good But "Flash" + "E" + "W" is god

  • Cushion Boi's
    Cushion Boi's 2 hours ago

    Super Mario final boss be like

  • Baron Von Scrub
    Baron Von Scrub 2 hours ago

    Bet you're missing old true damage IE now, @Vandiril. Come to think of it, I'd love to see you attempt conqueror vs this, see how long it takes to kill him then.

  • Henz Babyluck
    Henz Babyluck 2 hours ago

    Imagine if yasuo can Q turrets.

  • Simospeed30 gaming
    Simospeed30 gaming 2 hours ago

    I wonder what Hashinshin is going to think of this change if it goes through, he's already mad about them buffing her 1v1 potential and now her pushing potential is strong with e auto attack reset and the new q

  • [ Ruke ]루크
    [ Ruke ]루크 3 hours ago

    kassadin scared ;;

  • Zelion D
    Zelion D 3 hours ago

    So she will duel a turret?

  • Code Name Stasis
    Code Name Stasis 3 hours ago

    Did I just saw the word " *Execute* " ?

  • Code Name Stasis
    Code Name Stasis 3 hours ago

    That's so broken when it comes to pushing

  • Andy Chen
    Andy Chen 3 hours ago

    the ending is the best lol

  • Angel March Palomania

    Dancing Herald Could be worth watching :D

  • CuzBro
    CuzBro 3 hours ago

    Can’t wait to see hashinsin loosing his shit seeing another riven and fiora buff

  • Mot1on- 2
    Mot1on- 2 3 hours ago

    this video has even more flashes than my entire LOL career

  • Random Person
    Random Person 3 hours ago

    fuck this patch

  • Im Nayeon
    Im Nayeon 3 hours ago

    Me: *takes off my 16-year old wallpaper* Cockroaches:

  • honey pony
    honey pony 4 hours ago

    Smokeweed everyday

  • Thắng Lương Quang

    Ohh I was waiting forthis for so long

  • Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    Now the best splitpusher in the game Is the god splitpusher in the game

  • Čoconut Lover vɴシ

    who need PickWard KEKW

  • Astonthepunk Punkish immortals

    Karma GOT NERFED? Dude come on 40%? Seriously? That’s literally her entire kit

  • RyuSoonk
    RyuSoonk 4 hours ago

    Oh boy. Rito what have you done to league now. Fiora mains out there gonna kill us all

  • Heroii kun
    Heroii kun 4 hours ago

    I wonder if u can target teemo shrooms without actually stepping on them

  • paulo souza fontanela

    music in 0:27 ?

  • Graves 1v5
    Graves 1v5 4 hours ago

    check out best graves NA

    DDEEZZ DDOOGG 4 hours ago

    Poor teemo passive...

  • Santiago Santisantiago

    Hack u use cheat engine

  • Ji Woo Kim
    Ji Woo Kim 4 hours ago

    Now TheShy can win the game alone.

  • Euphraxia ツ
    Euphraxia ツ 5 hours ago

    *This is right Riot.. I just became a Fiora Main yesterday :^ )*

  • SuperLowScores
    SuperLowScores 5 hours ago

    how was this done i mean runes wise also

  • Ŧгєรђ ђ๏๓є๓ค๔є ๓є๓єร

    looks like a impossible raid boss

  • DrinkWater
    DrinkWater 5 hours ago

    0:18 muda muda muda muda

  • Ďæřk Âşc
    Ďæřk Âşc 5 hours ago

    Buffing what is broken (Riot Logic)

  • Alligator T
    Alligator T 5 hours ago

    Is this patch coming in Worlds ? That would be a bloodbath !

  • dzello
    dzello 5 hours ago

    That's what happened when your jungler doesn't focus objectives

  • Seiga Ketsuno
    Seiga Ketsuno 5 hours ago

    That Riven buff Some things wrong

  • TryndamereDemon
    TryndamereDemon 5 hours ago

    They revert that , they saw how is op. They are like nahh Garen is still op dosen't need to be a god

  • Ulyssis Lee
    Ulyssis Lee 5 hours ago

    And then it will be nerfed.

  • Nightcoreツ
    Nightcoreツ 5 hours ago

    That's what we call "Doom Bot"

    CBR STUDIO 5 hours ago

    This rammus bot is even more useful than my teammates

  • Yung Cuz
    Yung Cuz 5 hours ago


  • Cheif Boom
    Cheif Boom 5 hours ago

    So fiora is now an amazing splitpusher

  • Acxel
    Acxel 5 hours ago

    Fiora support confirmed!

  • Its Doug
    Its Doug 5 hours ago

    Will this work on invisible teemo?

  • mr surrender
    mr surrender 5 hours ago

    Look at them go!!!

  • ZeVexKryor
    ZeVexKryor 6 hours ago

    Her q targets invisible champs (Akali in shroud, Shaco invis & so on) before this pbe change. I guess they forgot to fix/change it for invis wards, lmao.

  • Thick weasel911
    Thick weasel911 6 hours ago

    Nigga got a quadra by doing nothing

  • Alberto Oliboni
    Alberto Oliboni 6 hours ago


  • purpleMurasaki
    purpleMurasaki 6 hours ago

    Q can hit tower, 2nd e can crit tower. Get sheen -> afk splitpush top

  • Rodo Vide
    Rodo Vide 6 hours ago


  • Lanz Zosa
    Lanz Zosa 6 hours ago


    BONJOIR 6 hours ago

    Riven and fiora Ah shit here we go again

  • Legend Beat-it-up
    Legend Beat-it-up 6 hours ago

    WTF dance? The ending is so cool

  • SmallDamnGamer
    SmallDamnGamer 6 hours ago


  • W4rt3rM3l0n
    W4rt3rM3l0n 6 hours ago

    Making her ability to split push better lul

  • Axel984™
    Axel984™ 6 hours ago

    Sry what oneshotted her?

  • Leo Li
    Leo Li 6 hours ago


  • Filip Nguyen
    Filip Nguyen 6 hours ago

    So in urf you can be perma shywana after all in urf you have infinit mana.

  • Khairul Kiro
    Khairul Kiro 6 hours ago

    Hashinshin will probably quit League for a while

  • Jao Agnobis
    Jao Agnobis 6 hours ago

    Does that mean she can hit teemo while invi? Hmmm.

    • Razermoon EUW
      Razermoon EUW 5 hours ago

      You could always hit a stealth teemo with your Q, but now stealth wards too :D

  • Unseen Spy
    Unseen Spy 6 hours ago

    fire the balance team omg the game is at unplayable state right now and soloq is complete chaos

  • Okyanus
    Okyanus 6 hours ago


  • Somoko Kamaijo
    Somoko Kamaijo 6 hours ago

    Vandril where's largest Frozen Mallet Nasus redo

  • zumorito shimote devio

    What thee!!!!! it's that real????i can't believe!!!!

  • CornGaming 699
    CornGaming 699 6 hours ago

    Uhmmm bruh? They're called shellies get outa here

  • Gabriel Draven
    Gabriel Draven 7 hours ago

    Now i can unistall LoL

  • goto6667- Abuzoru
    goto6667- Abuzoru 7 hours ago

    "Yeah I think Fiora needs a buff to push towers, she isn't a very good splitpusher" Nobody, ever

  • Academy Jason
    Academy Jason 7 hours ago

    you can now combo a turret AA,Tiamat,E,Q

  • Nilsus 8
    Nilsus 8 7 hours ago

    Me: dying to Fiora during laning phase Turret: Am I a joke to you?

  • Blood Stabber
    Blood Stabber 7 hours ago

    Stop it, STOP IT! She was disgusting enough...

  • Rivend
    Rivend 7 hours ago

    Thats a good way to bait fioras q

  • Ceizhore
    Ceizhore 7 hours ago

    *Vayne has entered the chat* Rammus :O

  • Gaming Tempo
    Gaming Tempo 7 hours ago

    Now i gotta try jungle fiora